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So the combo of Uranus going Retro-Bats & Saturn yet to budge off 10 Libra, three Eclipses in a row, Saturn-Pluto-Uranus all square and a few other things have sent most peeps cuckoo this week. Everyone I know is going through big changes and feeling freaked out to some extent.

I have decided to do a major spell to try and bust through the astro-weirding. I went to Happy Herbs – one of my fave shops ever, not for the party highs lol, though i hear they are fantastic but to get magical herbs and incenses + the ludicrously amazing hemp seed oil – and got a sensational array of magic herbs to burn on charcoal.

I will let you know how it goes!  I made up the spell myself so if it works, i share.

How are y’all going with the Astro-Weirding?  Is anyone else trying magic to deal with it? Logic sure as hell is not doing the trick at the mo.

Also, the witch asteroids of Circe and Lilith are currently conjunct in Aries. Perfect for some pro-active magic.

Practical things;  Please be patient if you’re waiting for a Cosmic Consult as there IS a psychic component to them and if i feel like i am not reading the chart with the right degree of focus, i won’t do it. They’re not computerized!

And i am going to do a Mercury Retrograde Astro Confidential as I just realized it actually echoes the Mars in Leo extravaganza of Oct 2009 to June 2010.  And Mercury is basically going to be in the sign of Leo till mid-September. Definitely worth a look.


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158 thoughts on “Uranian Witchery

  1. Witched up to the max, I’m busy creatively at the moment, witches are a part of it so lots of research, reading, planning, prop collecting! Maybe it’s time to do some spell casting too, it’s been a long, long time. Something needs shifting though, maybe magic is the answer. Love magick. I’m tired of making terrible decisions in that regard, honestly nobody goes as hard after what (and who) they don’t want than me, I’m tired of being scared.

  2. it’s a common rule of magic not to talk about the spell your doing till it happens cuz otherwise the energy may be dragged away!

    But I hope you receive universal bliss!!!! Love the article.

    greetings from venezuela.

  3. Magic is manipulation of energy. Powerful and necessary in my life, candles, oil etc help me focus, though it’s not necessary. I recently got some of my favorite body lotion from my potioneer. She has great lotion and mixes some of her spell mixtures into it in her regular line, or to order. I have two potioneers I regularly use, tho’ I can mix up my own stuff too.

  4. I have to say that this has been the whackiest week for me, and not in a good way. Nothing was in my favor, and when I challenged some people’s “authority” on things….I got some extreme reactions from them (oh wait, that always happens, Plutonian from the 10th house afterall).

    I went to go pick up the police report for my accident and in it, he’s saying I smashed into her door. I honestly thought he was an idiot considering the damage was to MY door, and her headlight. Dee dee dee.

    Then the Sheriff’s department 2 counties to the South had told me they believed they had recovered the GPS and charger that was stolen out of my car the same day. So I go to the Sheriff’s office, but it turns out that its not my mother’s GPS or my charger. Which means whoever stole it probably threw another crappy one out the window to throw us all off. Arsehole.

    And yeah, eclipse opposite T-pluto hit my Mercury-Neptune opposition.

  5. Whoa heaps of coments. Totally wacky time, and keep going out and doing the worst thing eva – drinking and disconnecting. Split up from my parents three weeks ago, huge changes happening which should have taken place “should” when I was way younger….standing on my own two feet. (also coinciding with reading ursula le guin from our young adult secion of our library which have never read b4). unchartered terrain.

    • Hey sag-scorpgirl. Are you sag rising, scorp sun or vice versa? I’m the first one and I feel in sync with what your saying. I’ve been back and forth in a sort of independent living limbo myself. Strangely I’ve also gotten back into reading fantasy that my younger self missed out on for some reason. Only for my it’s Lord of the Rings. Talk about striving out on your own towards uncharted terrain! Must be a theme. I feel like going on a quest.

  6. Okay so whatever is going on is officially doing me in, as in, nowhere to hide.
    Must-tell-truth-to myself.

    No mo just getting on with it. There needs to be more. Two margaritas and a cigar later. Letting other people’s energy get to me too and it’s too much.

    Uranus is hitting some nerves here.

  7. Actually, no I haven’t even been considering magic to deal with the crazies…. which is odd. Hello, witch!

    This crazy astro stuff has me majorly crazy, clawing at the walls and huddling under the blankets hermit-y…. all at once. I’m ready to move on with it already!

  8. Wow, the uranian magic has kicked into motion in this little nymph. Genius rad responses to decades long oppressive puritanical christian parental fear of sexuality. ( if it’s a mouthful to read try thinking it , with pictures! 8/ )
    Never appreciated the healing potential of Uranus before , thought that was more Venus/ Neptune but when the outspoken truth can heal, enter Uranus to turn outdated bullshit on it’s head. Very liberating to finally articulate how perverse and ‘ungodly ‘ bigotry is.
    United in love, divided in fear. Amen . Rant over, peace out. Tshirt slogans upcoming. Heheh. X

  9. Uranus hit me in the health arena. Something I thought was dealt with came back in a big way, completely catching me off guard. Ended up in the Urgent care. Let’s hope it’s now…. handled???

  10. I did a ritual for the New Moon and New Moon Eclipse, did a crystal grid, and I’m lighting a candle every day in the grid until the Full Moon. Over this year I’ve dropped three dress sizes, am walking regularly (as far as I can with fibromyalgia and arthritis in spine), just taken two bags of too-big clothing to the op shop including a coat and jacket as they’re too big, have packed in the booze, and am writing regularly. I am thoroughly enjoying Saturn in Libra, like suddenly I’m able to do things step by step and enjoy it, a rather strange concept for moi. No anxiety, just full steam head, feel like I’ve really hit my straps and I’m enjoying life (except for these bitterly cold nights). 😆

    • Good on you Libraquarius! 🙂 It’s hard losing weight in winter all those carbs & wine calling on these cold nighst.

