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I should probably think of a good Easter-Oestre ritual, something suitably Pagan for a festival that was, after all, basically stolen and turned into something else.

But the combo of Mercury right at the dregs end of the retrograde & Mars/Venus thrumming away with nowhere to go is just too infuriating. I was doing the Lilith Diet – sex/leafy green vegetables/protein…all the food that makes you strong.

But something has fuqed it in the last two days: cue disgusting cheese cravings, a seeming disdain for basic rules of nutrition and a skizzy weird mood.

So Easter Ritual: whatever gets you thru the day/night until Mercury turns Direct in 25 hours.

And then you’ll start to see the pent-up powers/passions of Mars & Venus in Aries get some more potent expression.

And as soon as Mercury goes Direct; clarity. Well, more clarity.

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75 thoughts on “Oestrus

  1. Loving your Work Mystic.
    That photo is sublime. “Me so horny…please, please, please let me come out of this one without egg on my face…”

  2. 25 hours n counting down…

    i can feel my creativity returning and hoping for some potent expression

    its been one of the hardest n murkiest merc retro’s for sometime

    funny coming out on “resurrection” day in some mythologies

    huzzah to clarity, bring it on

  3. Just want to say here that I am doing the non-cortisol diet. IE I don’t exercise to lose weight or eat greens for the same reason, every decision I’m making at the moment is about minimising stress. After last year, when i was stress central, resulting in a complete adrenal breakdown and collapse, I can have a coffee (just not more than 2), I can have wine, cheese, all that stuff, just nothing to EXTREMES. And sleep is quite possibly the best weight loss secret known to man. No sleep = sugar/caffeine cravings for me.
    Anyway, just wanted to share that. Just went for an hour-long walk at dusk. Usually I’d think ‘no, i had easter eggs, i may as well not exercise today’ but as a new thing for this extreme personality (I blame being born on a full moon) I’m practising balance. Any other things i should add to my non-cortisol diet? And Mystic, what archetype would you name it after (aka your Lilith diet) – Ceres?
    HEY that’s a great idea for a diet book, based on your favourite archetype!

    • Yeah, the Sacred Whore diet: Oysters, Dom Perignon, wild rice,
      asparagus, almonds, apricots, goat’s milk, smothered with intelligence.

  4. We could even extend it to chakras – so the chakra diet if you are weak/worn out in one (my adrenal disfunction was due to a damaged solar plexus according to some healers, and apparently my FAVOURITES including green curry, heal the solar plexus!)…if you had a weak heart chakra I reckon there would be lots of chocolate or chai tea/soothing spices involved…

    • Oh I love your angle fishgirl and I think you are onto something. I am carrying extra weight at this time and understand it to be related to stress, considering my diet is very minimal in intake. I can exercise for three hours a day and not lose weight. Some healers say its sadness, I’ve cried rivers for decades, its not that. Some say its protection, and in some way this could be true, but even in my most I feel safe times the weight does not budge. But when I feel at peace and in joy that weight moves. This week gone I had time like that, I started to see my face change and the way my body moved changed. Two days ago I experienceed a shock that has me contracted and in fear, I am instantly puffy again and can hardly move. My heart is aching and my throat is sore from not expressing myself, I’m now going to eat chocolate and make chai (which my dear friend had already recommended but I’ve been thinking I need to cleanse out the toxic emotions). Thank you…

      • I’d say for the throat chakra – and soothing after stress – lots of hot stuff. Soups, ginger tea, yes chocolate if you need it. Just soothing, ‘everything i do is okay’, truly, stress cannot be underestimated. I never used to think it was a bad thing until i experienced the hair-greying stomach-ulcer-creating effects of traumatic stress. Aches in the body/neck/stomach/back/even arms and hands…all of it…lots of sleep, kindness to self…don’t even worry about the weight, it’s all a side effect…work on it from the inside out…you poor thing…
        Walks, gentle stretching, music, music is very good when you’re not feeling safe…kind of acts on you ‘despite’ yourself…

        • thank you so much fishgirl… thank you for reminding me that ‘everything i do is ok’ and to not worry about my weight… for some reason that just went off like a light bulb. I think i worry about it all the time when i am stressed and its a self defeating cycle. Have been doing the gentle stretches and music, soups and ginger… and sleep… though when i can as have been sleepless also… I will be gentle on myself… thank you thank you thank you

