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I LOVE the author Neil Gaiman and voila, here is his library. Just when i was thinking books-are-clutter-Kindle this and Kindle that. But maybe NO?!

He is a Scorpio.

Citing your Sun Sign, if you had total room and budget for a library is this how you would do it?

Does it induce bibliophilia in you too?

Or do you still think minimalist with the aid of technology, thank you?

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81 thoughts on “Chez Scorp

  1. I’m a Scorpio with a Gemini Rising.

    The Scorpio in me would love a room full of books, probably darker, but with strong clear light fixtures. Definitely more scattered and chaotic.

    The Gemini in me, however, adores my Kindle. I relish in thought of having the content of thousands of books at my disposal, in one neat little package.
    It’s awesome, because – typically Mercurial – it gives me the substance of books, without the constraints of their material from.

  2. Capricorn reporting. Would definitely have a library like Gaiman’s. Actually, I’d put books any old place they’d fit, if I had a house.

    Dated a triple Cancer who would have agreed. 🙂

  3. Crab here….

    I cannot stand to read on the computer, and have yet to fall to the temptation of even testing a kindle or kindle-like thing.

    I would have an insane library with musty old books, and different lights – less modern, and somewhere a little comfy couch to nestle in.


  4. If you have a separate room as a study books like this are beautiful (and enough money), but they do need their own space.

  5. oh yes! i’d loooove to have a library like that one, I’d even add a ladder 🙂
    i understand what you mean about clutter though. i recently donated a ton of books and keep the rest in drawers under my bed and on a shelves, but wouldn’t resort to kindle. There’s nothing like opening a book and get to the exact paragraph you need,feeling the paper, notes on the margins, etc…

    gem sun/scorp rising

  6. yes and no – I’m a Scorpio and I dream of a house with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. But that rest of the room – the chair, the things on the wall in old frames, the lights – are fugly.

  7. I’m a book snob. I used to think of kindle as a potential Godsend for those of us who have to lug around tons of textbooks, but now I think it just kills the culture of reading. I love all my books and I would NEVER trade them for some electronic pad.

    Cancer Sun
    Virgo Moon

    • Oh, to answer the actual question: my library would look a little more classic than in the picture above…complete with high ceilings and tall oak bookcases aranging every book by genre or alphabetical order (Obsessive Virgo Moon here). There would probably be nice persian rugs, wooden furniture, and a fire place as well (if I’m not living in the South). There.

  8. I frequently dream of houses and in one of my best dreams, the top floor of the house was a library, with one wall being a huge window, looking down from a mountain over a series of valleys.

    No no no to Kindle, I don’t care, my books are carried with me on trips, I record bus numbers in them, use them to press flowers, lend them to friends to draw train timetables and maps of Cuzco in, get them back coffee-stained, smelling of Thai food or dirty washing, use them to prop up my bed or as address books or oracles, and read them, voraciously. Once I’ve read them, books I really hate get given to Vinnies, books I vaguely like end up on my bookshelf, and books I’m desperately in love with get carted from place to place in bags and boxes. Some books I love so much I just carry them in my handbag, not to read sequentially, just to dip into. Graham Green’s ‘The Heart of The Matter’, Patrick White “The Vivisector’, quite a bit of Colette, ‘The English Patient’, by Michael Ondaatje and his ‘Coming Through Slaughter’, Ian Fleming’s James Bond books,’Good Morning Midnight’ and ‘After Leaving Mr Mckenzie’ by Jean Rhys, ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole (which I must have read maybe 56 times since I was 12 and would be a book to take to a desert island) and ‘The Master and Margarita’ are examples of books that come on my rambles around the place. Stuff Kindle. It doesn’t smell right and you can’t write the email adress of people you meet on the way in its front cover.

