Reading Colette

Blair Waldorf Reading ColetteBlair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) reading Colette.

There is a reason why everyone scheming, ambitious, horny. sophisticated and a bit bats eschews self-help lit for Colette.

Everything you need know about sex, money, tranquility, career, love and personal development is basically in her books.

Her Astro-Databank rave is fascinating.

“…A complete sensualist and libertine, amid her extraordinary carnal energy, she managed to produce some 50 volumes, journalism, film scripts and an average five letters a day. Throughout her long and unconventional life, France’s greatest woman writer devoured with the passionate hunger of an emotional glutton all the sensations of love and hate, sex and ecstasy, jealousy and pain, joy and grief that she could absorb, digest and regenerate. Along with sexual abandon, she danced naked in theaters and music halls. Her books spoke openly of sex from the awakening urges of teenagers to the last desperate flings of fading courtesans, the longings of young women and ménages a trois between people of all ages and sexual tastes…”

She was very AIR: Libra Rising & Sun/Moon in Aquarius but with Venus in Pisces (at my degree of Venus!) and Mercury-Saturn in Capricorn.

Less overly sexy but just as unconventional and determined to chronicle society from a highly individuated feminine p.o.v. was Edith Wharton, another Aquarius of the same era.

One tidbit re Edith Wharton that i’ve always loved is that the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” apparently came from her Aunts, a couple of society chicks SO brazenly with-it,  stylish and revoltingly judgemental that peeps would go mad trying to compete.

Seriously, does anyone else peruse this sort of lit for self-enrichment, rather than the more current Zen-shrinkery material?

Colette sitting cross legged

Oh yah and Colette had Lilith in Leo.

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29 thoughts on “Reading Colette

  1. Yeh right interesting…. I picked up cheri by colette at about the time of ny Saturn return crisis when I was reading self help… recently tried to watch the new production of cheri w Michelle feifer and could not watch if and have it destroy the magic colette conjured,up…. nothing like a bit of erotica when one is soul searching….

  2. both colette and e.w seem to have had serious unkind mother issues – and i seem to recall, also georges sand – any astro-indicators on that? (a la mars-neptune men who write)

  3. I had a passion for Colette back in the 1960’s & 70’s – have practically all her novels, though I have not read them for years.

    She was a remarkable lady for her time. My favourite anecdote about her death is that she died sipping champagne with her third (?) husband by her side.

    BTW Has anyone listened to Roseanne Cash’s song “The Summer I Read Colette” – it always reminds of the time when I read Colette.

  4. Slightly off topic – when I went to Paris I saw Colette’s grave – somebody had put a few small photos of their cats on it – I think she would have approved.

  5. She was the first woman to bob her hair. Chanel always claimed it was her, but Colette cut hers in 1910. Her mother cried – and her hair was gorgeous…

  6. My Aquarian mother resonates strongly with Colette’s liberation, elegance and sensual prose, and has all of her novels. She introduced me to her writings quite young.

    A beautiful gift of the mind for a young girl growing into a woman, passionate about literature! I’m always thankful for having received that. It was also an insight into the literary culture of my family heritage.

    The rules parents make as a family about behaviour can be lightened by the promise of the possibilities and adventures possible in one’s independent life.

  7. In answer to Mystic’s question, No I don’t, but I will.

    I don’t know what got me into self help-y things. I think because I felt I needed to know more about how to conduct myself in a business-etiquette sense (thanks, moon in cap) then it was all downhill from there.

    Mind you I have learnt a lot from these various tomes.

    But now it’s time for proper writing – I used to be a voracious reader before stupid study, then work took over.

    After all there’s nothing new under the sun so rather than read some new-age shrink tell me stuff they learnt from some navel gazing and a business plan, I might as well be entertained by charm, humour and wisdom(?) at the same time.

    Plus that stuff surely looks better on one’s bookshelves than a load of self help books right? Less reading, more living yes?

  8. I have lilith in leo. In the first house. Im still not really sure what that means, maybe I should read Collette. :)

  9. Ahh Collette..needs to be read by every woman, every five years…

    • Really? OK, have read enough recommendations.
      Will get a copy to live in car and carry bag.

  10. Lit wit has always been my first tool of choice for spiritual, intellectual and physical inspiration, enrichment and insight. It displays the full spectrum of human experience, not simply rules by which to live by, like so much nauseating self help pulp. I first read Collette at 16, and being a Sag with Aqua moon, and Venus, Mars and Mercy all in Scorpio, I am definitely scheming, ambitious, horny, sophisticated, and more than a bit bats… all wrapped up in a lovely soft cover.

  11. Colette inspires me! She lived her passions (creative and carnal) regardless of the risks or loss of status. Didn’t she leave her society husband to become a travelling actress with her female lover? She reinvented herself her whole life and never rested on her laurels. Like Chanel, she was an early adopter of athletic activities for women but not as scheming, I don’t think. Thoughts? Opinions?

