Pluto Has Another Moon Now

Amy Winehouse by Hedi Slimane

“She wishes to preserve her dignity, put up a bold front. But that’s not so easy with her chest ripped open like this and her heart exposed for all to surely see; her heart, which is on fire and dripping blood.”

—Margaret Atwood, The Robber Bride


Actually, i don’t really care about the astro of this. It wasn’t a massive suprise. 

I mean, i tweeted it briefly.  Mars conjunct Venus in Leo – big heart, big voice, big hair, big talent…

Lilith-Midheaven in Aquarius AND a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagg: could have been an official genius, could have conquered her demons to embody a darker, but functional Lilith figure.

Saturn-Pluto conjunct and sextile her Capricorn Moon:  raw power. 

Yes, Sun-Mercury in Virgo (brains!) square Neptune but not every square to Neptune needs to involve Neptunian substance abuse, let alone end up like this. 

It’s sad but most of all i think it just reminds us all of the other drug tragedy peeps in our lives.

Trashed, wasted, gone too soon, so young.  

We’ve nearly all had them, yes? 

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66 thoughts on “Pluto Has Another Moon Now

  1. I just came across this link to a multi-talent version of Nick Cave’s song The Ship Song Project and I think it’s sort of a synchronistic way to honour Amy Winehouse:

  2. What is astonishing to me here is how similar the experience of friends and family of addicts are to those of the mentally ill.

    The feeling of watching someone self destruct, trapped, denying themselves the right to help and healing, it is abhorrent. The mentally ill are not able to ask, the addict does not care to?

  3. Thanks for sharing that link, rlp. This loss is sad beyond words. I really hate how the media could do little to praise and support Amy, they were really just about tearing her down at every opportunity — and she unfortunately created a lot of them. I’m trying to reconcile my outrage that her disease was allowed to progress to this point; I can’t help feeling that someone could have done SOMETHING. I’m sad and angry, this is a huge loss for the world, as well as her loved ones. Sickening and wrong…

    • I read, ReikiHeart, that many, many people tried to help Amy but she turned down all offers of help. After reading her comments about just wanting a home life, I do wonder if she was trapped by her talent, caught on a treadmill by everyone else’s hopes and wants, while her own were left hanging in the wind. Sad lady.

      • Yeah, I work in the healing game, and you can have a team of the best therapists on earth, but they can’t do a thing if the patient doesn’t want to be helped or to help themselves.

        I’ve also busted a gut to keep certain relatives alive or out of trouble, but they didn’t participate, let alone cooperate. It’s one of the toughest things to learn: you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

    • I also hate how the media has been doing little to praise Amy. All they can do is repeat the same cliche and self righteous words that its all her fault and they feel no “sympathy” for her. The ironic thing is half of these people did not say similar things about elvis died……bet you won’t hear anyone bring up that good point I just made….

      I honestly think this is a generational thing. I think the media will only act like this when it is a younger person…..yes I know michael jackson wasn’t young but I think he is an exception.

  4. My father was an addict from the time before I was born until his death. He passed away almost two years ago, alone, homeless, with untreated pneumonia, having not spoken with his children for decades/seven years (our older sister bucked him out of her life early, early, early)…it’s hard to feel a lot of compassion, even if I am normally a compassionate person. I am sad that Amy is gone, I wish that she could have gotten better, but I have built a wall around my tender Pisces heart just to keep it from bleeding constantly over my father and other addicts, and now there aren’t any tears to be shed.

    • That is a sad story Bright, it must be very difficult to deal with.
      Watching someone I know raise two kids while he and his wife are heroin addicts, I understand that feeling of, ‘gee I should conjure up some more compassion!’. I am very sad about Amy’s passing, but the damage these apparently ‘fragile and sensitive’ – but mainly imo unwell people inflict upon others is so gruesome that it can be hard to feel pity after a certain point. Of course you want them to get better! But geez…

      This friend’s mother wanted me to raise the kids as they think of me as family, so in my heart their turmoil is always a bit my own.

