Amortals Are Totally Uranian

Tara McPherson Tara McPherson


“…Things change. Amortals don’t, not at the core. These are the swelling ranks of people – and I am one – who live agelessly, doing and consuming many of the same things from teens into old age. For us, the concept of age-appropriate behaviour has little meaning. We don’t structure our lives around the inevitability of decline and death because we prefer to ignore it. Perpetual motion is a hallmark of the condition; we are prone to overwork, to adventuring. Nothing banishes those pesky intimations of mortality more effectively than illicit sex or emotional drama or some high-octane combination of the two. Unwitting revolutionaries, we assume all options remain open, from youth into old age…”


From a fantastic article on Amortals in the Guardian.  Completely worth a read and take the Are You An Amortal? quiz!


Naturally the story features one of my fave Aqua-Gurus – The Singularity Guy

As i was reading it – and it’s a genius article for perusal during the Moon in Capricorn, when stamina, longevity, time & money are all on one’s mind – i kept thinking it was more about Uranians: Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising peeps, those with Uranus strong in their chart. They’re the ones who don’t just prefer to buck convention, they can’t help but give it the finger. Or the whole fist.

Uranus in Aries is also, obviously, the natural era for a pioneering new approach to being eternally fuqing awesome, yes?

I have actually rarely felt such a resonance with a newspaper article about “lifestyle” or “society” as i did this one. But I’m strongly Uranian.

Are you? And are you an Amortal?


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Mistress of Mirrors

Interesting, last weekend I watched a series called ADULTS! about a couple of millenials finding adulthood so hard. It made me feel so old (I’m 27 and a millenial myself). Must be the Saturn return lol. Saturn in Aqua, Uranus conjunct Neptune in my 1st house opposite Mercury, Moon in 11th house. I don’t know. Feeling old and miserable is probably not a characteristic to an Amortal?

12th house virgo

I didn’t read the whole article, but noticed fear of death came up a lot. I don’t understand the fear of death. I mean, I do, but death is one of our few guarantees around here, so I find the life-death process interesting. Not being able to attend a funeral because you fear your own mortality seems….sad. Mortality is what gets us off the hook, so to speak, so that we can all be the freaks we are while alive…or so, that’s my theory.


mixture of a and d and happy to have a balance (mars in Lib speaking there). all my life i’ve felt different but just went where wind takes me. I’ve still got/had the 3 M’s to keep it real (my version of real) but looking forward to even more freedom sans mortgage and kids,as I get older and go even more uranian in the future.


Hmm… took the test, and I’m a strong amortal. I used to joke that I will live long enough to see the development of artificial body parts, and I’ll just have any necessary repairs made as they come up. I was joking, but I just read this month that artificial lungs were invented and in testing, possible availability within 5 years. I could use some new, perfect lungs right now [cough, wheeze].


I don’t change and I don’t grow up. Damn straight, I’m amortal (Uranus rising).


Liz Greene talks about the Uranian identification with “amortality” in her book “Barriers and Boundaries”.

“The development of a body of knowledge which defines the laws by which things work can provide a defense against the unkown, which then becomes predictable. Psychology and astrology can provide this service. A code of ethics can become a defence, because it allows the Aquarian to control his or her behaviour according to the code….protecting the individual and the group from the sudden invasion of primitive forces”.

Explains the denial of death, aging….


apparently I am amortal but i refuse to be defined by a multi-choice quiz

uranus conjunct sun

pisces in CQ

I really really struggle to dress, act and think in age appropriate terms (I’m 46) and am looking forward to exiting this town with its narrow version of ‘what is right’. Amortal – hmmmm. Doing/consuming same things from teens to old age? Check Work myself to the ground? Check Risk-taking a part of my personality? Check Miss my days of illicit sex? Double check! But I love to reminisce and consider one day it might happen again when life isn’t so restrictive. All I have to do is get pissed and the high moral ground comes off with my shoes… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Thanks for this Mystic, as I increasingly feel that there’s a gap btw the chronological age I am and how I view myself! Like the guy in the article who sees others as ‘poor old thing’ when actually they were older than him, I do that often. Also, based on my appearance alone I’m often thought of as being 21-23, and I defo don’t think of myself as being 34. Though when I was a kid, was often told that I was on old soul. So an old soul in a young-looking vessel – might explain why the general fitting… Read more »