      I looked up crystal grid and going to give it a go, I’d never heard of it before.

      • If you click on my avatar, Savannah, it’ll take you to a pic of the crystal grid I created plus a list of what crystals I used. I do have to say that I’m really into crystals and have a wide range from common to rare, but I just happen to believe that, when you set out to create a crystal grid, the right ones will appear in your life. And actually, getting active in the winter is the best time for me, I might moan about the cold but for exercise it’s great, I’m not a great one for the heat and, as I’ve already come close to carking it from heatstroke, I’ve got to be careful about exercise in the summer.

        • That’s cool Libquius, nice work!
          I loved your grid, I was very drawn to the Manganocalcite which I haven’t heard of, so much to look forward to crystal-wise!

          I was meditating on some pink agate and was just filled with sparkling joy the other day, then changed to some Mookaite and had a vision of a creamy Empress – the drone of summer bee’s was just amazing. (This is all in my head for those who might not get this!) She was so warm earth vibe and resonant, a delight!
          I am loving meeting the crystal world. Now I have a grid in my house of Rose Quartz and this massive quartz cluster that seems to hook into the Jesus vibration – it feels divine.

          Keep us posted on your progress! Do you know of any other blogs that share crystal grids? I love this idea.

          • That piece of manganocalcite is one of my favourites, Andromeda. If you get the tumbled variety, it’s a lovely pink/white combo, incredibly gentle energy. I have actually packed up a whole heap of crystals to sell, as I reallly have collected so many over the years. Still got three shelves full though 😉 I also differ from the idea that each crystal has a particular meaning. I believe that each crystal has something individual to offer each person who works with it, as you’ve done with your lovely visualisations above. No, I don’t know of any other blogs with crystal grids unfortunately. I did belong to a Yahoo group where I learned heaps about crystals but it’s not operating any more unfortunately.

        • Thanks, it’s a beautiful configuration, I’m not real knowledgable on crystals but do use a few. Do you start on a new moon or is a full one ok?

          Love your dream tips & info too. I know what you mean about the heat. I have thyroid dysfunction so extremes of cold/heat just renders me inoperative if I push it exercise/work wise.

          • I think it’s best to do a crystal grid when you feel drawn to create one, Savannah. I haven’t done one for a while but then felt really strongly to get into gear on July 1st. But I’ve created them for Full Moons and New Moons, different energies but powerful whatever you decide, so if you want to create a crystal grid for a Full Moon, go for it. If you stuff around a bit with Full and New Moons, you’ll get a sense of the energies at work, bit like rising and falling on an ocean swell. As for thyroid, I’ve got extremely high thyroid antibodies but the medicos won’t do anything, and I’ve read that this can underlie fibromyalgia too. So I know what you mean about extremes of heat/cold – I overheat real fast and the cold is just really tough.

            • In regards to magic, I’m kind of on the fence about it. In my younger Wiccan/witchy/pagan days I read everything there was to read about all sorts of magic(k), old and new. I did some spell work, made my own runes, lit a lot of candles and even did a few banishments and hexes. Only two that I know of seemed to have a clear result. One had to do with wishing for luck in passing a college course that I had was failing miserably. After failing 3 exams in a row, I got a passing grade on the final, which saved me from failing the course as a whole. Whether it was the spell or my professor just taking pity on me I’ll never now. The was the positive result.

              The other spell was to dissuade a girl from getting too close to one of my guy friends. He and I were casually dating at the time, but I knew that she was going to be bad news. So I (following the ethical approach of not directly changing free will when it comes to love spells, which is sort of a slippery slope) did a spell that respectively requested that she turn her attentions elsewhere and that I meant her no ill will, but could she please back off and leave him alone. I tried to be nice about it and for whatever reason thought it would be more effective to direct it to her, instead of directing it towards him. Afterwards I still had an uneasy feeling, that proved itself right when he cheated on me and slept with her about a month later. He said she came on to him, which I don’t doubt, though he didn’t object to it either. Fast forward 10 years and they’re married with a kid. I’ve talked to him a few times every few years. He insists that he still loves me, thinks of me as his soul mate and that his marriage was hasty and is very rocky (this is the same star-crossed Scorpio I’ve mentioned in previous posts) and I’d like to believe him as he’s always been honest with me, even if the truth was painful to hear. But I don’t know anymore. There’s still a strong connection, but I think it’s mostly mental, that Scorpio mind meld thing. I’d like nothing more than to cut him away and be indifferent, but it feels like if I do then I’d be cutting away a large chunk of myself. There are parts of my brain, of my personality, of my soul even that he “just gets”, things that other people have no hope of understanding. He’s that person that has always made me feel a little less weird because he’s just as weird and in the exact same ways. Anyway, ever since then I haven’t done any spell work for fear of having something backfire like that again. It probably would have happened regardless, but whatever the reason it still makes me anxious to try. The only thing I occasionally do is recite a prayer to Sekhmat, for strength and courage in times of adversity.

                • hey Lauren, i gno nothing re spell-ing or the advanced arts, (am too unleaded to dabble those realms) but i psyche myself to attract more of the specific energy i would like by being/doing/feeling what specific energy i believe i most admire in the other, and channel that internally within intensely in other words – i practice ‘being/feeling’ what i want by feeling now how achieving that would feel…hope this makes sense, or inspires, kind of ‘be’ what is u want to get what u want theory. 🙂

              • Lauren, When I talk about creating a crystal grid, I’m not talking about magic. I’m not going to disclose my intent, as I don’t think it’s appropriate, but it is always in general terms and it is always sent with a wording to the effect that whatever happens is in my highest interests and the highest interests of the Universe. I don’t think I’ve ever created a grid for action re anyone else either, come to think of it. Your spell re the other woman was specific, that you asked her to change direction. And it didn’t work out because, to be honest, there was so much of your self-interest in there and it backfired. I think that’s the case with hexes too, if you ill-will someone, it will return to you, one way or another, as it’s not working with the highest energies of love, compassion and wisdom. It’s a bit late now, but a more general request could have been for matters to be resolved in the highest interests of all of you. As for the guy insisting he’s still in love with you, this is disrespectful of his wife and his child. Sounds like he’s having two bob each way. Time to move on, blossom, and find someone who loves you and you alone. And yes, I agree that spell work can backfire, which I why I never use spell work because I worry about fiddling with the web of the cosmos. I respect that other people take a different path but it’s not the one for me.

