What Sign Is Tank Girl?

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The eponymous character Tank Girl drives a tank, which is also her home. She undertakes a series of missions for a nebulous organization before making a serious mistake and being declared an outlaw for her sexual inclinations and her substance abuse. The comic centres on her misadventures with her boyfriend, Booga, a mutant kangaroo.Β Her real name in the strip is Rebecca Buck, but this is very rarely mentioned throughout. According to her own history included as a preface to one of the books, her first words were “cauliflower penis”. When she was 7, she started a collection of novelty pencil sharpeners (the collection is now housed in the National Museum of Modern Pencil Sharpeners, Sydney). She later became a tank pilot and worked as a bounty hunter before shooting a heavily decorated officer, having mistaken him for her father, and failing to deliver colostomy bags to President Hogan, the incontinent Head of State in Australia, resulting in him publicly embarrassing himself at a large international trade conference. These events resulted in Tank Girl becoming an outlaw with a multi-million dollar bounty on her head. She is prone to random acts of sex and violence, hair dyeing, flatulence, nose-picking, vomiting, spitting, and more than occasional drunkenness. She also has the ability to outrun any ice-cream van.

How influential WAS this character?!

Am sure there is a whole sub-genre of chicks who have based their lifestyle on Tank Girl and her hyper-surrealism.

What sign would she be? I think Sagg, I think Aqua, I think Aries but there is also a hint of Crab-Kataka in there…


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76 thoughts on “What Sign Is Tank Girl?

  1. My guesses are Aqua, Sagg, Aries, or Scorpio. =)
    Bad hygiene, physical calamities, cross-species sex, … go to be one of those! πŸ™‚

  2. Gemini with Aqua rising and an Aries moon. This is deductive astro based on the girls I know who based their lives on emulating her!

    • lololol my mother is multi gemini with aqua rising but a taurus moon. I guess the toro moon rules out living in a tank πŸ˜‰

    • She sounds like me minus the vomiting and flatulence. Aqua asc, aries moon here… Libra sun. Haha.

    • Nice guess, I am Gemini with Aries Moon & Leo rising & definitely emulate her – & I was surprised Gemini wasn’t mentioned! Crab no way! Far too much of a tomboy.
      Think Angelina Jolie, Gems have the power to be bad-asses.
      My current boyfriend fancies the heck out of her too πŸ™‚

  3. A Mother’s nightmare………Aries with Sagg rising & Aries Moon
    and many afflictions in the 8th house.
    Mercury & Venus in Aqua or is that as impossible as her?

    • A Mother’s nightmare……… lol

      definitely fire in there, loads of it

      thank u mystic for blogging my heroine !

  4. A Sagg/Aqua combo. I always found her annoying. A Sagg friend of mine forced me (her moon’s in Taurus) to watch the movie and all I could think was, “How can anyone fuck a kangaroo?”

    • Oh how I loooooved the Tank Girl universe!!! As a sagg with aqua rising it still makes me smile even years later. But I get the cancer reference: ‘nesting but on the move’ in her tank.

      Re the aries or sagg dilemma, all i can offer is that saggs are only breezy when they’re free – get in their way tho and POW!

      Thanks Mystic for bringing back some bright and happy memories πŸ™‚

      • but can you really see anyone with mucho Sagg working as a bounty hunter for Goddsake? That screams Cap to me (ie obey the rules or pay, one way or another – totally opposite to what Jupiter would do). OR it screams amoral gemini – fuq it, whatever pays the rent is OK).
        The collection thing is also TOTALLY unsagg…it, and the tank, also scream strong Cancer/Cap influence to me. Random sex/violence? Aries/Aqua/Gem. My guess is Aries, Cancer Moon, Cap ascendant, Aqua Mars or Venus, and Mercury in Gem (Cap asc because notoriety for failing to deliver…Cap ascendants can either be mega-successful or notorious for getting on the wrong side of the estab or mega-successful/notorious BECAUSE of conflict with the estab )

        • Fi, you have sure called it. Are you a Sagg?
          ‘Notorious for getting on the wrong side of the
          establishment’, so get that for Cap asc.
          Put up Sagg as lo-Sagg for the radicalism of her.

        • Fi, I ruled out Saggo because they like to debate too much, you know, sit around and wax philosophical about all matters of politics and religion, going on and on just to hear themselves talk (not that this is a bad thing!), so I agree that Tank Girl doesn’t fit this description. She doesn’t give a fuq about rhetoric. However, I still don’t see the Kataka/Cap axis at all – even though some people here keep bringing up the Kataka. If you focus on mercenary, that’s actually Virgo.

        • Interesting about Cap – did not know that about Cap asc!

          I’d read the bounty hunter angle from the freedom side of things though ie, can make own rules so def appealing to a sag.
          Rule making on the large scale says dictator and that could def be cap, but tank girl isn’t big brother, she’s just getting about guerilla-style, acting up, being an idiot, kicking people out of her way and otherwise not giving a crap. Jupiter doesn’t really care about rules if they get in the way of a good time πŸ™‚

          But yep, could be aries.

