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old fashioned petrol station with Mobil sign and winged horseJulius Shulman

So let’s have a discussion about era shifting. We’re clearly living through a major end-of-era-start-of-new-era scenario now.

Some empires crumble. Others emerge. Your own even?

Obviously Uranus in Aries (revolutionary) square Pluto in Capricorn (planet of change in the sign of business/structure) was ALWAYS going to be a massive kick in the bum for some institutions of power.

This is why i get so annoyed with end of the worlders and the characters crapping on about how we are all going to get Mayaned next year.

The reality is WAY more nuanced than that. And because Pluto is in Capricorn, of COURSE we’re not going to get out of it by standing on some mountaintop having paid homage to the right deity. ie; Rapture or whatever.

No, we have corporate corruption, we have global $$$ issues, we have the Arab Spring; we have a whole lot of stuff going on.

We have to do the work and guess what it is?

Think: restructuring from the very ground up. checking out our own balance sheets to ensure expenditures add to our lives and reflect who we really are, re-affirming our values…eg; democracy, tolerance etc.

Authenticity plus.

Era-Shifting can be stressful and it is certainly hard work but why give into nihilist crap?

That is, both by Pluto in Capricorn logic and Uranian ingenuity, just plain old lazy.

You can sit around grizzling, freaking out and vowing to go hide out in some secret conspiracy treehut.

Or you can get to work so that you’re a shining light of the new era coming in.

You can see now as the demolition astro or as you having to build proper foundations before you go further. You get it?

Pluto in Capricorn BUILDS and if the new structure you’re trying to build is flimsy or in-authentic (like a windmill when it should be a castle) Uranus in Aries knocks it down.

This theme underpins all my Horoscopes at the mo and until the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) is done with.

Era Shifting Thoughts & Tips? Β Please, no Anarcha-Mayan crap. Pluto is in Capricorn till 2024.

We’re visionary but we’re pragmatists, right?

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150 thoughts on “Era Shifting

  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Spot on as always MM.

    But I still wouldn’t mind celebrating next year’s summer solstice (end of Mayan calendar) in Mexico with a magarita or seven……

    But AS WELL AS, not INSTEAD OF, hard-working rebuilding, I promise!

  2. I think I’m doing well. I like change. Obviously I like it more when people are with me rather than against me…. but, ahh well. Such is life.

  3. I have been Ms cynicism for a while now, sudden shift into hopefulness and grateful.

  4. This one I think a lot about. Era-shifting thoughts then? Power to the internet, which nothing can stop. The transference of belief in authority to belief in self. Replacing shopping with self-esteem. Global neighbourhood watch. No to bottled water because people in places without potable water need to make that carbon footprint a hell of a lot more than we do. Caring for other people’s kids. Switching off the tv and going into the garden to grow some food because that food bowl ain’t gonna be what it used to be for much longer. Petrol costing $4 a litre – bring it ON! (I live very remotely and probably rely more than most on my car – but change must happen and I’m already dealing with it). What else? Finally cottoning on that food is medicine. The truth about America and Britain’s financial state finally is made clear and both empires sink to the dust. The rise of the Middle East, Asian and African youth, it’s been coming on for a long time. Globally, allegiances shift towards India as the world’s next full superpower. China buys up everything in sight but then is dismantled by her own people. Australia gets a reality check, and our farmers actually lead the government by the nose to where we need to be. Domestic allegiances emerge between the greenies and farmers as we finally realise that the language may be different, but the concerns are the same.
    Oh, and we all stop eating meat. Not because we are vegos or animal rights activists, but because when the true price of everything finally arrives on the West’s doorstep (in about the next 10 years or less), dumped there by those people who have found a voice through the internet, nobody can ever afford it again. In fact, when the true price of everything really becomes apparent, as it is rapidly starting to now, and we realise that government can’t subsidise us because government is broke, something really radical about how we live will emerge. Interesting times. I wouldn’t live in any other era for any money – this one is the most fascinating for centuries.

    • Love it, Seabird! I’d vote for you.

      ‘Replacing shopping with self-esteem.’ Amen to that. And down with religion. And the internet (really, so much hate, so little good content – present site excepted!)

      I keep telling climate change ranters that we’ve got bigger, more real probs to face imminently such as arable land disappearing, water being so polluted it’s undrinkable, ecosystems collapsing, population growth sinking whole continents, blah-de-blah. In light of those issues, I say we are in deep doo doo and on the brink…

      BUT as a Cap with Libra rising/ Kataka moon, I’m kinda continuing on as usual, being little miss pragmatic/ vegetarian/ atheist/ anti-consumerism/ creative type, still building the foundations to hopefully win an Oscar before I’m 40. Screw next year being ‘it.’ SO much to do. So much to look forward to…

    • Seabird, spot on, in my view, the one that needs to be cultivated and vigilantly monitored is ‘transference of belief in authority to belief in self’, it all starts from that spot.

