Diet Bi-Polar on The Dark Moon

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Tick Yes to anything that resonates.  In your mind. I can’t figure out  how to do tick boxes & my usual astro-poll app has gone totally ape.

How Dark Moon Affected Are You?

You are…

* Diet Bi-Polar, alternating between pondering a broccoli-tofu souffle thing and getting hammered at lunch?  Cheesecake feels relevant again.

* Riddled with security concerns? Nearly to point of panic. Thank you Taurus Dark Moon.

* Considering taking up martial arts insanely seriously if you have not already just so you can kick and punch things. Hard. It’s the Aries stellium.

* Suddenly sociopathic re all your relationships and secretly loving it.

* Slightly freaked out by how eerie synchronicity of Royal Wedding and the Osama gotcha has bought up memories of milestones in your life; marriages, young love, where-you-were-when-Diana-died/Sept 11/Bali bombings, unresolved psych issues, grief etc.

* Obsessed with ensuring that the texture of your skin is perfect. Even if nothing else damn well is.

* Pondering screwing with your hormones to manifest a more desirable you.

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81 thoughts on “Diet Bi-Polar on The Dark Moon

  1. Holy shit are you all a bunch of fucking weirdos. Let me guess. Left over hippies who never went anywhere in life? A bunch of under 30 year olds who can’t seem to get their shit together? Have any of you actually taken the time to go thru and read some of your replies? Put down the shrooms and get a freakin life…..

  2. crazy eating. grapefruit juice then chocolate.

    endless period from hell (acupuncture not working yet)

    soooooo sleepy

    feels like a Mercury retrograde on steroids in these last few days

    • Plus, it’s official. I’m becoming a vampire. Necessity is the mother of invention (or something like that). Period from hell creating massive iron deficiency and rare steak i’ve been gnawing on for 2 days is not enough. I poured the au jus from said steak into martini just now. yes, gross, but delicious.

    • Cripes bluesky! Once your blood iron levels get very low (due to heavy periods/fibroids/diet etc) it takes months of careful management to get them back up again. As well as the accupuncture, have you tried herbs from a proper herbalist for the heavy periods? Shepherd’s purse and False Unicorn spring to mind… but I am sure there are several others. I suggest you get a blood iron level reading now and again in a few months after you start your new management regime. You cannot manage what you don’t measure. (yes, I am a scientist and I am on some kind of Pro-Saturn rampage today!)

      Some Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Tree) might help to even out the pre-menstrual symptoms and conserve some energy in that part of the cycle for you. But PLEASE consult with a real live herbalist (not internet) and buy the good quality Herbalist brands as many of these herbs need specific extraction processes and correct storage to make it to you in an active form (ie. many don’t survive the Supermarket/cheap route).

      There are some wonderful free health resources at this Australian site:

      And lots of info on specific herbs here:

      Hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks, Nat. This is great. And, yes, need to make time to get blood levels checked. Although the 2 “blood” martinis were truly medicinal;)

        The acupuncturist gave me a bottle of black, round pills to take (24 a day!!!) Couldn’t begin to tell you what is in them as all the writing is in Chinese. You just reminded me that I need to take them. Trust is so vital when one takes medicine in a different language (fingers crossed…)

  3. yes to all of them!

    the diet/excercise thing is so true, the last few days i didn’t even want coffee (something inconceiveable for me), i CRAVED water with lemon and cold fruit for breakfast, so unusual for me; but this afternoon right after yoga there were some brownies on the table at home, and yes, i indulged

    Also, in the last few weeks i felt restless if i didn’t excercise, i guess it’s all that aries on my 6th house! and i noticed the track was more crowded than usual, so it’s affecting a lot of people 😀

    The news about Osama’s death, the Royal Wedding, John Paul II beatification (my country is VERY catholic) brings a lot of stuff to mind, from “where-I-was-when” nostalgia to conspiracy theories LOL
    sociopath and paranoid??

  4. Yes, totally obsessed with perfect skin texture right now. But I’m usually always this way, too some extent, as I’ve had skin problems growing up… Just more so now!

