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A chic-simple living tip from Kiki De Montparnasse – 1920’s artist’s model, dancer, official beauty, writer, Surrealist and Libra:

“All I need is an onion, a bit of bread, and a bottle of red [wine]; and I will always find somebody to offer me that.”

She also had Mars-Venus in Scorpio Rising. Super-intense, mega-libido and potentially hyper-bats.

It really comes through if you peruse her Wiki or any of the reviews of her biography.


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26 thoughts on “Chic Simple Living Tips From Libra

  1. Some Librans can exude the content of someone who has it all, without actually possessing it. Be it looks, money, fame, happiness…
    Love her, and Anita Berber, the whole era when city life was a stage. Take me to the Eldorado club and sit me down with Magnus Hirschfield and Kiki please. Nazi’s later destroyed his research on the 43 million variants of sexuality. Big shame. Would have made brilliant astro files.

    Maybe the sexiest Librans, especially scorp rising , are the uncluttered ones because of the scales? Live large, dress for anything. Material lightweight=sexy mysterious and ready to get into it. 😉 Anchoring one side of the scales in a freightcarrier of furnishings, boots, hats and hair wands demands a heavy balance on the non-material must-haves , like only a royal could have the time to persue the plumetting depths of their psyche and sex and still manage all their fab stuff. And venus (aphrodite), ruler of Libra, has a ghoulish dark side… you dont wanna rock the scales to invoke her. Brrrr. Very bad hair .

    Could be I am a biased gemini “keeping it light and easy does not mean shallow or cheap ” …. and have zero fixed sign placements in my chart. Totally agree with Kiki, and usually much much more than her 3 requirements come your way if you are in the right place at the right time. With Scorpio rising, am sure she could manage that.

  2. Reminds me of the madonna character in desperately seeking susan.

    An onion is a bit tradge. Depression era. So sad what that generation had to live thru and still they tried to be fabulous, do art, poetry, make love. So inspirational.

  3. Luvverly bum !

    There’s a certain sort of Frenchwoman from that era – liberated to the point of insanity – whom I find fascinating; probably my uptight Virgo rising – horrified, but mesmerised…

    Others include Chanel, Anais Nin, Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker and Colette…. All successful; but the suffering that they went through to achieve it !

    Maybe there is a streak of masochism – a desire for suffering, without which one never makes immortal art. My “Artist’s Way” side says “No ! A good nights sleep and a thousand words of morning pages is far more productive.” But is it ? Really ?

    Incandescence seems to require that we burn brighter and harder than the herd.

    Perhaps its better to produce three or four truly astonishing works, for which you will be remembered forever, or at least a couple of centuries; than it is to produce a lifetime’s worth of earnest, worthy and dull craftsmanship….

    I’ve made my choice – I’m hammering out Sestinas at the mo’; and a young family precludes absinthe and opium…. but Oh ! I’m fascinated….

  4. Yes! I love these woman too. Mystic one said they were the pluto in gemini generation. Zelda Fitzgerald. And Edna St Millay, the one who wrote something like “my candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night, but while it burns, oh what a lovely light.”

    taking away their glamour and talent, a lot of them did have horrid lives, sadistic lovers, poverty and partying that would be definitely alcoholism today but still they fascinate. it is partly as we live in a world where kardashians and that hilton mole make news.

    domestic, wot is a sestina?

    • Simone de Beauvoir would puke into her glass, even her turban would be nauseated by the (non)spectacle of those kardash’ et al.

    • A Sestina is a masochistic poetry form 🙂 Here’s wiki – is a highly structured poem consisting of six six-line stanzas followed by a tercet (called its envoy or tornada), for a total of thirty-nine lines. The same set of six words ends the lines of each of the six-line stanzas, but in a different order each time; if we number the first stanza’s lines 123456, then the words ending the second stanza’s lines appear in the order 615243, then 364125, then 532614, then 451362, and finally 246531. This organization is referred to as retrogradatio cruciata (“retrograde cross”). These six words then appear in the tercet as well, with the tercet’s first line usually containing 6 and 2, its second 1 and 4, and its third 5 and 3.