  9. No it looks like a bookshop. Too many angles for me. Also hate the idea of Kindles. In the UK only soulless commuters have them. To me a classic library is still a huge dome ceiling, books from floor several storeys up to ceiling, with ladders and pulleys to reach the higher ones. Little lights & booths. For a personal library I would prefer a more cottagey, natural feel perhaps with a nice view. I am a Gemini with Venus in Taurus 🙂 Moon in Aries in 9th – want immediate access to knowledge, but grand please!

  10. Toro sun, virgo moon, gem rising. I love this! I have a separate studio that serves as my library/witch room & it kinda looks like this except i have purple velvet every where & of course a couch! Problem is my thousands of books don’t all fit & have found their way onto every spare surface throughout the house. My virgo moon detests the clutter but i love the books too much, so my toro sun thinks – move to bigger house! I could not imagine a day without reading from an old-fashioned book. Technology is awesome when it works, but more often than not shits me. Books don’t break down.,

  11. I have a 4th house Uranus that doesnt take kindly to books.
    There too difficult to lug around, too many trees sacraficed.
    And i do believe in passing things on. Dont like too many things idiling
    In my life unless they have major significance. But hey if it doubles
    In this scorps life as a community library, nice.

    But were movin on to paperless. Just gotta dim the lights on these
    Ipads.. Way to bright for reading without catching a bad bout of insomnia.

  12. Scorp Sun–I love Neil and would loooove to have a library in my house someday, but as others have noted above, this looks a bit too “bookstore” for my taste. I’d like something cozier and more traditional-looking. He lives in an old Victorian house, though, so he probably just made do with the space he had.

    And I adore my Kindle. I’ll never stop buying real books, but the Kindle is fab. I’m hooked.

  13. I DO have a library! In our tiny townhouse, the spare bedroom is our library. It was full (2 bibliophiles moved in together) (me – Cap, him – Scorpio), and then my father passed away, and we took in over 300 books from HIS library (Libra professor).

    THEN my brother (Scorpio) opened a used book store several years ago, and “paid” us to help move it in books. (“Take whatever you want!”) We had SOME self-control, because our library was already overflowing, but still wound up with 3-4 BAGS of books apiece.

    THEN, when he realized recent economic events were going to force him out of business, he invited me, my guy & my step-daughter for a free “shopping-spree” in his store! It was like a glorious dream, he locked the doors & let us loose, beaming the whole time because he knew how happy he was making us & because he could.

    FINALLY, when he closed the store & we moved the remaining books into his basement, we got “paid” in books again.

    THEN a good friend gave me his handpicked selection of mystic & new age writing as he downsized his own library. I could have turned down almost everything but, he had so many titles I had been saving up for.

    Sooooo… no, I dream of my library looking like that. Mostly, it looks like piles now. Piles on every surface, boxes, & piles escaping into the living room. I love it, but it’s forcing us to learn to purge as we go. “Was that Worthy of our library space?!”

    But it’s all older, so I STILL buy the odd new book… and the odd used book… And we’re totally delighted with book store gift cards.

    I just really noticed how relatively few of the books we actually had to shell out cash for in recent years. COOL! The books want toe beeee with ussssssss…..

    • Ah, this is a good fairytale about books themselves! QuiteLight, this makes me happy reading it. I wish you the awesome power of sturdy, tasteful shelving xx

      • We bought some of the bookshelves my brother had made for his store; we had to! & My guy made most of the rest.

        & Thanks, milleunanotte! It is a happy story, in spite of the death & store closing, because the flow of books keeps going. I never thought of it that way before!

        (Oh, & my brother is a very happy editor now, & continues to write his own works!)

  14. Had a library dream last night. (I was organizing it but it was a library/public place like an airport.) Think it meant, focus on your tasks, let others do what they will around you. (the dramas, the busyness, keep true to yourself).

    Also, I would love a library at home but I would prefer it to be more elegant, bigger too. Leo.

  15. Gaiman and I share a birthday, although different years natch. Love the wood, the beams and the shelving and my own walls are painted that brown colour, hate the armchair. I think this proves that Scorpio isn’t always about dungeons and leather and lace!

