Astro-Decor: Tres Taurus Or Not?

Alexander Wang apartmentThis is the apartment of fashion designer Alexander Wang, a Taurus.

So, okay, this confirms my long-held belief that Taurus peeps are actually Neanderghouls at heart.

That is a lot of animal skin, no?

And note the couch, Taurus Central.

But this one does not look squishy enough for a Taurus, even a GOTH Taurus.

There is probably another couch someplace and it looks more like a gigantic furry amoeba.

And though it’s off-limits to media, that’s where it all really goes down.

Note also the marble bust.  Taureans DO like their hint of the classical, don’t they.

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As a Taurus, I found this VERY Taurus! The colors matched, and although I found the animal rugs creepy, any fur texture to me (faux fur of course) makes me want to lie in it forever. Also, It’s really simple and not too cluttered. Oh, and you can’t forget that tempting couch…


No way a Taurus. To stiff, shiny and not comfortable. We are all about sensual pleasure. How it looks, color richness, comfort level, feel of the textures or wood, etc. This is not Taurus.


Anything involving animal print is tacky as hell. I think this bedroom says more about her Leo Rising than her Taurus.


Whoa, I have no idea why I thought she had a Leo Rising….my bad. I still think the room is God-Awful.


Surprised that the apartment seems so not now for a designer of
AW’s calibre. That black is so yesterday. Black absorbs light & energy.
Thought Tauro colours would be more earthy & natural, no colour
per se at all, just glorious tones of sand & land with a touch of blue
palette somewhere.
Do like the warehouse style huge windows, but surely not a block of
mirror like that but strategically placed ones i love. The place suggests
there may be ‘mirrors on the ceiling & pink champagne on ice’.


As a Taurus, I disapprove of the zebra skins. Even if I’m trampling on them with my powerful hooves, I do not need a symbol in my living room of an animal that is swifter than I am. And that long hair chair? I’ll give it to a Capricorn friend as a gag gift.

However, I do approve of the blackout curtains. With windows that large, I could not sleep til noon without them.


Leo rising – likes mirrors – that makes sense.!!

El Torro

Mmmh-mmh-mmmh. No. Doesn’t resonate at all with me – too dark, too cold somehow, and I do like animal skin, but ON the animal it belongs to. Mirrored walls – awful Feng Shui. I must be impersonating the Taurus that likes warm, friendly, colourful interiors; a place where you can work and play, be comfy and come home to your oasis of peace, and where children find interesting things too. That room is one I’d feel the urge to get out of as soon as possible! That bust – yewwwww! Why have some weirdo made of stone/bronze/marble/whatever stare at you… Read more »

year of the fox

Add some crappy framed posters of some bands in their hey-day and some Francis Bacon prints and the Aqua-Toro would love this place.

mlle ghoul

Hmmm. Taurus Sun / Libra Moon/ Capricorn rising here. I am thinking no. Black furniture has always grossed me out, it has always reminded me of smarmy bachelor pads. They usually eat off black servingware too. And they still have waterbeds, ugh. Agree with the above comment that animal prints are rather tacky, and mirrored walls are pretty cheesy as well.

Nope, I would have to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. I don’t mind ghoulish at all, but it’s got to be subtle, comfortable, earth toned ghoulish.

mlle ghoul

David Hamilton…maybe…! But you know what sort of prints I imagine in an overly lacquered suite such as Wang’s? NAGEL!

Eco Ghoul, yes, I like it! But you know whose interiors I love, love LOVE and which deeply resonate with me? Rebecca Purcell. Are you familiar with her?


RB’s taste, would love to visit but couldn’t live there as i like
almost zen monastry surrounds as i’m easily distracted.
Her decor is very Parisian 19th century bordello of the highest
calibre. Exotic & interesting. Would have me on total overload.


naff black glass serving ware


my Taurus moon finds no redeeming features here.


Looks more like the scorpio half of the energies to me, taurus working the dark side of the equation.


What is that amorphous black weirdness ON the couch?! It’s frightening.

