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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (case) lol.

Hands up who is psycho-bats this Easter, with or without the religion/chocolate angle?

It’s so intense i had to go back and read my OWN Daily Mystic re the anti-stalking, pro-serenity and space message etc.


Take a look at the current astro (this is in Sydney but truly it’s relevant anywhere in the world) to see just why it’s so intense.

Note the pile of planets all in one place? This is unusual. Astrologers call it a stellium but you can call it a cluster-fuq, if you like.

And get this: it’s all at the every end and beginning of the Zodiac – Aries & Pisces.

Notice how many of the themes du jour are all about endings and beginnings but everything is murked up at the mo, thank you Mercury Bats.

So the endings AND the beginnings are taking longer than all the Aries energy desires.

There is more, of course, but that’s the basic info. This is why my Horoscopes have been so dictatorial of late.

Look at the astro-weirding!

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196 thoughts on “Psycho-Easter-Bats

  1. Yes, Mystic, absolutely BATS. Merc is RX in my third house, for heaven’s sake.

    Everything is so critical right now, the pressure feels ON, but wheels are spinning and nothing is clear or moving forward. Add to that having so much drive to get things done, but being weirdly felled by Alpine Pollen here in Switzerland. My eyes are so swollen I look like I’ve been smoking pot for days, and I’ve been spending these gorgeous sunny days in bed sleeping. So I’m in a total brain fog with a profoundly unglam box of tissues chained to my wrist. Money flying out the window in great gobs with nothing coming in. Communication and movement is stalled, just moving like molasses, going in circles.

    And I’ve been having really stupid dreams, very uncharacteristic. In one dream I was standing naked in front of a group of people who were inspecting my bottom to see if I had any cellulite! I was sure I did not, but then turned to look myself and there it was. Everyone just shook their heads. What a worthless way to spend my sleep hours! What happened to my dreams of Daniel Craig? Blast.

    I’ve been rereading your advice too, Mystic. Even though I know to stay chill and not chase, not freak out, I have to remind myself many times each day. I can’t wait for this to be over.

    • o i love you. you said ‘blast’. i haven’t heard someone say ‘blast’ since my late grandfather

      • I hear you on the money going out, and nothing happening….. Ugh, I feel like seagulls are fighting over my wallet…. “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

      • Damn and blast, FieryBovine, I use “blast’ a lot. I did actually find myself saying the other day that someone “was as dim as a Toc H lamp”, and I KNOW that’s a very old-fashioned phrase. Now I’ve off to don my grandma outfit!

  2. This has actually been really great for me. A lot of breakthroughs. It started off wobbly with the Mercury Reto but I put myself mentally in a place that said
    ” okay we are not going to get a lot done and that is fine” I also took a look around and realized that Everyone, including my boss at work thankfully, is on the same thing so no sweat, riding it out.
    I am an Aries sun so this energy doesn’t bother me at all. I actually feel right at home with it. Maybe a bit more powerful ? I m also a Venus in Aries so I am interested in how the shift of Aries into Venus upcoming combined with this energy will affect me. I am single so I hope it will not manifest in frustration.

    • Hey Erika, I do that every Merc Retro, “okay, not a lot is going to get done’, totally helps.
      I also have Venus in Aries. Rar! Let’s hope for good stuff!

      • me three. (venus aries) but honestly. i feel like catwoman. as in, the strange lady at the end of the street whose only companions are too many cats. but i don’t have any cats. i am the catless catwoman.

        • LOLOL

          And oddly enough, the only time I have felt really happy these past few days is when I lost my temper.

          Not sure what that means. Should I keep doing it?
          It really clears my head.

          • Me too, glad to be out of watery , weepy , Pisces in Uranus. Too much water on my fire. Oddly I don’t have as many water as a central theme dreams anymore lately. Hoping this means I am coming into my own.

        • firey B, me four with the venus in aries, and wow YES re the feeling like the strange lady at the end of the street with only cats for friends. I mean, I can relate. Not that I think you are a crazy cat-less catlady…

        • Me five, Venus in Aries. So the astro really explains my current (aka two years now) malaise?

          I’m not interested in going out, meeting peeps, men especially… struggling with body image (same 3/4 kg I’m always ‘trying’ to lose) and all I can think of is that ‘I had my turn’ (at everything from relationships to pregnancy to going to glam places) and now it’s all over.

          But not depressed! Actually quite content to just work work work and spend time with my kids (like a middle aged woman??), with spanx under clothes.

          Perhaps is progressed moon (Taurus) keeping me sane?

          Not cat person either. Had series of cats which came to a bad end, thus became concerned that some kind of anti-cat. Last cat became Tom just as discovering That Cashed Up Bogan also a Tomcat. Now cannot separate the two or the desire to desex either.

          Perhaps we should form Venus in Aries Crazy Catless (Anti-Cat) Cat Lady Club?

        • Hmmm, do you think our Venusin Aries combined with our being female lends itself to too much romantic aggression whic can be a turn off to men who are used to or supposed to be used to taking the lead ? I mean I don’t really know the meaning of hanging back or pretending when it comes to that stuff…pretty straight forward about it, if I care I care, if I don’t I don’t – there is no act to it. I’m also in the long term single thing ,can’t wrap my head around dudes , damned if you do damned if you don’t portion of life…interesting.

          • hmm. have thought the issue of romantic aggression thru thoroughly. have my Venus in Aries (10th hs) stationary direct with 7th hs Mars in Sadge trining (have been chased and woo-ed a lot), so tend not to chase except when *really* constellated – i.e someone is really pushing my buttons. I’m still a Toro so it is *not* that easy for me to get attached, but when I do – whammo! Takes ages to get unhooked. Much mooning about the house licking wounds etc (perhaps I am *still* licking wounds post CUB? Ugh. Perish the though!).

            It is possible this is a ‘mid-life’ transit thing – have had Uranus opposition (exact only a month ago) plus Neptune square and other Saturn stuff going on… what about you?

            What about others here? Is this ‘meh, men’ thing normal??

  3. I’m usually very patient but I just want life to hurry up right now…. And the thought of a five day weekend i.e. no work to distract me is not helping right now!!

    • Haha at my repetition of “right now” – Must be all the Aries… no proofreading. Want action right now!

  4. Been doing faffing circles all day, and have the shakes. Thoughts drifting to someone who i banished, in a ‘maybe it’ll all work out’ way, combined with the word invincible.
    Was speaking to someone who almost died on boxing day, only just out of rehab hospital. He kept saying what a beautiful day it is.
    Tonight I’m going to the pub, will be invincible and remember it’s a beautiful day.

    • Will be invincible and remember it’s a beautiful day sounds like a good plan for life in general :]

  5. “It’s Wabbit season!!”…”NO, It’s DUCK season!!”
    This is my internal dialog at the mo…
    Jeeesuus whipped!! (-and nailed to a cross etc etc etc – yeah, never quite grasped the whole ‘Good’ Friday thang…)

    • I thought the phrase was Jesus wept? as in it was so bad that it would have made Jesus cry… thats what ive been saying for the last 20 years after i heard my granny saying it when she saw or heard something she disapproved of.

