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“I can’t belong to groups. I’ve tried. I behave normally, but people don’t look at me normally.” Jeanne Moreau

A la her Aquarian Love Philosophy, the triple-Aqua (Sun-Moon-Mercury) French icon-ess is surely also being tres Aquarius here.

The irony is that the classic Aqua vibe is that they are supposed to love groups, love humanity & being part of some ultra-progressive band of peeps. But they’re so often loners who hate groups, can’t stand to have to shut up and let some dullard have their fair say or even to be categorised as member of a group.

And then there is the Aquarius thing of always standing out, even when they’re not doing anything weird and are dressed super-normally. They just vibe alien, yes?  This applies powerfully to Aqua Rising and Moon too.

And how many Aqua-Peeps truly DID think they are were aliens as children and/or pretend to be robots walking around?


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84 thoughts on “Aquaphilia

  1. Moon in Aqua. Once, the Gemini Chocolate Mamma asked me to come to a church revival – her daughter was performing. However, she then attempted a conversion to which my very polite reply was, “Totally respect religion, love faith to bits, think it’s great but I just don’t do groups. Sorry.”

    I instituted an embargo on that subject thereafter. Which is not to say that groups and communities aren’t beneficial, in fact they are. But Mystic is DEAD ON regarding this idiosyncrasy.

    At work, I promote team work, build systems based on it etc etc.. but seriously, on a personal level, it makes me shudder. Also very true about the standing out, in fact after I was noticeably scarce, Gem’s daughter wistfully said she missed my rather “electric” presence.

    I DO try and force myself to participate once in a while, as I’d consider it just close minded if I didn’t. 🙂

    • I have no planets in Aqua in my 4th House. But, I don’t do well joining groups. It’s very difficult for me too.

  2. Very true. I’m Sun, merc, venus and jupiter in aqua……..and often find peeps staring at me and I don’t know why!!! I love playing team sport but I hate doing group stuff at work and uni.

  3. I had a 3 year relationship with a classic aqua. Same with her, she really didn’t or couldn’t fit in to any ‘group’ as such though still held high ideals for society and her community. She worked in the entertainment industry and I watched how from many hours or quiet solitary practice she would explode onto the stage and completely captivate, perplex and prod large audiences across audience types from the very young to the very old, children, men and women alike. Her work was universal, political and was always based on the common experience of her audience.

  4. Le gasp! So yes, so often I read all this bullcrap about Aqua being social butterflies, group-oriented and what not, but then I have my multi-Aqua mother (Sun, Merc and Venus) who HATES group activities. She hates being around groups, much less an actual part of them. 🙂

    Personally I love what loners Aquas are. Self-contained strength. Have a bit of it myself what with having an Aqua Moon, though not with as much severity. I find I want the group thing, as a Leo Sun, ’cause you know we Leos love the (adoring) crowd! But then I just end up getting annoyed with it and want to be by myself for long periods of time… And I just hate all the power-trips/power-plays that go on in groups. It’s better to have your friends spread out among different groups, so you can meet up with them one-on-one, rather than have everyone together at once.

    • sameee samee CM. Leo sun aqua rising i’ve never been good with groups and don’t start me on ‘group’ eating i.e food halls eeeeek.
      I did love being a sporty team person for a long time but now I just want time on my own and special time with special friends. I have always had friends in different groups and I like it that way. I celebrated my birthday with 4 different tribes.

      Only last week i though peeps were ‘looking’ at me for no reason.
      Always felt different but had to conform well ok didn’t have to but straight up middle class upbringing with no dramas and now a mortgage and kids on my own will do that to you.

      Next life I wanna come back as someone like Collette or Anaias Nin. However will there be any barriers to kick down that the internet/youtube has not done over in 5 seconds.
      Soz feeling tres aqua tonight.

    • I get this, Catsmeow. Aqua-Mama loathes crowds and groups, and stands out BIG TIME with PIZAZZ.

      Get a group who needs someone to stand tall and justified on their behalf and watch the undeniable LOGIC and RATIONALITY pull up to the metal. Achieves this without underdog dripping sympathy and without fostering dependence. She LOVES to be alone, yet holds the crazy centre of the unique individuals who make up the fam.

      And this pic of la Deneuve ain’t got nothin on her, either. And i do know that’s saying a bunch of something. This fluid Piscean WILL stand by it: Exhibit A, B and C, stand to the fore! It’s not just opinion. It’s tried and tested crowd response (including her awed and uncomprehending siblings).