          • Epsom salts too aside from space clearing get rid of puffiness…Ylang Ylang and rose oil are good too…there’s different oils for the chakras…have you got some relaxing music? I have a CD from li’tya spa – indigenous music according to the ‘elements’, it’s good if you play it while you’re having a bath, kind of changes your brainwaves or something. Helps slow down your thoughts if you’re anxious like me.
            Trauma/shock can last for months…time holds no meaning to the unconscious. Be kind to yourself.
            I read this really wise thing a few months back when i was still in trauma/shock zone, that if you’re desiring peace more than joy, you really need to just rest indefinately…and walking is good not just for stress relief but sleep and muscle aches etc.

            • Such wonderful suggestions fishgirl ! Sun Taurus a perfect time to speak of healing mind/body/soul through all the senses. I love changing my essential oil to suit my mood.

              I would add wear a stone that you like that aligns with your needs ie. amethyst is calming, tiger eye is strengthening. Whatever makes you feel good, your most comfortable clothing is, wear it. Stick something in your pocket that makes you smile…

              Plutonic Gem, my weight fluctuates with times of stress also.
              I try get out of my head (past/future worries) and concentrate on the moment with chores and daily tasks, then when I do wind down, the days accomplishments add up to a sense of satisfaction…and I am lighting my candles in a clean room.
              Is small, but it helps…if you are a sensitive, take as much time for yourself as You need.
              Yes~ ‘Be Gentle With Yourself’ ~ very good…

              • Re Chakras, there is a school of thought about eating
                foods of co-responding colours to each chakra and the
                wearing of the same colour. Immersion in whatever colour you
                feel is in need of restoration or empowering.
                Have found that men need to pay more attention to the throat
                (communication & creativity) & women to the solar plexus (power
                & will). That figures, doesn’t it?

                • OH MY GOD pegs – I have a question re the solar plexus chakra. Last night there was a terrible commotion in the house of the grey zombies. The history is the man who has been putting up with the vile mean spirited demeaning woman he lives with for nearly two years that we know of began politely asserting himself against the violent tyrant the moment uranus and Jupiter hit aries. He started to say things like “You’re just being deliberately difficult for no reason” we were so relieved he found his voice we almost gave a round of applause when we heard it. But lately it’s devolved and last night there was the most horrific noise like someone kicking a door in – it was frightening and the aqua wouldn’t let me near any of the windows and was himself crawling around trying to see wtf was going on with the lights off. It was like the roar of an animal in anguish – seriously horrific. And I was totally in shock from it and the sensation I had when it happened was like something shattered where my solar plexus is – I could actually feel something shattering inside me. Awful. I mean not as awful for the neighbours who are obviously living in torment but so not gelling with the vibe of our lovely chilled space.

                  The question is – do I need to do something to find the shattered pieces of my solar plexus? I mean I had no idea it was even in one piece until it broke. And yes obviously the neighbours need help but what can you do? Give evidence at the inquest?

                  • OH God…. how terrible… sounds similar to my shock experience a couple of days ago… domestic violence… it is shocking… behind the privacy of doors…

                    I probably have a perpetually broken solar plexus except when im doing lots of yoga and massage… but orange foods… and go with fishgirls advice for shock therapy… be seriously gentle on yourself… its working for me… Iate chocolate for dinner last night and chai, when i felt nauseas only an hour before… then felt relatively normal again… talk to someone, ring the police… um i dont know what else… im sure others will advise here too…

                    • I swear neptune going into pisces and all this aries energy is amplifying domestic violence…. i am constantly in mantra…. may all being be safe, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering….