    I’ve wanted a library since I was a kid, one day I’ll have one. Even collect pics of them, nothing makes me swoon like a swaying stack of books or feel unwell like a Kindle.

  16. The Theosophical Society library (in Sydney) is AMAZING btw, titleswise. Like, entire sections dedicated to Magic for instance. It feels like my own secret library compared to standard public and uni ones.

    • Wow that does sound amazing and just my kind of place. Scorpio sun, but Cap and Asc. would make sure it’s all well catalogued and organized 🙂

      On a side note, have to admit that one of the first things I do when I go to someone’s house is to nonchalantly check out what books they have. Any place that doesn’t have books laying around becomes immediately suspect to me. Lol!

      • “. . . one of the first things I do when I go to someone’s house is to nonchalantly check out what books they have.” Yes. Lack of books is a red flag, as is “I don’t like to read.” You don’t WHAT?

  17. I hate the shelf with the ugly brackets, and I don’t care for the way that bookcase is lined up behind the chair. That bottom row would be a housekeeper’s nightmare. On the other hand, I would love to have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

    Don’t have kindle, although it would be a nice option. I like actual books. I like the feel, the heft of the book in the hand, the scent of the paper, the sound as I turn the page. Reading is not just an informational exercise; it is also a sensual experience. Many of my books have been read over and over by generations. If the book was in the house, we were allowed to read it. If we had questions, we were encouraged to ask. My own child has been raised the same way.

    On the other hand, I feel no particular obligation to keep books. If my grandmother’s 1897 history book is on the shelf, it’s because we enjoy the content, as well as her writing in the margins. When I’ve finished with a book, it’s traded in at the used bookstore for another book, a cd, or a dvd.

  18. Visiting an eccentric, almost otherwordly, hippy café by the name of Eutopia in the tiny town of Kaiwaka in NZ has led me to dream of having a circular library room. It would be full of carefully selected metaphysical themes, esoteric titles, inspiring literature, transpersonal psychology and cutting-edge physics. Plus a smattering of arty and photographic books. Visitors most welcome, and encouraged, to retreat to my library, in the hopes they will learn a thing or two. Incense optional. Window, ideally, looks out onto rainforest garden.

    Very Scorp et Aqua Rising.

  19. Nice library! I wish i had one like that.

    I don’t get the Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer thing at all. *yawn* It’s like he got almost hardly any press as a “celeb-personality” until he was about to get married. (Plenty of press as an author though in geek circles.) boooooring.

    • And Kindles….
      I consider them different than books. It will never replace the textural feel of books. But i find them useful as back-ups for travel.

      My Kindle also replaces what I miss a lot about not having a current relationship and that is someone to read to me before going to sleep. The Kindle can read to you…its Robo-voice needs more work but it is understandable.

  20. Double the ceiling height, add a ladder and a bigger couch and I’d be a happy camper. In fact I might need a bed in there because I suspect I’d never leave.

  21. Oh this room looks like absolute bliss to me right now – as long as not a single soul interrupted me while I rummaged around looking for something that suited the current mood of the moment.

    I’d get rid of the ugly beams by pinning up some beautiful fabric u[ so it would feel all cosy – and possibly scatter about some things of bright hues to make it seem a bit less of a study environment and more like a haven for intellectual pursuit.

  22. Technology all the way. No musty clutter. And what is the deal with the tiny window? Move all that crap, put in some proper windows and check out the view!

    Virgo sun.

  23. Pisces: I enjoy the amount of books, but I need more options for snuggling up with a book. More natural sunlight. More art. A place to set my coffee.

  24. Cap Sun, Leo Rising, Vir Moon and Kindle is I, once I get it.

    It is because I love books that I need them in a portable mobile form! What I really dislike is to be somewhere far from home, only to think of some chapter or paragraph from some book that lives back home in my bookshelf, and be unable to just find it now for reference! I need a search function and a built-in dictionary. Being able to take notes would be nice but for now I have Evernote to catalog all my thoughts.