    Also feel suddenly sociopathic, but wondering when NOT sociopathic as I have an Aqua moon and quite a few things in Scorp… Sorry if I like to watch people squirm and then giggle to myself indifferently.

  5. does having saturn on the fifth wont make me enjoy as a cap this may-june love vibe for us…help! please enlighten me

    • delilah, I suggest that you search “Saturn” on this site. See above left “Search this site” or use the drop down menu in “Categories”. Read the Saturn posts (45), especially the Saturn Girl posts, and also read the Self Actualisation posts (10). You will be able to use all this great material to enlighten yourself. Angsting about the future is of no use. Much more useful (and very Saturn) to learn new skills to improve yourself. The rest follows.

  6. With trans. Sun and Moon on my Venus so wanted a float in the pool this a.m. but no time. I have to go do 5 hrs. straight massage when I would so love to relax and pamper Toro style, myself.

    Oh well. This is where the Aries/Cappy parts have to kick in but I’d love a nap. Lately, each day I wake up and would love to go back to bed!

  7. Well i wasn’t going to ‘not party’ a la the advice in the dailies, seeing as the wedding made it another 4-day weekend here, so i spent it mostly hungover.

  8. Hey, kinda interesting that Rob Lowe has Moon and Venus 15 & 11 degrees Toro.

    He’s on t.v. this morning promoing his new book….On the New Moon…

    I’d say that’s Moo-Mooey (toro… 😉 ) fortunate for him. They don’t call it Moola for nothing!

  9. and stayed up most of early mon morn (like early am) ordering mineral makeup I am NOT allergic too (we get there in the end…)

  10. how true, I am all coeliac vegan food then surrounded by wine. honouring the season of the bull of course 😉

  11. Yes to all. baked my own cheesecake. Screamed obscenities at drivers who don’t recognize anyone else on the road. Not in a happy place at all.

    • Unhappy feelings will pass aquaphobe. I promise. Remember you are the sky. You have clouds passing across you but you are not the clouds.

      If you like visualisations you might enjoy this one: imagine you are lying back in a favourite place just gazing at the sky. Take in the whole sky. Watch as clouds form and move across the sky. Coming and going. (If you wish you can put any nagging thoughts onto the clouds and just let them go for now). When your focus drifts off, gently bring it back to the sky. Really absorb that beautiful blueness until you feel that you are merging with it. You are the sky.

      So nice to see yours and LL’s avatars again. Was wondering how you were both getting on.

      PS. Sometimes the obscenities I scream at other drivers are just so naff/wrong/bogan they make me laugh out loud. My inner bogan comes up with the best words. And I wave my arms around. Love it.

      • Just read your post and it was like instant relief. Thank you for the much needed happy place :-)) Last few days I’ve been like a kettle on permanent boil…

        • Happy to be of service Aquaphobe. Like that you baked your own cheesecake. Kudos! Philly or ricotta? I made ricotta gnocchi the other night and added some dried mint leaves to the mixture. Been making my own tomato sauces lately too – ie. the bogan type tomato sauce in a bottle, as well as the napolitana kind for pasta. Totally had it with bought tom sauce – even the organic stuff tastes like chemicals not tomatoes. Got a pan blender for xmas and it feels like I can make anything 🙂

  12. Pretty much all of the above seem apt right now. I’ve been blaming my inhalation processed sugar products over the last couple of weeks though, for the tiredness., and general ratbaggery..For a while there I was roaring along just getting things done and then bam ( and not in a good way).

    Am currently working out how to calm the fuq down and get back to getting things done. Sunnily. Honestly today when I had to change a password today I seriously thought of using snarl as part of it…and then reconsidered as I didn’t think that was perhaps the mode I want to stay in.

    • snarl… hee hee It doesn’t suit you LL! I try to use passwords that evoke some nice things. I work for a govt dept and we have bloody passwords for bloody every thing. And they’re all different of course. How about LLyourock 🙂 Or sunny, sunflower or golddust to evoke your lovely leo largess?

      • Aw Nat yeah I nixed snarl as an option almost immediately. I do like some of your options though and will try to remember them when the inevitable reset password occurs again…sunny, sunflower and golddust particularly….also thank you for mentioning largesse and me in the same sentence. This dark moon hit hard. Am having a mini pull my socks up session for the next little while. Also working on bringing about some of what mystic regards, ‘ scary-but-effective Money Alchemy’.