    • OMG Catsmeow, I’m the same as your Ma & you really. Have Sun/merc/venus in Aqua too and feel EXACTLY the same about groups and their dynamics. I tried for years to be normal and it just sucked. I did attend a post natal depression group 10 yrs ago and loved it.

      It’s the obligations that groups put on you, even families. Just want the freedom to be spontaneous. Flutter about home/work base, darting in & out adding our enlightenment/effort, lol, but must be allowed to leave when we’ve had enough. Otherwise we turn narky and badly behaved……well, I can.

  5. My Aqua dad’s favourite actress! He was not a joiner, always got into trouble the longer he stayed part of a group, even an unstructured group like a group of friends. Was best when he could find another loner expat (and there were plenty of these around, many refugees from the war like him). I am a lot like him in that respect and I can’t figure out whether it is a familial or astrological trait. I don’t have aqua rising but as a very late Cap ascendant the bulk of my first house is in Aqua. He was the one who got me into astrology too, after a late, very late conversion from ultra rationalist/scientific.

  6. Aqua sun and mars.
    Just 2 days ago I wrote a letter to my aries Dad, in which I said, and I quote:

    “Me personally, I never quite lose the feeling that Im from another planet, and just kind of observing the craziness. When people talk about someone being “an old soul” or saying of babies “they’ve been here before”, I always think “Man, I havent, because this place is completely alien. Or I am.

    • I’m an Aqua and I get the “you’re a very old soul!” thing all the time.

      My standard reply is “that’s just another way of saying I’m a slow learner”.

      Kills them every time.

  7. Moon in the 11th/Cap… Uranus now crossing my Ascendant. Oh lordy… how my perceptions of this expanding life, the deeper meaning of life and death have changed for this 8th/9th house Scorpio Death dealer. I’m now the proverbial detached lone wolf who can happily flip the switch socially with any-one and from any-walk of life. This heart fuzz called ‘detachment’ is an astounding miracle in of itself for my personal journey (5 natal planets in fixed water sign/8th). My life views/fears as a boy and were enclosed in a literal egg of subjective repression. I squelched anything “weird or different” that I could not understand. Now I have to be careful and conscious not to break eggs (or egos, hahaha) everywhere I tread. Freedom baby, exists in the liberty to think and feel and to EXPRESS ones pure inner-joy and retribution from Saturn-like tyranny. There is a God afterall people. The verb (God) that is controlled and buried within you! Not an aqua alien without you.

    Alien belief and eccentricity?… Is just that, an eccentric, imaginative impulse. It’s a quacky uniform for rebellion and public attention. Like purple boots or anti-sports recluses. With all of my newly developed freedom inside… from outward superficial apppearances…I keep the “rebel uniform” to a tight minimum. Maybe it’s because the deep Scorpionic nature of me prefers the background melodies of other people’s dysfunction, lol. Listening carefully and seeing differently has made life so much more meaningful and rich with possibility. Thanks Uranus and Cappy Moon in 11th!

    Oh, the very unusal intrigues me, which is why I get along great with Aquarians. Evolved Aquarians naturally do have a social brilliance or understanding that amazes me. They’re wonderfully open and free.

  8. I think the point is that Aquas don’t want to be part of a group because there’s less chance they’ll be considered unique, different, original, ground breaking, inventors. My Aqua moon hates groups and mostly because I can have more intimate conversations one on one and really get to know someone. Plus they in turn will never learn of my uniqueness if I’m forced to spread myself around. Yes, Leo’s steal the limelight but Aquarians need to be centre stage. The best test for an Aqua is to ask if they wouldn’t mind being excluded while standing in a circle of people who are chatting – horrifying.

    I’m not sure there’s any irony here. We still love groups as long as we’re at the centre of them – and as long as those groups don’t represent mainstream society in anyway (i.e. religious).

    • Absolutely. This made me laugh Libra Aqua moon. I amaze myself at the lengths I will go to, to be an individual. Today I noticed for the 1st time someone with the same odd combination of hair colour. Thats it, I have to change now. ewww..

      Groups didnt faze me when younger, now I crave smaller groups of 4ish with super intelligent life forms. Fed up with stating the bleeding obvious.

