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Young Paul Newman in suitPaul Newman had the classic Aquarius eyes…gorgeous, obviously, but slightly spacie looking. You think? All the Aquarians i know have amazing eyes but they can space right out with them. Like replicants.

Here is another Aquarius man – Rutger Hauer – doing excellent Aqua space-out in Blade Runner.  All Aquarius guys should consider dove clutching for their sporadic displays of emotion. You think?

I just had to be tres firm with a lovely client of mine who is dating her first-ever Aquarius guy. She had taken to texting him quite frequently “just to see if he was okay.”  No-no-no.  When Aquarians say “space” they mean like “deep space.”

Rutger Hauer holding dove Blade Runner

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102 thoughts on “Aqua Eyes

  1. yes, i know an aqua man with beautiful eyes, but he seems to do this funny thing with space where whatever his eyes can see, wherever he is, that’s where he’s at. He was here with me, and he was really here with me, you know? Then he went OS for a while and it’s like I never existed! Is this a thing? anyway, he;s coming back, so I expect he’ll then be….well, back.

  2. The only aquarian eyes I know well are my fathers – dark brown though – sparkliest things when smiles/laughs/giggles which he does a lot – perhaps to keep ppl at bay – but truth, when he retreats, the eyes do as well

  3. My Aqua brother has ‘the eyes’. Pure sky blue. Almost transparent and glass-like. They have absolutely no expression in them. Thank the stars for his Sagg moon, or we’d all be left in doubt as to what he’s thinking! Also, he a remarkable ability to completely devote himself a girl for a certain period of time and then just drop her…like he doesn’t know who she is. I’ve got an Aqua moon so I get the space thing but complete detachment?

  4. I have never met an Aqua man. Dont think I want to ruin the illusion yet!

    My eyes are green and I can spend days averting them to avoid my saggo mum!! But my favourite pastime is the time travel. I quite happily travel on ross noble type tangents. Recent hypnosis revealed a past life of time travel. Its blurred my reality.

  5. So glad you brought it up!!!
    What a phenomenon those Aqua Guy Eyes are!
    Dated two Aquarian men both born on Feb 5th, one a budding forensics genius, the other an actor/martial arts specialist… But my God, what really freaked me out was that their eyes were exactly the same… & I mean identical!! You know?, the way people have the same mannerisms etc as someone else you know??!! These guys had the same eyes. Different colours, blue & green respectively, but identically Radically Gorgeously Divine & the same. It was freaky.
    Love those Aqua eyes!

  6. I do however see that “spacey” thing in Rutger Hauer. Maybe I don’t call that “spacey gaze”, but rather “fixed gaze”…. That kind of concentrated/analyzing gaze seems to come with ALL the “Fixed” signs though. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. I suppose Aquarius’s gaze just comes with an extra dose of “weird”?

    • I’m a Leo sun with Aqua moon and Scorpio rising, so big YES to the concentrated stare of Fixed signs. I’ve seen it in all Fixed signs.

      • Oh! How cool! My big Sis has the EXACT same placements. Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Scorpio Rising. She has that fixed concentrated stare! She can burn holes in your head when she’s MAD! 😛

        • Your sister must be AWESOME then. 😀 My mom always tells me that I look like I want to murder someone, and half the time I don’t even mean to! But my glare is downright lethal when I really AM mad.

  7. What do Chiron Conjunct Ascendant eyes look like? I’ve heard of the “Stranger in a Strange Land look”, but…….does that really apply to the “Wounded Healer”? I was just curious to know if anyone else had this placement or if anybody knew of someone else who did. I have it, but I also have a very dominant Uranus/Neptune conjunction that runs rampant throughout my chart. It squares my Sun and Moon. Opposes my Mars and Juno. Sextiles my Mercury.

  8. Well, Paul Newman has a Capricorn Ascendant Conjunct Mercury/Venus/Jupiter and Opposite Pluto! WHOA! Talk about INTENSE! Not to mention his Pisces Moon Opposite Neptune. No wonder he had such beautiful eyes. However, I don’t think he had the “classic Aquarius eyes”. Watching him in movies, his eyes always appeared to switch between the twitchy/shifty Gemini eyes and the serious/penetrating stare of a Saturn/Pluto hybrid. I never thought he had that spacey “I’m not here….I’m ‘out there’ in deep space” look. To me, he always had that Plutonian/Saturnine brooding, “GO AWAY! So…. I can brood in the depths of my complicated/complex emotions—or lack thereof??? I don’t know! JUST GO AWAY!” look.