      • Agreed – my vote’s with Seabird as well!! πŸ˜‰

        LOLOLOLOL Libraquarius – ‘rip-snorter’ was father’s standard, thanks for reminding! classic line xox

    • Re: no meat, it’s why “Soylent Green” is one of my fave movies.

      That, and pretty much what you said Seabird, resonates with me.

  5. Yes i must admit to being quite suprised to hear ITALY was going broke and it can’t all have been spent on orgies for that libra swine. So many of my friends at the big end of the town are deeply concerned, they’re survivors so not in panic mode but it is very interesting talking to them. Rebuilding is what they are on about too but first…

    • TLS – its too far gone. many of my friends sold up pre GFC & decamped to other continents. seroiusly saw this coming. ever since the Lire went to Euro costs doubled immediately whilst wages remained static. the slow death exacerbated by corruption, inept management process (responding with hysteria in business dealings is not progress / resolution…. yet considered as standard in business practice); & habitually prices rise by a standard 5/8/10% + 5/8/10% twice a year. a predictable, ineffective coping mechanism. 46 or so governments since WW2 compounds the lack of continuity / leadership. they should let the manager of AC Milan or F1 Ferrari run the country – leadership secured by a track record or ongoing success. not a lust for lavish or pimpish behaviour. corruption & inept practice is too imbued in the culture on many levels. those who speak of ‘re-building’ are surely idealistic on a macro scale / or articulating what they can manage on the micro. the only hope is they don;t borrow more than can be repaid ala greece, AND that there’s a wake up among heads of business – time to realise the party’s over!!

  6. Oh, thank god, someone who isn’t into the end of the world/Mayan calendar crap. No, I’ve packaged up and priced all the crystals I’m selling, 3 boxes, end of my old life there. Going to women’s exhibition on Saturday to let my art from this period go at whatever suits people’s purses. Started my Facebook page course, Purplicious Passion Party, got rid of my old gear, and I’m moving out of my lifelong hippy-chic clothing into chic, bit of a surprise. I only dress in purple now (with a bit of black or blue), purple hair and nail-polish, and I’m LOVING the energies. I am so in tune with it all and excited. Wow, fancy being on the cusp of such huge changes and being part of it. Bring it on, babe!

      • Well, heck, at 63 I’d only just caught up with Facebook, now there’s Google+. Groan, moan, more techie stuff to catch up on. Thanks for the mention, yotf, had no idea Google+ even existed 8)

  7. Aaah Mystic, no era-shifting for me.

    I am handling Uranus in 1st house authenticity OK, Pluto in Cap killed my 10th house dreams. I am pushing, pushing to arrive at a place where I can be more creative but here is the reality for me, stuck in the pond of tedious drudgery.

    Lack of any sign for era-shifting is depressing after three years of non-stop effort to build a new path for myself.

    Even magic has left the building. I want my wings back.

    Anyhow, back to work, at least in 2024 I’d like to think I gave my best.

    • Oo I know that one. There’s that line in the Margaret Atwood poem ‘It is always the moment just before gunshot; You try and try to rise, but you cannot’. Then again, things cannot stay the same.

      • minniethemooch, your post is a sign from heavens.

        I never read her poetry, but Atwood is one of the writers I pick whenever I am depressed.. “Writing with Intent” if I am working on a project, “Penelopiad” if I need to be creative. I have been carrying “negotiating with the dead” for several days with me, only no time to sit down and read calmly..

        I got the message – rearrange to-do list πŸ™‚ Thanks minniethemooch, you just made my day brighter.

          • PS and I’ll keep painting and we’ll have a bloody great bugger-off crateload of Bolly delivered to our 2014 Creative Project Openings and toast ourselves! And why not!

            (when we’re interviewed we’ll say – O there were a few little problems.. minor, you know?)

            • When we arrive there, perhaps we will have the courage to re-read our posts and see how far we have evolved, through what pains we jumped..and pfft, we then say.

  8. You are SO on the money MM – it’s both enlightening and strangely eerie; but I’m getting used to psychic/eerie experiences with Neptune conj my Asc. I think we are all soo lucky/shrewd to be onto you. For me the demolition/rebuild is very personal, my own psyche wth the best in the business (2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th). And that of course includes you. xxx

  9. “You can see now as the demolition astro or as you having to build proper foundations before you go further.”

    OMG, that encapsulates it *exactly* Thanks Mystic!

  10. Well I definitely chose to be here, in this life, at this time. In some ways I feel like I am coming into my own with the new Era arriving.

    I wasn’t particularly aware of the New Age and all their prophecy before this year, but it’s been really helpful to realise my personal feelings and the world’s feelings are actually in sync. I really feel I have woken up. I can see and hear energy as I read in books, but never imagined was possible for ME until now.