      • OH NO my whole country is filled with brunettes, what to do, what to do?!

        no sorry i like taking individuality a bit deeper than that, besides, there are a lot more ways to dazzle than with your haiir 😉

  9. Well, you’ve described my attitude to groups perfectly – I am not a joiner – but the only aquarius I have is in my third house (no planets). Hmmm…..

  10. This has cheered me up because, Aqua Moon, I’ve always found groups difficult to handle, intensified with Pluto next to Saturn in eleventh house. Always ready to be suspicious of the underlying motivations of people which I can pick up very easily. I prefer small groups, good friends, where you don’t waste time in superficial chit-chat. Yes, loner, eccentric, dress whackily, but life’s taught me to simply love people for whoever they are. I do like one-on-one interchange with a whole heap of people.

  11. I feel like you are describing me, mystic. Does this also apply to Uranus conjunct moon and mars in aqua? I am beginning to feel like I’m more Aquarius than I am Leo. My rising and sun is Leo. I do like groups I just struggle to fit them and have always wondered why.

  12. Aquas also at times don’t like to be part of the group, or a group, because the collective thinking of our exorbitant culture is immovable and dullard like. I call this lack of individuation — “Drone clones”. Do you know what social/mental energy and manifestations I’m talking about people?? It’s not shocking expression by any stretch.

    The fact is that mainstream “herd mentality” … in other words… for exple people not interacting on this website… acquries “their identity” through vicarious culture of music, tv, movies, materialism, branding, their work identifies them, their family conditioning- values and beliefs identifies them.

    So all I’m saying is… that “groups” who are ‘not individualized’ on higher frequencies of inner-being can INFLUENCE our sense of freedom for the detriment. Freedom is much more of an ‘inner experience’ to me… I don’t know about the typical Aquarian “alienation”… perhaps their freedom has nothing to do with individuation of the inner-self… perhaps they perceive freedom only in the “outward” physical opportunities they create.

    There is a big distinction with inner and outer. A flow of both is balanced.

  13. haha.. that bit about robot and alien kids… when I was no more than 3, I can recall wandering about the place, pondering how I got here, and why I was with all these people.
    I still feel I’m in the wrong place most of the time. *Sigh*
    Aqua rising, Merc in Aqua, Moon in Gemini

    • I love Aquas! I like people who are eccentric, creative and not mindless clones. 🙂

  14. Aqua Sun , Mercury in Aqua – that quote is perfect, perfect!! I feel like I have a neon sign saying FREAK above my head when I’m in a group. Even though I’m conventionally good looking, clever and nice. I just don’t seem to fit in. (Probably cause my ideas/ ideals are not “normal”) Having said that -when I’m around people that “get” me it is a dream come true, so nice and easy.

    I never thought I was an alien when I was younger though……….

  15. I have always felt like that!!

    But I don´t have nothing in aquarius (which is in my 8th house), except for Vertex.
    Nor Uranus is prominent in my chart, just a nice mars sextile uranus. And Uranus is next to my 6th house…


    Could it be Sun/Moon midpoint= Uranus.

    I´ll tell ya, it even shokced my fella astrologers…

  16. “I behave normally, but people don’t look at me normally”

    This pretty much describes my Aqua brother in a sentence. He has, even when he’s being quiet (which is rare), a very definite presence and somehow manages to draw attention to himself. Throughout his teenage years he has been continually bitching about the dichotomy of wanting to ‘belong’ somewhere but not wanting to have to put up with other people’s bullshit … he also has a bit of an otherworldly look (supernaturally big eyes and very dark features), which probably contributes to his sense of being ‘alien’.

    I have Venus in Aqua, and I wonder if this contributes to the at times unsettling feeling of wanting to be a relationship whilst simultaneously feeling constricted by the idea/concept of co-habitation? Perhaps it seems naive but I hadn’t even considered it until reading this post.

  17. Always felt like an alien. Don’t join groups because the longer I spend in the company of people the more likely they are to work out just how much of a space cadet I am. And I really don’t like that “and when did your saucer land” look people give…it’s judgement based agoraphobia… Don’t like being reminded I’m a freak.

    • I have no planets in Aqua, but I love Aquas!
      I have been accused of being an alien, a vampire a shape shifter.
      I have an affinity for them.

