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The house where you have Saturn lurking is traditionally supposed to be your weakest area, land of your phobias, blind spots, Achilles Heels and general low performance.

The joke is that one person’s Saturn-freak-out may be a non-issue or even incomprehensible to another.

eg; Saturn in the 2nd House fears poverty, in the 6th House can be a hypochondriac, be crippled by shyness if in the 1st and so on.

If you drill-down into someone’s Saturn area, you’ll hit on some highly sensitive nerves and score psychological paydirt.

The idea is to buff up your Saturn area until it becomes your shining joy. It takes time, work and an unpleasant degree of self-scrutiny but it can be your greatest triumph.

BUT what about taking your Saturn right now and just making out that it’s your greatest asset, that you are just AMAZING in that regard. See how it feels? It would be an interesting experiment, yes?

So: Find the House your Saturn is in, other peeps on the D.I.Y. Astro posts are always helpful & then turn that perceived flaw or sub-par performance into a sensational affirmation/statement of greatness.

If you go to the Houses category in the Category menu, there is heaps of into on each House btw.

Some more (short-form) examples. Saturn in 8th = sexual hang-ups, Saturn in 9th = baggage re not being ‘educated’ enough, Saturn in 10th fears being perceived as a failure. ย Saturn in 11th can be overconscious re judgement of The Tribe.

identity your Saturn shit and then pretend it’s your best thing going on!

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202 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro: The Science Of Saturn

  1. Ooh. I’ve got Saturn in my 8th house (sexual hangups) – and pretty much have been celibate the last 15 years. But in the last few months I’ve been to a tantric sexuality course and been doing all sorts of reading/exploring…..and working on moving myself to a different place with embracing being a sexual being. So this resonates SO much.

    Woohoo. It feels like it is working too. Even in just a solo fashion at the moment! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have 8th house Saturn too, and I DEFINITELY have no sexual hangups, but it is conjunct my 8th house Sun. I do always find change difficult though. As in big change – lots of anxiety. I am trying to learn to meditate etc and learn healthy ways of coping with change-induced anxiety.

    • Im an 8th house sexual genius as well. Resistance to change? I love it! bring it on… only in the darkness of night, I may slip back for a moment of comfort… hmmm…

      • Yes Im 8th house saturn as well, conjucnt venus, mercury and sun with saturn at the latest degree and sun at the earliest…. I wouldnt say i have sexual hang ups, and quite confident when it actualises, but I would see that im a bit fuqed up about how it happens these days, post 20something bullet proof floozy, now all integrity and on my way to the 40somethings… taking it all a bit seriously in the last decade, but still at times have a drive stronger than ive ever had before, and finding it hard to reconcile the drive with the integrity, and end up in no where land… where nothing is happening… this may be the saturn problem…

        Im excited to take on mm’s advice and just pretend to be a genius in that area… excellent idea, kinda like the manifestation stuff that kimmy talks about and others i have read before her of feeling the feelings of what it is like if you have what you want, even before you have it…

        Have done that before and still not much manifestation, but i console myself its the onion layers, its just the onion layers…

    • Musical Libran, if you are going to buy ONE book for your exploration,
      let it be Margot Anand’s ‘The Art of Sexual Ecstacy’. Some wonderful &
      practical excersises.
      If you but TWO, then the other i highly recommend is Taoist ‘Cultivating
      Female Sexual Energy, buy Mantak Chia’s wife (Mrs Chia, don’t remember
      her first name, anyway they are separated).

      • Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve just purchased Margot Anand’s book and as an 8th house Saturn with some serious sexual hangups I’ve found it to be an amazing read! Will definitely check out Chia’s book ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reply to you below, also have Saturn in 8th, but used it to teach
      Tantric techniques, so no wonder it resonates with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Another 8th house here in opposition to my Scorpio sun/jupiter/Venus/mercury stellium. I am a little secretive in the sexual department. I tend to feel like it’s my business & I do want to work on sharing more with my partner.

      I am curious about Saturn & the other peoples money side of the eighth house. Any ideas?

      • Yeh that would be interesting, I think it interprets for me as being responsible for others resources, but there is some hard lessons there, I wonder does anybody know.

      • I’m 8th house Saturn and Scorpio Sun too. I have my issues with sex and tend not to be easily satisfied by casual affairs. I need to have the complete mind-body-soul connection or nothing at all. Being a Scorpio I also love the mental, philosophical side of sex. Whether it’s reading about different cultural customs or historical works like the Kama Sutra, or indulging in something a bit more depraved and frightening. I find all aspects of it extremely interesting, whether I’m actively engaging in them myself or not.

        I always thought the “other people’s money” thing meant that you may either benefit from an inheritance (to think positively) or get stuck footing the bill for someone else. Like paying for other people’s mistakes or financial blunders. I’m guessing there are a lot of accountants or estate attorneys who must have Saturn in the 8th house.

    • Maybe your big lessons are quite internal, hidden, not obvious to others. That can be tough.

      • perfect, thanks!!

        ATM dreams revealing underlying fears (neurosis lol) ….
        creativity & reflection / meditation in hand – thank you!! xox

    • It’s organizing one’s thoughts and eradicating bad habitual thinking (bad habits) It’s maintaining focus and going in one direction in an organized way (in one’s head so as to manifest externally).

      It’s also learning over lifetime to emulate saturn externally and not be afraid to “look” like a Saturn person because you’d hate for people to actually see you looking like that;)

      • EXCLNT Bluesky – have actively grokked ‘time to go’ crap thought processes & implemented organised ways forward – in the flow there – whip whippy yi yay :)!!

        along with impossible to avoid dream interps, is no wonder am closeted vs social butterfly ATM

        reckon have learned to love being Saturn’s bitch lol!!
        even have Le Ram purring like a lamb …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 20 deg Aquarius here. Definitely agree with the interpretations! I believe, at its core, it can show a conflict between need to master the demons within but don’t for fear others will find out about them.

  2. This is a tough assignment for me – Saturn conjunct Venus at 29Taurus and they together saddle the cusp of 2nd/3rd houses.

    It is not fear of poverty, but the fear of being financially dependent. Been there, was humiliated and never going there again. My finances are always in flux, so I save, save, save and then save more.

    Virginia W was misleading – it is not a room of her own, it is a bank account of her own.

    Mercury and Sun are too in the 3rd house, Saturn on the cusp is then the garden variety – am not smart enough – fear. Once I noticed that almost everyone else has the same fear, I let it go.

    Yep, natal Saturn definitely gets better with age.

    Transiting Saturn? Ugh! 7th house. Need I say more?

    • Saturn in middle of 2nd house here too. Again, not fear of poverty. I agree about horror of financial dependence on someone else though.

      When past BFs have gone on some rant about gold digging women-this and paying for everything -that, I just looked at them and laughed, they mustn’t have known me that well after years of splitting bills and me paying for gifts and nice things for them to notice I don’t want their stupid money… *take deep breath and exhaaaallle UP*.

      Anyhoo rants aside, I have googled the crap out of this placement – second house is ’embodiment of worth’ – a description that makes sense to me so I kept it – worth being not just $ in the bank and furniture that came with an interest-free period, but sense of worthiness in life generally. Worth the conversation, worth the effort, worth the time, worth the love, worth treating properly, worth honesty, worth the money, you name it there’s something for everyone! So yes. Second house. read about it!

      • Thanks UP, I just added your description to the little treasure of emails I read now and then to get back on track.

        The discipline to master Saturn definitely pays off, but what-a-master-..with-da-whip…

        • so true, quad. glad there’s something useful in there for you.
          It’s fun workshopping saturn. Fun, in the way that taxes and psychotherapy are fun. even if you emerge with a fistful of insights in 15 pages of guided scrawl-therapy, that’s enough to take one more hard-won but graceful step forwards in the journey of self-awareness…aah ๐Ÿ™‚

        • UP, I’m a second-house Saturn too, and I thoroughly identify with what you’re saying. And I have major money issues. Thankyou for writing that up.

