Looking Back At The World, From Another Level

McDermott & McGough

So, you know how Mercury was Retrograde in ARIES from late March through to just the other week?
Well it’s officially finishing the phase in 30 hours…As in it will be out of shadowzone.
And wasn’t it weird?!’
Mercury in Aries Retrogrades are relatively rare.
eg; the last one was from March 20 to April 12 2005.
Think about THAT phase of time for an interesting eureka flash.
I think Mercury in Aries Retro-Bats is especially weird because Aries aggs it right up.
And Aries loathes nostalgia, hates being made to stand-still, let alone go or look back so Mercury Retro in Aries is a cure-all crap from the past, drastic-astro-weirding fest.
Look back to mid-March until now & think a la what happened that was incisive, kind of fateful, surreal and like a clean-slate, palate cleanser gigantic reset button.

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116 thoughts on “Looking Back At The World, From Another Level

  1. was introduced to a pisces man march 14th…went out for dinner on the 22nd. made love to him on the 1st of april…looking back now it was so fast n furious considering my culture…now i miss him so much…kind of now i see now i dnt. im a cap. hope all i have read about caps this month about big love would come true. i want the communication re love as read in my scopes….wishful really

  2. Been to hell and back since March…slowly getting used to the slow mo life as an Aries. Stuck in mud with career & life in general…plus Emo drama abounded with life partner for past 2 months.
    Now I feel the pull for things to start happening.
    Feel the shiny shiny soul coming out to play again…and she feels somewhat fabulous. I think Eros is courting me.

  3. Nothing, not a single palate cleansing event. This last retrograde did a huge number on me, really, seriously messed with my head. My Aries ex was apparently feeling massively nostalgic, enough to leave a couple of comments on photos of me in Facebook, enough to remind me (Aries rising) that I apparently have enough feelings left for him to find that really upsetting. Especially when he ignored me after I sent him a message, some things never change. Irritating as I thought I finally didn’t care after 11 years. March-April 05′ was the last time he truly broke my heart so that ties in nicely. Just have to accept that he’ll probably have the ability to break me when I’m 70 and crack on with finding someone who doesn’t make me feel so awful/amazing/terrible/wonderful etc.

    Anyway, so the only thing that was reset was an ancient wound that continues to bleed and all my life plans got flushed away in the (unrelated general Mercurial) confusion. Now? I have no idea but i certainly do not feel cleansed, just muddy and gross but perhaps that’s Saturn. I’m so bored with Saturn I want to bathe in tequila and do absolutely nothing at all that is sensible or ‘right’.

    • I also have/have had this Aries stellium opposing my Libra stellium, making all that energy effect me in some horrible, panicked, confused way.

    • Love the idea of shafting Saturn – I feel that too….I am totally spunked up by the wild Uranus vibe and then Saturn comes in and spoils the show entirely.
      Bathing in tequila sounds great. I just might have to try that one day soon.

    • Your chart sounds simular to mine Charley. Libra stellium with Aries rising.

      I too have had enough, I am a shell at the mo, I am my Aries rising, doing what I need to do and making huge progress somehow. But I am not having any fuqing fun and haven’t in ages (thankyou Saturn, surely you could let us out to party every now and then).

      Today I am feeling really down, lower than I have in ages. Finding out way to many things in my life are not what I thought they were. Well at least I am feeling something for a change, have been numb for so long.

      God I sound pathetic but this is me today. Tomorrow is a new day. This Scorpio Full moon is going to bite emotionally hard isn’t it?!! I can feel it coming Yikes!

      • Sounds very, very similar, I’ve been fighting away in full warrior style, carried along by all the Aries planets, except now I’ve realised so many thing are not what they seemed. Worst of all maybe I’m not who I thought I was either, major crisis time. I’ll be looking very much forward to having some respite with the change of Mercury, Mars + Venus. Loved that helpful Jupiter + Uranus but everything else has been too much for my Libra. Hope things level out for you soon as, keep on with the battle.

        The Scorpio full Moon is always a total beast, I plan on lying in a field or floating in my tequila pool πŸ˜‰ x

      • HC, I hope this eases up for you—and feelings are probably better then numbness, although most likely it doesn’t feel that way (haha…sorry, that’s not really funny). The Aries “keep going” bit is probably good too, like the autopilot that saves the plane from going down.

      • THanks guys, yes thank goodness I have that Aries rising as this has been a huge time for me and I know I will be really happy with what I have acheived lately when I am through the internal cleansing cycle.
        Yes feeling something is good.