      • It is. I was trying to be a punny bunny. Obviously with no success. Yet another example of my stellar ‘stand by other foot’ syndrome of late…
        The Easter bunny can go suck eggs

      • It is “Jesus wept”. My dad told me once it is the shortest sentence in the Bible. It is also a v. handy exclamation of dismay and shock. Another good one is “Holy Mother of God!”

  6. Given that i am not allowed to stalk my awol lover and i am even keeping off facebook etc, i am considering posting a picture of my bum and tits on adult fuq finder and being VERY specific about what i want. The only thing stopping me is that my browser would probably crash from all the disgusting creeps responding. Alcohol is another solution to awol lover but does anyone have any better solutions?

      • Tarots successful. Patience they say!!! Lol. Not going to happen for at least 6 months! Grrrr. She says the AWOL is to reach us not to be too dependent. Now @ bar – time to drink & flirt!!! Yay!

        • my strategy this weekend too UV. Bought a six pack of wine, and gonna wear low cut tankkk tops with push up bra all weekend. (which for an old chook like me is pretty radical) Seductive laser beam is set to stun , attitude is sky high and all in the name of fun!!

          • This site can be very hot at times. My crab imagination is exploding…no metaphors intended!

        • LOL….eat the eggs instead, or make a face mask with them or put them in your hair for added shine girl!! Divert and keep busy..

        • Nope!

          Alcohol is the ONLY solution… πŸ˜€

          Apart from all the al-ke-hol I am guzzling I am making a comfort chicken asiany flavours soupy thing just to balance things out a little… 😯

          The soup is like giving your stomach a nice big hug & the al-ke-hol is to help hit on yourself for later… πŸ˜€

          Good times… 😯

          • Ha Ha hit on your self for later , thats so funny………. ( but so true)

            • hilarious darling. my self is the only one I’m having a love affair with this weekend. its the only thing to do . If you can’t rely on yourself who can you rely on

        • My answer:
          Not booze… will weaken defences. Get ‘things’ done.
          Nails, hair. Primp. Preen. Preferably where you can go and talk to people. get out of your head and into your body.
          Magic session of fab: Gym, facial, nails then hair. In that order works best.
          When they do so up you are sleek and fabulous and going ‘I’m sorry… you the fuq are you again?’

          (cos I am Toro its a 2 day process- day one is clean everything, garden and bake a cake. Then eat _all_ of the cake. Day 2 is the gym etc etc;) If there is a day 3 shopping with friends works. Try for people. Waiting for a call is never a good time to hermit.)

          • I know people go on about Virgos being neat freaks but I’m a Toro and I LOVE cleaning. I think it’s my alternative to meditation lol Or maybe it’s a superficial Venusian thing in that I need my surroundings to be pretty…

          • Haha…it use to be for me as I was walking out the door: keys lipstick and cigarettes…now gym, facial,nails then hair…l’m getting old!

      • Yes, but what about the other 18 hours in the day, Sassy?

        Okay sleep,
        So 10…?

    • go to bed!!!! YOu’ll be so glad you did none of the above in the morning. Promise.

  7. So glad you drew up this chart at the time you did, Mystic! It almost perfectly corresponds with my chart (Asc Libra 20 deg). I’m lazy and so I like astro to be easy to compare at a glance, chart vs chart.

    Sixth house insanity for me! No wonder I’ve got the flu for the first time in years and haven’t had a chance to take a break because of all the work that’s just flooded me. Plus I haven’t had wine in a week, I’m not liking the taste of coffee and dark chocolate isn’t doing it for me either! It’s hit all my favourite vices! But I am missing going out for my daily hike. My body is yearning for exercise… if only I could breathe through my nose!

  8. oh well i just found out heaps of stuff about what my fantastic boyfriend has been up to, i just smashed my phone and changed my facebook status to single, bloody hell what is going on at the moment everything has been so so good for months, i have also been having very stange dreams indeed happy easter everyone x pisces

    • I have decided to comment on everyone’s notes as my antidote to calling someone I shouldn’t and emailing someone I shouldn’t. Anon pisces that’s crapsville. Go smash something (non-living) to feel better.

    • firstly i totally agree with fishgirl’s approach – divert the urge to ‘reach out’ towards other people who deserve it instead not some punk/ette who is wasting your time!

      anon pisces, ow def smash things, sigh, stupid b/f. we’ve all felt that pain of the ghastly behaviour from another 😐 xxxx

  9. yes….
    whatever was good has been displaced temporarily…

    and the immense sense of so much energy to go go go, and being thwarted at the same time, is now exhausting…

  10. Well I just broke out the tail-end of a depleted bottle of tequila I’d been saving. Complete with lime and salt. Completely took the edge off some paperwork/contract gone bad…

    I tried to wait until the merc retro was over but the clock was ticking and I had to try… Hopefully wednesday (the next business day) will bring fresh hope and positivity. In the meantime I’ve got some more left-over spirits somewhere…

  11. This has been a stuck period for me, literally, I ain’t going nowhere fast because I’ve got plantar fasciitis, painful heel, been hobbling around and using natural remedies which requires patience, time for remedies to work rather than getting an extremely painful cortisone injection in my heel, too cowardly for that. Patience is something in very short supply for moi, always has been.

    • If you can’t walk my advice would be the totally weird abstaining from coffee completely. Helps with patience too… I was lucky enough (!) to have a really full-on flu for 10 days of this merc retro, so i stayed in bed, repulsed by the taste of everything including coffee, and slowed down from circumstance and dietary change!

    • Urgh! I sympathise! Don’t blame you with the injections. Was plagued with that last year, tried acupuncture (ya gotta be strong for that πŸ™‚ ) & massage with acupressure regularly. A soft drink bottle of frozen water and roll your foot for 10 minutes when ever you can. Found in the end it was the month holiday over Christmas that helped stopped it too. Got supports for my work boots from the podiatrist as I live in them.

      • It’s actually abating with the silica tablets, epsom salts foot baths, magnesium supplement and gentle stretching. But I’ll also have a go at the froze water rolling – ANYTHING, lol. I’ve actually got a bung foot due to a knee injury and broken ankle but it’s been frustrating as I’d been getting into a regular exercise routine. Then I went bonkers and danced around like a maniac. Reminder to self: don’t bloody dance, just walk πŸ™‚

  12. La La land for this aries chickadee is strangely comforting….embracing the lull before the storm that is coming…that’s what it feels like.
    Just hope it is like a cosmic storm of rainbows and star showers and not more of the angst driven rain we have had for 6 fuqing months up here!
    Mercury just get your sorry arse into gear please.

  13. Wow!! that is a big-ass pisces / aries party..

    But I am sorry that people are having a tricky time here and there.

    I am not trying to be a pain in the ass but I really want to share some wonderful things right now!

