“They’re All Scorpios…”

Paz De La Huerta Muse MagazineDunno why but i don’t warm to Boardwalk Empire actress Paz De La Huerta as i do to some other actors…you know how it is. But she does give colorful interviews (The Ghost of Elvis gave her an orgasm etc etc) and they tend to involve a lot of astro references.

Two examples:

You do seem to attract the enmity of many women.
Women have said the most malicious, disgusting things about me. But I know that when somebody comments about you, good or bad, it is 99 percent of the time their projection of how they feel about themselves. Even my own sister treats me worse than somebody would treat a rat. She actually likes rats, so worse than that.

Is your sister older or younger?
Older. Even when I was in my womb she used to punch my mother’s stomach.

Oh, my God, you’re kidding me.
She did not want me born. I’m working on my relationship with my mother and father, but my upbringing has been very destructive. They’re all Scorpios — my mother, my father and my sister.

New  York Times

We proceed to her astrologer. She is a svelte six-foot-tall woman who operates out of a musty room at the corner of Bowery and Delancey. “You were definitely Marilyn Monroe in a past life,” she tells Paz. “You have a Venus in Libra. I wish I had a Venus in Libra. The best thing is to have a Venus in Libra. Second best is Venus in Taurus.”

“What does that mean, again?” Paz asks.

“You are totally capable of creating your entire reality, but you are also capable of destroying everything. It’s a very vulnerable position, but all the greatest actors have it.”

New York Magazine

My Thoughts On This:

* Women who constantly complain about mysteriously attracting the enmity of other women are usually narcissistic bitches. It is rarely because of the complainers unbearable hotness.

* “They’re all Scorpios…” Wow. Paz is a Virgo. With Moon-Mars-Uranus in Saggo, hence the quotability. She has Saturn in Scorpio. Sometimes we hate the peeps who are our Saturn sign. Still, i think Scorpio mother, father and sister is overdoing the karma somewhat. You think?

* An astrologer who says they can tell from your chart exactly who you were in a past life needs to sober up or lay off the hooch. I mean, seriously?  I LOVE the “definitely.”

* Venus in Libra IS good and so is Venus in Taurus. As these are the signs Venus RULES. You could also say Venus in Pisces is “the best thing” as Venus is exalted there. But i don’t know how this svelte six foot astrologer in the musty room gets that Venus in Libra could create entire realities but then destroy everything.  Is Venus in Libra  now Kali? Shiva?

Your Thoughts?

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80 thoughts on ““They’re All Scorpios…”

  1. “Women who constantly complain about mysteriously attracting the enmity of other women are usually narcissistic bitches. It is rarely because of the complainers unbearable hotness”


    It’s like they think it will make men love them more or something by saying that… they’re so ‘different’ to the typical, nagging, bitchy women you so often find in this world. I really find very few things more repugnant than women who try to make themselves more appealing to the male species by dissing other females.

    • Yeah, it’s all fun and games claiming that other women are jealous of you and you have nothing in common with them etc etc. Then you realise that the majority men don’t fully empathise with all the unique trappings that come with being a women (no matter how much you say you identify with men better than women), because they aren’t women (surprise surprise). Then you realise that the other people who are best able to understand what you might be going through are……other women! Quelle horreur!

      Well that’s my experience anyway.

    • In most cases I agree but, women can be catty and single out another woman to pick on. It depends on the group. If the only one in the group is a tomboy or eccentric she’ll be left out or visa versa.
      Bullies exist and even in groups of woman unfortunately.
      In her case I believe MM hit the nail on the head with this one. Most likely narcissistic personality disorder.

      • I meant that specifically for C. Cancerian’s first comment, but they’re all pretty on the money. Also, that woman is on the cover of a magazine SUCKING HER THUMB. Biatch has issues, srsly.

  2. Oh and Christ Almighty… the whole time I was watching “Boardwalk Empire”, her character just made my skin crawl… that baby voice. Loved it when Kelly Macdonald gave her a dressing down in the dressing room.

        • I’m getting the message..loud and clear…hehe, I likey…we could talk about astro, compare our venus in taurus experiences, get to know each other…I could sympathise with her about the destructive childhood…the mean older sister (I mean what a biatch), then once she feels like we are really connecting, I’d look into her eyes, take her thumb out of her mouth and say “has anyone told you you have a marilyn monroe ‘energy’ around you”
          How do you think I’d go ?

      • Me too! I had no idea who she was, however my Googlistic research has yeilded the following results: a)she is a d!ck and b) I totally understand why she has her mouth covered on this shot for Muse.