                • I understand the intent of your ‘spell’ Lauren and the feelings that accompanied it (only too well!). But it’s important not to use manifestation techniques with other PEOPLE in mind, it is a free will zone and I am given to believe you are bringing karmic issues on yourself by using your intent on any person but yourself (unless it is for the ‘highest good of all concerned’ which it clearly wasn’t in this case).
                  I would however, do a cutting the ties that bind or some such and bless this union you have been entangled in right away! Just my humble opinion, please disregard if you are way ahead of me on this one. I understand it was a while ago, but magic occurs as am sure you know, in no-time/space and is ongoing in effect.

                • well said L.a., it’s all about utter integrity by the sounds of it, towards others, to be able to genuinely own it in your own life it seems. 🙂

              • No, I’m in NSW, Domestic Triffid, and it’s frustrating not being properly diagnosed. I shall be in WA when we sell our home, we’re stopping there to see friends on our way to North Cyprus, so I’ll make a note and get in touch with you while we’re there. Thanks for the heads-up, Darl!

              • Thanks DT for the forum link. I too get shirty about how this condition never seems to be picked up early. The symptoms can be vague or attributed to other conditions so often, yet effects the whole system.

                I have Hashimoto’s too. Mine was brought about by trauma, then after the birth of my son, I was inoperative literally. Doctor said I was hypochondriac the weasel! It was, once again, the team at Helen Mayo House at Glenside hospital that properly diagnosed it & treated it. 3 years after the incident and 8 months after son’s birth. It was hell undiagnosed & contributed to the severity of my breakdown, they were dark years.

                • Jeez, ya know, some of the doctors are so incompetent and so fixed in their ideas it ain’t funny. My husband was diagnosed by two locums as having Ross River fever, the resident doc returned and told him he was swinging the lead as he was nowhere near Ross River (if you can believe the silly sod). Saw a doc in an urban centre who said straight away she could tell how ill my husband was, he got sent to a specialist and invalided out of work immediately. I went to get sedatives when I was trying to handle my father having the DT’s in hospital, got prescribed Zoloft for SIX months. Threw the script in the bin and took a long time to talk myself into not putting a hex on the fuqwitted medico.

      • Thanks for the connection, Scorched Earth, interesting info as I call fibromyalgia the Fibro Follies because you never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. I manage with a positive attitude and, to be honest, I steer clear of support groups as everyone seems to damned miserable. Life’s too short to waste on being unhappy.

        • I confess to not knowing too much about it but it can’t be fun and worse if it’s inclined to be unpredicatable.

          I’m def with you re-support groups.. I’m not one for them myself.. unless you call this forum one =) .. in which case I’m quite happily enjoying the experience.

          • This is a positive, uplifting forum, isn’t it? Very supportive and I just LOVE all the energy MM puts into this blog, it’s utterly awesome. I have just been re-reading some of the astro-confidentials and really, this dame works so damned hard and is so generous sharing her knowledge. So’s everyone else on this blog. You come here and feel terrific from all the goodwill, sharing and generosity.

          • Me neither! Only good one I did go to was post natal group attached to Helen Mayo House in Adelaide. It saved my life literally. Depressionet was/is another site that was like here for care & share.

      • Yup, can’t beat a good hot water bottle, whatevs, plus a stonking hot electric blanket when I got to bed. I can remember as a little girl staying with my grandmother and then hot water bottles were stone, filled with boiling water, then wrapped in a tea-towel to protect from the intense heat. Lovely memories!

  11. Yuh to a bit of magic, started with a little rituals from the 1st eclipse. Supporting stuff, for the on going (seemingly never ending) pheonixing that I’m doing. I’m sure those closest to me don’t know who the fuq I am each day, :). I’m going down to the dark places like you twinfishrising & having a look around & dealing with it. Don’t know if this is giving me these amazing sense of…..can’t quite articulate it just yet but it’s a great feeling. So have been able to deal with the weirding rationally. There’s a lot to be said for eat, sleep, physical movement & bit red wine & chocolate during these times, going easy when not cleaving through fear based stuff.

    Speaking of that, I’m driving with my son interstate on my own this week. I’m determined to do this with minimum of anxiety. I used to do it years ago all the time but since the trauma incident I’ve played it safe.

  12. Am back in contact/healing with my Holistic Kineseologist/White Witch. She’s raised my vibration already 🙂

    Y’know one of those wierd ones where someone drifts out of your life, and you don’t realise that you’ve missed them until you get back in contact….?

    She’s cured my cold in one session 🙂 🙂 Oh and can get me cheap Moldovite 🙂 She spotted THAT immediately. Oh and has cured the Squeakies’ colds as well…

    Went on a wonderful date with Hubula last night. Even stuck to the Yo ! Hut ! Boing ! Primal thang while staring down a slice of the best Mars Bar mud cake in existence….

    Whatever is happening in the Astro, its doing me a power of good ! (I’ve given up trying to understand my chart for the mo’)

  13. Finding this astro.. so complex. It’s like, exciting possibilities and this incredible metallic firewall of crud. I am amazed, and yet, underwhelmed at the same

    Also many things I used to love I am finding very boring.

    Watching Michael Kors on Project Runway and I wondered if he subscribed to MM, “We’re having Sportswear moment and I think it’s going to continue that way for a while”. Very Neptune in Pisces fashion with Nana underwear and then see-through dresses…

    • heh. same so many different levels its like when someone asks how I am its like which department? all will give a different response. Loving the shifts though.