    The coverage of those planets almost exactly matches my 9th house and over my MC . Can’t say I’m having any religious (or legal) experiences, but I sure am cutting loose, saggi-style! Last day of work until june and you know that camel pic mystic posted the other week? Well where I’m going looks a lot like that :D. There’s no TV, electricity, phone reception, billboards, paved surfaces of any sort (well maybe an airstrip), just me and some hopefully great people. Maybe some really HOT people, specifically men. And if they’re not great (or hot), oh well too bad for all of us!! hehe

    But not before some serious Q-time with family (Saturn IS on my IC after all) in a tropical paradise by the sparkling pool with lots of drinks in my leetle hands!

    Also totally taking on Mystic’s advice about ignoring anything male unless they have specific, work-related reasons for talking to me.. ahhh suddenly I have freed up HECTARES of mental real-estate ….. πŸ˜€


    • where are you UP? Sounds beautiful! You know we have the same planetary aspects? 9/10th house super crazy for me too right now…9th house is higher mind (hippy stuff) and long-distance travel too…AND i just read recently 9th house is our sense of humour!
      Ooh i really want to know where you are! Am currently shivering in rainy melb right now so hoping it’s somewhere tropical…

    • hey fishy! I love that we have almost identical astro πŸ˜€ one doesn’t feel so alone , lol
      except you’re a self-actualised writer type non? I am only taking the fledgling steps and still working out some details, but that’s cool I guess.

      thanks for reminding me about the higher mind things too. I have some things I want to read that i’ve set aside somewhere..

      I’m not there yet but I’ll be up north , waay north πŸ™‚

      I love love melbourne but yeah, that cold is bitter!

      I have to credit the ‘mental real estate’ idea to a book called “textbook romance” – it’s really funny – it’s sort of a dating book but not a shite one. It gives Specific Instructions on how not to do the obvious fuq ups that we ladies regularly commit in the realm of romance. And it and was one of the, uh, resources, that helped me to develop a healthy detachment from the still-delicious New Toro.

  14. i feel strangely calm. its all work (10th aries) vs 4th house saturn transhit natal pluto/ IC though libra though. Kataka’s are very sniffy. sure its my baking turning their plump love radar on.

  15. am sitting amidst family melt down – eye of the storm is my aries mother – and i guess am playing my usual deep retreating self by sitting here trying to keep a low profile – but always the way, those that retreat seem to stick out like a sore thumb

    • Are you sure you mean “eye of the storm?” I always though that was the calm part, FB?

      You *should* vent here, btw….

      • argh – of course – maybe I am/was the eye/calm of storm … mum was the aries in floods of tears …

        • Well if it helps you out…think of this time period as a massive growing up for Aries-types…..Duck and cover is a sound strategy when rams are banging their heads against things…. Just do your bovine thing, girl, and vent here whatever you need….

          • mmmm weirdly, i hve 3 aries planets too but so far, not too much headbutting … am so bloody busy tho …

  16. Love how the endings & beginnings are all in my hormone effected head which is being turbo charged by the astro and emo period!! Truly awful stuff but comforting as nothing is actually happening. lol, weird!

  17. Yes.. I haven’t read anyone elses yet but yesterday morning I was served with a custody order yesterday from my ex who forcibly took my children four weeks ago. And last night I was served with a Restraining Order to protect himself and my children from any and all contact for the next two years…

    Feel dead inside.

    • What…. WHAT!!!!

      OH! BL!!!!!
      What a complete C U Next Tuesday. What a Major League Criminal Asshole.
      *bzzt bzzt* Brain does not process this information.

      Firstly, my heart goes out to you lady. I can even begin to imagine what you must be feeling right now.
      Secondly, And its a little soon for fighting talk… but can you fight this? You _must_ have a way to fight this…

      *shakes impotent fists of rage at your ex*

    • Been having nightmares about being taunted by my ex because he has a lover and my children and then I wake up in the middle of the night to find my awake life is worse than my nightmare.

      I made Easter comfort parcels for my children for my next door neighbours to deliver – even though it contravenes the restraining order. Put pads, panadol, gothic jewellery, a black sparkly scarf & matching hat + two goth novels some sparkly black nail polish and a black lace headband in my cappy girls bag. Put the latest Star Wars Lego set + figurines, some Homer Simpsons ugg boot / slippers and a very stylish multiblue stripped scarf, + some popular textas and chocolate in my Virgo sons bag. I want them to be warm this winter. Sorry – sound so pathetic but am missing them so much.

    • bluelib, sweetheart!!!(((()))))
      god, your situation is so like so many of the nightmares I came across when working on a divorce inquiry almost two decades ago.
      words are so inadequate.
      biggest ven-nept hugs possible to you by telepathy, mama bear.
      there will be justice. and we will all be here for you, for as long as it takes xx

    • I’m truly sorry to hear this darling Blue, my hugest positive vibes for a successful outcome coming your way.
      Lots of deep breaths love xxo

    • I’m so sorry to hear of what has been happening. If you’re into the Tarot, take out the Justice Card and sleep with it under your pillow, work with it, ie, meditation, visualisation, whatever comes to mind, perhaps putting a rose quartz or rhodochrosite stone on the card, envisaging a right outcome for all of you. Good luck!

  18. Have a lawyer for my family court hearing (16th May) and managed to get a lawyer for next Wednesday. Various friends and colleagues have commented on the timing that the restraining order was served on the eve of easter and the hearing to dispute is the first day business day back… Even while he was verbally agreeing with me to bring them around for Easter lunch. Have been advised by Police that he was lying because the Restraining Order renders all contact illegal.

    BTW: my crime: I went round to his place last week to talk to my children and ask them to come home and was thrown out of his house because we were all crying….

    My Lawyer (don’t know her sign) has read his statement and believes that he wants me dead. We seperated four and half years ago but its just been getting worse with time. Hes a Libby like me but at the moment.. no one knows whats happening to his mind.

    Its just that I miss my children

      • I have faith in you, Your Lawyer and the Justice system.
        Judges can smell crazy… and I am pretty certain your husband postively reeks of it right now.
        It must be so hard to have it all up in the air, tho…
        *pat pat pat*

        • Heartbroken by this news, BL. But you can turn this around! With Saturn there in Libra, you CAN get some justice out of this, but you cannot bend the rules or get soggy in front of your ex. EVEN if you’ve been wrongfully screwed. Keep your nose clean and the boundaries clear so you look squeaky clean for the law. Keep the long term picture in sight. This is Saturn speaking. Strong spine, lady!

          • I think Weathergirl gives good advice. When the law is already involved, one has to at least pretend to color inside the lines until the desired result is obtained. Unfortunately, you are under a big microscope right now. Get really good advice for what the courts want to see you doing to prove you can take custody back, if pos. Ask anyone (police, clerks, lawyers, social workers) you can get a hold of what will make you look good to the court system b/c that’s the system that needs to be worked right now. Best of luck in this. It’s heartbreaking.

            • by “pretend” I mean the courts will look at a mildly messy house and say it’s in disarray. Or if you have a container of sour milk and haven’t been to the store in a few days and the cupboard’s looking a bit bare, the courts might say “improper nourishment.” So normal stuff, the stuff everyone has going on, will suddenly be dissected coldly. So one must tidy up and buy lots of fresh milk and veggies as though every day is like that.

