Sweatpants Are Un-Virgoan

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”


Karl Lagerfeld showing, once again, why he is a pre-eminent Virgo Of Fashion.

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50 thoughts on “Sweatpants Are Un-Virgoan

  1. gosh what an elitist.

    sweatpants or other loose/baggy pants are actually quite fashionable in some street/underground scenes, particularly hip hop where it isn’t reasonable to expect someone to breakdance in a v-line skirt or structured pant.

    i defy karl lagerfeld to demonstrate that street/hip hop culture is not at the cutting edge of young people’s fashion.

    as a virgoan i think elitism and unintentional racism reflects the ‘low virgo’ aspect of the urge to critique everything.

    and yes, i have aquarius rising, so of course i would say that.

    • I thought his point was that sweatpants are suggestive of ‘fashion lazy’ – i.e. no effort, thought, or concern.
      this is not to say that sweatpants don’t have connotations with the furthest margins of society– because they ARE mass produced, cheap, and anti-haute in their existence– but then again, jeans used to be, too…

      that said, I actually agree with you – sweatpants make a hell of a lot more sense. They are reflective of changing social importance & communities. I don’t know why they don’t get incorporated into designs – it seems to happen with everything else.

  2. I’ve never bought sweatpants… 😯

    To me they’re an item of clothing you buy to wear around the house to relax… Er… 😯 😯

    I don’t relax and sweatpants are kind of scary to look at!

    • i totally understand that. i think there is a difference between having a preference not to wear sweatpants, and generalising that anyone who does wear them has ‘lost control of their life’.

    • if a child or even a model can’t look good in them, well, they may be practical for some uses (athletic after-wear to keep athletes warm), but they are god-awful to look at and never flattering.

      yoga pants are another story (because of the drape of the fabric and flat waistband)

  3. The real problem here is she forgot her ugg boots and is stuck with those stupid heels instead.

    • Yeah, she really is confused, this lady. Sweatpants are ok just so long as the tshirt covers your muffin top. But you need to go all the way. I like sweatpants in the house with Explorer socks as slippers (you can even walk on your lawn in Explorer socks). And as i live in a hippy commune, sweatpants coupled with waterproof boots against the never-ending rain are a fine look. Everything I wear outside gets covered with mud in two minutes flat anyway, and there’s absolutely no-one to see me.

      KL should learn the joy of being an utter slob, even only when no-one’s looking.

  4. Sweatpants are a valid choice for home wear in really cold weather — a comfort item, like a mug of hot chocolate. Leggings look better, are more comfortable, and dry more quickly when laundered. I’ll take the leggings.

  5. Yeah, while i prefer leggings (as my legs are one of my best features), there is nothing wrong with trackies in the right place. Country Road make some good ones. As for KL – what wanker statement… who wants to live their life in uptight clothing. Hasn’t he heard of meditation, relaxation, chillin out. KL you are not doing the new era.

  6. Fuck yeah sweat pants! Saggitarius love sweatpants, but usually not that ill fitting. …that and hoodies!

    I watched a show once where they were trying to makeover some poor girl who was most likely Saggo or strong saggo placements. Like all of her clothes were things like hoodies, jeans, and sweat pants. They gave her money to go buy new items for her wardrobe after giving her style tips (ala Virgo). And what did she go and buy? More hoodies and sweatpants! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜† ah that cracks me up. I have moon in Sagg and I just couldn’t be bothered wearing anything but jeans and t-shirt. I was thinking recently that even if I had all the money in the world I would still dress the same… maybe just more expensive jeans and t-shirts. Hehe. I just like to prepared to run away at an minute or get down and dirty or sit with my legs wide open etc. Just not practical in heels or a dress.

      I used to go for walks in jeans ’cause i was too lazy to bother with getting gym gear but recently I decided to take it seriously and bought myself a nice pair of tight lycra leggings. OMG!! “Fuck yeah” They are soooooooo comfortable I want to wear them 24/7! πŸ™‚

      • I love leggings too! lol! so comfy!

        But yeah that poor girl! They brought her back to the show to shame her for what she bought with their money. hahah! Of course they tried to do that with some goth chick too. I mean it’s like…leave those people alone if they want to dress crappy but their “friends” wanted an intervention.

  7. Can someone please provide an Australian English translation of sweat pants. Is that tracksuit pants?

    PS If I had a body like that model, I wouldn’t give a damn what I wore, and neither would the men looking at me I presume???