      • Yes exactly! Objectively speaking I am fascinated by what’s going on energetically atm, personally, locally, globally. It’s a lot of layers though and quite snake-being-helped-out-of-it’s-skin vibing, not comfy!

  14. I’ve been struggling not to go bats. I’ve been brushing up on herbalism–this seems to be a theme! 🙂 –working with my tarot deck (I’ve never felt a natural affinity for the tarot like I do for astrology, but I found a really great how-to guide that resonated with me, so I’m trying to learn anew) and trying to get out in nature as much as possible, and that’s helping.

  15. dragon’s blood, frankincense, myrrh, black spruce, Himalayan cedarwood and a bit of ylang ylang. I feel pretty chill right now.
    ” I do one thing at a time in a calm centered way”

    dang man! I started buying a house in May and now it looks like I will close on the deal at the beginning of August!
    Should I worry?

  16. Life is all bizarre and I don’t know what to do about it. The ex-fiance got in contact with me about a week and a half ago (before the eclipse) and then yesterday, went all postal when I asked for clarification. I said that we were unable to have a happy, healthy friendship and for him not to contact me again. I also fell on my sword for things I did as a young person that needed a proper apology.


    Now I’m going to do my make up, pop by the local herb shop (synchronicity?) and then read in the sun/pray that my body won’t frrrrrrrlip over the sun, thnx to 40mg of Prozac making me more susceptible to burnination.

  17. I’m FRUSTRATED as heck….felt like things were finally pushing through with the Eclipse in both love/work matters. Been looking for months for 3+ months now and keep running into either interviewers with zero social skills, ones who are clueless about what my profession actually is, or peeps who expect me to resolve all their promotional/fiscal problems IN the interview. BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!
    And…now all my burgeoning new love/lust interests seem to have gone AWOL. I was patient thru the eclipse, because I was sure that things would be unblocked. July 7 was supposed to be my day for GOOD NEWS….but all I heard was a job offer is still “on hold” and that I may have some part-time work making a little pocket change, but that’s it. Hardly the breakthrough I was hoping for….
    grrrrr…..grumble, grumble.

    • Hang in there DM, I know how you’re feeling…
      I’ve been looking for work for the last 6 months and have endured the interview blues. Started a job last week that is a junior position that I applied for out of unemployed desperation. I already feel this is not the job for me. Luckily it’s a maternity leave position so in three months if I’m not satisfied I’m gonna resign, saying I was only looking for temp work.

      I don’t know your financial situation DM but if you can be patient just trust that the perfect job is waiting for you before rushing in (like I did!!!).
      I’m not even gonna bore you with the deets of my love life, lol

  18. It’s been a weird weird night. Felt like everyone vs. me tonight. A little apprehensive about going to a party which ended up being full of “hipster” “art” “kids”. Tried not to laugh the entire 1 hour I was there. Just looked like the same crowd of sad people I literally saw last weekend – functioning alcoholics – talking BS over one another. and to think this sorta stuff used to amuse me, I used to want to be a part of it. Been slowly feeling more and more detached from all this for the last 2 years makes me wonder why i ventured out in the cold to bother. maybe nostalgia? Strange place to be in my skin right now.

    also friend-weirding is at an ALL TIME HIGH right now. push and pull of peoples’ wants and needs making me crazy – do you want to be my friend or not?? any chance i get (aka not at work) and all i do is sleep and stay in my room. do NOT want to leave the house these days.

    • sounds like you are being guided about closing a door on your old life and are in the middle swampish period of figuring out what the new you is and want.

  19. I want one of those things that cats have that is a plug-in “happy” pheromone release wall unit scent thing but for humans. There have been some serious bitch-a-sauruses on the prowl. I need this at work. Sadly, normal fragrances…what makes one human happy, makes another P.O.ed.

  20. Out with co-workers last night at a patio under a half-moon and I felt like I was in a different dimension than everybody else. Craving adventure and must have it.

  21. EEEEEEgads!!!! What’s a scorp gal to do with her sig other scorp man!!!!! These moments of insecurity, after only a month (WTF) are killing me! He is NOT your typ drop dead gorg hunky scorp man either…..He is sweet, kind, all the ewey gooey sweet stuff….but the attraction is v.strong…..
    Shall I bid my time or cut out now???
    Advice, comments, insights please, please!
    Thx peeps,
    The not-liking-this-scorpgirl

    • why cut out ? Because of insecurity only ? Won’t you just have to face your insecurities over again with someone else ?

      Just don’t hang on too tight and see what happens.

      • Thx Lucy! I know this! Will try to believe today!!
        I think the fact that we are both scorp has me all freaked!

        • ignore the sun signs. relax. moments of insecurity are normal here n there i guess. and honey…it’s been a month. one month. that’s barely enough time for some of us to learn our new partner’s last name. So, chill and take it one day at a time. x

    • I am immune to scorp men but I did date one years ago and it was so intense, even stupid things that are not meant to be, so you will both feel like you are going mad, small gestures are loaded with intent and its all a bit heavy. Take it out on each other in the bedroom you can get on with living and feeding your insecurity. x

  22. kind of feel like screaming into a pillow/eating lots of chocolate but my libran self is horrified. recently have been feeling like I’m getting fat even though I’m exercising loads!

    last night – went out with a bunch of male friends, i felt like i was definitely cramping their style (i was the only girl there) and so ended up drunkenly calling cheating aries ex. i hung up after two rings. he called me back immediately three times, and then I texted him that “I shouldn’t say this, but just wanted to say I miss you.” He called back, we had a fun chat, he affirmed his feelings, got me to come to his flat. the scorpio moon was right on – we stayed in bed for 16 hours. awake. an amazing Saturday with Charlie Parker playing in the background.