              • I hear what your saying bluesky, and firstly want to say that this is a complex issue, without all the facts. However I beg to differ that the combination of a house in disarray, sour milk and no food on the shelves is ‘normal’… there are many types of living circumstances that under the eye of the law are seen as neglect, and some are…

                Providing for children is a responsibility to be taken seriously. It is unlikely people come under the eye of the law unless there are some concerns from my experience. However that is not to say I agre with the way the system works, and I believe it is often that people need support, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Poverty plays a huge role in most child protection cases before the law. Family law however is more complex and is wrought with games of injustice between parents… I realise this may not help… and recommend gettting as much help as you can bl…

                • Yes. What you say is true. And I agree that the snapshot I created is exactly what would make an opposing counsel and a judge look askance at a mother struggling to get her children back. And the question would remain, “Was this just a really bad day, or is this what life in this house feels like on a daily basis?” It’s just awfully difficult/humiliating to have one’s life opened up for scrutiny like that. Although in some cases where a person’s life has become a runaway train, the extra scrutiny can be a blessing in disguise and a person has a chance to seek and find structure again. We all hope for the best outcome.

                • I am pg. I currently have three lawyers, three GPS and a pyschologist advocating for me. I also have my entire community behind me.

                  Its complex. True.

                  • i really hope the best for you bl… and your children… i hope you have peace and safety soon…. this must be absolutely devastating….

    • I don’t even know what to say.

      Good luck and best wishes to you, I hope it all turns out well for you. That’s seriously mental.

    • So sorry, bluelibra. That is truly a heavy burden to be carrying around. My lawerly vibes are sensing you will be well protected in this situation in the end. It is just that the waiting is interminable, and you can’t fall apart; you have to stand battle-ready. You have to be the fierce Mama Bear, even when you’re wilting inside. hugs. x

      • Heartbreaking Blue, my worst nightmare.. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Your kids will come home again. Do you believe in Feng Shui? Maybe some freshening and extra love in the home and kids area of your house might help? Please ignore this if it’s not your style. Big hugs Blu!

        • BL can you surround yourself with a shield of blue light or sim? Take lots of care of yourself. Sounds like it is a long journey

    • It’s awful situation to be coping dealing with BL for you and your kids.

      My Libra ex (& this is not dissing all male Libs) he has the same trait as your ex. Nods his head, agrees, even seems to put forward plans but all the while in their tiny overworked minds they have a completely different agenda. Only when angry do you get the truth, I learnt this the hard way. Confronting, asking, no pleading even what he wanted gets you no where. That over time thing is because they are changing the rules and never letting on.

      • Yes Savannah – that is exactly what he is like!!! Even my GP spotted it in him about four years ago when my Libby ex was losing his eyesight due to stress but still refused to change his job or lifestyle. He then blamed me for not supporting him enough.


        • OH GAWD!! It’s always your fault! Total lack of responsibility for their decisions (that is if they even made up their own mind) and actions. It’s never theirs. Hope your travelling a bit better BL.

      • this is true of a few libras I know (don’t mean to dis libras at all, but I do recognize this tendency)

        • Every Libra I have ever known has been bat sh*t crazy. Good luck to you – seems temporarry to me. Hang in, something good will come of it all.

    • Firstly well done on getting a lawyer. Secondly you should contest the Restraining Order. Put him to proof. The law is supposed to protect people from family violence. Its about safety. Crying is not threat to someone’s safety! In Family Law – only about 5% of cases end up going to trial. At the first Court date your aim is to get regular and significant contact with the kids – shared care at least should be what you ask for IF residence is in dispute (which it sounds like it is). Family law is about negotiation. There are 2 issues 1) who the kids live with 2) how much time the non-resident spends with the kids. If its about the 1st stick to your guns. It helps alot if the kids want to live with you. Kids around 13 yrs or older will generally have their views taken into account. A Court would rarely order a 15 year old to live with a parent they dont want to live with. Dont worry about how tidy your house is. That means nothing in the family law system. Big no-no’s in family law are: drug use, violence including verbal abuse or threats, child abuse, not protecting your kids from same. TIPS: dont lose your cool around him, be civil at all times. Do not make threats. Stay off alcohol and drugs (if relevant). Your lawyer can subpoena his medical records, psych/heath records, police records, etc. If he has stress/mental health issues, discuss with your lawyer a Psychiatric Assessment. If your kids are suffering try to get them some counselling. That will look good (YOU at least care enough about their psychological and emotional development). Have a meeting with the school – explain to the school current circumstances – maybe get counselling support from there. Document this. If they have any health issues, do what you can to get them treatment. NEVER use your kids to get to him while court proceedings are on foot. Kids should be protected as much as possible from this type of manipulation for information – it will impact on them. Ultimately, you must be seen as being the more responsible one, the more level headed, balanced and reasonable one, the more caring and protective one, the one who’s been most actively engaged in the kids development and welfare (including psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and cultural). A responsible parent negotiates. Try not to be a blubbering mess at Court. But you dont have to hide your emotions either. Just keep a grip in public. You have a lawyer to do the talking and negotiating – she is like a shield – you will not have to speak to him directly. She needs you to instruct her. Listen to her advice and ask questions whenever you dont understand. Your lawyer is obliged to act on your instructions. You must also listen to her advice – and give instructions based on the advice.
      Ask your lawyer to give you a copy of s.60cc factors (family law act) – these are the factors a Court must take into account in determining what is in the best interests of the children. It is, of course in the best interests of the kids that you and he reach CONSENT as to where the kids will live and how mush time they will spend with the nonresident parent. Dont expect this will resolve in a month. Many men in the family law system actually dont give much of a shit about the kids, they are just trying to hit the woman where it hurts most. They want their power. Dont give it to him. Strand your ground, be highly engaged with your lawyer. Finally, the family law system really does not give a damn about you or him. Its about the kids. Remember that. Especially if he tries to drag you into some petty, but highly irritating, little dispute. Do not bite. Let the kids see the balanced Libra keeping it together. Do tell your lawyer. Do go to the gym, or punch a bag. Do gather your inner circle peeps for emotional support. Do clear your mind…breathe deeply with long exhalations. Hope it goes well for you. Hope this helps. Will monitor this post.

      • Thank you torospent. I have been enganging with the legal services commission about the family law issue. My babes lived with me 60% him 40% until, in the third year of our seperation when he had broken our private timetable one too many times I went to the CSA to seek clarification. He was then told to start paying $220 per month to me re Child Support. He has been disputing this since then. Last Christmas I needed a new car (I had lost my liscence for 12 months due to drink driving – I had walked into a police station to report an accident they tested me and voila.) so my ex offered to sell me his old car on the proviso that I ‘just stop the CSA payments’.. permanently. When I said no, that I was quite happy to pay cash he said he didn’t like my attititude and refused to sell me the car. He had also started seeing his new girlfriend at this point in time and was beginning to drop the kids off earlier and earlier than arranged or changing dates etc and my kids were getting very cheesed off with him because he was not spending time with them without his new girlfriend and her younger children in tow. My children were expected to babysit the girlfriends children while the new love birds could go off snogging. My children complained to me about this and I tried to talk to my ex about it and he told me to fuck off…. The ultimate of this was the three days after Christmas when they went away and my kids were returned tomatoe red sunburnt (they are blonde) to the point my son had blisters on his lower lip. They said they were simply used to babysit the younger kids and did not see their Dad because he was with his girlfriend for three days.