    However, come to think of it, what I would dig even MORE would be to have a library just like this one AND have a complete digital copy of it, like on a Kindle, that I can refer to any time I wish, anywhere in the world.

    That way, I can do the snuggle-and-flip-with-hot-cuppa when I am home… AND still have the search function for times when I just cannot remember where something is from, AND still have the complete collection of everything I have on the go.

    Biblio-heaven hehe 😉

  25. leogroover’s library sounds fabulous. I’d want a huge fireplace that takes up half the wall, high ceilings, dark wood shelves with rolling ladders to get to the top shelf. Tons and tons of books, the older the better. The last time I moved, I donated all of my books to the library that I visited (lived in) as a child and I miss them!

    Hate kindle with a passion too. Ick

  26. Love the idea, but the fact is I am not sure I would spend much time there if it were just books. It would have to be a library/painting/sculpting/potting/writing studio. I think musical instruments would be elsewhere (in my fabulous house I am manifesting!) – maybe the parlour, dahling.

    Would like to try a kindle, mainly for things I never get around to reading as they are too big to haul about in the nappy bag.

    • There’s a Kindle app for the iPhone, for the times when you don’t have the space for your tablet (I don’t have a Kindle proper, but a lot of different devices that hold the app).

      • Thanks B, but since we are told mobiles are giving us tumours by the WHO, I have been avoiding using mine! I suppose a kindle wouldn’t be as bad? I am going to buy and EMF reader and find out for myself anyway (then I am going to the nearest Apple store and showing the staff how exciting their work place really is!! 😉 ).

    • P.s. Re Gaiman himself, I liked Stardust.
      People keep giving his books to me assuming I will LOVE them with all the symbolism etc. but I really find them a bit shallow and clever. Like they riff on all the gods, the cute fairy-tale worlds and chuck in some Joseph Campbell but I don’t really feel it.

      It feels like he ate 1000 books and threw up – especially with American Gods – it felt really self-conscious to me, all post-modern, pop-culture, pulp fiction. Blick.

  27. Neil Gaiman is a scientologist. His sister is head of worldwide recruiting and he donates large sums of money to Scientology.

    • Noooo? Really? But i saw stardust or whatever it was with Claire Danes and Coraline too and there was not a hint of the scientology, you know, world view. it was more celtic if anything

    • He hardly spruiks for Scientology, and while it’s well known his parents and sisters are/were involved, it’s difficult to verify his personal involvement given Scientology’s record for intimidation, extortion, falsification, litigation etc etc

  28. I love the idea of a library. I did not love it when I moved house and had to pack and lug box upon box of books.

    Now, Neil Gaiman, what a beautiful mind. The episode of Dr Who he wrote, where he anthropomorphicized (!) the TARDIS (gave her human characteristics) was one of the best of all time. It was so good I cried.

  29. My scorp moon and jupiter(in 9th) love this library and have one similar as well as having mine placed in the northeast corner of the house.
    Feng Shui knowledge section, all I have to do is sit in it and absorb…LOL
    Expossed beams are headache creators, so I wouldn’t have those any-where in my house.

  30. I grew up in a house with bookcases dedicated to certain topics, so if you wanted a history book – you went to the history bookcase, art the art bookcase and so on. Is it a surprise that I became a librarian (though not any more – ever worked in a public library they are SCARY places).

    Funnily enough I just (like at 7pm!) had some guys around to deliver two new bookcases I had had made and while they were here we were discussing getting floor to ceiling shelving either side of my fireplace. I am really thinking of doing it….

    Aqua sun, Cap rising, Sag moon

  31. Aqua sun.

    Higher ceilings.
    Coffee table for my brew.
    Lead light arched windows.
    Big comfy sofa you could fall asleep in.
    Desk with ink well.
    Giant lanterns.

    And paintings.

    I think that covers it.