  9. My Aqua man has exactly that future scrutinising look, particularly with his glasses on. However, when the glasses are off ie ready to go to bed, literally and metaphorically speaking, his brown eyes focus and soften. He “comes back” to me. Come to think of it they are child like innocent at that moment.
    He is highly independent and needing space which complements my Mars in Aqua and my own space seeking behaviour. I have a whopper stellium in Scorpio which he finds fascinating if, at times, tempestuous.
    I trust him.

  10. I’ve always had SUCH A CRUSH on Rutger. Loved him in Bladerunner and The Hitcher. Cap moon and Leo ascendant… The best of everything! 😀

    My Aqua mom has green eyes and they actually can be quite spacey, now that you mention it. Some days they look toxic green and I call them “demon” eyes because they’re frighteningly intense and remind me of the Exorcist. Hehe. So pretty though! She gets compliments on them all the time.

    I have green eyes too but I don’t think they’ve ever looked “toxic” like my mom’s. The color is more muted and I’d say it’s the WAY I look at people and not the color itself that makes them intense. Scorp rising so I have a habit of just staringstaringstaring.

    • Cool thing is that Newman had a Pisces moon and Cap rising. Woodward had an Aqua moon and Cap rising. 😉

  11. I lost my virginity to an Aqua with incredible eyes. Electric blue….slightly crazy-looking, arched brows, eyebrow ring cuz it was cool at the time. So gorgeous…:)

  12. Wow, those two really do have a very specific expression in their eyes… Where are they? What are they thinking? Can an Aquarius tell us? Perhaps a male aquarius? …I suspect that its less what they are thinking than what they are not thinking -they don’t feel the need to ground themselves to our standards. They are more free, with less need to give us a human expression or something.

    • im an aqua male with hazel eyes n honestly everytime i talk to people and go into this happy ass frame of mind….i guess jus bn completely charmin….i realize how blunt im being with people and them i retract to my thoughts because i start wondering how they felt about little thing i said to them….and i start wondering what there thoughts about me are…..but thats just the tip of the iceberg….i can truly say that when i get that glossy look in my eyes im thinkin about everything but at the same time nothing

      • omg, as someone with aqua man history (ever since Uranus crossed my Venus, i am like catnip for them) i really appreciate this offering, thank you!

  13. weird, cause I have been close to many many Aquarius suns. I have never dated one, too distant for my leo moon, cancer sun. But only one of them has the most amazing eyes ever. My son, blue, gold and green mixed together. Fabulously gorgeous. The girls compliment him. My sister is Aqua also and has nice average blue eyes. Just don’t get the eye thing here….
    My ex of 2 weeks now 🙁 has mars in Aquarius. Gorgeous hazel eyes. He has been off in deep space, but so happy to see me a couple of days ago, many hugs, told me I was beautiful, offered to help me with things, talked, didn’t want me to go, seem relieved i was only going to a ball game looking so nice. I guess me letting him float off was good.

  14. My ex-hub bears a striking resemblance to Rutger, but with rather more down-to earth green eyes.

    He has an Aqua Moon in his First House with Cappie Rising. Rutger has a Cappie Moon.

  15. I didn’t really get the paul newman thing until I had to watch HUD pretty much frame by frame and now I get it. It was black and white tho so I had no idea the eyes were blue. Knowing he was an aqua seals the deal. Such a presence they have. I am a fan of their need for distance. Land sakes ah cannot abide clingy men.

    • most of the ‘Latvian’-esque aqua-marine eyes I know (similar to those Damons dreams of) are of varied signs. Sag, Virgo – I mean seriously – when has a country or an eye colour been hijacked as the M.O for a particular sun sign??

      educate me if I’m off my game – please!!

      • Of course. Think of all those Chinese Aquas. Lots of brown eyes! I would love to see some photos of spacey, alien brown eyed Aquas.

        After ten years, my best friend finally figured out that I was unintentionally hypnotizing her pretty much any time we spoke in person alone. She has learned to break her gaze every few seconds, otherwise she will just glaze over. Hilarious! All that with a pair of brown peepers.

        • thank you!!