    • The one thing I’ve learned about addicts is that you cannot help them until they want to help themselves. Leaving my alcoholic father alone in Australia when we returned to the UK in 2002 was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And when we returned he’d descended into utter chaos, so I kept my distance until he went into a nursing home and got too frail to drink. I think it’s really tough when an addict is your parent because they are not there for you, they are there for the addiction. I lost my mother to lung cancer, then lost my father to the booze. You do feel bitter but thankfully I’ve been able to let go of that bitterness and my husband recently just said: “I hope he’s happy wherever he is”. Best you can do, best wishes to you and your family, Bright, it’s a hard road.

  5. “…could have conquered her demons to embody a darker, but functional Lilith figure.”

    This is so smart, so true. And getting to that darker, the real good (God) stuff is difficult but necessary. Why drown it away. I know some charismatic, creative people who seem to me, stunted in emotional growth because of their addictions.

  6. born barely two weeks before miss winehouse, i am more than a little intrigued by your description of her astro. by luck or fate, i seem to have slain my demons younger than she, but i will remember her as an alter-ego and giantess of potential.

  7. this is so so sad. Russell Brand wrote this poignant piece on his lovre & respect for her, giving insight into the illness both he & Amy share


    • I was just going to post this link too. Wonderful, sensitive tribute, especially considering some of the judgmental crap that’s also turned up. People don’t choose addictions, I know because I’ve battled with alcohol addiction on and off since my ‘twenties. It runs in the family – my grandfather and my father. My grandfather swore off booze as a young man when he was so drunk he fell asleep in the middle of the tramlines in London and luckily didn’t get killed. My father died an alcoholic wreck. In my ‘twenties I took anti-depressants along with massive quantities of booze and was unconscious for hours, big black hole and lucky not to die. I have luckily managed to manage the booze, but a short while ago it faded out from my life, with a whimper rather than a bang which surprised the life out of me. Big relief. I think the saddest thing was to see that Amy Winehouse got stuck with her talent, built up and dragged down in public, when she said all she really wanted was a home, husband and children.

    • I found his tribute perfect too, celebrate the whole person.
      Lets hope that his words reach many ears and that sometime soon those realistic dreams for help of Russells manifest in the world.
      Too many times for this to happen, too many broken hearts for lost friends and family.
      Peace Amy and to those whom loved you unconditionally.

      That is fab photo mystic.

  8. Fascinated by the Lilith/MC Aqua & Jupiter/Uranus Saggo = Genius idea. I have the same & I am “technically” classed as genius… If you’re into all that IQ stuff lol Not much use without any emotional intelligence to balance out though as far as I’m concerned! I get the Jupiter/Uranus link but where does the Lilith/MC fit in? Also have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction but mine is square my Cap Moon.

  9. As a counsellor and therapist who works online with people I am continually struck by the strength of those who struggle with their relationships to alcohol and drugs and the stories of survival and courage that I hear. Thank you for the quote Libraquarius. When people recover their hope and enchantment they often find they are in a much better position to manage booze and drugs. It can make a huge difference and perhaps too many doctors and conventional psychologists have forgotten that.

  10. Not a surprise but what a waste. Too many lives in my own life ruined and made complicated by drugs for me to ever see the glamour. Sadly some still do, hate it.

  11. I forgot, I came across this quote recently, some question who wrote it, but it may be Angeles Arrien:
    “In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by sotries? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence”.

    • Although I knew of Amy Winehouse and listened to a handful of her songs, since hearing of her death, I went on YouTube and watched several of her live performances.

      And it struck me that my first thought was, “You are not having much fun, are you?” She sang amazingly but it was like, she was barely ever there. Present. Actually in the performance. It was like her body was singing on autopilot but Amy herself was elsewhere far, far away.

      I have never struggled with addictions myself so I cannot say I totally understand how the experience is like.

      However, I do feel that too much emphasis is placed on addictions by the medical profession and media as causative problem than resultant symptom. Addiction is not the problem per se (though is a huge problem on its own), it is the symptom of a greater unseen underlying problem that is hard to identify and hard to explain or express, to one’s own self, much less to others or to the greater public.

      Hard to free oneself from a cage that we do not fully understand. Moreoever, it is a cage within a cage, one of which is invisible and within. Harder still to free oneself from a cage that we cannot perceive.

      So your quote is extremely apt indeed, for it asks the stronger questions. For in times like these, I feel, it is not hard, fixed, rote answers that we need, but open, wondering, freeing questions.

      “Why are you sad? Why do you wish to be elsewhere? What do you desire? What do you truly wish for? How may you get there?”

