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Helvetica Font The MovieOnce when i used Comic Sans Serif in my Daily Mystic email, i received about a dozen impassioned lecture-rants. Nearly all were from Virgos, eloquently slagging the vulgarity and general hideous implications of the Comic Sans Serif font. Corrected, i never went near it again. Though i can now understand why some situations in my life did not turn out as i had planned, at the time. It was that fuqing font. Truly Virgo types won’t even say it’s name. They say “that font” just as superstitious actors refer to Macbeth as “the Scottish play” as it is apparently cursed. Anyway, now there is a doco out about Helvetica, the evil-arch-demon-sidekick to that font. Would only Virgos go to see a documentary about a font or is it of interest to peeps with powerfully placed Mercuries as well?

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Let’s give Virgo a rest for a minute. 😉

This is a film made for Graphically Aware Leos. (GALs)


It’s brilliant.

PS: When typefaces became “fonts” it signalled the birth of a whole new universe of clichés. Wow.

El Torro

Why is everyone so harsh on Comic Sans? Surely no font is as bad as Times New Roman!! Being a PhD student and a Swiss, I deeply regret the need to write yet another thesis in Times New Roman – so I write it in Calibri or Helvetica and change it all to TNR on the last day!

Mauvellous Capricorn

I will pass over any font that uses that irritating ‘a’. Like the one and Helvetica, LOL. 🙂

But yeah, I would like to see the movie.

Mauvellous Capricorn

should read ‘the one on this page’… still have morningitis.


Pff. Virgo? I love fonts, and the only Virgo I have in my chart is Pluto. No Gemini either. I really want to see this doc, but it hasn’t come to my local rental place, and I’m not prepared to buy it (or steal it). But I’m a designer, and at the height of my font obsession, I could i.d. many fonts at a glance. I’m fascinated by the mood a font can create. I think my favourite fonts were the beautiful antique distressed ones that were in fashion a few years ago — Eduardo Recife style. But I also… Read more »


Ha, there was a book called ‘STEAL THIS BOOK” by
Abbie Hoffman a political objecter radical of th 60’s.


I think font fetish really is the greatest ‘tell’ of a virgo person. If I ever get to the point that Viagra is required, just hand me the box and I’ll start reading and touching the label. I love my Virgi designer so much because a) he’s witty as all fuck b) a conceptual genius but c) the man can really find his way around a font. He does lettering and layout to erotic precision. Some of his best quotes: You had me at Helvetica. Are you Mrs Eaves dropping on me? Oh, so they’re looking for something from the… Read more »


“Sorry, I never studied clipart” …gold


Have printed out all the fonts i like and have them blue tacked on wall,
instead of wading through them, so joy o joy, know exactly what you
are all mentioning or would have no idea….
The range is phenom-anal.
Brilliant Mr. Jobs.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

PEGS – you will LOVE this!!

must be typographic week ….. 😉



O Honey, that is so cute!
My blue tacked sheet has the names of font in their
own font.
Have a fun long weekend if also hol in your State, RockStar.
Booked tix to Kinky Freidman & Van Dyke Parks Juy 1 at small
intimate venue…my big night out 🙂


Mercury in 6th house – I’m an Arial girl – but only at font size 10 – am currently experimenting with Calibri – am fussy, habitual, but have limited choices


I flinch at TNR


And emails = Franklin Gothic Medium!


that’s “documentary!”


now it’s at top of my Netflix queue!

what’s funny is I am a stellium in Virgo, with Mercury in 3rd house (Libra), moon in 6th house (cap). I ALWAYS use Helvetica, without really thinking about it much. I just look for the font that looks “right.” I double checked my docs and they are Helvetica. It’s the one I naturally choose. Someone mentioned Helvetica Neue Light. That’s my other favorite if I do any marketing stuff for my kids’ school.

Thanks for the tip on the doco


I was recently in a discussion of the horrors of THAT FONT and I freaked out everyone with this photo of a sign on the front of an apartment building on my street: http://i.imgur.com/tNzcn.jpg Extra horrific features: 1. The lettered part of sign is like 5 feet tall, and 5 feet up the wall. 2. There is an extra space between each letter. 3. The letters are not an exact copy of Comic Sans, it is carved with a router, down the midline of each stroke. Now think about #3. This sign is a slab of rock with Comic Sans… Read more »


Well you just have to move. I mean honestly. There’s no other option.


I agree with Lex, you have to move. The kerning on that is horrendous!


