Pure Pluto Loving

Henry Rollins love poetry

“For a while today, I hated you. I hated you for being so beautiful and real. I hated you for waking up at night to find your arms around me. I hated your honesty and the way you make people relax when you are around them. I hated you for loving me unconditionally. You have called me on years of cheap emotion and cruelty that came from my fears. When you look at me and smile I no longer feel scared or feel the need to run out of the room gasping for air. You don’t make me feel like life is a waste of time and that all you get is cold sweating, dark moments in small rooms all over the world, spending time with other desperate characters who are tearing the path across the night skies of desolation. Could you believe that I didn’t know what to do with your slow, warm affection? Could you believe I was scared by your endless giving giving giving? It took me a while to be able to feel welcomed by your strength that never shows off, never brags, but just nourishes and makes time stop. The feeling of hatred passed in the time it takes for an eye to twitch, and I realized that I have to take care of myself because I belong to someone. Someone is thinking of me right now. I never doubt it. I know you will always be there. Yeah, I’m in my room somewhere. It’s freezing outside and I am exhausted. Too many things to do. Too many people to answer to all the time. From here I think of you. My body is wracked in pain and I am burning with fever. A lot of men want a woman to mother them. They get with a woman and all they do is regress to the point where you might think he might not be capable to take care of himself at all. I don’t want another mother. I want a woman. I want to rise to the occasion. I want to learn and bask in your glow. I want to protect you and do whatever I can to give you strength. There is no twist to this. I am not about to blow my brains out. You have not cut me up like others have. It’s just this. I want to love you with everything in me. I need your help because I don’t know anything about it. I am suspicious and ready to leave and hit the cold road for the frozen dawn. I am just going to trust you with everything in me. I see now that it’s the only reason to be here. After kissing you, I cannot remember what it was like to kiss any other woman. At this point I am not sure if I ever have.”

Henry Rollins

So, um, like wow. Imagine if you got this texted to you lol.

I am thinking this answers the Is Henry Rollins Plutonic Or Uranian? query posted a while back.

This is pure Pluto.

H.R. is Sun-Moon in Aqua, Venus in Aries and Mercury in Pisces  on South Node opposite Pluto.

Figures. What do you think?




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My Moon Pluto opposition melted on reading this… would kill for this x


dats sweet.


dear ms weathergirl i write in response to the above. i tried your dating agency a number of years ago and in fact, with pluto conj venus, you did indeed supply me with if not a .. er … real lover .. certainly a felt one., internally deadly, dark and handsome, profund sex but no committment except to a certain will to power and a new strength in word and art. yes, supple and flexible is miss bubble but no longer a stranger to obsession. i recommend your agency but i do not endorse it. the way is narrow etc… Read more »


Impressive replies. Dear Anon, I believe you may have asked the wrong question. It’s clear to me that there are women willing to play Persephone to your Plutonic transformational needs, but what’s unclear is what Persephone will gain from the experience besides a few juicy pomegranate seeds. This part of the story the ancients chose not to share. If you want your Persephone, choose wisely. Your father, Lord Kronos, would have a few wise words about Time regarding this matter. Remember that Pluto’s gift is “wealth”. What sort of wealth are you offering dear Persephone? Fallen Angel and Miss B… Read more »


Dear WG,

Re the above:

perhaps i sounded a little bitter. you will have to excuse me, its in my nature along with a rich black seam of irony. I came back altered which is not quite the same as emptied. But, indeed, an emptying did take place, thats the duty of obession.

miss b.


I think Henry Rollins is a beautiful man. What a mind.
Wow that is one lucky woman. Where can I get me one of those?


Dear Sir or Madame or Whoever You Are, Welcome to Hades Dating. No problem getting you “one of those”. Looks like you’ve got a few to pick from here. We need clarification, though: by “those” are you looking for a beautiful man like Rollins, a mind like Rollins or “one lucky woman”? Or all three. At once. We’re not judgmental. MM will of course, require you supply birth stats, as we at Hades Dating do feel morally obligated to ensure that anyone’s trip to Hell and back will serve a *useful* purpose. “Awareness and transformation” is one of our more… Read more »

fallen angel

Why thank you, Weathergirl! A touching recommendation. And yes, you’re right. One Sewer Saga was quite enough. My ticket back isn’t even good for Purgatory even if Charon is my homeboy. If Anon is looking for all three things at once, then I am definitely NOT the “lucky” woman for him/her/it. Not only have I done the time for naught a crime, I am now “reprocessing” the rampant polygamizing I survived by regurgitating it into my own interpretation via a Rotational of Lovers. Though mine is definitely less mired in lies and deception, and more Free Love vibing. I share… Read more »


Love your work Weathergirl ! xx


Yuck. Plutonian here, not amused.


