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Yes here we are in the Shadow of an Eclipse. THREE Eclipses actually. It is perfectly normal to feel a little jittery, nuts & edge. What works now?  You KNOW the answer to this guys: change. Like the kind that freaks you out in a having-to-give-birth-to-the-new-you way but you know it’s going to be good. Anyone who has given birth can tell you that transition is a bitch. Escape clause? The next Eclipse is in GEMINI so adopting a mega-Mercurial attitude helps heaps. Try to be a bit “like WOW” and teenagery about all the exciting, sparkly new things you can do. That and glugging your Pluto Juice.

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176 thoughts on “Eclipsing

  1. I have pluto juice on the shelf, but for some reason have been more into the bush flower essence Red Grevillea. From the website-

    Negative Condition:
    • feeling stuck
    • oversensitive
    • affected by criticism and unpleasant people
    • too reliant on others

    Positive Outcome:
    • boldness
    • strength to leave unpleasant situations
    • indifference to the judgment of others

    Bring it on!

    • I need some of that! Is it available by the gallon? The “feeling stuck” is what I identify with most. Lately it seems like I get temporarily excited by new ideas and change, but then that fades away and I start thinking “no, that’ll never work” or “too risky, what if I fail?” or “no one will help me, so I can’t even ask”. Strength and boldness is what I need.

      • It is easier to change when you feel your own whirlwind and all else around you is still. Then your change is YOURS, in your full DESIRE and CONTROL. You feel the power of your change blasting through dry structures around.

        Perhaps you feel flux around you and desire to keep a still point. Something secure.

        Grab the hand of a solid friend who ignites you yet keeps it real. They’ll help you to assess whether it’s right move forward or hold your stillness yet. Lauren, Scorpios can make sweeping changes but spend the valuable time assessing WHEN is RIGHT. I’m sure you’re doing the same.

        It’s an admirable quality.

      • Lauren, I feel you – the fear of failure often stops me from doing things or making sweeping changes, even when I know the most important thing to do is make a deep and abiding change. ‘Strength and boldness’ is a beautiful way of describing it – I’ll focus on it at yoga tonight and send some vibes your way! Then follow it up with a crystal infused g&t 😉

        • @mille Things are fluxing around me, but I want to be fluxing with them, yet something is holding me back. I’ve always been better at adapting to change when it’s thrust upon me than taking the initiative and making the change myself. There’s too much uncertainty involved and I want things to be guaranteed and fail proof before taking a leap in a new direction. I know that change is needed, but often I feel like I don’t know what the change needs to be or how to go about achieving it. Some people just have things happen to them and never have to go looking for change or fortune or opportunity. Sadly, I don’t seem to be one of those people.

          @piscesienne Thanks for the good vibes! I’ll take all that I can get and will send some back to you as well. Enjoy that g&t. 😉

  2. Eclipsing yes…almost wondering if I need an astro-query for this one!…not only is the eclipse on my birthday, it’s exact my sun (obviously) and then the next one (full-moon) is on the same degree as my moon (25 sag) – bloody hell! Trying to work out what it all means?? Though feeling pretty good and positive, SO FAR. Meanwhile, jupiter conjunct my venus (exact last week) was a bit of a wash-out, so that’s a wee bit disappointing, felt all over the place, like an emotional yo-yo, (although have certainly been noticing a lot more attention from men which is kinda nice)…and then ended something on Monday (only casual thus far, contributing to my yo-yo-ness, felt had huge potential, but seemed wasn’t getting the respect deserved – he of the mars-neptune square, I should’ve known, but we always live in hope!)..BUT at least, am right on track astro-wise with the endings bit to make way for fresh new beginnings!

    • “Eclipsing yes…almost wondering if I need an astro-query for this one!…not only is the eclipse on my birthday, it’s exact my sun (obviously) and then the next one (full-moon) is on the same degree as my moon (25 sag) – bloody hell! Trying to work out what it all means??”

      WOW!!! Intense! Astro-query might be the go hummingbird. I was going to get one too but I’m waiting to get exact birthtime. Good on you for ending something that wasn’t quite right – it will allow for something better 😉 This period feels like a positive challenge if that makes sense.

        • Hi Hummingbird,

          Feel for you! Prepare for wild and emotional ride.

          Had new moon Sag eclipse of last December 6 on my birthday, and Gem Full moon eclipse same month right on my vertex, all while Pluto and North node were within seconds (not degrees) of my Aries moon.

          Umm. I begged off doing anything for my birthday. New developments – that I’d actively sought and won – were doing my head in, and they were of the variety of “yes, you just got a job offer and can solve one problem that has been worrying you sick” (income, given Pluto in my second), “but what they DIDN’T tell you before you applied is that the price will be work 24/7; no personal life; no chance to meet other important long-term goals”.

          However, re the positive, within a week of the Full Moon Gem eclipse of my 7th, had also had a communication from my ex, who had run off to end of the earth with someone else, that confirmed what I’d always known to be right: he was an idiot who had completely undervalued what he was losing and finally, he now admitted it without any prompting from me. It was like, REAL closure on a hideously painful breakup/betrayal that had occurred two years earlier, because we communicated with goodwill, that left me with a sense of vindication and validation, and inner peace at how things had worked out, however painful for me for me they had been at the time.

          Good luck with the good, the ugly and the totally unexpected!

    • @Hummingbird I just peeked at my chart because 25 Sag sounded very familiar for some reason. My Sag Rising is at 25 degrees! I don’t have any planets in Gemini, so not sure how that will affect me. But the second eclipse in Sagittarius could be a whammy! I’m now having fantasies of sudden and exciting travel opportunities, hopefully the kind that will pay me or will be financed for me, since I can’t afford it now…which contributes to the “stuckness”. Will it happen? Please please yes yes! Sag Rising is not happy when unable to fulfill wanderlust. I’m not sure about the effect of eclipses. Here in the US we don’t often get to see them and the only time I’ve seen one was this time last year when I was living aboard in Sydney.

      • Lauren, to clarify, you may not have planets in Gemini, but by virtue of your having 25 Sag rising, the Gemini part will be on your Descendant, i.e., relationship end of that axis. So the eclipse will be significant in how you relate to the world, and how others relate to you. If you are looking for change in the relationship department, in other words, it may be on its way (may already be in process). Also, eclipses have same effect astrologically, in my belief, no matter where you live. Others in commenters section are far more proficient than I at the astrology part, but those are my two cents’ worth

        • hey love just want to make sure you realise I was joking about you wanting my hairdressers number etc when we were talking about remedies? It seemed like you might’ve taken it another way but who can tell sometimes with textual comms? I don’t want to you feel miffed by accident x

          • Thanks, whatevs. My son says I’ve been “freaking out” too much lately, so I was fairly sure I was reading far more into things than was there, but by the same token I did not want to come across as stalkery or have you feel miffed by my admittedly over-the-top commenting. peace. x

        • Change in the relationship department would be welcome, considering the department has been inactive for some time. You say it might already be on its way? I hope it has GPS so it knows where to find me! 😀

  3. I’m feeling very escapist lately. Anything i can do to go into another mental space seems so welcoming. My intensity for demanding a relationship from the universe has waned and suddenly I’m ok for now dreaming of an impossible relationship with someone i can’t possibly have (and is therefore “safe”). Current real “love interest” if you can even call it that just seems lackluster. It fails to provide me what I can get from the imaginary. *sigh*

    • Wow. I’ve never stayed in anything less than intense passion. When that has gone I lasted ONCE for two weeks. It seems to suck the soul out of me. It’s so painful. Felt so guilty.

