And The Beat Goes On

Prince Charles meets Prince the performer

Well, well.

Doesn’t this look to be one of the more uncomfortable meet-ups in history?

Prince is a Gemini. Prince Charles is a Scorpio.

They both look SO uncomfortable with one another and it ain’t sexual chemistry.

I have seen this happen a number of times with Gemini and Scorpio – in fact they must be one of the most strange duos of all.

Please don’t email me a freaky flip out if this is you and your partner, of COURSE it can work.

But in general, Gemini and Scorpio are rarely at ease around one another.

Scorp mistakes the glib Gemini wordplay and mercurial charms for shallow or callow & Gem thinks Scorp is way too heavy and judgemental.

Prince looks like his quip about them both being Princes or about Prince Charles butler just SO misfired. And Charles like he missing ye olde days of the Tower to whence miscreants could be sent for “correction”

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50 thoughts on “And The Beat Goes On

  1. I heard Prince is a mean basketball player. Maybe they can bond on sports? P. Charles likes fox-hunting… oh wait killing animals…bad idea…

  2. When I was younger I had a male scorp friend and two female friends who were geminis …twin sisters in fact. Scorp friend and gemini twins hated each other! Girls would deliberately mispronounce his not too ambiguous name as a pointed dent to his ego and sexy chutzpah.. and he simply called them “the rat sisters”..

  3. Up until the last few years I used to have a serious dislike for most every Gemini I met, and if I got a weird flakey vibe from someone right away I would usually peg them as being a Gemini. Now though, I have have two really good friends who are both Geminis. One is a guy friend who I’ve known off and on for years. We don’t talk often, but he’s been consistently there for me whenever I need to vent my angsty Scorpio soul to someone. The other was a roommate I had when traveling abroad in college. We had so much fun exploring new cities and shopping together. We live three hours away from other though, so we don’t get together often, but everytime we do (usually to see some intriguing new foreign film and try out a new restaurant in the city) we have the greatest time.

    Maybe Scorpio/Gemini friendships are best in small doses. The Geminis I don’t get along with usually tend to be people I work with, so I’m dealing with them on a daily basis.

    • Lauren, I’m a Scorpio too and I enjoy their company because they are so NOT like us.

    • A Scorp venting their angst to a Gemini ๐Ÿ˜ฏ you must really trust said Gem person. (Note: I love my Gems but know Scorps verrry well, and heck I’m a Leo – always living like I’m on stage.)

    • I agree about small doses. I love my Gem friends, but if I spend too much time with them, I always end up exhausted or irritated. I chalk it up to an introvert/extrovert thing–I just don’t have the energy to keep up with social butterflies. Of course, I’m sure they get just as irritated with me for being too serious and solitary.

  4. I’m a Gem. With a bucket load of Taurus and a Scorpio north node.
    I get the Scorp/Gem aversion in that they can want to be all ‘deep’ which can make a flakey Gem run a mile. Its not a great lo/lo combo.
    I collect Scorps though. Scorp brothers, long time Scorp male friend with whom the deep thing was an issue for a while, (because he was in love with me, now resolved) and now a fabulous newish lady Scorp.
    She however is mega Sagg, and Jupiter rising, virgo moon. I’m mega Taurus, Saturn rising, Pisces moon. Its a great ‘let’s go play’ combo.

    • I have scorpio north node also…I also “collect” the scorpios. I have a scorpio rader. My only live in relationships have been with scorpio men. But I am a cancer sun.
      my ex boyfriend(one of the said scorpios) was married to a very gemini woman and said they were more like siblings then hubby and wife. weird….

      • @ shell: My Gem guy friend and I had the same issues! He was in love with me (which I didn’t know) for a while in the beginning of our friendship. He only told me years later how strong his feelings were, and after he was involved with someone else…coincidentally, another Scorpio girl! Guess he just couldn’t get away, lol. They’re happily married and expecting their first child this month. And we’re still good friends, with no lingering weirdness like I’ve had with other water signs who have gone from friends to love interests and back to friends. Most of my former loves have been fellow Scorpios and afterwards there’s never been a chance of a normal friendship, which is really a terrible shame considering the soul sharing bliss of a Scorpio-Scorpio connection…however short-lived and turbulent it may be.