        I’ve been so busy. I live part time with my Sagg daughter in the city so I can attend lectures for my masters Info tech/library information science…(she split with her Sagg boy/man so it helps to have me as a sort of house mate ) and then home to the country of the weekend.

        Lately the driving has been getting to me. And a couple of weeks ago my Dad’s eldest brother died. The grief ripple effect caught me by surprise.

        I think part of my out of kilter-ness has been trying to reframe a lot of stuff. I’m feeling more positive…just need to pull up socks et al.

        I hope things are good in your world.

        • LL, love that you used the phrase “pull your socks up”. I have used that several times today – to myself and others! It seems like a very Aries (get on with it) and Saturn (stand up straight; stand for something) saying I think.

          Sorry to hear about the death in your family. Again I hear Saturn at work… endings, limits, mortality, Father’s eldest brother etc. It is strange how some deaths can really stir things up in us. And its not always the ones that we were expecting to have that effect. I don’t mean to trivialise the topic in anyway by saying this, but when Shirley Strauchan (sp?), former lead singer of SkyHooks, died in an accident it really stirred up a lot of issues for me. I didn’t know him personally but the sudden ending of a figure from my childhood really upset me at the time. I thought a lot about the mortality of my generation, the end of youth, the randomness of death… all sorts of things. Hope you can give yourself plenty of time to work through it LL. Best done at the time and not put off in my experience x PS. good to hear you making progress with the Masters.

        • Lovely LL – good to see you and hear that the Uni thing is going well. Twas wondering how/where you where/at 🙂
          It’s a crap commute though – that drive would get to anyone.
          Some good (naff) sing along road trip tunes are my strategy to deal with such things – nothing can harm you when you have Frank, or the King, or Meatloaf (etc etc) to protect you…

          • Shell it’s a mix some days of sing a long to Nick Cave, and the cheesefest of my mid teens/ Kiss, and Alice Cooper.

            Thanks Pegasus…good to see a lot of familiar names about…and yeah Nat as usual you’re on the money. I get your point about the sneakiness of loss, and also found Shirley’s passing a jolt, as he epitomised so many benchmarks of my childhood. Grade 4 and singing Horror Movie a lot while investigating Yardley pots of something noxious, and fighting with my Aries mother on why shouldn’t I be able to wear hot pants. I think I was 10.

            Shell did you have an article in a magazine lately about your area of research? I was in the Wooloongabba antique centre the other day and as I had Spazzy Aqua with me I couldn’t read it in depth, but it did sort of that maybe it could be associated with you.

            • Nope re the article LL. I’m in Melb these days anyway. The kind of stuff I am talking about it becoming a bit more generalised anyway, tends to crop up a bit in Vegas because of the size of the developments that go on, or around things like the laneways project etc.
              Nice of you to think of me though 🙂
              take care lovely xxo

  13. Cheescake – had some today, first time this year.. that was before the organic low food miles salad.
    Was considering going back to hardcore personal trainer (best way of beating myself up), who suddenly arrived back in town after 3 years away.
    Sociopathic – not so much loving it, as wondering where the hell it came from!
    Just exfoliated.

  14. Put me down for 6/7. Newfound bikram energy means strict-soup-diet-and-no-alcohol-madness and suddenly amazing skin, BUT housemate troubles and relationship insecurities means eating nutella straight from the jar while hiding under the blankets. Hot spanish man in bikram class also doing interesting things to my hormones.

  15. diet obsessive, yes. exercise obsessive, yes. and yes, yes, to all the dark moon screwball stuff. craving salad then eating half a tub of choc/honey ice cream. exercising like a maniac cos i truly love it. seriously. and have honestly been thinking about taking up boxing classes. but i have my moments of social phobia, so not really good with group things…. for goodness sake, clear my head oh new moon. send me some love so i stop looking for it in food!

  16. Sarah’s sexual frustration finally overwhelmed her
    when her new Acme ‘Ultra-Lifelike Blow-up Boyfriend
    simply farted, stole all the doona and started snoring’.