    context:He cheated at that point of time (and confessed) because he was nervous about wanting to go back to his native England next year and I’m tied to my job for another three years. He’s ten years older, thought he needed to start thinking about settling down, wept so hard.. I walked away from him after we had a second go at it because I felt his fear about the future and couldn’t reassure him. But we had a lovely, anxiety-free happy relationship. We get along so well, and he is so marvellously clever/sensitive, but restrained ala Brit. So once again, I don’t know what we’re going to do.

    as for Virgo ex who called me the ugliest girl he ever dated, he sent me a text to say: I take back everything I said, you cheater. I fell for it, called him immediately and was like: what cheating? and he came up with some lame excuse and we ended up in a screaming match (him screaming that he loves me so much, couldn’t even hear all the things I was telling him that he shouldn’t have said) and then I talked about his ex (whom he wanted me to accept was coming to sleep with him for a month before she got married – special request he was obliged to accept, he said) he told me to fuq off and then he’d told her to go away (recently)… GOOD LORD.

    • I’ve found one thing very useful – know what you want, don’t settle for less, but don’t keep seeking to pin down a relationship.

      If you can handle Aries ex having cheated on you, don’t blow something good over fears for the future (his or yours). Enjoy the now. Stop worrying about “What you’re going to do” and just do.

      And FFS delete that Virgo ex, block his number and STOP talking to him

    • omg is this is virgo from the other post? my god. you sound onto it about him now but in my book there are fights and there are fights. In scorpio land there are things you are never allowed to say to a person, even in angst etc, as it is an indication of the weakness of your character when you blow and we will hold you to that disgusting moment forever, even when we smile at you its tattoo’d on your forehead. It is a very. very very bad sign of any man/woman to tell you you are the “ugliest” girl he has ever dated as that is only designed to make him sound like he is superior to you and is ranking you in beauty against his exs- which get the right woman and that is a gentle wind to a house of cards. There is just no way in hell that can ever come up under a heated debate. It’s only designed to manipulate you, when messed up people groom others for abusive relationships, they say shit like this. Yelling at someone you love them is also weird.

      • I agree. That is one nasty Virgo and it’s clear that he’s a desperate bully who’s trying to undermine your self-esteem. Obviously, he doesn’t care enough about you to even let you speak your mind or hear what you have to say. I assume the screaming match was in person or over the phone and not with texts? I was screamed at by a Leo via text once, for something that was a stupid mistake, nobody’s fault. But like Ms. said “in Scorpio land” one ill-spoken word will taint your reputation forever. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t really mean it or you were just upset and letting off steam, we’ll remember what you said verbatim and judge you for it from that point on. Months later the hot-headed Leo sent me an email and told me a bunch of flattering things about myself, though an apology for his previous obscenities was never included among them. I never bothered to write him back or talk to him since then.

        • I’ve mars in scorpio and wonder if that’s where i get my hot headed anger/pride from. i have an aqua friend who forgot my birthday. i wasn’t bothered – i didn’t advertise it at all this year.. she kept trying to sucker up to me, making loads of excuses why she never keeps up with friends’ birthday calendars, talking about her life, blah blah blah kept droning on. i didn’t care at all , until she ended convo with “ok…bye!” not even one mention of “happy birthday” at all. i got real pissed off and have not spoken to her since. she’s still trying to suck up to me with letters and treats but i haven’t bothered to respond.

          miss libra, virgo sounds like a jerk of a black hole sucking all the energy from you. i hope you can get rid of him quick.

  23. Big changes in here too, but all good. (Even when they’re bad they’re good, because hey you’re ALIVE and this is living)

    super-charged speedy feeling through my veins at odd times this week, long after the morning caffeine should have worn off, and no illicit substances within coo-ee (fyi), i was wondering if that was something else in the ether taking hold.

    did strike me that the merc retro was going over the same ground as that mars retro period. coincided with some delicious travel, money going through my hands like water (oops), much, MUCH needed space between me and the Old Toro. So, maybe a revision of the (second house) lessons learned for this UP.

    • hey RLP, so with you on the socially withdrawn vibe. i attribute it to many things atm. enjoy 🙂

  24. Current astro feels like swimming with boots on. Lots of work, not getting very far. Small bright shining moments have kept me going. A sweet e-mail from a friend with a space link I would like, a visit with my mother.

    Caught a supposed ‘friend’ in an outright lie. Person Cancelled Yet Another appointment with my tribe. Honestly, provide the service I Paid For Already !? Tired of chasing you to fulfill your professional commitment. Conclusion, it is worth forgetting the $50 to Be Rid Of It. over.

    Spent the afternoon with a friend fond of back-handed compliments, such as ‘I can’t believe you drew that’ (see avatar) and other gems like ‘I didn’t think you were a professional’ and ‘you DO know what you’re doing.’ sheesh. Afterwards wondered if rekindling the friendship was such a good idea. (Person was extremely rude to me a year ago, yet admitted would not contact me to apologize…I initiated contact before the apology came.) ?!?

    Astro: Pluto on Cap ASC, Saturn opp Saturn, Uranus applying to natal Saturn…so will be getting unstuck at some point, for now- quite tired of having Saturn up my bum, yes.

    Would like to put in writing that I am so very thankful for all the friends here who have been supportive. You truly are a lovely bunch of people. Mystic special thanks to you as well for your kindness.

    Haven in the astrostorm, this is. X bless
    Peace out, Saturnrox

    • Bright shining moments, follow the bright shining moments. ( said with a wave of a wand and in the voice of Glinda, the good witch of the north) 😉

    • With friends like these, who needs enemies, right? Sheesh is right!

      I’m glad you see it and label it for what it is. And here’s to normal, supportive, non-passive aggressive friends!!! May we all discover more of them.

      They don’t even have to be normal, really. Just supportive and non-passive aggressive.