                  • Would also be interested in solar plexis input. A couple of years ago during health and power issues my pendulum went counterclock over that area, clock over all other chakras.
                    Natural citrine was good for me (not the orange heated amethyst, but more a light brown) also Jaspers were good. Also this great mantra, helps me focus and chill…
                    ~The sounds relate directly to the principles which govern each of the first six chakras on the spine…Earth, water, fire, air, ether. A rough, translation, ‘Om and salutations to that which I am capable of becoming.’ ~

              • ‘Be kind to your body’ was printed on my old brochures from ’88!
                In ’93 it was ‘A free flow of erotic energy through the body acts as
                a foundation of emotional & mental health’ (from Willhelm Reich).
                Now it’s ‘A sensory experience’, so you’re all up there with the
                essential oils & music 🙂

              • thank you yes… im finding the dont think about it and be gentle on yourself thing working right now…

  5. Yes busting to break free of this gluggy feeling. Have not eaten well at all last couple of days but have surrendered to it for now and looking forward to regaining that clear body feeling.
    Don’t even feel like going anywhere, hope that shifts tomorrow as I have put so many people off that I really would like to catch up with but can’t really deal with any other humans at the moment.

  6. are we there yet?…. 25hrs you reckon till Merc moving again… damn, i’m a carbed-up/emotional mess at the mo and can’t wait for this clarity to hit me. Need and want to exercise and eat healthy again. As for last 24hrs, i’ve been a pain in the a** to myself! Maybe i just need a hug?!!! 🙂

  7. 😯

    I just got a rub down with Eau de dencorub as my lower back & hips have seized up… am now guzzling red wine & gnawing on chocolate. 😯

    I am also keen to watch a war doco on tonight… 😯

    • My Gem ex was/is a news and history junkie. But that’s one of the things I loved about him:) When he was stressed he blissed out on world events.

      • Isnt that amazing! I love current affairs and history but did go on a news fast a month ago, it just stresses me out.

        • Yes I can Only take so much news at a time. Then need to attend to the mundane

    • Yes, was interested in that doco but changed to The Last Samuri in sympathy
      to Japan as the era was close to WW1. Reckon if there was still man to man,
      hand to hand combat, the world would think thrice about warring.

      Lower back needs SUPPORT my friend! I use a wide, long jersey-stretchy fabric
      and wrap my hips & waist for support & comfort, alternate heat & ice, prefer heat but if
      inflammed, ice, depending on cause. CowGirl just mainlines scotch & nuerofen +
      for 2 days, not advisable. IF you can, diss the stimulants for 2 days…ugh but it’s
      the cure.

  8. ughhh,i’ve been so sick and bedridden. stayed up and watched SHOWGIRLS twice in a row last night. then my boyfriend did a thorough exegesis on it.

    couldn’t sleep, feeling better, so i’m bouncing off the walls and going to bikram. strange energy in the air…

  9. Yes! Big Cheese binge as well…..last week I was determined to do a liver cleanse…drink liquid chlorophyll instead of my usual red….but alas I have been stuffing myself with chocolate hedgehog…..revolting but necessary – I think….and having insane communication dramas everywhere…..hahahaha

  10. Could all this devotion to food (dairy in particular) be due to the Sun moving into ye olde cud munching milky moo Taurus recently? Love me the cheese atm too.

    • wonder same thing b/c I’m wanting to supplement my chlorophyll and veg diet with chocolate and alcohol (and just lying around, while at the same time planning pathway to success) Plus just want solitude and to be left alone

  11. I step off a plane 3000km away from care about 30 mins after merc turns direct. that’ll do me…

  12. I LOVE this blog—-
    The often quirky illustrations and angle of perceptions Mystic ‘prophers-up’ and all of the comments very often reflecting my own thoughts and feelings at the moment!!

  13. Not sure how to weave this into a comment on this post, but I’ll go with the “clarity” aspect regarding those who have gone missing . . . and in this instance I am referring to prowlncat later/known/as prowlncrab. Did I miss an announcement of her resignation or other exit? What’s happened to her? I hope the cardinal pressures have not become too much. Miss ya’ prowl’rs.

    • Interesting Inchy, you plinked the web, cause I was just thinking about prowln also, am watching the burly brawl and know prowln is a Matrix fan.

        • For real! Looks like that chart Mystic put up on the Psycho-Easter-Bats post. I think prowln came to my mind just now because of all the talk about cheese – no, she’s not cheesy! I just remember her descriptions of how eliminating cheese from her diet took a lot of fortitude. I admired her for that.