  18. I’m surprised – I feel the same as Moreau! But I’m a Scorp with Scorp rising. Groups are not my thing. I’ll always be the Omega. (Not that I never wish I could for once stand the attention and be in the center of a group…)

  19. My Mother very nearly has a grand sextile and is a big joiner. Her remedy is often ‘go join a club’. That’s not gonna happen- big Neptuner in 11th, Sun conj Uranus. I think she finally gets it…

    • This post has had me thinking all morning…
      I would describe it is the Aqua ‘feelers’ are set to a ‘universal’ setting.
      I feel it is more so the infinite (intuition) connection from the personal mind to universal consciousness than any specific group affiliation.

      It’s a vibe ~ an instinctual knowing & appreciation for life in all its forms
      the cosmos within/without…
      humanitarian description is thinking too small
      great post Mystic !

      • Think I agree Rox. Sun in 11th trine Uranus in 3rd and I think of everything as my “group” 🙂

        You nailed it for me! x

        • Thanks Sweets ! Aqua vibe is hard to grasp because it IS so wild, it has to be ‘felt’ to truly be understood… dontcha think ?

          Oh, and I don’t know if you read a few posts back, I am so very glad to hear your new Doc is nice and looking out for y’all. 🙂

          • Oh yes, thanks so much for that post. I had forgotten. His wife asked me how my day went today..isn’t that sweet? I was walking out to my car and there she was waiting to pick him up in a white Mustang – vroom! And she was drivin’ baby! lol…wonder what sign she is…

            And yes as well to your question about healers and no, have not always been terribly good at receiving but that is a Saturn square Sun/Mer/Cap Moon thing I think…getting better.


              • oh yeah, the old man lords over me heh. My Mom told me (my Leo stuff- too proud to take) says someone has to take for someone to give, so shut up and take it ! ha love Mom she don’t take no @$# 😀 tells it like it is
                Next time you won’t take a gift for yourself remember this, Sweets, then you will. xo

                • hey, my trucks old, black and rusty- a true Capricorn Black Stallion- has taken me over many teener mts. 🙂
                  What color is your car hotstuff ?
                  Moon rules white, Capricorn- black, of course, so maybe Doc’s gal is Cancer, but I was getting Libra for some reason. (maybe because my Libra friend couldn’t pick a color to save her life)

                  • My car is black…fits the Cap motif, eh?

                    Oh but it is so sun beaten! A new paint job on list…

                    Adds self to list… 🙂

    • me too.
      I have been accused of being an alien, a vampire a shape shifter.

  20. “The irony is that the classic Aqua vibe is that they are supposed to love groups, love humanity & being part of some ultra-progressive band of peeps”

    Thank you. Drives me MAD when astro books (who should know better), serve this up as standard fare. I have NEVER met an Aquarius that loved humanity or groups. Where did they get that stuff to begin with, eh?

  21. No Aqua but Uranus conjunct Sun which I’ve been told is an honorary Aqua placement.

    When I was growing up my sister started a rumor that I was a changeling, basically a fairy stole her real human sister and replaced it with one of their own. (I don’t “look” related to my family except in the vaguest way.) I just went along with the story. But sometimes i would pretend it was real. @_@

  22. i’m sorry but i have no idea what you’re all talking about, i LOVE groups, i LOVE hanging around people and i get depressed if i don’t get enough socialization.
    i know 5 other aquas around my age, 4 of them are extremely popular and get along really well with people, always going out and stuff. the 5th is loved by all but sticks to her close friends.
    but then again i can see why. i mean, if it’s a group of sheeple (and all of the people she knows other than her friends are take sheeple to the EXTREME) then obviously there is no happiness to be gained. but i mean if we’re stuck around with a group of amazing people, or nice people, or basically people who actually care and aren’t choking us with their status-quo-ness then we’re having the time of our lives.
    so like…no, i’ve never felt like an aliiien per se but yes i am told that i stand out a lot- but i take it like the mars in leo i am and beam.

  23. My ex is an Aqua manboy. He was a total hermit, but gregarious when we were out, and a smart-ass when he deigned to show up for school (this was back in college). Definitely not a group type, but could possibly start cults and then abandon them.

  24. I’m Aqua rising and have ALWAYS felt so different and weird compared to everyone around me. Especially as a kid I felt I was like a jagged puzzle piece that could never fit in. I really wanted to fit in and be liked but a the same time I didn’t want to be like my classmates. Maybe it had something to do with my rising sign being in conflict w/my Leo moon. Even now it’s kinda frustrating. My Bestfriend is Gem. rising and such a social butterfly; she’s always wanting me to go out w/her groups of friends. I prefer not to very often bc I feel like a black sheep. In addition to that I’m also really shy at first meeting new ppl. I prefer one on one encounters to groups. It’s kinda funny tho bc my bestie is also aqua moon and I can see how she so needs her space too and won’t get close to hardly anyone. She’s friendly in a detached kinda way. My Brother is Aqua sun and gem. rising, he’s one the biggest social butterflies I know. In his own way he’s so unique and charismatic. People/his friends just flock to him and adore him (w/good reason of course); it’s kinda silly too how some of his friends have started mimicking him. He’s def a group Aqua.