  17. followed mm’s tips but couldnt resist on txtng mr.pisces asking how he is doing….i think he also had a crap dark moon. hope all caps would be loved amazingly this time…i want to read LOVE in my horoscope and not WORK

  18. Ohmygosh, the diet thing, most definitely! The past two days, I’ve felt the need to eat really healthily during the day, (literally just salad and smoothies) before scoffing two chocolate bars at night. Weird. Maybe it’s time of the month or something, haha!

    I remember with both the Princess Di and the 9/11 attacks I was quite young… age 6 and then 10. But how I felt then is exactly the same as how I’ve been feeling about the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama, its really freaky. So vivid.

    I also went on the biggest de-cluttering of my life 5 hours before the new moon At 2 in the Morning. I feel mentally cleared, but also nakkered! =)

  19. I seem to be sailing through. got a $593 car bill today meh! Had a crap day at work meh! all week has been cruisy as and the lusty leo /moon in aqua has been ringing me. Like that never hapens in the whole 2 years I have known him. i am follwoing dark mmon MM tips and the oracle and being a serene goddess with ease!

    • PS that is Nicky in ‘The Human stain’. She tried so hard to took like trailer trash but miserably failed.

      • She looks slightly incongruous..doesn’t she?
        Looking like a 70’s groupie-bandaid when she’s
        more Ralph Lauren & Tom Ford.

      • was wondering why *our nic* allowed herself to be photographed with actual food!

        thx for clearing that up LG

    • This dark moon has been tres expensive for me too. Lost reading
      glasses at Library yesterday, resulting in a rush trip to optician to have
      new script filled, conditional that they would be ready 5 pm today. Ready
      at 4pm plus Library found favourite lost ones, so got 2 for 1…kinda :-).

      Jack & Henry have a wicked strain of pulmonary disease resulting in blood
      noses & snuffles so bad i have to wake them when sleeping to move the blockages.
      Looks like antibiotics for rest of their shortened life span. Have notified pet shop to
      stop their breeeder immediatley with Vet backing me up on that. Pet shops need to
      warn peeps that they will be hundreds of dollars in Vetrinary care.
      Heartbreakingly sad coz they are so cute, like teacup puppies-palm monkeys & just
      as silly with their antics.
      Going to try them with echinacea, rescue remedy drops, lavender & peppermint EO’s for
      a week before the permanent antibiotic bizzo, as that has to be then remedied with
      My pets are keeping me celibate!
      Why didn’t i just get a boyfriend…so stubborn. Mulish even maybe?

      • Oh my goodness. Poor rats!!! They are rats, aren’t they? I can picture them falling all over themselves. 🙂 (Saw a squirral today on my walk)…Sure they will be okay in your care Pegs.

        And yes, the glasses thing. I lost mine quite.some.time.ago…..Do need a opto visit too.

        • Hello Sweetie,
          yes ratties as Saggo’s tend to be hesitant on 10-15 year
          commintments required for a canine, besides i would
          want a Rottwieller or Husky, some huge breed that couldn’t
          be lifted IF anything untoward happened to them & they needed
          lifting. Ratties have a 2 year lifespan due to genetic tampering,
          as fancy rats come from lab rats. I give them a beautiful life to make
          up for the experiments done to them in the name of ‘cures’ for humanity.
          (as if humanity can be cured, huh, we live in hope).

  20. Ummm… has anyone else had a monumentlaly shit day for things ‘just not going right’?
    I have a plan a and a plan b for session this week and both fell through at the last minute.
    Security is fine… apart from my vol position (and all the fun creative stuff).
    If that goes, then I have 2 days off a week, like normal people. It’s been 7 years at the organisation and 4 years in this position. Hrmmm. I trying to be casual. I don’t think I am fooling anyone. Next week’s session falling apart is not helping.
    Diet? Healthy fruits and gormet delicious cookings… but my portion sizes are out of control currently. 2 Dinners is not exceptable.

    I have been doing a face mask every second day. OCD, no?


    I am too busy for ‘Friends’.

    Upside: I decluttered my garden yesteerday (when I should have been resting). It’s looking faaaaaaaaaaabulous. I have a new worm farm and all.