    The core thing I have learned this year is that releasing fear, releasing anger and all those other blocks are among the most important things we can do, for ourselves, our family and our community – indeed the world.

    My tip is: Find a way to process your pain and be the best person you can be – if you need help doing that, seek it.
    Meditate, share light and love, live your ideals and take responsibility for yourself (a la Capricorn in Pluto).

    The other things I learned are that love is protection, forgiveness is freedom and that you can change the world from your meditation space (slash treehut!) or from the front lines at your workplace or wherever your passion lies.

    The change hasn’t been comfortable, it never is, but it’s necessary and so best embraced with all the grace you can muster.
    Now to knuckle down and get prepped – you amazing people on this forum with your spiritual wisdom, intellect, & experience are needed now like never before.

    • “love is protection and forgiveness is freedom” such a simple truth, though we all need reminding. Hugs Andromeda xxx

      • Ta babe, good luck with your rebuild, sounds like you have fantastic foundations so the rest ought to be a doddle! πŸ˜‰

    • Hey prowln *waves*. Been thinking @ u being awol and yr story is no surprise – your diet/lifestyle extremes hinted at where you were heading. So good to see you back too. Happy happy days with many old favs here again. xxx

      • Ooops, that was for you prowlncrab, meant to pop up below… der … sheesh.

  11. Well I don’t know – I went through this phase of being like an eco-vegan-food shortages-peak oil-femo-greenie-nazi and then proceeded to have a complete mental breakdown.

    It wasn’t fun.

    I didn’t even get the benefit of thinking I was channelling Jesus or anything. Just knew I was completely bonkers. *sigh*

    So the world can do what it likes. I’m a bit distracted by constant dreams of penises. Men with erections jumping on me, rubbing up against me, me jumping on them. It’s like the minute I close my eyes I’m transported to Cock City the land of neverending erections!

    The only thing I’ve really noted about this era changing thingy is that people are either prepared to get real, down and dirty honest – or they’re cracking up and turning into gibbering mental cases.

    • Glad to see you here prowln – you were the last MIA on my vague list. Very sensitive to people of the blog going quiet these days, though I like to think all are hovering nearby.

    • Do the dreams mean you’re cured then? πŸ™‚
      Either way, hope things are better for you petal.

      • Yes, happy birthday to Prowln, happy birthday to Prowln, happy birthday dear Prowwwww-ln…. happy birthday to you! Nice to see you 2nd house sista!

      • Celebrating your solar reurn Prowln! So, these peni…… are they uniform? Or all different?

        • they belong to different men … who all seem to have a heck of a lot to say! (most of which whom I actually know which is tres unusual?!)

      • Yes, welcome back, P! Happy Birthday.

        The 40s are great, REALLY. The 50s are supposed to be even better, just with more years on them…

    • Glad to read your post, prowlncrab, I wondered how you might be holding up, our birthdays being very close.. Happy birthday/birth month!

    • loved your work on the apology prowlers – that’s a big deal – respect.

    • Happy birthday! Love the dreams, it inspires good tasteful errrr porn lol. Nice to see you back :).

    • I’ve always been attracted to crazy women, you sexy nutjob……while eco-vegan-food shortages-peak oil-femo-greenie-nazi women do nothing for me, yawn, at least in the 60’s ‘free love’ went hand in hand with those other higher ideals .

      Happy birthday Prowln xxx

      • ohmigod david *smoochy huggly licks*. Thanks and I think I love you. PROMISE you will stay?

        Now where is Madam Uber? ….. I will accept the Hairbrush of Retribution if necessary. πŸ˜‰

        • Ubers is back …. is the era of the return!! x

            • I know… One minute you’ll be licking me tenderly then whammo, a knee in the groin…well while I was away I took a course called the best ten blog defense techniques of successful people…. you’ll see…. yes…. you shall….. , mooohahahaha

    • hey prowlers, like I said to you on the other post – am happy you returned!! much love to you xox πŸ˜‰

      • Which post RLP – please tell, just to save me the time – am so happy, feels like i’m watching a family reunion πŸ™‚

        • Oh feelers – am so consumed with empire building I dunno exactly – but few days back, departing the compound on dark, attempting to decant brain from FULL ON day – had VERY clear, random thought about this site, reflecting on Chesh, Ubers ,David et al – & upon return to cyberland there was Ubes. David. then Champers. & now Prowlers ….. pretty coolio.

          really coolio xox πŸ˜‰

          • I missed you too rockstar , and I gather your Aries man is still on the radar ( as in, between your sheets ) hmmm ?