  25. Oh I forgot my dad is Aqua moon and he can go from extremes of being really social to being a hermit (the majority of time). He works on his farm and reads A LOT. That’s mostly his life and I think he wants it that way.

  26. Aqua moon, Uranus conjunct MC.

    I don’t trust groups. Sure it STARTS as a knitting club, but before you know it, hack hack go the bodies. It always ends up being a control mechanism and then nobody can think independently because we must do what’s best for the group and now you have a cult and a burial ground.

    It’s weird. I seem to bring weird. I’m currently being reminded of it as my mother has a new we shall say special friend and I’ve visited his house a couple times and have made a few observations afterwards only to have her say, “THAT NEVER HAPPENS ANY OTHER TIME. WEIRD THINGS ONLY HAPPEN WHEN YOU COME AROUND, I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.”

    I was convinced I was actually born from Jupiter as a kid. That I belonged on Jupiter instead. Because holding the storm all the time, and yet never asking for a moment of silence. I understood Jupiter far better than I’ll ever understand earth. The only thing I’ve managed to gather from earth is we’re nothing if the earth refuses to hold us. So placing safety in belonging to a group just seems absurd to me.

    I have a 12th house moon so I need my daily dose of solitude. Preferably in a lighthouse next to the ocean on grey days with lots of tea and blankets and tove jansson books.

    I really despise groups and removing your focus from the individual person, or moment. I don’t understand the AQUA LOVES HUMANITY AND GROUPS INSTEAD OF INDIVIDUALS vibe so many astro books throw around. I think the aqua moon has always been deeply misunderstood in the astro community, but of course Mystic has got it right!

      • Drinking from my moomin adventure mug right now, I shall say, moominvalley is the greatest gift to children’s literature on the planet and a neccessary gift to any newborn we encounter in life! 😀
        Snufkin was such an aqua moon sagg.

        • I have no Aqua, but you are darn right on all the above *takes long sip of tea from fave mug adorned with Snufkin, Little My, Moomintroll, the Snork Maiden*

          • aren’t they just the cutest? Right up there with the Wombles and Fungus the Bogeyman – who I might add were all avid recylers and ahead of their time!

  27. Yep….Aqua rising here. Didn’t feel alien so much, as just different from the mainstream. Proudly identified myself that way since a teenager. It’s sometimes painful, but mostly I love being different.
    And yes, I find that people not only stare at me and I don’t know why….they are sometimes hostile right off the bat. Apparently I have an “intense” energy. Also highly Plutonic. 🙂

  28. My Mars, MC and North Node are in Aqua and Uranus trine Asc – so even though I’m quite obviously a crab, the way I work, think and structure myself is uber aqua i.e. idiosyncratic, non conformist, stupid people who can’t manage an independant and/or intelligent thought bore the bejeezus outta me and I cannot ABIDE the 9 to 5 corporate structure.

    Actually anything that reeks of rigid moralising and right wing insanism makes me want to set fire to things. EEK! Organised groups with all their groupthink and guruisms make me nauseous and really uncomfortable.

    I tend to go for a loose band of fellow miscreants and shit stirrers – my social networks are broad, far flung and generally comprised of people with a weird sense of humour and slightly whacked out view of the world – without being completely bonkers.

    I love aqua preoccupations – I took to computers, coding, software and all that IT stuff like a proverbial duck to water. I’m not sure if I stand out – I think I do? Not sure why … could be the 50 pound mane of hair or the Leo Merc or the Gem Asc … and YES I have always felt like an alien. 😀

    • Group think is the worst. Or the hypocrisy of serving the group but pretending you are a shining star of individuality because you recognize where you are. As in, you’re sitting at a friend’s place and someone invited someone extra along and your pisces asc is thinking “this is all wrong” and they start telling a story, about having to drive their boss around, who is the head of the board of their field in this country, to do things like look at motorcycles and pick up his daughter, with the intent to convey the absurdity of respect paid to senior corporate placements like ho ho ho, do you see what I had to do all day and all of a sudden you just burst and yell “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY is this story so long about your inability to stop kissing ass and say no? JUST BECAUSE you don’t have a backbone doesn’t mean everyone else should suffer” and then everyone stares at you because Uncomprehending Aqua came out delivering the Vessel of Awkward.