          • Quadr–I sooooo resonate with your feelings about the 2nd house. I have always had a horrid fear of dependency. I love “bank account of one’s own”!!!! Exactly!!!!

      • Nicely put UP. Yah, I reckon Saturn placement is the house where you have to work your arse off. So in the 2nd issues of money, resources, manifestation/completion and self worth are going to be contentious and if you work your Saturn you’ll put in the time and slog to iron that out.

    • Saturn is slap in the 2nd. Definite fear of poverty. I hate depending on anyone for anything, and I can’t ask for help.

      • Same here. Saturn in the 2nd. Fear of Poverty, relying on others bank accounts.. NOT going to happen!

        amazing insight.. it’ll be fun to work with this now.

  3. Saturn in cap in the 7th, I’m pretty ‘serious’ (is that the word?) about my relationships, thats worked out in the end, but was tough till I was 40.

    • Hi davidl. Can you pinpoint if there was a catalyst for the change? Curious ’cause I have Saturn in the 7th and it feels like TIME just drags on re getting things right in the luv arena.

      • I met my wife when I was 38, I felt like it took forever but its been amazing for 14 years and getting better all the time. I just had to wait for so long for the right person, or it seemed that way. That was the turning point. Before then ,serial monogamy, fun ,but ultimately unfulfilling.

        • Interesting David. That’s how old I am now. Saturn in the 7th feels like Rapunzel in a tower . . . lucky thing I don’t have any grey hair yet – nothing more gross than a long grey plait!

        • Your words give me hope. I have Saturn in the 7th and it’s so hard to find a good relationship…hell it’s hard to find a stupid date (Chiron in 5th)…and you can’t go from nobody to a relationship.

          So i guess the positive thing i am getting out of Saturn right now is that I’m by myself and can work on improving myself without dragging another innocent human through my crap with me. Like someone said already, working on boundaries.

      • Saturn in 7th is my placement too. I can relate to Rapunzel and the seriousness. I also think it’s learning to work on healthy boundaries in a relationship. (perhaps the hard way)

        Not being a doormat. Not being a tyrant. The healthy not-being.

        • Or healthy being…Being firm, having self respect. Being flexible and compassionate. High Saturn in the 7th can be mature relationships that endure.

        • Saturn in 7th here also. Definitely been a tough lesson. Survived abusive relationships never thought I’d find one that worked but, did.
          I take relationships seriously and extremely important to my inner balance.
          Have a hard time functioning if my relationships are crazy. Had to learn not to be codependent doormat or too demanding. Tough lessons, but worth learning.

  4. I have Saturn in the 7th too. From what I can gather, if we don’t have a good strong sense of ‘self’, developed through age, we gravitate towards older partners who we associate with our childhood authority figures and then proceed to blame them with that feeling that we’re constantly being dominated?

    Le boyfriend is even more childish than me, although admittedly 110% responsible in times of need. So, the opposite of said childhood authority figure, who is dull at the best of times and becomes hysterical when things go wrong.


    • Saturn in 7th house. Recently left long marriage and have spent last 5 to 6 years analysing the relationship, seeing from new perspectives, gaining insight about myself and growing. Was all sugar and spice but we never dealt with the festering stuff underneath.

      Working on my weaknesses, the next relationship should be better balanced and functional with me newly individuated and not so blinded by love and afraid of hurting. (more mature really)

    • “if we donโ€™t have a good strong sense of โ€˜selfโ€™, developed through age, we gravitate towards older partners who we associate with our childhood authority figures and then proceed to blame them with that feeling that weโ€™re constantly being dominated?”

      Saturn in 7th. Going through this now…older partner with a 13 year age difference. I am totally in love with him, but my life is kind of a mess. Just graduated, still getting my shit together and gaining momentum whereas he is very successful. Relocated for love and now freaking out, wanting to leave so I can FEEL free but deep down I know it’s my own issue and I should breathe it out and focus on myself here.

      • I had a patch with a georgeous 40yo 13yrs my senior, I was saddened that he wouldnt make it work, I tried so hard. But looking back I knew the whole time it was temporary, a moment. A brief blip. My saturn sits in the 7th / 8th house. Rani’s words resonate here too.

      • definitely resonate with “developing strong sense of self through age”

        Very well put.

  5. Saturn 1st house Aquarius, square Venus. Shyness? Got that in spades. If I read the interpretations from the the Astrodienst interactive charts correctly, it could be best summed up as ‘I am a rock. I am an island’

    FWIW, this is the one area of my life that I have been really working on the past couple of years. Just got tired of always being afraid. Had a few hits and misses along the way, but slowly making progress.

    Currently in my 10th house. Fear of failure? who doesn’t have that?

    • I have a 1st House Saturn, along with being a Cap rising.
      It’s my least favourite placement in my chart, because I feel like it cancels out all the potentially awesome points of also being Uranus/Neptune rising. I just come across as being uber serious and shy, and I have a ridiculous amount of hang ups. How did you deal with it mcreosote?

      • ditto cap asc, with virgo sun to round it out. How do I deal with it? with the help of a few years with a good psychologist, and, as I said, finally being ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, I just forced myself to take a chance and make the effort to make the first move towards people, accepting that it will either work or not. Started with baby steps, and gradually found it easier each time. Also found other ways to express my ‘inner self’ in the way I dress (wearing a hat a’la Mad Men to work, and fingers full of rings, including a Darth Vader), and not being so concerned about what people thought of it. I have always tended to an extreme form of conservativeness in my appearance (I called it being conventionally unconventional – or the other way round), as a form of reaction against my perception of people’s obsession with fashion. I have now gone to the extreme (for me) the other way – something my wife has been trying to get me to do for a long time. In the end, though, I feel I have just come to accept who I am, but with the knowledge that I can come out of myself without fear when I want to or need to.

    • Saturn in the 1st here also:
      Very well, Mr. Sasportas says, “Those with Sat in the 1st are reluctant about approaching life at all”. Yep, I think I had epilepsy as my brain just collapsed at the intensity of life. Only get a twitch now when I am forced into unsustainable situations. Unlike you Mr. C, I am only shy like I am epileptic – not much, but it’s grotesque when it happens, I contort myself like a monkey on acid.

      Jen, neither am I serious. But how does one ROCK this Saturn? Why by being all cheekbones, dignified in person, perhaps – a little Kate Middleton? So what if everyone’s staring, I WILL – glass you with my huge cheekbones as soon as look at YOU!!

      Also I try to approach all situations with my heart, as using my head, I get caught up in second-guessing, guilting and being unspeakably unkind to myself.

      • love that ando – approach all situes with your heart. i poured mine out a bit yesterday and now I re read it it sounds a bit too flippant. The lusty is sooo confusing strong Kataka rising mire than a Leo) so i have outbursts every now and then to let him know how I feel, he goes awol when I do that oh well. Astro says not to get bogged down or cement anything. will do

    • Yes First House here too, in Taurus Retrograde.
      Mmm does that mean I am shy and walk backwards out of uncomfortable stiuations? Yep can do that, being a multi libran I don’t like confrontation anyway. Don’t like too many people looking at me at once either (no leo planets in my chart)
      What kind of affirmation would work here. Andy’s guide with your heart is an excellent mantra under all situations.
      I think Self esteem is a big one with Saturn in the First. Maybe….

      ‘I am me so deal with it because I have to!’ – Not very greatness orientated.

      ” Shyness is an excellent undercover way of observing and gathering vital social information”

      I am not getting much, may try again later. Any other ideas???

      • As a Leo Hippychic I have mixed feelings to people (extreme extrovert/extreme introvert concurrently!) The 1st House is Ego to me, while Saturn is self-loathing in this context, so it truly is a prideful placement. Like, no one cares that much, for you to get so precious and shy, is what I tell myself!

        Deepak Chopra says, “Beneath the commonly accepted understanding of self-esteem as the ego feeling good about itself, there is the real self-esteem which is based on a spiritual recognition of oneโ€™s true value. That value has nothing to do with accomplishments or positive thinking.