            • dead serious davey – walked out of house few days back, looked at tumultuous ocean (YOU KNOW the past 7 days are mad!!) & clearly vibed the olden days wondering if was clinging to old blog & time to move on etcs. so thought of Ubes, You etc etc
              & bingo YOU, Ubes et al were here upon my return from Kemeneys!!

              what is your App? seriously – share??
              love yr swim against the financial tide ethos.

              yeah yeah yeah Le Ram & I still at it lol. yes it is a movie for sure. even our nearest laugh. with us of course at the pendulum – purring lambs ATM / seesaw levelled. plus balance of power shifted. so did balance of households lol. my home trumps his truck yard lol ….

              • I used to love reading all your comments guys… so tripping me out to see you all back on the blog… I can now be the dorky, shy kid listening in on the smart, cool kids again πŸ™‚
                Spesh trippy since David popped into my head last week too & prowin..
                fun times πŸ™‚ x

          • Went trawling and found it rockstar – so happy everyone’s back, goes with what’s happening in my psyche – probably not as strange as it sounds. xx

        • feelers – just went back to find & who did I trip over – FALLEN ANGEL!! it’s like the band is back together!!

          those road trips in the Mexican Lowrider are back on I reckon …..

          can we collectively vibe Chesh back??
          even for a cameo???
          god that stream when she was grieving her ex hub on the aniv of his passing va a bottle of scotch & moi on the red grape – both of us on AC/DC was hilair ….. seems the Toro is keeping her in the happiness she so well deserves! xox πŸ˜‰

          • I miss Chesh too. Awesome lady, now happily ensconced somewhere with her Toro…

    • Guys thanks … for the birthday and general well wishes. I am 40! boooo but my bestest birthday present was being finally diagnosed with a mental health disorder that has plagued my entire freakin life, that I knew was there in the background undermining me, and yet which I had no name for let alone the knowledge of how to tackle it. Thankfully this has been revealed. No sympathy please – I’m actually really glad to finally be able to stare my fuqin demon in the face and know its name. I’m SO THRILLED that davidl is here and I’ve heard Uber Virgo too. Awesome. I have missed you both regardless of careless remarks to the contrary (perhaps my way of provoking you both out of hiding? … not sure). In any case I can’t do too much astro stuff as it messes with my head – but lovely to see you all. Funny how cyber friends can become just as embedded in one’s heart as skin friends. :mrgreen:

      • Prowlers – taking mystics post literally – era renewal is demon staring. yeah it is shit, crap, etc on Steroids to get to the point of breakdown & back – but my god woman the person you’ll become now you’re reborn & rebuilding is SO much more YOU. I promise!!

        Ubes is all over the DIY SATURN stream. & one or so after also.

        BTW did you hear the sad passing of Blue Libra. devestating. cyber community connectivity beyond heart warming!!

        rock on cat woman!! xox πŸ˜‰

        • Whoa ho, just reading all these comments from all the old familiars……like a coven of cats…… And thinkin’ yes but what about chesh, I can’t really understand how peeps can disappear but then I’m a Toro, we don’t DO disappear, if u know what I mean!

          And poor BL, she was always so vulnerable, QED….

      • Love and hugs prowln, for yr 40th and momentus psyche realisations – only way now is up lovely. xxx

      • Be well prowln, and stay well. Blessings and peace to you & have a fab birthday. πŸ™‚

    • Will miracles never cease?! Nice to see you, prowln’ . . . and happy birthday . . and what a dream for Mystic’s next Neptune post.

    • Brilliant, this bit: “The only thing I’ve really noted about this era changing thingy is that people are either prepared to get real, down and dirty honest – or they’re cracking up and turning into gibbering mental cases.”

      I just quoted you on a website. πŸ™‚

    • I want some of those penises. I hope there are some nice ones. πŸ˜€

  12. My thoughts on pluto in cap : INTEGRITY – check everything! Who manufactures your company’s widgets? Is your grease trap contractor just dumping everything in the river? Check their licence. What is the workplace / leadership culture like where you work? Are you valuing the right people? Who’s being honest (you?), dishonest (you?), fallen off the radar, why? Is your way of life fair or unfair to others (peace, health, happiness, existence)? Are your clothes made in a sweatshop? Are your pets happy? Attend to your family. Buy the boss a beer, if you like them. Give someone some good feedback if they deserve it. If they don’t, cut them loose with some wise words and their head held high. bla bla you get the idea.

    uranus in aries, MAKE the change. Trust in the unknown. BE brilliant and honest. lay it all out. know who are your most fiercely loyal, honest friends and colleagues. anything is possible. just don’t be a jerk and everything will be fine!

    • The current issues faced by Uncle Rupert (as we used to call him) are interested in this context.
      Shop Ethical is apparently a very good iPhone app that provides all sorts of good info on ethics behind goods.

      • have you worked in uncle rupert’s kingdom too shell? I didn’t eat the pomegranite seeds while I was down there so I made it out unscathed.

        • Not in, but with. Padding his coffers buying ad space that cost more than my yearly wages. Despite that few pomegranate seeds came my way. But yes, we knew his omnipresence.

