Different Astro-Dimensions Of Love

Pop Art girl in space helmet Tara McPherson

You know that there is more than one ‘relationship sector’ in astrology, right?

Astro distinguishes between the 5th House, 7th House and 8th House sort of a lover.

If you have any one of those sectors stronger than another, you’re going to be in the market for more that sort of a lover.

So 5th House is like light-hearted flings, romance as leisure, fun etc.  7th House is more your significant and enduring partnership vibe. Those people who have to be partnered or as if there is something wrong when they’re single are often packing loaded 7th Houses. And then the 8th House is those ridiculously intense, karmic-feeling and sexual connections that definitely wind up transforming your world, though the relationship itself may not linger on for any more than the time it was needed.

The astro dimensions of love are like the ‘for a season, a reason or a lifetime’ sort of a thing. 5th House is seasonal, 8th House is reason and for 7th House, you’re shooting for a lifetime. Some friendships are so much more like life partnerships that they fall under 7th House more than the 11th house, you know?

And of course, the beauty of all this is that there is no point judging other peeps. You can’t turn a 5th Houser into a 7th Houser. Not everyone had precisely the same relationship policy or ideals.

So which of these Houses is your strongest and does that resonate with your love life?


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Kataka.Virgo Rising

Not sure if anyone will read this post anymore, but i find it so interesting. i have rather empty ‘love’ houses… 5th house – nothing 7th house – nothing 8th house – chiron (taurus) Im only 31 but have had a few long term big love stories, including being marrried for a few years. I am very good friends with all my exes – love them all to death, want them in my life but I just dont want to be with them sexually or spend every day with them. I should say this is the case with all my… Read more »

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What if you don’t have a planet in any of them? Will I never find love? lol


Oooooh, now I get it all! I have nothing in the 5th, nothing in the 7th and Pluto and Uranus in the 8th!!! Now it all makes sense. I NEVER have light flings and have only ever had one long relationship. I’m trying to figure out if I’m relieved because there’s a reason for all this or if I’m even more depressed than I already was today about love because maybe I never get to have a ‘lifetime’ love?

Panda Girl

My moon is in the 7th in Leo – definitely not vibing the commitment thing. I broke off my last long term relationship because I felt it wasn’t right/was stagnant/that I was going to be locked in for life if I didn’t run asap.
I’ve got a loaded 11th house in Sagg, though so maybe all the freedom building up there outweighs it a bit?

Redhead Gem

5th house- Mars in Pisces (talk about fling!)
7th house-nothing
8th house- Gem sun and Jupiter in Taurus.

Not sure about the 8th house, my life has been a very long string of flings peppered with 2 or 3 intense, karmic feeling relationships. One of them being with a best friend (not sexually) who definitely made me feel whole. But that ended and so has my desire of flings… Im looking and hoping for a lifetime although my 7th is empty 🙁 Or perhaps another very long lasting intense karmic bond. Crossing my fingers and thinking postively.


I’m loaded in 7th merc, pluto, uranuus, sun Is this like tooo much? but in my real life I’m having an 8th house affair which is my Mars in Libra. I’ve done the white picket fence with a steady Taurus now I want passion!!!


funny the lusty leo has sun and merc in 7th and nothing in 8th and Mars in 5th. he is a steady kind of guy but makes me think he’s not into the soul connection as much as i am. mmmm?


oops my mistake he is moon in 8th only. Zip in flings and zip for steady. Now that makes more sense. His moon is in the soul sector and is intense and he is Kataka rising as well so I tread carefully at full moon time.



5th house – Cancer, Moon
7th house – Libra, Pluto
8th house – Scorpio, Saturn

I… don’t actually know what this means or where to go with this.
And btw I’ve got a Cancer sun, Leo Moon, and an Aries rising.


Oh, maybe I should add, the cancer, libra, and scorpio are all cusps in the respective houses.

If that changes anything. lol


chockers 5th, moderate 7th, contradictory 8th:

seasonal 5 ginormous stellium venus,pluto,verte,mars,uranus, assorted asteroids MM has mentioned
lifetime 7 lilith,mercury,neptune all hovering on dc
fated 8 sag cusp with cap jupiter therein

meanwhile, am the most nebbish bookish hermit-ic person, tis a mystery. well, the future is unwritten …


saturn & Jupiter in my 5th house, venus in my 7th house , moon in my 8th house and sun in 9th house…..what does that say about me ???


