The Lost Baggage Department

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How brilliant is this and TOTALLY unexpected?!

As you know, we are now in a totally new astro-scape from the one we have been living in for the last over-a-decade.

It’s Uranus in Aries with Neptune in Pisces…Note that Uranus is squaring Pluto but that Neptune augments Pluto powers.

Whilst it’s still transitional – and how fuqing hard is it to move forward as fast as you want to when Mercury is Retro but Mars in Aries is saying do-it-do-it-do-it-do-it now like some psychotic footie coach from the sidelines?! Β – there is one insanely fabulous side effect of all this:

Baggage has just gone. Seriously. It’s not just me. I’m hearing about it all over the place. People are suddenly over ancient angst that has vaguely blighted them for ages. They wake up one morning this week and their heart is not only no longer broken, there is not even a residual crack. They can’t remember what they left their baggage or w.t.f. it even actually was.

This is Uranus & Neptune in action: neither Aries nor Pisces like baggage. Uranus in Aries just explodes it out of existence with the Shock-of-the-New type experience & Neptune dissolves it…so it’s just like when a dream fades away.

And no longer having even the vague hint of a grudge or a sore point does miracles for one’s complexion.


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144 thoughts on “The Lost Baggage Department

  1. Oh Yes the baggage has definately gone!… Admittedly I knew that it would take three years ( as MM told me so herself) for my ex to get over our marriage breakdown and move on, find love, and release me from his stalkery-control trippery. BUT HOLY FUQ!
    He finds love (by rescuing a married woman from her control freak, stalkery, obsessive-lovey husband spookily similar to HIM!), moves her in with “our kids” the day they met her.( I like her and so do they!) He then spontaneously starts speaking civilly to me AND my partner of 3 years in the supermarket (instead of lurching his landcruiser towards us in the street if we walked in front of it!and grunting on the phone) then TODAY he phones me to ask which size doona and doona cover to buy for their BED! (the old marital bed I LEFT) HA HA HA ! Oh course I told him what I used to buy (King size doona in King Size cover for queen sized bed) and he announced that they would go back to pillow talk and change what they had purchased for that then, and HE SAID “THANKS FOR THAT MATE!” Woo hoo, happy days of kind civil co-parenting (just as MM predicted) look they are finally here!

    • so happy for you. my ex didnt stalk,but he was mad. took him a year to speak to my boyfriend. It is so nice. He has a live in girl now. Makes a big difference.

    • Civil co-parenting is great. Always had it with the ex. Was kind of funny tho when his 3rd wife called me up for advise about him. (they are now ex’s). Told her I was off for a date! (make it quick! πŸ™‚ )

      • My ex-hb current gf is lovely. Apparently she gets mad at him when he is disrepectful to me over the phone (kids tell me). Weirdly she is another Leo with Venus in Gemini. In fact our charts are really compatible.

        • Wow, that’s interesting ff but then as my ex’s 4th wife is Aries like me….

          Don’t know the particulars however but we get along just fine. Girls are grown and I mind my own business (always have).

  2. Yes, it’s weird. I felt that as soon as the bad part of my period was over earlier this week: as if a PMT-like cloud had been lifted from my life overall. Hope it stays like that!

  3. This is so fascinating. My fella (Libra sun, Aquarius rising/moon) has battled self-esteem issues most of his life – 5 months ago he thought he was unemployable and eventually ended up with a job that paid in line with his self-worth. Last week he was headhunted for a job aligned with his passions and for v.good pay, by a boss who keeps talking about how amazing he is. Self-esteem issues? What self-esteem issues?!

    • That’s interesting, because I’m the same as you’re fella and the same issues have dogged me for a long time. I’ve dealt mostly with them now but still used to dither sometimes about whether I’ve got anything to offer that’s any use. Hugs to your fella because those times are past for me too.

    • libra sun, aqu asc here too. well I started back at school after a year off. good to feel like I’m working toward something. I’ve considered lack of confidence really is the only thing holding me back.

  4. At the moment, I AGREE. I am more in the neptune-dissolution camp. I realised this morning, maybe late last night, that I am not ‘missing’ Old Toro like I used to. I haven’t even thought of him for about 2 weeks. Now THAT was a turning point.

    AND, New Toro actually contacted me after months of deafening silence..That was the biggest surprise. Retro merc conjunct sun? quite possibly. Before we met I had resolved to not give a rat’s – I am me, take it or leave it. And that’s all. And when we met, easy conversation, no difficulty.. Wonders will never cease….

  5. Thank you, thank you for making sense of my current new love situation. OMG, Mars in Aries is totally tempting both of us to say the the 3 special words to each other… but we’ve only got as far as “i REALLY like you”!… I am totally a ‘do it, do it, do it” kinda gal (Aries rising!), but subliminally know to just take it slow a.t.m. Hence, Merc retro. Crap it’s doing my head in!

    As for baggage gone awol, never had it and always avoided inheriting it from exes…. as for no longer having “even the vague hint of a grudge or a sore point”, well it has somehow done miracles for my complexion!! Oh hang on, or is the good complexion cos i’m in luuurrve!! πŸ™‚

  6. Surreal!! I was just talking to an overseas friend on Facebook about why i adore him but could never go out with him (10 years younger, innocent, too cute), and I wrote ‘and because i am too cynical for you and I come equipped with a carload of baggage’. I sent this then thought for 10 seconds and added ‘actually, all the baggage has gone’. And then I saw this post!!