      Courage, year of the fox.

      • Thanks milleunanotte! I’ve a Scorp Moon so I’m no stranger to intensity and passion. That’s why I feel so weird. 🙁

        I looked at the Weekly Scopes and it seems upbeat for both my rising and sun, but I’m highly skeptical of new love energy.

  4. 😯

    I have been having nightmares over the last couple of weeks. Also have had some problems with my hand which might mean the end of my barista career… 😯 … Last night I woke up with the most intense pain in my left hand and in a cold sweat, I hadn’t given it enough time to heal before launching back into my usual routine. I am trying to learn to give in to the pain, a battle that I’ve long fought, but nevertheless it seems to be calling… and a new career… 😯

    • Have you tried acupuncture, baristagem? Meanwhile, I’m considering going BACK to waitressing as the unpaid invoices and anger rises alongside. My ascendant is on the new moon degree, am i right in that your sun is, too? So ace when your sun gets whacked by an eclipse – big speedy changes! xo

      • That is the good thing about going back to something you know fishgirl, you can get in there and make some quick dough!

        Hmm not sure what degree new moon will be, haven’t checked it… I have 7 deg Ceres, 14 deg Varuna 18 deg Moon, 21 deg Sun, 22 deg IC, 26 deg Venus and 28 deg Vesta all in Gemini 3rd house. I’m guessing it might be on one of these… 😯

        Might look into acupuncture again, I went every week for years and thought I’d give it a break. Thanks fishgirl! x

        • new moon is 10 or 11 degrees gemini BG. Hope you feel better soon. Looks like the next eclipse (full moon sag 25/26 degrees) will be opposite your venus…

        • I found acupuncture to be very helpful for chronic pain… and for emotionally moving me into a different space.

          I will be sad for the lack of Hot Chocs… bnut BG gotta do what is best for BG. Luckily coffee is sommit that you can enjoy making AND drinking… so you will never leave it behind…


        • arnica is the schiz in the meantime if you’re not already availed of it barista x

      • scared to go near the misogynist unveiling at the bottom of the page so am joining in up here – is on my ascendant too fishgirl – you have saturn trining it in your 4th right now? The last gem eclipse on summer solstice was lovely so I have high hopes for this one.

    • OH gemmy 🙁 sorry you are in pain.

      Your body is speaking to you and has actually gone to the extreme of waking you up now.

      So in Metaphysics speak, that being that everything is energetically existent before it manifests down into the physical, we receive signs and signals etc through other means (dreams, intuition etc) and if we don’t listen to them or apply them, the energy becomes apparent in our physical body. So Left hand – right brain – feminine creative yin, hands reaching out creating, doing expressing.

      I am very excited for you as it sounds that NOW is the time to look and leap. The leo Socialite has some interesting info below for you….

      So since you remember dreams so well, you could ask for some assistance there, use your own intuitive abilites, see a gifted reader etc. But do it soon it sounds like tihe window of opportunity is CALLING YOU.

      Mind you one less talented Barista is a sad situation, that could be the cause of the nightmares, OMG the amount of crap coffees I have had lately URRG!!

        • Yeah I have to say, I have ignored the Universe at my peril and twice now She has broken my leg for it. *Ouch*

          Doing what I am *supposed* to, however – and Wow ! – the flow is amazing !!

          So yeah DEFFO go the writing !! I had a Cosmic Consult from Mystic where she basically booted me up the bum and said “Be A Writer” !!

          The best advice I can give to a budding writer (cos I’m Sooo damn experienced, having done this for a whole 6 weeks :)) is this:


          They’ll just put you off. I do honestly believe they are written by established writers trying to put the kybosh on potential rivals….

          Just write ! Follow up that contact at the cafe and DO it !! You’re a damn good writer.

          • I like this advice! I am going to take it personally!!

            Poor dear B-Gem.. 🙁 Silver linings…
            I do think that things right now all seem extra meaningful and full of potential – even illness seem a hint to move in another direction.

            Do hope your physical issue subsides though xx.

          • Ha, ha, Domestic Triffid, been there, done that. I broke my ankle and smashed a bone in my lower leg just as I was trying to go back to my old way of living. As I was falling, I suddenly felt myself in a quiet space and *knowing* what the fall was about. I was still on crutches when a complete stranger, after a meditation circle, walked up to me and said: “I hope you don’t mind but my guides have really nagged me to tel you that until you agree to your new path, you won’t be going anywhere”. Needless to say, snicker, snicker, I took the advice, carried on spiritual development, art, tarot, teaching, writing, the works, and haven’t looked back 😀

    • Hey BG, sounds like everything is pointing to positive change for you! Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life might be good. Best wishes to you x

    • BG, you and I have very similar charts – Gem Sun, Pisces rising.

      I would suggest check where your chiron is, what house rules your 9th and 10th house, what your NN does and then mix with the wonderful suggestions here.

    • Baristagem, so sorry! My experience two years ago: took six months occ therapy. It takes time. Rest, and exercises. Vigilant exercises…i mean every couple of hours. Heat packs. My body wanted to change diet to heavier proteins and fats. It tired my whole being not just wrist.

      See a GOOD occupational therapist. They will support you very well with all sorts of care.

      • I highly recommend physio for your hand. I suffered severe pain in my wrist & shoulder from a badly set up work desk etc Ended up having a workers comp claim. I think it’s called the Sydney Hand Clinic in Macquarie St (I seem to remember that you’re in Sydney??) They made a hand support that I had to wear every night that set my wrist properly which really helped, as my hand was curling up with “mouse grip”.

        Hope all these suggestions from everyone help give you direction and ease your pain x

    • Hey BG. Keep da faith lovely!
      I reckon you’ll still be rockin that coffee machine when we’re all in nursing homes. The second eclipse on the Sagg full moon in a couple of weeks is right on your Midheaven – so back in career swing, or as you suggest, maybe a new career opp even, by then.
      Til then – rest that little left hand! Heal and restore over the new moon, gradually exercise it up to the new moon… Gems rule the hands remember, like Caps and our endlessly sprained ankles… Baby steps and it’ll get back to normal

      • 😯

        Wow, thanks so much everyone for all your kind words and advice!! It is v appreciated. Hopefully my barista career is not over yet! x 😀

  5. *grabs pluto juice pronto*

    Lots of changes afoot – relationships, work, even fitness. Loving it and nervous all at the same time.