    • Tracksuit pants are a little different than real “sweat pants”, from my American perspective. Classic sweat pants are usually light grey in color, cotton with a fleecy lining and banded with elastic at the waist and at the ankles. Tracksuit pants I think of as more lycra or nylon material, designed to be more wind and water resistant. πŸ˜‰

  8. I wear sweatpants around the house, and out in public with my faux Uggs when I just don’t give a f—-.

    Virgo Moon/8th

  9. I hate sweatpants! When I wear them – it hasn’t happened often – I feel sluggish. I had a Cancerian boyfriend who used to wear them at home and it was one of the biggest turnoffs…

  10. Yes, because caring more about how you feel then how you look is soooo pathetic.

    I used to find Karl amusing, but he’s become such an old windbag.

  11. I LOOOOVE SWEATPANTS and leggings! Yeah, those are ugly, but if you go to ballet/dance stores you can find gorgeous knit/cashmere stuff and I love the supersoft microfiber sweats too. If I’m going out, I’ll rock leggings, but sweats at home are essential. I am the queen of lounging on my bed in my undies working on my laptop, sippin’ on a smoothie.

    Maybe it’s cause I’ll take breaks and do a yoga set or some handstands.

    • Yeah, see, that’s the thing isn’t it. I love being able to just stop working at the ‘puter and go for a walk, or stand on my head or do leg-raises without having to change my clothes. When I lived in the city I never owned a car, I rode everywhere with my little daughter in the child-seat – and in Melbourne that means often riding in the rain. Sure, you could wear silk chiffon, but really, why would you. Sweatpants OVER leggings with big socks and long boots are a total look, just add a long black jumper or a leather jacket, and if you don’t believe me, go check out the beautiful and eminently practical girls of inner-city Melbourne. Don’t tell me they don’t rock it!

      • KL could learn a lot from Melbourne girls about how to not only look cool but feel cool at the same time. Europe can get stuffed.

  12. venus virgo here….TOTALLY agree. I think almost every woman alive looks bad in sweatpants. yuck. It is not the material, it is the elastic at the bottom…yuck. Yoga pants look better to me. When I relax I wear my satiny pajama pants or my pajama shorts. Clothes help me look better than I do when naked…lol. My loose body needs structure to hold it together. πŸ™‚
    I do like hoodies though.
    Men in regular sweat bottoms..yuck. My boyfriend wears pant style sweatpants that he cut off below the knee…he is a skater and graffetti artist. I don’t love them, but they suit him.

    • Venus in Virgo here also….

      I hate sweatpants. I used to dress glam and then got unhappily married. I gained a ton of weight and just walked around in sweatpants, even to go out. It was a symptom of depression, of giving up. When I got out of the unhappy marriage, I lost all the weight and never bought another pair of sweats again. I even got rid of any and all photos of me in that awful stage.

      Comfort is important. I don’t think the issue is whether or not we should be comfortable. But there are many other options. One doesn’t have to go out in a Snuggy, after all.

  13. THESE ‘sweatpants’ are a definite no no – no-one looks good in pants nipped in at the ankle, esp with heels dangling out the ends.

    I love my trakkiedaks for home – they are all velour and in rich jewel colours: deep purple, scarlet, dusty mauve and black. There is no reason for wearing them outside the house however, unless you are off to a dance or yoga class.

  14. Such wankery. I defy anyone to look at a photo of KL and do anything but shudder at his creepiness. Judgemental old fart.

    I am not a sweatpant fan – possibly because I’m too chubby to want to be seen dead in them. What on earth would he make of me then??

    • Saw his doco, soOo OTT.
      With a casual wave of his hand comments he ‘doesn’t need things’ while jamming 20 or so *particular rings on his fingers, from a dresser with jewelry oozing out/off of every orifice, oh, please ! Starched collars, ipods, books out the wahzoo, yeah, right dude, lol. if you own it, Own It !
      Fashion show WAS awesome though, designs looked like crows, which of course, I loved*

    • I agree. One look Mr Largerfeld and it should be clear that here is a man that should not be an arbiter of what does and does not look good. He has lost control of what plastic surgery is doing to his face…. I have seen taxidermied monkeys that look better.

  15. Definitely need comfy pants to chillax in around the house. But let me express how much I hated when those velour track suits became popular in the early 2000’s. I guess yoga pants are the successor to that. I understand why marms gravitate toward loungewear as streetwear. I guess. The luxurification of sweatpants (anyone wanna guess how much $$$ those cost in the photo?) is absurd and anyone who buys into that trend is a douche. I’m sorry.
    And Karl’s cuntiness never ceases to amuse me. His kuntiness is truly like a fine wine.