      • Thanks so much all – for the *sparklie wand wave* 🙂 and the heartfelt comments. It troubles me that some feel elevated ? by knocking others down. Same person above once told me “You have an easy chart.” Rendered speechless on that one…she negated 40 some odd years of my life struggle in 5 little words. Gonna let both situations go; transit Pluto opp 7th is frickin cleaning house lately. may be little, but packs a punch !

        • ohhh you had me at ‘feel good’, rockstar ~ is the crux of the sitch isn’t it ? I like to be positive and yes, was a bully type qui drain.
          I taught myself astro and worked, and am working very hard at it.
          Respect ! Been thinking today I am drawing these situations to myself with Pluto transit first house. My lesson, draw boundaries, say ‘enough’. Am taking the evening off to relax and watch library movie and tomorrow I garden. Meeting with a very supportive artist galpal this week and trying some new cool dip recipes.
          Bless the lovely comments + Pegs thanks too.
          I have linked my gravatar acct so you can see the drawing. weird thing: didn’t notice the Leo symbol in curl until after. Neptune square Venus in Leo hid it from me Ha HA ! nite all X …Rox

    • O you drew your avatar, it seemed so familiar to me, that’s strange, do like it
      a lot.
      We is a noice bunch 🙂
      We could all re-design the world if we got together & did a blueprint.

    • Love the “swimming with boots on” that is the perfect description of last week. As for your recently returned friend, listen to how your body feels around them. I would venture to say not good which is telling you to stay away from them. I personally attempt to stay away from all energy vampires and negative people. Far better to be in the presence of good energy than having to defend yourself from bad energy.

      • Debbie, you are so right. First person I mentioned caused my stomach to turn. That one is o.v.e.r. Second one, it dawned on me that evening: I felt ‘mowed over’ by this ‘know it all’ vibe. My thoughts interrupted, corrected – first comment of my work was ‘you didn’t put a comma there?’
        Re-read it. (Did not need a comma) comma police- lol. bye bye!
        Thanks Debbie, has been a lesson, to be sure.

  25. How weird……. My boyfriend and I have been talking about taking a walk down to Happy high herbs for a few days now, earlier today he was looking up their website reading me all the stuff they do.

  26. How do you take in hemp seed oil? Tea? In the oven while baking sweet potatoes? How?

    Gawd, the influx of knowledge never ends on this web site…..

    • i add oils to a smoothie or include it in salad dressing, maybe mixed with nice olive oil and whatever else e.g. lemon juice.. or a small slurp of flax seed oil in a tasty smoothie, also makes it very satisfying (I think fat is used by our body as a measure of satiety? in addition to protein? need to check that fact tho)

    • I wouldn’t recommend heating the hemp or flax oil if you are using it for its healthful properties. UP’s ideas of smoothies and dressings is great. Coconut oil is supposed to be the most healthful ooking oil if you can get past the flavor. Personally, when I want a non-raw oil, I make some ghee from pastured organic butter. Just boil the butter gently till the milk solids turn brown and then strain. You now have yummy butter flavor without cholesterol etc.

      And that’s pastured as in cows eating pasture grass, not a misspelling of pasteurized. 🙂

  27. I am detached, change is forced in my environment and is about shared sources. The meddling will get worse in coming months.

    Mentally I instructed my Cap Moon to be the focus person. It sighed, decided to take it another item in my to-do list, vibe professional, keep temper.

    • My Cap Moon just did that too! So reassuring to hear about other people’s Cap Moon activities. This Cap Moon gets lonely in her Cap Moon-ness.

  28. I’m definitely noticing the effect, as well as all that astro action conjuncting /squaring /opposing pretty much everything with me, I’m consuming my hemp seed oil the natural way, having it along with the flowers/stem/leaf… makes me speedy

        • Couldn’t have put it better myself. Smoke attracts the gods…. I was taught that so long ago, have you heard that saying pegs ?

          • I remember being told that too. When I went to Hong Kong a few years ago and visited some of the more ancient Buddhist temples, they have spirals of incense hanging from the ceiling. The priests light them because the smoke “feeds the gods” and brings them down closer so they can hear the prayers and maybe be tempted into answering. 😉

  29. Spell Casting, huh? Never do in case it works!!
    There are some wierd & wonderful herbs in that line-up:
    Via-GROW, that’s a smilie. I have half of a pharmecutical viagra
    in my pill box……..i wonder if it would make me wild eyed & bushy tailed
    like it does to men. Their faces go very red on viagra, yes, i said faces.
    Did you know Cielus is named after the French word for heaven ‘le ciel’
    and Viagra from vajra, sanskrit word.

  30. Astro weirding yes. Soulwork of the deep and delicately dark kind. Always an adventure to go back within THAT far, where the wild and amazing things are, as a pre teen, and have a good cry, scream, kick and shake etc . As is usual for me when Moon travels my 8th house (this wkd)

    Got the fire going to burn up any residual angst and the oxygen levels have dropped so low that the cat has passed into another theta dimension where I may soon join him.

    So much for the all-night booty shakedown reggae party tonight. Luckily the magnum I just naughtily bought from the shop wins me another one, so that’s breakfast sorted. No plans to leave the hive of self amusement at all this wkd. 🙂

    • Possible because the Aqua’s i know if asked a question they don’t
      want to respond to, just don’t reply.

      • They hate it. A lot of Aqua’s I know hate astrology because it’s too prescribed, they don’t like to be like anyone else, even other Aquarians.

        RE the whole birthday thing, I’m typically Scorpionic and amazingly good and finding out the birth data for pretty much everyone I meet, drives me nuts not to know. Right now I have a crush on someone and I have NO idea, no way to find out, ugh can’t figure it out either. He’s about as easy to read as a brick wall and has eyes so intense I can’t look at them, makes me act like a total tool, really flustered and stupid. You can imagine how that makes a Scorpio feel, annoyed and intrigued beyond belief!

  31. Go MM! Look forward to reading the results.

    Big smudge clearing last w/end and this w/end sees me continuing to clean, streamline, finding homes for wayward items and declutter in general but it feels like a realignment of energy more than a clean up.