Charles, that’s not for real, is it?!
Did you Photoshop that just to upset everyone & have them up in arms?…
Lexi & Phoenixing are right, if that sort of font abuse is happening in your street, you’re going to have to leave…
I mean the Feng Shui implications alone, are disturbing.


No I swear it’s real. I couldn’t even think up something so hideous. I mean, that extra letterspacing, that’s like twisting the knife. I’m not that cruel. But you are not the first to accuse me of photoshopping that. It’s just too cruel to be real, but it is.


Warning: Mescaline users are advised to avoid prolonged eye contact with this sign!

Advertencia: Los usuarios de mescalina se les aconseja evitar el contacto visual prolongado con este signo!


Personally I can forgive Comic Sans or TNR if the writing is good. Had to deal with some documents at work today that were barely intelligible – even the logo had a misplaced apostrophe!

I’d like to choose a ‘signature font’ but worry that a less common one might get translated into something hideous on another PC! I came across a nice one recently that has my name (not Plum).


Hehehe, thanks for clarifying that… Was just off to check out what ‘Plum’ font was like ; )




I obsess over fonts. I was using Helvetica for a while, but it seemed so…masculine somehow – too clean. I changed to Myriad Pro.


Does anyone remember the uproar about a year ago when IKEA changed their catalog and web font?

Scorpio Sun/Rising

Who knew? Not I. Going to watch the movie today.


ugh. talk about boring. i would never see a movie about fonts. gaw…

however, i looove using comic sans. i teach preschool, and it’s the only font i use. ever. evereverever. comic sans is EVERYWHERE, all over the classroom. partly because the kids seem to identify letters most easily with that font, and partly because it helps me identify (and annoy) grownup font-obsessed weirdos (neeheehee!)

virgo sun/ scorpio moon/ aries rising


What a gorgeous site with all the puppies, cute as.
Your sprogs must love you 🙂

year of the fox

I have Virgo on my MC with Venus. I really hate Comic Sans. It’s hard to be taken seriously if you use it.

Ali B Aqua

I cant believe I havent seen this yet. Merc Sun Aqua. Off to find it now.

I love Serif Gothic, trajan for caps stylish, palatino is a fallback serif and prefer frutiger over the larger too roundy bodied helvetica family.

Yours in typo.


The best small bar in Perth is called Helvetica. No joke. Full of Virgos for sure – the pseudo-beatnik journo ones.


O they are the TYPE (of personages) I know well in Adelaide (and avoid).

unpredictable pisces

A documentary about fonts would interest me for about 5 minutes. Then I would be bored shitless. I’d need someone interesting to tell me face to face over wine…


OK then. You bring the wine and I’ll make up a story 🙂


is it of interest to peeps with powerfully placed Mercuries as well?

when can you say you have something powerfully placed?


a couple of quick examples . . if the planet is at 0 degrees of a sign . . . if the planet is exalted in the sign . . . if the planet is in the house it rules . . . e.g., a powerfully placed Mercury would be if it is at 0 degrees any sign; if it is anywhere in Virgo; if it is in the sixth house.


In addition to Inch by Inch’s examples above, also look for any favourable aspects to the planet eg. Mercury may be conjuct something enhancing such as Jupiter, Mars or MC, which gives it extra oomph. Or it could be trining one of these suggesting that the two work to produce an easy flow of talents in some area (look to the House for ideas about what area).


Wow, feel like I’ve just stumbled upon some kind of secret society. No offence but i just couldnt sit through a film about fonts… Boring!!… & oh so DRY! Really quite disturbing for someone without any Virgo planets, points or placements whatsoever.
However, for the record, my Merc in Libra conjunct Uranus prefers ‘Georgia’ when choosing fonts ; )


Article on Comic Sans and learning, and yes I’d go and see a doco on fonts, though strangely i’m a Piscean.



You can only be a Piscean strangely.






Paul, maybe you have Gemini Rising or Moon in Gem (interest in learning)? What is your Mercury Sign & House placement, if you don’t mind me asking?


I’ve got Scorpio Rising, Merc in Pisces in the 5th and moon in Gemini.

watery libran

Palantino for documents to be printed, Verdana for internet work. I loathe Times New Roman with a passion and would only use ‘that font’ if I were writing something aimed at a primary school-age audience. Different fonts for different purposes/audiences.

I often have eyes rolling at work when I start to wax lyrical about fonts. Virgo rising, and I’m seeing that film ASAP 🙂


Primary school, yes, that font reminds me of school!