          & from south of the equator – good night!!

          enjoy your day northern peeps!! 🙂

  16. Yes!!! This post is spot on!

    Aquarians DO have weird spacey eyes….even though I know a few with plain brown ones…must be some ascendant thing.

    me: You are doing that thing again that scares people with your eyes. stop. The waiter is not going to come back now.

    Aqua ex: No, I’m not. I’m just being thoughtful and intense.

    Me: No, you’re not. You’re doing that “crazy eyes” thing.

    I swear it chases people away. and when you ask the Aquas they think something completely different!

    And dove clutching? Absolutely! Esp if dove is a metaphor for Libras, they will clutch us as soon as they think we are moving onto another perch.

    • mmm they like us – is prince an aqua? Is that what he meant by this is what it sounds like when doves cry? He was clutching his libran too tight?

      • Libras are like built to dismay Aquas. 🙂 We are one of the few able to deal with this hot/cold crap…possibly because we do it too. I find it interesting they don’t enjoy their own medicine. =)

        Prince is a Gemini I think. ;p

    • I’ve been wondering too – she disappeared just before the blue day dawned. Don’t take my word for it cos god knows I’ve been wrong before but I’m sure she’ll come back shell x

            • Had thought it best to keep my personal thoughs regarding suicide to myself. Perhaps that is colored by finding my mother dead…perhaps it’s because even so called death comes from life. Perhaps it’s because of talking to my 78 year old Aries father as he feels his mortality looming…

              Alot of shifts lately in any case. x

            • I get ya re the shifts sweets – how many times does one have to say goodbye has been playing on my mind lately – death comes in seasons for some. And why do some things have to be going so well meanwhile the culling song is being sung? It’s the saddest of ironies to welcome in a new life while the old one is still falling away. It’s so not neat and tidy. I’m glad you’re still out there and hope all is well otherwise – we care about you xxx

            • I saw you’ve been winning love, I’m glad. I think that was why I was wondering about you aloud.

            • Thanks guys, you’re sweet. Other day downloaded alot of podcasts from Hay House Radio and having a nice time with those on my walks. Very positive..

              One of the ironies about 9/11 and welcoming new life while others are falling away whatevs, was that there I was in Germany (where there had been WWII and the gdaughter birth) and back home was a mess…

  17. *When Aquarians say “space” they mean like “deep space.”*

    No-no-no. They mean ‘I’ll call/text you’. It’s the same with friends as well as lovers. It’s not like they are incapable of intimacy. They are. Just when they want it! And then after all that intimacy you are teetering on the edge of being a nano-second away from being too clingy/smothering/needy. Even when you you don’t give a shit that is too close for them. Push-pull-push-pull-push-pull…

    There is a lot I like about this aquarian aloofness thing. It has taught me heaps. But they can be pretty fuckin’ rude when it comes to relating. It’s probably a power thing. I dunno…

  18. Yep! I’m hanging out with a sapphire-eyed Sun/Venus+Asc Aquarian thespian. It’s soo different! This sort of ‘separateness and togetherness’ is really killing off my co-dep bullshit. The loving detachment is a balm of inspiration for creativity and independence. Joy! Puts you out of your comfort zone.. This Aqua Lady also has (Trans Squ Pluto her) Moon/Mars conjunct in Aries! So she’s a bit of a cross between Themis and Wonder Woman, with a CappaMerc corpy strategist to boot! ( I call her ‘The Crystal Butterfly that thrives in Volcanoes’) She just took her theatre production on tour to regional Qld and already she’s been threatened with rape and her crew were beaten with pool cues! The work is a raunchy noir comedy about a single career focused woman and her endless quest for love. The audiences are lovin’ it, but it’s pressed a lot of conservative plebs buttons, so they’re out with their firebrands. Hear Hear to the Aquarian Cultural Transformers out there!!

  19. I dated a Virgo with Moon in Aqua and Aqua rising who had spacey alien eyes. He was gorgeous!!!

    It was the longest relationship I’ve had. I like my space too and have psyche in Aqua.

  20. My Aqua ex had the spacey alien eyes. He was also obsessed with gadgetry and time travel. He must have had some affliction in his chart though cause he was SO clingy that I was the one needing space. Maybe not Aquarian interdimensional space, but Plutonian deep dark subterannean secret cave of solitude-like space.

  21. there are a few married to aqua’s here. I don’t think I have the astro for it really. eros makes a hot bedroom but the friendships tend to be competitive ego driven bed friends. every person I meet nearly has venus aqua.