    • Something v similar happening for me too Seabird. French Kataka (14 years younger) has been very attentive for past several weeks, we’re speaking for about 2 hours a week from different sides of the planet. Yet I’m feeling less and less interested… interest fading away. Have realised he was a touchstone for me post marriage breakup – making me want to re-engage with love/life. Haven’t told him yet but i will. New possibilities opening up all around me right here πŸ™‚

      • I found in my divorce from ex Kataka that a Cappy was my bridge so to speak between lives.

        He was a catalyst and of course it was in right timing and order. It was a gift. He was a messenger. x

  7. And it’s so true and it’s so wonderful. It’s like being able to have your life over without the mistakes but with all the knowledge. All the crap just slid away, and it slid away because i looked at it and instead of saying ‘you are crap’ I finally managed to say ‘you are my life’ and accepted it, and it packed up its own baggage and called it quits.


  8. i hope this is true….i met a forbidden man this semester at college….he is my teachers assistant….his sun is trine my moon… my sun is trine his moon….his venus is trine my sun…my venus is trine his moon….idk we love each others company but he is too venus conjunct aquarius for me right now. i have ascendent conjunct south node in scorpio among other sccorponic things….so i know that he is karmic for me….the thing is he has a girlfriend right now and i feel that in my previous life i was part of a harem to a king…so i don’t want to be that girl in this life…so i wish this that you are talking about is true….jane_rising sans baggage.

    • Oh darling jane…

      My Moon was conjunct an Aqua Venus/Cap SN and I know he was kingly and I had been part of a harem thing also (middle eastern past lives).

      No, make sure he’s free and clear before you go forward with anything if you choose to participate further.

      You are worth so much more, no?

  9. So, so true MM!! All the pain of a deep, deep heartbreak I have been working my way through (like wading against a strong rip) has gone!! Now I am gently bobbing forward, forward, forward….

    • Me too….finally over the “crying everyday” phase of my recent breakup and anger at ex….and just kinda over it and feeling sorry for him cuz he’s not dealing with ANYTHING properly and making himself look bad……sad!

  10. Yup, whacko stuff, but terrific. I remembered clearly a dream I couldn’t make sense of on Friday morning, it really stuck with me but couldn’t understand it. Then I had the inspiration to tune into it with a Tarot card for each part and voila! clear as daylight. I just suddenly feel so much more focused and lighter πŸ˜› (I won’t go into details here but I explained the process on my blog if anyone’s into understanding dreams).

        • I tried your dream analysis Tarot method Libraquarius and it’s superb! Thankyou πŸ™‚ amazing insights to a strange dream i had on Thurs night. Won’t go into all the cards for each part of the dream here; but for 1.What the dream is about? I got 3 Swords (Sorrow); 2. Destination: The Universe; and the final card for Direction: Princess of Wands.
          Overwhelmed with insights all confirming i’m moving in the right direction and unloading ancient baggage, as well as highlighting where i need to do more work.

          I’m a newbie to Tarot and have the Aleister Crowley deck and handbook, but even i “got” the power of this dream through the Tarot.

          I love that French animation TV too. Thanks again LA πŸ™‚

          • No worries, glad it helped. It’s actually the first time I’ve played around with the Tarot too to get into dreams and I’ve been really suprised how powerful and easy it was. Saves beating my brains out πŸ˜›

          • I also forgot, if you can find it, Angeles Arrien has done a handbook to accompany the Thoth Tarot and it’s brilliant, gives lot of psychological, emotional and spiritual insights and hints for understanding the cards. I love the Thoth Tarot, it really sings to me.

            • Thanks LA, I’ll have to find a copy. I’m thinking with Neptune in Pisces (my Asc/1st house) i will become way more attuned to new dimensions.

              • Just googled Angeles Arrien 😯 what an awesome woman. Really want to read her book “The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path to Creativity.

  11. Me too. Baggage re: ex is suddenly gone. Not sure if it’s gone for good or just a couple of weeks. But it’s a strange feeling really.

  12. Yep. And with recent events too, not just old ones.
    Starting to feel lighter, physically as well as mentally.
    Bring it on.

  13. Absolutely gone. I mean, I’m still frustrated by things that are frustrating. . . and I’m still sad about the hope that was lost. . . and the fact that these obsessions are gone, but nothing’s yet replaced them. . . but o there are some glorious distractions!

  14. Ooh, can I tell my story?? Thanks πŸ˜‰

    Wondering why acting work hasn’t been coming in. Now I know. Because Pluto is in my 3rd (plus Uranus, etc, squaring it in my 5th/6th) and is bringing my deepest passion and favourite talent back to life – writing!

    Scored major (but out-o-the-blue) writing gig from unexpected source I’d always done presenting work for. The boss dude, far from thinking I was autocue bimbo, heard I was a writer and dumped a big project on me to write up. I can work from home at my own pace (Kataka in 10th LOVES that) and I have actual good “real world” payments coming in. Money. Actually. Coming In. And maybe more projects to come if I do okay at this one. Fingers crossed.

    Okay so THEN – my short film got shortlisted for funding a few weeks back but last Wed (same day as writing gig came in), I met with supervising producer. This is the same dude who, back in 99, assessed a feature I’d written and okayed it for development funding. Unfortunately, he didn’t go on to be my script editor/ producer as I’d hoped and the whole project went from bad to torturous over a few years. Needless to say, my feature never got made.

    BUT here he is now, telling me all about how much he not only remembered my feature script and another he had read of mine a few years later, but he LOVED them. He reads THOUSANDS of scripts for a living and he knew details of my unproduced little things from years ago??? He even told me inside information as to why things had gone badly: turns out, it wasn’t that I sucked as a writer as I’d always thought – it was because of companies going bust, ppl taking others to court, etc etc. It was NEVER about my writing!!