  21. Holy crap! That’d be a big ol resounding YES to ALL of the above.

    Even went back on the pill (I live in hope…) to get bigger boobs and wha-la: ZITS!!! ARRRGHH!

    Off to whip up an organic berry coulis to pour over the honkingly humongous slice of cheese cake I picked up on the way home from the gym.

    So everything will be OK?…big sigh of relief, cause I really thought I was loosing it.

  22. Diet – yes. I am actually eating sugary carbs and loving it. This is not normal. I also just felt COMPELLED to run the birth chart of my ex boyfriend, who was killed in an accident Sept 10 2001.
    Practising martial arts in a home environment. Freaking out (security) cos my mum is leaving for Europe for a month and I will spend mothers day alone with my 3 year old. Why does this scare me?
    Tick tick tick.

  23. equal amounts of carbs and green juice

    therapy, yoga, accupuncture for treating micro macro fear

    considering martial arts to pump up the solar plexus in my life but quite happy with yoga, and prefer to balance the hormones only…

  24. * Suddenly sociopathic re all your relationships and secretly loving it.

    Yep. Have been much more interested in putting all my energies into pondering reality vs illusion for essay (and massive personal interest) than being dragged out to nightlife venues et other social niceties. One friend even texted, “I dare you to come tonight.” Am exaggerating a lil, have accepted half the invitations at least.

  25. * Slightly freaked out by how eerie synchronicity of Royal Wedding and the Osama gotcha has bought up memories of milestones in your life; marriages, young love, where-you-were-when-Diana-died/Sept 11/Bali bombings, unresolved psych issues, grief etc

    When Princess Di died I was in the 6th grade and I was really touched by that @ a young age. Ever since than I’ve been fascinated with the royal kingdom; not to mention that the english has a lot to do with where I am from, Belize. We still have the queen of england on dollar bills.

    * Pondering screwing with your hormones to manifest a more desirable you.

    I don’t know about screwing with my natural body fluids but I do want a 30 inch weave so I can be desirable to my “Soulmate” whoever he is 😉

  26. Hmmmm. None of the above. Am sitting on myself like a broody hen, waiting for the off when the Moon turns directs again (I know, I know) at 3pm this arvo, at which point, you won’t see me for the cloud of glitter, as I head for the stars.

    The only thing I am currently craving is art supplies, particularly those bright clear inks, expensive handmade paper and also textured gold paint..

    But I do want choccies now that I’ve read everyone else 😀

  27. ugh

    sociopathic yes… but only because having a read thru Extistentialism-lite TM and “rebelling”


  28. Okay. I figure I can just put this comment here……. It’s been bugging me since yesterday.

    I just realised that….. EVERY GUY I FALL HARD FOR HAS MOON IN TORO.

  29. check to all of the above – even scrutinised the skin of those at the royal do, are they not into exfoliation over there?? AHA’s or retinol anyone? Dry skin brushing even??!

  30. The hormone thing….I’m kinda coming off of it somewhat, still detoxing. Just shut off my sex drive for the past month using herbs but seems to be messing with brain functionality, such as short term memory and sleep.

    Feeling like i need reassurance again.

      • I was taking vitex, which is supposed to be helpful to most women, but I know for a fact it shuts down my sex drive and other things. My body makes a lot of male hormones and my “needs” have caused friction between myself and previous partners before. I’ve been very fruitful not obsessing about being sex-less which is great, but it does other bad things to me which is why I’m not still on it. It seems to mess with dopamine levels and my sleep.

  31. How Dark Moon Affected Are You?

    You are…

    * Yes! I just had the healhiest lunch and now eating chocolate cooking buds… 😯 Ok… stop judging me… 😯

    * Yes! Last week I woke during the night in a cold sweat and panic.

    * Yes! Have been air kicking behind the counter.

    * Yes! & strangely told Dr Aqua the other night that maybe I could have been a nun.

    * Yes! I’m trying not to think about it… 😯

    * Yes! My skin is really soft and I haven’t changed my routine at all… LIES! 😯

    * I would but I just ate a whole heap of chocolate buds and the guilt hasn’t set in yet but the chocolate has… 😯 Weeeeee!


