Saturn Is What You Want

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Love Is What You Want neon artTracey Emin

Say what you will about Saturn in Libra; at least it affords relationship clarity. ALL relationships.

Of course, it’s Saturn so don’t expect a sooky-goo-goo love in (that would be your last wet Neptune dream) or anarchic love like a Uranian transit.

Saturnine love realizations are more akin to the quiet hideocrity that can come from a fat callipers pinch test or compound interest calculations sans sedation.

Stay on the Saturn track for a new life in September.

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68 thoughts on “Saturn Is What You Want

  1. Beyond Saturn are three Transpersonal planets doing wonders beyond stuffy self-doubting, fearful Goat cycles of Karmic Saturn.

    Saturn though… is a nice bridge toward something much greater than our accomplishments, our business acumen and long fought political “correctness” and arbitration over those who are not of use to the pure self-interest intentions of our cut throat climb to the top.

    There is more. Much more.

  2. Hmm… I think I just found my own answer.

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” Jelaluddin Rumi

    • yes that is beautiful gemyogi… rumi has so many insights…. so this is talking (in my interpretation) about receiving love, and i have also found cultivating the giving of love, rather than seeking it, also results in the art of receiving. Realising that there is an abundance of love at any point in time within ourselves. Investigating the desire for a partner or lover may in fact be some other desire than love, as love is available all the time.

  3. Im loving saturn, im thinking its a middle age thing, or just a late bloomer, i dont know really. But the outcomes of following the rules, even my own rules, not necessarily anyonelses pays off. I was a rebel without a cause for such a long time, that i had to work out my cause, and now its just do the work! I weirdly find freedom in structure – capricorn north node : )

  4. Mystic, your description sums up the last few days in my life to a tee. Hideous experiences re: ex-bf with whom I’ve been seeing again of late, extreme hurt but ultimately the clarity I’ve needed to detach and focus on relationships that deserve my attention. And I’ve had even more confirmation regarding the worthiness of those relationships, amazed by how ‘there’ certain friends have been for me after having my heart effectively broken. No longer feel the desperate need for validation through affection; I’m good enough as is and this clarity will only make me better.

  5. No relationship clarity here. No clarity whatsoever. It’s all about as clear as mud. Maybe I’m just getting used to it. I’m all about say what you mean, and mean what you say . . . hideocrity is my favorite new word.

  6. Was at a Silva course this weekend and got amazing relationship clarity via intuition today. My intuition lead me into very old age in the relationship I was wondering about. Thank you Saturn for such extreme clarity.

  7. It really helps one to cut the relationships & idiot lover/s crap. Snap off the rose coloured sunnies & get a mature grip. Cull, shed & exfoliate because surely being a more assured stance, bed & hair rumpling has gotta come round again. No?

    • I think I took off the rose coloured specs about 9 years ago.

      No bed & hair rumpling to speak of yet…. so, no.

      • Somebody get this woman a pair of rose-coloured spectacles! No, just kidding. May I enquire if you have done a manifestation process for gaining a partner? I am just curious. I did do one and it worked out well for me.

        • Well I did a soulmate class/session with a very good Astrologer I had used before (by the way, she told me in 2009 that once I started doing my art, my soulmate would show up, not to worry about it… hasn’t appeared yet.

          So, what more can I do? I am a gorgeous strong opinionated woman, have always had plenty of beautiful friends and love them and my family very much. But seems like the men I am attracted to (very few) are either married or gay. I did once see a psychic who said I was a Roman soldier in a past life who put duty and responsibility before everything else. That explains my strong warrior energy. Being a Gem I’m a great flirt and enjoy flirting, but most men seem to be either scared by me or intimidated by me. I am a bit scared of being tied down, actually the thing that most scares me about being in a relationship is… getting bored. But I think I’ve been ready to give and receive love in an equal partnership for a few years now.

          • Oh I’ve got Saturn at 5 degrees Pisces in my 11th. Whatever that means. I’ve also got Neptune at 38 deg Scorp in my ‘relationship’ house (7th) Venus 4 deg Aquarius in 3rd house, Mars 23 deg Taurus in 2nd house.