5th house is Cancer, 7th is Libra, 8th is Scorpio. Merc, Venus, Saturn, Pluto all in the 7th and in Libra aside from Mercury, Sun + Uranus in the 8th, most of the important and love related asteroids etc in Libra/7th. I’m an uber stellium of 7th house energy. I’m prone to excessive nostalgia, even over casual encounters or flings which I put down to the Cancer 5th house, unafraid of sex in general and fairly open in that regard. 8th house stuff is home for me and I’m happy there and happy with 8th house type lovers. However I… Read more »


Reading over this, the idea flitted by that being Multi Scorp means that you rule ‘other people’s money/wealth’ – maybe that could extend to their life experience too? Just a thought. Could be why you tire of youth. As a Leo I am enamoured of youth, but my Scorp Moon seeks the eternal soul and is impatient with immaturity and glibness in a person regardless of age.


A quick breakdown – I’ve got three planets in the fifth, including a conjunction, and its ruler Leo is my rising sign. Given that those three planets are Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, love and creativity and sexuality are the most difficult, transformative and fulfilling things in my life. Recently got involved with an 8th house venus person – yes it was short, sexual, intense and we thought we were soulmates. Alas he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Am now looking more for the stable, soulful capricorn type of lover… Finally I have aquarius in an empty 7th house and… Read more »


Venus in the 5th, Sun in the 7th, Moon in the 8th. Taurus on th 5th house Cusp, Cancer on the DC, and Leo on the 8th house cusp

I’ve never dated anyone and I’ve only been in one relationship. I’ve had alot of ‘interests’ that I have gone nowhere so I’m pretty much fed up with life in this realm. I can’t tell you which house is stronger. I do have a desire for a true connection within a relationship so maybe its a combo of the 7th/8th.


Duh, I also have Jupiter in the 5th. Forgot about that.


7th house Venus
5th house Mars and Chiron
8th house Jupiter (25 degree so I don’t know if its interpreted in the 9th house)

Love to be in love, always have been and loved back too. 3 LTRs, but there’s always drama.

That’s pretty packed, sounds like….love to hear some astro thougts!


My fifth house may or may not contain my Jupiter in Virgo, depending on house system (it is very much on the cusp in either case). Either way, casual doesn’t really suit me.

My seventh house contains my Libra Moon which is conjunct Sappho, Juno Eros, and Ceres. Yes, I am the marrying kind; twice in fact, both times to Libras whose Suns were conjunct my Moon!

My eighth house has my Neptune conjunct Psyche in Scorpio. I do need this deeper emotional and higher spiritual connection to my mate.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

venus, uranus, neptune in 8th.
saturn in 7th.

i definitely go for the intensity and cannot really do casual. i like (and often miss) being single.


5th empty
7th North Node
8th Lilith, Pallas, Vertex

Love serial monogamy and intense karmic-but-friendly situations.


My wuv planets are on fire in water.
irony !
8th, 12th.


lol. houses 5 and 7 are completely empty, thank God I have ONE planet in the 8th- my mars in leo…..ohhhh yeah 😛
and yes…. i do go for lifetimes, without actually overdoing anything…everything is life-changing and stays with me, even long after it’s over, if only for the lessons i’ve learnt


hahahahahahahahaha okay now i’m getting scared- am i really doomed? :S

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

i had a little freakout i found out i had venus and neptune in the 8th and the internet told me i was gonna die/overdose/go crazy in the fashion of marilyn monroe and heath ledger. O_O

note that if you search the page for evil it is mentioned six times alone on that article. so i think that person got a little carried away, lol…


the Evol. geez. I noticed that too and stopped reading.

A person must really be careful of is where energy is focused. What is fed grows larger. Every aspect has a myriad of layers; possiblities- go for the positive, it feels better. 🙂


Anyone who has read my thoughts on relationships can probably call this one. No 7th or 8th planets; yes, planets in the 5th, including my sun. Three marriages so far, lots of other relationships, lots of kids. Odd desire to get married again, lately. Maybe it’s only temporary.


No 5th house and 7th House in my main planets.