  4. I’ve been doing everything I can to appease it since my Saturn return in September but it’s not going well, so I’m going to ignore it and see what happens. Bathing in tequila might sting a bit actually, maybe a swimming pool? With a lilo and massive straw?

    • Charley, block him from FB. I erased an ex’s number only to accidentally answer his random once in three month calls, then got bombarded by mms. I put his number back in the phone but without a name, only DON’T ANSWER in capitals. That helped.

      Close the channels of communication while you heal. Open only to those who love and care for you.

      And try not to fq with Saturn, he’ll do it back and it seems yr ex already has. Get Saturn to work for YOU. Make Saturn help you with boundaries. Get your feet back on the ground. You don’t need to find someone. Find yourself.

      After all you’re an Aries girl, and I’ve yet to meet one that hasn’t got heaps of heart and soul. Don’t let him break you. Look after yourself xx

      • Oh you are SO right, I need to delete him, I must. Every time I try I just can’t manage to do it. I don’t know why I ever accepted his friend request tbh, it was silly. I don’t think I’ll ever heal, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to not be upset or confused by him, it’s been so long. So I guess that just means closing the communication lines forever, he won’t change I don’t know why I hold onto the hope that he will. Maybe I use it as a way of protecting myself, better the devil you know etc, who knows.

        Thank you for your words, I thought I was on top of all this Saturn stuff but then it swang back into a 4 degree orb of my natal Saturn and things got so rough again. Luckily my ever optimistic Sag moon keeps me going! xx

        • Strength and POWER to you Charley! He won’t change, no. Not in context to you, anyway. He’ll continue to see you in a certain light and treat you that way. Blocking his communication is not about cutting him down, just about making good-Charley-space.

          You’ll feel shaky and sad when you cut these ties. Why not make a little grieving ceremony out of it? Prepare some things that comfort you for afterwards (bath? go out with friends? beautifully made fresh bed? dancing shoes?)

          And then you’ll start doing pretty well I suspect πŸ™‚

  5. I got free of an ex

    absolutely slogged it out to get there

    Aries style Boot camp inner dialogue

    All day over and over

    “Who am I without this person”?

    I am actually okay

    Aries is very…. “I am okay”


  6. well, my last kick of aries retro has just been unwanted reminders of arieans of christmases past, and wondering how it all went very badly.

    this one was the epitome of selfish, emotionally abusive alcoholic asshole, can you imagine? they have since rehabilitated their image somewhat so now i have to deal with mutual friends who missed the ‘rock bottom’ phase questioning why i would not want to speak to this person ever again.

    the point is… i have resolved to move onward and forward and not give it a thought, and have succeeded resoundingly, so why does it come up now?

    lilith is now transiting conjunct my natal lilith in Aries in the 2nd house. uranus, mercury, venus and jupiter are also all having a party in there. lilith seems especially apt for the occasion.

  7. Um…… well I just got bored and decided to initiate contact with all significant exs because I used to ignore them so that old wounds couldn’t open….. but this time I’ve added them all on facebook because I figure if I keep seeing their lame lives I won’t give a shit anymore. I’ve noticed it’s worked in the past for the people I didn’t care much for/for long.

    I know it seems like a silly idea – but I thought….. Pluto hates me, what the hell HAVEN’T I tried in the past…… oh oh oh I know…. befriending them. All the guys I’ve ever put on a pedestal have had faults that I ignored, the moer I see these faults, the better for me to get over them.

    • so.. WOOHOO, you need to let me know how this goes. i am genuinely interested, because i want to nix this BS, you know?

      • Well old high school crush was a cinch…… there’s about 200+ photos straight up of him and his current g/f. I haven’t actually felt anything for him for years – just thought I’d see what happened.

        Newest ex could take a little more. But he is genuinely stupid – which I happily turned a blind eye to in the past.

        However, everyone who knows me well enough has already thought either the whole thing is funny, or has texted me about it. If I knew it would cause people to talk I probably would’ve have done it. It’s so weird. Why is this a big deal? It’s made it more of a big deal in my head now that other people have asked me about it.

        I really want to get over the most recent guy. I felt hot in the face speculating some of the girls who posted on the wall – this is one of the reasons we stopped being friends after it ended (the first time), I didn’t want to see him being happy with someone else. But I realised that I can’t keep “hiding in my shell” crab style, otherwise the other bad crab trait will stick too: sentimentality. It’s easy to idolise someone who you continue keeping them at arms length.