      Apparently this makes us aliens. 😐

      • this is why you go out, find people who appreciate the Aqua Vessel of Amazing, and deliver it to them like life lessons. Hell, if Paulo Coelho (bleeehhh) can get millions by writing books FULL of BS about how bad your life then why can’t we? >:D

        But really, i think half the time when we tell the truth it’s too….before anyone else thought of it, and that’s why it gets SO depreciated. Like Spy Kids 3 before Avatar (terrible comparison BUT tis all i have)

        so like. don’t dumb it down but i find making things easier to understand for other people brings better results. like, they actually see the light and gettt what we’re tryingg to saaayyy. but it takes a lot of patience because half the time ZE lillith in gemini wants to bitch around BUT when i do master myself everyone sort goes like 😮 THANKS
        so maybe the age of aquarius will come when all us aquarians come out of our loneliness and teach the world? please? can we all make the world better before i die? i’d like to live to see our age 🙁

        • I think this is our decade! Or decades! But I think aquas are starting to come out of their shells now and taking those public positions we generally were wary of before. I think Pluto in cap is bringing the lesson home that we have to go out there and be little achievers if we want to create a world in which we don’t feel like aliens. Also maybe realizing there isn’t something wrong with us? and so there’s a new willingness to get in there and shake the world up?

          Multiple-aqua filmmaker friend is essentially my only anchor to this world. I have no idea how an aqua copes in this world without fellow aqua folks. They’re such an immense comfort that you can’t find anywhere else.

          P.s. With you on Coelho. Conventional suburbanites get mighty pissed when I declare he’s said nothing I haven’t heard before, that his characters are devoid of the emotional depth they are proclaimed to have and no, he didn’t just change my life.

          • hahahahah THE ANSWER TO THAT ISS: with a good ole cancer friend who’ll take all your shit and take it kindly too, and with a scorpio mom to whip your shit up in shape or else. But i find that hilarious as i always tend to hate aquarians. 😀 we get each other too much. we laugh at the same things…at the same times. just….no

            and yesss i agree with you with all my heart and soul…if we feel like aliens, it’s only because we’ve stepped aside for so long and stopped doing anything…except making works of art and getting known for bieng ‘eccentric geniuses’ after our deaths -_- honestly, i think we can be a biiit more useful than that!

            LOOL you go anti-coelho! i can only imagine….but you have to admit, the alchemist was ooookaayyy (i loved it) everything else is just him reaping millions because of his big name

  29. Yess i agree Mystic. I am an Aquarian Moon. I’ve always felt so different from others. I would rather stand alone than be in a group and have to conform. I also have my Sun in the 8th House, which only adds to my idea that I am much different and deeper than others. And I have a knack for attracting various weirdos and crazies like myself.

  30. Aqua Rising, Moon and Jupiter here. Couldn’t agree more, and won’t reiterate what many have already said but can absolutely relate to the hating groups/feeling like an Alien thing. I still remember the time years ago when my cousin was looking at the clothes and jewelry I was wearing and just looked up at me and said “You just can’t do “normal,” can you?” Luckily I took that as a huge compliment. 😀

    I’m a Kataka Sun and have always felt only partially Cancerian, but never knew why. Discovering Mystic’s site has finally shed light on why that is, and I now realize it’s all my Aquarian-ness that really defines me.

  31. Leo Rising… Amy, suggests that you enjoy or have an attraction/affinity to “oddballs of humaninty” lol… suggested by your Descendent ruler- Uranus.

    The Sun ruling your entire chart, it’s house location… if you’re a Taurus Sun… that would place your Sun in the 9th or 10th House. So plenty of meaning can unfold if you dive into that placement, and the aspects your Sun relate with the entire chart.

    Go figure you’re on this website, and on this particular blog.

  32. My mother used to say, I was dropped here by aliens. It could have happened. I like groups just fine, so long as I can choose my group. No civic boosters, flag wavers, bible thumpers, or political action groups, please. People give me strange looks all the time. Sends me to the mirror to find whether lunch is stuck in my teeth or my eyes are bleeding.