    So all this time, I’ve focussed on other things believing I didn’t have what it takes to be a writer. And now, on one day, the tables flipped, double-somersaulted and landed quite nicely.

    But of course everything is due over this next week so now I’m just running on adrenaline, renewed hope, passion, possibility… I guess that equates to baggage being GONE.

    Unfortunately, I DID have to sign contracts for both projects. Eeeep. This may turn weird, thank you Mercury retro in my 6th…

    • GReat. Very happy for you. Trying my hand at being a writer. Just released a book online. Decided to go Indie with it and not get wrapped up in the Publishing world right now.

    • That is FANTASTIC EG!
      What an _amazing_ story:) Fills me with hope, it does!

    • merc retro is all about returning to things already put in motion and my experience of things that have been ongoing or sagas being signed during mercury retro just meant there would be a need to re-assess boundaries or processes or systems periodically to do with that particular project – usually in the next mercury retro or full or new moons in the sign or at the point of mercury where it was at when you signed. mercury retro isn’t always a negative influence – well i haven’t found it to be anyway. sometimes amazing things happen. SO GOOD LUCK with your return to previously initiated ventures lovely it sounds like you’ve had that in the makings forever x

    • So happy to read your story, EG!!!!! πŸ˜€

      Re: signing contracts, I read another take on signing during Mercury rx, that it may mean it’s easier for one to get out of it should one want to later on. App Yoko Ono always signs contracts during Mercury rx, to provide an out so to speak. GOOD LUCK!

        • Hm….I’m stumped now whatevs……. Bollocks, my memory fails me! Was it an astro site from yonks ago? Or was it one of those link I clickec that led to another that led to another thing that led to my reading that? Sorry, can’t remember! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!
          Will search for it and should I find it, will go back here and let you know, ok? Sorry couldn’t be helpful. :/

          • I’ve read that too re Yoko UPV and I’m guessing it was through MM’s site – some link, but can’t remember either!!

          • if it pops into your head – mercury retro is the ideal time for this kind of thing : o) let me know – i read a lot about her art ages ago and her performance etc. and i can never work out if I’m into it or not but the way she talks about love makes me smile like you can tell she’s been in it deeply but she doesn’t over emote – that appeals to uranus conjunct libra sun.

  15. @Equilibrium Girl – NICE! I love these sorts of stories. i love it when you find out it wasn’t you, it was them, and you’re actually really fly. Go it!

  16. you know how when you’re alone and bathing or doing something and you have a painful thought about what he did to you. Like this one time when he came home and said that I wasn’t enough of lady, which I am but he wanted the virgin Mary, that stuff seems to slide right off lately. This is what I think to myself, “yea well, you are in a different place right now” Now you can say, “oh well fuc off then, I am a little busy”
    Pluto had been going through my 12th and talk about feeling trapped and scared for 8 years.
    I feel like I have passed through a time warp and come back asking what the fuc was that?
    ( It reminds me of the episode called “Midnight” on Doctor Who, written by Russel T Davies πŸ™‚

    Freedom Shakti Inovation

    Honestly the only draw back with Uranus in Aries is the sense of impatience I am experiencing. I am constantly having to slow myself down. Libra Sun Cappy Moon Late Sag Rising

    • “not enough of a lady ?”

      Did ya say, “well, you’re too much of an idiot, get in yer crappy car, get the f*** away from me, loser !”

      sotto voce (Did you say that ?)

  17. My baggage exit is reminding me of an old Hebrew and sometimes christian tradition called jubilee. Economically, environmentally, sociologically it makes great sense to have a cyclical end and renewal at least once every generation.
    Neptune dissipation in pisces really is like a drug. The drug of release. And with moon in gemini it’s a hot-air balloon ride across Xanadu this wkd.

    Am definately having the low appetite some peeps have mentioned here, suggesting Uranus in Aries. But since Neptune got into pisces the chocolate call is strong.

  18. No such luck here. Not only is there baggage but it’s being hurled at me in quite a painful fashion.

    That said uranus is transiting my natal chiron which sits in opposition to my natal uranus which Saturn now transits.

    • I also have the Uranus assault on natal Chiron as well… gah.

      I’m not sure if I feel a baggage release or I’m just finally coming to grips with “new me”, but it doesn’t feel good or fun or anything.

      But I am happy for all those who are finding what they need from the transit. As usual, I’m on the slow bus for these sorts of things.

  19. I think i must be the only one who is still stuck, still hungry and carrying their baggage like a guilt trip…tragic really!

  20. Wha?? I’m not really getting this. I feel pretty much the same, baggage and all. Though I’m learning that my worst days are always when the moon is is Gem, going over my 7th house Chiron. Makes me really depressed. So maybe I’m biased right now.

  21. Well, I’m going to be the next to put a dampner on all the happy highs here. I too am still struggling. It’s not like I haven’t been trying. I have achieved a darn lot in the last 18 months and completely changed my living circumstances in the last four. They say change is as good as a holiday, but seriously, I would’ve preferred the holiday. And I actually am very happy that everything has changed and is completely different…… but, there are some mental shackles still holding me back, and they are killing me. I literally feel depressed more than happy. I still feel stuck. It doesn’t matter that most things have changed, I’m still stuck, stuck in this crappy town, still working a crappy job as I need money to move to pursue post-grad at a reputable university and I can’t start mid-year because I have a lease ’til the end of the year. That means I have no choice but to see ex-lover who I still have a thing for unless I become an anti-social recluse, which is what I have become…. because I really don’t want to see him out and happy when I feel sooo freaking shit. I don’t understand how you can give it all to someone and then they leave you and get to be happy with someone else. How is that even fair? Anyway. So I’ve been writing this novel to try take my mind off it, but everything I write, when I read it back…. it’s crap.

