Mars-Neptune Square Exhibit A

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You know what?

It has got to the point now where I can just LOOK at a picture of a guy and KNOW if he’s got a Mars-Neptune square.

Although maybe with Gary Oldman, i was a bit informed by his history (four wives, including Uma Thurman, genius portrayal of screwy male characters, being the creepiest Dracula ever, well-documented battle with addictions etc) but still i looked at this and thought challenging Mars-Neptune.

And Voila: Mars in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio.

The story behind the Mars-Neptune square and why the guys with it are so often hot messes is here.

Btw, if you have a Neptune square to Sun, Moon or inner planet, don’t freak. Β Once you pass through your sluttage or some Era of Sleaze that you call glamor, life gets real good. You could be canonised or at least imbued with an awesome spiritual consciousness.

It’s just that with the Neptune square, you first seek your transcendence at the lower levels.

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64 thoughts on “Mars-Neptune Square Exhibit A

  1. Moon in 8th square Neptune Scorpio, 5th. A 10 degree square I’ll admitt and it wasn’t like I was not aware of spirituality even as a child but good to know:

    ~It’s just that with the Neptune square, you first seek your transcendence at the lower levels~

    Uh, ~YEAH~

    Isn’t that where it all starts?

    But thank you Mystic it makes perfect sense and so the rest of me does not have to beat up on me for my humaness…x

      • you little devil, sweet pea!

        loving all the trees in the abbey. and they’re going to plant them at their home. awesome pagan-ness.

        • Yes, off to lay down now and watch! Can’t wait to see her dress and tiara and all the pomp and cicumstance! I’m a Brit too, by heritage!

          Okay, so some of us ran away to the Americas…blah,blah,blah….

          But today I’m loving Kate and I don’t care what anyone says. x

          Perhaps Neptune square some of those inner planets likes their fairy tales too? Why else have we been so dysfunctional? lol!! πŸ˜†

  2. ohhhhhhh! now i get it… sun conjunct mercury in pisces squaring neptune in saggitarius. yup, allllll makes sense now, lol.

    oh fudge. i see i have mars squaring neptune in december of this year. is that time to hide?

    • Here’s raising my glass to you Gemmy!! Tomorrow we’ll be right, eh? πŸ™‚

      • *glug glug glug* Neptune in Sagg *glug* SQUARE *hick* Mars in Virgo *snorts suspicious white substance* “To All my FRIENDS”.. (raises glass in toast, falls off the bar stool).

        • lol….you guys are DISTRACTING ME from the pomp and *hick* cicumstantial circumstances…


          • Now you are making me want this godamn square. Can I just join in anyway?
            (even tho Toros are meant to go to bed a the right time and rest and relax and and and…. *pushes dirt around in circles with shoe*

            P.S. I am working a 12 hour day and going to a gig. I think I might have just powerhoused my Crab bestie into coming with me. She may hate it. If she does, I will leave and drive her to cake. That is the deal.

  3. kate is soo beautiful. but what was that hideous hat behind the queen, Looks like mugatu hair in Zoolander

        • poss vgg it sticks straight up and is curly like some god awful thing your mum made the night before the easter hat parade out of bits of toilet rolls and bubble wrap

          • A bit beige and pink and therefore looks like an alert rabbit, freshly caught in a field, then stuffed and perched delightfully on a noggin?

            I think the Bishop could have _at least_ brushed his hair for the occasion. Why does he look like an Oxford professor sent through a time warp from a chemistry lab in the 70’s?

            P.S. I am in the news room… I can’t actually hear any of the ceremony. The Jokes we made about the choirboys….

  4. Um yeah as soon as you said hot messes I looked up new guy/lover and bingo mars in Pisces square neptune in scorp – I know they should be trine but they’re square. …43 no long-term relationships bar 3 year one where they were engaged and friends call him a commitment-phobe…but then friends say I am one too, despite 10 year r’ship with father if my children, but 7 years since then, 3 months is the max… except for a long-distance 9 month fling with gorgeous young Irish bloke – but can’t say I was committed for that..and when we did commit it was over in 2 months (my call- he was scorp & acted like a lower scorp to the hilt). So spot-on again mystic. Felt like I should put up a big danger/stop/enter at own risk sign with this one- AND his mars is square my Neptune – should I just run away right now???!!! Damn…

    • Oh and just saw my Venus is quincunx my Neptune as part of a yod – with the apex being Venus, and mercury opposes my Neptune…Do they count at all? Certainly had my fair share of fun with sluttage/partying/fun etc especially in my youth!