  3. A close friend of mine is Venus in Libra, Scorpio sun, and she is deeply democratic to her own detriment. So unlike Marilyn.

    • I have that, democratic to the point of almost insanity, mine that is. The balance and fairness of Libra combined with the black and white absolute of Scorpio.

  4. my sister is a virgo, libra venus. come to think of it she’s actually a little paz-like in that she is very tall, svelte, a little nutty, a party type, pretends to not care what anyone thinks about her because in actuality she deeply does care. and takes astrology way too literally. lol

    i think paz gets caught up in the moment with interviews and gets off on her not-giving-a-fuq reputation. i also either think she’s a control freak or on drugs based off how she presents herself at events/on the red carpet.

  5. I completely agree. About everything. I think Paz summarizing any comments, “good or bad” as plain projection pretty much nullifies the existence of fact and shunts everything into opinion. Mayhaps comforting for her but methinks the “mysterious” enmity has more to do with her wandering about in see thru dresses when the planets happen to align so that the paparazzi are about.

    The interviews are colorful sure, but hardly thought provoking and obviously a stab at more PR. Why is it so irritating? Because it’s INSULTING.

    Someone should just send her over to Berlusconi, methinks it would be a match made in heaven.

  6. also, has anyone seen Enter The Void? that’s what i know her from. i couldn’t tell whether it was the writing or paz’s acting but i felt nothing for her emotionally. there was all this family/abandonment stuff that was supposed to be all sad but at the end of the film my boyfriend and i looked at each other were like “wow, what a dumb ho”. i think it was the writing, but she certainly didn’t help. nor did the ending scene [a holographic computer animated 10 minute long cum shot…seriously.]

  7. Why is it that people who are so definite about other people’s past lives always talk of famous people? Don’t they ever say: “You were Fred Bloggs who cleaned out toilets”?

  8. The Marilyn business is laughable. Isn’t it amazing how everyone seems o think they are some kind of Marilyn come back to life. What a tragic fetish.

  9. The funniest thing i can think to say is

    “I’ll paz….

    True now…… but in my 20’s…… i dun tink so…..


  10. not sure why you’d want to be marilyn reborn she didn’t exactly have an easy time of it.

    • Yeh foster kid and sexually abused we all forget that bit. well the common thread here is her banging on about beauty. I have a superior past life with the hatred of other women and did you know I have the most amazing position for venus wah wah wah

  11. She sounds like a spoilt, insecure, immature daughter of a bunch of insufferably bo-ho chic types. I hope she doesn’t become famous too quickly for her own sake.
    How lovely to have someone to be annoyed by!

    I think a family of Scorpio’s would end up becoming the snakes to her Virgoan Medusa head.
    And so unusual to think of a Virgo sitting on a wasp for attention, it makes me think I will never learn to accurately guess a sun sign, ever!

  12. I always thought the sign on the 12th house was linked to past lifes? Didn’t think it was a venus thing. She seems a little conceited.

  13. I feel kind of massively indifferent to her, like she should be beautiful and memorable but when I see a photo of her I can’t remember who she is. She sounds pretty hideous, kind of forced wacky and dull because of it.

  14. I pity her. Too immature to know that all her sexual allure becomes boring when she’s constantly throwing it in people’s faces.

  15. Marilyn Monroe? I doubt it.

    Is Venus in Libra powerful? I DO believe that maybe a badly aspected Venus in Libra leads people to be deluded about themselves and project it making people into awesome liars and actors. The Scorp I knew had Venus in Libra and he was a total ace at making people believe his poor little innocent “me” stories until I came along. I like to think of the phrase, “I reject your reality and substitute my own” when I think of him. Crazy mofo.

    She sounds boring to me.

    But i DO know a Virgo Sun with Venus in Libra and she is physically attractive in that skinny and girl-next-door sort of way that guys like. very come hither. serious diva issues. Her “hobby” was stealing your boyfriend. She has to disappear from social circles because she manages to run out of guys to sleep with and has no female friends left because she has backstabbed nearly all of them. Then once the social community has been used to a dried husk, she moves onto another new fresh community to do the same thing. You can track her by the trail of STDs and angry women who had a run-in with her. I just ran into this person from 15 years ago and she’s still trying to pull the same garbage. She is very vain as well but has managed to accumulate a few female friends atm. She has them convinced she is a changed person after a few bad things happened to her…i.e. she met a man who was her equal. I am doubtful, but you never know. It could be for real.