    • Fuq it. I’m not doing friendly, I’m not doing “maaaaaaaaate”, I’m not doing “of course I forgive you let’s be friends”….. I’m back to doing “who the fuck are you and what do you want can’t you see I’m far more important than you so leave me the hell alone and count your lucky stars that you are within breathing distance of me”.

      Fuck this fuck with a “q” you can all go to hell.

      I’m not going to sit around looking like the prime example of Thoreau’s “quiet desperation” any longer. All this change and somewhere I lost “old me” pre-change and turned into some sort of sensitive, caring about people person and look where that got me. No-fucking-where.

      • *hands you a cup of tea and a homemade biscuit*

        That sound like a completely bullsh*t situation. It _will_ get better tho. I am always a fan of the saying “That which does not kill me will wish that it bloody well had by the time I am through with it”.
        It sounds like balls at the moment, but you will get through it! Everything is crossed for you!

      • Woohoo, sounds sucky but as for the sensitivity and caring and where it got you I can only spell out that obvious motto – care for yourself FIRST and MOST. And I know, that a breakup with someone you let yourself care about who is then immediately over it and happy when you are “dealing with it ” is immensely difficult and tirelessly painful. I did it last year. And it really truly isn’t fair. But that is romance, honey. It is wild. Natural justice prevails. Maybe, I dunno. Am just speaking from my own experience and my romantic history is decorated with happiness and healing. (I have pluto in the 7th …. I tend to be drawn to relationships that will turn everything inside out. )

        I don’t recall your sun or moon sign from here so I have no idea how easy it is for you to be patient with yourself and compassionate with yourself for getting thus far and keeping going with what you want but , writing the novel sounds like good therapy. Does it matter if it is crap?

        Broken love can leave your life in pieces but that’s all. It isn’t bad pieces. It is what it is. Expressing the loss and sadness is soooooo important so that you don’t hold it in against your heart and resent yourself or those pieces or the other person which just impedes you picking up those pieces. ( I spent a few months literally drowning my sorrows lastyear til I noticed the goddamm pieces came up and floated around me. )

        And re your postgraduate studies, and being stuck with your lease , I don’t know, can you take a wkd away sometime soon , to get some fresh perspective? Somewhere you can scream “fuck! Fucking! Fuckity! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck you!” sans guilt or unintended consequences.

        For me -and i realise it could sound like a lame thing to others, but that’s part of saying fuck you is just not giving a shit what others think of me, I am – I started making things cos that gives me joy and focus and calm and confidence and a good laugh. I’m making a guitar at the moment. From a cookietin and a fencepost. I also made a travel document wallet with a matching bagtag for a friend going overseas. It looked soooooo cool, way funkier than the expensive shop-bought ones.

        Well I am sure that is quite enough uninvited support for now. πŸ˜‰

        • ahhhh! You’re are both lovely v a-go-go and twinfish. Yeah. I was just kinda hoping the Aries moon (there’s the moon sign) would blast it all away as it usually does, but it seems like for the first time in my life the Cancer sun has sunk the claws in. Bah, let’s not get started on the Neptune in the first house and putting people on a pedestal!

          I think it’s mostly the being “stuck” aspect that makes it worse; I’ve always had something to move ahead to, but this time, all there is is a book waiting to be written… and it’s not a cathartic account on what has just happened (to even think about it brings tears), it’s a book I wanted to write awhile back while I was in uni but didn’t have the spare time. I guess it’s a push-pull between the Aries stellium in my Career House v. Pluto in the House of Love.

          One day at a bloomin’ time is how I’m trying to get along.

          P.S. Doesn’t help that, regardless of “liking me and another person” but choosing her, he contacts me…. and of course I’m going to feel a huge mixture of sadness/anger every time. It’s bad enough having to be a recluse so as I don’t have to see him in person, but to hear from him too! Obviously my heart jumps with delight at first and then the sickening realisation that it’s “never going to be again” sinks in.

          • Ahhhh. I know that one. I have been there.
            I term that one as ‘hedging ones bets’. I have one still hedging three years down the track and oh how I wish that I had cut him off in the beginning. Career focus for a little while. Get out if the live head space. Do for you, not ‘us’. It will help.
            And being a hermit is nit wise in the long run. I was so scared of running into ‘them’ I only went place that they would not be, which was not places that I actually liked. I found myself hating the type of person I had become. Last 12-6 months has been a reclaiming of my space, haunts and parts of my that I love and missed.
            I understand if it is still too raw, just be aware.
            I am rooting for you!!

    • Hate to sound a bit trite, but in the mid-nineties I went through a really bad time, dark night of the soul and all that. It’s mind-blowingly awful at the time, but further down the track, I can see that I went through great transformation at the time and now it’s something I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I didn’t say that during the whole dark night stuff, mind you, but then I don’t know if you understand why it’s happening until you’ve ploughed your way through it and come out the other side and can see what it was all about. So hang in there, WOOHOO, the light at the end of the tunnel will get lighter and you’ll get into the sunshine eventually. Just as an aside, did you know that a guy in the UK has written a spiritual book called “F*** It” and now runs a retreat with the same name somewhere in France/Italy/Spain (can’t remember where). Might be right up your alley at this time in your life πŸ˜‰

      • Yep, I had the same, starting 2005 and ending 2008. It was the most unbelievably awful time ever, and I often wished I would just lie down and cease to exist. But it forced me, absolutely forced me, to change what I do, how I do it, who I do it with, and why i do it. The adjustment period took another couple of years. But my life totally rocks now! (although I’m probably destined to be manless forever – oh well, fair dibs!)