          Unfortunately I think Leigh sales was just a bit too polite with John hartigan then. Why’d you have to go Kerry?

          • the silver prince was on the tv? you can’t blame leigh she has to keep her options open in case her abc gig comes a cropper in the future. a girl’s gotta pay the rent.

            • Yes, defending the honour of the australian/news limited. As oxymoronic as that may sound.

                • Wow what’s this about the pomegranite seeds (something about Persephone in the underworld I know… if you eat them you can’t get back up to earth?)

                  I love seeing karma biting Rupert’s skinny old white ass. Hope his whole empire crumbles… and ditto to all the other corrupt old white dudes who have been ruling this planet for far too long! (Too many to name here!)

          • shell, I was thinking the same thing. Bring back Kerry, he’d go for the jugular, no fear in him. About time people got a spine and stood up to the Murdoch empire, great to see Julia Gillard describe some reporting as “crap”.

            • If you as an individual had experienced standing up for yourself and showing no fear because you saw the law was being broken and you’d had someone tell you “you’ll never work in this town again” and you happen to be in a city, you may not be so quick to judge the spines of others LA – it’s taken a nation and a government to get this going on, not the “common people”.

              • I happen to believe that one’s integrity is all-important and that the common people. even individuals, can move mountains. And in talking about “spine” I was talking about politicians who creep and crawl to the Murdoch empire. But yes, if you buy newspapers that peddle crap like the gutter press does, then people are complicit in that. If there wasn’t the demand, the dirt wouldn’t be dished up.

                • o you’re talking about consumers. I thought you were talking about the “common peeps” on the inside. The innocents who just need to pay the rent and do as they’re told because they have no choice. Yeah people buy that tabloid crap so it continues to be published. Vicious circle.

                  • I’d read that both Gillard and Abbott had dined with Murdoch and I think it’s extraordinary that when he calls, they knuckle under. He said he was impressed with Abbott which means Abbott did the best crawling and creeping to the old bastard. That our parliamentary leadership is dependent on the yea or nay of a newspaper owner makes our democracy shambolic. Sorry, I’m still spewing at that smug git Hartigan claiming the Murdoch empire’s reporting is good journalism.

            • just in case it’s taken the wrong way i don’t mean that comment to be controversial or confrontational LA. When an industry is so huge and ruled by not many it’s hard for people/workers who have families and mortgages to call the plutocrats out and “have a spine”.

              • Yes yes folks – Kerry O’Brien – interviewer extraordinaire that I, (and LA I believe) where refering to.
                No need to bring packer into it… oh dear commercial TV news, surely you know I’m way too highbrow for that (that is a joke)
                Kerry would have loved a go at Rupert, or his representatives.
                Oh dear I just realised I’ve missed Paul Keating having a go at him instead. damn

                • Yes, Kerry O’Brien not the Packers, for god’s sake. Kerry used to bore it up the politicians, really nail them on the facts, and I would have loved to see him deal with John Hartigan. Leigh Sales looked intimidated and wimpy. Kerry would have shredded the smug bastard. How Hartigan could claim that the Murdoch empire isn’t about destroying the Gillard government without going red is beyond me. The most biased reporting ever.

              • I <3 KB! He is missed by me. I'm curious re yr comment though davidl?

                • interesting, i thought they were talking about kerry packer – go the mercury retro shadow – was there another kerry who fronted the news FF?

                    • ahhh i figured there must be another kerry in the mix – i’m not sure who they’re talking about up there but it could well be the same guy you’re referring to – or both… this is all way too cerebral I’m off to watch the feminist mothering the pageant child on wife swap.

                    • Maybe I got it wrong FF, it probably was Kerry Obrien they were talking about, I just immediately thought packer … Sorry you blonde bombshell, (well that’s how I see you) πŸ˜‰

                    • Just want to hug you davidl (and Uber, prowln …). Going to bed with huge smile πŸ™‚

    • UP, the questions you wrote might be written by Pluto in Capricorn. You are right, integrity is the name of the life boat when we are fighting the waves.

    • utterly agree re integrity point – well played UP!! xox

  13. Yes, from the ground up. Agreed: nihilism has always seemed so LAZY. Black & white ideas, polaric opposites always are: if it’s not THIS it has to be THAT.

    Forget Arab Spring (not totally)…what about this stupid expression “UnAustralian”? It’s usually said by people who want to delineate by colonial identity WHO and WHAT are Australian ideals, in the face of the reality of our cosmopolitan and difficult-to-homogenise identity. We are not only so many races but so many classes of education and sociocultural plus economic paradigms. And our stupid tv shows and commercials, barring ABC and SBS like to flick the same “Australians” in our faces. Plus of course visual print media and the dominance of who’s who in politics and business, what are Australian names and faces. Media selection much?

