The Astrology Of Bad Boys

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Kim Falconer has posted an excellent article re Bad Boys, and a shorter version here on the Voyager Book Blog.

Astrologically, of course, you look to your Mars to explain any ongoing attraction to these creatures. It’ll be a revved up Mars with aspects to Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus…something. Mars is the kind of men (or boys) you like to mess with.

I blame my Mars-Pluto-Uranus in the 8th for sticking with The Uranian so long…Well, longer than his performance would suggest that a sane woman would consider. Hot helps, of course.

I know an otherwise mega-sensible Virgo who continued to date a Bad Boy Aries after he not only got arrested in the middle of their third date at a Gold Class Cinema but decided to resist arrest, thus resulting in the evacuation of the cinema.

Yes, they’ve most likely got a fuqed up Mars vibe but look at YOUR Mars first…I say this sans judgement. More like with love and bemused empathy.

Read Kimmy’s brill article and then please come back Β here & share your stories of Bad Boy Romance.

Your Sign-His-Sign and any transit you were going thru Β is a bonus.

I’m keeping this as boys because either you or they are meant to grow out of this by the time they’re men.

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69 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Bad Boys

  1. oh dear…
    me: mars inconjunct pluto. Mars is also the point of a YOD between pluto, mars, and neptune. Mars trine moon.

    my bad boy: Check to all 6 of her criteria. He has pluto inconjunct mars also. He also has the notorius Mars square neptune.
    We just broke up a week ago after over 2 years and are both reeling. Shattered soulmates. Praying I can make it through this.

  2. Hmm bad boys…

    I would say had a few in my teenage years, but think my Mars-Saturn Scorp in 6th house keeps me from getting entangled in them. I tend to see straight through them.

    I do like to play, but have completely changed my taste in men over the past year..going for boring, financially secure types now. Toro, is Mars Toro in 6th house as well….

  3. Haha. someone on that other site brought up my favorite dark hero—->> Mitchell from Being Human. The one I went very emo over when they killed him off. *sigh* I still miss him. I don’t think I’ve loved a vampire so much since Angel. LOL

    Anyways, my Mars in Aries is the focal poin of a T-square between Saturn/Uranus and Chiron. I’d rather not talk about it. 😐 Okay, to make a long story short, there’s a drug user and a wanted man in the past history. Never ever again. They both came around the time pluto was aspecting my T-Square too. And they both seemed like nice guys at first. smh

      • Oh, Jeez! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to put a SPOILER ALERT beforehand. Sorry about that, I’ll keep my mouth shut since it looks like you haven’t finished series 3 yet, but the short answer is….yes.

        • I’ve only just discovered Series 1! (late starter) I’ll be so immersed it won’t matter. lol He is gorgeous though, and powerful and troubled. Perfect for my Mars in Capricorn πŸ™‚

          • I love Being Human! πŸ˜€ I won’t mention favorite characters or episodes to spoil it for you Kimmy. I’ll just mention that if you get to season 2 and find that things are slowing down a little, don’t despair, because season 3 picks up and lots of twists and turns happen!

            No big bad boy insights for me. Mars in Scorpio…thus attracted to venomous Scorpy boys who end up telling me that they need me and want me, but can’t follow through with actually putting forth the work and effort of maintaining a stable relationship. I hope the Scorp boys in my life evolve into higher Pluto types, but until then I need to stay away from them…intense water sign chemistry be damned!

          • I originally thought my obsession with him was down to his three planets in gemini activated my Unaspected Venus in Gem but he’s also wicked plutonian (the actor) so yeah….like attracts like.. haha

            I tell you that you will become attached to the show quickly. I love how they mix the humor in with the drama, its perfect. My problem with season 3 is that the writers seem to loose sight of them “being human” (the offbeatness again) and its alot more like a sensational thriller. Still very poignant though.

  4. Mars in Virgo conjunct Venus in Libra (both in my 7th house)! Totally immune to bad boys. I’ve always steered clear.

    Of course, I’m hopeless for the the strong, silent, noble types, who…don’t actually seem to exist outside of old movies, so I shouldn’t gloat.