        • yeah. . . I keep saying ‘I will die alone’ and people keep telling me to stop being negative . . . but I’m not. It’s an affirmation. I’m totally okay with it. It doesn’t mean I can’t have fun along the way. . . and I get to live my life for me without having to worry about how someone else is going to feel about my decisions and my sudden changes in direction.

          • I think the ‘alone-ness’ thing is a good one to get a handle on. It removes most fears.

        • Ha, Cappy Moon has said “you are born alone and die alone” (we are quite dramatic, you see) but I know for a fact that is not true.

          Once had a other worldly experience of the ex Pisces when he was being born. I saw his birth from another dimensional perspective. We had parts to play but of course we forget all that in the meantime.

          Think the being “alone” is sort of like what Lex articulated on another current thread here, about being a martyr to something.

          It gives us a noble cause but then again, someone has to do it! lol

  22. Your theory is half and half for me. I still feel in the shits, due to my circumstances right now. I’m in a money crunch right now and it HAD to coincide with a period of rising gas prices. And with Spring in the air, I feel quite the lonely single. I’m not pining over any of them, more over an ideal that I can never seem to grasp. Maybe after the retro is over I’ll notice the difference.

    I will say that I don’t particularly care for any ex or old flame anymore. TBH, if they did come back I would probably would be seriously. They just don’t match what I figured out I really needed when Pluto blasted my Juno last year. Maybe since Neptune will be trining my Juno that will come true after the retro?

    I also have noticed little things going right again, like my team thats been sucking for ages advancing through an important competition…and my Instructor awarding tons of points this week for shady questions/miskeyed answers on a test bringing my failing test grade up to a B. She almost never does that haha. It probably is a sign of things to come.

  23. I discovered something shocking and new about an old crush (just as you predicted!!) when uranus was at the end of pisces, and so I dropped a lot of baggage re that.

    Neptune in pisces has pulled me down emotionally a little. Empathy has been stronger. Maybe its just a coincidential mood swing though.

    • Actually, I’m kinda over the initial mood plummet. Maybe I just ate something bad last week (virgo explanation)

  24. Ex Captain Jesus Virgo still calls me every day and sends me pictures of where he is and what he’s doing. You know. snaps of things. With no caption.

    It’s driving me crazy. I did want a civil breakup but when I hear from him there’s this spasm of molten hideous rage and resentment that could easily just fade back to into the ectoplasm if he’s stop being so fuqqing friendly. I spend hours with it after I hear from him, suppressing the urge to add up the time and money I lost, oppportunities destroyed, the fuqing toothpick splinter from the shipwreck of my life I am using for transportation.

    It’s like being friends with a demon. They’re polite and all but later on you have to go home and purge all the bile that’s collected in your belly followed by a radioactive scrubdown.

    Besides I thought he was dating somebody. TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND YOU FUQING BLUE_EYED DEMONSPAWN.

    Oh….sorry…anyway I’m not sure I’ve lost any baggage or not. Maybe just now noticing there’s less room on the liferaft than I thought there would be.

    • Sounds a bit cruel of him to keep contacting esp. if you care for him still (?). I would tell him there is not enough room on your liferaft for both you and he and cut him off.

      Some guys, if they know you still care, like to play games. It feeds their ego. I know ALL about it.

      Soz if this is not the case but if it is, I hate to see someone hurt over such things.

      I only let go when I finally got angry enough to do it. x

      • ~I only let go when I finally got angry enough to do it~

        Everyone has a breaking point and only we know when that is. I never want to suggest to another that my process should be theirs.

      • GOD does this sound familiar. Ex found a new almost-relationship in the SIX WEEKS since the last time he slept in my bed. WTF???? Only just found this out. Keeps telling me to “let it go.” I got so disgusted by him I finally did!

    • Cut him off. You’re putting your life back together, and he’s undermining your effort. Don’t let anyone do that. You need to float free and get some headway, and he’s trying to drag you under. Cut his line, then you can get on with it.

      • Yep. I know. It just seemed like changing my phone number and having a grief tantrum etc.was just more trauma with which to charge the ectoplasm…

        He’s got to lose interest at some point. I’m a dead fish. And I got away.

  25. Trans. Uranus is trine my Jupiter until the end of 2012. Some nice little synchro/supportive things have been popping up.

    My baggage is firmly in the past but it’s taken a long, long while. I finally feel my happiness coming back! (gets a little teary…)

  26. Holy Moley ! I feel like a lion.

    Finally, real self-esteem coursing through me. Been working on this a while but cha just gotta go for it. NO more making myself small for others.

    If they’re smart they’ll just use my energy to give themselves permission to do the same and if they’re not they’re not.

    Surrounded by people who still want to live in the same paradigm. Not much older than me either.

    Oy and an ego to match my Leo-ness and my hair looks terrific.

  27. Old attachments and disappointments are gone, for sure. But new and fresh disappointments that linger beneath the surface of the daily bustle have just as quickly replaced them.

  28. Yes. Better. Dreams have been massively symbolic and eureka for the whole of the last week.

    Complexion which has been bane of my life since last August just cleared up as soon as Uranus + Jupiter hit Aries, my first house. Interesting, or not haha. Anyway, yes way less moping about the past since almost acting like a Mercury Retro jerk and having a wake up call. Weird night last night, very much what MM predicted for Scorps this weekend.

  29. High intelligence + Low-Self Esteem=Dysfunction, Mental Illness, Depression,

    …and for what ?