    I wonder though: do we push for the change that is occuring or free fall into it???

    • i believe in free falling as the universe doesn’t like to pushed around. However if you ask firmly with specifics it may happen.

  6. Baristagem, i just had a psychic vibe re you! I have been having them all week about different things and i am accurate! I think you have to stop barista work and become a writer. Or somehting else creative. There is someone at the cafe who can help you, like a publisher or someone. You will make money!!!

    • 😯

      Holy! 😯 😯

      Reading your comment gave me shivers TLS! You’re right, I do know someone through the cafe who is connected with writing etc. I have a writing project that has been on my mind, maybe I should discuss it with the person? Thanks TLS! Amazing!

      • Love it, Gemmy, TLS. This sort of stuff has the effect of lifting the spirits of all in right place at right time to hear of the synchronicity…

      • Go for it BG!

        Nightmares seem to be a warning changes are a coming (not necessarily unpleasant stuff), sorta like a alarm clock to get moving. I been having the same.

  7. Oh and talking of Pluto Juice; does anyone know a great online place to get bach flower essences?


      I buy from these peeps – they have everything – but if you’re not in sydney you can mail order online the shampoos made by them are good too if you want to give the propylene glycol or whatevs a miss – not like the other weird “organic” ones that make your hair lank. are lovely peeps and will order stuff for you

  8. I want a complete change! COMPLETE CHANGE. But I like me how I am!? What to do, what to do?

    I think I’ll sell off half my wardrobe on ebay before the end of eclipse season and just buy a whole heap of new clothes…… or something!

    If I wasn’t so Asian I’d probably go blonde. Haha. But I don’t have the complexion to pull it off.

    • I’ve seen lots of asians go a carmel light brown that is fairly flattering esp if you are a lighter skin tone. =)

      • True, the corresponding skin tone is important to go with the hair shade.

      • Yeah. I am currently a light golden brown.

        I mean……. blonde-blonde almost platinum blonde. e.g. Kim Daul or Devon Aoki.

        I’m afraid it really won’t suit me. I don’t have the northern Asian nose to pull it off – I have a southeast Asian nose, and there’s no way it can carry platinum blonde. Perhaps I should get a nose job AND then dye my hair……. but I’ve never been interested in cosmetic surgery.

  9. Thanks for the reminder Mystic, have been feeling a little frayed around the edges, even though my core is feeling warm & well…
    For anyone curious, there is a tarot page called spellspace that uses this beautiful image as the online tarot-reader who flips the cards for your reading. Its cute just to see…in a daft Gemini eclipse kind of way!

  10. I just realized that this upcoming eclipse will occur in my 7th house natal chart-wise, and in 5th solar chart-wise.
    Which kinda spooks me. A bit like the one I’m in love with and miss, and our relationship hanging in the…somewhere (Cancer with Cap moon); and the other one I really like and miss (Cap with Scorpio moon), and our relating has been steady and constant.

    Tell you gals this though: it’s nice to be pursued (courted?) by a man whose approach is upfront and consistent, spesh as I’m daft/thick in the boy-gal department, as in when it comes to getting/clicking that he likes me. Well, I got it, this one likes me! Which is nearly a miracle for me that I understand it! 😆

    And come October my sis is still intent on introducing me to her fiancee’s best man.

    And they all live abroad…….no joke, my Venus IS in 9th house! Case study is moi. 🙂 As one work gf said, can’t you find someone in Melbourne woman? Hehehe…..

  11. Well I am Becoming a Priestess.

    Its all VERY watery and lucid. Before the glare was blinding me to the possibilities, but since finding the Inner Voyage course, I think I can do this without resorting to crushed velvet…

    The Course starts the week of the second eclipse – full moon in Saggitarius, my Sun. Oddly enough, this was all set off by a mediation I did some time ago now, called “Firing Arrows”…..

    I’ve been avoiding the whole “Becoming A Priestess” thing for some time now; but since I have said “Yes. I will DO this. I will try to find some way to make it work” the most AMAZING shit has been happening in my life.

    And you guys witnessed some of the birthing pangs – in fact Millunette got birthing goo all over her, and was extremely gracious about it 🙂

    Also Barristagem – acupuncture OR career change. I’d go for B), but then I am…..

    Also- Starstrokes – try the online Gaian Tarot Oracle – that deck is AMAZING. So much so that I sold another child in order to purchase a hard copy 😀

    • Domestic Triffid, following your journey is intense…happy to be here to see it! If that’s you cross and in birthing pain, then you definitely have grace under pressure.

      Thank you for the compliment, darling.

      High Priestess is my card, apparently. Priestess Triffid…of…?

      • LOL: You should have seen me actually giving birth 😀 MORE DRUGS !!!!

        Well technically, Lady Artemis is my Patron Goddess, so I am a Bee Priestess; but….. I want something a little earthier.

        I was thinking something hearty and jolly-hockeysticks Priestess of Comfort and Joy – like a hot stew on a cold, rainy day. Priestess of the Stew ? Kitchen Witch ? I think someone’s done that…. Not sure. The training Course is in meditation, Chair Yoga and Holistic Life Counselling which is a good start for a budding Priestess, I reckon

        Am doing a Cauldron of Brigid* the day after the eclipse and am hoping my pathway will be made a little clearer then…

        * A celtic sweatlodge

        • Artemis is also the Owl? A woods and bush creature. It takes flight but it’s more still, watchful. Mind you, I had one visit often when I lived in a small block of flats.

          Anyhoo (couldn’t help that 🙂 ) noone can tell you but you, hey?

        • Goddess of the Hearth is Hestia – surely she rules all slow cooking and casseroles? I love the last sentence from this paragraph in wiki:

          “In Greek mythology Hestia (Roman Vesta), first daughter of Cronus and Rhea (Ancient Greek ?????, “hearth” or “fireside”), is the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family. She received the first offering at every sacrifice in the household. In the public domain, the hearth of the prytaneum functioned as her official sanctuary. With the establishment of a new colony, flame from Hestia’s public hearth in the mother city would be carried to the new settlement. She sat on a plain wooden throne with a white woolen cushion and did not trouble to choose an emblem for herself”.

  12. Been letting my metaphysical side out at work to the delight-consternation-disgust-confusion-amusement of my co-workers.

    Been writing inspirational messages and poems in the staff kitchen and man,
    how do some people get up in the morning ? Some are chronic complainers who can’t creative solution themselves out of anything but are threatened by poetry.

    “Oh, we’re allowed to write poetry on the board now !”


  13. I am Hanging. Out. for these eclipses. I need change! I am job hunting like an insane person and the first one is bang on my 6th house…fingers crossed! The July 1st is right on my descendant and I am also feeling ready for a relationship! But I am worried that the new start will refer to a new beginning with my ex post-lawsuit or something similarly dull. Anyway, bring on the change! I don’t think I need Pluto Juice as I am SO READY for it.

  14. I am writing job applications. One is the job I have been asking the universe for years for. The other would be fun.
    I like both of these jobs. I am asking someone new to look over them.