          • Would try the vegan thing if not for cheese and chocolate. Don’t do red meat, quit the booze and cigs. It does take willpower, but if you feel better, it gets easier.
            About the burly brawl ~ so interesting when I looked at the astro when I posted! Neo~ perfectly !
            Sun and Moon trine (conscious/subconscious in tandem) both in earth (manifestation) sextiling Neptune in Pisces (if you can dream it, you can be it) Saturn (concentration) in Libra (balance)
            Moon (protective instincts) conjunct Pluto (ripping down The Man) in 4th (for Zion) and a cha cha Venus (gotta love it) conjunct Uranus (flight) neo ripples the matrix and takes flight. awesome.
            soz, kinda geeked out a little. 😀

              • heehee (bows) thanks Inchy !
                Interestingly, Justice (Libra) card just came up in my tarot, pointing to truth, and the question asked of the Delphic oracle ‘What is best for man to live most happily ?’
                ~ Know Thyself, which is what the oracle points out to Neo in her kitchen. *brrrring* universe calling !

      • Don’t crabs retreat into their shell covering?
        Or is that snails?
        She became royally pissed off with us, or some of us. Oops.

    • Have been wondering too where the fiery lass is… hope prowl is well and I miss her comments yes

  14. yep. had french toast followed by Ritz crackers, Oreo cookies and a bowl of cereal.

  15. Tasmanian Dr David Jubb says not to have too much if any leaf as it contains an opiate like substance. Maybe that’s why you had a like for like cheese craving, cheese 1/10th the strength morphine (Gabriel Cousens).

    Pumpkin, cucumber, nasturtium. Fruit. Seed, nut (is a fruit). Some leaf and some fruit. Tasmania copoyltic study 10,000 years ago and see what the primitive people ate. Purslane. And there’s no animal material.

    David Jubb taught David Wolfe alot. I think he’s still in Sydney due to go back to New York soon.

    May 21st 2010 Part 2 PatrickTimpone.com

    5mins Slow conversion beta carotene shows not herbivores sluggish to vitamin A. Light sensitivity as a result too much green during the day.

    25min If people doing excess as greens (not sure would have to listen if he meant blue green algae), the tannins combine with minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes and make less them available to the body. Tannins binding decreases levels of serotonin. Decreased serotonin found connected more migraines and things which is quite a reaosn for migraines is a loss of serotonin. But tannins kill off bacteria in the gut and evenf riendly bacteria. Especially with these superfoods and things. Enormous amount. Our body ont really designed . More frugovores, our dig tract can’t handle. as a herbivourouso animal can.

    Jubb david primer 06 essentials PatrickTimpone.com

    Most I see chowing down leafy gereesn enorm. really doing selves harm. cadmium excess. eyes, thyroid and lungs affected by amount greens they took.

    April 2011 Timpone

    Greens has opiate like element. Really cause body to be more sleepy and things. meant to have a little bit but putting a little bit of green into your smoothie I think is great, a fabulous thing to do.

    • wOT? Oh my god/dess!

      Well, now I know where my teeth staining is coming from – diet rich in tannin-loaded greens!?!?

      *sigh* might as well give up food now.

      • Everything in moderation, TA.
        I seems to me the troubles start when people exlcude too much. Means that you have top rely too heavily on other things. Like when my acupuncturist put me on a blood and spleen diet. Coupled with my allergies/intolerances, I was only able to eat about 5 different things. I was so unhappy.
        Made em resolve to not be obsessive about the eating exclusions. Your body is pretty good at tells you what it needs.
        Just my thoughts.

          • Nothing cold. Nothing raw.
            No tomatoes. No Dried fruit. No sugar. No Chill. No Nutmeg. No Cinnamon.
            Just off the top of my head. I lasted a week and a half and then stopped doing it. I work long hours and I could not manage it.
            It was a very distress experience all round.
            I couldn’t handle not having anything fresh… everything was ‘processed’ in one way or another.

        • I did the TCM spleen diet thing at one time too. It was pretty hard going from a predominantly raw food diet to a ‘warm food’ diet. Pumpkin soup was my only joy.

          I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my health and wellbeing – this is because I’m solely responsible for my five children and have to work – so i just *can’t* get sick or run down.

          Thus have read every damn book on nutrition I can get my hands on – sometimes information can be dangerous. I now have so many rules about food it is getting ridiculous. Currently living on (raw) salad leaves and tofu, the occasional handful of pinenuts, herb tea and stevia-sweetened dark chocolate. Plus a range of supplements. *sigh* ,

      • iDK abt the teeth staining but I would think it’s good to always rinse the mouth after eating a green smoothie.

