An Atypical Taurus?

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Hunky FreeganMeet Mr Mark Boyle aka the Moneyless Man.  

A writer, activist and freeeconomist, he lives off the grid,  cleans his teeth with crushed up fish bones + fennel seeds and dines out via “dumpster diving.”

Admirable as he is in so many ways, are his lifestyle tips OUR future?

No & i posted my Astro-Economy rant on my Facebook page, if you didn’t read it in the Daily Mystic email.

His astro is fascinating though. He’s a Taurus: so thus Part-materialist, part Greenie & part stingy.

Don’t diss me for the latter observation – Competitive Frugality is very NOW, totally Pluto in Cap and saving is the new maxed out – but Taureans are only out-stinged by Capricorns. And they’re tree-huggers from way back.

So this all fits only Mark Boyle is super-adept at taking his stance public.

His Taurus Sun is opposite Uranus – the indicator of an agitator, unconventional & iconoclastic et al.

He’s got Venus-Mercury-Mars in Aries so that’s a lot of guts & pioneering qi to boof things up AND his Mars is trine Neptune.

Remember we wanted an example of ‘good’ Mars-Neptune men – go here to see the ‘bad’.

He’s also got Mars opposite Pluto: a Zap Zone in motion.

He doesn’t go on the internet so who wants to volunteer to take him some complimentary Daily Horoscopes copied out onto reclaimed papyrus?

BTW I once knew a Gemini who hooked up with an Aquarius who had similar beliefs to Mark Boyle – she was loving it, paleo EVERYTHING, you get my drift – but stormed out when he said she had to use scrunched up moss instead of sanitary pads AND then soak/re-use even the moss AND the menses soak water.

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77 thoughts on “An Atypical Taurus?

  1. All the Taurean men I have met are part materialist, part greenie, part stinge. They are an odd lot and lately I have noted have become even more obstreperous and pigheaded than usual. I might deliver some papyrus scopes to the Moneyless Man if he had a distillery?

  2. Give me the address of his hovel! I would be very happy to be taken under a firm taurus hand and weaned off Clarins body products. Does anyone know a designer who does decent hemp-recycled tent type mini frocks?

  3. LOL – this guy is my astro identical twin – we must have same birth day and year – or close, neptune trines my mars/venus/merc …

    and yep, my greenness is infamous, i have the lowest income of my peers by far and yet seem to get by, but also probably have the most expensive handbag (a non-ostentatious label-y one) amongst them as well … bless our contradictory selves … ahem. MY contradictory self.

  4. I know several Tauros who do the greenie/ materialist thing….. they are interesting. Some practice what they preach. Others just tell you how you should be living and don’t seem keen on doing so themselves – Bono comes to mind. I used to admire him, but now think he’s a bit of a hypocrite….
    (Cappy Kate Middleton is certainly rocking the frugal Pluto in Cap thing – which I kind of like about her)

    I don’t know if any of the above is making sense – I have awful, awful sinus and am heavily medicated so I think I could be just rambling…..

  5. All the toros I know are very materialistic but generous.
    As for caps my experience is they are stingy with their money and love!
    Sorry nice caps but I haven’t met very nice ones. Hope I do.

    • Aw, Cappy just usually likes to be drawn out a bit…at least my Moon requires that romance wise.

      Still, ex Cappo Moon, Sagg condo mate had a ruthless mo-fo side….Must have been the Mars square Pluto aspect. Scary, cold, ruthless mutha

      I need to go to bed now… 😆

  6. Hmmm… I’m rethinking that Taurean bed quest of mine…
    Ah, fish bone toothpaste?

  7. I did a similar stint for quite a few years in the 90’s. The big difference was that I had saved a bit of money, so lived on about $50 a week for those years. I lived in a converted cow bale on a share property in northern nsw. There were quite a few of us in the area living this way. Everything was bartered or shared so there was no need to be stupid about it, I mean really, eating out of garbage bins.?.totally ridiculous, you just barter food for work or whatever. I understand the sentiment but is it really necessary to use fish bones and fennel to brush your teeth when an occasional bicarb soda brush would do a much better job and cost next to nothing ?

