She Eyes Me Like A Pisces

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Nirvana Heart Shaped Box album cover


From Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box

“…She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak…”

Would a Nirvana fan or musicologist type person care to explain these lyrics please?

Yes, I know Kurt Cobain was a Pisces and all.

But still.

How do Pisceans eye people when they are weak?

Sociopathically?   With empathy?  Blood-lust?


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90 thoughts on “She Eyes Me Like A Pisces

  1. It’s almost as if his weakness brings out the inherent “pisceaness”, serving as a reminder of his piscean nature. Nobody does weakness and vulnerability quite as convincingly as we pisces.

  2. Eyeing someone like Pisces? To rescue or inspire the vulnerable… or where a Pisces is deeply wounded, to be cruel.

  3. What i reckon he meant was that she eyed him with compassion Pisces being the king of compassion. They both had moon in cancer so they were sympathetic to each others weak moods!

    • Kim, it’s till May 13, so am hoping you have that feed thing to notify you.
      Have had a couple of questions that i need to ask about your Quantam Series
      It’s about the Worm.
      Am in middle of Path of the Stray & feel the only way to obtain an answer to my questions
      is to stop & re-read 1st trilogy. Will take too long. Also read Road of the Soul BEFORE
      Path as Library brought them at same time,
      (mind boggled there is the 3rd book coming onto press, slow up for this old ‘Corsair’ 🙂
      hence the sequence lost.
      The images i receive are old memories OR your writings are truly Magical, and
      teaching as well or i was taught much by a Red-Headed -True-Female-PowerSource in 88.

      Curious as to the ‘Lace-Up Boots’ featured strongly, just can’t get the image, need the detail of them. Maybe it’s my secret love of boots & cannot image lace-up ones. Are they
      like Daisy Mae’s in little Abner? Or a style of Doc Martens i saw my Goddaughter in once
      wearing a little 40’s button thru Liberty style floral print?
      What a movie the WHOLE story is. DNA, Blood, Gaia as she really is:
      Chop wood-Carry water.
      Do i have to continue puzzling over how the worm escaped? HOW did it become so
      huge? Will it turn out to be like the SandWorms in the Dune series?
      Mercury in Sagg writing this. Too many books such little time………………….xx

  4. So many YUKKY tales of Piscean pissery here. EWWW!

    That’s it. I am determined to be the BEST Piscean ever I can be today. I remind myself I share a birthday with the inventor of the deisel engine, and the first ever woman to win gold for SPEED SKATING in the Olympics.


    • On the upside, I think Piscean’s malice-quotient is the lowest of all the signs. Yes they can be cruel (so can anyone) but generally this is only when they have been hurt. But they have a tendency to forget quickly enough so a grudge is not borne for too long – compare that with the other two water signs – Kataka can be grudge-central and Scorps NEVER forget (and they wait to remind (sting) you) years after you’ve forgotten.

  5. Actually, I don’t think it’s her gaze. I always read this as he is “like a pisces” when he is weak, with a note of sarcasm. Pisceans are masters of cutting remarks that are too subtle for the intended ears to perceive..

    • “She has me like a pisces when I am weak
      I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
      I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
      I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black”…

  6. Quite accurate, Anon, and for a Pisces to eye you when you are weak is something to be scared of, not adored. Couldn’t be more timely, as just got a call from my Pisces “friend” who started off the conversation telling me she had just networked on my son’s behalf to help him possibly get an internship at a prestigious laboratory here in our city. Wonderful! (That’s the giving part). But then she asks if I am interested in buying something from a friend of hers. I am not in the least bit interested, but the tit for tat that is implied is unmistakeable. (That’s the manipulative part).

    • Sadly, and speaking as a piscean I have to admit that we are, essentially, opportunistic, and maybe the neptune thing just allows us to somehow tell ourselves that it doesnt really matter?