        At this point I had submitted my tax return to get a lump sum to buy a new car. My income level had dropped by $15,000 so the ATO contacted the CSA to inform that the new payment rate was $550 per month. My ex came over (he had a key cut to my house when I had given keys to my kids – without my permission) and went ballistic, threatening that there would be consequences if I did not immediately stop the child CSA. I refused. At the same time by daughter started high school & as getting bullied. I tried to discuss this with my ex but he said she had to stick it out for at least six months.. so I discussed it with the School Student Counsellor and he suggested that we try a different school. My daughter and I considered a variety of schools and she is happily at a new school. My ex then said he would not pay a single cent towards her fees and all cooperation stopped. Money for excursions, permission slips, sports all stopped – and my kids started to get into trouble at school because their permission slips were not being signed and returned by their father (who was keeping them from me). So I worked really hard (I volunteer and have done so at their primary school for the last five years) to get all the slips returned, paid for etc.

        I did drink. I admit that. I did. Not every night and were talking a few glasses of wine. I also went to my gp, pyschologist etc and was diagnosed with consequential depression.

        I tried to discuss the escalating issue with my ex, saying how unhappy and unimpressed the kids were. I suggested we try court to sort out the timetable and shared care because we’d tried mediation and he would just break it whenever it didn’t suit him. He said, ‘I dare you – I will take you for everything you have and your children.’ and the next morning (four weeks ago) he came round, accused me of being drunk, told the kids to get in the car and I’ve seen them for about 30 minutes since.

        I tried to visit my kids at my exes house to talk to them and ask them to come home just for a sleep over. We all started crying and I was thrown out of the house. I was completely sober, I broke a rake when I landed on it and now I’m being accused of breaking the rake to try and smash a window – which is all completely untrue. I’ve since been told by my ex that my children do not want to see me.

        Last Wednesday I was served family court orders on the grounds that I’m an unfit mother because I have drunk in the prescence of my children (by the way, I’m a sad drunk – I just get teary – not violent or anything) and I’m being accussed of having personality disorder and because I attempted suicide when we seperated five years ago. That was in the morning. He is seeking full custody. I will be allowed to see my children for two hours twice a week.

        Meanwhile I spoke to him on the phone and it was agreed that my babes could come over for Saturday Easter lunch.

        That evening I was then served with a Restraining Order (minimum effect for two years.) from him saying I could not have any contact at all with him or my children, including their schools or associates. I have April 27th to dispute it.

        So that was last Wednesday….

        Yesterday, I received a text message from my ex asking if I would like to meet my children for a picnic tomorrow at the Botanic Gardens. Under the restraining order I am not allowed any contact whatsoever.
        I did not reply.

        So yes, am trying to keep it together. Am thinking of going for a long drive for the next two days just to get away from it all because I wont be able to see the lawyers till Wednesday (two hours before court).

        I have not drunk a single drop of alcohol or done anything crazy (well, apart from making naff tuna patties for Good Friday.) but I’m losing my mind.

        • Bluelibra, am sending you all the best positive vibrations, so sorry to hear of your family troubles. ((hugs))
          I can’t offer any legal advice, toroserpent has that covered. What I can offer, and apologies in advance if this steps an any toes, but when I found a postcard like this one in the link below, I was lower than I have ever been, and it helped me. Not a follower of organized relgion; not a disbeliever either (lotsa Neptune) hope it helps you as it did me. Kudos on the sobriety, you are better without it, speaking from experience…

          • Thank you Saturnrox – I tend to steer clear of most Christian things (although I reckon Mary Mackillop would’ve rocked in her time) as my ex is Jesuit – and its coming out in his control freakery. But than you all the same darl.

            Thank you all. Peace Love Happiness Hope hey.

            • hey lovely – kudos for all the positive steps you’re taking – I hope you’re feeling as ok as you can all things considered and that this all slowly works itself out for you and your kids – saturn will drag it all out no doubt but at least this could iron out the creases forever more. If this is unwelcome suggestion then please ignore but maybe keep in mind this is a public place and it’s not just those of us who have your back who might be reading your words xxx PEACE & LOVE to you Blue.

  19. All my issues came to a head before this crazy astro. I’ve just been gliding along all month, having the occasional guy whinge. I have a shitty job, but I’m writing in my spare time (hoping to get towards future job in writing). It ended with a guy mid-March, so all my guy problems are residual. My friends all left town. I have secluded myself. It’s just been me. My life is entirely routine without disruption. Well my housemates boyfriend is a tool, but if he’s the worst of my problems, then life is pretty darn sweet.

    I surprisingly calm despite being an essentially cardinal person – cancer sun mercury venus/aries moon jupiter/cappy rising. I was anticipating a month of being a lamb slaughtered by the cardinal forces. But I keep cruising.

    I know one thing for sure, I have nothing, so nothing can go bad for me…. which only means one thing….. it has to get better.

  20. OMG YES. I’ve got that cluster fuck (which is totes my favourite phrase) in my first house and opposing a whole bunch of other stuff. I deffo feel like a racehorse gone bats just before the finish line. So much is almost happening but the Merc clog is bunging it all up, I’ll be really interested to see what happens next week and if things start to get better or if I’m actually just a disaster zone.

    Love is awful. Every Merc RX my Aries ex – who I’m still inexplicably in love with after over a decade and a decade and a half since he first came into my life, we have mad crazy karmic astro – leaves some kind of weird pass agg message on my Facebook. This month a comment on a photo of me at 3am, dude? Really? Then I start to find photos of him and cards from him in weird places, now I’m dreaming about him every night and it’s making me feel crazy. This happened last year right before we randomly saw each other and had our usual weirdness after which he runs away and feels guilty (Venus in Pisces) and I just feel bizarre, it’s never over but there’s no way forward, hateful. I can’t be rational with this one and that drives me crazzzzzy because rationality is my middle name. Meanwhile I’ve managed to rationalise all other love situations and potentials into the ground and I’m just so bored with it all. Would love some normality in this area finally.

    • Charley I just have to say
      You are no the only one.
      Does that help?
      Totally feel like so much is happening but it’s all in this big grotty snarl… like you’d find if you dug out the hair from your bathtub drain…
      Um except there is good stuff in there…. maybe not the best analogy.

      Better or disaster zone? Totally. igzactly.

        • Yea, and I am also being haunted by an ex… From 15 years ago.