  5. my man and i are gem/scorp respectively: odd indeed. totally being able to see the parts of each other that other signs never notice or trigger. his grandparents were gem/scorp but gramps was the gemini. johnny marr and morrissey are scorp and gem and they created some of the most masterfully beautiful music together. i know a lot of gems and scorps who are best friends, both male and female pairs. gem is in scorp’s 8th house of sex and transformation and scorp is in gem’s 6th house of servitude and health nagging. they give a lot of deep shit to each other. and the 6-8 sun sign connection is considered karmic. i see the 6-8 connection in a lot of intense karmic vibing relationships. well, those are my thoughts.

  6. And what if a Gemini with Scorpio moon, as someone i know is? Cute but weird mix, no? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I think Scorpios and Gems can have a weird affinity for each other. Not that I think they’re a Love Of All Ages couple, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand are Scorp and Gem. But the picture he released of her?! I don’t know how she forgave him… She’s so protective of him/their relationship too, like any good Scorp? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Russell has his Venus in Cancer, and Katy has hers in Sagg, so maybe that’s what gives ’em necessary give.

    Anyway, always thought that Prince Charles had to be the most boring and UNsexy Scorp in existence. Though his comment about coming back as Camilla’s tampon was rather colorful… He has a Leo ascendant so HOW he got to be so drab is a mystery. Unless that’s what royalty does to you.

    Will also note that Prince has Scorpio rising.

    • Somehow I’ve always sympathised with PC, not even sure why – his Mother, his Father? I mean you can’t escape yr genetics really so I forgive him his looks and he’s been The Great Disappointment to his Parents – talking to plants, the tampon incident etc so I’m on his side. (And fuq them, what do you expect when you siphon them off to the nannies full time, you fuqing morons.) But if I had to choose btw the 2 princes… uummm? No contest.

        • And I detested Dianna!! Not that that is a popular view; but i found her robotically bimbonically repulsive.

          • *Diana* And yes my Mars is being blown to pieces by Pluto, Uranus and Mars return – just a little venting…

      • i am not even vaguely royalist but i totally dig chas – he’s into homeopathy and organic farming, he has that weird village with roads cars aren’t allowed on, he hates the media, hangs with vivienne westwood and does a bit of mild activism with her – and she showed the queen her vagina through her see-through dress + no undies which i think is hilarious and adds to the humour of chas hanging with her, he says the things he believes to be true with no fear of consequences and some of them are remarkably left wing considering his background and even though he had a shady affair he ultimately quit a loveless marriage of what ended up being total inconvenience to be with the woman he loved. what’s not to like?

        • And where was I for all of this?! See, I’m in America and here we don’t get much coverage on royalty (that isn’t the weddings, anyway), so these antics you speak of are news to me! Pleasant news. Usually when I see him he’s at some boring event and looking equally boring, so it’s good to know that he actually does have a pulse underneath that royal facade… A pulse that isn’t just hot for Camilla, that is. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I do get that as royalty they have a certain “image” to uphold, which probably accounts for all the public stoniness, but wow…

          I can see how he’d hate the media. I don’t know how Scorp celebs do it, honestly. I’m only a Scorp rising and just that is enough to completely circumvent my Leo sun. I could never live that lifestyle. It’d drive me absolutely crazy.

          • ahhh i’m vaguely aware there’s a portion of the populus in the US who adore the royals and maybe they don’t like his eccentricities on show – or maybe no-one really cares enough to report on his hobbies. here as a member of a largely in name only commonwealth there is tongue in cheek coverage of him because he’s got these things going on – there’s a scientist who wants him banned from speaking to the public about health because he talks about alternative medicine and his estate sells herbal remedies, the scientist thinks it’s quackery and an abuse of his powers to sell the goods under the guise of medicine and this is about his village he’s a funny character – i mean obviously these could all be follies of landed wealth but there’s worse things he could be doing with his time all things considered and I do believe he’s sincere about his causes.