    • I am only judging you in the sense I think you should be eating good quality chocolate not those icky buds. Break out in style! 😛

      • 😯

        I totally would have but it was all they had in the kitchen that I could actually get my mits on + I’m stuck behind a machine. They were dark chocolate ones… 😯

  32. OMG Mystic, howwwww do you know??

    * Ate salad for dinner followed by donuts.

    * Spent all day fantasising about boxing (no joke) going to start classes, gotta channel this rage.

    * Sociopathic, psychopathic, pathetic, all manner of ‘ics’.

    * Always obsessed with my skin so that’s just normal.

    * Weirdest one, hormones, spent all day considering going back on evil contraceptive pill that makes me have dreamy skin, massive boobs, shiny hair but absolutely zero interest in sex. I kind of of want to lobotomise myself so I can concentrate on more important issues but have prefect skin while I do it.

    * Everything from about 97 – 2001 is massively heightened and nostalgic right now but I think that’s just because of the annual Aries ex mind fuck. Fell for it again, have no sense when it comes to him. Need actual, proper lobotomy or Eternal Sunshine treatment. It’s horrid.

  33. Absolutely all of them – this is a very dark moon – (am aries with taurus rising). I have’nt felt this weird in ages. Can’t wait till 5pm – new moon- YES!!

  34. hahaha yes to ALL of those.

    so weird, my roommate got a blue bullet in the middle of the night in the MIDDLE of his windshield
    i had crazy deja vu once i stood by the car

    but the thing is i was awake all night and never heard a gun shot..

    • You mention a Jack & a Henry in your prose, the names
      of my 2 new furry pet-boys. I think that’s amusing.

      Am wondering what a ‘blue’ bullet is, an unexploded one maybe?
      A shotgun pellet is slate-grey-blue?

  35. I’ve been on nothing but greens and fish for the last five days, have been hiking and Bikraming like crazy (Aries stellium and natal Mars in Aries), and yes to obsessing about my skin as well. thank god it looks good, probably because of the healthy eating…because i’m about to get my period and am currently thousands away from my boyfriend for the next month and having a mini-conniption about it.

    we’ve never had issues where i don’t trust him, but due to being busy communication has been bad blah blah blah. this is the most intense dark moon yet but i feel like something really good is about to happen!

  36. Fenugreek tea! This is my secret herbal boob job. i am amazed more people don’t know about it. I am all of the above apart from martial arts.

      • Glue them to your nipples. Roast them a little first
        as it brings out the flavour.The seeds.
        Then don’t go near any tall lithe dark skinned men from the
        African continent as the aroma will have them following you home in the
        hope of some Sudanese pudding 🙂

    • Pretty sure I was just sipping on Fenugreek tea at Mystic’s this morn! Must be my bod telling me something.. it true.

    • The one thing i really liked about fenugreek seed tea is that it makes your armpits smell like maple syrup when you sweat.

  37. * Obsessed with ensuring that the texture of your skin is perfect. Even if nothing else damn well is.

    * Pondering screwing with your hormones to manifest a more desirable you.

    Omg, these two are spot on! I used like two different types of lotion today because my skin didn’t feel smooth enough. Totally Toro.

    Then I was thinking about my pathetic A-cup boobs (titties, really) and wondering if there was any natural way to make them grow with hormone pills or something. Not so much for attraction but to not look so weird. (I hope I outgrow this idea/phase.)

  38. The skin thing. Most definitely. Staring at lumps and bumps and wondering why ppl don’t run when they see me as I have the face like the moon’s surface. Then again, maybe staring at myself in harsh side-lighting in a magnifying mirror doesn’t help…

    But I’m pre-menstrual and Jupiter/ Mars/ Sun/ New Moon is in my 7th and I slept in ’til 10.45 this morning and I’m shoving food in my face like I’ve been starving for months.

    And I’m obsessed with my arm muscles all of a sudden. I’m even wearing a tight little muscle T-shirt (me, a Cap!) to show off my tiny deltoids and biceps (we’re talking girl-sized muscles here… but they’re growing and that’s all that matters, right?) Who the fuq is this person????

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