  5. Bad boys? Totally i vote Saggittarian Men, for me always, with nicknames
    like ‘Spike’, ‘Butch’, what does THAT tell you!
    Not the type one cooks a dinner for or even attempts to invite to anything
    at all really ‘cept le boudoir. The only one’s Mars i know is in Leo.
    And none of them intelligent ( and that for me is can be apowerful aphrodisiac),
    but far more street wise than me with hip jargon to go with it, or maybe it’s bogan
    cliches that turns me on. Opposites attract or merely Rough Trade?

    In my youth my Mother used to call me a Florence Nightingale for my propensity
    of collecting stray’s, to dress, feed & heal the wounds. Could that be my Virgoan Mars, THEIR details maybe. She also said ‘Sleep with dogs & you will get fleas. Itch-scratch.
    Nowadays, pure as the driven slush having been through it ALL. Them all i mean πŸ™‚

    dogs & you will get fleas. OOOps…scratch itch. But no longer, as sometimes a woman
    needs a nail hammered or a piece of furniture moved.

    • LOL love your reasoning pegs – I have mars in virgo also and I never thought of it that way.

    • Someone named Spike followed me around for a while. Showed up at my preppy college with a skull earring and a mohawk. I don’t know why he liked me. But he sort of floated in the periphery for a while.

      Later I named my first cat Spike (a female, though, and not so much in memory of the guy–just a funny name for a kitten)

    • Me too with the bad boy Saggs! It is like a sick fetish. I have Mars in Gemini.

    • Mars in Virgo here too.
      Totally all about the strays and the wounded.
      Case in point: Saggs and Pisces. All the freaking time!

  6. Sorry bout the layout, i delete so much when i write….repeat repeat & every which
    way but loose.
    Never did go to secretary school. My fingers & hands are more useful on the body
    than on a machine.

    • And a hope your’e fine as from me as well & everything
      rolling along beautifully for you.
      If your’e not here a lot means your’e a busy bee….great!

      • yes yes back & whirlwind trip around country pickled with unpredictable stuff (filming the Bra Boys NIGHT surfing at their break OURS!!), a bunch of journalism, wild jaunts with Le Ram & of course the launch of the next big project.

        so very very very sad about Blue Libra!!
        can not imagine how her family and friends are!! πŸ™


  7. I have Mars and Venus conj Neptune in Scorpio, so yeah. Hell yeah.

    I have it under control now, but Scorp men still make me melt, while Scorp women make my skin crawl. Weird.

  8. Mars in cancer square Sun/Mercury/Uranus/Midheaven in Scorpio. Not good? Ha ha.

      • maybe something at end of cancer and something at beginning of scorpio?
        That means mars would probably be on the descendant as well?
        Am thinking that makes scorpinthesky potentially quite attractive to bad boys? Are there sudden requests for you to talk dirty?

        • Thanks for the heads up guys. I THOUGHT that was a square. Ergo not good, I am attracted to bad boys and subsequent pain. I’ll have to look up astrodienst again. Maybe not as gloomy as I thought.

          Mars IS on my descendent. I will have to look out for what that means.

          I think bad boys are attracted to me initially but then when I reciprocate feelings – no. But funny about the dirty talk, you’re right about those requests.

  9. I’m Mars-Moon conjunction within like 0.05 of a degree, so let’s just be honest about this, I seem to fall for total saps.
    But they are opposite Eros and my Descendant, and I’ve noticed the bad boys seem to go for me!! Probably some icky mothering, nurturing need that I satisfy and should either utterly avoid or start to find a way to cash-in on…

    Meanwhile – I want that soap!!!
    And maybe also a little of the bad boy holding it.

    • Creepy moment lexi I actually shuddered – isn’t that soap he’s holding made from melted human flesh?

      • Yikes, you’re right. It’s not Merch!! it’s actually from the film narrative which just came flooding back to me. Oops. No no no, I don’t need the soap, no thank you, forget I ever spoke.

        • *whatevs shudders*

          Soap is the creepiest thing ever – i mean it’s stealth creepy – when you tell people they’re coating themselves in a layer of fat they don’t believe you. We don’t have it in cakes at our house unless it’s that kind made of olive oil – I use salt and a brush to wash myself in the shower. Can’t stand that weird coated feeling.

  10. I just realized we had this wallpaper in one of our houses!!! It was the kids’ bathroom:D!!!!

    • so can you tell me is new zealand there at all? cos that’s a weird shape where it goes

      • I don’t know, but it used to bother me looking at it because it leaves things out and has inaccurate scale. I have a map fetish, I think, and thought this was cute at first. But overall I found it aggravating to look at for very long!