  7. the pisceans I’ve known: giving, aloof, deceitful, clingy, weepy, needy, manipulative…

    I dreamt about a pisces I had known for years and helped out in various ways and in the dream she was saying she was only friends with me for the money. I told her about the dream soon after. She scoffed.

    What else would the friendship be about with a pisces? THEY NEED.

  8. As windows to the soul, the look is dirty or radiant, depending on the pisces at that moment.
    The best window washer for these types ? – some genuine tears.

  9. Pisces give the best stink eye ( dirty look when peeved) and often…its known in our family as the fish eye!

  10. My Mum is a Pisces and it is a certain way of looking which is a combination of smug, summing up, inscrutible, interrogative…hard to explain but I think Gypsyromeo you say it so well..”I told you so”. Spot on!! My Mum even adds a knowing ‘sniff’

  11. 😯

    I think this song is about him and Courtney. She is a Kataka. I think the eyes me like a Pisces is about her being able to connect with him, whether that was good or bad… 😯

    • Yes and no, or maybe. He was shot in the head, but there was suspicion over whether it was a suicide or not. He had enough heroin in his system to render him incapable of even firing a gun and he was known to be left handed, but the gun was found in his right hand. Some people think he was murdered. Some think Courtney had something to do with it or had hired someone to do it.

    • OK, time for my favorite (and only) Kurt Cobain joke.

      Q: What was going through Kurt’s mind when he killed himself?

      A: His skull.

  12. If I could permanently erase my memories, I would put two things at very high on the list:

    1. All music by Nirvana that I ever heard.
    2. Me going on a date with Courtney Love in 1985.

  13. I know that Big Pisces Man looked at me today with come save me eyes….(hell no!).

    YAY! OT but I finally got my techie internet issues sorted today took a month and one big hissy fit last night at the computer, phone and that wretched fax machine! I wanted to smash everything to pieces.

  14. I know one Pisces who can be wonderfully compassionate IF you satisfy certain pre-requisites AND she is in the right mood. And you have to follow her rules, all the time, or you lose the right to receive her compassion. She also seems to have a homing instinct for weakness – one sniff of blood and she will manipulate one’s need for support and go for the jugular. Her nickname in the workplace is “Mummy”.

  15. It’s the Piscean way of saying “i told you so” without actually saying it. They pick up on things the rest of us can’t (even when they’re not aware why they’re picking up on it or what it’s about – it’s totally uncanny). Then when you’re weak (ie, they were right), you get the “eye”. Never mind the fact you may not have known what it was all about to begin with.

    I believe MM once said you can never pull the wool on these people, and it’s very true. I’ve shared the last twenty years with two pisceans (the first lo-pisces, the current one Hi- Pisces), and although I have two planets in Pisces and two in Cancer, it’s taken me this many years to work out just how true that is.

    Pisceans “know” even if they don’t know what it is they’re “knowing”. If that makes sense….

    • IKR? What was it…..Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, and Scorp Rising??? When I think of his chart, thats when I stop complaining about mine. =__=

      • was it scorp. I thought it was virgo rising?

        went and checked but maybe I am wrong. hmmm. scary. similar chart to future husband london way.

        • Oh no, you’re right…its virgo. My bad. I must’ve been thinking of his Mars, but still….almost every important planet in water and here I am whining about a Cancer stellium and loaded 12th house. 😐

          • I know huh, he had that fragility about him.. all water. He had mars in scorp, moon in cancer and sun-venus-mercury in pisces…Just looked at cafe astrology site….they have quoted him as saying “I’m so tired of crying and dreaming..”

          • well he has pluto bang on the ascendant and mars in scorpio so pluto is right in there. Gun fetish?

            do you really have a cancer stellium 12th? wow

            • Nah, I have a cancer stellium that stretches across the sixth and 7th and a 12th house stellium with 2 planets at the end of Sag and 1 in Capricorn.