    Re:“Women who constantly complain about mysteriously attracting the enmity of other women are usually narcissistic bitches. It is rarely because of the complainers unbearable hotness”

    I’ve been on both sides of this. I can def. see “diva” types attracting enmity to be annoying. But also society in general can be mean to people like myself who don’t fit in. I’ve been the target of that most of my life. I’m not good-looking and don’t steal others’ boyfriends. But I also don’t like to talk about stupid shit that many other women find sustaining. I’ve also spent a large portion of my life dateless and single. Somehow there is a double standard with that. Men are not punished socially for being single unless they are like past 50 and never been married. But women are by other women. After age 25, you stop getting invited to parties where the majority of people there are married/coupled, but the single men still get invited. Of course the single men are all like, where are all the single women? LOL. Now you know. (Strangely enough once I get a boyfriend, the invitations start up again.) Sisters don’t like to help other sisters they deem “weird”. IRL, I like to talk shop. Most of my friends are male and I’ve never dated them or even want to. People always think something saucy is happening behind closed doors (even my own mother), but I assure them nothing is. I do now have some female friends and most of them are like me…successful, talented, and hated by their own kind. But yeah, I’ve been *that* woman other women hated. Libra Sun with Venus in Virgo.

    • Oh so true. So, very true. The lone female wolf is always a threat, no matter how nice she is.

      I could write a whole massive soliloquy about being hated by women but I have Venus in Libra so maybe I AM just a narcissistic bitch and then you’ll all hate me ha. Truth is, some women can be really awful to other women. I’ve most certainly been on the receiving end of that many, many, many times in my life because of the way I present myself to world. If I’m honest I’ve also been a spiky bitch when I’ve felt threatened, humans are complicated both men and women. That said a confrontation with a female slays me to my very core in a way that it doesn’t with a man. I can be weak and compliant with women, scared of them, defensive and overly emotional. I am genuinely blessed to have amazing female friendships with truly spectacular women but it always takes a little more work for me to get that connection and bond than it does with male friends. I’m fairly sure that’s to do with astrology.

      • By any chance do you have a Scorpio Moon? I do and other astrologers have told me that’s why i have trouble relating to other women. It’s because my mother never broke me in well to female-hood.

        • So true about some women and the lone female wolf thing. Seen it since being separated – the classic wife comes up to husband in a nano second when seen talking to me. My long term female mates are still the same God bless ’em. But my close friends are carefully selected, lessons learnt from Saturn return years ago!

          Women can be horrible to other women for all different sorts of reasons. Narc/office psychopath types seem to always pick on the vulnerable or pretty or competetant ones. What always sets a personality like ‘Pez’ off is someone prettier, chicks who are comfortable in their own skin don’t give a tinkers about prettier women, just appreciate it.

          I’m also exactly the same re confrontation with women! Why is that? Learning to be better at it this year – I’ve been firm and assertive – bit like talking to a child.

        • I have the same astro as you foxy – uranus sun + scorp moon and I used to think I didn’t like women but now I realise I just don’t like people who gossip inanely about crap I’m not interested in. So it’s not a gender thing as such.

    • Yes, I get that too Foxy. It’s complex isn’t it. I always liked the story of Martha and Mary in the bible, y’know, Martha complaining that Mary’s hanging out with the guys talking about about philosophy and spirituality, how come she doesn’t help with the food? Jesus tells her off etc. Am so more a Mary.

      But I find there are so many women who are Martha’s! They are pragmatic, uninterested in conversation and loathe abstract concepts.
      Maybe like you say, a moon in Scorpio is a hindrance to good relationships with women?
      Well I have moon in Scorp and I while I used to be scared of women, I really do love women.
      But I have to be careful around them with partners there as the brain is a much more powerful attractor than the body. I talk to men and they react because I know (like many of you here) a little bit of everything and will converse about a variety of topics.

      I will never forget sitting with my gorgeous rello’s and their boyfriends. They sat there in cat-like fake poses, acting more vacant than I have ever seen, all intent on the form of the situation and having no actual interest in the conversation.

      When I talked with their boyfriends I felt like they were astounded and grateful to have a proper conversation and I was a woman! (the opp reaction to ‘just’ a woman) I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in my life. (Needless to say these relationships are now sadly defunct). I think women don’t value their brains enough sometimes, it’s a sad cultural norm.

      My fear of women made me give up and not talk to them for a couple of years there – which definitely resulted in dislike! Now I try to meet people on the level they feel most comfortable at, which is just good manners I guess. Totally adore my female friends, but, there are a lot of sleeping princesses out there.. My Venus in Cancer is not vulnerable when heart-centered. But I agree YOF, it is a million times easier for me to relate to women now I am partnered up, otherwise I am just the threat…

      • I’m also more a Mary and thankfully so are my friends in my circle. But the street I used to live on were Martha’s. At neighbourhood gatherings I was so felt the odd one out – chicks on one side, me and the fellas on the other talking politics.