        To get over the mental habit of not feeling like you are good enough, you need to see that thinking pattern is your ego (operating from the belief that there is no spiritual value inside you and that all your worth is dependent upon your outer achievements).

        When you understand the falsity of the egoโ€™s beliefs, you can stop investing your emotional support in it..”.
        Maybe a good affirmation is then, “I am a divine being of light, essential to the fabric of the Universe and perfect in every way, as I am, NOW”.

        • Another Leo sun with Saturn conj Asc in Pisces Rx – most difficult placement in my chart – extreme insecurity re my body/identity. Now in my 40s, keep trying to use memories of self loathing in my earlier years while looking at photos to see I was/am beautiful. Nothing aside frrom perfection is good enough with this placement. Very difficult to admit my vulnerabilities and weaknesses, to anyone but myself. Currently in love with an Aqua Saturn in 7th guy (conj Sun/Mars). Loving this post, interesting comments…. Saturn, despite all his hard-arseness, is so very human.

          • 7th house Aqua Saturnian’s last relationship lasted 30 years ! Childhood sweethearts. Difficult for me to comprehend, but then he has Aqua/Pisces/Aries 7th house loaded with Mars/Sun/Saturn in Aqua, Moon/Chiron in Pisces and Venus in Aries.

        • Another Leo Sun with Saturn conjunct Taurus ascendant.

          My experiences are similar– perfectionist within myself… very hard on self, though as I age, it becomes less and less. On the plus side, I look fantastic for my age! I think Saturn in the first helps with that!

          Stay positive fellow first house Saturn peeps!

        • Wow this is a really home-hitting quote/idea!
          I have saturn in my 1st and recently got my first job in the film industry here in Hollywood. The loud personalities/ bull dog tendencies naturally bowl me over but with Saturn and it’s placement in my chart I feel like its even worse. I have leo as my moon and gem as my sun so my natural extrovert persona cries when I become too shy to talk or participate. Its some tough stuff.
          I’ve been putting myself down for some time about all this but this is a really uplifting thought. Sometimes its hard to put it in perspective but like Deepak Chopra said having spiritual recognition of my true value is where my real self-esteem comes from… and Im beginning to see that!

      • Andromeda, I love how you express the ego as the first house. So so true. All your beautiful heart wisdom is so much what I express to others but have always had difficulty allowing it for myself. I work on this every moment of every day and have now gotten pretty good at it.
        I have actually gotten to the point where I live mostly as an expression of my trueself, but still every now and then the ego gets my attention It is a slow patience-orientated, but worthwhile path.
        So often it is easier for us to allow in others what we cannot allow in our self.
        Beautiful words everyone *sniffs*

        As a side note, I know ALOT of Leos, more than any other sign my whole life. All of the ones I know are warm, friendly, loyal and sociable, but are not naturally extroverted. They have to work at it, they seem quite critical of them selves. But that criticism is more an internal thing than an outward expression, only noticed once you know a person. Just something I have observed being nurtured by so many Leos my whole life.

    • Hey you lovely fellow 1st house Saturn peeps, great reading your analysis here. It’s funny, I was such an intensely shy youth and remain a very quiet and at times quite shy person, so people, especially my family, are quite baffled that I chose career ambitions that would place me in the public eye. And I continue to court even more public attention LOL! I am almost never nervous when I am public speaking but can get SO nervous over a one-on-one conversation I can be reduced to a shaking mess. Very odd, but I guess constructing a public persona is easier for me than baring the private persona.

      Another thing about 1st house saturn – independence! I cannot bare relying on other people for anything. Maybe that’s a Capricorn thing, but I really am almost psychotically stoic and self-reliant.

      Oh and then there’s the self criticism and perfectionist thing too – but then that could be having Saturn smack bang in a first house Stellium in Virgo of all places… Yikes!

      But in truth I LOVE my Saturn. Love it’s strength and grounding foundation out of which all the other bits of my chart may fly and explore and play, knowing they are safely tethered back to Saturn safety.

      • I think the independence is Cappy, I am quite comme si comme ca about stuff. But I have Venus conj my Saturn in the 1st house (Kataka), so I apparently meet life with open arms, but often reluctantly open-armed due to Saturn (“Here I am dahlings – oh GOD what am I DOING?”).

        Interesting about the relating to the public more easily than the individual! I have tendencies there too, tho my Scorpy Moon nullifies this I reckon. Are you Virgo Rising Lexi?

        Hope that our looks improve with age like Gemstone suggests y’all!

      • Here I was worrying that there wouldn’t be any information on 1st house Saturn, but looks like we’ve got it in spades! My Saturn is in the first, but closer to the 2nd house cusp. I do worry about money sometimes (and I think “worry” is probably a Saturn in 1st characteristic), and relate to the “independence” comment earlier. I’ve got a lot of Fire (Sag rising, Leo stellium in the 9th house) so I also get the thing about feeling extroverted and shy at the same time. I *want* to be noticed and appreciated, but sometimes react with embarrassment or down-playing the situation when I am. I’ve also read that a “tendency toward depression” is a characteristic of Saturn in the 1st house, and can relate to that as well.

    • I know a lovely Taurean guy with Saturn conjunct his first house sun. He’s terribly misunderstood — others often find him aloof, when really he’s incredibly shy, self effacing and self conscious. He worries so much about saying the wrong thing that he doesn’t say anything. Anyway, I’m encouraging him to smile more and allow more people to see what his friends do. I don’t believe he should pretend to be something he is not, but I feel his natal Saturn is casting a shadow on his sun. He’s an incredibly meticulous and hard worker, so I’m encouraging him to reverse the sun saturn equation and feel secure that he’s done the work, earned the cred and to allow his charm to shine through.

      As for fear of failure, someone like an Aries or Sagg with strong Mars or Jupiter will feel the fear and do it anyway.

      • another 1st h saturn here! it’s in saggo, though i’m scorpio asc.
        i can relate with everything you say
        shyness, perfectionism, sometimes i’m too hard on myself (could it be because it’s retrograde?)
        when i was younger criticism from parents/teachers/etc. hurt and i strived to be perfect, i became a little overachiever.
        Now that i’m older it’s something I’ve been working on and i try to not take things so seriously ๐Ÿ™‚

        other thing is that when i was a child i looked older, now i’m always mistaken for a younger person and i’m 25 haha
        that is saturn’s influence, right?

  6. Saturn’s in my eleventh house, Leo, with Pluto cuddled up right beside it. Sheesh. So dealing with family in early life, school and any groups or public work is really hard for me. I now work hard not to take offence and withdraw to protect myself and I had a real lesson when I nearly walked out on a group, stayed and it led to my development as a teacher. I still find myself cautious in on-line forums, but I’ve worked hard to stay put and I’ve seen the huge benefits in meeting so many loving, kind people on-line.

    • 11th house here too, conj. South Node! Struggled socially through school and have always valued my freedom and independence above all else, but now see my friendships as a huge source of happiness. Interesting what you say about being (over) sensitive. My Saturn/S Node are in Cancer. I too see ‘not taking offence’ as a conscious, positive decision. I’m prone to tie myself in knots worrying about whether I’ve upset someone else, as I know I can be a bit cavalier with my opinions – one of the reasons I feel I should cut others some slack.

      • Mines in the 11th as well – part of my saggo stellium of Sun/Merc/Uranus. Can totally relate to the struggling socially initially/in school etc. I didn’t really get good social skills until I was about 16? I’m incredible social now and have a varied social circle *but* I’m really, really aware of how other people interact/who’s being left out/who needs help etc. in social situations. It’s a strength now imo where my Saggo merc would run roughshod and tactlessly through and over anyone without this influence! The flip side is agonising over whether I’ve upset people/over analysing the situation…

        I am also over sensitive to other people’s opinions and I often feel like I’m being judged (negatively) when I’m not – still working on this!

        *And* I’ve never linked it before but I’m amazingly cautious on forums – I freak out whenever I post anything!