SUCH a great doco! Love fonts, love fiddling with leading and kerning. I miss my old career as a pagesetter/book designer.

Tomorrow I’m going to change all my screen fonts, just for funsies.

Domestic Triffid

Harrington. And I have Virgo rising.

I say “poot” to pretentions of professionality. Art Nouveau fonts ALL THE WAY !!

And no, I am not obsessive about fonts. I find discussion of kerning and optimum points for readability deeply, deeply boring…

But I DO enjoy digging deep into the “Appearance” menu on my ‘putey and changing all my screen fonts…

Still not obsessive about it. No no no. Not even a teensy bit…


I am a gemini and I would go and see that for sure. Am a designer. Love fonts.


Do you use dafont?


Loved that doco.
BTW, would Neptune’s return to Pisces signal this cursive font craze? The whole ye olde Victorian era schtik that’s so brown clothes and yellow paper going on atm.

And typewriter type. What sign would most likely become the typewriting type?


My last typewritten correspondence came from an Aqua-Gem couple.


I’d say Cancer, as old typewriters are so nostalgic and collectible. My multiple Cancerian father adores typewriters and even with an office full of modern computer and word processing equipment still prefers to type out a letter rather than stare at a computer screen to do it. I think it secretly makes my Scorpio mother happy, since she then has a reason to hunt down rare and hard to find supplies like typewriter ribbon and corrector tape. 😉


Lol re your folks, Lauren 🙂
Agree Kataka, also maybe Tauro for the elegant simplicity and classicness and maybe Sagg for the immediacy with the word through print. They might associate that as more truthful than going through a software middleman. Also cos they can DIY repairs .

Mystic's Scorpio Intern

I use Century Gothic for everything. What insight does this give?? And I’ve always liked Papyrus font (more so for titles than body), but have come to the conclusion that it looks unpolished for professional documents such as book covers. Have a very basic level cert in graphic design. Scorp Merc.


Love Papyrus for written personal letters to friends, yes,
some of my old friends don’t have pc’s or mobiles, (tres radical
of them i know) and for the written information i give to clients.
It’s an elegant style and i get excited when i see it used.


I love Century Gothic too. One of my faves.


I’ve found Geminis to be quite addicted to Century Gothic and don’t have a theory why yet, but any planets in Gem?

Mystic's Scorpio Intern

Yes, 5th house Mars in Gemini…

Letters in the post are the best! Especially papyrus style 😉


Hell yes I’d see it. But my Merc is in Virgo, so that might have something to do with it…

There is a place for Comic Sans according to this website: http://comicsanscriminal.com/


Obviously my 4 planets in Virgo are far less influential than I have been led to believe. I totally love Comic Sans font, use it all the time, even my Capricorn moon and Sagg rising are at complete ease with it!!……..and I am definitely well beyond being a 10 year old!!


Ha, I was actually going to post: perhaps Sagittarius is the only sign that might appreciate the jovial whimsy of comic sans


This Gemini would go see it! Although I hate Helvetica with a passion and have only lately been convinced by some sans serif fonts that there could be something attractive about them, attractive in a kind of – wow, that’s so ugly it’s atttractive kinda way – but only SOME sans serifs. I’m a serif girl from way back, and I’ll default to Times New Roman any day of the week even though it’s boring, because I’m all about the readable, baby, and sans just don’t cut it except for headliners in Vogue fashion spreads and ads for mobile phones… Read more »


Might want to check out “Literary Tattoos” by Eva Talmadge, and “Body Type” by Ina Saltz for some great tats and fonts. Just read the first not long ago in my library, interesting for lovers of the word and ink.


LOL. yes yes yes.

piscean pied-a-terre

I love this thread about fonts! I just bought this great new book called ‘Just My Type: A Book About Fonts’, by Simon Garfield – it is very readable, and has the story of many different fonts (including the despised Comic Sans – which incidentally is one of the recommended fonts for learners of English – it looks friendly, and doesn’t have those funny lower-case a’s). My astro signature doesn’t include any Virgo (apart from the generational planets), but I do have Mercury in Aquarius.


I love that book! Virgo porn

plutonic gem

I’m pretty picky about fonts where I can be, or where I have control over the fonts used. It’s art and maths, its about how we read well it not. I love words. I love how they look, sound, what they mean, what they do.


Also I think using a horrible font is like wearing a really horrible outfit. People will approach your email/document differently, not take you as seriously, etc. It’s your virtual style, in many situations.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

bad fonts are like bad shoes!!