  5. I dunno bout merc/venus in aquarius too objective and dispassionate. I’d say sag with aries rising, mars/mercury in scorpio, venus in sag and aqua moon

  6. awww booger is awesome – doesnt everyone fantasise about mutant animal crosses with super powers? ha

  7. I went dressed as Tank Girl last Halloween after watching a lot of Tank Girl animation in the Gorillaz concert. I wore all of the accessories shown in that second picture, the cross earring, talisman necklace, aviator hat . . one of my greatest regrets is that the only picture that was taken of me got lost . . but to keep with the theme of the post, I loved being her because she is all my Virgo & Libra parts are not. She’s crass; she’s fearless; she’s decisive.

    The vibe I felt when I was Tank Girl was Aries, actually. On fire, and full of life. A little bit of Aqua, for sure . . honestly though not a lot of Saggo, except for that necklace/choker that I can imagine she picked up on some journey to Borneo . . don’t know if she actually went there; that is just something I dreamed up. I still get so much energy just looking at that picture.

    • How cool are you? Was also was thinking Aries, gonna go with that for sure now.
      I think Scorpio Rising and Aqua Moon. The most vulgar bee-atch I know was a Scorp bless her rotton, rubber thongs.

    • She actually looks exactly like a girl I grew up with for whom the words subtle, tactful, charming, gentle, polite, considerate of others, are just a waste of alphabet. This girl however, if you get her in the right mood, is a riot, a full-on roller-coaster ride, very good fun but twisted and liable to jump at anything (or on anything, especially if it’s a good-looking bloke, age no barrier). She is the embodiment of an Aries. In fact, if they have have a star-sign pin-up girl contest, I’m submitting her name to represent Aries. She literally has neither an ‘off’ switch or a doubt button.

      • You like Gorillaz, Pegs? I always pictured you as listening to meditation-type music, zen-like, soft trance . . .

  8. “Feeling a little inadequate?”

    Rock on Tank Girl! She totally has Mercury in Sagg. As for the rest, Yes to all of the above.

  9. I LOVED Tank Girl in middle school and high school!! In 9th grade I shaved my head in a similar fashion. I would like to think she is an Aries like myself!

  10. I have to say Aqua because she reminds me of my Aquarius friend…. messy, strange hair colour choices, sexually rampant and indiscriminate…. I could just keep going.

  11. she def has aqua n sagg in there – she’s a one mutant woman once she finds her man/beast – unlike aries lol

    theres definitely some air in there to stir her fire

    • wow joy never thought of air fanning the firey side of a peep . That explains a lot for me as as I am Leo sun/aqua rising .At the mo waiting for next week. and crossing legs, sitting on hands, keeping busy so don’t txt the lusty. He’s going away and so am i thankfully over easter.

      Happy holidays to all lovely MM peeps and patient vibes for all those bursting with lust but holding it in till Monday. Then we can breathe again. Scheme till then. What will be the best stealth?

      • I’m Leo Sun with Aqua Moon, and it definitely fans! πŸ˜€ But then my Scorp Rising puts a damper on it. Most people I meet won’t ever know what’s really going on underneath that shell, unless they stick around for long enough.

  12. Love Tank Girl!!! Saw the movie at 15 and it really got good and proper on the anti-establishment path… I’m thinking there’s gotta be some Gemini there, spontaneity n’ all, defo Aries chutzpah and some Sagg fearlessness.

  13. The actress made Tank Girl annoying, imo, but I still love the character design and all the artwork for her. I’m torn between Aqua, Sag and Aries. Hmm, I’d say she’s an Aqua with a Sag Moon and Aries Rising. Comes on aggressive, pulverizing and enterprising like an Aries. Then like people have said before she’s sexually indiscriminate like an Aqua, into all kinds of wacky things… Throw an emotionally laid-back Sag Moon that’s all about FREEDOM to do whatever you want, and there you go.

    I mean, the girl lives in a MOBILE TANK. Constantly on the move. Too bad it isn’t faster for her Sag Moon… Hmm, but there’s some Taurus in there too? But the unconventionality gets her Aqua going, AND it can ram through/trample anything in its way like any Ram would love. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, re the actress – I felt she was a little shrieky for the role. Angelina coulda been good for that one I think. She looks like a cartoon and plays fallen angel so well.

        • Yeah, no, no, no Angelina. The movie was perfect! Sound track is excellent too.

          I’m thinking she’s Aries with Gemini or Sadge rising and some Leo too, maybe moon?

  14. I’ve always been partial to the Kataka angle, with a good dose of Sagg. Crabbies *want* to go off the rails; Sagg shows them how πŸ˜‰

  15. I loved Tank girl comics. I kind of see Aqua there (her boyfriend is a mutant kangaroo), but in reality, the Aries I have known probably act more like her…

  16. She’s got to be:

    Sun in Aries
    Moon in Scorpio
    Mercury in Pisces
    Venus in Aquarius
    Mars in Gemini
    Ascendant in Cancer

    At least…..that’s what she vibes to me? πŸ˜€

  17. Of course, then again she could be:

    Sun in Aries
    Moon in Scorpio
    Mercury in Pisces
    Venus in Aries
    Mars in Cancer
    Ascendant in Aquarius

    That makes A LOT of sense too! πŸ˜›

  18. It’s funny…… I looked EXACTLY like Tank Girl today? I ran around in my pajamas/aviator hat combo, pretending to smoke candy cigarettes, contemplating whether to dye my hair electric blue or toxic green, and daydreamed about unrequited love. Well, hell — what ELSE are you supposed to do during a Scorpio Moon? I was also wearing that EXACT same eyeshadow!!! (Oh, wait….on second thought, that isn’t eyeshadow— that’s just dark circles.) She has my eyebrows, my eyes, and my nose (which seems to be permanently red from, uh “allergies”)?

