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Nick Fedaeff - GoatessNick Fedaeff – Goatdess

So, Capricorns; are you feeling better?

Since the shift of Saturn a few hours ago.?

Note that Saturn rules Capricorns and it turning Direct means it’s not applying so hard to Pluto in Capricorn.

Instant relief for Capricorns and, to a lesser extent, Aquarius peeps.

Why them?  Because Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius.

There is a little bit of Saturn in even the most whacked-out, polyphasic living Uranian of Aquarians.

You just have to know where to look.

And watch your Capricorns for signs of increased frivolity, daring.

You know the word “caprice” as in “capricious”  is linked to Capricorn/Goats.

So now you will see the capricious side of our Capricorn and the stone-hard cold Saturn sign of Aquarius.

Hands up which Aqua-Peeps have just decided to spreadsheet basically everything, not because you’re anal but so as to facilitate genius, peace and freedom.

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42 thoughts on “Eyes That See Into Infinity

  1. I never think much about my Cap moon. I wonder how Saturn has affected that? And I wonder how Cap moon is affected now? Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a range of emotions all of a sudden? Hmmm. Emotions thawing…

    Of course, I don’t feel as though emotions have been frozen. Hmmm….

  2. Yep. Suddenly I have schedules written out on graph paper taped all over my room and hellbent on success. Not sleeping, eating super clean, completely obsessed with career stuff. Turning into a Capricorn. O_O

    I’m hoping that relationship stuff gets better, I have definitely noticed a change since January — like we’re both obsessed with Saturn things but they were going nowhere. 🙁 Boyfriend has moon in Libra.


      but heeyyy does this mean that sooner or later all this WORK! SUCCEED! ACHIEVE! scheisse will go down the drain once more?

  3. My Cappy stellium daughter sent me an email saying she finally felt better from the months of turmoil involved in her decsion to divorce her husband. I told her it was because Saturn was going direct. 😉

    She is struggling most with the ‘wrongness’ of it all. She feels Cappys are supposed to go in a direct line to the top, not be beset by what she sees as a failure. She wants desperately to erase this passage of her life; she can’t at this time accept it. She is upset at the loss of her golden job, her first home, her community standing, all that she has built.

    She’s 20, and has been used to people lauding her every brilliant move from the time she was a child. She has never experienced failure and can’t see this in the light of growth. Oh, Pluto! You are destroying my poor daughter-who-was.

    • I do remember this golden goat! What a terrible upheaval for you all. And I do feel for the “wrongness” she’s processing. Totally understand the Cappy Life Plan of climbing the mountain of achievement one little hoof at a time. Doesn’t matter the achievement –whatever they’re doing Cappy HATE even the appearance of wasted effort. Yes, I too was once a Fine Upstanding Citizen doing All The Right Things. Or so I thought.

      Sometimes we’re so involved in outcomes and security of what we build that we forget, totally, the fishy side of Capricorn. Cappy’s are the practical mystics, yes? So maybe she needs some time with finger paints, or garden beds or –no, not power tools– hammers to explore the feeling of losing control –Piscean style– and living a bit more on faith than five point goals.

      Don’t know if I’m writing to myself or your daughter, but let us know how she fares. Methinks she’s about to find a better mountain to climb.

    • Of course the other side is, she achieved all that by 20. Imagine what she’ll have done by 30! A (painful) freeing up so as to climb higher?
      So young to be at that point though. My best wishes to the both of you AS.

      • It’s killing her shell, it really is. Pluto is on her sun and he is merciless. And she is so strong and so disciplined and she resists so hard. I think she will choose to break, rather than bend. But of course the final outcome will be good. Thanks for your encouraging words!

  4. I’m not yet as of this writing. I don’t have my sun (Scorp) in Cappy but I do have my Asc. and moon and I’m feeling very, very anxious about the upcoming eclipse. You see, I’ve got 24 degree Gemini in the 6th and 24 degree Sagg in the 12th. Help!!

  5. I have felt relief the last day or so. So many lists in my head and they all seem achievable. I have rediscovered my mojo and its organised. Its fab. I expect my desk to be clean and my life job related guilt free in hours. Some of these things have been stuck here for weeks. Clarity is coming. I can see it!

  6. I started feeling better. Friday it has been like Saturn has had me in a headlock . Freedom but with some wisdom and clarity’ I had no idea I had to let go of this old self to step into this new paradigm ! What was I thinking ?
    I am feeling much better Mystic thanks for asking and thanks for your support! Double cap doing double saumersalts ! Ahhh!!!!

  7. PS I feel I am about to get my A game going ! Trying not be Gun shy???

  8. Damn right…venus at cancer 10. But I have to mention. I have vertex, uranus and Juno all between 15 and 22 degrees libra. Not to mention. Chiron at Aries 16. So this autumn should be just ducky. I also have planets on the eclipse degrees at the end of the year.