    • Sag sun. Ditto all the above – lighting in the picture is hideous. Give me multi-coloured tiffany lamps and adjustable spots for those hard to find items. Higher ceilings cool, but I wouldn’t want books to go all the way up – ladders are a pain. I’d add the discussion pit with the huge cushions, and a fireplace in it too.

      Kindle? Vomit. Books are animate and not only have a right to claim space, but deserve reverence – even if it is sticky-fingered. When I am actually in housewitch mode, I arrange mine so that the heights go in undulating waves in my book cases, where the shelves are interpersed with shelves of glass collectibles eg all my mini crystal balls, etc. Then I put tealights on the shelves, candles round the rest of the room, get stoned, and just look.

      All that knowledge and antiquity is very soothing. I always know there’s an answer to some problem that is troubling me in there somewhere (….I have a lot of books….on a vast array of subjects…particularly metaphysics….very sagg, I guess…and yes, it makes moving house hell….but I can’t bare to throw them out, even when I don’t really have a home and am in travelling mode).

  32. I am aquarius, pisces rising and moon in scorpio and fuq knows what transits are happening at the mo.
    I really like this room but Where would you actually sit to read?? Exposed beams or not? CAn’t decide. R

  33. Adore the nooks but hate the long narrow space further divided by another shelf and the armchair booked to betsey. Clutter-fq.

    Also dislike the books angled at floor level. How can you vacuum the carpet (and that carpet is old school kind which has a lot of lint and dust) to remove the carpet dust, AND dust the books to clean the book dust??

    The exposed beams are what i understand to be bad feng shui, but most importantly they bang down the space onto your head and they store dust in a way that flat ceilings don’t.

    Love books, HATE dust. Love cosy, HATE claustrous design. Love raw wood, but HATE the plain budgo metal fittings and lights.

    Yeah, NUP.

  34. Oh this is bliss to me!! All those books. I am a total bibliophile and my hundreds of books are currently in piles on the floors of various rooms of my small pad…too organised is so not Sagg! But I would love a house that has one big library room with floor to ceiling shelves..just books not in any Dewey order…then every visit is a surprise!

  35. Mine would have to have a fireplace and 3 big lounges and a cosy but not large room, I’d open it up to other quiet, bookish peeps and there would be a discussion pit with huge pillows and shag pile carpet in a side room.
    I’d like the books behind quietly sliding doors and cool chill music playing in the background..

      • It would have a locked section also for my erotic library- Chez scorp!
        Reminds of 2 weeks ago when i did a little skit at my work team retreat. It had a french theme so I read out some naughty Henry Miller in a bad but sexy french accent. That raised a few eyebrows amongst the accountants!

  36. It’s a bit too like a bookstore for my taste…but yes I LOVE libraries. I covet the one in “Downton Abbey” – typical English stately home library – but I’d prefer one more meets Scandinavian loft cum NY warehouse etc – light and airy, high-ceilinged with massive windows and a tall ladder to reach top shelves…ah bliss! Love the idea of technology and less clutter for everything else, but not books- unless traveling and then a kindle etc is great. Gem sun-mercury conjunct, sag moon – love to read, love to learn…

  37. Leo Sun

    Kindle? NEVER!! I hate Kindles with a fiery passion! I don’t give a fuq how many books the damned thing carries, I don’t get the satisfaction of turning the pages, smelling the paper, and wearing them down.

    I’ve been in love with outrageous libraries ever since I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. If I could have my very own library I’d want something like that, even if I don’t have nearly enough books to fill it up.

    Gaiman’s library looks clinical, almost? Could be all the white… Looks like it hasn’t been lived in at all. Like it’s just for show, and he doesn’t actually read there at all.

  38. Kindle?? AGH NOOOOOOOOO

    yes i love the mezzanine / attic feel. BUT i have a fear of clutter (you know – a rolling stone tries not to acquire too many books because they are really heavy when you’re moving house and they gather lots of moss)

    so I have befriended my local library and just use THEIR stuff instead. problem solved! no need for more gadgetry. no need for km’s of bookshelves…(yet).