That starts out horribly I reckon, the first 2/3rds make me squirm, redeems himself in the last?


That was insanely, intensely beautiful… I totally love this. But I have a lot of Pluto in me, and Pluto in my 7th, so…

I used to have that effect on people, but I think I just had a string of very creepy partners, to be honest. lol


Wow…I´m speechless.




Wow. Beautifully said and moving in its honesty.

However, if I was that woman, I’d be leery. It seems like he’s treating her as a goddess, making her the embodiment of all that is warm and human and relational in his mind. How long until his feelings change and she’s the other side of the goddess; a virility-sucking vampire and the embodiment of stifling conventionality?

year of the fox

While I feel a lot of Plutonic sentiment, and not questioning that he could be Plutonic, I feel this is a result of a transit dealing with Pluto in some way. Even etched within the heart of this letter/song/writing…. you can see his Uranian drawers peek through. ..the whole some men want women to mother them….hells no…no Aquarian i know wants that. They are looking for that intellectual equal. If hetero, they want that rational, cool chick who is pretty much intellectually a man. They want tidy inspiration and by having it, make themselves man up and become better to… Read more »


Ehhhh COME ON doesnt anybody want a guy with his shit together?,


Well, yes. But that’s really not the point here, I think. Not sure exact definition of having shit together, anyway. Recognizing, articulating the scary monsters in the closet is probably a good start. knowing I find something about this really attractive says more about my instinct for facing my personal fears than who I want taking out the trash every T/Th. I imagine all of us for whom this resonates have Pluto connections natally or big Pluto transits. See comments below.


Part of having your shit together is emotional stability and not having these extreme neurotic fits. I’m just not attracted to this kind of drama, I find it kind of false and actually RUN by fears. There’s really no big point in facing your fears if all you’re going to do is be consumed by them and take others down with you. Healing them is one thing, but I, for one, have found highly effective methods of healing that don’t involve high drama.


Basically, it sounds like a bunch of whining to me.


Is this about Rollins’ work or just the Pluto vibe in general? Completely agree with the others who think this stuff would wear thin on even the second go, but isn’t the drah-ma part and parcel of the story here? It’s a monologue, right? He’s a writer, right?

Everyone takes their healing differently. Some take it neat, some need a lot of salt on the side. Some get paid for their “healing” and never find their way off the barstool; it just becomes another addiction.

Can’t tell what’s happening here.


You’re right weathergirl. I think it’s the Pluto vibe not the man himself. Well, for me anyway. I have 3 planets in 8th house AND i’m a Scorp, so find his honesty and soul searching appealing BUT were this to happen in realty I reckon my Moon in Sagg would be running for the hills 🙂 I recognise and relate to that need to get away and that’a another reason his words resonated with me. My longest relationship was with a Aqua moon, Aqua rising Virgo. He gave me lots of space!


Frolicking replies aside, I found Anon’s comment below intriguing. I’m assuming Anon is a man, but I could be wrong. Loads of women on this site, so a man’s perspective would balance this discussion. Women talk about Pluto the Predator –and Pluto is male– but how does Pluto feel to men? Pluto CAN be a predator, just ask enough people who’ve had a Pluto square transit to their Sun –but what about the trine? Blah..drifting… Pluto doesn’t have to be EVIL. Some astrologers (Isabella Hickey, fer instance) write about Minerva (which I think is actually Charon), the wisdom side of… Read more »


omg its not too far off something a certain pisces said once.