      • AND he’s asked me when am I going to let him in? When am I going to commit to him? And I just laugh- I know if I did he’d just run the other way…should’ve remembered about that mars-Neptune square info as soon as I met him. Sorry am ranting…and off the grog too so no excuses…that just resonated… apologies…fin

  5. Had to watch also, the music – choir just beautiful.
    Henry-Harry just a darling, cute as. Wonder if he & Pippa
    will get it on. Didn’t Pip look super sleek?
    Actually, through this wedding ‘got’ what marriage was about,
    ‘to transform, not reform, to make each other a work of art’.
    There were some moving words. Was thinking of Diana & remembering
    where i was when she crashed…a workshop about Merkaba’s & Polarity.
    Westminister Abbey has to be a World Wonder.
    ……….and married on a St. Katherine day.
    Composed Capricorn indeed.

  6. The horses!!!
    The leading white ones moving the carriage were nuzzling
    each other…in love. Impressive & what a good omen.

  7. ItΒ΄s true.
    I have Mars and Venus square Neptune. And Moon/Asc opposition Neptune.

    I had my Era of Confusion. Specially when Neptune in Aquarius squared my Sun.
    Then I turned to a more spiritual view of life. Plus I am a musician.

  8. I’m an Aquarian Mars, Sun & Asc square Neptune in Scorpio. Plus Neptune square Moon. No major slut phases but definitely prone to big swings between grace and disgrace.
    Had a lover with Aqua Mars square Neptune in Pluto. It was a nightmare…
    but fun πŸ˜‰

  9. Wow so weird. I looked at this picture and for a moment thought it was Trent Reznor on the bear rug in the “Perfect Drug” video. I swear the pictures are similar.

    I have no experience with Neptune square guys. :/ They don’t like me. I suppose for once, that’s a good thing!

  10. I have a serious Neptune-Mars square happening natally. (Aries vs Capricorn.)
    Have to say, it’s been one big amusement park.

    This is a true sinner-saint placement that puts you on the edge of personal areas. However…this can quickly degenerate without a moral compass. Highly suggest some kind of framework or “end goal” for anyone else sharing the placement. Reject religious dogma? Fine. Just don’t throw out the idea of a guru, because you’ll need one.

  11. Neptune in Sag square Venus in Libra and Mars in Virgo (the Neptune/Mars is the tightest aspect in my chart, apart from my Jupiter conjunct MC). I’m the most straight-laced person you’ll ever meet, and always have been. No boozing, no drugs, no sleeping around–and I’ve never had the slightest inclination to do any of those things. I’m not the warmest, cuddliest person you’ll never meet, but I operate by a pretty strict moral code and can’t stand deception or manipulation, in myself or others.

    No spiritual crises, either.

    So…yeah. I may never fully understand how those aspects operate in my chart.

    • Maybe a little Saturn action?

      Jupiter conj MC makes me think : business is pleasure.

      Also, Mars in Virgo ain’t nothing to f with.

      • Definitely Saturn–in Scorpio, in the 8th house, and very well aspected, especially to my Moon in Pisces conjunct my Asc. Self-control + intuition = I tend to know when and how to avoid things that aren’t good for me.

        “Business is pleasure” is sooo not me, though. More like, “doing as little as humanly possible is pleasure.” I’m lazy.

    • I have Mars in Virgo too–it misses squaring my Neptune in Scorpio by 6 degrees.
      However, I do have Neptune squaring my moon–10 degrees, and I have to laugh when I read ” Once you pass through your sluttage or some Era of Sleaze . . . life gets real good. . . . with the Neptune square, you first seek your transcendence at the lower levels.”
      Like you, T, I have also led a life of impeccable virtue. I am close to 50 now, so the round gold halo is getting very close to the top of my head πŸ™‚
      Sluttage schmuttage, sleaze schmeaze –Ha!
      Move over, Mother Teresa.

      • To VS:

        You said, “Maybe a little Saturn action?” when T said she had never done any boozing/drugs/sleeping around. Nice catch!

        As I said, I have Neptune square Moon, and I haven’t done any boozing etc etc– BUT moon is conjunct Saturn–1 degree.

  12. Bad boys I have known and loved = hard aspected Mars-Neptune. I’m a sucker for them, including Gary. Still would!

    • “Still would!”

      Ex Pisces Leo Mars (Moon) in 5th square Scorp Neptune, 8th.