      • His looks are the least of my worries! It’s his personality that concerns me. ๐Ÿ˜€ Though, if I had a kid who talked to plants, I don’t think I’d be disappointed at all. As for me I have no problem with Diana, but I also don’t keep up with royalty. I don’t know much about either of them aside from Charles’ wish to be a tampon, and Diana’s death/humanitarian efforts.

  8. this photo looks to be at least 20 years old…what’s the relevance? Two princes meet and one is for real and the other is pretend…I’ll let you all decide which is which. I think the discomfort factor has less to do with gemini/scorpio issues as it does with who is the real royal and who is the pretender to the throne…

  9. The oddity comes from houses, right Mystic? Gem is the 8th house from Scorp: that is the house of transformation, sex, death. Scorp is the 6th house from Gem – the house of work.

    I think often a Gem is annoyed with a Scorp through their 6th house relation. Scorps are irked with Gems through 8th house affairs.

    Gems are nervous around Caps – anything a Gem resents, a Cap embodies it to the crown of her head.

  10. Here’s where I stick my neck out and get flack, but here goes….
    As a very airy Gem with Aquarius moon, I have never met a Scorpio I like or trust much. I find the men extraordinarily flakey and boring to the utmost degree, frequently total pseuds, and I find the women woefully backstabbing, with shifty eyes always looking to ditch any situation if a man walks into the scene. In fact, all the pointers that are usually levelled at Geminis. Plus I find that Scorps always want to know more about stuff than is polite or necessary, and if you supply anything to them, they will find a way to wound you with it at some time in the future (yes, my mother is one). Maybe we get our reputation for being flakey from trying to make a quick exit when a Scorp walks on the scene.

    Having said this, I don’t go around asking people their star-signs on a regular basis – these are only the Scorps I know are such, and there may be heaps of people I interact in wonderful way with who are actually of this ilk.

    • Actually, right after I wrote this, i coulda bit my fingers off…one of my oldest friedns (and definitely the most boring) is a Scorpio bloke, an absolute darling who remembers everything about you and would get up at 4 am to rescue you from any dilemma you may find yourself…

      And one of the funniest and most beautiful women I ever met…Scorp…not sure if I’d trust her with my life but she was such a hoot…wonder where she is now?

      So I’ll shut up

      • it’s ok there are always exceptions to our experiences, some scorp women bamboozle me a little and i get hate vibes (or something else? i can’t recognise) from at least a couple of them. I vibe a bit mercury, don’t know if that’s a (bad) connection. I really enjoy the company of scorp men and I am not referring to a sexual thing, just that the men I know are often articulate, self-aware, socially adept, interested in a lot of thngs, and not bogans / slumped-on-the-couch-vacantly-eating cheezels-watching masterchef / airheads / useless bong smoking fuqknuckles. Now that is a super high opinion so i have obviously not been Scorped (except by a woman which has prob heavily influenced whatever opinions i have.)

        anyway bored of my own opinion now ciaooooooooooo

  11. I’m a Gem and have always been fascinated by Scorps. their intensity can either be alluring or off-putting…seems to depend on the individual & what they do with it. I Have had many female Scorp friends that were very close for awhile but we inevitably end up falling out. I blame too much sensitivity on both sides combined with a lack of understanding of each other’s true natures. I have always adored talking about occult matters with them. My annoyance tends to come from their at times incredible self-absorption.
    Male Scorps are like catnip to me…I find them so smolderingly hot & our chemistry can be explosive, but they are damned inexplicable! I should add I’m a highly plutonic Gemini.

  12. I’m a Gemini and my best friend of 20+ years is a scorp! We get on really well. I do have my mercury in Kataka and a moon in Aries in the 8th, though. She is incredibly funny and a fantastic storyteller…deep but not gloomy. Love her to bits. Guess like everything it’s not down to just a single aspect in the charts.