    I need to buy more Pluto Juice.

    Trying out new perfumes.
    Ignore my ex’s mildly flattering advances or something something

      • I need to stop having a taste for Tom Ford.
        My wallet looks at me and says ‘You have to be kidding me, right?’

        Otherwise, one is muddling. I should be going to the gym. One doesn’t have the energy. I am riding my bicycle to work everyday instead (trick the body with incidental exercise) which is not enough, but better than nothing. I just can’t face it. I am doing Yoga and swimming when I can.

        I am doing a body focus instead of a feelings focus. In truth I had a cry at the gym and am a bit nervous about going back. One can cry and swim without it being noticed.

        • omg they are amazing!!!
          i have to rush past if I am going near tom ford counter so I do not purr over custom scent lust.

          yes yes gym do and slog BUT how nice is it to throw a bottle back of something good and get into your inner trash whore so you can get back to it all? I vote a day off now and then, I did last night and not made it to usual yogicness but I feel it was necessary. Bike riding to work rocks. I hoon around everywhere on mine. don’t cry, you’ll get there xoxox

        • oh vagg you’re reminding me of this divine film I used to listen to the soundtrack when I was maudlin

          it’s ok to cry – you’ve just had a big shock it takes a while for that stuff to subside to a point where you can sit with it and not be overwhelmed. The gym seems like exactly the place to release some stuff to me – lately I’ve taken to weeping quietly on trains and no-one seems to care. If the peeps at the gym are going to judge a person because they’ve leaked fluids from their eyes and not their pits then fuq em. They’re clearly shallow and cold hearted & you don’t need those kinds of peeps in your world hon.

          I’m on serge lutens from mecca a warm gingery one, splashed out for the first time in ages. initially i wanted to nuzzle my wrists constantly but after a while I can’t smell it just merges with me – other people can smell it but I can’t and I don’t want to over do it and be one of those chicks who reeks you know? There’s nothing worse. What makes a scent merge with a person so they can’t smell it anymore? Are there any scentologists out there?

          • god I just realised vagg i actually meant to say i don’t think there’s many people who would judge a person for crying before i got to the the fuq em part of the sentence – if you saw someone crying would you be thinking mean thoughts …? No, neither would I x

  15. How’s this for change & new beginnings!??? My year long divorce final yesterday, then man met & connected with on a 20 hours overseas flight contacts me, yes a year later too! Been asking universe to bring me great love??? What to do, what to do?!!! How can one know…

      • Thx saggio! Not sure what the stars have I store (I am a newbie at all this & fascinated at that!), for Mr. Libra & I….somehow tho, this all does seem much bigger than I could have imagined! Funny thing, last year when we first met he lived in the same country as I & now not! Should I not care???!!!! And, thx to Uranian plutonic & rache for the cheers as well!

    • Agree with Saggio!
      WOW, congrats scorpiosista! On both counts!

          • “Post then refresh” can have deep and mystical meanings, DT; I think milleunanotte might just have intended for you to read it in a deeper sense. When you are looking for meanings, don’t forget to pay attention to everything around you, even the most mundane messages

  16. Feeling a massive strain on my relationship due to changing career/life pressures.

    Alternating between getting high off creation and getting my project done and feeling like it sucks/is never going to sell/never want to look at it again.

    Alternating between waiting another month for my guy to get back and feeling like calling everything off because I feel so alone and vulnerable (although I never actually would).

    Is this how Gems feel all the time? How do you deal?

    • I would consider what would be the worst outcome if I called my relation off, at least until I get used to rolling with pull-push energy of my work.

      That is what I did actually. I dumped a very energy sapping, only by email, nothing other than possible booty call Scorp out of my contact list.

      I would rather miss than wondering what he thinks.

      • yeah, but it’s so complicated…we met in another country and despite living in separate countries (Canada and USA) we’ve lived with each other 70% of the time that has passed since we’ve known one another.

        he’s very supportive and always talking me through it even though he’s crazy busy 24 hours a day in what seems like every time zone. it’s just a rough time right now and he’s gotta be somewhere for work, i have to be somewhere else, then we’re meeting up again.

        hopefully we stick to the plan and go back to europe for the summer. it’s pretty intense, we’re either really busy or on 24 hour a day chillout mode (which is wonderful).

  17. so … gemini eclipse in 7th house … but also the saggi factor relevant as well, ie natal ascendant … ???

    cool. i feel like a very very busy focused bee harbouring a vague impulse to make a big declaration when the time is right.

  18. 25 Sag Lunar eclipse is jumping up and down on my Midheaven. I planted seeds for a new job in the last month or so, so I will wait and see.

    Solar eclipse conj Mercury – maybe I will have an aha! moment.

    I am happy to notice that am not alone in June eclipse roller. Wonderful, we can compare notes. 🙂

  19. Eclipsing much me?

    Ended up in ER again Sunday. Found out some AMAZING helpful stuff about this illness (all in an Irish lilt, which has vestiges of Old Faerie in modern form to me). Had dipped into depressive despair last couple of weeks and NOW…

    I think I’ve got a key!


    And a big shout out of thanks to those who’ve helped me in the past 18 months because without that background work, started before getting ill, I would not know what the hell the key even looked like, let alone what to do with it.

    *turning lock* *giggle*

    • you’re cute!

      and a good blast of reiki-ish energy nourishment for your journey with this illness … and keys and locks make me think of The Secret Garden … How Beautiful – enjoy! xx

      • Thank you so much FireyBovine. Really appreciate the energy sent my way!

        Shaky but good.

    • This sounds like an episode of Buffy 😉

      Enjoy walking through the door xx

      • Thnx LexLim. I’ll have to imagine yr meaning. I’ve NEVER seen Buffy.

        *peeks out from under cultural zeitgeist rock*

        • I was a late bloomer to Buffy…scoffed & hoo-haa’d at all those young whipperschnappers that were so fond of Buffy…then I watched an episode & I was hooked 🙁 Oh the shame the shame, the indignity ..

        • you would love buffy milleunanotte i think – layers of meaning – i had never watched it either and then had to study it and it’s totally awesome – reluctant heroine archetypes, binary oppositions – good vs evil, undead vs living etc etc.

            • But she’s so freakin’ CUTE!

              I’m a fan of Vampirella comics from way back. AEon Flux.


              Oh ok i’ll give her a round in the ring, LexiLim and whatevs!

  20. ‘Transition is a bitch’ = truest thing I’ve read all day. Despite knowing how important change is in my life right now, I still fall into the old self-sabotaging web of self doubt, pity and angst. Maybe in part it’s about being scared/fearful of leaving behind old patterns, which although stultifying, are nevertheless comfortable … and fearful about welcoming in ‘good shit’, because I feel I’m not worthy. *shakes head* My lo-Pisces is my own worst enemy sometimes!