I have house 8 in Neptune and Uranus. (In Capricorn)

I sometimes wonder WHY some people think something is wrong with them if they are single for a little while. And I bet having heavy 7th house has something to do with that. I can go a while being single…but yes after a while, it gets borring being single. (been single a little more than a year)


Ahh I get the 5th house now! So it represents flings. I also don’t get how people can just hook up with people. I sometimes wonder if anything is wrong with me, cause I’m not like my friends that can have a one night stand and go ALL the way. I can kind of have one night stands but I NEVER let them get to 4th base. And yes my last relationship did transform me. I grew up, I realized I would be happier going back to school, and getting a better job, and realized my family is one of… Read more »


i think the 5th is more about lovers and affairs (passion-leo) than just drunken one nighters. There is a lot of room in between an evening and a partnership. x


Sun, venus & mercury in 7th in Aqua. Nothing in 5th & Lillith, Saturn & chiron in the 8th Pisces. I got a 8th house kinda thing happening at the moment. All intentions of it being a 5th house thing at the start became quickly apparent that he wasn’t going to fall into that category. I don’t mind he’s waaaaay better than any of the one’s that I’ve been involved with for the last 20 years. I try to do 5th stuff for a breather between the longer relationships but it never seems to work that way they end up… Read more »


5th house Aries, 7th house Taurus and both are empty. I certainly hope I don’t ever get married to a Taurus! We seem to hate each other, anytime I’ve come across one. 8th house Gemini and my Venus in Cancer resides there. 😀 I can dig it.

Pisces with sagg rising

Seventh (gemini) and eighth (cancer) house empty and fifth house full of mercury, sun and venus. Flings? Nope. All those planets are opposed by pluto and the attachments I’ve formed have been transformative and by that I mean disappointing. And sun and venus opposed by uranus.

In fact, a closer look at my chart reveals uranus and pluto seem to do a lot of opposing. Insert swear word of choice here.

Little Joey

5th – nothing
7th – nothing
8th – nothing


Yes, I’ve noticed a lot of my exes I looked at either had nothing in these houses or like one in house 5.

What does nothing mean?

Little Joey

I’m not sure , but I am totally clueless in relationships. I have always had trouble getting them started. I mean somebody virtually has to smack me across the face to let me know they have the hots for me so that I get it (and then I’m usually turned off!) And when it comes to letting people know I have the hots for them, I just cannot manage it…. so I just pal along as friends forever and a day (that could be Aqua sun though). Thank goodness I found a Scorp who has nooooo problem in this area… Read more »


I guess I’m having some kind of el nino season or something cos all I’ve got in any of those houses is moon, mercury, venus + pallas athene, juno, ceres in the 5th and I’m onto what seems like a potential lifer to me. Seems more like it’s all about the synastry when it goes on for the duration. All priors were seasonal never saw any reason to hang on or be maudlin once it was apparent it was over. Life’s too short, too many fish in the sea etc. Could never spend time with anyone other than he for… Read more »


very with you on synastry there. I have nothing in 7th but when my 7th is triggered I get partnered, friend and love alike. tis the order of things

plutonic gem

That makes sense… I have a packed 8th house… sun, mercury, venus, saturn… all three significant relationships have been life transforming, and i think those people will stay with me my entire life… Mars in the 5th house – ooh i wonder what that means? I go to war with light flings? Though sun is actually in the 7th, all astrologers consider it to be 8th house because of where it is in degrees and falls into gemini rather than taurus which is my 7th house… Sometimes I wonder if it wouldnt be fairer to consider sun in 7th to… Read more »


… so there you have it… another dimension of my persona not only discovered, but finally sense made of. 5th house – nothing 7th house – nothing 8th house – Sun in Sagg, Merc in Scorp and Neptune in Scorp. Totally explains why I’ve only ever had 1 true relationship (late teens/early twenties for 8 years), and why 25 years later all i seem to do is channel my 8th house with all my short & sweet relationships ; ‘ridiculously intense sexual connections’… seems my Sagg keeps flitting between my Scorp planets – they’re all for a season and a… Read more »


all those houses of mine are light and air filled spaciousness, swept, untreated wooden floorboards …. empty empty empty ….

a long time ago, in my one and only longterm relationship, I was all ‘wedding for a good party’, now I’m all ‘wedding only for the spiritual’ … I’m keen for the challenges and freedoms of a committed relationship …

i watch my 9th house with interest – jupiter lives there, with leonine glow – and i remember the 9th being discussed as the 2nd marriage … time will tell


5th – none 7th – Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo – opposing my asc. less than 2 deg on axis 8th – none 1st – Chiron (pis asc) 2nd – none 3rd – moon Torro/north node Gem = write/yada/yada/write, think too much… 4th – Jupiter & lovely Vesta 9th – Neptune 10th – Sun in Capricious and squared up Mercury to Jupiter all messed up & then zinged by Uranus 11th – Mars & Virgo in Aqua 12th – Saturn girl it’s been a big scary puzzle but i’m working it…mum and dad were scary, long term rel. was/is scary… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

Relationships?!! BAH HUMBUG


I’m with you, U.P!