        • I actually have friends of both types now, I had to realise what a narcissist I was and get over myself to get along with Martha’s. They are often very grounding people. Keeping up with the Martha Jone’s is pretty impossible though.

  16. A girl in my class a term ago used to complain that women didn’t like her because, you know, they’re catty, only talk about girly things (and she was totally uninterested in that, natch), and guys just understand her better. Also, she was totally successful and women hate successful women.

    The reasons why I didn’t like her? She was selfish, incredibly rude without apology, and obnoxious.

    • I’m dealing with this exact scenario right now. Funny how it’s usually women who claim to get along better with men that’re the bitches. I like being friends with both women and men, and usually am better friends with women. So I don’t understand why there has to be all this cattiness (and from the women who claim that OTHER women are the ones who’re catty. No, it’s you!)

      I hate when I’m meeting a girl for the first time and she tells me “I don’t get along with girls.” Then I wonder why she’s even talking to me, AND in my experience, women who said that are exactly like you said: rude and obnoxious.

      • I don’t spend time with women who claim to not get along with women. If half the population supposedly doesn’t get along with you, you’re usually the problem; I don’t buy the whole bit about how women are especially cruel to one another. It’s a blanket statement that perpetuates the idea that women need to be competing with one another and that they have a natural and underlying cruelty to them. Some women are jerks, some women are awesome, just like guys.

        The best part about that girl-from-last-term was that she announced how she didn’t get along with women after inviting herself along to a lunch date, made up of four other girls. We all just bit our tongues and looked away, although I did call her out when she said something rude to me. It was rude, no matter what is in my pants.

        • Let’s face it,

          What do we call a man who is successful, selfish, and rude/obnoxious?


          What do we call a woman who has the same characteristics?

          –a bitch!

          It’s kind of funny and true.

          We dismiss the same stupid behaviour in the opposite sex, because…he’s a man. But we come down hard on our own.
          Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but i don’t have much “womanly” sense.

          • You may call that man boss, but I don’t.

            Perhaps you come down hard on women, but I don’t. My best friends are women. The people I admire the most are women. Your issues with women are not universal.

            • you obviously work for nice people! good on you! The rest of us who have at least PT positions in retail land work for jerks.

              Do you want me to clap for you that your best friends are women? I don’t get it.

              • I’ve worked in retail. It has nothing to do with my view of a successful a-hole guy vs. a successful a-hole woman. A douchebag is a douchebag, no matter the gender.

          • What Bright said. I don’t call those men Boss, I call them assholes. Anyone who’s selfish, rude and obnoxious qualifies as an asshole/bitch in my book. Doesn’t matter what their gender is.

            • like i said above, you must work for some wonderfully idealistic people then. Wish i could have that luck. Alas, I do what i can.

              • It’s not really about who you have the pleasure of working for. It’s about how you perceive them, and just because a man of that particular brand is boss doesn’t mean that he’s not an asshole too.

                I think what you’re trying to say is that there’s a double-standard? Which is true, and I don’t agree with it either. All I’m saying is that anyone who’s selfish and rude is a jerk, whether or not they’re a man or a woman. And I wouldn’t want either as my boss if they’re obnoxious!


        • My most horrid friendship experience was with a woman who openly told me “I compete with other women” Too bad, I was too naive to understand what she meant until she pulled a professional backstabbing on me.

          Now there is another woman, similar temperament, this time I politely do my best to limit our time together.

          My best friends are still other women – women who don’t compete with anyone, who don’t hold back their best advice. Emotional security is a wonderful asset to offer in friendships.

          Career/your significant other/position etc grabbing females are as unattractive as similar males, for sure.

        • Good on you for calling her on her bullshit! It’s great when people stand up for themselves. 😀

          • It was really satisfying, since I had been building up to that moment for months. I’m so non-confrontational that I’ll usually just let it go, but it was time. I wasn’t mean, I wasn’t dramatic about it, I just told her firmly that she was being rude. 😛

            In general though, in situations where I can leave easily, as soon as I hear “I don’t really have a lot of girl friends – they’re so catty – guys understand me better”, I’m like gurl BYE.

    • You’re right. The crazy behaviour, off-colour comments and puffy features also point to ALCOHOL ABUSE. Yes, I know, projecting or ‘If you spot it, you got it’. I know I got it, that is what makes it so easy to see in others.