Oh i know, it’s the Super A-Mart Monster, known to make its nest in Cheap Brown Velveteen .

Little Joey

This does not say Taurus to me… this seems too déclassé for all the Tauros I know – they wouldn’t be caught within a mile of it.

something fishy

The couch is def not squishy enough for Taurus. Last night 21 year-old Taurus daughter declared that in her next life she wants to come back as a couch – but not just any couch – our amazingly squishy Italian number for which I paid practically more than the house it’s in…they obviously identify with the whole couch – comfort – thing.

El Torro

This prompts me to say something about the couch-Taurusthing, which seems to be rather prevalent in Medusa’s posts about Torros these days :-). My mother, Gemini Sun, Aries rising, has been saying for 26 years that she wants a couch, and she has NEVER found THE ONE she is after (she’s not looking either of course, saying she wants a couch one minute and forgetting that finding is directly proportional to looking the next…). As a result of this very typical Gemini dilemma, this Taurus has grown up without a couch or sofa – the only thing e got was… Read more »


i’d keep the lamp, blinds, floor, windows …

venus a-go-go

I agree… as a Toro I would keep the well appointed room and the lamp, which is both functional and attractive.
The rest I would set on fire for being in extremely bad taste.


I was just thinking of you! 😯

*soy hot chocolate for Venus-a-go-go*

venus a-go-go

You have no idea how much I need this today… sooooo coooold
*drinks greatfully*
How’s the coffee business?


Taurus Sun and Mars here (Venus in Gemini)–I agree with belladonna. This would not be the way I would choose to decorate. This apartment has too many hard angles and shades that do not appear in nature for my liking. I like black and white clothes, but hate it in interior decor. Also I would be concerned about the longevity (I don’t know if others w/Taurus influence feel this way, but I think things have to have longevity to be beautiful) of the furry chair in the foreground. What if that got matted or worn and had an unappealing texture??… Read more »


I agree with you Mystic… 😯

That couch is not mammoth enough for a Taurus…

I think Alexander Wang is being modest for the cameras and in real life she has a giant couch squeezed in the next room & I think she secretly thinking about it in that pic… 😯

Mmm couch…


She? Alexander is a she? All photos of AW do look androgynous.

The sun shining more for you now Barista…i hope so x



I meant HE but was thinking the whole time it looks SHE… 😯

Thanks Peg, I’m working on it. x

venus a-go-go

My New (ish) couch is in. Its a behemoth. As in I can lie on it with my arms outreached and my finger will touch one arm and my feet will be flat again the other. It’s squishy and comfortable, and I have worked out that, cos it is essentially a futon mattress, I can make me some fitted sheets out of exciting material and change the ‘look’ of my living room (and wash my couch!)
*smugly satisfied*

venus a-go-go

My commas have raged out of control in my excitment


Sun in Taurus with Taurus rising here says it’s too shiny, too squared-off, and too staged: nothing actually looks comfortable and you certainly can’t do anything but sit bolt upright on that hideous ottoman. The flowers and the bust say “yes” though.


Am taurus rising and I think its disgusting – very bad taste – revolting mix of styles and I think NOT taurean at all. Tareans are supposed to be tasteful with earthy colours not this mono mix of furry crap. I am shocked he is a taurean – he must have aqua moon or rising or something else going on there . It’s HORRIBLE !!!


Oddly enough, I was thinking Leo/Scorp while looking at it, since it reminds me of my Leo uncle’s bachelor pad from the 90s. He liked white tiger things, which I guess is Leonic, but I think the average Taurus would think “ick.” Also, there is no sign of wood, besides the floor, anywhere. Not Toro at all…


Really agree with the WOOD thing that seem Taurean, polished
wood floors, rustic shabby chic or antique furniture…

bull with sting in tail

Mmmm…. Ok

The colour scheme( or should i say shade scheme ) resonates
And i think there IS a furry amoeba thingo in the lower left of the pic (no to that one )

No to the animal print stuff, clothes ,floors anything
No to the mirrors
Couch looks okaaaay, but should be leather, authentic


Ugggh! Hate animal prints – So tacky!!

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