    We have always been so much more but we’re trained to walk past people in the street and think they must be foreigners if they don’t look a certain way. Or at best, “new” Australians. Or first generation.

    We don’t need a cultural shift of nationality; we need a cultural shift of embracing who we really are. Because the fact is, gender bending ethnic label defying multilingual multifaith and full scope of age group is what we are. I CAN’T WAIT! BREAK IT DOWN!

    • milleunaotte, I HATE and LOATHE that expression “un-Australian”. It’s been a relief not to hear it since the Howard government (as well as not listen to that git say “my fellow Australians”) sank beneath the waves, but now the wretched gaming lobby has resurrected it. Pathetic, utterly pathetic.

      • Ooh, yes me too re the expression. Also, I really had a massive repulsion of Howard, since he was around in the 80’s I recalled his beetled eyebrows and hard, red Saturnine face and prayed he would disappear. Then he became PM!! And I found out we shared a birthday… ARGGGGGGHH!!

        • Shared a birthday! Well my makeup hating, awesome parent-child understanding-and-protecting fam member shares a birthday with Michael Jackson! No matter. Pretty sure a parent voted for Howard. No matter.

          That’s why, as much as i love learning more about astro i hate astro-stereotyping.

          Oh…when’s Howard’s birthday?

        • Different year clearly Andy! My exhb’s gorgeous gf shares yr b’day too (turning 34), so be assured you are not alone πŸ™‚ He is the misfit who has to live with himself and his decisions.

    • Love it! In the U.S. people use the term “UN-American” or “UN-patriotic” which I loathe for the same reasons. But it’s amazing to see the parallel manipulation.

  14. There’s a lot of seismic activity in the UK at the moment – involving Parliamemt, Police corruption, the Press, etc.

    The whole thing centres around your Aussie chum, Rupert Murdoch.

    When I first heard about his bid for world domination, I thought he must be Aries.

    Pisces, in fact, I believe.

    • Yeah, he’s Pisces. As one myself i was intrigued. George Washiongton and Mikhail Gorbachev were Pisces too, if you think of leaders.

  15. I still think we haven’t got fully over world war two…most of the problems we have now are the aftershocks of that catastrophe. If we could dump all that shit by 2024 that would be good. The history of the world is a long one, no one generation can call it ‘over’ or drastically changed, thats just our egos wanting to see how it all turns out before our little light goes out. Real change happens over centuries. All the issues raised by western consumerism will be dealt with, not because we the majority will change, but because there just wont be anything left to over consume. I’ve said it here before, we are just a couple of % more developed than chimps, not that there is anything wrong with that, but lets just say I’m still waiting to see the emergence of the human spirit into rulership position. Right now we still live in a world where the luciferian cry of ‘freedom’ always seems to lead to more bloodshed, the oppressed become the opressors.
    Enjoy every day as if it was your last, treat others as you would like to be treated, its simple, isn’t it ?

    • yeah but the problem with humans is they like to overthink things so simple’s often a no-fly zone. I think we’re still getting over the enlightenment :mrgreen:

    • Couple of percent? If you mean 10 strand of DNA differs a human from a simian, then yes. Way less than 10% and makes me wonder about this “race” bullshit.

      But monkeys and humans are radically different (life) stylistically, if similar physiologically and behaviourally. This sounds like the argument that caveman and cavewoman were different in gender behaviour and therefore how we behave now traces back to that. Bit simplistic, sorry! Lacks context.

      Who gives a shit about going back back back? I’ll bet science could prove some amazing differences if cultural pradigms that regulate research were not sometimes bound by concepts like gender/evolution/behaviour. We have as much in common behaviourally with other beasts such as whales, birds and wolves. We INTERPRET to suit.

      As you said, REAL CHANGE HAPPENS OVER CENTURIES. It also stultifies over centuries. If this era is so groundbreaking why look to history for the possibilities? I’m not saying we shouldn’t but, just like the Bible, you can cherry pick whatever you want to see.

      Couldn’t we be more OPEN to the histories we don’t know/acknowledge? Or is that just too scary?

      • Whales birds and wolves don’t murder, envy, lie to themselves…I could go on here, we have much to learn from them, but we don’t even know that yet..besides we might just kill them all first before we have learn’t the lessons.
        What do we have in common with these animals ? as much as other simians you say ? thats crazy talk.

        • Oh yes the animals bloody well do murder, dissemble and covet!

          You need to watch a whole lot more documentaries, and read a whole more natural science. It is amzing how people cherry pick science too. Like sayi8ng homosexuality is unnnatural. Better double check the behaviour of whales, cows, stags and more!

          We have as much in common with simians as perhaps even birds. That is, some. But really, it depends on what you’re LOOKING FOR and how you INTERPRET.