  11. I have mars in scorpio and after some net research, realise I have been attracted consistently to bad boys with mars or venus in scorp or just plain sun scorps…is that how it works? (I’ve never fathomed the house stuff.) In general, I like scorps as people because they are smart, obsessive, sensitive and loyal to their friends…I don’t seem to have the problems with them that others do, at least not at the friendship level.

    • I think for me (and I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus in Scorpio so maybe that makes it worse) the trouble comes when the very good Scorpio male friends become love interests…and they inevitably do because the connection is so strong, no matter how destructive it later becomes. My ex-Scorpy badboy ironically has Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio. So strong passionate attraction, but trying to communicate was a verbal sparring match.

  12. if my mars is in taurus in the third house trine saturn and squaring my ascendant, would this mean that i am attracted to bad boys? anyone know? lol

    • where’s your saturn? If it’s in the 10th you might be attracted to peeps who’ve spent time in the big house so yes you might be – surely you know the answer to that better than anyone else tho?

      • wow yes my saturn is in capricorn in the 11th house! wow. i have always known that i am attracted to the “bad” boys (the troublemakers who are a terrible idea to like), but just wanted to see if my chart astrologically showed this, too. craziness!

        • crikey how’s that having saturn in its own sign? I mean I have it in the 10th and that’s enough of a dose to bring anyone to their knees – you have it in house of friends & goals – do you attract friends/men who wear uniforms? People with quite rigid ideas? And how does it all work in the house of uranus? Does it take some of the concrete vibe of saturn away from it? That’s a quirky mix that one – where’s your uranus? You have pisces ascendant? Soz for all the questions but that’s an interesting combo in terms of energies you’re working with – are you sensual and dreamy but clear on your boundaries? I promise I’m not coming on to you but I am quite attracted to your astro LOL x

          • haha, thanks! =p my uranus is actually in capricorn in the 11th house, too. i recently dated a guy (but for a very short time) who is going into the marines in the future, and i did attract a guy who was thinking about going into the army. and i don’t think the guys i attract have more rigid ideas than other people, but who knows. my ascendant is 29 degrees aquarius rising– but my mom thinks that i am basically a pisces rising (she’s an astrologist so she’s obviously really into this stuff, too). i think i’m def a mix of the 2 though. and yeah i’d say i’m def sensual and dreamy but clear on my boundaries lol. i’m not sure how the uranus would come into play with all of this…?

            • uranus rules the 11th house/aquarius so I was wondering about how it was aspected re your saturn in the 11th in cap because they’re such different energies. Interested in how the saturnine things – locks and keys and uniforms and all those quite uptight serious things were juxtaposed with the uranian lightning bolt, earthquake symbolism in your chart. Cos they’re such big energies to work with and especially in that house which involves the outside world as opposed to the inner life a pisces ascendant implies.

              • oh i see, well my uranus actually does not aspect my saturn. my uranus is conjunct neptune, my sun trines uranus, and my moon is sextile to uranus.

  13. I have mars in pisces and have spent a decade single so I don’t go out with bad boys… alcohol features strongly in past relationships, that and dark horses…. don’t even look at them now!

  14. With Mars in Tarus trine both Pluto and Uranus i am totally amused by the antics of bad-boys. My Venus in Cancer knows that they are not what i need to make me happy tho’.

  15. i have mars in scorpio and im attracted to brooding men…i find them super sexy

  16. I have Mars in 3 Virgo widely conjunct Uranus and Pluto at 14 Virgo and 15 Virgo.

    Bad boys bore me.

    I like the brave, upstanding, classic heroes, especially if they have been through something tragic, and are wounded and stoic and uncomplaining πŸ™‚

    • Mars in Virgo one house along from Uranus and Pluto in Libra, not aspected.

      Bad boys bore me too. But charming, genuinely wounded boys I could impact on or nurture made me crazy! So often they looked bad, but weren’t.. Sigh.

      I have an upstanding, classic hero husband who I adore. Guess I grew up! He never complains. I find it unnerving.

  17. I gave them up after Saturn return…now i wouldn’t touch them with someone elses!!!

  18. Mars in Taurus, and my Descendant is also Taurus. I’ve never considered myself attracted to “bad boys,” just men who’re strong-willed. Wimps shant be tolerated! I also have Venus in Cancer and though I never realized it until recently, I seem to be big on stability. I’ve certainly put up with people who’re “flighty,” but never romantically. They’re fun as friends and for a laugh but I can’t imagine being with someone who was all over the place. It’d drive me crazy!