  17. I actually know a Virgo sun/Venus in Libra that’s a bit like this. Likes to play the “woe is me” card, always complaining that her family (her mom in particular) is cruel to her, and not to mention that she can be catty as hell. Doesn’t seem to like other women very much.

    Not attractive at all, if you ask me.

  18. I once read a really long profile of her in…some magazine I don’t remember, and oh man, it was the most hilarious thing ever. She’s a hot mess. TOTAL narcissist, and very juvenile as well. I can’t stand people who treat others like crap and then try to play the victim.

    I have Venus in Libra, and yeah, creating realities? What? Where do celebs find these kooks?

  19. Venus in Scorpio…..I am jealous at times….and other women are jealous of me as well.

  20. Thanks, Mystic, for calling out yet another crank astrologer — they’re the ones who give us a bad name. Astrologers are not psychics! They shouldn’t be predicting the future or telling about past lives! We can map out a range of possibilities for a given transit, or advise on timing of a particular event, but these are different skills entirely.

  21. This is seems to be a case of a journalist seriously burning an actress she can’t stand with a carefully crafted environment of detail. In five years Ms. De La Huerta will resurrect this clipping, wonder how she could be so dumb, and hope like hell her children never see it.

  22. There does seem to be a ‘type’ of woman whom don’t like the company of women, and then the similar reasons for it. I don’t relate because I practically ONLY get along well with women and some men usually gay or uber alternative men, as in they do.t get into the gender thing, not many. I wish it wasn’t this way, but I find most men boring, or dominating in their interesting monologues. And aside from this dynamic with men, I love women, they are intellectually interesting, funny, caring, compelling, fast, multi-dimensionaland gorgeous. So when a woman says to me she dosnt get along with women and prefers the company of men I have been in the past quite befuddled by this and when they have tried the alpha woman steal my boyfriend, I have rejected them.

    I have a couple of girlfriends who get along famously with men and with women as well, I observe in bewilderment and see it is their superior abilities in story telling that keeps the men from launching into their own monologue.

    This is an interesting topic and I think women can be horrible and I have experienced that too, and I guess if that’s ones conditioning they may be more likely to carry that story as I am mine. Gender rehab : )

  23. I’m an offbeat loner who has been persecuted by BOTH sexes for legitt reasons and I cannot take anyone who is sucking their thumb seriously. When someone starts off with the ol’ “Women hate me because they’re jealous….” line, I immediately start tuning out.

    • Sorry, I meant that I feel I *have* more legitt reasons to complain about scrutiny than women like this Ms.Paz. Ugh.

  24. Who can tell what she looks like with that thumb in her mouth?

    No clue who she is. I guess I don’t get out much. But she doesn’t vibe Monroe to me. Though she DoES vibe addiction. For that, I feel bad for her.

  25. Le gasp! I am a Leo and would never behave this way. Not classy at all, and this Leo wants to be admired, not ridiculed for always making a fuss and playing victim. Such immaturity as this girl’s displaying is not dignified.

    And a Leo would never lie about their birthday because they’re proud to be the majestic lion. 😀

  26. Look, the interviewer told her that other women hate her and she responded. I defy anyone under the age of 80 to react with perfect aplomb and the wisdom of ages when someone tells you that everyone thinks you are a bitch and celebrities get a mountain of eviscerating shit published about them on a daily basis, it’s horrible, so demeaning. I don’t know why we take this as acceptable, it diminishes everyone. Unless the woman has recently invaded Grenada or stolen workers’ pension funds I’m inclined to think she is middling to ok like the rest of us.

  27. l don’t know what is it with her, l have seen her in Enter the Void a weird me out disturbing film anyhow, but l’m sure if someone else would have played the role, the film would have been different…when l saw this picture l kind of felt it was her…l googled her name and yes there she is..
    She has a disgusting vibe about her l can’t explain 😕 like HUH?? What is going on here? l don’t have this with any other actrices or women…She makes me feel sick! l react very strong to this person. Venus libra/taurus whatever..there is more to it!
    Her being is just repulsive, her voice, the way she moves and looks, everything about her.
    l thought it was just me feeling this weirdness with her and now l don’t belive others are projecting anything l think there is something going on with her big time. If l see a beautiful woman l am more then happy to say ::hei you’re beautiful!

    This girl has the power to make you feel disgusted somehow and l wonder what it is?????? Haven’t seen her chart yet.

    • you may have just proven her point…what your saying is that you have an irrational dislike for her, can’t pinpoint it ? She might get this a lot.

  28. What Scorpio mother would allow her daughter to punch her in the belly AT ANY TIME, let alone when she is with child???