    • Bah ha ha ha hah! Ah the humble sweat suit – Probs wouldn’t wear them out of the house…but at times ADORE frumping about, hoodie up, being a total couch spud and indulging in trashy crap on TV of an evening. I got over myself many moons ago so quite frankly, who gives a shit…;)

    • Those are in fact $400us sweats. I’d rather buy a nice gold watch or 2 or three pairs of kickass jeans. Maybe these are what Carlos Slim or Bill Gates lounge around in.

  16. I think ubervirgo Karl probably has a bigger problem with the name. Think about it…SWEATPANTS. How gross is that? Even if they are white and pristine the very notion of ‘sweating’ in a garment probably makes his skin crawl. Who named these things?

  17. My 2cents worth was going to be that everyone looks better naked than in trackydax, but then I recalled images of guys with hot bods at the gym wearing them errrr gracefully. I have some friends who are dancers and always look fab in them, in or out of the house. Think Fame…and women getting dirty out in the vegie garden in them can look sexy, no? Walking the dog or doing the shopping in them is stretching the public treaty on visual aesthetics , unless you have just stepped off the Fame set, but my god, i’ve seen more offensive displays of personal defeat in public than donning trackydax. Picking pimples or howling at partners or shouting down mobile phones for example.

    Personally I cheat by buying loosefit chords which are just as comfy and almost as daggy but the fabric is not quite as homely.

    • “i’ve seen more offensive displays of personal defeat in public than donning trackydax. Picking pimples or howling at partners or shouting down mobile phones for example.” – that made me laugh.

  18. Never worn trackydacks, and ones gathered in at the ankles with high heels look really pathetic. We stayed with a friend once who’s a Capricorn who comes home, gets into daggy pants in the evening and when she gets up. One morning she said to us (I’m Libra, he’s Leo): “How come you two always look so well-dressed first thing in the morning?”. I guess it’s just what suits you, eh? Don’t like Karl Lagerfeld’s comments but then I don’t take any notice of the fashionista nazi police anyway, up their own bums. If trackies are your scene, wear ’em and enjoy ’em. Just not into them myself.

  19. as a virgo, i’ve got to say that karl lagerfeld is being a bitttt harsh with this comment (to say the least), but i, too, am def not into wearing sweatpants… for me, sweats are only for hanging around the house/going to bed. i def feel more productive and “with it” when i’m wearing jeans and such.

    • I guess no trackies for him – poor demented KL wouldn’t be able to bear it. But that pic maybe shows that the third photo of him in Mystics earlier blog (about him being the top model) is actually how he really looks when not posing for a fashion shot.

      If that makes sense to anyone -_-

    • Astrofix, just clicked on your link and read Sun/Saturn aspects.

      As someone with Sun and Mercury in Aries square Capricorn Saturn I’d say that alot of that is true.

      I wouldn’t trade it for anything however for at least who ~I Am~ (Aries motto) is couched in the reality of my experiences and so therefore, my truth.

      Just had a little inner convo on my ride in the car this a.m. about ~I Amness~ as opposed to “belief” or “knowning”.

      Course it can take the whole combo until we’re actually clear… πŸ˜‰ Thanks doll for that affirmation. x

  20. I’ve got Virgo Moon and I LOVE sweatpants and don’t give a shit what KL says. πŸ˜› Yes, sweatpants look stupid with heels. But I love slender legged sweats with clean white ankle socks. They don’t make me feel lazy or slobbish, but relaxed, comfortable and practical. Very Virgo worthy traits I think. I love the dancer/ballet aesthetic too, which someone already mentioned above. Same goes for yoga pants, leggings and fleecy pajama bottoms (I probably have more fleecy pajama bottoms than I have jeans, lol).

    Btw, has the “Pajama Jean” fad reached Australia yet? In the US there are commercials for Pajama Jeans, which are made out of stretchable pajama-like material, but made to look like denim jeans with painted on stitching and everything. You send in your measurements to the company and they design them to custom fit you. Lots of people criticism them, saying trends like that are making laziness fashionable.

  21. thos is strange/ was considering buying a hoodie for winter. At second thought decided blazers look hotter. I will NEVER wear sweatpants anywhere other then home. For hym I wear those elasticised paddle pushers or shorts.