    Here’s my impromptu self-help tome:

    Because you were surrounded by too many people locked in the same vibrational frequency that you could not find yourself in as a child. So you felt lost, abandoned or rather never accepted by the energy, rejected. And when you went to open your mouth they looked at you like you were from outer space. So you learned to shut it. How much more could you take you were only a kid.

    But you’re not a child anymore. Go towards what resonates for you and walk away from the rest. You are old enough, wise enough, and supported enough from the universe to change. Practice practicing being yourself and the crappy energy surrounding you will dissolve away.

    (and when your cousin’s wife shows up at your workplace (the chick that used to make fun of you) for the second time in months to visit your married (very charismatic boss that you believe you may have known in another life) because they know eachother from working previously together and may have allegedly worked out some weird victim/rescuer thing, melding of the minds or whatever, poss “emotional affair” (very gay) and it brings back insecurities of high-school when the guy you liked always liked the girl way different than you, (hey, he’s unavailable and I wouldn’t shtoop that low but still,…my job is boring…) Just cue up the banjo music and let it ride.

    So what I’m trying to say is quit being a p**** and be a lion instead.

    Ra. Ra !

    • Don’t mean to sound judgey.

      I’m surrounded by people who blame their own unhappiness on others and am weary.

  30. With Uranus (conjunct natal Mercury) trine Jupiter, I’ve decided on a few things.

    First of all, again, funny little fortunate synchro’s poppin up.

    Went to shop for a co-worker’s (Aqua…) baby shower this a.m. and the items I picked on her gift registry list were more than 1/2 off! I got four things for the price of 2!

    Never the less, have decided I am going to keep tight tabs on when the Moon (ruling 2nd but in the 8th house) and Venus coming up to Aries eventually (ruling 5th), make aspects to this Uranus-Jupiter thing. And what might be going on with Saturn (ruling 8th too).

    I want to open a spiritual center. That is my dream along with my book.

    Universe, please give me a short cut on the spiritual center!! I am now praying to my Masters and Angles and going to keep tabs on when I should play the lotto. Never did lotto before but things are rolling in with just the little things…

    I want MORE…..

    • Sp, strike while the iron is hot, babe. I admire your courage to open a spiritual centre and when it happens I am sure your efforts will produce amazing fruit. ( Amazing fruit? Ok, you’re the writer, not me. Hope you get the gist) . Good luck!!! X

    • Had this dream of building a massive dome in the city centre where people could come and meditate (or breastfeed a baby!) in their spare moments. Non-denominational and peaceful place with a fountain in the middle and lots of little cells to retire and take a moment (no doors). Everything white and simple, inspiring those who are weary and afraid to just.. let the light in!

      Universe, please help Sweet Pea and wrap her ideas in shimmering light and make them reality so that may start her spiritual centre and make her book reality! Xx.

    • Aw, thanks guys. Sweet….Lets see how well I remember to follow the transits. It would be an interesting study in and of itself just cuz for one, a person can do a lotto ticket for just a buck.

      Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!! xo

  31. ya, is goot

    no more games of
    russian roulette with
    my morning coffee
    probably healthier..

  32. I don’t think myn baggage is gone. I think I am better at dealing with it.
    I am pretty happy with me at the moment. That’s not to say that there isn’t challenges and struggles.
    I am just feeling both equipped and enabled.

    I am thinking about getting an organic fruit and vege box. I work 6 days a week, normally and spending my only day off shopping for food is getting to be a drag. My Scorp house mate has gotten a lover and therfore anything to do with the house that isn’t in her bedroom holds no interest. *eyeroll*.
    I am just trying to find ways to make this easier for me. I just can’t help but feel that having food delivered is inherently lazy. Am I being weird?

    Also this looks pretty and kinda intersting:

    • In other news: So random ex collegue keeps getting in contact… now that he is fresh off the break up of his marriage.
      Hoooooo boy.
      Is he ever barking up the wrong tree. Tree single but not desperate and insane.

      • Damn….wish MY old married ex-coworker mega-crush would do that….not that i wish for the breakup of his marriage or anything….:/

    • I love the idea of a fruit and veg box. I used to get them years ago and it took all the choices away from the food selection and put all my interest and energy into what to do with what I had.

      So simplifying!

      • I am finding that I am just cooking the same things all the time. I think that the box might make me test my boundaries a little.
        *ponders more*

        • Ceres boxes Venus, though you have to pick them up from a food host.
          I get them fortnightly, great value, great taste, plus all the good etc.
          Ceres fair food it’s called.

            • i checked out canberra a while ago and there’s def deliveries – and i discovered you have an amazing organic orchard nearby too. A short drive from canberra.

              • Do you mean Pialligo whatevs? Apples? We also have Araluen for peaches and nectarines when the time is right, though that is a bit of a distance away.

                I picked enough blackberries in a local pine forest at the end of the season to make enough jam for one jar. It was worth it.

                • yeah i think it’s the apple place – the one that’s on the site of an orchard from white settlement times – would be interested to know if you find any good delivery places a lot of things point to canberra over the last little while i might need to get my veges delivered there at some point in the near future.

                  • Canberra Organics do a vegie box for $35 – I’ve also heard about an informal system provided by some market gardeners out of town. We also have a great market shop here ‘Choku Baijo’ open 6 days (2 shops in north and south Canberra) with fresh greens picked straight from their farm. Two weekend farmers markets top it off, but I’m never awake early enough for those!

                    Keep me posted on your move – I’d be thrilled to share some Canberra secrets re: food etc.