well I’m 50 and still think the same way (but with more wisdom) as when I was 25. I try to keep fit and youthful. I even have songs on my Ipod b4 my 17 yr old. It’s about being stylish, youthful and being happy with what you have. I plan to stay this way – I’ve never married bcaus the right one hasn’t come along yet but I’m still optimistic – love is for every age – and I will never accept less than what I know is the best for me. Btw I’m Aries!


Hate multiple choice quiz’s that don’t have answers that even approximate my own….I’ll read the article but the quiz is superficial crapola.


Mostly D’s … am so weird it appears, that I don’t even spend time thinking about how weird I am so therefore never realise I’m weird … something like that

Uranus opposite my sun and squares my MC … and sagg rising …


tis me …


Feel what was said besides the parts about illicit sex and emotional drama ( not on that low level at all, vibing too far beyond ).

Life without limitations – as in the clock or space/time continuum.

My mars is in Aqua – ha, my aggressive energy is egalitarian. Especially funny for a Sun/Venus Aries directed girl. I think that is where I disperse the control – in the control sector.


Actually I’m fed up with all the bloody labels being handed out left, right and centre these days. I am who I am, and that’s it, folks, take it or leave it. I refuse to stick a label on myself other than to say I’m unique and pretty damned wonderful.


Agree LL…

All my Aries in 11th (traditionally ruled by Aqua) trine Uranus in 3rd.

I don’t need a test but I mean really, at 52 of course I’ve thought of some of those things on the test. It’s not realistic to me…


Love the concept and the article, but I couldn’t help but feel what the survey was really asking was…
a) are you a Capricorn? or
d) are you a deranged Capricorn?

No surprises, my answers = 4 x As and 6 x Ds.


ha! Exactly I got 6 A’s 4 D’s and Cap moon and IC!


Uranian types aren’t phased by the weird I bring to the equation…
In fact it tweeks and twitches their feelers too
Sun conj Uranus. Neptuner highly aspected in 11


All D’s, without batting an eye . . . hmmmm Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aqua much?

YOU ARE: Amortal to the max: You’re so detached from external concepts of age that you probably don’t even realise how agelessly you live.

I love it and LOVE the image, natch!


are you moon in aqua kimmy? of course you are 🙂


Kim, you are teaching me so much via your books, so much so
am re-reading them for the powerful visualisations.
Merci encore.


Can I add to the I’m a fan of Kim thread. Kim I read an explanation of Eros from your site like 6 years ago and its so spoke to me. i was not afraid of my sexuality after that and have been searching for “depth and risk” in a relationship ever since. well I’ve now found him and it is amazing. Thank you for shining a lighton this subject and it is also a part of my accepting my Uranian/aqua rinsing side that i’m very comfortable with now.


The Moon, the Moon, it’s been covered down South for months. Experienced the heaviest, closest to death experiences with that Scorp Full Moon, now it’s disseminating after so much of assilimlating for me. Have been drinking in the Moon. It’s kept me awake. Kept Jack & Henry awake, they turned totally nocturnal, mischievious, ate my marquillage & peed on my Dior :-). Myst said it was in my Soul Sector, if i never took deep notice before, she has my attention now! Scorped beyond means walking around with what felt like an internal stress frown. Have seriously experienced the Body-Mind… Read more »


you are a very insightful and creative blond and love your post Peg. Off to the bathroom nowi to dye my hair blonde ala uranian. well after i’m through with this weird burgundy red colour i can’t describe but love.


Mostly A’s so Amortal i guess.
Great read thanks Mystic.
Only thing in Aqua is NN 0 Degrees.
Uranus 15 degrees in Libra.


The article makes sense to me. I had a hard time paying any attention to the quiz. Definitely some major Uranian influences in my life, though, and I love it. I’m an Aqua moon/venus, but my natal Uranus is in Sagittarius, and honestly I find that embracing the Sag attitude about things is a good ticket for me (even if it’s no small feat for a Pisces sun/Virgo rising!).