        • I love “emu”….do you love me? 😆

          Gotta give it to those damn Aqua’s…(Venus in Aqua…) they’ll keep ya guessin’..Gem Mars loves guessing games…Venus in Taurus…not!!

          Just played a guessing game in the car Saturday with Gem rising gdaughter, Gem daughter and Draconic Gem Sun (Cancerian) daughter…

          Lot’s of giggles and a double dog dare in a very stuffy museum as to if one will hide behind a door (officials lurking/watching) and as to if we can make our funny faces all the way outta the place..Would have but was crossed eyed…

          Gotta love Gem energy…And Aqua (sorta, kinda lol)

          • My little play on words did not work..

            I had meant “emu” in the sense of “you”

            “I love emu”…

            It was not directed at anyone… 😉

  22. Speaking of star treck, i have a mobile phone which is crap but i bought it because it reminded of me of the flip out communications device that Captain Kirk used on star treck. Is Capt Kirk an Aqua..? Or Spock i wonder..? Or maybe all of the crew on the Star Ship Enterprise were Aquarians?

    • Shatner is an Aries (he’s got too much bravado to be anything else really 😉 ). Nemoy also happens to be an Aries.

      • You’d think that an Aquarian would be a good candidate for a Time Lord, so better Doctor Who than Star Trek. Traveling when and where ever, meeting lots of interesting people that you can never totally commit to, always talking about things that mere mortals can’t fully undertand. And the tardis…I mean that alone has to be an Aquarian wet dream, right? Oddly enough though, David Tennant is an Aries, Matt Smith (who I kinda thought haad Aqua eyes) is a Scorpio. Not sure about the other 9 actors, surely there’s an Aquarian in the bunch. ….James May from Top Gear is an Aqua. *watches too much BBC America*

  23. I have wondered often if all of Scandinavia , Holland, Sweden, Switzerland , Norway and half of the Ukraine were all Aquarian…?

  24. I wondered what dove clutching was until i scrolled down to the next pic. How about emu petting ? does that count? I have an emu here her name is Norri she is so magnificent and the silly thing is in love with me so when i walk up to her she fluffs up her amazing quils and sits down neck outstretched burying her beak in the grass , eyes glaze over in a trance and i give her a scratch. Everyone else including her owner and human mother of 16 years she attacks! Yes my aqua eyes (blue of course) i am regularly told are mesmerizing ,hypnotic, seductive, peircing, kind but also dont fuq with me etc. And yes, spacey. BTW thanks to the positive feedback regarding my last post re young model. Its all good, processed and as always taken on board. Nasty peeps- its all good too everyone is entitled to an opinion… Hi M, i hate the cold if you get my drift , i would need a whole new wardrobe! or thermal boardies and t shirt… My lil bro and all aquas i know have awesome peircing blue eyes too! like they all could have been extras on star treck… Like they are all from the same weird planet of eccentric scando amazon types of men and women . I can spot them a mile away and even folks who are so not into astro and think its all crap even agree that Aquas are like a kinda secret society living amongst the rest of the humans… Not in an up our self way just in a wierd kinda way…?

    • so aside from Aqua eyes for Aqua guys your Astro point above is …..?

      sorry – but you gotta shape up Damon!!

      heart-on-sleeve in perpetuity resulting in zip astro insights (bar your birthdate) & elongated rantings re losses in the femme arena are, well, ahem – seemly more intended for Facebook, non?

      along the lines of Whatevs comment on the other stream (expand, grow, learn, desist!!) & The Leo Socialite (desist, desist, desist!!!) I reckon I made my point – evolution is personal, not something to be resolved via a demi-nude muse who freaks out, nor by taming an Emu,

      peace, love & growth be with you!!
      please respond with relevance – it’s the whole point!!

        • hi anonymous – been said oft here before – grab an grav(atar) & a blog ID then we know who you are – there is the odd weirdo here who morphs from an identified commenter to ANyMOUSE – define yourself. Transparency’s good for all!! much love from Saturn whip central lol …;-)