    • lol….Live in the desert…ain’t got no fish bones altho sand a good exfoliation?

      Had new (young, engaged….my kids age) Toro patient yesterday. Wow, so chatty for Toro. No deets tho for rising, Moon, etc. I never enquire but with a few.

    • Although I saw the documentary film ‘The Gleaners’ and loved the insights into how much of what is throw away IS safe to eat, I do tend to agree with you, davidl.

      I think if a person plans on living this way for a while, surely they may want to ‘make’ something that gets swapped with others? Makes me wonder what he ‘does’, you know, to fill time and placate his soul.

      And yes. Bi-carb. Yes. See? He needs to swap something for a $1 box of McKenzie’s that would probably last him 6 months!

      • Yes I tend to agree with you also. In the admiral quest of taking care of the earth, I think people need to take care of themselves, otherwise they won’t be able to do the work!

  8. Final thought is that yes Mystic, that moss would be far to itchy. I mean crikes, you’d “crunch” as you walk. Who would need a Brazilian with that?

    • ANY man who dares tell a woman how to manage female physical issues, unless a gynaecologist, is a MYSOGYNIST FROM HELL. Perhaps he needs to be made to bleed/bloat/have hormone injections on a regular basis (thinking 3-weekly to suffer with our more burdened sisters) while continuing his everyday life…possibly also in heels, and with requisite body hair removal for eternal smoothness (this does not equal shaving). His skin shall be examined by a young fair lad for the 777 signs of aging, and he shall be sympathetically told what products and routine he needs and he shall submit to all of them. He will also be on the Pill. Then, his opinions may merely be interesting. Not necessarily welcomed.

    • What’s wrong with a bloody moon cup ?* Why moss ? Only a bloke would come up with something so stupid. My moon cup is called a Selene. Sooo appropriate…

      * pun intended 🙂

      • Exactly, disgraceful. Even sea sponges would be decent if you really wanted to go super-stingy-survivalist, I remember hearing a woman doing one of those live-money-free homesteader-challenge things talk about her bucket of water next to the loo filled with sea sponge she had collected, I would have to add a decent amount of hydrogen peroxide before I would risk those pathogens however.

    • i think it must have been sphagnum moss – it’s very soft – like velvet – and very absorbent and there was a range of sanitary products made with it in the 90s that were awesome. the moss was underrated.

  9. fahhhrk another taurus mm… what are you doing to us!… i dont know about the fish bones on the teeth thing, i think a neem branch would do….

    I think moss would be okay if you didnt have to go to the city, or catch a bus, if you could sit by a stream all day and weave or salt fish or something… but then you wouldnt really need moss… just let it run! sit in the red tent and be served by the community, no problems. Would be amazing to reuse menstrual blood, on the garden! or the orchard! give it back to mother earth!

    davidl… i think the thing with eating out of garbage bins… whats it called again? is about using food that is being wasted and thrown out by food chains like woolworths and coles, etc, they throw out so much food that is perfectly okay to eat. Its not about scrounging its about ethical choices and choosing to save food that is being wasted basically.

    Shit just heard that australias export crop of oranges is being left to rot on the trees because our dollar is too high and so cannot export. CRAp crap crap

    • in Australia it is basically illegal to give away goods once their safe date is past, even as charity. It’s an interesting legal and ethical law. Coles I’m sure don’t like throwing food away and would be happy to give it away, but it’s illegal.
      My point was that having some money, a little, is more realistic and workable for a larger group that eating from dumpsters. If he’s spreading a message of environmental responsibility, that’s great, but why so extreme ?

      • So: given much of this food is probably still okay – and i’m not sure how many cream cakes/scones charity needs – maybe changes to food laws are the answer? Changes to stock levels so that we reduce amount of wasted food?

        i know of ‘friends of friends’ who dumpster-dive. Can all afford food, are not poor, just tight and trying to live alternative even though they live in apartments their parents bought them, and I’m not sure how their ‘freegan’ lifestyle is changing anything.

        Also MossMan described by Mystic sounds like a true b-tard. What would you say to a man who dropped that one into the conversation? Other than ‘bye – I’m outta here’?