And ps Mystic – I LOVE how you find all these amazing, interesting things for us to read – you draw from such a wide range, it’s great (and being a gem I love all that)


Me too, everything you just said!


Amortal to the max, apparently. I blame my sun-uranus conjunct.. I actually don’t think I have aqua anywhere in my chart. I’m Capricorn with Sagg rising, leo moon!


Yes totally agreed with you Mystic – this article resonated…and yes am aqua rising…and even though I don’t really feel like I fit in the mainstream, nor want to, it kinda made me happy to feel I DO fit in somewhere! And with years of Pluto and Saturn sitting on my ass, I finally feel more Uranian than ever – back to me again, haven’t felt like this in years – a big THANKYOU uranus in Aries – all my other fire planets (moon, mars, venus) must be liking it too…


Mostly B and D’s, some A’s (2)

Aries sun–Aqua rising —–mercury 18 pisces uranus 18 Gemini
Made it thru Pluto in sag–not to worry is new motto!!

plutonic gem

More ‘trad’ than I


i don’t know, that kind of formality just sounds like an urge for good event planning

plutonic gem

Yes maybe its that ms. I probably need to go to a good party, and I have been asking the universe for one if those wild weddings… yet this is what I get, don’t want to sound ungrateful, it will be lovely, but the bride is preggers so apparently will be a quiet affair… oh geez have just been at a children birthday party, and that was relatively nice with hosts making sure I had beer, but I’m starting to get really resentful of being the only childless, partnerless woman at these parties… what’s a woman to do!

plutonic gem

My Aquarius friend invited me to her wedding the other day…. on fb chat…2 weeks notice, she is so uranian, but more read than i, as I have not and doubt I would even have a wedding… my Aquarius is fourth house with Jupiter, I would say I’m equally uranian rebel and fixed plutonic in my anti-social ideas. Yet trad conservative in some things. Like if I’m going to a wedding, I want a proper invite, a seat next to the hot weird other single, champagne, a banquet, disco music, dress UPS and I would intend on bouncing the hot… Read more »


Okay – so I absolutely fit the profile but as an Aries with moon in Aqua in the 10th opposing Uranus in the 4th I would NEVER admit to being stereotyped. Ask any Uranian type if they fit a group image & they will run a mile. I am married to an Aquarian (Sagg moon) & we have 2 grown-up children (Cap & Cancer). They always say that they feel like the “parents” & we are the children. That’s just the way Aquarians like to be – childlike!!!


Hmm…I think I might be the outsider here. I took the quiz and while I leaned more towards “amortal to the max”, I couldn’t fully back any answer given as there are too many things to consider. In most cases I think about the future quite a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’ve come to an opinion about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. But it’s impossible for me to just not think about it or ignore it until it happens. I’m not an A type personality, I’m not GO GO GO! all the time, I never have been… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

We are all amortal here. This does not surprise me at all. I am amortal to the max. Mystic is amortal to the max. This site is amortal to the max.

i feel liberated and yet nourished from reading that thank you!

year of the fox

Actually that would be an interesting statistic…if we could see what percentage of Mystic’s readers have a strong Uranus influence. Seems like there are a lot of like minds here.


good point I was thinking that when I read the quiz, this will be mystic and everyone here x 7


I’m with you LS – “liberated and yet nourished”
Yep, amortal. Aqua rising & Uranus conj moon.
There was never any hope for me with fitting in 🙂


Toro Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising. Uranus in Libra in 4th House. Yet scored “amortal to the max”. What the?

Saturn trine Uranus perhaps? Or Toro Sun in 11th house? That’s it for Uranian in my natal chart. I am realistic and practical but am finding as I get older the child in me is refusing to grow up more and more. Being silly and letting go is more imporanat to me now than it was when I was younger.