5th jupiter in pisces
7th empty taurus
8th sun, moon, chiron and lilith in gemini. mercury in cancer

i long for a long-term relationship but can’t see it happening, really…
i don’t know why, when i think about it i come to the conclusion that i’m scared of letting someone get too close, that i have to be brave, bla bla la…


5th – aqua moon 7th – aries chiron 8th – taurean Saturn I’ve not been out of some kind of relationship for 25 years. The 8th house karmic thing resonates for me. My first love/first marriage & the crazy madman who followed & taught me a lifetime of lessons in 18 months. The 17 year relationship I’m in now has a chiron vibe all over it. Fortunately it feels like we’ll be able to pull off the healing necessary to last the better part of a lifetime. As a wildchild I loved flings & fun & f.buddies. But at least… Read more »


Nothing in my 5th. Scorpio Moon and Sun in 7th. Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio in my 8th. I’ve had rather, (ahem), ‘intense’ romances that ended with deception, disappointment and disillusionment. I go for YEARS in between solo, until I’m STUPID enough to forget what the last one cost me: (emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially) and I’ll sweet-talk myself into all that ‘don’t give up on love’ SHIT! Wish I could let the ridiculous notion of EVER finding someone, go…Yet I am haunted by this longing. How pathetic – I am so Fuqtarded.


Forgive me Zaiborg, but that post vibes eerily like it’s coming from someone who’s about to head into another romance/relationship… Britney style: ‘Oops I did it again’
All the best!


Thanks S – now wouldn’t that be just PEACHY.
… Anyways, always been more a fan of Lady GaGa : “But I’m still in love with Judas, baby…”


moon in cancer 7th house, saturn in gemini 5th house, leo 8th house. my relationships are always played in 8th house…feeling karmic, intense and sexually connected…always almost kills me after. hope would learn a lesson and have a 7th house relationship now


Well, this is interesting. Both Venus and Mars in Cancer in the 5th house….seems in line with my “single vs. committed” behavior. When I love someone, it goes DEEP and I get very attached and it’s very difficult to let go of. But when I’m single, it’s GAME ON. I’m all about the short, fun, sexy flings and I have no problem finding then when I’m in the right frame of mind. I went from nothing to BOOM in the past month…i’ts been fun. 😉 Think I might have met a possible house 7 or 8 relationship though. Interestingly, I… Read more »


I’m a 5th and 8th person too. Well, mainly 5th, the 8th only has Chiron in it and the 7th is huge and empty. Two long, wrong and rather overwrought biggies and the rest fun and flingy. Cosy coupledom just not for me it seems.


Me too. Or maybe it means we go through all the big, karmic ones before we settle down into a more comfortable and compatible LTR?


5th House – Mars, True Node, Jupiter (Ruled by Leo but TN and Jupes in Virgo) 7th House – Pluto (Ruled by Libra) 8th House – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus (Ruled by Scorp, but M&V in Sagg) Wonderful. Seasonal karmic fuqs. This actually makes me really cranky. Ok. Tru Node in the fifth, its my destiny to promote light hearted and seasonal relationship? Help. I’m a bit too close to this astro to really get it, as my sadness over never having had a relationship hits me and I get really angry that I’m missing out, and then scared noone… Read more »


Also – just had MASSIVE dejevu re this post – about 3 years ago I dreamt I was participating in a blog, along these lines, with a pink picture. And it just came to pass.


There has to be a message in there for you then, pay attention 😉


Mmmmmm well
from what I can figure out
8th is
mars (Aquarius)
mean mode (Aquarius)
true node (Aquarius)
uranus (Aquarius)

Jupiter (sagg)
Neptune (sagg)
Mars (scorp)

No sevens just my bloody luck!

Help! Don’t really know what it all means?
Yes I have had a few devastating relationships that have shattered my world.
Some hook ups but most of the time am single. So am I not to have a lifelong partner?

Lexicon Limbo

I’m quite similar:-

Moon/Mars/Mean/True nodes in 8th (aquarius)

Empty 5th & 7th house.