        I need to confront my own fears. Plus, if I allow my imagination to fill in the blanks….. well that’s worse sometimes.

  8. “And Aries loathes nostalgia, hates being made to stand-still, let alone go or look back so Mercury Retro in Aries is a cure-all crap from the past, drastic-astro-weirding fest.”

    most surreal merc retro period in rememberence. just prior was having a merry (mayhaps a tad too merry) old time – sim died, back up service failed – lost all contacts, stack it and pull all the tendons and ligaments in one foot, nerves dead. told to heal i have to sit perfectly still a loooong time – during aries merc retro, i’m a fire sign n not known for my patience. ants in the pants – the energy has been so giddy up on an escalator in reverse. my life has been like a modern version of hitchcocks rear window – with my pc and phone creating most of the mystery with the past – some of it makes sense, some of it still baffles me – hopefully this is good tidings of some clarity and forward motion – hallelujah

    • yes like a movie…last aries retro… lols this one i’ve been dating a guy thats a doppelganger from my ex from 2005, was pining for him heaps, but hes a married family man now – merc retro – facebook friends – correspondence – could have lose morals n go there but refuse to – bingo bango doppelganger with all the features i’d been pining for – physically (spookily) temperamentally, passionately, emotionally – like the fricken twilight zone – without the guilt

  9. I did an around the world trip through this Merc retro. Strangely all went allmost to plan once the trip actually started.

    In terms of technology going waywire this side of the shadow has been ten times worse than the retrograde itself. It’s been totally nuts….

    And of course during the retro my Scorp b/f got the usual million ex gf’s contacting him wanting to catch up….. thankfully I have nothing to fear – no sign ignores an ex better than a Scorp

  10. Oh yeah, I’m fine (I got me wee little doggy with me). I don’t know bluelibra personally, just remember reading her comments on here over the past year that I’ve been reading mystic. It’s just…… weird…. and hard to accept… if what I think has happened has indeed happened. Makes everything in my life seem so insignificant.

  11. I only know she had a very difficult time, then stopped blogging, apart from a disturbing post on the thread about the egg-shaped white chair/bed with the blue lights inside.

    I’m sorry.

  12. I’m afraid i’m guessing.

    It was my first post, as anonymous, in reply to her post on Perceptual Pod April27.

    …peace and love to all here.

    • if that was your first post saying r.i.p and you are only guessing … that is obviously extremely irresponsible, and disgusting… how would you feel if someone did that to you?????

      There must be something incredibly weird going on on this blog that people contributing are being so off the scale of appropriateness…

      • I think you are misinterpreting Mille, PG. My reading of her statement is that her first post was in response to something BL said.
        But yes, the anon post re Blue Libra is weird, and sad, and I really hope someone is not playing games.

        BL, I hope you are out there and okay xxo





          • Dear Mystic and community,
            It is with regret and sadness that I restate my previous message.
            RIP bluelibra
            Farewell to a beautiful woman, writer, activist, mother, kind and generous friend, fiesty … fragile.
            With much love and grief I wish you peace and your children strength to carry on.
            Apologies to all for the previous confusion and upset.
            It is difficult to break such news.
            The circumstances surrounding her passing are irrelevant… she is gone and I, and no doubt this community, will miss her greatly.
            Love and peace to all.

            • Thanks for the clarity.

              Devistated, heavy hearted. Blessings of peace and strength also to her children. May they always feel her there walking beside them.

            • Hey Anonymous,

              I’m sorry but i just checked your identifier thingie and you have not commented here before, are you actually someone who knows Blue Libra?

              I have emailed her and am hoping for a response. I also happen to have her full name and i am googling it, nothing coming up.

              Please can you email me privately? And how did you think to come onto here and tell us?

            • anonymous i thought you were trickster ex husband and I’m sorry I didn’t believe you PLEASE look after her children and thank you for telling us even if it did go a bit haywire.

              I so loved blue. I was trying to protect her from idle gossip re her fragile mental state so she would get her children back home safe and sound.

              You will be missed blue x

          • Hi Mystic, I just wanted to apologise for suggesting it was your ‘sub-text’ and adding to confusion especially regarding something horrific as this situation. I just had afeeling it was genuine, but I needn’t have acted on that x

            • I feel apologetic as well but for the exact opposite reason firey I’m sorry to everyone for assuming the role of bluelibra’s guard dog – just didn’t want someone to say something off the cuff and wacky that might cause her even more trouble in the custody thing. FB you were trying to make sense of a weird situation – there are huge limitations to the textual realm when it comes to something as vast and emotionally fraught as this is and how often do you find out in this way that someone you care for has gone? You were just looking for the sense in it. Your intention was pure.