          It started in conversation with a girl I knew from back then, she is in touch with him now, as he is a musician in the same city…. I can’t explain how horribly wrong everything went between us. He naively thinks I am a wonderful person who he screwed up woith, but can just sweep off my feet, if he can only get back in….
          He sent a CD a year ago- through her, with a song about me.
          Sounds romantic, and it is- but he’s totally super needy batshit.
          Anyway she mentioned him and I keep thinking about memories with him in them.
          I figure he can’t get into my real life, so he’s haunting me a la merc retro.
          I felt the same as you- no way out of this mess- so that’s why he’s not allowed any contact with me, by my dictate. But I guess as part of the retro, I am sorting out my inner thoughts on the matter, and fixing up the inner barriers, so thaat if I do end up seeing him in person, I won’t be a gushy mess behind the external barriers….

          • Me too, from 28 years ago – stalked be a crack addicted crab! I do not think he will ever leave me alone. Heard from him last week “Mom says Hi” Like we’re friends?!? He is so out of touch with reality.

    • Oh dear, I just put that on the internet ha. I probs wouldn’t even mention this to friends or anyone IRL because it’s so insane and I need to just let someone new past the barrier and it’ll all be fine. I almost did, just gotta keep practising.

  21. Completely bats, yes, thank-you.

    Lot my temper twice. The microwave actually started on it’s own, but with half energy, so making theis creepy errrr….errr….errr… sound at 5:30 this morning.

    Feel like I am totally losing it again, after losing my job last week. Well, lost is a bit inaccurate……

    What can you expect when all those planets are tap-dancing over your sun and moon?

    0 degree Aries, 0 degree Pisces. Plus the rest of my stellum in Pisces.


    You don’t have to be crazy to deal with this, but it helps.

    • Bsa you lost your job??? I’m sorry to hear that. There’s nothing wrong with losing it a bit, it’s strange when you find yourself in a scenario that’s very slippy and Un-You and you just can’t get a goddamn grip on Anything.

      your sun and moon are sure getting a little, er, renovated by all of this hey.

      can you dig around for some little things that will help keep your chin up? a little daily routine even if it’s one glass of wine while you’re having dinner, or going for a 6pm walk or something. Or, just let the craziness sink in and have beer for dinner for a few nights, lose the routine, sleep til 3pm. Then you will get sick of yourself and shake it off after a few days. Both ways have their benefits, I”m sure you’re smart enough to know what you need (other than a friendly listening ear and some good people around you?).

      possessed microwave doesn’t help. Power surge?
      take care hon!

      • UPP, that’s sweet.

        You totally picked up on the …I dunno…. how to say….pisces way to sort of flip flop through it…. in a good way…
        I keep trying to Aries through it, and that’s not working….

        Every little kind word helps, trust me.

        Cappy rising is having a real hard time with this. Workoholic you know. I am slowly telling friends but I am restricted a bit as I just can’t face telling everyone.. Hence saying it online…

        It’s kinda good that I am not working there anymore, the story is long…. but Pluto in the 12th is kicking my ass this year.

        Thanks, for the support my dear! XOX

        • Pluto in 1st ( Cap ) is kickin my ass too, love. X not. fun.
          Natal Saturn (being squared) is tweeked !

        • ah so this is a GOOD change. let it sink in and you can forge that new path once you gather all the necessary information BSA! you will be just fine xx

  22. Oh my!
    This explains SO MUCH.
    Am just going to hide out over the weekend.
    With one of my oldest friends who had a ton of Virgo/Libra/Aries stuff in her chart.
    Could be a shitshow and could be super comforting.

  23. Laying overtop some anxiety that I’m dealing with is an alpha girl vibe which is helping me a lot through and through. Not looking forward to Easter dinner but making the best of it. Some parts will be good.

    Feels like I can stand back and look at myself objectively. (as much as one can I suppose) and getting some answers that speak to my core. I like this planet overload. My intensity has a voice, I’m just transmuting it into intense calm and cool and I want to rage like a teenager but saving that for dancing in my bedroom after work.

    Good looking hair. Check. Nails. Check. Need some new clothes.
    And I’m dealing with a feeling at work that people just want to f*** with me at work and no it’s not paranoia it’s real. I’m tweaking their power issues but they don’t have any so perhaps they should look inward eh ?

  24. No fights or anything big right now. I’m just super-charged creative is all. I’ve been painting/creating a storm. I just have to keep going. I know something good will come of this.

      • Aries is my natal 5th house and right on my natal chiron (Juppie is). But no romance or baby-making….le sigh…but distractions are good!

        • i would wager creative is more important, the rest are by products of the former in my world. and in order. enjoy x

  25. Anything in the astros pointing towards wisdom teeth going batshitz? I noticed Mystic you had issues and extracted this past week. I hope you are healing well.
    Mine decided to throw a tantrum that resulted in me going to dental ER. It’s been a hellish week health wise, otherwise life is really good. Hope everyone else is doing well to.

  26. I feel it. Intense energies, can feel it pouring out of everyone else too…
    Mom is intent on me showing up in church on Easter.
    Wear your helmet, I say.

        • Duct tape a big bunch of fake flowers to it, darling! Tada! Ready for church AND pre church rumble…..

          • haha thanks BSA…ah well, too late- needed helmet for rumble Today. oopsie-daisey
            BTW, cluster fuck is right, and now my ‘time of power’ arrives inciting even more brain thought fuqery worms seething in Aries head. Cripes red alert ! red alert ! already. I doona know what a doona is…but if it means under the covers, I’m frickin’ Diving In.

  27. And the whole thing can get fuqued. by that i mean fucked. I couldn’t be arsed any more. Children, lovers, exes… Really, couldn’t be fucked!

  28. All the Pisces/Aries planets are in my 12th house! Saturn is conjunct my venus in the 6th.
    I feel like I’m getting rid of all my emotional baggage, as well as purifying my body after surgery.

    Aside from yesterday’s food poisoning, this has been an insanely good week!

  29. so many squares and lazy trines but it’s all go when in transit to the natal. everything feels like a homeopathic dose.

  30. MM’s daily said to consider animal omens and keep your sense of humor. CHECK.

    How’s this? My mercury Rx mouse has pulled out every last ounce of discomfort in me. I literally do not feel “safe” in my little apartment. An extreme reaction to a tiny little creature, but there it is. Aries at the base of my chart, stability, safety and all…

    I now have FIVE traps in my ridiculously tiny kitchen, which works out to about 1 trap for every 2 square feet. All loaded with peanut butter, the crack of the domestic mouse. AND NO TRAPPED MOUSE.

    Ex says to me today as I’m dropping off our child, “Do you suppose you’ve got a FIELD mouse? You know, if you do, that peanut butter is useless.”

    But, of course.

    Can I extrapolate this into a broader lesson? Sure: Don’ matter how much you bait yer traps, ladies (and gents); if you got the wrong bait, you got no mouse.

    • Or conversely, never assume: it may not be the bait, it’s the mouse.

      • My heart goes out to that poor house mouse.
        If you have viewed The Green Mile with Tom Hanks,
        you would never hurt a mouse.