    Mars and Venus are sextile. Mars is in opposition with Pluto in Scorp. It also squares my Leo sun which could be to blame for my resistance to Earth signs? I like that stability but otherwise… Can’t seem to get on with most Toros and Virgos to save my life! Haven’t met a Capricorn, so I dunno about them.

    Leo sun wants a fiery and passionate personality. Aqua moon wants someone unconventional; someone who marches to the beat of their own drum and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about it. Someone unique and quirky.

    Venus in Cancer wants someone reliable and for the love of god, some LOYALTY. Should loyalty in another human being be this hard to find? Also appreciate a man who’s in touch with his emotions. I don’t need him blubbering at the drop of a hat, but I’d like him to be attentive to people’s needs. Stony types are all well in good (and even sexy), but there’s stony and then there’s plain insensitivity!

    Not sure what Mars in Toro wants, as I don’t feel I identify as much with the Taurus as I do everything else… I already did mention stability.

    Wait, what were we talking about? Bad boys? I want a fierce warrior of a man who’s in a league all his own. Wouldn’t consider that a “bad boy” ’cause to me that just conjures the image of some rebellious punk who needs to grow up… Hehe. πŸ˜‰

    • CM you have all the major planets of my lusty so interesting to see if you are attracted to bad boys coz that would make me a “bad girl” lol I wou;dn’t consider him fierce warrior but he is certainly on his own time. space and planet.

      • Oh, how cool that I have an astro twin in a male somewhere. πŸ˜€ What are your major planets then, if you don’t mind me asking?

  19. Mars in Cancer and I used to always be attracted to dark, broody types who I tried to heal. I have Mars opposition Jupiter, Mars conjunct Venus, Mars square Pluto & Uranus…bad, right?
    Last REALLY bad boy was this pick-up artist (he’s in The Game and has since written his own book), who was a Capricorn, moon in Cancer, Mars in Gemini. He had Mars trine Pluto, Venus opposition Mars, and Mars opp. Asc (problems getting along with people!).
    We had an inexplicable chemistry together despite the fact that we were both very strong-willed and always having a power struggle. It ended in tears and (fake) restraining orders. Years later, we’re Facebook friends. πŸ™‚

  20. LOL. I just finished reading Fight Club, and that is DEFINITELY not the right metaphor for bad boys. But I’m not going to explain, because you girls wouldn’t understand. The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

  21. I tried to friend request my bad boy from high school on facebook. Just for the hell of it. I can see some of his profile…. he is completely NOT the same guy.

    When I knew him he was rooting around, two-timing arsewipe. Now he’s got a steady girlfriend and looks like he might marry her or something. Ok, not really that much of a big deal and high school was 7 years ago. But still.

    What I like about him though, his standards in women have never dropped. He always has a good looking girl. I remember saying to an ex that I would much prefer if the guy upgraded after me than down graded…..

    • Really? Upgraded?

      Hmm, must be something there…

      Nope I want him to never be able to get a girl as good as me again….so immature.

      Maybe thats my MArs in the 5th…..

  22. Bad boys aren’t really bad in themselves. They’re pretty sensitive and (like to) feel misunderstood. They are all about DRAMA. The erotic drama, the tragedy of love drama, the fashion drama, the need to live with you drama, the die without you drama, the too close drama, the in-laws drama, the friend drama, the triangle drama.

    And as for being bad, they like to lead. When led they can only go so far…scaredy-cats! Perhaps think they can exercise power over the little piscean.

    Mars in Capricorn…will never become dependent. And can match his drama, up the stakes and feel SUPER ICY FIERY in control while shoes, a series of forks, utensils and words slice through the air at him.

    They’ve been various signs. A Libra. A Virgo. A Cap. An Aqua. I don’t know their Venus. Last one was a Scorpio, Venus Virgo. Oh no the last two were Sag.

    I’ve been working hard on the BAD BOY magnetism thing, and have been keeping to myself until I get it right for some time now. The temper, the liquor n candy, the self nurture, the patience. IT’S BEEN VERY HARD WORK BUT I’M FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT NOW. Wish me luck.