  7. Saturn in 5th house…. I do seem to have a fear of not finding love, not being ‘enough’ for the ones I fall for, and time and time again seem to get my heart broken. Romance is so important to me but I seem to take my insecurities into relationships, and can go years between finding someone I like…

    • I have the same placement so I completely understand… I’m extremely cautious when it comes to relationships and I’m really an “all or nothing” gal and it doesn’t help that my Sun is Scorpio!

      I really want to work out my “issues” before it gets too late because I would be totally bummed to go thru life and fail this particular lesson…

      • Yes, I totally get what you mean!! We should start a support group or something… xx

        • I have Saturn in the 5th too – and that was my first fear. But when you think about it, 5th relationships are fun and light and flirty but the really important enduring ones are 7th house, yeah? (Or 8th house soul mates!) Maybe it’s more a case of not being able to enjoy the fun of short term flings (or relationships that are amazing but have a use by date) because we’re so focused on finding THE ONE? Just a thought! x

          5th is also parenting/ kids and games…

          • CBA – god another returnee …

            hi baby cakes – clink clink soon hot stuff?!! xox ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I like your take, CBA – and it kind of fits as well, since I struggle with keeping things light. If I like someone enough to be with them, I like them enough to commit to them, because I don’t do love by halves…

            Oh yeh, found this very cheerful article online about how women with Saturn in the 5th are often barren and bitter and are hated by children, lol… Gotta love those naysayers.

          • Good point, Champagne! I don’t do “flings” well… In my world relationships have to go someplace or have some meaning or I check out quickly. Now, my best friend is a Leo and she flits from one inane relationship to the next. Sometimes, I envy her that but then when I look at all the dead bodies that are piled up in her love mausoleum, I much prefer my approach!

    • Omg god, is that what is the problem with saturn in the 5th house. Yes, we need a support group no wonder, I go through long absences without a love relationship as well like right now I am done…I’m all in or all out. Some may be the ONE but I treat my relationships like they are. Where do you find info on Saturn in the 5th house? on here somewhere? Thanx

  8. Cap Saturn in 11th house with Mercury/Neptune and loosely conjunct Uranus. My training is to major Advertising/Public Relations with event planning. I am going to learn how to loosen myself up in the group setting because I will be in the control.

    My fears is being rejected because I know I am different, deciding to be a loner when I REALLY want a helping hand, not able to see what others see in me, the fact that I may have poor interpersonal skills because I am from a working class and I want to be at the top. I think since Sun-Midheaven added the mix. I want to be seen but NEED a private life.

    Am pre-Saturn return… btw recommend any good interpersonal savvy/tips/guidebooks?

    • Me too le bush- Saturn in Cap in 11th House but also conj Moon. Ouch! Totally hideous. I understand your fear about being different: me as a child, coming home from school with huge, great, gulping sobs from having no friends, urging my mother to pleeeeze move me (again) to another school.

      So hard but then I learnt to embrace my difference and see them as my strength and establish a tribe of different others for support and when necessary, withdraw, but don’t see it as a weakness but just self-nuturing.

      Fortunately my Saturn is well-aspected and so it’s a strength.

      And when you play my Saturn’s rules one is rewarded in spades.

      MM I think this is such a great exercise you’ve posed. A great way of viewing the wound of one’s chart.

      And if I may humbly say (“humble” isn’t a very trendy word, I know but buggrit, I’m using it) I think the blogs on this post are inspiring and courageous. Very affirming.

      And re a book – recommend Liz Greene’s “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil”

      • D’oh! I meant, when you play BY Saturn’s rules, not “my” – what was that – an arrogant Freudian slip? How embarrassment….

        • Ha! about the Freudian slip.

          I don’t know if Saturn is well aspected but it’s HPIC (Head Planet In Control) and touching almost 5 out 9 planets (including Chiron). It’s loaded with super potent tools for me to take but making me super conscious with tools that I have.

          Gasp, that was me every time I get into a new environment, I take a good one look of the place and I want to back home and pretend that it’s not very interesting or whatever know what excuses I made.

          Thank you for the book recc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Saturn in the 10th conjunct midheaven. I am completely obsessed with being a public failure. Or not being successful enough. It’s not that I’m work phobic either.

    I just can’t seem to settle on finding my career path. Although I am a parent I really want to work but can barely leave the house for fear of being judged and the stupid thing is on an individual basis I couldn’t give a hoot about what people think of me but leaving the house and facing them I just seem to have a block.

    I’m hoping my Saturn return will give me the boot to get out there and kick start my career spent years umming and ahhing about what to do, kinda settled on teaching just have to go back to my studies.

    • sabbers, what’s your take on judging others? Meaning, if you fear being judged in the public eye – why? Are you critical of others who wrong-foot things in life, or have you had a parent or other key figure in your life who has always seemed to judge others harshly? Perhaps you absorbed unhelpful messages about not being “enough” in certain arenas.

      Fear of failure can often stop us from making true progress in many things, New ventures, study, love (in my case at least lol), an outing in a new ‘scene’, etc.

      Saturn oh Saturn… with its YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH theme always playing in our minds ready to trip us up until we finally see where and how it takes effect. THEN with simple understanding (and compassion for self, past experiences) and insight we become Good Enough!

      Starting anything new, always takes understanding that it’s the baby steps, slow progress, inch forwards, forgive self for the mistakes.. We rarely land in our brave new world with instant Shock And Awe reception from our intended audience. Try the easy things first, don’t saddle yourself with impossible tasks and thereby let failure become a self-fulfilling prophecy. be kind to yourself.

      hope that’s not too full on , good luck in whatever you are doing ! xx

      • Hmm that’s a toughie something I hadn’t considered before. I’m very accepting of others I believe, even people that are considered to have done something wrong. I always believe there must have been a reason for it and it’s sad that they chose that path. I have a few saggy placements and Neptune on the Asc so I’m very accepting and I seem to feel every ones pain, and very emotional, especially if I see something happening that would hurt another person.

        I think it possibly stems from my father perhaps another Saturn/10th house reason, he was always like do better than your friends, when you’re older and you have lots of money and a great career blah blah you can laugh at them. Or for heavens sake don’t turn out like your mother. Who is lazy and never had a job and had kids young.

        Which I feel like I’m becoming like her. Which I don’t want to be lazy or jobless lol. But now you say that I did just have an oh yeah moment.

        But baby steps is better than none I think. It’s better than staying in one place doing nothing. At least it’s something.

        • saturn in 10th is good for research & i think if you’re planning to be a teacher your saturn placement could be really helpful to you – cafe astrology says it’s good for leaders and guides.

  10. Saturn in the 9th too Maria I think from my reading (and please astro fiends correct me if I am wrong) that the 9th indicates life philosophy – to answer the question why I am here what is my purpose?
    I’ve really struggled with that in the past and have only recently tried to find my optimistic self. “I can be the change I want to see in the world”.
    Not very good at identifying where Saturn is for me now – hope it is somewhere in my eighth as it certainly feels that way.

  11. So.. are we basing it on 1st house being the sun sign? Some do.. some don’t and I find that concept a little confusing. If so, Saturn in 4th with Chiron.

    Early unrest and lots of movement in house/home until pretty much the beginning of the decade past. Lots of family stuff and unsettled living or wandering in early years and I guess.. if I’m on the money.. home and hearth is also related to finding one’s place in the world and I don’t actually have that still even though I’m comfortable/settled and have most of what I want it’s still not what I want and I’m still not sure where ‘home’ actually is.

    I read it can also be about the inner world, inner security and private thoughts etc and they fluctuate as the landscape changes and I’m selective about sharing as I’ve learnt that confessions don’t always serve me.

    Hmmm… curious. I need to understand more =)

  12. Saturn is conjunct my leo ascendent (by 2 degrees) … My saturn is technically in the 12 house but I’ve heard if its on the boarder it gets counted as being in the first. Does anyone have any insight into this?

    When I was younger I flipped between being an intolerable show off to being uber shy … more balanced now… but still not as glam/well groomed as the other librans/leos.