    • It is very rare to have all fully visible planets in one element: there were cases at the “Great Aquarius Conjunction” of 1962 with all in air, Lourdes Benedicto in 1974 (all in water, no birth time) and on August 13 and 14 of 1987 (all in fire). I imagine Lourdes grew up in an atmosphere much more hospitable to the sensitive water signs than the union-dominated Pacific Northwest has ever been!

      The previous cases were on January 19 and 20 and May 17 of 1901 when they were all in earth for two extremely short periods. There was also a case of all seven in water on March 22 to 24 of 1887, and a more infamous case of all in fire in April 1869 (murderer Henri Desiré Landru was born during this period)

  16. Wow, I always though it was “she *loves* me like a Pisces” which made heaps more sense to me – spiritual healing and all that…

  17. I wouldn’t dwell on it dear, this is the man who also said
    “come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as i want you to be”
    “I’m so lonely but that’s ok I shaved my head, and I’m not sad”
    “It’s ok to eat fish ‘cos they don’t have any feelings”
    and a personal fave
    “A Mulatto, an Albino, a Mosquito, my libido, yay ah yeah”

  18. my two pisces children eye me with sympathy. They are the sweetest kids, so devoted to their mama, with hugs and sharing.

  19. It’s about Courtney Love and I think he’s just making clever metaphors about their relationship using their signs. Obvious, yes…I know, but Miss Love herself has said as much.

    Still dont’ know of course what exactly the meaning is…”eyes me like a Pisces”..always made me thing SHE was looking at HIM, like “you’re so darn emo and sensitive, you Pisces you.” 😉

    “eating her Cancer” probably saying he wishes he could take her angst and pain away, since we all know she had a ton.

    • yeh I remember him talking about starsigns quite a bit, referring to himself as weak, empathatic Jesus, Pisces type (his words, not mine!). I think he’s talking about his inability to control that overwhelming sense of empathy he felt for other people and how Courtney Love took that as a sign of weakness, cause the song is definately about her, she gave him a heart shaped box as a gift. She has a song called Violets that he is supposed to have ghost written and it’s full of Piscean referrences. Fish, amethyst, violets, two souls going in different directions. Can you tell I was a big Nirvana fan in high school?!

      • I have a soft spot for Violet… “When I get what I want, I never want it again” seems to perfectly describe my Venus in Gem in the 2nd opposite Neptune in Sagg in my 8th situation… Which I like to blame for the fact that I am emotionally retarded relationship-wise :]

        • I have Neptune in Sagg too, only in the 12th and a Sagg Rising. I like to blame the Archer for continually going after relationships that are unattainable, always being the hunter and not the prey. And I have Venus in Scorpio, so I’ll pursue to obsessive lengths. But what happens when the one I’m hunting decides he wants to be caught or pursue me in return? I suddenly go on the defensive and feel suffocated, like they’re too clingy and I instantly lose interest, setting off in search of new obsessions!

          • Haha Venus in Scorp is definitely intense! I was with a Libra whose Scorp Venus is exact opposite my Toro Mars once upon a time… Intense is the only way to describe it lol

          • Hahahaha – me too! My Mars is in Scorp, along with Saturn, so I’m prone to *whispers* being quite calculating about ‘weaving a web’ (haha, I’m totally aware that makes me sound somewhat psycho-bats). And yes, they’re usually unattainable (i.e, a mysterious boy who is about to jet off to Ecuador for six months). But if someone wants me? I do the same, Lauren, lose interest and my Venus in Aqua sets off in search of something new/avant-garde to obsess about.

          • Interesting. I have Neptune in Sagg in the 12th too and would not have thought to make the connection, although I am just the same!

    • That was my instinct, too, that it was her point of view, eyeing him like, “you are such a pisces”. call the “eat your cancer” into question, too. i like the double meaning.

      i have many neptune aspects including a square to pisces mercury conjunct aries sun, a trine to venus, and tight conjunction with south node. when i think of piscean eyeing, i think of prophetic visions, or hallucinations.