Thanx for that read, the quote, just as i was feeling a bit alienated, looking in the mirror wondering & asking myself why i still feel like a thwarted teen, remembering my mother saying on my 40th that i looked like an 18 yo (dim lights, mdma & frou frou dress is all) but it IS catching up, never so much as this week, down for the count with bronchitis resulting in dark circles & swollen eyes & nausea from antibiotics. ‘Illicit sex’? Illicit means illegal, so illegal sex? Is it outlawed? I know you can die from it, but… Read more »

year of the fox

In many states in the U.S. certain kinds of sex acts are technically illegal and called sodomy. That of course includes oral sex…. so yeah depending where you are, certain kinds of sex may be illegal. The age of consent in different countries could be lower than the common standard as well.


Pegs, you’re a Force of the Horse to be reckoned with!


Et toi aussi Bebe, Wish you speedy recovery so you can
soon dance the light fantastic 🙂

The Empress

Amortal to the max! Think I must be living my NN in Aqua as the only other Aqua I have is Mars (although it is trine my sun).



Curious Cancerian

Aqua moon, and apparently I’m ‘amortal to the max’. Explains so much.

year of the fox

Crap! I’m mostly D’s and A’s. :/ This explains why i have such a hard time hanging with “normal people”.

Equilibrium Girl

Me too, Year OTF!! Mostly Ds but a few As. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I just wish this concept got into the mainstream sooner so I could stop justifying myself to everyone. Yes, I’m still single and not interested in babies or marriage and GASP I’m 36. Yes, I just had a fling with a 25 year old after my relationship with a 52 year old ended. Yes, I’m still planning to win those 17 Oscars, write those books/ screenplays/ etc, star in films, ignore retirement/ superannuation/ a regular job… Yes, I’m going to keep my hair long… Read more »

The Empress

I so relate to EVERYTHING you’ve said here E Girl. I was warned that I’d regret not doing certain things while in my early thirties (kids, marriage, a mortgage). Well I’m nearly forty and 1. I don’t believe in regret anyway and 2. who cares. If I wanted those things at the time I would have done it. I think the vibe goes along with Sag as well – the love of freedom etc. I’m thinking if you look at what planets you have in Aqua as well as which houses are ruled by it, this might give you more… Read more »


Mars????? Keep your dreams, what is life except ‘cells with plans’, tout est possible. Now..believe me when i say that if marriage & babies don’t hold appeal now, they most cetainly won’t later. The biological urge is teens & early 20’s. It’s OK to be single & childless, the amount of women that have said how LUCKY i am not to have done so, says it all. Mother’s tell me that offspring are in their minds 24/7, never not there, gasp! It’s full time job looking after myself, never felt the need to replicate myself plus wanted the complete DNA… Read more »


yeah I get ‘warnings’ too at times, do this do that blah blah blah- which I usually see as someone trying to justify their own existence. I try to be honest about things and when I look at women, biology, formal job titles and the rest of it. I am totally uninspired to take that path. The coolest thing about getting older is refinement, which has nothing to do with giving up your dreams. I can feel a certain level of chronological growth but I never think to judge people in that fashion, unless it’s an avoidance of responsibility affecting… Read more »

pisces in CQ

Lol! I had a fling with a 52 year old straight after a short duration with a 25 year old! It’s the ability that matters – and the personality. Does anyone else find it lonelier out there as they get older when they don’t fit the local norm? I’ve been going slowly mad where I am currently living because everyone is so bloody regimental and humourless! Went camping recently and thank god my favourite partner in ‘who gives a fuck what others think?’ partner turned up! What with all kids should be in bed by 7pm/ not allowed to be… Read more »

pisces in CQ

Tsk. I’ve been typing an assignment for the past 4 days and really am past typing anything sensibly said in a relaxation mode. I’m not even going to try and correct my above submission

Little Joey

Having read this, yes I have many amortal qualities and ideas. “the concept of age-appropriate behaviour has little meaning” sums up my attitude to a T. My current relationship (if certain people ever found out about it) would be deemed illicit. I think amortal attitudes scare some people and are quite confronting to many. I could say a lot more on the topic but I think it would just end up a ramble, but yes I am on the amortal side for sure.
Aqua Sun, Cap rising, Sag Moon.

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