    Mystic … does this mean I’m in for a really rough time this mercury-retro… particularly as i’m in the midst of rallying up support and launching a major biz deal/project?

    • I have a similar placement. I posted a note re this just below.
      If you search the Saturn (in diy particularly i think) archives you’ll come across a few conversations between myself and SPAMLR re this topic, as she also has it.
      (hi SPAMLR, hope alls well in your world)

  13. um, someone, anyone?… I have Saturn in 12th house and have read it means ‘plagued by self-doubt’ (check), ‘tends to feel different or isolated’ (check)…. can anyone enlighten me further? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. i have saturn in 12th house too. would love to know more about what it means… i’ve read what it says on astrodienst but want love to know more ?????

  15. I have Saturn in the twelfth house of the unconscious. Have read that โ€œsome with this placement take responsibility for the care of mentally ill or others who are separate from humanity.โ€ It was only just the other day that I was reflecting that the reason I am drawn to working with people with Autism is that they seem to be not fully in this reality. I think the appeal there is that they confirm my twelfth house Saturn that can feel cut off from the world and even not that connected with my physical self at times (maybe somewhat vague and a sense of observing myself). Sometimes I think I talk about myself to others for confirmation that โ€˜I amโ€™ lol. So the task for such a placement is to face and integrate the unconscious realms, to bring in awareness. To do this is to journey beyond the ego.

    Had a dream last week that I was on a boat (symbolic of the ego vessel) out at sea (symbolic of the unconscious) when I was asked by a friend if I had ever been on an expensive boat to which I replied that I had not. I was then asked if I would like to go on. At this my eyes lit up and I said that I would. I Jungian dream analyst friend (on-call J) interpreted this as starting to explore the unconscious. โ€œAn expensive boatโ€, he says, โ€œis one which has a lot of time and energy invested into it. Analysis is such an investment.โ€ Must be coming to terms with my Saturnโ€ฆ Accepting who I am perhaps. Saturn in Capricorn should assist with the discipline to work on integrating the unconscious and the shadow side of the self.

    • good interp MSI, I’m 12th house too and have always felt drawn to outsiders and vulnerable people who are more real than those living inside the box. Poss why I love working with the elderly.

      I could go into isolation at the mo but I’ve keeping aware of the little ways peeps who don’t know what to say are showing compassion in many little ways.

      • Whoah – 12th houser here too – in Pisces. Done my stint in Aged Care as well, until it wore me down, and almost out…

        The mentally ill? LOL! – every long term relationship has been with some ‘Arty’ type who is… – no joke.

        Have ALWAYS felt ALIEN…

        • Some guy into shamanism told me I AM from another planet!!

          You aged-carers have such an important job. I know a couple of people who do that, sounds exhausting. So much driving and talking and cheering up-ing, ETC. I admire you. Nurses too.

    • “Saturn in 12th also & yes am drawn aide / connect with outsiders, though it hasnโ€™t manifest in the work arena. yetโ€ฆ.
      yes to immediate compassion for the disadvantaged.
      yes to self-questioning & reassurance.(…)”

      This is me too! Plus i love to isolate myself. Then again, I don’t know if I really love it or if it’s something I just *have* to do to be myself. I’m secretly afraid of being overwhelmed, I think.

      My saturn in 12th house (virgo) is conjunct to jupiter. What does that mean?

      • Jupiter can take the edge off Saturn and give you a balanced middle ground perspective. Otherwise Jupes in the 12th could get lost in the great unconscious ocean, whilst Saturn freezes up so much it forgets to swim.

    • Seeing the 12th is ruled by Neptune (or Jupiter — Pisces correspondences), Saturn may restrict the ability to sense cosmic interconnectedness or the BIG PICTURE going on around you.

      • thanks Ubes!!

        the cluster fug of action planets in Virgo can spark simultanious focus on marco & micro losing ‘big picture’ – & if Saturn at play, tis blinkered at times …. *hmmm, ponders*

        love yr back. & yr front also … lol – ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Saturn in 12th/Cancer/conj Asc.
      Natty posted the following in response to a comment I made re that placement resulting in much self flaggelation in response to perceived emotional weaknesses (admitting to them)
      It got lost in the site reboot. Unusually however I had recorded and thus repost for prosperity.
      Some cancer related but filter as you wish
      – set healthy limits on delusions and projections
      – explore vastness of the universe/other in an organised way
      – bring mothering and fathering qualities to 12th concerns
      – find comfort and nourishment through dreams/psychic experiences
      – very intuitive with gift for turning intuition into practical outcomes
      – explore spirtuality through safety and security of own home

      I defn need my home space to ‘think’ (4th is in Scorp) and trying to manage the balance of second last point
      I’ve a Pisces moon sq Neptune which accenuates the potential for fantasy/delusion.
      But important point I think is seeing Saturn as way to help structure/work through issues of psyche/subconscious. Particularly with it conjunct my asc, admitting to fear or failure is difficult, accepting that some things cannot be rationalised, but that is the challenge/benefit. The strength to be able to acknowledge those fears or delusions and that you can move on from them.

      • hmmmm interesting!!

        as an aside – started reading yr post last night & the area had a power outage – first one I can recall. anyway subsequently almost every electrical thing requirered-booting & never got back to this till now lol ….

        thanks shell!! xox ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Er… Saturn in Virgo conjunct Mars in the 6th house here… “in the 6th House can be a hypochondriac”

    Hypochondriac… yeah sort of. I am hopeless at recognising when I am ACTUALLY sick or need to rest, it just doesn’t register. Yet when I THINK I’m sick, I go into a state of panic… omg what is wrong with me… kind of panic.

    Although I would like to add my brother and sister are both nurses, my OLDER siblings who terrified me with stories about all sorts of things… Would I want either of them as my nurse? Hell nooo! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    • Hey BG was just posting when you wrote this.
      Fascinating . Do you get sick first or aware of the potential to get sick first? You must have a fairly robust immunity to work in cafes and survive endless streams of airborne gick .

      • I was just thinking the same about your post, fascinating! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        Usually when I am actually sick, I generally can’t tell unless there are physical signs like I am running a temp or need to sit down if I’m exhausted. But as soon as i think I’m better I’m back into full routine, which is usually a little premature. When I was about 7 or 8yrs old I became so sick, but I walked into town (country) which was about 10min walk and took myself to the dr who then admitted me to hospital and kept asking me how.. did.. you get here again?

        Generally I am pretty good re immunity but I believe that exercise helps fend off flu etc. Currently I am nursing a few injuries due to (consistent) premature return to exercise without allowing the injuries to heal… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        Am already wondering if I have a bug because of not being able to exercise… SEE! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        • Lol. Wow, I don’t know whether to say poor you or lucky you. Amazing you for getting yourself to the doc. This is a total intuitive guess but have any psychic peeps asked you if you are a shape shifter? Apart from the exercise results ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Me too, Saturn in Virgo conjunct Mars and also Venus. Totally relate to what you’ve written about not quite getting better after sickness and excercise warding off colds etc. Also thinking about the Virgo body connection? There is the idea of Virgo being that earthy woman sort of ultimate Ceres character. I remember reading about a Virgo womans body being like a supple landscape with valleys and crevices like the Grand Canyon. I feel my Saturn in 6th house does give me a relationship with my body in which I often feel very insecure about my body, almost like it’s my burden! Yet I know from what people say I have a beautiful body that, hmm funnily enough, people say is earthy and landscapish…. And I’ve just started a process of loving my body through exercise, flamenco dancing and yoga!!

            • ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

              No twinfish haven’t been told that, although… what is it exactly?

              Interesting sassa, yes I sometimes feel a little disconnected with my body and have found meditation is helpful, although not entirely successful… ๐Ÿ˜† I have heard Yoga is a much better for that and friends are saying it is brilliant!

              My chiro once told me that I reminded him of another client he has, he said the way we treated our bodies was so intense that he was constantly doing the same work on our bodies, individually. Always giving us tonnes of magnesium etc. I was so surprised when he told me the other person was a professional athlete… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ He said my endurance levels were pretty high for a person who exercises for fun… Is that the same fo others who have Saturn so close to Mars?