    • YES. choose your groups, don’t bitch around about how you can’t get along with sheeple if you’re not one of them.

  33. I’m a Virgo with an Aqua Moon. Even going to art school, I certainly didn’t fit in. I was odd. A classmate once said, “you are so lucky you can get away with it” and I said “why do you say this?” . She said trust me, I couldn’t do what you do and come out alive. So for the most part I would do things people didn’t always understand. I didn’t like to speak unless I had something thoughtful to say so to half the kids I know I looked full of it, and to the others I was an enigma of some sort. The one good thing about it is that I’m very very intuitive and very sensitive so the aloofness is just a mechanism that goes on auto pilot. I’m also sensitive to others, energies. Apparently I have neptune conjunct to my ascendant which is a very psychic planetary position.

    It is very interesting because my dad is an Aquarius while I have Aqua moon. Even recently I lashed out at my aunt because she did something I felt was unjust and my dad consoled me telling me ” eventually you will get better at controlling your emotions.You get better with time”. I found this very profound because my dad is very controlled about his emotions yet I can sense what he feels even if others don’t pick up. And yet he was giving me this advice that completely goes into just how complex I am in such a simple manner. I think I’m def. more intuitive than my aqua father, but sometimes he possesses just wise insight. We are very close but growing up I always would find him strange not realizing he thought the same. Now it becomes just a funny tale .

  34. Yeah, being Aqua is an odd down-the-rabbity-hole gift, yes? I like some groups, but totally ditch others. I play clarinet in a community orchestra and give tours at an old cool house (Venus in Cap), so I like musicians and history buffs. I can strike up a convo with theatre people, too. It just depends. What I don’t get is how even the wackiest people can sometimes conform so much when they’re all banded together? Must be a DNA thing, since it sure isn’t an individualistic thing.

    Mostly FELT like an alien growing up, but I moved around a lot. Aqua sun, Merc and MC in 9th house. Always the new kid, definitely different, putting out feelers, lots of lunches alone. I’d fall into friend groups and prove to be this incredible crazy glue, then move away and the group fell apart. I pride myself on being able to be friends with almost anybody, but I protect my craziness by only bringing out the fun to friends that have passed the “secret code into my crazy world” test. And they are few and far between.

    In groups, I DO NOT sign up for responsibility roles or volunteer to bring in food for group activities or whatever. I’m just too absent-minded and who knows if I’ll remember to make all the meetings anyway? Groups don’t always respect someone who doesn’t pitch in all the time, so I’ve just said screw it. I’ll participate as much as I like. I’ve done amazing stuff and had great group memories. Don’t regret it, but I’ve learned how to participate so that I don’t feel too tied down.

    As for the Aqua-humanitarian thing, I think I do have it. I love being a debit-card activist and throwing a few dollars here and there to heal sick doggies. It’s all about the animals. Maybe I’m an animalatarian, instead. 🙂

  35. So true… i loath clubs , groups not likely, can do for a while but not for long. Yes, as a child i did build a space ship from a large cardboard box , or rather a space ship bridge where i controlled everything from…. in my mind of course. Today i sat in a conference room across from two architects being quiet while they voiced their ideas about a project i was approached to help them with.
    They rambled on with tech terminology as i sat biting my lip . Then i said basically fuq that do it this way its simple and way less expensive than their other proposal, but hey, after all they have uni degrees and i dont so who am i to argue with them. ? im me thats who and if they dont want to use me idea well thats sad , anyway who am i typing this crap to anyway no one is there . This blog is like a diary wtf. Hi M xx

  36. This is my 5-year-old, Aquarius Rising, Uranus in the 1st conjunct Moon.
    Today she spontaneously busted into her ‘I-am-a-ro-bot-trans-form’ voice while reading aloud.
    Thoughts of ‘Small Wonder’ from the 80s flashed back into my mind, I’ve given birth to ‘Vicki’ (!)

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  38. Finally, someone realizes that Aquarians — well, detached and odd! I don’t know how Aquarians became the humanitarians of the zodiac!

    I’m Gemini with a Cancer rising, and my mother is Aquarius. There are several Aqua family members, and they are so emotionally detached, and spontaneous that it’s simply odd!

    Can I judge — NO!

    Like I said — I’m Gemini, and believe it or not, I don’t like Groups, either! Probably, because my SUN, and Venus are in the 12th house. However, Mercury in Taurus is in my 11th house. DUH!


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