      I’d do him and then slap his face… πŸ˜†

  13. No Mars-Neptune square but I have a Mars-Sun square. Leo Sun and Mars in Taurus so it makes for some interesting times… Certainly explains all the conflict and why I’ve rubbed a few people the wrong way, though it’s never my intention!

  14. Neptune square Venus… I guess I haven’t had my slut phase yet, because I’m a real prude. Plus, whenever anyone flirts with me, I never talk to them again. πŸ™‚

  15. What if you have mars squaring your asc.? I feel like it sounds bad… (and god knows my last era has been a bit sleazy).

  16. OH GOOD GOD….my boyfriend has mars square neptune. And I swear, Gary in this photo and him have the same checkbone, eyes, nose look. Good thing I love Gary oldman.

  17. Exact square Sun in 13 Pisces 48, Neptune in 13 Sagg 56.

    I have been thinking lately that I did my life all wrong, and spent too much time drunk when I should have been pampering myself, and looking for the right kind of men.
    I only have myself to blame for the current messes.
    So, I must be in transitional mode to sainthood.
    I do have a madonna/whore thing going on. Have regularly swung from years of chastity, to the other way.

    • I very much understand spmalr.

      It’s okay. Each day is a new day. “The point of power is in the present” whatever moment/present that is. Right this very second is a point of power in your reality that you can change things around. Realize that sometimes that is easier said than done and even tho we recognize things as such sometimes they are played out and take a longer time.

      Was told the pendulum will swing and swing it does.

      When I was into drinking I did not take as good a care of myself as I should. I suppose on the way to sainthood ( πŸ˜‰ ) there are periods of self loathing for not being what we know we can be and it’s difficult to rise up out of that gutter. Sometimes I’d felt others had put me there and other times I’d put myself there. Either way no one could ever get me outta there but me or handing it over to higher power which actually has saved me in very darkest of circumstances.

      There is a power within that we can call on and it will save us. When I am not too pissed at everthing sometimes I do but sometimes I’m stubborn and don’t call or ask for help. It’s part of being human and the ego is still learning to be a bit humble.

      Anyway, just resonate with what you say. Often times I’ve told myself I made my messes so surely I can fix them. x

    • The pendulum, looked at another way, could be considered “mastering duality”.

      • I just got the greatest Aries visual ~ saw a pic the other day of a rodeo gal riding two stallions backback, barefoot. Yah !
        Or the temperance card or two of pentacles !
        Thanks Sweets. Love it~ pendulum/ duality ~

  18. This aspect must not hit women as hard as the men, or maybe it can be counteracted with other aspects (like using crystals in feng shui).

    I have Aries Mars square Scorpio Neptune.

    I’m racking my brain for evidence of sleezehood, but I’m pretty much a natural “good girl” – my only wildness is of the imagination. I envy those who can live their lives with full-out abandon, but my anxiety levels run very high & I’ve always been far too aware of about consequences to cut loose in any big, decadent way.
    (Maybe it’s the three virgo planets in my chart?)

  19. Have been chaste for six years. Not a badge of honor really but actually just have no urge whatsoever. Quite freeing in the sense that I feel sorry for men esp being so ruled by their thing a ma jig. There is more that I could go into regarding all of that but will be in my book.

    Heard tell that in Atlantis the big wigs were so afraid humanity would be like gods that they messed with the second chakra so humanity would have a propensity to not rising above the mundane as we know it (and just humping like animals)…

    Food for thought, hmm?….I mean how come we are NOT enlightend…That’s our natural state.

    Recently read that Ghaddaffi (however you spell it) is/was giving his troops Viagra so they could/can do abuse to women (don’t recall if the article was present or past tense…)

    But made me SICK…I mean please, let me exterminate that ugly mother fucker…Pardon my language but it makes me furious.

    **the universe if fair** she reminds herself…all comes out in the wash…

    • Yes, well, bite my tongue. Sorry that the children got killed yesterday. His son did too.

  20. Went out with a Mars-Neptune square guy yesterday. We were discussing doughnuts, of all things . . . I mentioned that the best I had ever tasted were made in a bakery in the town where I went to college, and how I remember driving back to my hometown one day, starting out with a dozen doughnuts beside me in the car but ending up with only a half-dozen when I reached my destination. He responded, “Yeah, but have you ever started off on a trip with a full bottle of tequila and ended up at your destination with only a half bottle left?” (No, I haven’t, but his Mars-Neptune square evidently has!)

  21. Anyone know what happens with a Mars/Neptune opposition? Does life get good or stay bad FOREVER?