  17. Saturn in 4th house and have just recently embarked on a task to love my family of origin , warts and all. It has turned my confidence around enormously as there is so much social discomfort about dysfunctional family relations. And it also turned up some fascinating ancestors, travelling entertainers of the Edwardian theatre, to whose lives I can easily relate.
    And as for a home ( 4th house) of my own, I’m finally ok with doing it my way.
    I totally agree that Saturn need not make the house it’s in feel sat upon. The turd, once petrified, is the rock you can build on. Hehe. Ok that’s a pretty abstract mythologising but u get the drift.
    Be interesting to hear from anyone using this pro-Saturn alliance power who has Saturn in the 6th house if it improved their health?

    • Saturn in 4th in ..,Virgo

      yes I have hang ups about being organized, berate self for lack of organisation. and Classicly have family hang ups too.

      I am a very bad procrastinator- I constantly battle with that. hmmm I do think that is a 4th house thing.

  18. Saturn in 11th house, I socialise with a large group of friends and work with a team of people, but always feel like an outsider. I find it easier to make friendships with older people.

  19. Saturn in 3rd house at 9 Lib and currently transiting nearly at the same spot in 3rd house 11 Lib…

    So me the novice trying to understand this… 3rd house is communication, no? So the fear would be a fear of speaking my truth… transformed into a strength would be an affirmation like… I declare my truth loudly and boldly! If I have not totally got this wrong that is LOL!

    And in Libra… um indecision? Wavering?

    New-to-fab-astro peep here waving for some expert insight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Funny thing is that when I was growing up I was TERRIFIED of speaking my truth, to the point where I became a compulsive liar to.. of all things.. appear NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE, oh the hilarity..

    I have no problems these days to the point of almost being Saggo, which is a good thing methinks.

    • A strong Libra Saturn can turn folks into people-pleasers I.M.O – a sorta Yes Man quality. Libra loves to be loved – it’s a Venus thing – but can take that to extreme lengths in keeping others happy, saying what they need to hear, saying Yes when inside they’re screaming No, bending over backwards for popularity – always something to look out for with strong Libra placements I reckon. In third house, I think you’re dead right, fear of speaking out, but you can transform that one into a healthy fear of being misunderstood. Say it like ya mean it, and make sure they get what ya really mean!

  20. thanks for your insight ‘Mystic’s Intern’… yep, i too am drawn into other’s lives and seem to have boyfriends that have so much drama going on in their lives. I live through it with them; partly detached and partly lovingly involved. So, your insight made a lot of sense. Oh, and speaking of isolation (Leogroover), man, that’s all i want to do at the moment. If it wasn’t for my job being enjoyably busy, i’d go hide somewhere, fill myself on red wine and carbs and cry! Seriously! But one needs to go to work and wear the ‘happy’ mask and carry on! Such is my life ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Totally with you JX. holding it together well. am proud of myself for it. hope you are too.

    • Maybe you’re projecting onto them your inner drama? For ages I thought it was most of my friends that had problems and wondered why I attracted colleagues and even just random people that I would meet who had ‘issues’. Now I am seeing my own issues for what they are, and it’s not exactly the most comfortable experience, can be icky, but worth exploring so long as one can remain relatively grounded and sane โ€“ dreamwork! I’ve always worn a happy, even ‘ditzy/naive’ mask too โ€“ fooled even myself at times…

      • I think we attract like minded peeps but also peeps whose probs we can handle and we may act as their support teams. i’m in a caring pos for few wayward friends and they for me. as long as it is not draining and unhealthy then its meant to be.

        • Who was it sang that song – people who need people are the happiest people in the world. ?
          There’s a pragmatic truth to our coexistence on this planet and individual’s ‘issues’ are but one aspect of this multifaceted relationship.

  21. i have saturn in my 5th house in virgo? I am an artist. Play is pretty important to me. I don’t know what this means? anyone?

  22. I have saturn in the 12th house conjunct Lilith and Chiron. I feel sorry for animals and other helpless beings. I often isolate and have had disappointing relationships with Pisces men. Its not meant to be an easy placement for saturn esp as its in Pisces. I never know what career i am meant to have. Any suggestions!! xx

    • With an *th House Saturn no choice BUT to polish it ๐Ÿ™‚

      No=one wants to talk about death with me, dammit, so no oppportunity
      to polish what i find a most fascinating subject.

      • I’ll talk death! I’ve just spent a week with my nana in hospital waiting for her to die. It was her funeral today. It was pretty amazing to watch her come to the end of her life. Things just slowly started shutting down until it all stopped. It’s an incredible process and I’m so glad I could be with her through it.

        • It IS good to be there at the very end. I’m sure she appreciated it.


        • Don’t we love our Nanas. What a wonderful experience to witness
          her slowly going and to be WITH her, to me that’s an honour many of
          us don’t get.
          She’ll visit you in dreams, Nic.
          Have a theory that we get what we believe when we die. (there’s that word again,
          Sympathies to you. x

          • I think we get what we believe in too! She had dementia and through the last few weeks she kept saying that her dad was in the room. I’m not sure what happens when we die, whether we actually float off to somewhere lovely or if it’s all a series of chemical reactions in our brains. It’s fun to speculate sometimes, but I know she’s doing alright now, even if she’s just feeding the worms. The physical cycle of life/death is just as beautiful to me as the idea of an eternal soul/consciousness.

  23. Saturn in 6th house along with Mars. I have hard time defining 6th house. Isnt it a service house? Health, food, day to day stuff, jobs etc??

    • Mr. Sassy says, “This position normally confers organisational ability..and a mistrust of life”. And, “This position might describe ‘health freaks”. “Some may make a career out of healing professions” and “There can be over-criticism of those with whom they work”.

      Your Saturn shit is the best because if you get sick, it’s a message from the gods, your pets are your shining light AND you excel at routine and ritual yet you are a bad-ass rebel.. ah the best of both worlds!

      • Yes, a mistrust a life. But health wise, yes can be very strict. Thnx andy for the info xxx Will be a master by the time i have my Saturn return. I trust in life. Life is a safe place for me.

      • Wish I read this before I posted below! I also have saturn in the 6th house.
        Sick-as-a-message makes perfect sense, my pets ARE my only shining light, my routine is mapped out in my diary to the exact minute, and I most certainly rebel against anything that I feel is trying to tie me down.

  24. In Libra in the 7th. I remember reading all the older astro texts about having Saturn in the 7th when I was young and being miserable and now here I am heading for spinsterhood in my 30’s, yay! Ha. Ugh, it’s deffo my achilles heal, I find it very hard to meet people I would like to have a relationship with, I’m always drawn to much older people in general but especially men. Current unrequited crush is at least 12 years older than me, last person I slept with more than once was 17 years older. I’m exceptionally good at ending up with what I don’t want or who I don’t want because what and who I don’t want can’t hurt me. Or so I think, it’s pretty pathetic and hard to explain to people who aren’t so self sabotaging in love. It wasn’t always like this but I had youthful naivety on my side.

    I really need to learn how to become less terrified of letting people anywhere near and start embracing the less negative sides of having Saturn there. I like that all my actual relationships have been authentic and I have very long friendships. It just gets a bit dull and lonely being this way and I DON’T want it to carry on for much longer, I’m ready for something and to give it my all.

    • i dunno what lies ahead for you charley but i thought i’d let you know I was in my 30s when I found my good thing so all is not lost lovely. you can never tell what’s around the corner especially with all the uranus shenanigans going on opposite right now and if you’re aware of your limitations in this zone you’re already on the path to being able to master them. Saturn on PLuto believe it or not will probably be a blessing – you’ll have added oomph to delve deeper into the causes.