      Makes more sense when you read one:

      – Holiday in Dachau-

      Here the trees bow before a cold cruel wind
      In mute memory of a prison camp
      Which stained the coral sands with blood and tears.
      For the prisoners, there was no escape –
      Death only bound their souls here for all time;
      Their mournful ghosts linger in the shadows.

      The hammered metal sun casts no shadows.
      Relentless heat and not a breath of wind.
      The ferry unloads tourists right on time –
      Some to stay in bungalows, some to camp,
      Some to have a peaceful weekend escape…
      Adults expectant; small children in tears.

      The shadecloth over the playground has tears,
      But children still wrestle in the shadows.
      Their parents go to the pub to escape –
      Cold beer soothes throats parched by the rising wind.
      They call their kids to move on to the camp,
      So that they can get their tents pitched in time.

      Here, people say you lose all sense of time…
      An overseas holiday without tears;
      And cheap, too, if you are prepared to camp.
      The sun allows no disturbing shadows,
      And the whole place is powered by the wind –
      So it’s also a cool eco-escape.

      A lifestyle you’d never want to escape
      Means you barely seem to have enough time
      To see which way all the tiny roads wind;
      And the thought of going leaves you in tears –
      But don’t let that thought cast shadows
      Over your time in this holiday camp.

      So forget that this was a prison camp,
      And that no-one ever made an escape.
      Don’t ruin your holiday with shadows
      Cast by an older, crueller, darker time.
      Those once vital men who shed bitter tears –
      Just memories of voices on the wind.

      Its true the camp slowly changes with time;
      But its still hard to escape so many tears –
      These shadows are not dispersed by the wind.

      I’m trying to write one about the Batavia at the moment, and then one about the escape of the Fenians. I have NO idea why I’m trying to encapsulate the history of WA in Sestinas, but I’m becoming a bit obsessed….

    • Kataka Sun, Sagg Moon, Scorp rising daughter ate raw onion as a child as did double ,

      • xx Leo Mum liked raw onion too…I would eat far more onion except that I rub and breath on people for a living (massage therapist) 🙂

  5. Something so sexy and free about not needing a lot. Comes a time when it swings the other way though and you need a few more things & people & time otherwise the ledge you are on feels like a trap eventually.

    • True. Even though you can see the stars from the gutter it’s still a gutter!

  6. I find it hard to believe a Libran said that. She must have been having a Saturn transit.

  7. The anti-Libran in me says, “why the fuq can’t you just find it yourself?

    • Hee hee. Yeah, make your own onion sandwich why dontcha! Must have been hugely conflicting to have internal butterfly/air inside an intense deep body?

      • possibly nat – I know a few libra-scorp combos (nost notably the libran scorpio frenemy). The scorp has a strong hold and when the soul underneath is a bit f-ed up or malicious-minded then..hmm. It seems common to have a dollop of a neighbouring sign, at least a mercury or venus which are never too far away from le soleil.

        • Good analysis UP. A Lo-Libra vibe inside with a Lo-Scorp action outside could be a pretty awful combo: random acts of malice, desperately drawing people in only to sting them with venom. Yick. Of all the neighbouring Sign combos (for Merc, Venus, Sun) that is an uncomfortable one to get working. Cardinal Air with Fixed Water.

  8. Love this era of writers and poets artists etc. How risque it was espech for women. I basically lived on red wine, baguetttes and cheese as a poor, starving backpacker in France so it can be done.

  9. I am so inspired by this post. I saw kiki and was instantly drawn in- partially because our facial features are so similar. Then I thought about how tasty onion and bread sounded. Turns out she was a Libra Scorp rising like me…excellent. I’ve also got Merc, Saturn, Pluto in Scorp. Obsession.