          Crazy talk? Yah, i’ll say. But the straight up, knowledgeable and educated Virgo I’m close to whom I go to for facts confirms, to my surprise, all these things.

          How ’bout this for crazy talk: we’re ALL animals, but as different species we’re incompetent to fully surmise the meaning of each others’ behaviour.

          • Fuq, you can’t disagree with a straight up, knowledgeable know it all Virgo…. And here I was avoiding them like the plague…. Personally I tend towards getting my info from alcoholic pisceans with personality disorders.

            • Not nice, davidl. No matter how vehement the argument of ideas, descending to name-calling is not a real defence. In other words, disagreeing with you is a “personality disorder” and being well researched is being a “know it all”?

              • Sheesh..firstly I had no idea you were a pisces, secondly I DO get lots of info from an alcoholic piscean friend, yes, with a serious personality disorder. I didn’t have any issue with your vehement disagreeing ? I mean it wasn’t so vehement ? and the remark about the all knowing virgo was, well, a little dig at the idea of that type of virgo…yes, they are the ones that I do tend to avoid.
                I adore piscean woman with balls Mille, you have won my heart x

                • Aw, davidl. What a gorgeous response!

                  CONTEXT CONTEXT! Reading your reply from my own cracked context of fending off crap recently…sorry to have misunderstood.

                  It’s grand that you see yr alco Piscean buddy with all the flaws but still find the info interesting.

                  No wonder the ladies love you on this blog! Arian gallantry rocks! xx

    • I am reminded of yesterday’s Drum (abc 24) program which featured an article on a Global Parliament idea (horror). Forgotten the author, must check their site….. But truly, how the fuq would that ever work within our narrow evolution of right now ?!? Super fuqn scary concept.

    • OMG , no more fetta stuffed kalimata olives !!!!!! or stupid hats to wear to the races !!! what shall we do !!!

          • It’s not the same as wondering around a store soaking up the atmosphere. I LOVE DJ’s!!! I’ll be very sad if it ever disappeared. I’ve shopped there ever since I was a school girl. Felt very grown up when I got my first DJ’s credit card. πŸ™‚
            And the spring flower shows are spectacular! x

  16. “You can sit around grizzling, freaking out and vowing to go hide out in some secret conspiracy treehut. Or you can get to work so that you’re a shining light of the new era coming in”

    MM, you always have a way of articulating things in the most devastatingly precise manner. A few years ago, I would have already built myself a tree-house and would currently be holding my inaugural black-tie pity party. But thanks to the Neptune easing into Pisces and Pluto going to town on my Asc, things have shifted – the foundation, ten years in the making (blood, sweat, tears and all those cliches), is hopefully as solid as a really-REALLY solid thing.

    I realised that a large part of the depression and anxiety I felt weighed down by was (is) because a lack of alignment between what I purport to value and my actions. I realised that if I value curiosity, education, equality and reconciliation, I don’t have to change the entire system – I can change my actions in relation to the system, making a small change that may or may not go on to spur further change. So, come Jan next year, I’ll leave Melbourne for a tiny community some 250km north-east of Alice Springs to teach for a few years … most likely (in fact, definitely) I’ll learn far more than I can actually teach. It’s a new adventure, and scary at times to think about doing it myself but reading this post seems to add a little more confirmation that it’s the right adventure to start.

    So those pesky end-of-the-world Mayans better be fuqing wrong!

  17. I had a dream the other night where I was living in a squat with a traveling circus in Spain. The economy had completely collapsed and I had run away. As I tucked away a bottle of my favorite red nail polish into a drawer I made sure to hide it well and stared at it for a long time…somehow sensing that I would never again be able to buy such a thing. I — all of us — were too focused on survival.

    In my humble opinion, overpopulation is the only real problem we face and everything else is a symptom of this not being addressed.

    Overpopulation occurred because of agriculture — specifically grains and corn.
    All this government supported “eat your fruits and veggies” crap makes me laugh sometimes because to function at all society depends on people basing their diets off this shit. We’re told meat gives you high cholesterol and heart disease but really it’s overconsumption of processed chemicals and refined grains.

    That being said, I am a green smoothie chuggin, bone marrow and salmon eating, coconut importing health freak.

    If things were really to go south i predict a lot more home farming and trade. Raising chickens for eggs, keeping goats for milk, raising lamb for meat, growing a lot of root vegetables. Land, SPACE ITSELF, will be so valuable — not the multimillion condo in a major city.

    The sad thing is that small, local farms keep getting cracked down on in the US. I found a source for grass-fed beef and within two months the government was all over their ass. A family friend gets me my raw goat yogurt and I hope they don’t get shut down.

  18. One last thought before I close my eyes: Where is Sweetpea? I know I haven’t kept up lately, so someone in the know please tell? Calling Cheshire Cap and Sweetpea >>>>>> We love you and want to here from you!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new era.