  13. what do you make of those geminis who have scorpio rising? ๐Ÿ˜€
    also, 2 of my best friends are scorpios, they are so inspiring in their own way! but to be honest, we don’t see each other a lot, so maybe that helps…

  14. hahaha! yes l have to agree my gemini sun &scorpio moon agrees! my gemini moon friend finds my scorp moon way too serious and ‘down’…and l find his happy moon way to superficial!
    Gemini sun does feel uncomfortable around the dark scorpio sun so what to say??give me the moody crab ๐Ÿ˜‰ with the happy gem. moon, it will do.
    even if my moons understands my sun thinks HUH are you going to kill me already or what?

  15. My husband is gemini and my brother is scorpio and they just dont get on at all. Its like they try and outdo each other in a weird way,

  16. i’m Sun Scorp, Moon Gem, Asc Gem…so yes, i often feel like this about myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Fluttery Gem Rising and Full Fathom Five Scorpio Moon over here, I think it’s an odd mix too. Certainly it confuses others.

      Mystic makes fashion and witchery seem coherent. I think in her place I would make it look at odds.

  17. Scorpio with a history of being a Gemini magnet, lots of my closest friends are, especially women! I have a ton of Libra and they nearly always have a nice Cancer Mercury to compliment my Scorpionic one. Not a total match made in heaven, could never have an intimate relationship with a Gem too much like chalk and cheese when it comes to love and sex but as friends it’s pretty great.

  18. Father is a scorp (and scorp rising!) and we, for the most part, get along.
    But I agree with some of the comments above that I find him (and my aunt who is also a Scorp) to pry way too much. I find it almost creepy and certainly off putting when they get thirsty for info/gossip.

    He is currently doing a family tree and decided to make a DVD about it all and send it to some of our family members. He roped me into helping but his heaviness into this project is driving me nuts. Not only is it the details and emotions but the slowness of it all. Gah! He is my father but he needs to seriously lighten up.

  19. Quite a bit of Gem/Scorp dynamic amongst my close friends and family. Have to say I don’t often see tension between them but when I do it tends to be one of: 1) Scorp impatience with Gemini dithering or rambling; 2) Scorp irritation at well-meaning but not always well-thought through Gemini advice 3) Gem surprise by or total blindness to Scorpio moods (see 1 & 2).

  20. 2 of my siblings have Gemini Moons …lots of pointless,meaningless chatter….Kinda pisses me off ( Scorpio stellium )

  21. The way Prince Cha-Chas’s head goes into that guys tie thought he was wearing a pony ๐Ÿ™‚

    And no offence. Obama is bam-bam or is it bomb-bomb. ๐Ÿ˜•

    Never mind…

  22. Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I love the blog and have been following for a while and today my 12th house Scorp Sun decided to step out of the shade and officially join Mysticโ€™s fanbase ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly admire how youโ€™ve managed to create such a warm, friendly community. Anyway, I saw the photo of the two Princes and simply couldnโ€™t resist to paste this link: itโ€™s the Celebrity Deathmatch between the two guys. Hope you enjoy it!

  23. I have Gem’s in my life on a cyclical basis. currently on an out of cycle phase. I mentioned a few months ago the comments a friend said to me (you can’t get a cat before you get a man; If you had a fella you wouldn’t need to study etc). She’s a Gem, with Sagg asc – so things come out wonky. But there is wonky, and there is nasty. I’ve experienced some real jealousy and nastyness from Gems.
    However, when the astro is lighter, they are my fave people for light, fun, and interesting times.
    So as I said – its cyclical. But it’s a consistant astro mis match in my experience!

  24. this is funny! I am gemini sun, pisces moon, lots of pisces in my chart so im kinda neptunian? yea well i love scorpios! im a girl n i get along really well with scorpio women, (i have 4 close friends who are scorpio, none of them are friends though) Once they trust you they are the best!! they are prying though…but i guess the pisces in me needs their advice! oh but with the men…uhhh intense but very very mean to me..I seem to attract them in hordes though…as friends they are loyal
    also, my scorpio friends laugh at me :/ LOL

  25. Both Princes have Scorpio Rising !!!!!!! Both are royalty in their own way