Every wondered what Persephone saw in the man? Now you know. Has anyone written the Persephone/Ceres story told from Pluto/Hades POV –a la GRENDAL? ‘Twould be fascinating. The inverse of every woman’s “knight in shining armour” fantasy. (No, not one of those drippy romance novel types where the woman reforms/redeems/converts the hellion/lagabout/wastral/bounder, or semi-reforms him and they become partners in crime/skullduggery or devoted missionaries to carnivore head hunters.) Rollins clearly has his archetypes down. And really, an Aquarian would have the detachment potential to see his own Hell. Didn’t he fall in love/marry a nurse? (Talk about living a romance… Read more »


Oh god this is amazing. If a man said that to me I’d declare eternal love and devotion on the spot.

Could have something to do with my Venus conjunct Pluto in 8th house Scorpio.


you’d think so but its often the people you have these kind of *amazing* connections with slash some pretty fucking complex energy going on that can only make sense with letters like this at some distance. Maybe its just me, I just don’t usually say I hate you when I want to say I love you. no matter how plutonic. you say this when its complicated and you are trying to make sense of the pluto magic. that shit is never easy. She’d be on here bitching every second aqua man post at the wtf when he is threatened by… Read more »


WOW – so honest, thoughtful, pure, deep, raw and original. Love it!!!


i love it, but kinda once in a lifetime stuff, otherwise, dross.


Ha ha, I relate deeply to Henry’s prose here – as in if I were taking the man’s part! I read the first half thinking, ‘they could be talking about my husband and what I learned from him’. What a shock it was a man speaking of his reaction to a woman’s love.. whups! I don’t know anything about Henry but I am quite curious now..


just maybe kinda a little bit different…


couldnt have said it better myself…


those first few sentences really resonated … eerily resonated

perhaps it’s the mutual venus aries thing


shit. lol. ahem. So intrigued about this I checked my chart:

Pluto sitting beside Moon
Venus/Mars whilst also managing a sexy sextile with Neptune AND MC.

Can I please be an Honorary Plutonian Type. I think I just GOT IT. (Bombastic? Mre?)


lol. best not claim that Pluto sextile Neptune as something Unique eh … only lasting a mere few decades. 😉

plutonic gem

what a man what a man what a mighty mighty good MAN

plutonic gem

owwwwwwwwwwwwwww lovely…..

watery libran

Sigh. 🙂


Wow! The text is so honest about his emotion, its depth and motivation. And so hungry.

In its isolation here it has impact.

But not if you had to hear it or read the same ideas repeatedly or too often. That’s bombast, agreed.

Aqua Fey

What do I think?
I think I am in love.

Scorched Earth

I think Henry just speaks his truth and has his own way of doing so. It may be self indulgent but it may be just raw expression. Henry is full on in his spoken word tours. No more than many stand up comics or rock stars tho. He doesn’t even stop for a sip of water and almost appears not to stop for air or thought. He just downloads so whilst his appearance can assist in painting a perception of what he says (let’s face it… he’s the kinda love or hate him guy) I think he has no alternative… Read more »


Nah, Henry, bit too much man. I loved HR’s spoken word stuff when I was in my early twenties. I appreciate absurdity and lightness a lot more now. He just seems…someone above said bombastic…I think that fits. Also he reminds me of my neighbour – they even look similar. My neighbour is man with a great love of himself, no sense of irony, and a deadpan way of speaking which would be funny if it was done with some insight, but actually stems from his great love of himself. This rave is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been subjected… Read more »


P.S. O ~ R ~ A ~ C ~ L ~ E….. ? Where aaaaare you???


Oh, i loved getting caught up in that!

I’m impressed.

Good luck Henry, let go and love man.


I’m ready to make babies..? Correct me please. :p


I had gone to a Henry Rollins reading at a bookstore in LA about…15 years ago… (yes, time flies) Saw him up close (not that handsome, more like a badly chiseled sculpture…) He seemed inauthentic and bombastic. A lot of emotional bravura, big words, and big muscles that all seemed to add up to a big yawn.