      • Thanks whatevs, I know I’m being a little melodramatic, I’ve been single for 3 years and it’s really only the last 6 months that’s bothered me. I suppose I should calm down and not write myself off quite yet, I guess I just know how I am and how things are likely to go and that’s scary and a bit sad but maybe thanks to the astro I can foresee and work on it. Thanks for the positive spin on the impending Pluto Saturn hang out too, there has to be one I’m sure ha! x

    • Saturn in 7th as well

      headed for spinsterhood in my 40’s! I find it really true that it’s hard to meet people. (really I like to blame chiron in 5th) I have forced myself to get out and about (because I hate doing so) but you can’t expect people to just show up when you stay home a lot. but yeah…no one. Unrequited crush is the norm here. I can say I’m not particularly drawn to older men. I’ve had maybe 2 relationships where that was true and they were early on. The past 4 peeps have been considerably younger or close to same age. But i have heard that Saturn in the 7th likes older peeps.

      but yeah you reminded me, all of my relationships have been deep, real and long lasting when I do have one.

      • Yes, here too.

        Deep, real and long lasting (even if as friends…)

    • I have Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th House.

      I seem to only be attracted to people much older and have a very difficult time being around people even remotely close to my age. God forbid I have to hang out with anyone younger than me. I’ve had to many times and was ALWAYS miserable! I understand the restrictive nature of Saturn here. People with this placement do seem to purposely pick (older) partners and even friends who “restrict” them in some way. I especially do this because NOT only do I have Saturn Opposite my Ascendant—-I have Pluto (in Scorpio) Square my Leo Ascendant (which is EXACTLY Conjunct Chiron).

    • supercrab has saturn 7th scorpio conjunct dsc and its interesting because I there seems to be a big lot of 7th houser saturn peeps here and I am a lover/loving friend lets say but I am 5 years his senior and was only saying the other day I can see him taking a really long time to settle down. I have a very multi role in his world but can see the loneliness in a relationship sort of thing for him because he is kind of trapped by glass though immaculate in person has typical british emo issues of which I am lovingly and with his permission smashing with a hammer. It’s like his wisdom in love and relating is a very slow marinade, he never lets his guard down for shit. For him it is sexuality maybe for you it is love and relating (libra) -Saturn as Chronos the reaper in this way I can see that effect it has in my life 3rd house now like a field I either sew seeds into and reap or plant badly and do not feed. Not sure if that analogy means anything but waiting and learning are not bad things just gotta work WITH the grain so to speak xx

      • Yikes, I only just realised (after years of staring at my chart) that Saturn is exactly conjunct my DSC too! Not really sure what that means to be honest, I mean I can gather a general gist but who knows, more, more, more intensity regarding one to one relationships I suppose. I’m not surprised he has issues letting his guard down with that happening in Scorpio and a crab too, seven years with my crab and even then he was restrained and somewhat repressed.

        Feel like I’m more frustrated because I didn’t used to be this way but I suppose it happens to us all with the baggage and the heartbreaks along the way. What will be will be, the astro is useful as a tool though and a way of understanding, I’d be flailing without it (and you all and your awesome insights!).

  25. I was going to type “i’ve been thinking a lot about this” but then I realise the irony

    3rd house saturn (jupiter/lilith) virgo
    well I have been thinking a lot about this saturn placement. Expression not quite so because I am such a 5th houser but verbally yes. Very intellectual father looked down on us for not being genius’s. I did actually welcome his strict love of intellect I just wish he wasn’t such a cock about it. School was shit on every level, I taught myself most things I know despite a great love of learning. My mother sent me to a speech therapist when I was a child because she did not like my accent. Talking about anything you felt was forbidden in my house and school (and boy didn’t they get the motherload with me :D) so my natural ‘look mum no hands” style was kind of beaten out of me and I have been refining my voice ever since

      • aw. ty. I am still fascinated by the relationship to the 3rd house. I am guess being gem rising its kind of important too yes? It’s got so many manifestations though right from strict values with social etiquette down to over thinking absolutely everything that I have to do rituals in my mind to break patterns when they start to own me.

        • OMG MS I’m listening to that link to TED – I just had a flashback to primary school and realised the exact moment when an aspect of my creativity was snuffed out by a teacher – I’ve lived in fear of that thing ever since. WOW. Thank you for sharing the link babe (apart from the fact it’s interesting because I want to teach the kind of kids who cannot be taught) I’m gobsmacked by the emotions that have just been brought up by that revelation. Strangely enough a few weeks ago I decided I needed to fix this thing I’m scared of and have started working through it but had no idea it stemmed from a particular point in my lifetime. I’d forgotten all about the event. crazy. AND the awful experience was to do with a project relating to my dad as well – saturn in the 10th = absent father. That teacher was a bitch about my little project about my dad. I can’t even remember her name. LOL righto outta here before I come unhinged and irrational on behalf of my 6 year old self.

          • I love this talk so much because it speaks to that in us all. everyone has a personal response to that and i love love love watching people respond with their stories. It’s like he’s giving everyone permission to listen to their inner voice and liberate themselves from convention. Beautiful.

        • ” down to over thinking absolutely everything that I have to do rituals in my mind to break patterns when they start to own me. ”

          are you obsessive compulsive about your obsessive compulsions ๐Ÿ˜€ ?

          • lol. i need to smash my mind up every now and then. think thats a merc-uranus thing though. good antidote to rigid thinking burn

    • I have a friend with Saturn in the 3rd and a lot of what you say seems to apply to him. He is self-taught in just about everything, has dyslexia, and came from an intellectual background but hates his dad because of all the conflicts that stem from his aloofness. I was wondering what Saturn in the 3rd would be like.

      • just so this does not get reinterpreted- my personal background is not intellectual just had the push at home in strict ideology despite non academic family. nor do I hate my father, he is cocky and competitive with his intellect that was a lot of pressure growing up- ie. not knowing things would attract a certain level of insult despite age. but that’s just him.

    • Saturn in 3rd here too. I used to get asked what country I am from all the time, told I had a (non-local) accent.
      I have developed a slight stutter (happened at 30 lol) when I am excited or confused or angry… much to the surprise of family – no-one has mentioned it to me, but I know it when it happens.

      • That is interesting, I get asked what country I am from all the time too for the same reason, having a different accent, odd effect of Saturn in 3rd hey?

          • this post is old but i feel like i need to connect. WOW the whole accent thing happened to me too! it has developed over the past 5 years and I haven’t even noticed it. its insane I found out about it when a friend told me that a friend of hers asked her which country I was from after meeting her. Then I asked my other friends about it and they said I only do it when I’m realy being careful about what I’m saying. I have started to stutter a little as well when I’m nervous.. I also feel as though everything I say has to be perfect so I take great pauses in order to construct it in my head, but that loses everyone’s attention. My dad is the phd, borderline aspergers intellectual as well.. insane this all lines up. Constantly making me and my other family members feel inadequate or stupid. Monologues are not my forte..

  26. 10th house – I got my first job when I was 7! When I was a child I’d go round the neighbourhood asking for work so I could do things with the $. I grasped early on that to get the $ to do the stuff you want to do a job makes it possible faster. I was always really determined as a child when I wanted to do or buy things. Go saturn. I have a strong work ethic and I never give up when it comes to work I’ve made a commitment to – it’s making the commitment in the first place that’s usually the issue. If I can tell a client’s going to mess me round I’m not interested. It’s all or nothing for me. Mine’s softened by venus mercury conjunction opposing and is trine mars in the 3rd which is a great combo for the areas I work in – words, images, research. I’ve always found saturn in transit to be more intense than the natal placement.

    • Same here, 10th conjunct MC in Cap. I started to work in nappies and have not stopped. I tend to stick with jobs when most would move on.

      • wow i think that means your saturn is in dignity doesn’t it? does anyone know if it’s in its own sign is that called in dignity? Or is that exalted? That seems ideal – I have stickability to large individual projects but not long-term roles. Uranus conjunct sun upsets the apple cart when it comes to long term ongoing full time things.

      • yeah it’s kinda nerdy looking back – strangely for an entrepeneurial type i have nothing in capricorn

    • Another 10th house. I have issues dealing with the fact that I feel called to do more creative work… the sort that (a) would require starting my own business, which I do not want to do and don’t have aptitude for anyway, nor do I have a suitable partner to do the dirty for me, and (b) would mean I can never have health insurance or a regular paycheck again. That makes my Saturn FREAK OUT SCREAMING.