  10. Also: this person does not have children.

    I am SO over the mystic in the cave telling the rest of us how to live when they have NO GRASP of domestic reality. I’ll pay attention to his funny little ways when he’s raised two or three kids “off the grid”.

      • Oops meant to continue. How much more different would the world look if the philosophers and cave-dwelling “I just need space to THINK” guru types had to protect and nurse three children or MORE day in day out for over a decade. my god, imagine. They could have all the wisdom they need after raising a batch of offspring…

    • Very good point. I would not want to raise children in that situation & would not have wanted to be raised that way when I was a child. (Although I did long for a rural life – but with amenities.)

      On the other hand, I can’t take my eyes off his chest. That is a VERY nice chest. (A hormone surge can make all unlikely things suddenly seem do-able. LOL) Never been a Taurus girl before, but perhaps I should re-think. I’m feisty enough to tell him where to go if he starts messing with my feminine products. 😉

  11. He is on the internet MM, he blogs at, in case you want to question him further : ) I like some of his ideas, I don’t live them, but I am edging closer. Yeah even to the throwing of the menses water on the vege patch. Mind you, around here the veges are mostly eaten by the ‘roos and some feral hares, I’m lucky if I harvest 1/6 th.

    Also–what prowlncrab said. Phwoar.

    • The water idea is not Mark Boyle’s, it is Mystic’s friends ex’s idea.

      • Yes, I got that, I meant I’m not opposed to the idea of localizing everything, including waste water disposal. That seems to be his main aim- increasing sustainability by making sure that the consequences of economic activity can’t be offloaded to some far away location where it becomes someone else’s problem, usually someone with far fewer resources. I’d agree with you that there is a lot of unexamined male privilege in the environmental movement, in that sense it is no different to any other form of politics. Don’t get me started on Assange for eg. It doesn’t mean that their ideas don’t have some merit.

  12. What a wanker. No patience for so-called ‘greenies’ up trees to save them from logging wearing wool jumpers & eating mcdonalds. I am toro sun as well & if you want to eat low on the chain & save trees, be vegan. Countries with the highest starvation rates are exporting edible grain to feed western cattle to pay their debts while the west gets fatter & sicker by the minute. Go figure. The world can be saved but not by fuqwits like this one. He has a point but so totally misguided. There’s nothing wrong with toothpaste & eating vegan (properly) leaves much less of a footprint than what this guy is doing.

  13. Oh dear,apologies MM, my irony meter was on the Fritz, you already linked the blog. So in summary: Phwoar.

  14. Seems like a wanker. No patience for so-called ‘greenies’ up trees to save them from logging wearing wool jumpers & eating mcdonalds. I am toro sun as well & if you want to eat low on the chain & save trees, be vegan. Countries with the highest starvation rates are exporting edible grain to feed western cattle to pay their debts while the west gets fatter & sicker by the minute. Go figure. The world can be saved but not by fuqwits like this one. He has a point but so totally misguided. There’s nothing wrong with toothpaste & eating vegan (properly) leaves much less of a footprint than what this guy is doing.

  15. Preaching a local moneyless ideal (suggested size: walking distance) via a global medium like the internet. Does he pay his ISP in fish?

  16. Seems like a Taurus to me. Stingy and wants you to do weird crap to save money like stuff your vajayjay with moss. no thanks. At least he seems legit and walks the talk.

    • err can’t delete. The moss thing was about the Aquarius, but still the same hippie garbage that I just can’t abide by.

  17. In my former life as a full time mum I did the whole hippy cloth pads resuse water trip. They were lovely and soft and practical if you don’t go anywhere but no good for out and about. Now as an urban babe with teenage babies I stull recycle everything I can and bike everywhere. I’m a urban hippy now. I had jungle bunny friends in nthn nsw like this guy and alhto they were very “green” they complained a lot about no money.

  18. No thanks. I’ve lived in all kinds of crazy situations boats etc with no running water, no TV, no electricity. I’m a mega hippy and live in the countryside in a house that’s pretty rustic to say the least (but it’s not mine) and do all kinds of hippy stuff but as lux as poss. Too Libran to properly down and out it, I like to be warm and smell nice.