2 devastating relationships. Rare hook ups. Forever single….Depressing! *sigh*


Yes I know the feeling. As our placements are so similar.
And I am well not getting any younger! Infact I am now officially old.
So should I accept my fate then and suck it up. ;(


It’s almost liberating in a way…. ive read so much about evolution of consciousness where old style rels are out…. so i think its a great opportunity to explore a new found frame of you 🙂


Mine are all empty!! Waahhhh! No wonder I fee like I’m a lifetime Bachelorette 🙁 But seriously, since i was a little kid, I always said I’d never get married, never have babies, always would be ‘freelance’ (’cause I HATE the word ‘single’). Maybe because I hated my family, felt like a lone Cap in a cold house full of strangers, that formed my ‘lone wolf’ mentality?? Really would like to be in love one day. Not some unrequited, secret crush whatsit. Real love. Apparently it can happen… My moon in Kataka is really craving it at the moment. Currently,… Read more »


Ooh, my avatar hasn’t loaded. That last comment was me, Equilibrium Girl!!!

sagittaqua (aka honorary Pisces)

Me too! Nothing –zip– nada! I have no planets in the 5th, the 7th, or the 8th. I do have the North node in the 7th (Gemini)–not a planet, technically–but is that why I am married?


Ditto – I have nothing in those houses other than north node barely in my 7th (Pisces). I also do not want to get married or e in another exclusive relationship again. And I’m only 22! Massive trust issues. Every relationship ends in me being a sleuth and finding stuff out, then confronting the person. I hate that!

Intriuged Virgo

Stellium in the fifth: Mercury, Mars, Pluto.

Thanks to repressive upbrining, I translate light hearted flings into – I flirt as fiercely as a sword weilding ninja. A way of keeping people away while letting them still feel veddy veddy attractive.

Neptune in the 7th. So not going there.

Champagnebearing Aquarian

Mars & Saturn in 5th (Virgo) I am serious about flings and fun! (also means I analyse and put structures around relationships that are waaaay more serious than the relationship is)
Uranus in 7th (Scorp) Definitely looking for something unconventional and amazing in terms of a “settling down” type relationship.
Neptune in 8th (Sag) Hmm – looking for transcendence and apt to get caught up in fantasty when I think I’ve met a soulmate?


Yay CBA! So nice to see you again – & your old avatar. Missed you x

Champagnebearing Aquarian

Thanks Nat – so lovely to be back amongst friends! x


Empty 5th and 8th houses with Saturn in the 7th. My Saturn is square my Venus which means that I despise casual flings, need the long-term relationship, but I desperately fear letting myself fall – sheesh. Talk about some heavy duty karma.


Sun, Mars, Venus in 8th
Neptune 7th
Pluto, Uranus 5th

Easily put off by the vast majority of old men in my era. Something about breezy Jazz and sipping chardonnay on a Sunday afternoon bores the fuq out of me. Wish I could find someone my age that is still deep and dark instead of mid life ‘my time’ fluffy nonsense and mix 105 easy listening.

My loaded 8th me prefers to make out to this.

This all makes sense Mystic. In hindsight those intense short lived relationships I always end up in are nothing more then delusional karma.

uncool Virgo

Wow Neptune & Jupiter in 5th & Mars in 8th, nothing in the 7th. (7th on Aquarius/Capricorn I think). Is that why I’m a lust junkie?

The Empress

The 5th house is my most packed house with 3 planets (Venus/Merc/Chiron) along with a number of asteroids. Have to agree with the romance as leisure idea. My relationships have always had a huge element of fun to them. I think this is balanced out though by my moon in the seventh – I definitely want a true emotional connection in my partnerships as well – and the moon ruling my 8th house which has no planets at all.


Venus in the 7th house, Leo, no other planets
Sun in 8th, Virgo, I believe Lilith is in there too…otherwise, no planets in Virgo
What’s the stronger influence here?

year of the fox

5th house Chiron
7th house Saturn
8th house (South Node) but otherwise empty since that’s not really a planet.

venus in virgo in the 9th.
Uranus conjunct Sun in the 10th

I have trouble finding romance. Many unrequited love situations mostly with me falling for someone who doesn’t appreciate me back, but sometimes the other way around. I have never been married but want to be someday. I often go for long stretches of time without a partner because I’d rather have no one than someone who barely piques my interest.


empty 5th house. empty 7th house.
Jupiter in Aries in 8th….
light romantic flings and I don’t really happen. Fast deep intense falling in love. Karmic yes. Last one almost killed me.


scorpio moon 8th squaring mars in leo 5th
pluto conj uranus in virgo 7th

I have very brief and intense relationships the end abruptly (and devastaingly) and are very tranformative.

I’m not the marrying kind

I feel ready to honour the more playful 5th house part of my chart

Thank you recent eclipse

lady j

sun & chiron in 5th house gemini … seasons of love alright
nothing in my 7th house, shared by leo & virgo (IT’S HUGE AND EMPTY probably for the above reasons); 8th house libra also empty, although i have my fair share of karmic friendships and hookups galore, convinced they are all from past lives

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