Which Sign Is Most Likely To Google Him/Herself?

Sophia Loren reading a newspaper by candlelightWhich sign is most likely to Google him/herself?

Virgo – for the due diligence & details analysis?

Aries – to boof up the ego?

Scorpio – so as to be able to send hissy communiques to anyone less-than-worshipful?

Note: Self-Googling is different from Facebook-Stalkery

Do tell…

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I googled myself very diligently but secretly. Leo Sun in 12th house. Virgo Moon and huge stellium in Virgo and Cancer Asc.


there’s also another girl with my name who uses – emovampire girl – several things i am so not.


i’m a virgo sun, scorpio moon, aries rising, and i google myself each time the season changes because i’m semi-paranoid about a multitude of things (misinformation, stalkers, etc.) not only do i search my married name, but also my maiden name (i told you that my sun is in virgo, right?…)


I not only Google, but Yahoo, Bing and Altavista and a few other search engines. Being thorough yields some very interesting info sometimes. 😉

Virgo Moon


i’m on IMDB how cool I produced Sexy Space Sirens from Siberon. cool. On face book and my interests are love em and leave and fucking with peoples minds. I can relate to that. Couple of porn sites – . Dopplegangers everywhere I always knew i had a few sets of eveil twins out there.


ha! I’m on IMDB too – miscellaneous crew… I wonder if that means fluffer?


Every week. I like to be forewarned what others googling me about jobs etc will find. Best if you can get your own site to the top of the listings then hopefully people are so bedazzled by that they don’t look through the links relating to five years ago and some crummy freelance job you were only doing to keep the wolves from the door. Luckily very few people are ‘that’ interested.


I found someone with my name, she wins chili competitions. I have been considering for a while now that I should enter one against her to shake things up a bit. It’s funny because I find that her having my name annoys me.


Hey! One of my alternative selves is an amateur rodeo riding and cattle wrangling champion. My alternative self should get together with your alternative self and throw a cowboy cookout! 😀


Only if the food is veg and the cattles are stuffed. I am a vegetarian animal lover. Cattle wrangling woud drive me to oversensitivity and I would be rooting for the cows.


with a Sagg moon i find it nigh on impossible not to comment and offer my 2 cents worth on blogs/Twitter/facebook and IRL. Scorp Sun hates it!!

My Gem north node is like a useless information sponge.

Also hate how if you “like” a group on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall it sometimes appears when you google your name. Grrrr.


Thanks for that – as a Leo, I don’t spend much time googling myself ( 😀 ) so I didn’t know this factoid. I have unliked a group just now that led to my facebook account. So very grrrrrrrrr!


I do it when I’m bored there’s mostly doctors and professors + an ardent supporter of the bisexual community, a writer of gay erotica and then some average folk who aren’t me.

Libra sun, mercury ascendant, scorpio moon

Water Pig

Every now and then I get worried about what might be out there so I get up the courage to go and see. I have asked people to help me remove searches on the google webmaster help thingy. I don’t have anything to hide but I don’t like being judged on tiny bits of information. I’m just mostly concerned about my work reputation. I hate it when I realise comments that i’ve made on a certain FB group page are all there for people to see. Even though they’re not in any way offensive it just doesn’t sit well with… Read more »


I know I’ve googled myself at some point but couldn’t remember the results, so did it again just now to make sure there’s NOTHING there. I go where I go and don’t need anyone else following… That just ties you down. I don’t even have a Facebook or a Twitter for the sole purpose of keeping myself off the map.

Leo sun, Aqua moon and Scorp rising.


Leo first, Sagg second and Scorp. third. Myself? Scorp sun, Cap Asc.

plutonic gem

Gem sun, scorp rising, have never… know there.is nothing there… don’t care to know how common my name is….

venus a-go-go

My Scorp hosemate googles herself to make sure no one can find her. True Fact.


I do that too! I’ve found there are a lot of people with my name who are not me. But references to the actual me are few and far between. My FB privacy settings are all configured to be unsearchable too. I prefer to lurk around the interwebs in stealth mode with an invisibility cloak.


That’s the only reason I’ve ever done it haha (Scorpio). I never use my full name, anywhere but I’m allllll over the internet so unless someone knows how to find me they would have trouble.


I heard that once something has been posted on FB that information can never be deleted at the source. You can write in and ask them to delete your file but you will never know if they do. Gem Hub is in IT and he does not use FB or any networking site. 🙁


I’ve heard similar, I have a Facebook account that is in theory not searchable by people and I just follow the advice I was given by someone wise ‘never write anything on the internet you wouldn’t put on the back of a postcard’. Sometimes I fail (especially on here) but it’s a good one to remember.

venus a-go-go

Not to get all 1984 on your ass… but whatever you do can generally be found. Says something for ‘general poise and grace’ which I haven’t always had… but then again… we are all human.
There is something truly beautiful about Social Media misdirection.


Pisces!! I always google myself!!


Pisces too, and yes, a few times a year – but could be the Leo rising!!

Good thing I googled myself the last time as on the first page of searches my visa card details came up – on a Russian chat forum site! So straight onto the bank in the middle of the night to cancel the card.