  12. I totally do.
    But I am more of an Anais Nin junkie than anything.

    I will never forget this one time I was sitting at a performance art type thing, waiting for it to start, reading Anais. I had been on a binge, just tearing through the volume every spare chance I had. This older, punk rock dressed chick sits down next to me and gasps. “ANAIS! I’ve read EVERYTHING she’s ever written, I’m reading the unexpergated versions now, blah blah blah.”

    She proceeds to start talking about the writing and her life and of course brings up her affairs, her double life, her sexual relationship with her father. Boyfriend looks over like
    “wait, so that’s what you’ve been obsessed with reading?” lol

  13. Discovered fashion mags and Gossip Girl/Reality TV about 8 months ago and had only several counselling sessions when absolutely necessary.

    Definitely the quickest way to my lessons is taking action in my everyday life.

  14. While I relate VERY WELL to Colette’s incisively lucid observations about l’amour and she is amazing company for my Moon in Aqua, something about her books makes me sense a lingering heart ache. Maybe it’s ultra-Aqua of me emotionally, but there’s a distance between articulating your emotions and hence the events that inspired them, and actually feeling it.

    Not that she has anything against that, but I sense that in her writing. Feeling is empirical, and necessary to burn off all the noise and dross so it may leave whatever jewel of wisdom meant to remain.

    So I read Colette for companionship.

    Self-help I can only JUST stand. And I tend to use it more for pattern recognition and peripheral data. I dislike now having my thoughts interfered with by the mechanics of it, even if there is actually value in many of the books out there.

    I’ve gained more from books that discuss myth, personal or otherwise. The contemplative yet impassioned nature of Rumi, and my real people around me. Otherwise, my head just gets in the way of my senses.

    • Voila, Angel of the Fall…pattern recognition = Archetypes,
      you just know it intuitivley sans the books.

      ‘Head in the way of senses’, my first line of dailogue in prep for the
      bodywork is ‘know you are going to come out of the busy thinking mind
      and back into your body via the senses’.
      My theory is if the 5 senses are stimulated then the 6th comes to into play.

      Lets’ swap jobs :-)

  15. ooh, have added her to the ‘to-read’ shelve (couldn’t get it on there quick enough lol.)
    aqua /w cap moon

  16. “I will go away with him to an unknown country where I shall have no past and no name, where I shall be born again with a new face and an untried heart…”
    THAT quote was a key in for me on a project 10 years ago and it still resonates in my brain somedays. Finished a book last night and was wondering what next, thanks Mystic, will dig out some Colette – SO in the mood for her at the mo.

    • Lexicorn, you sound so much like friends of my mother, not just in this but in other posts. The fact that you know and read Colette, and resonate with her words simply enhances this idea. Funnily enough, she cut short a conv w me the other day to greet some guests and I could hear their greeeting her. Later she mentioned they were coming to help, unbidden, with house stuff. So bloody Capricorn, don’t you think: loyal, bantering, appreciative and dignified, plus practical. They are gay, too, but it is more the idea that a man sees her as the beautiful femme of power and aesthetic gorgeousness that she is, and respects that fully in a friendship. Not apart from her gender, but as a woman and without sexual attraction. I’m sure I don’t have to delineate that further, Lexicorn.

      I’ve always sensed an image of your person. And i will not judge it from this to be the reality, but i do sometimes feel you are very familiar.

      • are you saying you google stalked me? LOL.
        I am an honourary chick in many circles, not because I want to be one (used to, not anymore), but because I’ve always identified with and respected the sacred feminine. At least I think that’s why they let me into the club. That and the crazy goddess asteroid mash-up on my Venus on Descendant.
        well I hope it is a good kind of familiarity, not the nagging, itchy, rashy kinda familiarity that one learns to bare with… :-)

  17. ‘Zen Shrinkery’ a person who prectises the art of shrinking your problems
    to a zen-zero?
    For a quick reality check i read Osho’s Book of Secrets
    For a metaphysical buzz The Keys of Enoch
    For a god book i read The Urantia
    For fun i read The Game of Life by Timothy Leary
    For laugh out loud i read Ashleigh Brilliant pot shots.
    And i am no different to who i was when i was born.

    Nup, haven’t read Colette.
    Would only WANT to read it in French, the language of love.
    But do have a copy of The Rubyiat of Omar Khyam next to me at all times :-)

  18. Hi Mystic,

    The new site is so fast. Good work. Colette has been my fave author for the past 40 years; I’ve even done research on her & Virginia Woolf considering a little writing project. I too, like these two geniuses, am an Aquarius. I love
    Colette and respect Woolf. I believe Colette’s success was greatly aided by the Capricorn conjunction and the acute Venus in Pisces sensibility (I have that placement also) But truly, her life: sooo Aquarius, no?

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