    • Wanna trade with my lo-Virgo? That one is terrified of not being good at the new stuff, whatever it is. Sigh…
      *calls forth my Scorp rising to give the lo traits the death stare*

      • Hahaha, maybe for a day, UPV … I have no Virgo in my chart at all, so would be an interesting experience! Love the image of calling forth the Scorp – I have natal Mars + Saturn in Scorp, so maybe time to call on them to amp the willpower-just-shut-up-and-get-it-done vibe. Our Scorpy bits (sorry, I know that sounds, uh, rude) will death stare the ‘lo’ into oblivion!

        • My Virgo Moon must be conspiring with my lo-Scorpy bits and adding to my issues. There is definitely fear of “not being good at the new stuff”, especially when made to compare yourself against people who seem to master it effortlessly. Meanwhile my Sag Rising must be tied up somewhere because I could use a dose of optimism and an energy boost from Jupiter.

          • Pluto juice! Have you tried it before? I forgot (!) that I had some, so started taking it again yesterday, so perhaps a little too early to tell how well it works but I’m hoping it will be as good as as the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It’s seriously some kind of magic that has tamed some gnarly inner demons, particularly when feeling stuck … if you can’t find any, I’ll send you some!

            Whether it’s more of a placebo affect or actually works I’m not sure but it might be a good starting point releasing that nasty feeling-stuck-waiting-for-change-comparing-to-other-people-who-have-it-going-on demon. Maybe it’s a Water thing too? Sometimes the feeling is so strong, it reminds me of being caught in a strong, deep current that is completely contrary to the current that everyone else seems to be happily sailing in. And as cheesy/Oprah-esque as this sounds, don’t compare yourself to others – you’re awesome as you are, feeling stuck and all.

            Just ask Al Green:

            • Aww, thanks Piscesienne! It’s too bad we live on different sides of the world. It would be cool to get together for a coffee and vent about our water sign woes. There’s a natural foods store near me that has Bach remedies, though last time I looked I couldn’t find walnut. The Rescue Remedy might be easier to find. I always wonder if there’s an expiration date to things like that though, if oils or “essences” lose their potency after awhile. There’s never a date listed on the bottles and sometimes they’re all dusty, like they’ve been on the shelf for a long time. It also tends to be a little pricey, so I’ve been skeptical. Does it have a taste to it? I’ve gotten sucked into going on tea binges and buying all sorts of herbs to make into tea, only to find that the resulting tea is SO bitter that I can’t even drink a cup of it, no matter how much honey or sugar I add.

              Oddly enough, earlier today I got a call from the mother of a friend of mine who said her office had a job opening that she thought I would be perfect for! She works for a big insurance company, which doesn’t sound glamorous or at all related to my degree in international relations, but maybe it’ll be travel insurance or research related or something potentially fun and lucrative. Anything would be better than nothing after almost 6 months of job hunting with no results. 🙁

            • I have Pisces moon, and it’s part of a grand water trine, and I often wonder what it’s like to have an earth moon…….
              I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I wanna trade, but just curious; that Virgo is after all curious a LOT of the time! 😆

              Piscesienne, go stare those lo traits to death!!!
              *am waving Scorpy pompoms for all of us needing to stare those things to death*
              **what would Scorpy pompoms look like?**

              • @Lauren … it is a pity that we’re on opposite sides of the globe. I was going to say ‘you’re on the opposite side of the world’ but then realised this is relative, especially seeing as Oz is, as my brother so eloquently says, ‘the arse end of nowhere’! As for the Bach Flower essences, one of the main ingredients is alcohol (as a preservative), so they do keep for a while, although I would also be wary of dusty bottles. Maybe try buying online? The taste reminds me of a mild brandy, no bitterness at all. Rescue Remedy is totally worth a go if you can’t find Walnut.

                And that’s fantastic news about the potential job – when do you find out more? Nearly six months of searching must be TOUGH, so even if it is insurance (!), I’m sending some awesome/rad vibes your way. It’s always nice to find a door that is cracked open, so you can shove it open and embrace something new!

                @UPV – been death-staring all day! Maybe it’s kind of worked (or maybe it was your cheering!), because I’m feeling slightly more get-shit-done today (even if Melbourne is putting on a show of shockingly cold weather). Scorp pompoms would be made from the ends of a whole bunch of leather cat’o nine-tail whips …

                • @Piscesienne My friend’s mom said she would give them my resume and talk me up. It’s actually not insurance, as I thought, but a law firm that she works at. The position isn’t really fixed yet but it might involve recruiting and networking and special event planning, a variety of things it sounds like. And I’m the first one that’s applying for it, so hopefully that will be in my favor. As for Australia being the “arse end of the nowhere”, I still thought it was a very appealing place to be when I was there. I could never figure out why so many of the people I met there seemed to have such a negative or disinterested view about their country. But of course I’m just an ‘ignorant American’ so what do I know? 😉 I’ll get some rescue remedy next time I see it. I knew there was alcohol in it…are you sure its not the alcohol itself that gives that feeling of euphoria? Hmm, still a bit skeptical but I’ll experiment and see.

                  • Heehee, it may well be the alcohol that has a calming effect – I like to think of it as homeopathic brandy! Best of luck with the job (sounds pretty exciting and a bit more interesting than insurance!) … I’ll have a celebratory nip of rescue remedy for you 😉

                    As for Australians – we are a strange lot, I guess – and while we whinge and moan (thanks maybe to the Pommy heritage?!), we (ok, maybe I mean me) secretly love that the fact that we essentially live on an inhospitable island in the middle of the ocean that is home to one of the oldest continuing living cultures in the world! And there’s no way you’re an ignorant American – you’re reading Mystic! 😉 And sadly, ignorance is everywhere – when we met, my Libran ex upon hearing that I was from Cyprus, asked if it was a suburb of Adelaide. *shakes head*

                    • We Aussies love our country but have a dry sense of humour. The ‘arse end of nowhere’ could also refer to the fact that the arse is at the bottom and we’re from down under.

                    • love that homeopathic brandy PI. Yes us ozzies would seem strange to the rest of the world but we are well known for our lack of ego and just getting on with the job kinda ethic.

              • @UPV I like Piscesienne’s cat-o-nine tails idea. I was also going to say the pompoms might be like iridescent threads of liquid obsidian or bloodstone. If you’re a Virgo with a fish moon, then it’s probably similar to me being a Scorpio with a Virgo Moon. I don’t know, I have issues with my Virgo Moon as there are parts of my personality that are very lazy, messy, cluttered and not very Virgo-like at all. I *can* be highly detailed and organized, but often times I just don’t feel like it. Would I be happier if my space was less cluttered or if I made to-do lists or spent all my time cleaning and helping others find solutions to their problems? Probably. But if the Moon is what you really need then perhaps that need is still subconscious on some level and I haven’t accepted it yet. I likely will in time. I do get depressed when I don’t have a purpose or start to feel useless. And for most of my life I’ve worked with non-profits, so that’s part of Virgo’s needs being fulfilled there. I’ve also noticed however that in helping others the idea has to be my own. I’m much more driven to put my energy into something if it was my idea, versus someone saying “I need you to do this”. I think that must be the Scorpio influence wanting dominance and ownership. I don’t know too many Virgo suns though, do you relate to anything the way I do as a Virgo Moon?