And scarily there was a huge long list of people’s name, visa card numbers, expiry dates….
If you don’t check on what is out there about you occasionally you don’t know what people know about you.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

too funny – knew there’d be a bit out there – with articles so often published online now – & this post provoked a Google & got to 6 pages with 3 references a US lawyer – the rest me … I guess the legacy of having a byline & blogging (which oft is re blogged) but which sign? Leo! Taura sis is utterly neuro re FB / social media / identity theft. then saw how quickly I’ve gained an audience for a particular personal project and now revising her stance. she writes / illustrates children’s books – the internet’s… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

LOL gfnd just informed me that in Google’s alter ego reality – I am both a former captain of the Australian netball team AFTER I was allegedly found murdered on a remote beach in South Australia – yo, the serial killer got me!!




Wow, I haven’t googled myself in a long time. I was surprised to discover that two different versions of me died in two different cities within the last year. I was also surprised to discover I am currently serving a 10 year sentence in a Texas prison for arson and “murder under the influence of sudden passion.” That seems like an awfully light sentence. Well at least my heavy machinery factory in Asia seems to be doing well.


I’m with year of the fox on this one and Libra is my sun sign, go figure.


Same, check every now and then out of paranoia.
Libra sun also

Curious Cancerian

I’m amazed so many peeps get themselves when they google their name! And a little jealous. There seem to be quite a few other women with my name. Mostly professors…


I get mostly professors and doctors too!

Domestic Triffid (aka Saggio)

Oh yeah – and Leo, definitely. They’re soooo self-obsessed, unlike us Saggios, who are cool, calm and disinterested :p


I don’t know. I’m Leo rising and I never even thought to google myself until my ex was doing all kinds of stalky things

And I’d rather erase almost all traces of my name. I would leave facebook (supposed to have a secure page..) and linkedin but erase all else.


Okay, NOW I had to try it (realized I couldn’t remember the last time I did…). Not as scary as I imagined and am relieved at how many people have similar names. It’s like camouflage. Not that it prevents ex’s from being nosey.


And I have Sun Virgo, and Mercury in Libra (seeing an unanticipated Libra aversion to being googled in this post:)

Domestic Triffid (aka Saggio)

I totally eased myself from Facebook – its tricky, but possible. Any person with my name on Facebook is not me:)))


Like your site, had a peeek a few days ago.
Gave me a few laughs, noticed Re-Connective
body work when coincidently found a brochure
and biz card of a practitioner in Adelaide, at a time
was needing some sort of massage or medication.

I love that Saggo’s can be so damn self effacing sometimes,
then the next so far up on their high horse 🙂


totally Leo!!!


I did google myself a few months ago only and saw a few listings, much
to my surprise as i never gave permission. Strangley, it has worked in my
favour for creds.
With a loaded 11th house, more a person to person, face to face character.
People not machines. So wanted to meet Mac Boss in California to learn
skills from the Source, now he’s fading so a bit late for that dream (maybe
tout est possible?)

Scorpio Sun/Rising

I love googling me. 😉 (maybe once or twice a year is all though) I’m fascinated how news travels without me even having to do anything.


LEO all the way.


of course Leo just to check we are still alive


of course duh! Just to check I’m still alive


O I do!. Or have done, it’s been a while. An annual check – a mixture of curiosity and paranoia and ego.

And fushiafairy, same moon placement, explain the paranoia-slant?
Also a ‘billboard fantasising’ Leo MC going on tho lol.


Cancer sun, Leo moon, Aries rising…

I’ve totally done that. After a friend told me she googled herself frequently – shes an Aqua sun, cancer moon.

Here’s what happened. I got all curious, so I googled my name and various screen names. I was surprised not to have found more than I did. And then I got all paranoid and wanted all mentions of me to be lacking from internet search results. lol

Of course, I never did anything about it.


Aqua sun kataka moon here too, did it about 10 years ago out of interest. Doesn’t cross my mind really, got a name that probably very few would have, if any. I do change my screen name at times.


Aries – not interested, possibly Pisces rising has saved me there?
I’m not bothered what people say/think/type about me, if i was i would be a bundle of nerves and pumped up to the eyeballs on prescription drugs !
i have quite a dubious past, that can set tongues wagging. I’m more like ‘pah, if you don’t like me, that’s fine, but fuq off outta my way, you’re sucking in too much air”.
(all said in good mood)
Cheerio Peeps !


Same sun and rising signs, and same attitude right here!

I’m too proud to Google. Too busy to care. And too cautious of getting into something that ends up being so stupid that I just shouldn’t have bothered with in the first place.


Other people sometimes tell me in person that they’ve googled me.

I don’t mind, but I don’t like them to expect that I know the funny little details they’re referring to. All usually sounds ancient and disconnected anyways.

The Leo Socialite

With a glass of vino in one hand, a tender smirk and if i was a guy i would have my hand on it lol

i love this picture!!!!

year of the fox

Me! I’m paranoid about what others (mostly sneaky frenemies) might be saying about me.

Libra Sun and Scorp Moon with Saggo Rising.


Ditto! I have a scorpmoon too. Snap!


lol…I have. Virgo rising, cancer sun, leo moon(in 12th house).
cancer sun and 12th house moon…very private. I want all references to me taken down, except strictly business references.
Virgo rising…I get very efficient about removing my name from searches.


You can do that????Have something taken down?

Little Joey

Yes, yes do tell…. I hate any trace of me to be found online. My name is not at all common so people know its me if I’m there. How does one get themselves removed?

I hate that on Facebook people can use your name in posts and upload your image without your permission. Somebody will take Facebook to task on this one day… can’t wait
*rave, rant, rave*


yes! how do you remove your name from searches?????


please do tell fushiafairy!!

Paranoid Scorp here. 🙂

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