              • o whatevs, thank you and I am also glad that you were her watchdog, fuq what a horror, am v. weepy, despite the inadequacies of this realm we build some beautiful connections here hey x

              • Hey no way whatevs, you did what was right in a complicated and confused situation. I’m sure she would have really appreciated it, I know I would x

              • I’ve only just popped in here. I don’t visit as often as I used to. Terrible news about Blue Libra and if what I think if a terrible event happened because of a family law situtation, it makes it even sadder. I used to work in that arena and the saga gets drawn out because funding is so inadequate. Support systems that used to be in place have been ‘outsourced’, which only helps statistics relect less court matters and apparently more ‘agreements’. I hope she is peaceful now and in the company of other loved ones who have passed

      • PLUTONIC ALL RIGHT!!! My first post was on April 27th responding to bluelibra, as anonymous.

        I no longer post as anonymous, and did so once. As referred to above.

        I believe FieryBovine’s comment above to be correct. Thanks, shell, below. You are also correct.

        I would never do such a thing, plutonic gem. I concur. It wd be disgusting. Breathe. Think better of me.

  13. Yeah, I read it. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I Do hope however she’s passed………. she has found peace.

    xoxoxo to all

  14. SO re BlueLibra YES Scorpio it does matter what’s happened to her and not wanting to play down the obviously shocking nature of that comment but there were others prior to that that were similar and thankfully no action was ever taken on her part to follow through. I suspect (and hope) she has removed herself from the public domain so she can focus on the reality that is her life and that she will come back if she wants to when everything is more under control. Imagine if she hasn’t done what you’re suggesting/imagining and she happens to read these posts? Please respect her absence as much as you would respect her presence.

    • “Whatevs”…I think maybe there’s been a misunderstanding here. “I’m” under the impression that Blue Libra has passed away. I had the distinct impression that maybe it was at her own hand? The post “RIP Blue Libra” as well as other comments referring to her talking of wishing she were dead.
      My comment about it not mattering was in reference to “how” she killed herself (if in fact she actually did). I certainly would never think someones pain was unimportant. ever.

      • If you say so yes a misunderstanding I don’t really get the focus on the process but we’re all wired differently. All I really care about is her mental health and the fact that she may one day read these comments. For me that’s all there is to it. It’s someone’s fragile life. She’s someone’s mother, someone’s daughter. Also she’s indigenous and there are protocols about speaking of people who have passed if that’s what’s happened. It’s also possible it’s someone wanting to cause trouble for her publicly so it damages her reputation or upsets her stability as she goes through a torrid custody process – her children were stolen from her, it’s possible the same person who did that is capable of other acts designed to fuq with her head. So much wound up in it that may be unfathomable to a person who’s unfamiliar with ugly custody battles. So many reasons not to speculate that are far more important than what any of us make of an anonymous comment in passing – especially as mercury comes out of shadow which is when the trickster energy is at its most potent. I know no one meant any harm and that there was genuine emotion and sadness in the words but the big picture reality is far more important than any of us here and the illusion of the intimate microcosm. It’s not about any of us – it’s about her and her situation.

        • Have had Blue Libra in my head and heart all day.

          Blessings to you and your beautiful children BL. Please let us know how you are. The anonymous comment has left a heavy sadness in my heart.

          We share a birthday and I think of you often. We may not personally know each other here, but I think we know a little of the heart and soul of each person as we can be here as that without our worldly personas.


        • I too am very worried about blue and her situation. She was the first thing I thought of when I woke this morning. For the record the intimate microcosm comment is about the fact that it’s not necessarily benevolent eyes who read and potentially take out of context in a legal proceeding these words – there was another blogger whose parents spied on them and made their lives hell a while ago. It’s not about diminishing the value of the exchanges that take place here. If they had no value I wouldn’t bother trying to protect her from the effect of the macabre anonymous comment – but ultimately we are all living in our everyday lives – that’s where the bills for the power that makes this virtual world possible get sent.