    • as a neptune dominant Virgo with some perception on either side of the coin – I agree with this interpretation.

      I think the “eat her cancer” is wanting to assuage her doubts and absorb her strength simultaneously, I can’t really put that into words. however as I stated down the page, I always feel a note of sarcasm in this song.

    • I agree with you. Having met and known them both over the years, I’d say it’s spot on.
      Kurt was very sensitive and moody.

  20. My Asc-Mars and Moon in Pisces have me looking at people when they’re, not necessarily weak, but when they look down/sad/etc, with empathy. It all the depends on the person I’m looking, obviously, but even if someone I can’t stand is upset, I feel just a little bad for them.

    The song then goes “I wish I could eat her Cancer…” I’m never sure whether he means the sign or the disease… ???

  21. Have just asked my Pisces best friend who is here at the mo & she answered that it depends on her mood: “sometimes empathy, sometimes disdain… for being unevolved”

    • *laughs* You’re friend is spot on, Aqua Fay!

      Depends a lot on my mood … sometimes I’ll be feeling all empathetic and compassionate, marvelling at the varied majesty of human kind – all that Haute Pisces multi-verse type stuff. And yet at times (mainly that time of the month, which ALWAYS coincides with the full moon) when I’m channeling Lo-Pisces, I’ve been told by a close Sagg friend that ‘you look like you want to KILL everyone who isn’t evolved enough to tune into whatever crack frequency you’re on’.

      • That sounds like the kind of blunt truism that you’d get from a Sagg. 😉

        When I pour my heart out to my Pisces friend I always get the feeling that she’s looking through me, which sometimes comes across as intuitive and sensitive and then at other times comes across as vague and spacey. One Pisces that I work with is a very sweet woman, but is maddening to hold a long conversation with. She’ll ask how I am or what I’ve been up to, and while I’m in the middle of telling her she’ll instantly change topics to something completely unrelated, then pause as if waiting for me to catch up. Is it customary for Pisces to have short attention spans?

        • Customary to swim right through to the end very quickly, grasp it and flipdive into the next pool.

          Especially if it’s about how you feel.

          We listen to your words and note the body language, sure, but we read everything else. Feelings create energy which are molecules and chemicals (it’s not magic, or intuition) and some people can physically feel all that.

          When I answer the phone and it doesn’t ring at work, I just pretend it did ring. But vibration of sound waves produces a current. I’m especially electrically sensitive. I don’t think it’s magic at all. I believe if I were better at physics I could draw a diagram.

        • Don’t know about the short attention span … maybe the combination of her Asc + Moon sign has an impact? I have Gemini Moon conjunct my Sun, so I am prone to flitting from one topic to another, although I’m always uber-mindful of not interrupting/changing topics on people – I live with the ne plus ultra of Leos who constantly interrupts/changes topics and it is MADDENING!

          That said, I get the intuitive/sensitive and vague/spacey thing. I find myself doing that sometimes, as Milleuanotte said, trying to get a sense of the stuff going on around the person (biorhythms maybe?) and consequently look slightly spacey and lose concentration on the actual words. Heehee, I’m sure it’s pretty maddening at times 🙂

          • Well a fish has gotta keep moving! And if you’ve ever been underwater you know that a fish swimming in a straight line is speeding in for the kill/food. Straight lines are short. They’re usually the fish tacking. It streams along then flits off at angle. And they’re very playful! Sometimes they touch you! Sort of muzzle past, like a cat or somesuch.

    • Omg… Disdain for being unevolved … Perfect description of the look I was trying to explain to someone… That a Pisces used to give me…

      • OMG..My father was a Pisces..You never knew if your were being judged with disdain, or dealt with his sly compassion. After all said and done..He’d curl his lip..Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. My ex ( towards the end ) started to curl his lip ( and that was the end of that )

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