      • i dont know anything about astro and i think that anyone who does is kidding themselves! its too complex and not an exact science its all theories and open to translation RLP! seriously i am not bullshitting and yes alot of the time my drivel sounds like exactly that… drivel! desist you say , well i have desisted long enough. Evolving wow from when i first posted a comment on here many moons ago i have changed alot and i dont flirt with everyone anymore at least . Have you noticed? Yes i agree that i should you leave my personal life out of all this and just stick to references to astro but that would be so boring and fake of me. Also you may be dissapointed in me to know that i have made the progression to longboards… yes i still ride a variety of shortboards but after scoring some clean lines at tea tree at Noosa i am hooked its like learning all over again and a different sensation all together. Peace and love babe you are in my top five on this blog. I wont say what number though ha ha . I have had some gains in the femme arena too btw i just dont brag about them and when i have a drama or need help about a certain situation regarding the female of the species its great to air it here and get some great fedback both positive and negative because most of the peeps here are ladies. I have subscribed to M after two years of freeloading but hey, i am a surfer bum first and foremost…. Aloha.

        • Um…am I missing something? If you don’t know anything about astro and don’t care to learn, since you assume that attempting to understand or speculate is pointless, then WHY ARE YOU HERE on this astrology blog? There are lots of blogs for surfing, there are lots of blogs for art, there are an abundance of blogs specifically for relationship psychology. I think you’d find a more receptive audience if you actually said something relevant to the focus of whatever forum you’re venting to.

          • check you later then im bored with all this as im sure the feeling is mutual so adios amigos! Aloha. Peace and love….xox

    • I love emus as pets! I think they vibe Aquarian. They can be so wacky when they check your pockets for hidden food.

      • I am an Aqua and when I told my boyfriend he looked like a hawk (when working and squinting, prominent nose) he told me I looked like an ostrich or and emu. x_x

        I always loved the ostriches in Fantasia, so I’m taking it as a compliment! lol

  25. Got this going on with my first Aqua guy and ‘just give him space’ has become my mantra!NO TEXT and definitely NO being needy! Must say hes got the eyes too but they’re dark and mysterious!

  26. We didn’t, as I mentioned on a previous post, watch a lot of television. We had the Aquarian for entertainment.

  27. Oh god**** don’t get me started Mystic. …..and why did I order that consult from you with the new aqua moon guy the other day?? WHY! WHY! WHY!. Did I not learn my lesson from the Melb Cap, Aqua Venus long standing SHAG distant bastard. Turns out the new Aqua moon guy is suddenly finding his ‘space’ after an intense 9 and a half weeks and yes just like the movie…. My Leo moon self is not coping. Yes you were so spot on with the consult. End rant. Thanks for the space.
    So sorry to hear about Blue Libra, just catching up on post cause I so foolishly let this bastard tie me up for the past few months.

      • Well….it was hot for a while! His sun conjunct my Sag venus and our Cap mars conjunct. When the fallout happens tho, I think its important to have the moon placement right or you just don’t gel on an emotional level. Note to self….’do not respond to txt from him in 6wks time’ cause this is exactly what aqua planet guys do as if nothing is wrong. I don’t get it??!!!

        • I’m old fashioned: i use a handwritten appointment diary. And if I were you I’d actually write that in my diary…perhaps in code, so people don’t understand it. But make sure you do!

          Aquarians time travel as well i think. His sense of time and its effects will be completely different from yours.

          • So true Mille with the time travels. I will add it in my Outlook calendar. If he anything like the Aqua venus guy the phone calls/txt happens about every 6-8wks…you know about the time im over them. Then you have a weak moment because of those sexy blue eyes and give the fuq in! I need a warm Tauras for winter snuggles and earthness to ground me.

  28. Love the Aqua look. I often have to let people know that may need to repeat that as the Uranian princess was not in at the time. You have to learn the look, she may look attentive but just test her on the subject matter spoken and zip. It is a very subtle glaze over, not detectable by all.

  29. I’ve only been mesmerized by one Aqua’s eyes, but he has Venus-Mars Pisces, as well as Cancer rising. Gorgeous gray and innocent. Not very Spacey, more like child’s fascination, which is ridic because he’s a cynic at heart.

  30. Doesn’t your ascendant have a lot to do with your outer physical appearance? Or is it an interweaving of your sun/moon/asc?

    I so agree with Mystic about counseling non Aquas about the meaning of Aqua Space. It’s multidimensional deep space. It’s not just ‘leave me alone so I can think my thoughts’ space, but also when we are together to give me enough space to express my ideas or thoughts without having a kneejerk emotional or moralistic response. Space. It actually means I need you to expand beyond your boundaries to include me, or at the very least, keep your boundaries to yourself.