          Hope all is well blue – see you if/when you decide to come back x

        • Please, I knew fabienne for 20 years and well. I saved her life from her own hand several times. I feature in her first book and I spoke at the CFS station this week. fabienne suffered from an illness that distorted her perception of events and reality. this was not immediately apparent as she was intelligent and a highly skilled writer of fiction. For those of us left behind THINK before you comment.did you know her situation or are you taking things solely from her perceptions?
          look back at her posts this is the woman who left her children alone at night for four hours with a man she meet two weeks earlier to attend a fire call. is that ok?
          the devastation left behind is hard enough to deal with. uninformed public speculation and inference about people in fabienne’s life is hurtful and further harms her children.
          Please talk about her beautiful writing unless you have some direct personal experience and even then please assume her children will read this one day.

  15. whoa. I think back and on those dates, I decided my “living situation” sucked and I had to change it. Thus ensued a landslide of crap that happened afterwards for the next few years.

  16. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. My Aries moon was with a sufferer of NDP, a Cancer with an Aries rising (Virgo moon). It was the beginning of an odyssey into hell. Totally blood-curdling rows that left me at one stage catatonic. It took me 15 weeks to finally put ‘personality disorder’ (an initial out of left field impression and I wasn’t really sure what one was) and ‘narcissist’, a thought bubble I mused standing in the door watching him edit himself on camera. He checked out on the 5 diagnostic criteria, tick, tick,tick, tick, tick. *FUQ* . Really funny, extremely intelligent, oil painting, rugby playing, entrepreneurial mad man. But the Jeckyll/Hide transformation, and the combination of spite and intelligence and upping the ante in arguments (to an Aries moon ffs), made for a monumental relationship disaster.

  17. Mid march this year ended relationship from mid last year. For the first time I decided to end it while still good bcaus there was an overwelming feeling to clear the slate and see what turns up. Usually I’d battle things out to a messy end and while it’s hard being without a partner somehow I’m able to hold out for something wonderful…

  18. March to April 2005 were massive for me. I’d just moved to a new country, had a new job, was trying to find new friends and establish myself. Met and fell massively infatuated with an Aquarius but he shattered my heart and almost instantaneously a friend of about 10yrs decided she didn’t want to be my friend any more and let me know in a bitchy way which hurt worse than breaking up with the Aquarius man! Actually the friend is Aquarius too. I’m a Libra. Anyway, March 20 – April 12 was full of tears and endings but all for the best as usual (with hindsight). Haven’t had a sniff of that sort of drama this time round but I am a different person these days and haven’t ‘tried it on with peeps’ :-). Interesting times in 2005 indeed.

  19. Was realising that the drama was over, that it was time for a new hope, new move, new town. I was buying plane tickets, pulling my energy in and getting my shit together in an up and tough way.

  20. Spooky…Looking back at the world from another level and that’s
    Susan Heyward/Hayward, a great actor from the 40’s/50’s in pix.
    She really has passed on, dead actually.

  21. Hayward. And here’s a quote from her:

    “When you’re dead, you’re dead. No one is going to remember me when I’m dead. Oh maybe a few friends will remember me affectionately. Being remembered isn’t the most important thing anyhow. It’s what you do when you are here that’s important.”

    • Hi M,
      yes, just checked her bio as she was a fave of mine in the 50’s,
      played an alcholic many times and she was a Pisces Ha πŸ™‚
      ‘Im not a movie star, just a working girl’. Great quotes.

  22. I’m not an alcoholic. This is my work! (Pisces, too)

    Oh wait Pegs she might be Cancer…June 30?

    Certainly Cancerian eyes!

    • Hun, it’s an old cliche about Pisces ‘drinking like fishes’ before rising sign,
      planet placements etc etc were given to people who only knew of 12 ‘archetypes’,
      ‘sting like a Scorpion’, ‘gallop like a Horse’.
      Google has March 14 as her dob
      ‘I’m not an alcholic. This is my work’, acting or bartending is?

      I appear to be offending peeps left right & center at the mo & having to explain
      myself, when i’m of the ‘never complain, never explain’ persona.

      • No, i meant drinking is a serious business (it was a self directed joke), it’s hard work. You haven’t offended me at all, Pegs. You certainly have been copping it! Sorry to see! Peeps sensitive much?

        Someone not into astro at all once said to me,”You DRINK…like a fish.” A nice straight up Aries πŸ™‚

        And it’s true. When I’m drinking I slurp it up like I’m trying to jump back in the water. Liquor aside, I’m always thirsty! If I watch a film set in a desert, or if they cry a lot or it’s hot on scene, I sit in the cinema chair sipping away at my water bottle, sometimes having to slug it back.

