Jean Seberg with Mouse on ShoulderThis is all about new film The Murder of Jean Seberg , starring Daphne Guiness and a very Scorpionic project apparently;

Alex Fury: When did the idea of creating this film originate?


Joseph Lally: Daphne and I were at Sands Point, in this old mansion, and we both had an eerie feeling a murder had been committed in one of its rooms. The next day it was reaffirmed that indeed a murder had taken place. We thought: how great to make an art film about the place and what had happened. Then we spoke of our mutual admiration for actress Jean Seberg, and the following weeks I began to dream of her. In these dreams, she confirmed that her death been murder and not a suicide, thus was the seed and conception of The Murder of Jean Seberg. Jean, Daphne, myself and the lead actor Michael Brager are all Scorpios, so we have a tremendous understanding of death and the mystery of after life.


Alex Fury: Can you talk a little about the role, about playing Jean Seberg?


Daphne Guinness: I just channel her. I get dressed, do my hair and make-up and then just sort of do nothing apart from just channel whatever I think. And Joe cuts it and puts it together. I have read quite a number of books about Seberg. In the same way that Vanessa Redgrave was deeply political, Seberg was. She was part of the Black Panthers, black-balled from Hollywood – and she was seventeen years old, from the middle of nowhere when she was made to be Joan Of Arc by Otto Preminger. Totally cut off from her family. Then she did Breathless, and became more and more isolated. There’s such pathos in her story. Have you ever seen Lilith?

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12 thoughts on “Scorpios

  1. Awesome! I’d love to see this. Seberg got such bad press, she was a whore, she was a bad actress, she was a nigger-lover, she was only picked for her looks etc etc. I think she was probably a luminous child who was always judged on her looks but didn’t feel them. Her performances were like beautiful cameos – I don’t think she ever got the chance to fully express herself. And then she died in the most dodgy circumstances, her body found in a car days after she had died.

    And her ex-husband Romain Gary, one of the most amazing writers of the 20th century, suicided a year after her death. Clearly she didn’t fit the mold she was supposed to go into.

  2. You know she even came across Scorp in Paint Your Wagon. Check the corset / cabin scene with Lee Marvin, right after he buys her off the Mormon…

  3. Jean is fascinating but her story is tragic. She seemed to have such a shit time with the press and was heavily scapegoated. Interesting she will be played by Daphne Guinness let alone an all Scorpio trio! I will see this for sure
    p.s slightly obsessed with Daphne Guinness actually.

    • I’m also slightly obsessed with Daphne Guinness but I had no idea she was a Scorpio, how did I miss that? Have wanted to look like Jean since watching Breathless as a teen, gosh she was beautiful. I’m looking forward to this.

      I love it when Scorpios join together. I could do with being surrounded by them right now but mine are all so far away.

  4. I feel embarassed not knowing much about her. And for there being a film about lilith with young warren beattie i don’t know about. Wow.

    I love daphne as well, there is an amazing picture of her on this site somewhere, something to do with neptune dream lab?

  5. I share a birthday with her! Which obviously isn’t terribly significant, but there aren’t a lot of other celebrities born on Nov 13.

    She was lovely. I still haven’t seen Breathless, which I should probably remedy.

  6. Had no idea she was from Iowa, thought she was French to the core,
    even the name, specially being in Bonjour Tristesse & Jeanne D’Arc
    Saw many of her movies at the time and had the Jean Seberg hair style.
    Nov 13 B-Day, same as my mother, wonder if she was born on a Friday
    as well as both had the suicidial Scorp stinging itself thingo & passionate
    about their young one.

    My house mouse is now 18 months old & still single. She gave up mating in lieu
    of a constantly filled food bowl & safety under the floorboards. Methinks she could
    have seen the Green Mile or she IS the mouse from the movie.

  7. Re “Lilith”: Definitely see the movie–and read the book! Haunting and rich. I was lucky enough to study with the man who wrote it. Underrated and worth a few more looks; maybe time has caught up with his work.

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