  23. Scorpio with Aries rising, Mars in Sag, couple of Pluto hits, I’m very Martian and can’t stand men who seem weak or sensitive which means I end up with macho, jerk offs usually Aries or Leo, never Sagittarius (male Sags are annoying as hell to me) who just can’t help but fall into ‘bad boy’ zone. No motorbike riding felons or anything, just arrogant, duplicitous twerps with glorious amounts of issues. Like a moth, to a flame.

  24. I have always, always, always been attracted to the bad boys. The ones i have dated have been hot and totally unattainable, yet they made me feel sexy and ‘wanted’ by being in their company. Strange though, that my Mars is in Virgo and any guy i’ve ever dated/ had a relationship with, who has had any Virgo in him has been too ‘feminine’ for my liking. I’m Sagg with Aries rising, so i have this innate attaction to action, fun and good times; hence mr bad boy…. i think i should have been a biker chick; that sort of life would have been sooo cool πŸ™‚

  25. With HOT SWAT leader dude (that has so much testosterone I can feel him “snap crackle Pop” the moment he enters my orb) continues to move in for the conquering of moi’ (thinks he’s going unnoticed ha! Scorpio misses “nothing”) I read in Mystics Scopes for Thursday….. “Some of you are soon entertaining a studly new suitor – if you like men – as Mars barges into your House of Love till late June.”

    Seems Mystic doesn’t miss much either. πŸ™‚

  26. bad boys always fall for me then become mates and i trip over sensitive geeks. explain. What is a bad boy anyway. I ache to meet someone dangerous but straighter dangerous boys like straight girls to show off too. snore.

    • Oh yesss… the bore factor.

      I am not interested because you aren’t as boring as I am….bleurgh.

      Do you have venus in something that makes friends out of danger-boys?

  27. So I am an otherwise sensible Virgo sun, but with Mars in Scorpio, conjunct Eros, all squaring my Venus-Ascendant in Leo!

    To say I’ve had my share of bad boys is an understatement…married rock stars, disturbed pop singers, drug addicted football players, alcoholic actors, diabolical doctors…you get the idea!

    The thing is, the attraction is almost always instantaneous and mutual. And I’ve come to realise that these men (boys!) have actually been my greatest teachers, and actually after the affair (or mind fucking non-affair in some cases) finishes, i’ve stayed friends with most of them. I see them as great assistants to be in touch with that part of me I really wouldn’t know otherwise.

    Almost like a script, they always say within about half an hour of meeting me, “You know, it’s crazy, I’ve never met someone who understands me like this.” I thought of it as a stupid line with the first three, but then began to realise that maybe there’s also a mutual exchange going on – as much as i get darkness from them, they also get softness and warmth from me.

    I think there is simply no better place to view your issues of control/attachment than being with a bad boy. But you do have to know how to get out, and to recognise people who are your ‘teachers’ aren’t necessarily ‘partners’ or even ‘friends’.

    • so true Z. You also have to when when you are idealisig a relationship ( I am expert at i.e coating it in sugar) The lusty leo has def been a teacher but not partner material and thats ok with me. he has taught me patience and acceptance and him having a strong aqua influence I gotta ahve lots in spades or am I being too nice? who knows or cares he makes me swoon and has def become more attentive and caring outside the boudoir.

  28. well…
    virgo sun with Mars/Eros in Scorpio tightly conjunct, three degrees apart from saggo Uranus, which I count as a conujunction, too, though out of sign…
    all of this squaring Leo moon, opposing taurus chiron.

    yes i had my share of bad boys… irresisitble but i got over them, after the third or fourth one… i count it on chiron which also trines my sun, i guess thuis enegry is helpful for healing pointless desire…

    now i am with the most wonderful, beautiful, sensible man… a capricorn with basically everythin ion saggo except a scorpio moon, which is – surprise – conjunct my mars/eros/uranus…

    what is interesting, all of my men had a scorpio moon, but only the one i am with exactly aspects my fix square (leo, taurus, scorpio)

    i guess with mars as ruler of my aries rising i must vibe scorpio… thus those men are interested, respectively their scorpio moon was/is intrigued..

    • oh, i forgot, as pluto is the ruler of scorpio… my pluto is conjunct saturn/mercury right on my DC…

      am i in the pluto club?

  29. “I want your loving, i want your lover’s revenge…me and you could write a bad romance..”

    i dont know why that songs in my head when i read about bad boys…