    I feel good despite the odd behaviour and absence of some peeps.

    So to this insightful and intuitive bunch of regulars (or blow ins) on this site.. can I pose a question please?

    Having friendly but not especially sexy or intimate chats with a guy via email. He’s open overall and easy to talk with but I’ve asked him what his sun sign is twice directly (and initially weeks ago, implied interest) and he doesn’t answer but nor does he refuse. It’s as if he’s just ignored that bit of the email entirely… huh? He’s done that with a few questions here and there but I’ve not been that fussed to mention them. Seems deliberately evasive to me about something simple.

    So… anyone got any ideas.. what sign is he? I can’t really get a hit.

    Thanks =)

    • Maybe simple for you – not everyone is into astro tho. Is he religious or a skeptic?

      Your description reeks of air sign + uranian. Probably more aqua or libra than gem – gems like to talk about everything. Reasons: You’re communicating in writing – ruled by air. In writing is good cos you can fit it in around life stuff. Writing is cathartic for air signs. All the air signs I know are pretty busy right now and being able to bang out an email without having to make “time” is preferable when it’s all go. Aquarians don’t like being pinned down or examined and by the time you’ve finished your research they will have metamorphosised into something/one else and you’ll be expecting them to be someone they’re not anymore. They are future peeps and talking about yesterday bores them. They will also be thinking something along the lines of “don’t ruin this good thing we’ve got going on by trying to stereotype me” Libran’s will just ignore you/your questions and avert their gaze to something pretty if they deem your line of questioning to be irrelevant/invasive/impolite or inconvenient.

      If I’m right re aqua or libra and you keep asking there’s inevitably going to be either a complete and deafening silence or an outburst of angry typing – sounds like machine gun fire – there will be typo’s and it won’t be grammatically correct either and there’s not going back after that happens. How important is it for you to get to know the astro before you get to know the person?

      • Love your description of air signs whatevs :), can so relate to the Aqua & Lib.

        I was thinking possibly married/tethered, you show all of yourself before he makes up his mind.

      • spot on whatever. aqua’s as MM said that are spacemen and always require space. Fine for them but what about the rest of us who jsut want an answer to an innocent text?. why is it sooo hard? so over trying to communicate with the lusty but being a A type leo I hate being ignored so i persevere this time.

        He has shown his tru colours ala black, shut down, dont care , go away vibe. well fuq him when I need a small reply i get zilch. i had to text hime ‘it would be nice if you could reply’ kinda text and he did but why the f n effort? I think its rude some would say he is jsut being an aqua but there is no excuse for being rude.
        soz about rant i”m a tad sensitive tonight and am finding out fast who my real friends are.

        • oh sweetheart I’m sorry that’s happening right now when you need the support from him. I’m married to one and I’m a libran so I appreciate social niceties and ettiquette but they just don’t process stuff like other people and I’m still caught unawares by the random acts of my aqua specimen. They’re not wired like everyone else and it always comes as a surprise to them when you inform them they’re abnormal for not knowing what to do when things get emotional or messy – like if I’m taken to the hospital in an ambulance and I might die you get the night off work and come to see me. Yes I’ve had to have that talk. And it wasn’t that he didn’t care it was that he didn’t know how to handle the emotions associated with the event. Had no idea what to do with them. He was scared and went into auto pilot. They don’t process like other peeps so telling yours it’s rude would undoubtably come as a shock to him. Which is not much help to you right now – do you have other peeps with you or who you can talk to? Pushing the aqua envelope right now might be a bit much for you to take in as well as dealing with your grief from your dad’s passing. Can you put the aqua on the back burner and deal with him later? Or are you in fix it or fuq it mode?

          • I second this. I’m sorry leogroover that you are not getting the support and attention you need from him. What I do to remind myself when Aqua-jerks get to me like that is is to just remember that their aloofness is not a game designed to inflict pain on you. They are not withholding to teach you a lesson. It’s not personal. There is an innocence about it even though it is a bit selfish. I suspect many are completely ignorant about non-communication being “rude”.

            • I’ll second what you say YOTF, my ‘friend’ has Aqua moon & can be just like you described. I do the same, remind myself it’s not personal. Being Aqua myself I should understand but initially I didn’t.

              • Thx MM peeps – your posts are helping me a lot.
                yes he has an aqua moon so its atypical of him. i have a support team and got lots of cuddles yesterday and even a call at 4.30am to check on me so I don’t need him but its still disappointing when we share so much when we are together and then when we are apart he goes off to another planet. it is his escape but what about me? well fuq him I say. i’m feeling a little stronger today and will not contact him.

                i’m trying to support him too as his elderly dad is in hospital but he prob hasn’t noticed. Oh well won’t waste anymore energy on him gotta look after myself first and get through the funeral on Thursday.

                • You’ve got exactly the right idea lovely – look after you for the moment and soak up the presence of those who are physically present. There’s always someone in these parts who can talk you through if you’re having a dark night too xxx

        • 😀 I suspect it’s how you can spot big sky uranus/air in a chart – just get into a “debate” with them about something like survival of the fittest vs genesis verse 1 and when the silence falls like nuclear winter you know you’ve got a uranian or air on your hands.

          • i really love you have taken the time to write this whatevs, alot of peeps struggle with aqua’s on here and though Leogroovers circumstances are taking a lot of emotional energy at the moment. (yes look after yourself first babe xx) BGem has one as well I think, there is a lot of bragging about needing space (i have a wad of sagg I know all about that) but aqua is a unique energy that really does require a manual at times.

            I keep dating venus venus aqua peeps or collect those as mates with the moon (sister as well) and I only have a touch of air despite uranus being in the mix. Though supercrab is a sun/merc/venus tight conjunct cancer 3rd house and that is a nice antidote from all the avail/non avail of pisces rock whore.