            • You do sound gorgeous and very self aware to boot! My understanding is that clearing the past life/energy blocks/layer of the aura crud is v. important. Interesting that you mention that straight off!
              The other thing that can apparently do wonders is to intend very clearly what you want, there are so many books on that. Anything by Denise Linn I think is really pretty special:
              I have Nep conj. my DC! Can’t be helped, maybe it can soften the harsh lens of reality sometimes.. You do sound ready, I wish you all the best gem, and bright too. xx.

  8. Well I’ve come to the realization that I just cannot *do* Saturn correctly, despite having a Capricorn Rising. I dunno if its him being in the 12th, the petulant Aries Mars, or the Cancer Sun….but I suck at saturn, and he never slacks off at reminding me. In my Solar Return today he’s my MC ruler, and in the 6th house. Im not thrilled about that.

  9. All for clarity in ALL spheres. Although it can be a real downer for a nano-second it beats ambiguity hands down for this Scorp Sun, Cap Moon and Asc.

  10. Oh I’m doing the Saturn thing alright!

    But i feel as a Libran with Sagg rising that I’m getting mixed messages because there’s Uranus in Aries in my 5th house telling me my love life/partners will be erratic and shocking (shocking for even me? i hope not.) for a few years. How the heck is one supposed to balance that? So far, I’ve just been telling everyone to shove it. >:(

  11. Apparently I love Saturn, I love Saturn transits scheduled for the next 5 years, I love having Saturn all over my love life, getting all up in my houses and my aspects, in the synastry and composite charts of every dude I like, everywhere. I’m a Saturn junkie.

      • I know, man up and suck it up! I actually spent my Saturday night sitting in reading ‘Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene. Helped and really didn’t in equal measures.

          • This may be relevant… I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones – you can’t always get what you want, but if you try real sometimes, you might get what you need

            • LEt me correct that… if you try sometimes, you might get what you need.

              If I apply this to myself, I obviously don’t need a lover or companion, or sex.

              Because that’s what I want, and never seem to get.

              Excuse the whining. I’m 47, I’ve been waiting a LONG, long time…

            • Did I mention I’ve been single and celibate for about 40 of those years?

            • been single a long time too…not that long, but long enough it is a hazy memory. ah well, back to the grindstone. lol. Saturn in 9th and I’m studying and/or morphing. Cheers gemyogi ~

  12. On reflection Saturn in my 8th has been the best thing thats happened to me for personal growth – super clarity on emo/phys addictions… kinda look back and think – hmm can u really get moderation with the doozies in your life – some yes but tread very carefully, others no. Blessings Saturn.

  13. I totally agree with the title of this post!

    If reality is what we create and contrast (also self-created) is just more big red arrows (from ourselves), pointing in the opposite direction from said contrast, screaming, “You want this!” then Saturn would be the ultimate planet of everything we desire… but manifested through contrast?

    So like Saturn is in my 3rd house and I could view that as my “weakness” in communication or I could choose to realize that such contrast simply means that I desire very powerfully to be a confident and powerful communicator?

    Basically something like what Mystic was talking about in “D.I.Y. Astro: The Science Of Saturn”…

    Saturn is my new best friend (when managed well I guess LOL, can still feel a real whip on the @rse sometimes)

    • that’s an interesting way to look at it silver…not weakness but to manifest the desire to do or be xyz.

  14. i just asked the oracle the same question three times in a row and it KNEW. It goes something like “stop hassling me for the answer you already know!”

    RUM? Unpredictible Pisces, RUM?

      • A love pirate p’raps? “Fairly warned be thee..says I…hand over all your misguided romantic notions or I’ll make you walk the plank… This here cutlass ain’t for decoration lassie ..*prod prod *..yarrr”

        Oh dear! Signing out for the night. x

          • Horrible/satisfying day of cleaning spider mecca on porch and painting furniture so it doesn’t show dirt as easily, but luckily took a break and tuned in here for first laugh of day.