    • Also read where this ‘superfood’ thing is just marketing, there are
      no ‘superfoods’.
      I eat very little of anything & everything actually, take no suppliments
      bar fish oil. Look 15 years younger than my age & have surplus energy
      that gets into mischief if not channelled into work or movement.
      O and have never ever put weight on my 53 kilos at 5’6”.
      As for the Water-Thing, only 4-5 glasses a day. I would be a naturopath’s
      nightmare but the proof’s in the pudding or lack of.
      All my astro action (‘cept Uranus) is above the horizon if that’s any explanation.

  16. I have been eating really well for most of the week.
    Yesterday- Breakfast: delicious porridge with blueberries and a bio-dymanic/orangic apple. Lunch: my body weight in chocolate am 2 cups of Chammomile Tea. Dinner: Home made Potato and Silverbeet soup (all veges biodymanic/organic), one piece of spelt bread. Dessert- one brown pear (biodynamic/organic/unbelievably delicious). Post dessert dessert- Hot cross bun and 3 cups of helbal sleepy tea.
    I still did not get to sleep, however and I now have a dirty cold. I am blaming the chocolate.

    The soup I made was amazing. A-mazing.

    • I’m inspired to make some pumpkin soup now… it’s just the right weather for it and it feels right after a day pulling weeds from the garden.

      I hope you recover from your cold pronto V-A-G-G – have you tried rose-hip tea? It always helps me to stop a cold in it’s tracks in the onset stage.


      • Really? Rosehip?
        I find rosehip just makes me unconcious before I reach the end of the cup. Although that does sound good;)

      • I finally bit the bullet and got the vege box that I was talking about in an earlier thread:)

        You’re always welcome at mine, but I can give you the recipe for the soup, if you like;)

  17. Love the reminder ‘everything i do is ok’. Particularly in recovery from trauma. Do we ever recover? I’m not sure, but it’s been the path to conscious living and self awareness.

    Thanks everyone for some lovely posts.

    • RE-COVER, the word itself means to cover again.
      To move on, not to have holding patterns that anchor
      us to wounds, either physical emotional or even spiritual.
      Just as a sharp cut does, some cuts needs stitches, some just
      need a lick aka ‘granny’s ointment’.

      • true, that.
        If it sucked the first time, why re-live it in your brain…
        release it, bury it, call it fertilizer, plant a seed, watch the flower grow…

  18. AND HERE IT IS…. the moment I’ve been waiting for.

    So on one of the earlier posts I noted that nothing of significance has happened to me with regards to the current astro.

    Today I picked up the Australian newspaper. The shortlist for the 2011 Australian/Vogel is out.

    I plan on entering the Australian/Vogel 2012. I’ve been sitting here, writing my novel, the ONE AND ONLY thing that has stopped me from just disappearing into a void of non-existence. This week I finally settled on a title to call my novel, decided on it on Thursday. “The Little Death.”

    Open the paper, “A Small Death” is the title of one of the shortlisted novels. Fuq.

    Is that an omen? Should I just re-name my novel. I feel like giving up. I mean I chose that specifically as a spin off of the French “La Petite Mort”…. because I’m writing a coming of age loosely about sex and death.


    I need a new name for my novel.

    • Perhaps its just telling you that you can be more original than that.
      Don’t names come at the end anyway? (like all good climaxes?)

      • Yeah, I guess. A new name it shall be. Like “The Scorpion’s Revenge” when I win next year and totally eclipse the book in sales.

    • Can I just add… I read an except that they have online. First 500-600 words. It may be literature, but it’s factually incorrect too. It’s a birth scene baby’s p.o.v and the baby takes “another lungful of pungent birthsmells” I’m sorry….. but, this is when the baby isn’t out yet, as in, still attached to umbilical cord, as in, doesn’t “breathe” as such yet.


      • I mean, not even that. The constriction of the birth canal compresses the lungs that it can’t take a breath until it’s out when the pressure is released and forces air in, but that’s not even a “breath” so to speak. Far out. Ugh. I mean, you can’t really even claim creative licence for that.

        Anyway, but I was just thinking, how lovely this should come up regarding the topic…. Oestrus, hahaha.

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