  31. My birthday is on Easter this year. Sixth house stellium both in the solar return chart and the natal. I’m way frightened.

    • Happy birthday!!!
      Pump out the good vibes and watch them roll back to you πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  32. not sure but think I died,
    pretty sure I did,
    still walking around tho’
    which is weird…

  33. it is so much all at once ..I feel dazed..all this stuff is on my third and fourth wonder I have had a head ache.

  34. Just have to say a really heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has had the courage to share their weird and wonderful(?) experiences with such profound introspection, insight, compassion, honesty, and humor.
    I have never come across such soulful, interesting and intelligent bunch of bloggers..
    Comforting to know I am not the only one weathering this MF-ing cosmic shit storm (and I am one of the star signs that actually LIKES umbrellas BTW)
    … you gotta laugh hey…
    Muchness, xo

  35. Anyone having strange dreams?

    I was healed by a medicine man in my dream last night. He put his hand on my forehead & spoke in a language I had never heard of before. He said it was an ancient language that he uses for healing. He also said I wouldn’t notice being healed immediately as it is only the beginning but with time I will see…




    • OMG I am so jealous of your dreaming recollection ability.

      That is a fantastic dream, wow!!!

      Wonder how it (the healing that is, I have no doubt you actually recieved that) will integrate into your life.

      Can you remember the sound of the language, how cool.

      • Jesus – don’t even get me started on the dream weirdness…
        I’m a very vivid dreamer with excellent recall, and of lates they have been so cryptic and bizarre…
        Last nite it was plucked headless zombie chickens and me being a total BITCH, screaming at the poor butcher who obviously had no control over the matter either. Then, zombie headless chicken-less, I went off to the jewelery shop that sold nothing but Black Alaskan Diamond (hematite) and ended up crying hysterically in frustration because I couldn’t decide which piece to choose! (because which ever one I chose people would be all like ” you know your ass looks fat in that …”)
        Alaska, frustration and anger are reoccurring themes the past week

    • Wow! What an experience, Baristagem, a really empowering dream. It’s a real initiation rite for you, isn’t it? Lucky you, what a gift!

    • Certainly am! There was one 2 night ago about a tree, which was all of the diffrent types of tree, rolled into one. It changed constantly. People would ask it question and it would grows berries, that lit up and would answer you. Certain colours/marking would give certain answers.
      I asked the tree what I was and it said I was a ‘stupid sneaky builder’ (red berries tht emitted pollen that sprayed out in the shape of rats). By the time I had decided the tree was wrong and went to ask again, the asking branch was not longer part of the tree, and the tree was riddled with insects.
      I spent the last part of my dream rescuing animals.

      • I am intrigued by your dream, Venus-a-go-go…
        I was visualizing the The Bodhi Tree where Siddharta Gautama found enlightenment.
        Maybe red as a warning that you ‘smell a rat’ somewhere in spiritual search..? Insects are a massive population counted in the quintillions, they are social, and experience metamorphosis. You knew the correct path, and showed kindness to other beings…
        Have you seen The Fountain with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, that definately came to mind when I read your post, is a lovely movie.

        • That Saturnrox! (sorry… it took me a while to remember _where_ I had written this! Go Cold!)
          What I kinda find interesting is that I am getting images of really big religious symblos at the moment… I had a dream with what I feel was the cauldron of life in it. Deeply magical stuff, which has never been in my dreams before.
          The tree was more think the magic faraway tree (or shrub, really. It was only a bit taller that me) with all it’s different specied branches. It constantly changed, it never stayed the same. Branches would drop off and there would be new and different ones in it’s place straight away.
          The animal part was a squirrel like creature, return the baby of a hamster back to the mother. The squirrel had to pass a whole lot of cats in the back yard and delvier the baby to the mother, who was living under a small studio. There were 2 digs on either side of the mother. The Baby and the mother were reunited without incident, but the squirrel was petrified an unable to move to saftey. I picked it up and tried to put it under the studio with the hamster, but it clung to me, as in I could really feel it squeezing my hand, refusing to let go. So I brought it closer to me and knew I would keep it safe.
          Then I woke up, so I have no ideahow I kept it safe, or where I took it… but there you go;)
          I have not seen the Fountain, but I do like a bit of Hugh. I might give it a burl!

          • How interesting ! Will have to ponder…have you looked up the animal symbolism? I do that when I see them cross my path in waking life. May be insightful for you, soOo much life in your dream, is awesome ! Cauldron of life is intense, very cool magical bush also πŸ™‚

            • I hadn’t looked up the symbolism… but squirrels are both fun and preparedness (maybe too much?).

              Hamsters were interesting : The Guinea Pig or Hamster brings like minded people to you with its appearance in your life.
              No matter how different your beliefs are from the norm,
              you will find yourself meeting people who think like you do.

              When this totem appears, it signals a time
              to explore new possibilities, a time to open (or reopen) spiritual doors. It also brings a cautionary message:
              are you being too solitary in your spiritual practices?
              Do you need to seek out groups to help with your healing work? Are you ignoring the opportunities presented to you
              to involve yourself in healing activities?

              Dog: loyalty and protection (puppies more so, apparently)


              Insects: Insect animal totems all seem to point to a few key characteristics: tenacity, patience, and detachment.

              Seemingly unaware of their surroundings as they go about their business, insect animal totem meanings herald the importance of minding our own business. Yet, at the same time, most insects have a strong sense of community. The trick is keeping balance, and insect animal totems certainly do that.

              Insects are progressive, and proactive – always adapting to the environment, and never letting little things like natural disasters get in their way of progress. When we get discouraged, we could all learn a thing or two from insect animal totem meanings. It’s their unsinkable nature that reminds us to keep moving forward for progress.

              There is a strong theme of community and helpfulness going on…

              • Last but not least… I looked up the ‘sneaky builder’

                ‘Rats are social animals that are highly adaptable and expert survivalists. They drive for success maybe too hard or not hard enough, if restless with others it helps to become more adaptable to them and the situations. Rat medicine will teach how to be resourceful in the midst of environmental and emotional changes. He will give strength and trust in the process of current changes and lend security in overcoming worldly ideals. Have you accumulated too much mental and emotional baggage? Rat will aid in examining what is not needed any longer and allow truth to come forth in the midst of worldly illusions. Is it time to let go of thoughts, ideals, perceptions or people and places? Rat medicine will instill self assurance and transform fear into abundance. There is much wisdom in how Rat moves, watch and listen. ‘

                A lot of that rings true (and my eldest brother was born in the year of the rat- I think that has less relevance, tho…)

                • Venus,
                  Jack & Henry took the bobby pins out of my
                  hair last night whilst i was sleeping.
                  You haven’t lived unless you have slept with
                  rats. They managed to climb out from their playpen
                  into bed with me.
                  An aquired taste perhaps but comical & cute, so many
                  laughs at their antics.
                  Knew i had them for a reason πŸ™‚

                  • Oh! That is so cute!!
                    I long for a pet. A friend found some orphaned kittens and is looking for foster parents. I wish I could help then, but I can’t feed them every two hours with the amount of work I have going on;(

    • “With time you will see”

      And his hand was on your forehead…3rd eye…That is profound Gemmy. Love to you. You deserve it.