          • I have been eyeing off the CERES one. A pick up point is 2 streets away, they can probe thatthey are local and it’s about as much as we spend on fruit and veg anyways. Which is nice.
            Plus my mate works for CERES, so it is nice to keep it in the family:)

  33. Feeling really light and more myself – but massively impatient and cranky in an in-the-moment kind of way. πŸ™‚

    After three would-be comedian waiters kept bringing the attention to themselves repeatedly, in turn, while trying to have a convo with my girlfriends I finally lost it. Told the waiter, “Ah. More banter, here we go again”. “Just a bit of fun, ha ha, you know, haha, gotta keep it interesting ya know” “Yeah well it gets pretty boring after awhile”.
    Oh dear. Friends were a bit shocked..

    • Go you – I can’t stand that rubbish service. And they expect a tip at the end of it? I don’t think so.

      My pet peeve with wait/service staff is the ones who respond to ‘thank you’ with ‘not a problem’. grrrrr. It’s not a problem, never was, it’s your JOB!

      • I have done lots of waiting tables and the idea is to read the customer. If they are busy talking it is polite to gesture and be subtle rather than interrupt and do a routine. We did tip but we ain’t going back!

        • I don’t really expect anything said – as far as I am concerned a service is provided, then I acknowledge the provider of the service with a ‘thank you’, and that should be the end of the matter.

          ‘You’re welcome’ would be a pleasant enough additional response, but by no means necessary.

  34. Yep, the bags have been emptied, name tags destroyed … along with all evidence that it was ever mine. I’m Traveling light.

  35. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back. The internet dating thing worked a treat and after a rocky start, delivered a short-term distraction in the form of a fun, handsome French researcher who is leaving the country next week. We are both in it for a good time not a long time, and that is just right for where my head(and heart)’s at.

    Baggage post ‘soulmate’ (yeah right!) Toro from last year, and even the lingering self doubt from a foul breakup of 10 years ago that I have been carrying around is so very gone.

    Apparently the lesson for Virgos of Jupiter in Aries is about purging psychic and literal ‘junk’. I am certainly doing that.

    And to top it all off, I am booked into the ashram over Easter for a week of shedding. Loving it all.

  36. A while ago I decided o had to ditch a few things/people so as to manage the time/money realities of the next year. But a couple of them I really didn’t want to ditch because I associated them with the new world I was trying to build and so came up with some schemes to try to keep them on. One feel over after miscommunication, which is good as i had underestimated it’s time requirements. The other I realised last night is too risky re money.
    So look, they both ended up bring dumped anyway.
    On the surface it looks like I’ve ditched all the new potential good things and left only with old boring things and a year of hard slog working from home on an isolating project with no ready cash. I’m going to have to reframe that somehow so that I keep up those contacts in a way that gives me some semblance of work life balance or creates some kind of opportunities for new things to come.

    An aside for those who are interested
    New Bill Callahan album, Apocalypse and new Low album, C’mon are both fabulous.

    • I didn’t know Bill had a newbie. In the same vein, or is he branching out?

      • Well bill is always bill, but continuing to extend I would say. Like ‘Sometimes i wish…’ we more instrumentation, piano and strings etc. I really like it, but then I really like just about everything he does.
        And his voice just keeps getting better in my opinion. *swoon swoon*
        I get a 35 Ceres box and it’s too much for one for a week. Thus why I’ve gone fortnightly so I can top up with things I want they don’t give you. Always heaps of fruit which is great. I’d highly recommend. it’s cool that they don’t make you do a fixed order, so you can play till you work out what works best.

          • First and foremost, I appear to be having a day of Phil Collins ‘don’t you loose my number’ stuck in my head which is not helpful when trying to have an interesting musical discussion. I will give it s crack tomorrow.
            Second, I was thinking about the 35 for both me and my housemate. So once a week may work.
            We appear to be neighbors:D

  37. I’ve had a twitchy eye and a sore jaw this weekend… 😯

    Jaw injury is food related, chocolate almonds, I have jarred my jaw… And twitchy eye came during a full on session of healing work I had on Friday evening… 😯

    • I am feeling baggage free – i was scared it was early onset alzheimers but baristagem, you are the fourth person i have heard of this weekend with jaw pain + me! Why would chocolate almonds cause it?

      I didn’t have them btw.

      I am in LOVE with uranus in aries or whatever this is.

  38. I actually think that art that takes off like yours is really good because it’s from the heart, no b.s. about technique, what you should/shouldn’t do. Congratulations!

  39. Absolutely love this image…at first it reminded me of those russian dolls that fit one inside the other…
    but after looking at it for a little while longer, what I realized about baggage is that we need bags for our baggage…and the more bags we collect to hold our baggage, the more bags we have to fill with more baggage. And that even the smallest amount of baggage is “overweight” and always comes at a cost…to our well being, self esteem, and our ability to function fully.
    The biggest problem we have with our bags and our baggage is that we become attached to what we are familiar with; even if it sucks it has become our theme song and there is a perverse comfort in the known. So many people stay in situations that are painful and difficult because change is too scary…the unknown brings up all our fears and insecurities…and we feel safe with what we know.
    If we are not on a conscious path of growth and we do not continually expand our horizons, it is too easy to become prey to inertia…becoming stuck and accumulating stuff…

  40. Merc retro is fuqing me right off! It’s like being knobbled lol. So just been waiting it out. Been baggage handling since last year.

    Been working over a week on a job that is more physically demanding, long days utter exhaustion every day so not a lot thought/emo for anything but concrete & when’s tea & bedtime.

  41. funny i just came here from ebay after looking at vintage baggage which seems totally mercury retro now that I think about it. yes baggage is so retro.

  42. so egypt is pretty crazy considering the astro and renegotiating baggage from the past.