      • My 10th house Saturn, also conjunct my MH has been a driving force, aspirational, giving me an intense sense of purpose…and the need to succeed at my chosen task…It has also given me an ability to be self motivated and disciplined when need be….I am also a great slacker and know well how to procrastinate…

        • have you got some planets in libra? Libra is awesome at slacking when it wants to.

      • why can’t you have health insurance as a self- employed person? do you live in the USA? It seems unusual to discourage the growth of small businesses by preventing self-employed people from accessing/purchasing insurance. If you’re not good at the details finding a good accountant and those kinds of peeps is the way to deal with the stuff you can’t do yourself. You can’t be good at everything. It’s good if you’re creative and self-employed to have a small bread and butter job that’s ongoing – with saturn in the 10th I’m sure you could work out how to make it happen if you put your mind to it.

  27. Saturn in 6th house, but definitely not a hypochondriac! I am hardly ever sick – is that me already buffing my saturn to a shining joy?

    6th house also related to work, right? My 6th house is in a fire sign, and I am VERY restless when it comes to jobs; any longer than a year in one role and I get bored and irritable. Working 2 rubbish jobs as well as playing in an active band is the norm for me, so I am usually exhausted. I guess that’s the health thing right there.

    Saturn is also conjunct my Juno… my relationships do tend to be ones where I do everything to please and don’t get much in return. Definite psychological paydirt there.

  28. Saturn conjunct moon in 5th house Kataka. Never been brave enough to fall in love. Love, flirting ect. perplex me – even at 36.

  29. I have both Saturn and Jupiter ยกn house 11… correct me if I’m wrong but does this mean groups of people/community/the “tribe” is my biggest source of anxiety and my biggest asset?

    And I don’t even want to think about the fact I have nothing in house 5 or 7 (well, Chiron…).

  30. I have Saturn in the 9th house. (In Capricorn)

    I do have certain learning issues. And there are certain things that I didn’t learn in school. I will admit school…espeasialy middle school and highschool where a struggle for me.

    I don’t speak a different language fluently. I learned nothing when I took 11th grade Spanish. The teacher had very little control over the class. I feel like it was more about doing whatever it took to pass instead of learning. (I would cheat on hw and tests all the time in that class) I just don’t learn good when a teacher sucks at their job. Sometimes I feel like my Saturn is Saturning other teachers…who have to put up with me, as if my saturn is saying…’She’s a good kid, and needs help in your class…if you fail a good kid who is actually tring, then you fail as a teacher.’ Espeasially math and science teachers
    Don’t worry wouldn’t dare cheat in their class. So I would have to go after class to get help, and still woulnd’t understand or learn a damn thing. Like the teacher was effing stupid for not knowing how to dumb it down and have it make sence for me and waste my time after school, the new principal was clueless and made me take a college level math class. Hello I’m retarted at math you retard! I could go on…! Some how I got through all this shit.

    I also can’t spell for shit alot of the time.

    I’m in college now, and I do have the ocasional power struggle but I useally only have them if the teacher sucks at their job…I don’t learn the borring half assed way. Some people can but then I’m different.

    and about the travel stuff that goes along with house 9
    I’ve never been to a different country besides Canada. And if I don’t travel enough for pleasure…I get very upset and depressed. And I do what I can to travel to keep my self sane. I will take any travel I can get.

  31. I’m Scorpio Sun with Virgo Moon with Saturn in my 5th house… Needless to say, I’ve had my share of relationship issues… Not just romantically but also with my children… My relationships with my children are loving and healthy now but I still feel like I’m missing the boat with my significant other… He’s Taurus Sun with Sag Moon with Saturn in his 9th house… We work but not always and I feel like we are definitely at a crossroads… Wonder what we will look like as a couple on the other side of the upcoming retrograde?

  32. Saturn in the 10th. You can imagine how much fun that’s been while unemployed in the middle of a recession. (Sigh.)

      • Thanks, Phoenix.

        I saw this post today: “What does not kill me may nonetheless maim me.”
        (I’d rather take your example though, & rise up out of the ashes, new and strong. Saturn – do your stuff!)

  33. My Saturn is in the 10th house, conjunct both Moon and Pluto. maybe these three planets are softened by a sextile from Sag Asc and neptune (both conjunct)..what do u think?

  34. Loving Saturn in the 12th? from my experience – embrace the depression and DO NOT try and handle it on your own – mine the gold of it with therapy, myth-making, Jung, reading great literature. Face the stupid fears – go to the dentist, do the tax, whatever fears you hold on not so much because they are so terrible in themselves but because what would happen if you let them go?
    Imagine Saturn as a lovely safe little boat (which has no leaks)) which will keep you safe in the mysterious, wonderful sea that is the 12th. Its gift? allowing us to develop a deep trust in the ebb and flow of life itself.

  35. Saturn in virgo in the second. I remember expressing a worry years ago that this would be a very difficult placement for finances, and was told by my Aunt that the 2nd house is about the things you value, and that having saturn there means you take very seriously the things you value. Mind you, I would rather eat my own head than have a joint bank account.

    • Haha. Joint bank account. You’ve got to be kidding me *SHUDDER*
      Saturn in Aqua in 2nd here. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that freedom (moon Saggo) and financial independence has always been very important in my life. Throw Cap rising & 10th house Sun and, well… you get the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Saturn 29 Cap & Jupiter 6 Aqu in the 5th House…..can someone explain what this means to me ??

  37. Also ,my sun sign GEMINI with VIRGO rising….Ok ….really need to know all about my weakest area !!!

    • Virgo Rising with 5th house Saturn – intense self-criticism about your creative output / art / flower garden / baked goods…? Anything you MAKE to share with others gets a Saturn hyper-reality-check and OTT self-analysis…?

      • Thanks Lexicorn, I am in the creative business & am extremely self critical about myself & everything I do. My life is based around design…so, should I stop the criticising and just beleive what I do is good ????

  38. So warez awl teh sattan forth houzerz?

    REFUSING TO BE DRAGGED DOWN BY FAMILY OF ORIGIN. Making your own peaceful home and taking about forty years to get there.

  39. Saturn in Cancer in 1st house conjuct Mars in Cancer in 1st house.

    Now my childhood makes sense!

  40. 4th house. Helloooo parent issues. I have 5 of em. I support them emotionally for the most part. But my dad (second one) has become extremely supportive in the last 5 years. I have an understanding of the functioning of family that is extreme, to the point of all and sundry getting advice. The strength? INDEPENDENCE! I am sooo independent. YAY! Unfortunately in relationships of the past (and friendships) this has meant I have become a co-dependent of other peoples emo problems. VOM. So My big thing now is finding friends who support me and who don’t dump and I really want to meet a fella who is not a junkie and/or sociopath, who doesn’t drag me down and shit all over my life and awesomeness!

    • I second that! ๐Ÿ˜› I HATE peeps who like to SHIT on other people’s AWESOMENESS!

  41. Re saturn 3rd house -really spooky! Had a very intimate conversation about communication that totally blew my mind. supercrab sun/merc/venus conjunct 3rd houser explaining to me that he gets my communication even though I don’t use english properly cause of my synethesia/autism thing I have with picture and sound and how my self taught thing would have to be cause it doesn’t stand in formal ed. My whole MO i guess is that when people talk i see colourful pictures and language does often localise as does the meaning of symbols to others so I always try to bespoke on that level rather because it feels like a small percent of communication is actually spoken under the informed understanding of what words mean we all agree on. I imagine saturn lessons on the greater whole have been about bridging that gap, for me anyway. That translation. 3rd housers have some kind of natural ability in speech I love that eloquence

  42. Worried about if they are fun enuff for lovers and friends, if their kids are good enough and if their creative endeavours are acceptable? But apparently their creative endeavours frequently flourish under Saturn’s watchful eye.. ๐Ÿ˜‰