      Had an instance one time of being in an east Indian market. Sitting indian style..

      A man had a strands of beads and asked me to pick a color. I was mezmerized and even tho I don’t remember what color I picked, my consciousness was accelerated very fast beyond this world.

      Our inner teachers truly do exist and they help us. x

  36. Yes to the psycho bats. It has been an interesting time. Really vibing this change you speak of MM. It makes it a little tricky to take anything or anyone as set and stable (even the things that you have always regarded as anchored and unchangeable). so just preparing for what most likely will go ahead and just observing the mass psycho bats movement whilst trying not to get crushed by people changing moods and minds etc…

    But must say that I am starting to feel a bit lighter than I have in a long time, so really excited about the forward movement.

  37. Eq girl go for a swim in the sea if you can and hope you feel better soon. BTW does anyone know what the symbolism of a snake at my front door may mean? When i arrived home last night i immediately felt a snake vibe as i stepped out of my 4×4 ( im super in tune whenever there is a snake around and my strike rate with the snake vibe is around 95% accurate) it didnt seem to be phased by my presence even when i took photos of it with flash blazing. It continued about its business trying to find a way in past my screened enclosure , any suggestions?

    • snakes are always transformation and renewal….ready to shed some skin?
      You can’t avoid it when it is at your door…I would say something is coming knocking for you very soon. Be open and transcendent!

    • damons maybe there’s some tasty critters around there who snakey sees on his dinner menu….mice? other small pets? meat?

      and i’ve FELT the snake vibe too, but i was out in the bush, it’s really wierd! I mean, i was traipsing all over the place then *zam* wierd feeling up my spine. not keen to step on a brown snake! so i avoided that patch of grass o_O

    • Definitely transformation, Damons. I found a brown snake in my back bedroom once, luckily it escaped without noshing on me, but the next day I stepped out with my Superwoman cloak and dealt with someone who’d really been bugging me, did it very graciously and to my surprise they apologised.

  38. it’s so funny how everyone’s def been feeling so crazed lately (as all these posts show), but i def agree, I am feeling the intensity!!! People’s moods this week have been so all over the place, including my own– it’s like a chicken or the egg scenario as in i’m not sure if my mood is triggering other people’s moods to become crazy or if it’s the opposite. maybe a little bit of both, but i’m looking forward to things calming down… lol

  39. i have bought so much alcohol today and i am just sitting here looking at it all ? Three types of beer. Two types of rum and a $40 bottle of red wine and im just getting pissed looking at it? I have a chocolate Mississipi mud cake with choc sauce a self saucing choc pudding and trio choc ice cream plus a gluten free choc mud cake that i will bake tomorrow as a gift to my gluten free nieces instead of giving eggs. I do have mango flavoured white choc as well and i have been out for dinner twice this week where i ordered trio chocolate both times for dessert , why have i turned to chocolate… ? any theories ? and i have been almost out of control in lust and libido dept with no lover atm. Had a 90min massage Monday afternoon am almost crippled shoulders black and blue with bruises from cupping and electro acupuncture . Yesterday at work i was on site first thing and was accosted by a series of fuqwits which i dispensed of with short and sharp lashings from an acid tongue which is SO out of character for me. Shortly after i heard “candle in the wind” by Elton John ,i cried openly in front of 7 fully grown men and two apprentices and i didnt give a shiv. I think i am losing it…

    • Hahahahaha! Are you like my twin? I bags being the evil one! I almost got the sac yesterday for getting into a fight with this f-wit customer over – ice
      Pass the liquor filled chocolate eggs please

    • poor dams (passing tissues and sending cyber hugs) what a da. I’d say you ahve a great survival kit there for a MRX weekend. Enjoy it slowly

    • Dams: craving for chocolate=low chromium…….simple! Solution, take supplement

      • I thought it was magnesium. I’m going to start taking both as my chocolate consumption has gone through the roof lately!

  40. Gee. Hoping Pallas is my friend. My BF?? has Libra rising at 16 deg, so this chart is interesting to get a handle on the pile up of planets he’s got happening in his 6th & 7th houses. He has some major healing happening, lungs, grief, old abuse, co-dependency issues. . . . when I’m not making another late night mercy dash to Emergency with him, I’m reading the riot act (again) about him taking some personal responsibility…. alas it seems, wounds run deep, his Chiron is somewhere in there in Aries, with Saturn. How on earth do you function with natal Saturn in Aries in the 6th house? WOW.

    Been enjoying the Daily Mystic, thanks very very much. I’ve not been so good at following the sage advice unfortunately.

  41. I am developing an astro theory….

    Im suspecting that low neptune has a shit load to do with domestic violence…. thoughts?

        • Im just thinking…. on a more general level and from observation, and personal experience, that the low side of a neptunian influence could manifest in its most dark form as domestic violence… particularly for the victim… that the level of denial of self needed to stay in a violent damaging relationship is in my mind related to a neptunian influence. Im suspecting that this also influences the perpertrator to some degree, though they may be strongly influenced by mars, there is still a level of denial of reality, individual rights, and love.

          • Hmmm… I can see this when I look at a few sample charts. You might be on to something. The denial part and co-dependency. Interesting.

  42. I just don’t even know what to make of my astro at moment. I’m running so hard I can barely catch breath. Lots of good stuff. Lots of hard stuff. Lots to do. Eating chocolate. Drinking more than usual (don’t normally drink more than one night a week). Yet eating more veggies and cut out all flour… That’s the weird either/or polarization of my life. So many extremes. Someone said to me that I’m the strongest person they know. I said, “I hope you are right.” Although the person who told me that is one of the strongest people I know.

  43. WOW! Huge storm outta nowhere – thunder, lightening and PISSING down with rain. Ran around in it with my 6 year old laughing so hard I peed my pants – well I was drenched anyway…
    Feel AMAZING now! WOOH HOOH!
    Perhaps this was the shift I was PRAYING for…
    Passing it forward groovers

  44. As John Legend sings ‘sometimes you need a hurricane to wash away the pain’. Sure is what’s happened/ing to me. Vivid dreams, temper tantrums ( 1x mine ) and booting out the abusive libran boyfriend. Standing up to my over-indulged daughter. Yikes ! When is this gonna slow up ???

    • Nope.
      If the POF was at 14 ish Taurus, yes.
      The other way to see a yod is the midpoint of the sextile (so 14ish Scorp) is opposed by something (at 14ish Taurus)

      Two quincunx and a sextile.
      I read something cool about quincunx, that they are like an energy the you have, but keep dropping, so you have to keep redoing it.

      • Funny, you called?
        Can we come up with an Astro reason for our shifting ability to click and the other comes running?

        • I know! it’s crazy – mystic has libra moon + is uranus oriented in chart and I usually log in just as she posts and often it’s related to something I’ve been doing or reading about within the last few days – random things like 13th century dynasties etc. Where’s your moon?