    But I’ve also found that asking outright for space causes non Aqua peeps to get really anxious and chase, obviously the opposite of what is hoped for. I’ve tried the honest, factual approach and it always seems to bring about an opposite response.

    I am not even an Aqua sun, but have my moon and asc conjunct in Aqua. The only time I’ve ever had my space needs understood and met was with a Gemini sun who also had Aqua moon and rising. That was an amazing meeting of minds, of possibilities and vision, though did very little for my Cancer sun or 7th house Leo stellium drives. But those are easier needs to meet. I’ll probably never be so well matched on the Aqua Space front again.

    • I have an Aqua moon too and find myself intensely attracted to people who value SPACE. I have a theory that those with strong Aqua placements can only be understood by others with the same. No one “gets” Aqua like Aqua does.

      A lot of Aqua celebrities have ended up with people who have Aqua moons. I’d love to meet an Aqua sun or an Aqua moon, but I also have a Leo sun that craves attention so who knows if I’ll truly be able to handle the aloofness of an Aqua sun. My Aqua mom has always driven me crazy with her inattentiveness! But at the same time my Aqua moon understands and doesn’t take as much offense as other signs probably would… I have a Cancer sun/Scorpio moon friend who can’t stand how “cold” Air signs are, Aquas in particular, but I just smile because I can relate to that coldness.

      • Aha! A Leo Sun and Aqua Moon. I totally understand this opposition, as I have Aqua Moon rising opposed my Cancer sun(it’s in the last degrees of Cancer), plus I have Merc/Lilith/Mars/POF and some other asteroids in Leo, also opposed my Aqua.

        So yes, you vibe all cool and wonderfully detached, need Aqua Space and so forth, but also need attention, to shine your light and have it reflected back to you with warmth and admiration.

        I find with this sun/moon polarization that timing is important. People close to me have learned to look into my eyes and see if I’m spaced out on planet X, wearing my white clinicians coat (studying humans from a great emotional distance) or if I’m so very present, right there ready to connect. For people who don’t know me well, I just make myself either physically available or not, because that seems easier than trying to explain.

        Also, I compartmentalize. I loved my Aqua moon/rising guy, and appreciated him for what he could give me. What he couldn’t give me I got from other people. I cultivated many different kinds of relationships.

        One of the important things I’ve come to realize, accept and try to work with more skilfully is that I need both Aqua Space and Leo/Cancer indulgence and that this confuses people. It’s up to me to work with that energy and devise ways to both get my needs met and communicate in ways that help other people deal with me. I used to run away from people when they became needy, but I’ve learned to soothe them instead. And then I went from that to pre-emptive soothing. It works a charm.

        You know that saying, “What would Jesus do?” I ask myself, “What would a human do?” Doesn’t that sound so very strange? But these emotional/social gestures are great tools that help other people by softening their experience of the Aqua Void and reassuring them that even though I come and go, I will come back and that it’s not personal. It doesn’t work for everyone, and of course the truly needy people I just can’t abide. But for the people who matter to me, I do make the effort even when I’m in deep space, even when I’m in a place where I find human emotions fascinating rather than relevant.

        • Almost a Leo! 😀 And I only have my Sun and an asteroid in Leo, so you have a bit more than me too. I also have Venus in Cancer and that makes me not SO detached when dealing with people I care about.

          “So yes, you vibe all cool and wonderfully detached, need Aqua Space and so forth, but also need attention, to shine your light and have it reflected back to you with warmth and admiration.” — I couldn’t have said it better myself! This is exactly my “dilemma.” It can be difficult finding someone who understands and knows what to do to keep all my placements satisfied and content.

          And no, that doesn’t sound all that strange. I’ve asked myself the same thing and I know my Sun/Merc/Venus in Aqua mom has too! Just the way of the Water Bearer. 😀

  31. Maybe it’s not the same work as here..MM has a strong Aqua influence in her astro..maybe she moonlights as an electrician.

    In my family Aquarian maternal love emanates periodically from the Source, whizzing forth from distant deep space at a weird unexpected angle. Look sharp, don’t miss it!

  32. Aqua sun and I have the most boring brown eyes imaginable. My son however who is also Aqua has Paul Newman eyes and yes, looks like an alien.

  33. MM’s advice re Aquas is to be heeded. Astro gold.

    And how does one become a ‘client’ of yours dear MM? Can one put you on a retainer for emergency consults/cuppas? Can one claim it from the health fund?! Oh, what a world that would be!

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