            1) was thinking “Rum?” as well, earlier (but shrugged, nodded head, yeah, okay I get that…)

            2) then read LS’s post and further remarks a la UP aka Jack Sparrow

            3) 😀

    • arr me hearty. Rum. Not bundaberg, it’s some Jamaican one..Havana club or something. But since writing that I decided on whisky instead… Neat as always. Don’t feel like drinking sugary mixers and cold drinks right now. And whisky will taste better with the herbal tea I am drinking. You know, medicinal 😀

        • god is that why mojitos mess me up? just the word rum sends cold shivers up my spine after that alcohol poisoning incident all those years ago

          • I have that same thing with Chanel No 5 perfume thanks to a party incident that ended with me throwing up out of Paddo’ Terrace window and other unbecoming behaviour. Can’t recall what I was drinking (too much of it clearly) but I was wearing Chanel No 5. For the very last time. Gave my new bottle of it to a housemate.

            • do you gag when people around you are wearing it? There was a smell a man I had a weird sexual encounter with used to wear and now whenever I smell it on a man I cannot be in the same room as them – an irrational thing happens and I have to be really careful not to project the other guy onto them because of their smell.

            • No, I don’t mind it on others just cannot tolerate it on me – instant nausea. But many modern perfumes and men’s aftershaves do make me gag or give instant headache. Smells are VERY powerful for me. Luckily most of them transport me somewhere nice – like the waft of wattle perfume in the air on these winter days reminds me of happy days as a small child walking in the bush with my late Grandma.

            • I’m a bit like that with a different fragrance. Wore it during my partying (read: massive bad hangovers) years and had to avoid it for a very long time as a result.

              i do like the pleasant early childhood associations we have with scent though. In my case one is the smell of espresso coffee and cigarettes c/o my european grandfather. also mingled with aromas from a pot of the most amazing ragu you have ever EVER eaten <3 thank you nonno & nonna xoxox

      • Just like a Pisces to drink a nice Sunday rum or two in style (midweek, say Tuesday, could get a bit low-liquor style).

        MEDICINE, ME LI’L DOLLY, SO TOUGH TO GET ON A LONG SHIP JOURNEY! Savour every drop. May it bring on yr health not yr ruin x

      • my italian friends are huge for havans club – cuba libre is drink du jour ….. that’s after the negroni apperitivo lol !!

  15. You mean September 2056 right? That’s more like a saturn timeframe. I’ll be about 80 …I’ve had enough relationship clarity to last me til then. Now, however, I want more messy happy confusion, messy hair and messed up bed linen c/o someone amazing. It’s only fair right? See saturn in libra is fair, surely, if nothing else.

    I know bitterness doesn’t become me (nor anyone) but jeez. I am FEELING it. *sigh*
    *goes off to tidy room, drink a glass of rum and obey Oracle directives re good house-witchery*

          • You reap the rewards of all the hard work you put in until then. MM did a post of it a whiles back- it’s especially triggering the early degrees of the cardinals (up to 20 degrees, if I remember correctly) and whatever house they’re in- that’s where you do the hard work.
            Mine’s in 7th house, relationships, esp. important as it’s my saturn return- I’m mending my Daddy issues 1 day at a time. Sigh…

      • Ola, Pisces chix. Yep it’s been a fq-o-rama all right but one i wouldn’t swap for the world because i’m diggin up from inside out to a much higher plane than EVER. U thought u wonderful Piscean ladies had the thing together before? Well, do the hard knuckle yards AND WATCH US NOW.

        U know, like i’m sure many of u piscean peeps, i’ve been praised before for how much i get done and how well i do but that praise just slipped off my skin.

        Now my circle is smaller and only people i admire truly, not simply piscean wonder of another (u know, girls, like we even admire the aura of people on the bus). And when they look me dead in the eye and say it NOW, i thrive on it!

        Kisses, Piscean girls, u know yr SO SO SO worth every penny xxx

    • Hola, fellow Pisces, feeling you on the need for messy confusion, hair, bed linens. Been slogging through a stagnant love life/heartbreaking home life for a few years. Needing the stars to align into fantastic love (and I am realistic and excited to work through any woes within the relationship, thanks to all of the learning exp from the last few years).

  16. yes!

    That fore-mentioned iron fist in velvet glove, aka, libran saturn knocks on relationships and they either ring true or dead … but the trust building and repair work (slowly slowly as it is), the sensation of longevity and the relaxation of genuineness via those that ring true, is glorious!

    Sentence structure is currently beyond me though.

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