                • @ Bones & Roses and leogroover – you guys said it way better than I did! Our sense of humour is certainly very dry … mine was compared to the Tanami desert by my brother today, who when I said ‘oh, thank you, you mean vast and expansive’, he said, ‘Nah – I mean ancient, dry and dusty-as-fuq’.

                  • Does your brother have some Sagittarius in his chart? That sounds like a blunt and tactless Sag one-liner. Or a no-frills Scorpio truism. I think I remember you saying your brother was an Aqua though, lol. I got well acquainted with the Aussie sense of humor and learned to love it. There’s a definite difference from the American sense of humor, which overall I think is much more polite as we’re so afraid of offending anyone and being sued or accused of being insensitive. We take ourselves a bit too seriously at times.

                • Lauren, goddess YES3x to needing to feel useful!!! (no, I haven’t just finished my bed session with my toys, all that yes) So defo relate to what you typed.
                  It’s the Virgo thing I’ve come to realize, the needing to be useful thing. As for being tidy or whatevs, it’s nothing to do with the physical surroundings, it’s in the mind – Virgo minds tidy up, as it were, making sense of all the chaos into patterns. Well, it’s the best I can describe at the mo 😆
                  Oh, and the worrying about others, it’s a sport. Spesh with a watery moon…oy… Like I said recently, so much more enjoyable than worrying about oneself! 😀

  21. Significant that Gustav Holst (composer of The Planets) should be the grand-nephew of the artist in our image du jour. The Planets shuffling cards, as we go backwards into the future, at warp speed, walnuts and all.

    The last few weeks have been like pushing a Land Rover through mud on the way to an interesting / exotic destination. So Eclipse season is upon us and I’m looking forward to it, even though I feel a bit spooked by current political / social / financial / environmental trends atm.

    PS: Great call TLS! @ Baristagem: just scanned your blog and it spells out: leadership, communication, writing, imagination … so …

    • … I had this phase, late 2009 onward, of Jupiter’s theme synchronising with my radio and I … think it was acting like witches hats – “this is the Right Way” : )

    • i’m feeling a bit spooked by current trends too. wanna just stay home and bunker down with the hooch on my own.

  22. Feel like I should be happy, relived, relaxed but my shoulders are still up round my neck, I’m exhausted, miserable, lonely and constantly ill. I’m never ill like this, I think months of existing on stress hormones are taking their toll and I’ve just forgotten how to feel any joy. Usually all my Sag makes me relentlessly optimistic even when things are hard but I’ve had enough of being poor and enough of doing it all by myself. Could really do with either a career break or some serious romance, it’s been way too long since I had any success on either front. Hopeful that all the good stuff happening isn’t outweighed by my endlessly horrible transits, doesn’t seem to be any end in sight on that front just a fiesta of Saturn, squares and oppositions.

    If you read that I apologise for the glooooooom, can’t wait to one day post something truly positive here.

    • You’ll get there Charley. I always read you and feel like you have this amazing fierce and brilliant quality to you. I believe following your passions with humility and patience will get a person everywhere and you strike me like someone who can do all that with aplomb. Best of luck chica.

    • haven’t you just moved into a more permanent abode charley? Sometimes your bod waits for a safe place or time to release everything you’ve stoically held onto the reins of while you were in limbo – try to let your body do what it has to do and be gentle with yourself eat properly etc and give yourself time to recover properly. Saturn’s your chance to build a solid foundation so this is the ideal time to make sure you’re nourished and prepped cos when it gets moving again the change you’re longing for WILL come just as long as the deets are taken care of now. I just had it all over 5 natal planets and within days of it getting off my sun things sped up and the things I put in place through the mind numbing trawl fell into place – some of it didn’t work out as planned but things definitely got a lot less like living in almost set cement – keep the faith lovely x

    • Oh yes Lauren, my sag moon is with you on the wanting to run away on wild and free travel adventures (AND not being able to afford them OR go on them – 3 kids etc etc!) Thanks for everyone’s words – change is always good, however it manifests….Am feeling much calmer, RIGHT NOW, after a rollercoaster day of freaked-outness, (or week), but not kidding self that’s IT- just deeeep breaths everyone… We all have gem & sag somewhere in our charts, but yes, think those with planets (or points) will be most affected…hmmm….partly eek! and Bring it ON! xXx
      Ps for those below suffering (Charley, BG et al), think acupuncture amazing for stress hormones, balancing, all aches and pains…and homeopathy too…

      • @Charley It might seem like overly simple advice, but if massages and spa trips and things of that nature aren’t possible for you, then take some mega vitamin B supplements and eat more oats. Being a Scorp myself I’ve been prone to depression and episodes of doom and gloom, and I’ve found that vitamin B helps a lot with the moodiness, while oats are good for depression. Try also to temporarily let go of the big picture and focus on enjoying the small everyday things. Maybe your Sag planets are magnifying the gloom and making it seem all-encompassing, so it’s better to shrink your field of view and tend to your most immediate needs, which would be your health and well-being.

        • I don’t know if any of you will see this, I’ve had complicated, minimal internet the past week and wasn’t able to respond but your words meant a lot to me. Thank you, thank you. When I thought about it, having a release/reaction to having stopped after going on for so long made perfect sense. Things are better, trying to take the pressure off and relax for once.xx

  23. The last 12 months have been change after change internally and externally. Bring it on!

  24. Since 2009 i felt like linda blair in exorcist being exorcised. had a heart wrenching break up with bf, thanks to peeps here in MM they were very helpful in my recovery. back together in after 6 months only to be called in an island in the pacific for work. 2010 workplace was like hell. lots of vcious attacks but in vain. march 2011 met a pisces man. everything was lovely and a respite from everything that happened to me only to find out this may that his ex gf is 4 months pregnant… and now 3 eclipses…im tired of all these emotional ride…when would this stop? dobol cap here…saturn in gemini 5th house

  25. I just ditched a drop dead gorgeous blonde with a seriously hot bod if you like the slim athletic build ( not me i love curves) that i met on Sunday for the first time . She has been txting me telling me how great she thought i was and wants us to date. (SLOW DOWN ALREADY!) I sabotaged my chances with my lil model last week , blew all chances of that blossoming to kingdom come on purpose and another interest i have in Sydney i am fucking that right up too by sending photos of my manhood to her.. why i dont even fuquing know , maybe because i am subconciously hoping she will send me some back of her? Normally i would pretend to want to be with all of these women then sleep with them if i could then pretend to like them when really i am just not into anything deep or longterm unless its with THE ONE, drag things out and waste time ,with it all concluding in a horrible “well fuq you then” moment and thats no good for either party . So know i am just saying up front that i have what i want in mind and i will wait for that to manifest and thats that , then no one gets hurt including me. I think i have changed heaps and i have let go of the things that arent working for me and yes things are going much much better now that i am showing people the real me and i am not holding back any more because lifes too short…. Everyone one on here should be trained up and experienced enough to handle this round of eclipses so see them for what they are and enjoy and just observe , dont buy into any of the shiv just be and really TRY not to suffer just be cool… Let everyone else wig out and watch… its fun.