  43. Virgo Rising, really love your analogy on the baggage thing. I’ve read thru all the above postings and my heart aches that we can all go thru pain; be it in private or venting online. Maybe i’m getting older/mature whatever, (am a v. young 44 b.t.w!), but somehow lately i’ve managed to be more philosophical… easier said than done, i know. But if i refer back to MM’s “Ten Mercury Retrograde Must-Knows”, in number (7) MM writes about going back and redefining every relationship/job in your history as if NOTHING was a mistake. I swear, it works. I sure as eggs would not be where i am today had i not taken good/bad/indifferent paths in my life. I love my life. I feel lucky. Still have some ‘gaps’, but am grateful for what i do have. I don’t like seeing us in these moments of angst…. but being given the right ammo (thanks MM!) to get thru the obstacles helps a shite-load. Seriously. πŸ™‚

  44. LOVE the pic, Mystic!!! You put up the best pics. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pic.

    I’m light. I finally get it; when my momma says “all is as it should be” as in I should let go, I finally got it.
    It’s lightness. πŸ™‚ I can live with this kind of lightness; it’s neither vacuous nor fleeting.

    And yes, damn Mercury rx in Aries is a half-assed brake, innit?! Go, no can’t, GO, no can’t, just GO already!!! Go but apply restraint of some sort.

    And that lil voice thingy that told me it was going to be alright re: Kataka 8.8, the thingy was right. The work-related crap has brought us closer. Fuq me…did NOT expect that. And I got a hell of surprise text yesterday coz he told me that May didn’t look good for him…AND, and he finished with “I’m gonna discuss it with work though on Monday”. CRIKEY FUQING CRIPES…!
    Um, did the Multiverse tell him about the old button re: dear ole dad-work? Or did the Multiverse tell him about what would impress me and render me speechless (which it did)? It’s weirdly amazing.
    It’s transformative coz our old way of relating had to die, so the new way of relating can begin. And Mercury Rxes unearth secrets, don’t they? πŸ™‚ In a good way this one.

    I’m just now still a tad neurotic about leaving the doggies when I go on hols, hihihi…

      • Thanks mucho, shell! πŸ™‚

        For the pups, I’ve decided to go with this retired lady. I’m meeting her Tuesday or Wednesday. I couldn’t get comfy with the idea that some complete stranger was gonna live in my humble abode, no matter how thoroughly police checked and highly recommended. I guess the Scorpy rising couldn’t let that one go? Teehee… :blush:

        How about you? What about your kitty when you go on hols, esp. if more than a week? I’ve asked around for as many recommendations as poss, so wouldn’t mind another input. Thanks in advance.

        I’ve specified to the dog minding company people that I’d rather someone who doesn’t work full-time, as my dogs are well-behaved, it’s just that I haven’t left them with anyone for quite a long time, so I have no idea how they’d behave should there be a bit of a shock to the system. They gave me this lady’s deets and said she was retired, I said ‘sounds good’!
        Hope she’s met a few clients like me πŸ˜† coz I’ll come with printed instructions for each dog’s likes & dislikes, allergies, all phone numbers I’ll be reachable by, etc. Which my minder friend in Canada assured was a good thing; a good minder would rather have as much info as poss rather than not enough, esp. allergies.

        • I go the live in option.
          She’s a Velcro pet (l love that term!) and I got her from the RSPCA. I think if I transferred her somewhere we’d all be miserable!
          Pet-less friends who live in share houses, or couch surfing has been good to me. I think I’m more anal about my cats (percieved) fragile emotional state than my belongings.
          I’ve never had a problem with it, though it does always make me nervous.
          I agree with the more info rather than less is the way to go. People who take on pet sitting are generally aware how lame/obsessed pet owners are.

          • “how lame/obsessed pet owners are.” – πŸ˜† It’s funneeee coz it’s true…hahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€

  45. Hmmm.

    Good things that are moving forward:
    1) health (completely transformed my diet, hot yoga transformation, slightly more sleep—still working on this tough area)
    2) new hair look πŸ˜‰
    3) working on equilibrium with kids after separation and move last year
    4) waiting to hear re grad school
    5) writing again, poetry this time, but thinking about old novel idea

    The bad:
    1) whereas before Neptune went into Pisces I felt independent and that my solitude was luxurious, I now feel a terrible loneliness
    2) emotional tsunami last week, though I think it’s subsided somewhat—scary though b/c it caught me off guard and was so intense
    3) finances are scary, too—I’ve got some silver linings, but not in the clear yet
    4) feel tethered, or trapped/cloistered/hidden away, in single mother situation and this is extremely frustrating to me as Sun conjunct Uranus person (and now Uranus is in Aries…)

    The interesting:
    baggage is dissolving (not completely gone, but dissolving) “where did it go?” and “now what?”

  46. YES! Baggage has beetled off all by itself … I have grown a new attitude and a small but significant amount of chutzpah.

    I have just stopped caring about a whole bunch of things that seemed really important for years and years … considerably less bothered when contacted by ex this week, and basically realized that he wasn’t suited to me anyway and vice versa, and his new gf is much more of the sort of partner he had been looking for all this time than I am or want to be. I’m also letting go of a number of preconceptions about family, what I need out of life, relationships, etc.

    My awful PMS has been almost non-existent this month. I’ve been taking vitamin B supplements but the new extreme Scorpio mountain biking exercise kick is probably helping a lot too.

    And I’ve been thinking more about and doing more art, realising MM was absolutely right that I need to be doing it daily. I’ve started the process for going back to uni (depending on getting the funding in place) and feeling basically fairly positive overall even though I’m embarking on a profession (art) that basically doesn’t tend to pay the bills … pshaw, bills.