Or bad breath . Seriously hard to want to keep reading some message in bad font

plutonic gem

‘or the font of teriyaki’ yet again I quote the wordsmith difranco…

Ali B Aqua

Or always in ALL CAPS. I am shouting at you!


Mystic, what we you thinking, using comic sans??? Geez!! Lol… But really… It’s for 10 year old girls, i think. And crappy old geocities websites.

I’ve heard this doc is really good, thanks for reminding me of it.

Its 6am here, I was soo happy to wake up ta bunch of new mystic posts!! Yay!

Little Joey

Oh by the way have you seen that you tube clip of Steve Jobs where he talks about doing a calligraphy class in college “If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it’s likely that no personal computer would have them. If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. ” text from: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html It is a pretty… Read more »

Ali B Aqua

Love it. Thanks for the link.

Me, the double Scorp girl

PS: I love Frutiger as well. Another Swiss font (Helvetica obviously being the Latin name for what’s nowadays Swiss).

Me, the double Scorp girl

I have Mercury in Scorp (12th) and I would totally go see this movie!

Little Joey

I work with a Virgo who subscribes to some obscure font newsletter. A few months ago I walked past his desk to find him bemoaning the fact that he currently didn’t have enough time to peruse it – with the attention it deserved. He was genuinely distressed. I then made the mistake of telling him that my I had inherited some great old books, from my mother, dedicated to fonts. Then he wanted to talk about it with me…… sheeesh that was a mistake I mean I think it is a truly interesting topic (hence my keeping the books) and… Read more »

plutonic gem

I love Virgo for this kind of specialization of knowledge…. but too much is too much for this gemini who is well practiced at grand lateral thinking, obscure lateral thinking even , very frustrating for the uber Virgo.


I’m so glad you’re back and posting like mad.

James Brown blogging machine.


xox rockstar libran publicist xox

OH god – Helvetica is like soft porn for those typographically obsessed. Helvetica Neue Light has been my standard for about 20 years ….. just shifting (regretfully).

there is a FANTASTIC documentary on Helvetica – if anyone finds the llink on the net pls post as I want to own it.

documents MANY locations where the font is used & even a casual observer would be hooked.

there – outted myself. best thing I’ve seen on the net all day – thanks Mystic!! 😉

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

god I thought this was ANOTHER new Helvetica film & was forthing at the prospect – but this is THE ONE – it’s awesome….. *day gets even better* – been after this ever since I saw it!!

Mercury 15 Virgo in the 6th – is this why?

Mac tech guru (if you’re in Sydney you NEED Prof Mac in your life!!) – put CALVETICA on my phone – Helvetica Calendar syncs with iCal – interface obviously WAY prettier than Mac version 🙂


An Aquarian I know can detail the political power shifts regarding serif fonts (Times New Roman being our modern form of the quintessential dominant Roman type), otherwise cuneiform, and sans (non) serif fonts as the unadorned true font of the people. While it may seem to be laughably pedantic, this is in fact history. The true power of the word and its form! There was a whole documentary on it. Comic Sans-o-phobia, however, is a recent fad, quickened by the social gossip-network of the internet. Would love to know my friend’s Mercury or third house or Virgo placements, but the… Read more »


Merc can only get 15ish (?) degrees from the sun. So his merc is either in cap, aqua or pisces, and you could remove one by knowing if early or late aqua. Venus also generally around the sun.


Thanks, shell, didn’t think! It seems his Mercury is in Aquarius, quite close to the sun there.


I saw that doco and fonts were changed for me forever. I then discovered the cult status of font makers and their interwebs world…of fonts. Proceeded to get sucked in to the point that my next simple ad design was illegible because of the uber bubble-person font I’d chosen cos it was so edgey. And useless.

Times New Roman is to Comic sans serif as a Chrysler sedan is to my treadly.
See the doco, it is fascinating! ( sun, moon, saturn, merc in gemini)


so edgey… and useless. Love your honesty twinfish! I find so much modern day ‘edginess’ to be completely useless. And fatuous. And annoying.

I love the evolution of writing and fonts and would love to see this doco. (Honorary Virgo in Training) I also LOVE to know people’s Mercury placement; it is as important as Sun, Moon & ASC placements to me as it suggests whether/how we can communicate. Also LOVE to see people’s hand writing and still write many letters and cards by hand.


I LOVE seeing the word love 😉

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