    However, my fantasies don’t involve a mutant kangaroo? I prefer Aliens! πŸ˜›

  19. I never heard of Tank Girl until today. Does this mean I have been living a sheltered life?

  20. I don’t personally love the aesthetic but i get her independence and up yours factor. I also think she was SO influential on, well, lesbians coming out and being more obviously their own tribe. And Tank Girl creator also did Gorillaz i think…The Blur guy? I love the Gorillaz. She reminds me of every Saggo gay chick i have EVER known.

  21. I think of Tank Girl as a Scorp. Aries rising, Aqua Moon. Venus Kataka. Mars Sagg?

    Just a thought…

    I love Tank Girl. I would like to have _some_ parts of her epicness. Sharp shooting wildness… etc
    Jamie is ma comic book hero!

  22. shit movie. great comic. didn’t everyone look like her in the 90s in fitzroy anyway?

    • *let’s her freak fitzroy flag fly*

      Unfortunately I never had her ‘look’. I wasn’t brave enough in the 90’s and now I think I missed my chance, really:)

      • they’ve all moved to Preston anyway πŸ˜‰ post 90s “irony” dressing isn’t anywhere as dirty. boring.
        you can still channel her power in a new aesthetic. did anyone here used to read platinum grit? loved that too.
        ‘how to tell if he’s having sex with you- find out in our new quiz’

  23. Hmmmm…..? This is the first I’ve heard of Tank Girl too Leo Socialite — thought she looked like one of the Gorillaz blokes (LOVE them). Then I saw that Charley mentioned that Jamie Hewlett was her creator? *Makes-connection* *BLUSHES*

    I also would have to agree with Charley about Tank Girl being a Gem-Gem with an Aries Moon and Aquarius Rising.

    Maybe it’s:

    Sun in Gemini
    Moon in Aries
    Mercury in Cancer
    Venus in Gemini
    Mars in Scorpio
    Ascendant in Aquarius

    • Yeah, i just got the connection too.
      Now i know where all those little girl gay hotties
      got their dress sense from in the 90’s.

  24. For whats worth, back in St Kilda mid 90s a housemate of mine Jaq had been mates with the guys who created TG when living in London. I never spoke to her about it but it was widely understood that she was the Aussie chick inspiration.
    Black spikey hair, Stripey leggings and trademark 100s of black rubber bangles on one wrist that rarely came off. Really strong freckly pixie features, piercing eyes.
    Shes a jeweller in Flinders lane.
    We were kinda attracted to each other ( well, I think it was mutual) but I recall it not feeling right, kinda incestuous, coz I’m pretty sure we were both Aquarians.

    • i heard it was based on a girl who used to live around there. can’t remember her name, sure its the same chick x

  25. I think she has Aqua, Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio in her and Pisces cause in the first pic she has a fishy face. lol

  26. Dog the Bounty Hunter has her punk sensibility, is married to a ‘moose’, a former gang member and ex-convict with native american ancestry.

    His astro is, an aquarian sun conjuct mercury. venus on the cusp of pisces /aries and Virgo Moon. No time of his birth unfortunately, but i’d say its taurus/leo rising.

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  28. Lol, gorgeous chacracter for a quirky inquiry πŸ˜€

    Hmm, let’s see ..

    Hands down i would give her a Mars-Uranus conjunction, and that by itself would explain one hell of allot. Possibly in Scorp. Venus in Aries no doubt.

    The “Kataka factor” in this looney scenario i would derive from placing a Moon(home)-Saturn(tank) conjunction in Aries(warcraft) on her IC h4 .. If she was by chance a Cappy rising, her sense of identity would be derived directly from this marker fex, with Venus in the same sign (but rather in h5) making her comfy in it and to play with it to her likings .. That would give an option too to rise her AC a few degree’s earlier and fit it into Saggy πŸ™‚

    This Aries Moon/Saturn/Venus stellium would be disposed by that Mars-Uranus combo in the first place, lol.

    Aqua Sun h2 opp Leo Pluto from the 8th, ta-dah, you get the bounty hunter, getting in trouble and becoming a misfit herself.

    Is that boyfy of hers that i cant decipher …. Where did she pick him up in the story ?

    Hm, the kangaroo figure speaks Saggo to me in the first place ….
    Mutant, Uranus/Pluto ?

    I would eventually add Jupiter in wide conjunction to that Mars-Uranus(closer to Uranus) and drop it into Saggo in the 12th .. More than that, i’m clueless :-/ ~