    • dude this ongoing diatribe re your non-astro related sexual conquests (or more realistically – your ongoing lack there of) is NOT interesting. really. its dull.

      you send porn pix of yourself to someone in hope their send their bits back?
      seriously? you’re 40, not 14.
      that’s SO wrong!!

      be interesting – go on, you know you can – just be it!!

      navel gazing dont cut it – so step it up …….. these rants do not belong here!

        • he’s 38 or 39 & doing this for reaction.

          my point made above.

          step up or opt out – fair call!!

          • definitely doing it for reaction. He ain’t no hot surfer dude. I saw pics last time there was a link to his name.

            • You know, when rockstar says this, you kind gotta listen up Damons.

            • I saw the same. A picture definitely tells a thousand words 😉

              His post above is such blatant baiting….*yawn*

      • texting bits of your self is just tacky even if you are 14 y.o. but i guess it’s more understandable since 14 y.o.s don’t have enough life experience yet to know better.

    • Damons, there are sites for misogynists who enjoy sending photos of their genitals to strangers… one is called GAYDAR and another is called GRINDR, go give them a shot, you might find more kindred spirits there.

      • “Normally i would pretend to want to be with all of these women then sleep with them if i could then pretend to like them”

  26. Damons sweetie, you need to c-a-l-m down. And use paragraphs. And stop screwing around.

    I would have to say that if txting people pictures of your “manhood” is showing them the “real you” then a lot of them are gonna run screaming !!

    Also, there is no ONE. You will save yourself a lot of pain as you grow up if you realise that now. There are many ONEs. Many women with whom you can have wonderful, sustaining, joyous, loving relationships with. But only if you calm down, and stop screwing around.

    Also: I am fairly trained up and experienced, and this Eclipse Season is a bitch – a pissed off woman with a shitty stick. I wouldn’t get too blase about it just yet.

    Observation is NOT an option. Wigging out IS optional – but you’ve already blown that one with your little rant about not being able to keep Little Damons in your trousers…..

  27. Mystic can you please ban this disgusting pig called Damons from the blog!? He has nothing to contribute.

    • Anon – grab a blog ID & Gavatar so we all know who’s talking. your post above suggests you’ve been here a while – fingers crossed you’re not an ID-switcher like that Cyd/Orange Blossom etc blog ID switching scenario.

      get on board & frock up, join the party for real!!

      & let that nob who shows his nob fade away … unless of course he’s gonna step up. latter scenario unlikely, but am libran. have hope.

      are you libran?
      what’s your sun anon??

  28. I can’t get too upset with Damons because I think he personifies classic male energy, so it’s good to have an inside look on what goes on in their brains.

  29. So, it’s back to Pluto juice… I’m heeding the warning. It worked last time, but I have to say that December sucked. I feel better now and hoping this eclipse season is better…

  30. Yes please ban me please really do i wish that someone would and RLP there is no use stepping up as you call it and i never said i was a hot surfer dude just a dude who surfs. Its you guys who made all these assumptions of what i may look like. I had to laugh when i think it was RLP who said i was ex LA now residing in australia ( i have never even been there) I trawl over pages of posts on here and some of the themes and comments are so female dominated and one sided its amazing. It gives me as a male an insight to the female mindset, its like being a fly on the wall at a private hens night party or something.

    As for my actions and reactions that i honestly and openly share with strangers , in my view are so tame and completely harmless. There are two men inside each man, one is when he is with and in the presence of women and the other is when he is in the presence of men. I can assure any of you that if you were privy to your mans conversations when he is with other men ie at work , at the footy, at the pub or what ever group they may belong to , if you could record what they go on about you wouldnt let them back into the house…

    Me sending pics to a potential long distance love interest is so not that wrong . Sure it is a bit immature but i know alot of so called mature women that would find me reserved and qute shy etc. I dont molest children or chase teenage girls , i would never enter into a relationship with an attatched or married woman.

    I do not exist to conqour women or maybe you would like me or appreciate me more if i did ? does that make me more of a man if i sleep with any woman that i can? I love stirring the shiv pot on here Pheww i can smell it from up here in Queensland and that may be wrong so i will refrain.

    Further more RLP the ongoing diatribe from 99% of commentators on here is just that, personal drivel from women relating to their exs, their would be lovers and boyfriends , their FEELINGS, all tagged with some peice of astrology or some position of a planet or some reason why stuff happens. HEY lets blame it on the position of the planets and stars etc . I dont pretend to know bugger all about astrology i dont have 25 years to devote my life into studying it and understanding it properly.

    I do admit i do and say things on this blog to indeed seek a reaction and this last battery of comments would have to be right up there with the best of them. I will refrain from partaking in any furter commentry as requested. Believe me ladies who see me as a “disgusting pig” etc and retarded i am nothing compared to how most men think or carry on and really you have no idea….

    • whilst I felt ‘disgusting pig’ was out of line – so does fessing up to sending pix ‘of your manhood’ hoping for pix of her ‘bits’ back
      you were never going to draw positive reaction there.

      if you find 99% of commentary here drivel – well the internet is a very big place……

      your post is too long to read & I have a plane to catch – & genuinely wish you well. enjoy your day.

      • C cAP – cracking, who needs a novel?

        drivel |?driv?l|
        silly nonsense : don’t talk such drivel! See note at nonsense .
        verb ( driveled , driveling ; Brit. drivelled, drivelling) [ intrans. ]
        1 talk nonsense : he was driveling on about the glory days.
        2 archaic let saliva or mucus flow from the mouth or nose; dribble.
        driveler ( Brit. driveller) noun
        ORIGIN Old English dreflian (sense 2) , of uncertain origin; perhaps related to draff .

    • damons this is your wake-up call.

      if what you’ve told me in the past is true, losing your dad at a young age and having to take on responsibilities that were far beyond your years was clearly a big deal for you – and it IS a big deal. As well as your protective instincts towards your mum you inevitably will have experienced a feeling of abandonment or the disillusionment of feeling as though you had to protect her when you were just a little boy and would have been confused by what was going on and needing protection yourself.

      You lost your link to your bloodline, your primary male mentor in your formative years and this along with a whole lot of other stuff that happened as you were growing up has left you with a distorted perception of women, healthy personal boundaries, your role in relationships and the role of others in your world. If you find a qualified person like a psychoanalyst or a counsellor or a psychologist your life will become a much better place, as will the lives of the people around you. This is not the kind of thing many people can DIY successfully.