  9. Cap ASC and I’m not sure yet. I’m actually feeling quite anxious right now, wonder if thats the effect of the upcoming eclipse on my Cancer planets? Or maybe its the legal +school fees that Im still not able to pay off due the stinginess of my boss.

  10. Aqua rising mer 18 pisces/uranus 18 gemini in mutual resept. by house
    No spread sheet, but speaking up is much better in the past weeks…knowing just because I know it… others often don’t. I need to express it!!!
    The freedom comes from saying it —–so there are no blurry lines or assumptions, YES!!!

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  12. Aqua rising here is getting its shite together making plans and typing them out. planning my graceful exit from my current job into the unknown but having many surprising mini epiffs along this journey I have begun. Lets go cappy aquas **raises poms poms and leaps into air**

  13. Aqua Sun, Cap rising – I think I’m thinking clearer, straight. Realised last night that I must start doing away with emotions and thoughts that are not useful to me – changing attitudes to people / situations that have been bleeding me dry. So to some people yes, it will seem that I am stone cold hearted (as said of Aquas in the post) – but for me it is important to give some time and energy back to me and my priorities. So I am feeling quite joyous as well at all the good things changes bring – maybe my Cap ascendant starting to feel light hearted!

    • Omg LJ a LOT of what you write I always get, it’s freaky!

      Saturn for thus aqua has been more about being quartz brained, I can be so ungrounded at times and caught up in the emo of my Kataka moon & rising.

  14. So that’s what’s been going on with my Cap guy… Damn… if this means things are turning around that’d be sweet.

    Boys been in a funk for a while.

  15. Aquarian. And just bought six HUGE cork boards to . . . organize a bajillion ideas.

  16. I forget sometimes that I am saturn’s bitch. Unlikely as that sounds. And yes I do feel better. Like moving forward is possible.
    Thank fuck.
    Must call my dear early cap friend today to spread the love.

    • Although the desire to dust and vacuum is a bit disconcerting. Surely Saturn has slaves for that … oh … damn.

  17. I am feeling MUCH better thank you Mystic.
    I think I hadn’t realised just how bloody tough the last month and especially the last two weeks have been. Was just plodding along through quick sand, sleep deprived and giggly, as you do, keeping jovial about it, and then hit total collapse over the weekend. Not in a bad way. In a can’t wake up too quickly, need comfort food, glued to the couch, slothing out happily kinda way, but really, was just immovable for the past two days, canceled everything, stayed indoors, guzzled herbal tea. Regenerating I guess.
    Also hadn’t realised that retrograde had shifted Saturn back into the last degrees of my first house. GET OUT OF THERE DUDE, IT’S BEEN BLOODY YEARS, MOVE ON.
    Today, yes, better, but still hit snooze like 5 times…

  18. Cap sun, aqua rising, pisces moon – I am so not like any descriptions I read about capricorns so tend to read up on both cap and aqua news ad hope I can identify with something! Am not very organised, neat etc ever … unless I am in full on work avoidance mode … then I attack the pantry, paper work and other sorting type jobs with a vengeance.
    I think I have grumbled here recently about how stressed out I have been for weeks and weeks – feeling like I have been surrounded by aggression and lunacy. Well I drove to work today thinking about how peaceful I suddeny felt! Had an absolutely slothful weekend of sleeping and lazing about, and have been feeling like a huge dark cloud has disappeared finally.

    Just read your post Lexicorn and can relate totally.

    • You’re still Cappy enough to be irked by typos, that’s a good sign!
      I’ve never known a particularly tidy Capricorn, in fact, I would classify us on the slovenly side really, except for personal appearances in public and our brain space – that’s where the order, strategy and time-management comes into play – in the mind. And it’s the little things sometimes, even grocery shopping, planning the most economical use of the aisles. So don’t think a messy desk or bedroom or disorganised filing system makes you un-Capricornian. A messy working space with a mega-ordered work ethic is uber Capricornian.
      I’m currently sitting amongst three giant heaving piles of papers and crap, looks horrific, but I can tell you what is in each pile and where, and find it in a flash.

      • You made me smile Lexicorn 🙂 I’m a teacher and rather well known for the state of my desk at work. I tell everyone that I operate in a chronological layer system – like an archaeologist. I often surprise others (and quite honestly myself) when they come asking me for some paperwork and I manage to find it pretty quickly.
        All that aside, I have still managed to keep that serene feeling all day today and it’s been so long since I have felt like this, it’s a bit of a shock really. But …. yay!! I like it!

  19. woke up feeling stressed after some nightmares. BF made love and then reassured. Fantastic day, although not as productive as could have been. But feeling on top of it, and in total work mode. Saturn, yeehah! (cap sun, Gem rising)