  19. Why is Domestic Triffid practically livid about the fact that this man is giving an example of a single, childless person living “off the grid?” What does the fact that his lifestyle would be harder to maintain with children have to do with anything? His example is just that: his. Why do people who *choose* to have multiple children and then find out what a huge, never-ending responsibility it is so often feel the need to lash out at others who have *chosen* not to breed? His choice does not negate your own. (???)

    • good point earth angel! My sister is always whinging about how tough it is raining 3 children and I think she resents my freedom/single life. I totally baffles me because she has ALWAYS to get married and have lots of kids. It was her CHOICE! And they are 3 gorgeous and healthy kids too. The way I see it, all her dreams have come true but she’s still complaining. So annoying!

    • I don’t read DT’s comment as lashing out at all. And from what they have written in response to your comment, maybe it could be good to re-read things and just see if the comments could be now seen in a different light.

      I’m only responding because you have asked why they are “practically livid” and I honestly don’t see that vibe in their post.

  20. p.s. A single, childless person leaves less of a footprint. Duh. He doesn’t need to show that he can raise children this way; it’s clearly not the point he wants to make.

    And if raising biological offspring is such the holy grail, why are you so fricking ANGRY???? Live and let live. Geesh.

    • And why are YOU so frickin angry about me being angry ?

      If you had been paying attention, you would have seen my post about being angry ‘cos I can’t *knit*. Sheesh. This has nothing to do with your *choice* to be childless 🙂

      • Yes, DT, I think that needed saying cos I was also a little perplexed by earthangel’s energy there!

        And ain’t no kids here at my place! But I did not read Domestic Triffid’s comment as anti-childless people. I just thought it was highlighting a valid point. Kids definitely make it impossible to only do your own thing.

        But having children is a lot of peoples’ joy 🙂 Even when they’re being noisy little sh*ts 🙂 Just like I was when I was a kid.

        And I am more than my carbon footprint; childless, or preggers, or whatevers.

        • Much as a parent is totally devoted to their little carbuncles, it is mind bendingly exhausting work doing so, be it a choice or not – and once they are there, it really makes no difference if it was a ‘choice’. When I see a parent underline that struggle, I just go, ‘yep’, because it is valid real thing for millions of women dealing with that!

          And I like that Handbag Aries, “I am more than my carbon footprint!!”.

  21. I’m also a Taurus (with sun opposing Uranus) and I went through this phase (from approx 2003-2007), but I got over it, except that I’m still “green” in general, but not to such a self-denying extreme. I really love hot running water (baths) and comfort and indulgence.

  22. p.s.s. I have a Taurus moon conjunct Saturn and a late Cap Sun/Mer/Venus. His actions and beliefs are very Taurean. Taurus is very much about the conservation of resources. It’s an often oversimplified sign. And reading about Ghandi changed his life. Eastern religions are linked to the Taurean nature, which is really about the search for enlightenment and right use of resources. Buddha was a Taurus, and found enlightenment under the Taurus full moon – Wesak. The earth and everything in it is a resource. Money is a false, man-made resource. Though most Taureans prefer to have much of it, this man is showing the underlying need of Taurus – the search for money is really a search for security. He is showing us the bounty of the earth – that every resource we need is already here. And that is very Taurean indeed.

    • I like this! The abundance of Gaia and her constant love, her iron crystal core, her magnetic field, her healing capabilities – they all fall under Taurus in a way for me, though Her gifts are to all the signs/animals/people.

      If Taureans or 2nd House people connect with this and draw their strength from Gaia direct, imagine how powerful they can be?

      It reminds me of that Handel piece:

      “Where-e’er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade,
      Trees, where you sit, shall crowd into a shade,
      Where-e’er you tread, the blushing flow’rs shall rise,
      And all things flourish where you turn your eyes”.

  23. I think maybe MM’s end point there in the post was that some people who want to adhere to an ideal for themselves don’t necessarily allow their own loved ones the same freedom of choice.

    Sometimes rule-breakers get very ‘rules-y’ too.