It’s almost like the Venus in Aries triumphs over his whole horoscope. Narrow love. Not Plutonian in my opinion. Lacks the REALNESS of a Pluto person.

fallen angel

I read this and wondered if he was able to write it precisely for the fact he doesn’t live with the woman 24-7? I can’t speak about his personal life, except to say the man isn’t really in one city long enough to create anything of duration. He admits in an interview he neither wanted a wife nor kids, which doesn’t say anything about LOVE per se, but obviously there’s an idealism there. I read this more as a “piece” he wrote, maybe it touched on something real for him. What I love about it is it DOES delineate quite… Read more »


I agree Ms Noir. Not that I’ve seen him in person. But he seems to relish in love reversals i.e. by stating the negative so eloquently, he seems to be hoping that that will let him and his misogyny off the hook like he’s getting in first so that will render him immune. This rant reminds me of his song “Liar”. I think he’s just a cock (phallocentric) rocker who’s trying to be clever but his lyricism does noothing for me. But he is Plutonic? I don’t know, I have Pluto in 7th House and I’d hate my energy to… Read more »


yeah i’m not sold on rants like this either.

fallen angel

Maybe it’s LOWER Plutonic???

As in, saying it all passionately to work it out because he’s way too conflicted to be there and relate FOR REAL??

Interesting though, peeps seem to either Love it or Hate it. I actually think he’s the interesting crazy uncle type you’d never really want to live with but who’d supply you opiates and narcotics whilst durging on about the mysteries of life.


I love that Pluto brings you out.
Like you are Persephone with Stockholm syndrome

fallen angel

Haha.. That it does shell xxx

plutonic gem

yes i think youre right re the uncle thing… bet my brother will/is like that for my nephews


hard to say. I guess its a personal response. I have known a lot of people that would write something to this avail or have the capacity to think on these terms but its always come with a self indulgent twang and ,mostly, an entire life of avoiding intimacy yet craving to be cracked open like a nut of some kind. Everyone thinks they are so complex and different. I mean as in, if someone needs the consistent distance to get perspective like this, its usually because they are wrestling with it in a way that is too challenging for… Read more »

fallen angel

Good Goddess, and haven’t we ALL suffered through relationships like that. ICK. The funny bit is that after all the elusiveness, the running away, the knotted muscly “I’m complicated” stance, the nut finally cracks and there ain’t much meat in it. Ahem. Hopefully that’s only figurative. If I may confess, I could hardly read through it. I’m suspicious of the professed passion, and all I’m left thinking is.. yes, but will you be there with a cup of tea for her after SHE has a sh*t day? Likely not, as it sounds like he was at the Marriott when he… Read more »


no i agree. just reminds me of that real post punk grow up OMG love moment where a man needs to differentiate himself among the other kinds of love by writing it out. part dear diary part confusion part confession out of the guilt of not having the honour to before.


Oh Jesus. I have plutonic loves. Definately…. Karmic intensity that happens between do or die. And leaves nothing the same once it’s gone. But even saying it has ‘ gone ‘ is deceptive because plutonic love remains in the blood.

Pluto in 7 th house. Perhaps I should have that tattooed , so my lovers can make an informed choice. Then I could just point to it when they’re tearing out their hair and yelling at me ” You bring out the best and the worst in me! Aargh !”.


oh, my dear, how I empathise with you!!!


Me too! I have Pluto in the 7th!


Me three with Pluto in 7th, opposite Mercury in 1st… I’m sure i have done this verbally before to many ex’s before the Piscean husband… With Venus and Mars in Gem both at 13degrees in 3rd house, and Lilith in Scorp in 8th house, i used to drop this kind of load on men and then usually a couple of weeks later, i felt like well, there’s nothing else to say now….So i guess i’ll be going. Still doesn’t stop me from becoming wrapped up in reading it though, although i’m much less intense nowdays. .. All pre-Saturn return. PS… Read more »


I feel like that I am that woman. And sometimes I think he is going to see it, and sometimes I don’t.


I know this. I feel it in myself. But like you LWL I also feel I am the woman at the mo…we shall see what happens. But I saw HR on his spoken word tour a few years ago and thought he was fantastic – erudite, funny, passionate. But then I’m aqua rising with Venus in Aries… though my lovely artist friend who accompanied me – aqua aqua pisces – thought him fantastic too and emailed him to tell him how much she enjoyed the show – and he emailed her personally and thanked her…

Venus a-go-go

I too feel like that woman… I also feel like I have been the write. I have very much had these sorts of loves. Just never to the last pint of relaxing and letting go…


henry rollins = heavy

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