    Authenticity and no grizzling in treehuts! Cheers to that!!!

    I will be a shining light… evolving at light speed this past week, and speaking my truth… some can’t handle it, but I am trying to be gracious and kind, even to the F**wits.

    Mystic, you ROCK!

  20. “or you can get to work like you’re the shining light of the new era coming in.”
    Love this, so true.

  21. pragmatist, if you’re still breathing that is.

    a lot of people arent’ going to make it ,

    they just aren’t going to make it thru—

    already seen a lot of that.

    good luck.

    (time to learn to pray , mispelled ‘play’, ha… but , time to learn

    to pray and seriously meditate and learn it seems to me, earth trying to step up it would seem…

  22. Well I just read a post on fb that a friend has posted saying buy gold and silver as the global stockmarkets are expected to collapse in August. Considering I can’t even buy anything close to that I’m not bothered. I do know how to seed save, propagate from cuttings, and make nutrient rich soil. I did just land the job I want to go on shining my light and work towards community development, and hopefully for some lag time I get paid for this for a while to build up evolutionary resources.

    I have to say, one of my friends is the leading share of mayan teachings here in aust, and it is my understanding that it has nothing to do with end of the world nihilism but is talking about a shift in consciousness much similar to the era shifting astro talks of.

    I too feel we are crazy monkeys and that we are not far out of the dark ages and that evolutionary shifts happen over a long time. However chaos theory purports to one small change having at times massive changes of significance, and I suspect anything is possible. Whole empires have been wiped out historically because of earth changes, I doubt we are completely immune from this now. But unless someone has a better planet to go to I reckon we might just have to deal with it.

    On a personal level I am going through an era change, my life is about to change in so many ways, I’m moving 400km away, I will be working full time, and who knows what else, I don’t.

  23. I know it’s an Ariean trait, but maybe the Arieans are going to be important in the new era, so in a word: Self-sufficiency.

    You earn money by your talents and do not become entangled with anyone who will restrict you. Stay out of debt; own your own money. Eco-vegan-whatever bad? Suicide has never been a good method for attaining success, so acknowledging the way things are in the world and the environment and adapting — read: yes, you have to do things differently now — is not some lazy option you may or may not choose to dally with. Unless you want to be left behind. The astro upholds power from the grassroots now. That’s the little person putting his shoulder to the plow and creating something of substance that can’t be taken from him.

    Yes, we used to believe Daddy would always come and save us (patriarchal society and beliefs), so let’s take our ease and have some fun and act like children who don’t have to pay for the consequences of their actions. But real success comes through doing the work and accepting the limititations and being grownup enough to know that anything in life comes from you.

    Yes, it is all your fault. What are you going to do about it?

  24. What an extraordinary thread – resurfacing, reunions, grand ideas, pragmatic solutions, calls for a more mindful and respectful way of being. I love it. I’m ready for the new era. It fits me so much better than this overconsumerist majority mindset we currently coexist with.

    I feel so blessed to be in your company, all xxx

  25. I see what is happening on the planet, and personally as the collective karmic ripening; that those who have been behaving in a less than transparent way and with ulterior motive, are getting their comeuppance, being exposed and/or having the rug pulled out from under their unwholesome ways….this includes banks, governments, media moguls, etc…the powerful and selfish who prey on the weak
    while on the other hand, those who have been on a selfless path of service to the greater good, with pure intent and with a true aspiration to grow and evolve are reaping their reward….
    the heart is being weighed and corruption is its own reward, reflected by the destruction of inhumane forms and formats and the uprising of a new spirit…

    • Lovely post V rising. Thanks. All these comments are positive and inspiring.

  26. End of era with kids. Waiting for midnight showing of Harry Potter. So cute how the cOllege kids and grads turn into grade schoolers again. Sweet.

  27. I think many of you are confusing about the real meaning of the end of The Mayan Calendar, it’s not about the End of the World, as the alarmist or the american movies wants to demostrate, it’s about a CHANGE OF ENERGY, an alligment with the Galactic Center of our Planet and many more of our sistem it’s going to occur on the next 2011 December Solsctive of the Gregorian Calendar, so u believe in the influence of Pluton in Capriconio? and throw away the meaning of being alligment wit hthe rest of our solar system wit hthe galactic center? it’s not about the end of the world…but an era and paradigma of time and space it’s REALLY CHANGING. Do your Maths . be Bless.

  28. Ummm… just some thoughts:
    Urban renewal & Friedrich Hundertwasser’s manifesto ‘If you cover the ground with concrete buildings, you should cover the buildings with trees and plants.’
    Modern Nomads- House swapping, house BOATING, moveable architecture. Clothes that change into bedding or housing.
    Clothing swaps, renting clothes, vintage wholesalers- I don’t buy new clothes (except underwear) because clothing manufacturing is so damaging to the environment.