      I would not say that it is too late for Amy for I view death as an event that we create ourselves and for Amy’s death it was also a magnificently co-created event with millions around the world. We co-created this experience with Amy.

      It is an experience we chose, and what for? To ask the greater questions, just as you have posed.

      RIP Amy, I know you are having fun right now in Source. Enjoy…

      • I know what you mean Silver but earlier in the piece she was present and vibrant. Have a look at this clip:

        Also I think she channelled when she sang – connected to something/where else – her own angst fuelled therapy. I think all the best performers do that channelling thing which is why we find them so mesmerising.

        Maybe it was the Blake affair that broke her heart and she never really recovered? (Imagine writing an album about him/the breakup and then having to sing it for years afterward – that would keep you locked in the space / time hardcore) Dived into addiction and after chasing those highs nothing ever seems quite so high again.
        Really awful to watch the self destruction. And yes, media really lit into her at one time – would be so hard to come out from under the weight of that label when everyone in the world knows your sh*t.

        My gut feeling is that the family dynamic was off too..?? her mum seemed really ineffectual and is it just me or does anyone else get bad juju from her dad? I saw a clip on youtube where at the start of the song she was on stage asking for her dad, saying he was supposed to be there in the audience and when there was no response she just trailed off into mumbling and started the song…

  12. Lots of posts here from women who have slayed their personal dragon ie booze / pills / very bad men along with those who bore witness to loved ones who did the same or have sadly passed on, not having overcome.
    Amongst the very sad outcome for Amy, these personal stories show there is light. Always light.

    Love the photo Mystic. Ms Winehouse has left the building.

  13. Love the tribute. I have a close friend who I suspect is not all there due to years of pot smoking, ‘the veil’ is a good description. I’ve even got some info to read about it from a self help group but I may be in denial as much as him.

  14. I love your post MM and all the comments above.

    Is there any astro-explanation for the 27 club – Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and now, Amy Winehouse?

  15. My brother died at 50 a month ago from liver complications due to heroin addiction . Seeing him the last 11 years go thru the suffering of this disease and being with him when he made his transition gave me an understanding of the guilt snd blame that drives the cycle of addiction! I hope Amy is free and soars to a higher plane of peace and oneness !

      • second that!

        it’s so heartbreaking how an addict not only suffers within so painfully, but on the outside as well, like a suffering shell that everyone judges and has no heart for or ability to see as a human being…

        i pray that society evolves to see that people who are addicts are still human and they’re doing the best they can, and that’s where they happen to be…not where they’ll always be, shame on society for not helping desperate human beings when they could, even with just some kind understanding that costs nothing

        have a friend who’s an ex-heroin addict, she found salvation in art, she found something to love that was enough to get her through and she had no family, she did it all on her own and she’s stayed clean, bless her.

  16. i love the picture and the quote – thank you. It is reminding me of the people i lost through drugs and alcohol, yes. A few in particular.

    One overdose, he was 23 and a beautiful dancer, i remember debating with friends endlessly over whether it was deliberate or not. But the way he lived, i think now anyway, it was potentially a lethal dose everytime he went out. He always said he was handling it. Another killed himself, worst thing i ever saw was his child weeping trying to read a poem she had written for him.

    Awful, just awful. thank you Uber for the recommendation, i have friends who SWEAR by his stuff so good to put it out here.

  17. Yes amazing photo, majorly symbolic i think in so many ways…

    Re addiction: dropping the scariest problem of my life that i had major angst about about for a decade. by having to leave a super stressful relationship and long term setup…Saint Saturn to rescue transit – in 10mins due to instant pattern recognition that domestic violence was becoming psychotic, unpredictable and fuqing life threatening…left the whole fuqed up saga instantly totally unplanned just got up and left two and half decades of crappola in the past – fearless no regrets – felt immense power ever since as reward

    Grabbed toothbrush, beautiful dog and walked out the door to Annie Lennox song Watch Me Walking out the door ooh yeah…Gave up addiction 3 days after without trying – had to leave fuqed long term rel to get the reward, never looked back and now have most powerful don’t fuq with me attitude now – own woman unapologetically with grace and dignity – it can be done if i can do it!!!