    • You nailed it, Buckle. I’d love to buck the rules more often with my own firebrand-ism, but then I’d become as dogmatic as the rule-makers, wouldn’t I? 🙂

  24. Hmmmmmmm, super hunky & outdoorsy. Yes, I reckon he would be painfully dogmatic over the longer term, but I am happy to imagine an idyllic midsummer woodland fling (near a stream, for nude swims and actual bathing etc).

    As I get more Taurean post 40, I am def getting greener & stingier.

  25. Wow. Love this post. Mystic , you have your finger on the stream . Wonder where your Uranus is?

    This guy is walking his talk , and it is HIS talk. Despite the free market/ democratic /freedom of expression flag that a lotta modern citizens wave there is both a biological and material imperative to belong to the group. Anyone who dares question ownership and private property laws is not met with the same applaud as one who challenges rascist or sexist issues. Yet the earth belongs to no one it belongs to everyone, so someone who dares to share ethically is not just a renegade , in these times they are branded terrorists. At least this guy is getting a discourse going on one of the philosophical frontiers that we have avoided to the peril of peace- sharing the earth. Maybe we will come to the conclusion that it might be worth looking after it.
    but because you don’t need a degree in geoscience or history to figure this out there’ll continue to be the 2 tiered dialogue on reality.
    My observations of last time Neptune was where it is now is that We The People will effect change. We are the media now. We are becoming the traders more and more, and off the grid will oneday be just a pseudonym …
    You may say I’m a dreamer…. mmmm croissants and coffee in the sun at TheRocks. Who needs to dream when reality is this good.

    • That was qite a rant.

      Re Taureans being greenies , they at the raw lovers of the zodiac , no?

  26. This is soooo my Dad. Lives in a huge house that he’s gradually converting into a big eco-self-sufficient-zero-emission-type place. He’s late 60s and has the most fighting fit, lean body after he realised that cycling was his preferred method of travel (at around 50) and that food was better compartmentalised into little frozen, plastic-wrapped blobs that he could defrost when hungry. (This is also what he serves up to guests – hence he doesn’t get many guests. Certainly not this Cap!)

    He doesn’t work (hasn’t since early 90s) but he does all sorts of odd jobs, plays the sharemarket, travels the world with a backpack, etc. He’s absolutely insufferable because he talks and talks and talks. He’s an expert on everything (just ask him) because he reads books and watches docos (records them on his Beta video recorder… yes. Betamax. Two of ’em.), and he doesn’t really have any room in this big house due to all the old Nat Geo mags and such like that he collects at fetes, garage sales, etc.

    Oh yeah, he’s a Toro. A warning for all other Toros…

  27. Ewww! and that is coming from a Taurus. There is no way I would EVER brush my teeth with crushed up fish bones even with fennel seeds in the mix. And the thought of dumpster diving for food? Can’t believe he is a Taurus.

  28. As an Aqua, I flirt heavily with the ‘green lifestyle’ thing. I married an Aqua rising energy auditor and we weatherized our house, save tons of US $$$ each year. Have daydreams about an all-organic wardrobe, was a veggie for several years, call myself a debit card activist. But I actually have been as close to moneyless as I want to get, and it wasn’t fun. Counting every penny, deciding between food and bills. No thanks. Not even my Virgo moon and Venus Cap were happy with the ultra-frugality of that one.

    Whoa, and that’s a lot of Aries planets! He def throws himself into this lifestyle, doesn’t he?

  29. I am a Taurean and tell my family that Iam going bush. I have always felt like living away and doing my own thing. living like a hermit. Think people think Iam nuts. But i can really relate to this guy. I dont know a great deal about astrology but i was born on the 8th of may and have aries moon mars in aquarius mercury in gemini venus in gemini. I married a gemini!! I wonder why?

  30. It really scares me that you all might actually believe this astrology shit. You do know it is just constellations of stars right? This isn’t fucking Morrowind TES bitches where you are born under a sign and acquire magical attributes from each one. No, this is real life and all of this shit is false. And fuck you gypsies that push this shit as legit when you know yourself it’s false. Fuck you for preying on the ignorant… fuck. you.