        Unfortunately I’m not an actor. Apparently I’m good! When I’m well again I hope to get back into it.

        Oh yeah iMDB has June 30 for Hayward. Let’s check Astrodienst, hey?

  23. Has been an incredibly tough few weeks here – but now that the shadowzone is nearly over I am feeling a lot more optimistic. Everything went to shit over the last two-three weeks… funnily enough AFTER the 23rd April. My friendship with my ex-boyfriend/person I thought was my best friend completely imploded and left me devastated. Had a massive falling out with my family. Debt problems blew up in my face and left me penniless for weeks on end, and face-to-face with my serious money issues. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it through with so much change, but last night I began to feel like I was gaining control of myself again, and my Saggo optimism started to return. Now I feel myself detaching from the ex, looking excitedly at the future. I’m on the precipice of major life change. Hopefully things will start to pick up from here.

  24. Not hard to forget March-April 2005 AND months after that. I suffered a head-to-toe outbreak of hives. I was covered from February through to September with huge, demonically itchy lumps, which would appear on my head, face, boobs (every had incredibly itchy nipples, shudder?), back, stomach, legs and feet. Couldn’t wear much for months as any clothing made me itch and couldn’t leave the house. And I felt the cold. Used to sit with the wood heater on, fan going full belt, plus a bar heater up to maximum. Also got coughing asthma. We worked out that this blew up when we removed the carpets to expose the polished floor in the mudbrick home we owned at the time. Turns out, when we put the house up for sale later, that the house had been sprayed under the floorboards before we bought it, so as soon as the carpet lifted, up came the pesticide. I already had odd bouts of hives with the fibromyalgia but this set them off big-time. I had a cream prescribed which dulled the itching a bit, and my husband said – after months of putting the cream on my back – that he longer had dishwashing hands, smooth as silk, lol. But that, I think, was the most god-awful, lowest point of my life. I really felt suicidal. Mercifully no hives this time around, but I got stuck with plantar fasciitis, immensely sore heel, which stuffed my back up and, once again, I was brought to a grinding halt. Never made the connection before, thanks Mystic, gotta think about this some more.

    • Sounds hellish, Lovely Libran. Can see how it would have been easy to nearly go out of one’s mind. As a child, hives from the grasses were enough for me or the smog in my early twenties…whites of the eyes would puff up.

    • Oh my .. plantar fasc.. getting out of bed in the morning was hell to walk. Been there, feel your pain. πŸ™‚

  25. Interesting time frame MM regarding Aries Mercury Rx. Have that natally and on April 25th, 2005, last time I saw Mr. You Know Who.

    Wow, “so yesterday” now but appreciate the correlation as knew needed to move forward even tho at times there was some nostalgia (Moon in 8th, Venus opposite Neptune?) Makes sense…

  26. oh ppor blue libra i havent been on here for a while but remember reading many posts of hers this is really sad and i hope she rests in peace xxx

  27. Not so much happened this past one but the the 2005 Mercury in Aries Retro-Bats? That was the time-frame of the big blow-up fight with my ex and me moving out. Turned out to be the best thing I’d ever done so, hey, rock on with the Merc Retro in Aries!

  28. I can confirm it is true about Fabienne (Blue Libra). I knew her personally through study and found out today she has sadly taken her life. May she now be in peace and her lovely personality shine through her children.

  29. Interesting how the post and time frame is about ‘palate cleansing’ events.

    Both the March – April 2005 and the current similar planetary aspects was a shock lesson in power. Neither the last episode or the one that has just passed were anticipated and to this day I still can’t fathom exactly what it is in either instance that set off the chain of events that occurred. I won the whole revolting ‘war’ with bosses in 2005, but I was only a student doing a prac as a secondary teacher for the most recent chopping off at the knees episode. My uni was as gobsmacked as me and I am wondering if my experience in the legal field showed up the lack of knowledge that the usual teacher had on the subject caused her to terminate me, but I am at a loss as to what pissed off the other mentor teacher.

    I must keep a watch on these planetary aspects! I wonder when the next one arrives? I think I’ll go on holidays in a nice safe place where unpleasantness and power tripping really can’t occur!

  30. I’m very sorry to read this. I remember her posts — filled with pain, but always so respectful of others.

  31. A memorial service was held this morn at Aldgate CFS. Huge crowd! She will be missed by a large community and artistic family.

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