      I mean this kindly Damons, there is nothing wrong with going to see someone to talk about this stuff. There’s no shame in it. It’s totally normal to need some help at turning points in your life and 40 is a turning point whether you believe in astrology or not. The things you have said not only in this post but cumulatively paint a picture of a little boy who never got the attention he needed and craved and until you heal that little boy inside of you, you will never be a man.

      peace out

      • …there are so many brilliant women( AND MEN ) on this site Damons, you are a lucky boy to have their advice.

  31. So the first eclipse is smack on my Midheaven – AND I’ve just applied for a job that would bring massive (good) challenges and change galore. The second eclipse in as many weeks is right on my natal Neptune.

    Here’s hoping the first one brings an interview, and the second one brings the kind of Neptunian emotional contentment and substance-binging associated with discovering you’ve just doubled your salary…!!

    Crossing fingers toes and any other loose appendages.

  32. this eclipse is going asc and I feel a very amazing powerful shift all round. haven’t checked astro to sniff its potential but due to the merc’ing and all my saggo/mutable it should be pretty driven. seriously re creating post cocooning internally but would like alice to get out of wonderland and into the world again. something slightly teen rock n roll excite about this one. 🙂

    • bring it! Eclipse on Asc is perfect for throwing yourself full-throttle into the world… or being thrown as the case may be, but that is just as good. The N Node is caught up in that Full Moon eclipse too, so could be very fateful for you indeed… the Mars in Virgo marathon = a mega-motivated stint for you xx

  33. am in transit – so cant read all the posts above from iPHone – but am vibing brand new era, enthused – no make that excited – about what lays ahead. yeah yeah yeah there are frustrations (art director of new blog AWOL, many other projects impeding time to devote to own etc) – but all of this sparks greater efficiencies & better ways of handling any stuck sitch.

    prepped to work the dark moon & duck all bats behaviour.

    bring on the June 2 go-for-it vibe / new moon-fresh start energy!!

    Saturn Girl ethos in place – any latent eclipse crap to roll off thy teflon shell.

    Ms – you’ve inspired me to find where the eclipse lays in my chart ….. thanks!!

  34. so eclipse will be on my sun, with my solar return tomorrow, sun i think is 5 degrees gemini… then we have the stellium mercury venus and saturn following close behind… change… bring it on, for the wellbeing of all beings…

  35. Oh dear, just got an update from my Gem sis. Eclipse example???

    She and her bestie, a Sag, are having a massive row coz her bestie cancelled on the bridesmaid trip at the last minute to be with a guy she’s having an affair with.
    Also Sag bestie is having this affair with a guy whose name is app. the same as the white lion, AND just been let go coz her work performance had suffered so much due to said affair. (leaving work early using her kids as an excuse, glued to the Blackberry during meetings, leaving her team stranded, and worst of all, clients *requested* her to be taken off the head team position…….)

    Eclipse drama much?????? Triple whammy courtesy of the Eclipse – she’s having a mid-life crisis I think….shit…

  36. am so out of touch with Astro these days had not realised there were major eclipses looming…

    have just checked and the first one is right on my ascendant.. then the second one aspects my Midheaven, Moon & Neptune, (5th & 6th houses) then the third one aspects Sun & Venus… should be a good month??

    Which will be welcomed as many of you know I’ve been whining a lot lately about feeling dried up and Saturned-out (work work work, responsibility, responsibility responsibility, same same same)

    YET! am feeling slightly more Mercurial (Gemini Rising – where the first eclipse hits) – have even started drawing again and have been getting in touch with Raven (trickster) energy… I can feel a reinvention coming on!

    Lexicorn – fingers crossed on your job!

    wow, there are so many new people here… !

    cheers to all! xxx

    RLP – so great to see your news of things going well..

    U&PV, your sag bestie is having an affair with Simba? (must be hard to whisper sexy sweet nothings).. soz to read about your sister, but sometimes these things are a blessing – sometimes we Mamas find it hard to admit there’s too much on our plate until it’s smashed against the wall and we have to clean up (and even then we’ll be saying ‘it’s fine, I’ll just do this myself’)

    • glad you are drawing again. picking up a pen or paintbrush is a good sign

    • Hi TA, good to see you back more regularly again! 🙂 And having that first eclipse bang on your ascendant is gonna good, we know it.

      The Sag is my sister’s bestie, whom I recently met. I’m sort of watching from the outside ring, while they’re in it, spesh as the first eclipse gazoomps Gemini-Sagittarius axis. I tell my Gem sis constantly that the (virgo) big sis is there should she need some ears to confide in, and she knows that.
      Just that I’m worried for her – though worrying for others is SO much more enjoyable than worrying for myself! Ha! Damn, that is frekkin Virgo 😆

    • TA – just givin’ it a good ole Aussie whirl …. that’s all – plain & simple – I love my peeps / world so upping stakes is a natch – trust all’s gold in your world – loads of love & light!! 😀 xox

      • PS TA – you vibe transmutation – sharing caring…. yes many newbees & today had Chesh cravings, then had to step into Ubers HUGE empty Virgo shoes …. blah blah – am off to check YOUR blog

        xox blessings alchemist!!

        • darling not much blogging going on over on mine… too busy with paid work unfortunately (although now I’m drawing again and feeling inspired that may change)…

          yes, Uber’s shoes are empty indeed – have noticed her absence but have no idea what happened to her (perhaps she’ll be back?)

          blessings to you on your whirl! xx

          • long story – doubt she or David L will come back. short version is on the Joan Rivers thread a perceived anti-semitic commentary blew into online slanging & they split.

            DavidL returned once to pay condolence to BlueLibra’s passing (still cant wrap my head around it, so very very sad….)

            Champagne Bearing Aqua made a cameo the other day – but hasnt resurfaced.

            Prowlers is prowling elsewhere.
            & where’s ROBOTS?

            the tides change ….. fug I think I’ve been here like 8years or something – Blog-Service leave lol?

            GREAT you are drawing. lots of love to you TA xox

  37. I love the painting chosen for this post – keep scrolling back to it for another look.

  38. Hello all. After that last round of not nice i packed my swag , boards and fishing gear and went north. I lit a fire, slept on the beach, watched the sun rise, caught a wave and a fish, cooked and ate it. No phone, not a soul around but the eagles, birds, dolphins and turtles. I came to a few conclusions.

    Fuq astrology, Fuq Psycology and psycologists, Fuq being a so called “Man” if that is what it means to be one. Thats why the world is so Fuqed, its full of men running the show. Shit happened to me in my life when i was young right through from 10 to 35 and i am lucky to even be here and none of you or anyone else for that matter will ever know the half of it.

    I have never once asked for sympathy or felt sorry for myself. I am responsible for my actions and i have never hurt anyone as far as i can ever remember. I can sleep at night knowing that i am a good man. I do thank everyone on here for helping with their views and i appreciate it sincerely even RLP , who i think is great.

    Forgive me if i havent turned out to be the “Hot surfer dude” some of you may have wanted me to be but i am just a very average person in all respects. I have nothing to contribute to this blog although it has served its purpose and helped me through a really tough period over the last two years. So again thanks.