Tao Of Gemini?


Hmmm.  He was Leo with Moon in Taurus but with Gemini Rising + Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini. All in the 12th House…so like a Piscean flavor. Thoughts?

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29 thoughts on “Tao Of Gemini?

    • Yup..I want it ALL! From a gal who has a Gemini sun, Cancer moon and Sag rising..

  1. God i misread that last sentence as “i want goodness, i want gin” and i thought what a perfect way to describe how i feel nearly every dusk lately.

    • Oh yea..This resonates big time to my very core. Gemini sun, Cancer moon and Sag rising..My one foot in the door wants to make a pot roast and the other wants to party..So I do both in house..lol..

  2. Love that.

    I just read that he requested — and was given — LSD, while on his deathbed. Bold.

    • Great way to go in theory perhaps, but I wonder if it would actually pro-long the entire death transition. Like maybe it would keep the astral body alive for a while…

      • That’s interesting, how does LSD affect the astral body?

        From what I understand I think it would be quite dangerous. Let a lot of bad elements attach if you were not a proficient energy worker.
        The Tibetan Book of the Dead outlines what you read to someone to keep them moving forward, which I assume is along the lines of what his wife read him. But people who die drugged up deaths (though I don’t know about intended, guided deaths!) notoriously end up stuck somewhere.

        • I’m no expert but apparently at death we transcend the physical & etheric as well as the astral. I would assume that awakening the astral (ie. taking a drug like LSD) whilst letting go off the physical would make it hard for the etheric/’ghostly’ body to disintegrate. I’m thinking it could either be a really trippy, easy flow into the world beyond the physical, his intention obviously, OR be a tool to keep an aspect of the personality attached to the lower physical and astral realms. Ghoulish..

          Am all curious now, will be asking people with more knowledge on this kinda thing for insight..

          • I don’t think we should worry about his transition…. if he chose LSD at that moment, he signed up for consequences… thus creating his karma. That’s the curiosity of 12th house Gemini stellium – let me trick this death journey and see what happens… it’s actually hilarious.

    • My Uncle asked for LSD on his deathbed too! He was refused and well pissed with the nurse when he died.

    • Story goes that his wife injected him but thought it
      was mescaline not LSD. Couldn’t think of a better way
      to go, that’s certainly a door to perception…psychadelic death.
      He WENT in colours.

  3. His second wife Laura was by his side. She gave the dose of LSD and gave verbal guidance. She was a scorpio sun.
    Interesting man. He went blind as a teenager for a few years from an illnes and was able to regain his sight. Amazing.

  4. I’m also a Leo, Moon in Taurus, Gemini rising, and this definitely speaks to me! :)

  5. Gem sun – the paradoxs are hauntingly familiar. Gems are full of paradox and its not that we are duplicitous, its that we can be in so many head spaces at once.

    LSD on death bed that sounds a bit Leo. Beejeesus what a way to go.

  6. Ooh, I just read some of his poetry and like it much more than “Brave New World”, which I had to read in school. This poem sounds VERY Neptunian:

    The Reef

    My green aquarium of phantom fish,
    Goggling in on me through the misty panes;
    My rotting leaves and fields spongy with rains;
    My few clear quiet autumn days—I wish

    I could leave all, clearness and mistiness;
    Sodden or goldenly crystal, all too still.
    Yes, and I too rot with the leaves that fill
    The hollows in the woods; I am grown less

    Than human, listless, aimless as the green
    Idiot fishes of my aquarium,
    Who loiter down their dim tunnels and come
    And look at me and drift away, nought seen

    Or understood, but only glazedly
    Reflected. Upwards, upwards through the shadows,
    Through the lush sponginess of deep-sea meadows
    Where hare-lipped monsters batten, let me ply

    Winged fins, bursting this matrix dark to find
    Jewels and movement, mintage of sunlight
    Scattered largely by the profuse wind,
    And gulfs of blue brightness, too deep for sight.

    Free, newly born, on roads of music and air
    Speeding and singing, I shall seek the place
    Where all the shining threads of water race,
    Drawn in green ropes and foamy meshes. There,

    On the red fretted ramparts of a tower
    Of coral rooted in the depths, shall break
    An endless sequence of joy and speed and power:
    Green shall shatter to foam; flake with white flake

    Shall create an instant’s shining constellation
    Upon the blue; and all the air shall be
    Full of a million wings that swift and free
    Laugh in the sun, all power and strong elation.

    Yes, I shall seek that reef, which is beyond
    All isles however magically sleeping
    In tideless seas, uncharted and unconned
    Save by blind eyes; beyond the laughter and weeping

    That brood like a cloud over the lands of men.
    Movement, passion of colour and pure wings,
    Curving to cut like knives—these are the things
    I search for:—passion beyond the ken

    Of our foiled violences, and, more swift
    Than any blow which man aims against time,
    The invulnerable, motion that shall rift
    All dimness with the lightning of a rhyme,

    Or note, or colour. And the body shall be
    Quick as the mind; and will shall find release
    From bondage to brute things; and joyously
    Soul, will and body, in the strength of triune peace,

    Shall live the perfect grace of power unwasted.
    And love consummate, marvellously blending
    Passion and reverence in a single spring
    Of quickening force, till now never yet tasted,

    But ever ceaselessly thirsted for, shall crown
    The new life with its ageless starry fire.
    I go to seek that reef, far down, far down
    Below the edge of everyday’s desire,

    Beyond the magical islands, where of old
    I was content, dreaming, to give the lie
    To misery. They were all strong and bold
    That thither came; and shall I dare to try?

    • I loved Huxley’s books and could identify with him in many ways . Huxley, and on the flip side Alan Watts and his translation of Zen to the west. Both minds appealed to me and yes i experimented with both philosophies. Not that i ever could get my hands on mescaline or peyote or strong LSD even for that matter but i kind of grasped the mind power trip Huxley was on to like suggestion etc and found he was on to something actually but ultimately fuqd up with the drugs and the black magic and heavy stuff was a bit too dark for me to be honest. Watts he was on to something too with no drugs, both very interesting men.

  7. Oh yes, but I don’t see any of these as intrinsically opposed. ie. danger is a condition of freedom, poetry can be a way to worship God and we wouldn’t know goodness without sin… But maybe I’m just too much of a Gemini (leo rising, aries moon) to be trusted with my paradoxical beliefs 😉

  8. Excellent…. Gem sun, libra rising, cancer moon… Hold on Gems… I can feel it coming, can’t you 😉 ?? Thanks Mystic!!