            • Hey Ms, was wondering if you’ve check the decante notion on the signs? Could explain the aqua venus attraction to you possibly if you have something in mid libra or late gem. X

    • Interesting.. I was thinking air loosely but not Libra and def not Gem as the conversation is too consistent and grounded. I’m not sure about earth and I’d ruled out water and fire.

      I do know a couple of Libra males and one is inclined to go off the radar and come back talking like nothing had happened when stuff gets tricky.

      I have no experience with an Aqua male but I have a close girlfriend who, again, kinda does that.

      So.. maybe eh…

      I’m just curious and I did say I’m not into confirming assumptions or boxing someone in one coloured wrapping paper (not verbatim) and was quite casual/friendly in my approach at least the first time. Second time I admit to asking why the question wasn’t answered but still didn’t demand. Having said that, I’ll be leaving it there. It’s just one of my standard questions with peeps and I don’t see it as a big deal.

      Any of the astro stuff I’ve talked about eg eclipses etc has just been left by the wayside Whatevs.. so yeah my initial thinking was not into astro but wouldn’t that then be less of a deal to say your sun sign?

      Other notable traits .. love of technology, well travelled, super clean (yesss,, appears to go all out and full on there and devoted to family.

      He’s single (been married) but that’s not to say he’s not.. shall we say.. socialising.. and I’ve vibed that as a possibility.

      A big thankyouse to you all!! Totally appreciate it!

      And thanks for the additional insight Whatevs..yeah makes sense. Aquas are a little like us Sages then.. I don’t like to be pinned down either but will (typically) respond in some fashion.

      If he does decide to disclose I’ll post back =)

        • Yeah, with most guys you have to approach it sideways….like a crab! 😀 *ba-dam-pam* You should just wait for his birthday, or if you’re that impatient go the…”I’ve been doing a survey…” route. hehehe

          • Tricky to do on email DM .. got any other strategies?..maybe I should hack into his email account?!?! Bahaha…can barely manage the attention span required to manage my own technology!

        • Not Pisces… LOL

          But yeah… I guess a few of ’em do go a little weird but I just find it the same sort of question as what do you do etc.

      • i dunno hon, if he’s not into it then he’s just not into it so divulging his sun sign would be a no deal as opposed to a big or small deal. If he’s sketchy/evasive re other more important things too you might want to have the ejector seat at the ready.

        • unless of course you’re just looking for something non-committal and evasive doesn’t concern you but not many peeps are good at doing non-committal unscathed x

          • Somewhere way back I was good at non-committal non-scarring but not for quite some time and probably just tricked myself into thinking I was back then anyway… so that’s a no from me!

            I’m looking for the real deal or possibly the aquisition of a genuine friend with no benefits but it’s an either or and I have a number of male friends and a band full of lads I see regularly so I’m not really looking for more mates.

            He’s definitely backed right off providing reasons of work and family(mum is quite sick) and snatches of downtime and I completely respect those reasons and don’t feel rejected at all but I have ejector seat (love that) and parachute ready to go =) X

    • Hmmmmm? Sounds like a Gemini….or perhaps, he’s just very “mercurial”? I’ve had numerous Gemini peeps do this. You ask them when their Birthday is and they’ll answer EVERY one of your questions….except for the Birthday one. They do purposely ignore questions like those. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “DO NOT put me into a stereotypical box!” uttered out of a Gem’s mouth.

      Then again, it could be ANY of the Air signs. Like “whatevs” said; Aquarius doesn’t like to be pinned down or examined (or “organized”) —they’ll usually want to do that to you, but you do it to them and “STRIKE! You’re out!” Libra can swing between being skeptical one minute and then the next minute they’ll go into lengthy detail about asteroid Valentine and how their future relationship is going to mirror something close to Eros and Psyche (without the emotional bondage). Or, they’ll avoid your question for now—-and then 9th months later when you’ve given up asking for their Birth details, you’ll randomly get an email, phone call, text, message delivered by a carrier pigeon (or a Gemini friend) stating said info. “You’re invited to my Birthday! Bring something shiny and/or pretty! Cake and champagne is fine….as long as it’s served on your most expensive china!”

    • I just do the whole – “when’s your birthday so I can put it into my phone/diary/calendar/whatever.” Screw the direct astro question – if they’re not into it they’ll take you as a crazy or stalker or go into a big spiel a la astrology has no basis yadda yadda.

      Although now that you’ve already asked, he’s probably all cluey and won’t tell you his birthday either.

    • So.. he wrote back this morn and advised he’s a Pisces… and hadn’t been avoiding the question. Maybe there’s some rising air etc. Think it too soon to get time of birth although he happily disclosed the date.

      Hope everyone’s had a great Monday. Moon in Sage makes me feel like I wanna play hooky and partay but it’s too early in the week for that and I’ve promised myself focus on higher activities for a while at least =)

    • My understanding is that hemp seed oil is highest in the omega, more so than fish, flashed or others…

        • You can also obtain essential fatty acids from non-fish sources e.g. safflower oil, grape seed oil. before I’d heard of omega3/6 oils, i was reading about linoleic and linolenic acids, I can’t remember if these are the same things but different names, but look em up if you desire whatevs

          • It’s also great as an oil for your skin. I used to have some body lotion that had hemp oil in it. Super light and non-greasy, but so silky and moisturizing.

            Don’t know if you can get it in Australia, but in the US there is a brand of plant-based oils called “Udo’s Blend”. Aside from depleting the ocean of fish, taking plant-based oils also means you’re not ingesting mercury, which many omega oil-supplying fish harbour.

        • Hemp oil has a great omega 3-6-9 profile which makes it even better than Udo’s flax blend oil, which is good stuff, too. And, yes, non-fish sources are out there, so you can avoid ethical and contaminant isssues. Hemp oil is reasonably priced too, raw and organic is best.

      • I thought Mystic meant it might have some witchy hoodoo voodoo properties. Maybe I read it wrong. Omegas is good too.

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