    • Good for you Chirochiq!!! I too finally ended a violent and psychologically abusive relationship two years ago this Friday…after five attempts at leaving I finally kicked him out!! Literally frogmarched this weak human being out the song was ‘Thorn in My Side’ also by Eurythmics!!

      I too now meet the world with grace and dignity and a ‘do not wipe your feet on me, I am not a doormat’ attitude…I don’t think people appreciate the strength of the addiction of these relationships. Right from day 1 my head was saying ‘danger’..but I had a whole lot of emotional growth to gain and gain it I have…

      Stay strong sister and thrive!! xxx

      • You go – you hot wise girl!!!

        Power to the sisters – you’ve earned it and Pluto favours the brave warrior goddess in us all i think, and the beauty is, once you’ve got the power, ain’t no turning back, especially when you’re very selective and humane how u use it, you only get more power…

        The force is with you now 🙂 xxx !!!

    • I love these stories where people truly and enduringly turn their lives around. Congratulations to you both.

      So, chirochiq, do you think it was only the Saturn transit at the time of your epiphany? Any other outer planets transiting, a la Pluto? Eg. Pluto transitting Venus or Lilith. Or Uranus?

      • Hi UV & thank you

        in my case i’d come through some horrendous neptune transits, after years of saturn-ing out career wise, left career on utter high note Cap Sun of course, then went home to be do consulting and when that dried up, after years of secret night binging, lost my identity to neptune…

        was living in beautiful isolated heaven…only ever drank at night, didn’t realise it then, but i was drinking to get through evening talking biz with hub sometimes six hours straight at night…travelled 1000km a week to own career in city for ten years same time, and did science deg as well…madness achieving no fun no art…very dangerous, neptune creeps up

        was 42 so was having major uranus return, now 45 & rebuilding life in arty realms from scratch – no kids sadly now…prob. just as well, in the end my gorgeous golden retriever saved my life in that he was diag. with cancer six weeks to live, love of my life, i gave my all, he lived another 2 + half years, magnificient spirit…wouldn’t be here now otherwise don’t think

        not sure where lilly was, have to check…found fantastic strong female friends got life back very independent but all is not over yet, financials have to be sorted and very complicated plus now have compassion for partner as a human being after all

        lived a blessed life truly and now days when i’m worried i let myself be then say to myself “ethical shameless power tripper = priceless…” 🙂

        • looked up astrodienst (using progressed natal and solar arc chart on extended chart selection for given date) and situ was:

          lilith was in first house with venus solar arc, prog in 11th
          lilith was trine jupiter and sextile pluto
          progressed uranus and pluto was almost same position in 7th as natal
          sun and mercury in 8th
          uranus opposition uranus = ‘last chance’
          neptune opposition neptune = ‘self scrutiny’
          saturn opposition ascendent = ‘relationships on trial’

          • Wow, well done!! All of those make sense, yeah?

            Uranus opp comes at the end of the midlife transits (beginning with Pluto square at around 36), and I reckon the way you fare through those transits determines how you venture into aging — either with strength, or bitter and twisted. So well done you!

            Goddess love Lilith, one of those girlpower asteroids (as Lexicorn says). SHE TAKES NO CRAP, yet a lot of women have to grow into her. Trine Jupiter emboldened her and sextile Pluto revved her into full blown life renovation. Neptune opp challenged your illusions. Also Saturn opposing the ASC was conjunct the DSC/7th house cusp, so it brought brute realism to your relationship and gave you a look at yourself as an individual in the context of that relationship.

            I knew your story would be there on your chart.

            • thanks UV!

              it was just like u say…it’s so nice to be given some info on this.

              i was such a scared little lost powerless girl for so long…have to pinch myself. must read more about lilith, and go and see what realm she’s in now, thank you again.xx

  18. What a waste. As Russell Brand says, another unnecessary death.

    I’ve spruiked this guy before, Jost Sauer: ex-addict, Teutonic Apollo, Chinese medicine practitioner and drug repair therapist with a beautiful, empowering, affirmative approach to healing addiction. I recommend his books, ‘Higher & Higher’ and ‘Drug Repair That Works’.

  19. So sad when a life is so troubled and brief..but she left a stunning artistic a strange synchronistic aside MM, I finished reading ‘The Robber Bride’ on Friday.

  20. she was surrounded by the wrong types of people and
    if she had her astrology done, may have got help in time.
    Transformed her addiction into spiritual life.

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