  39. Gem Sun… Just love libraries, and covet private libraries, so I like this even if I dont like it. The ceilings seem to low to me, I live with low ceilings right now, and while I can deal with it, if I had choice and budget I would NOT have low ceilings, I think they constrict my top chakras ability to explore and express. And when Im reading, I want all my chakras activated and prefer not to have any oppression in that space.

    I love that its full and it has real books, it would be great to see some space to put more books, and the books on the chair mean there is not enough space. Would really need some more expression than this room has and windows to stare out when contemplating. I would have a kindle as well, no need to be either or.

  40. Love the books, bookshelves and cosy feel but ditto with getting rid of the beams, bad feng shui. I’d love a chaise longue where I could stretch out in luxury.And the room would be painted in purple, I fancy, with a hint of black and red around. Libra Sun.

  41. If money were no object, I’d have a librarian and assistants who would have interesting things offered daily for me to read, or would find spells from rare old books, or they could read to me, taking parts. They would love their jobs, poking about the old books, and would drink tea. We could chat about the books, and I could spend whole days in my library while they quietly left me trays of food, or occasionally brought me a cup of their tea.

    • I’ll work for you 🙂 Let me know if you win Lotto ! I’m an EXCELLENT Librarian (she says modestly) with a deep and abiding interest in the occult and superb research skills !!

      • I would be sure and pay them oodles so I would know they worked there because they loved it, not because they had to. Ok, when I get rich enough, you’re hired. 🙂

  42. Virgo- it’s an absolute dream come true cept I do need more book free nooks, bay windows, lamps, and arty bits…and a ladder to get to the top shelf.
    loath the very idea of kindle, I like to rescue threatened species like old encyclopedias…gosh,come thepost industrial stone age they might be the only source of knowledge left!

    • Yeh, I tend to think Gaiman has some Virgo going on there. I love libraries and books. As for the kindle, well, I don’t have one but if it helps peeps to read and expand their minds I am all for it!

      • i’m a virgo, too– it’s a pretty nice looking library, but i personally wouldn’t want one in my own home. it’s too overwhelming. i’d rather pass down the book to someone else when i’m finished reading it or only save it if i really loved it. i’m not into kindles either– i would much rather hold an actual book in my hands while i am reading<– this is perhaps one of the only things that does not have a screen on it nowadays lol, so it's a nice break for my eye-sight. tho i do agree, if it helps people read and whatnot (like luscious leo just noted), then i support it in that way. but otherwise, i guess i am a minimalist in the sense that i'd rather not have soooo many books around– that's what going to a library is for lol. tho i can see why others would enjoy having their own.

  43. Totally does it for me. It is wayyy more crabby I reckon. Especially the armchair. But I would want the chair sans books so I could nestle into it with my Austen.

    • Yeah, that was my instant reaction, that isn’t what his library normally looks like. When a photographer does an interior shot like this, he sends in an advance team to straighten up, clean the carpets, make sure all the light bulbs aren’t burned out, and tastefully arrange a few points of interest like those tchotchkes on the end of that shelf in the foreground. And then of course the chair full of books is an anomaly, no way to sit there and read. The chair full of books turns this from a library into a book storage room. And there’s no way he read all those damn books. But this is what a writer is supposed to have in his house, it’s for show, not for actual use, and he obviously doesn’t maintain this for himself, he pays someone to take care of it for him.
      This room just gives me more reasons why I dislike Gaiman. I never realized how much I disliked him until I saw him in an episode of Doctor Who Confidential. He was reading from his script, declaiming the lines in a stentorian voice as if he was reading Shakespeare. And these were the bits that got CUT from the script. For a moment, I had intense pity for the BBC producer that had to work with him. I can just tell the original script was too long by at least 50%.

      • Yeah, that library looks like it would usually be dishevelled and dusty.

        It reminds me of the Dr Who episode with the creepy library and the vashta nerada.

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