Is Virgo O.C.D. A Thing?

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Is Virgo O.C.D. a thing? That is, could the renowned Virgo Vision deteriorate into an actual disorder if not kept in check? Virgos are naturally precision-oriented.

Their attention to detail can sometimes get a bit over the top. But are Virgos more likely to be obsessive compulsive?

I’ve got Mars in Virgo, and I can flip over into this obsession. I feel guilty if I am not ‘doing something’ and get up at 2 am to check I sent an email.  Moon in Virgo people often comfort themselves by organizing everything, micro-managing and running little audits in their mind.

I am convinced that Virgo O.C.D. is one of the reasons this sign is so successful in fashion. Where else would going nuts over the size of a button be that profitable?

It must be quite scary to have the full-blown version.

Most people i know have had stages of it but come through it when the stress has died off a bit.

And which is the sign least likely to get it? I am thinking Saggo.

I once read in some Joseph Campbell type compendium that it is a version of magical thinking and that the various “rituals” need to be transformed into a more meaningful ritual for the person.

So is Virgo O.C.D. an actual liability for this sign or is it more evenly spread throughout the Zodiac?


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pisces sun, leo moon, rest of chart is dominated by pisces/gemini/capricorn. only virgo in my chart is south n. and i am diagnosed with a moderate case of ocd, mostly intrusive thoughts/images… body dysmorphic, slight germaphobe, tap all my pockets before i go anywhere no matter if i already know i have everything i need… haha. my mother and brother are both virgo suns with ocd, my girlfriend’s a virgo rising with very mild ocd-like symptoms, and her sister is a virgo sun who can’t let any different foods touch on her plate… sounds like this myth is busted


LOVE your name!


You knew his birth time? (MC)


@Water Pig – Granny has Libra Moon and Scorp Venus! @bullmoose82 – I have Aries rising, Sag Moon I think that firey people are more prone to anxious behaviour. My OCD transformed into chronic anxiety, something that’s ruled my life for a long time now and everyday struggle. Worst nightmare = being in a traffic jam or unable to keep moving, if I can escape or run I’m fine. Super Sag! @Plum – Haha awesome, yes same Sag granny is very, very talkative with anyone who will listen and very nosey, calls the people at the home (younger than her… Read more »


Charley – sounds a lot like my Sag granny! She also worked with ‘old people’ well into her 80s. Her main compulsion is to express her opinion very loudly in all circumstances.


My ex husband was a Virgo. Sent to a boarding school at age 11, and a chubby boy, he did not step on pavement borders for a year or so, when he desperately tried to lose weight. He didn’t know his mother and father were divorced then. When he learned, they were re-married.

So he kept updating his OCD rituals, for in his life, he could control only them.


To Plum….Posts are not coming out under the posts I put them under!

Oh Mystic, so soz….Your site is ultra fast but still a few gliches?

I know, as Aries Merc like me, sure you want to cuss a wild streak at these annoyances…




yep. virgo sun here, and i am diagnosed OCD. it was much worse when i was a child- i had a tense childhood, and so exhibited a lot of behaviors (counting, repetition, etc). as an adult, it’s more random- i tend to be pretty typical virgo, ie: clean, neat, organized, etc. but i do still need to tap on the lid of an drink bottle 16 times before i open it, and a few other oddities. the only time it’s ever *really* a problem is if i’m in a very stressful situation- when i have a panic attack, or get… Read more »


I have definite OCD tendencies but I’m pragmatic enough to keep them under control. Oh. And I’ve just realised how Virgo that sounds. Even obsessions and compulsions aren’t allowed to get out of line.


Yes and yes. Have mentioned before Virgo rising daughter has been OCD (and panic attacks…not fun) and ex Virgo hub Moon compulsive about doors locked at night, etc.

My heart actually goes out as that is an awful way to live. Those are obviously very deep seated things/fears that need to be healed.


Maybe there’s something to that, Charley. I have Aries sun, Sag Moon, Sag Ascendant and had some OCD tendencies when I was young that I’ve worked to overcome. I think OCD is a manifestation of two things: lack of control and superstitious beliefs. With my chart as a child, it makes sense that I wanted to be free to decide for myself and I always hated having anyone tell me what to do, but when you’re a kid you basically have no control. Once I matured and began to see the absurdity of the superstitious beliefs, a lot of the… Read more »

Water Pig

My sagittarian mum has OCD but she also has a scorpio moon, mars in libra.

bones & roses

What a beautiful Lincoln rose that is. Just lovely. 🙂


My Leo mother is *obsessed* with her hair, OCD for comes in the form of clothes, seams have to be exactly straight, perfect etc So my super rad Saggo granny has the WORST OCD of anyone in our fairly neurotic family, it extends to things like trying to tidy up other people’s gardens and going out into the road to trim plants (totally a job for the local council) from a hard bend because they annoy her!! Literally cannot sit still, 82 this year, has two jobs still including one at an old people’s home (haha) spent yesterday re-cementing my… Read more »

Water Pig

Yes Charley! My sag mum tidies up other people’s gardens, too!! They come out and find her there with a huge pile of weeds and they feel embarrassed. Mum doesn’t realise it can make people uncomfortable… Its definitely excess energy having to go somewhere, as you said.


I have no Virgo but Venus in Scorp has me OCD-ing all over the shop re: every fuq’n romantic/sexual encounter… intense & tedious! Re: OCD & Virgo… My mother has Virgo South Node (Pisces sun, Scorp Asc, Leo Moon) & man, that’s some intense OCD… Hers takes the form of obsessing over her hair… & I mean obsessing. Everytime something is wrong she ends up in front of the mirror, mesmerized & bad-vibing herself… freaking out about how it just doesn’t feel right & pulling it out!!… for hours, very scary. Figure the Leo is the hair obsession & Scorp… Read more »


Every single person I know with OCD (I’m talking at least 4 in my fam alone) are either Sag or have heavy Sag planets and NO Virgo. I swear, there is something about Sag in this regard, maybe if all that energy isn’t put into adventure it goes bats and comes out all OCD. All the Sag peeps I know are massively organised and beyond tidy. Ironically ALL the Virgo friends I have are so busy working (obsessively) that their homes are disgusting haha, so messy. I’m ridiculously ordered and tidy and had bad OCD when I was younger, I… Read more »


My poor 7th house Rockstar. Owning it though, over projection. All that in your 6th explains a lot about your success in your daily work though 🙂 Plus deep connexion to your dog (pets – 6th).

This thread has gremlins – might look schizo to a newbie to this site. So Merc Rx.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

testing the reply button 1,2,3…..

Feelers good point re daily work – can look at complex issues & visualise detailed solution – like a map of tree roots – to me is immediately apparent the layers of what’s required to make an idea actual..yeah the MErc Rx gremlins raided this thread lol

on Merc Rx – was targeting departure as tom night 9.30pm – um try 4.30 ……

brain still mush from antibiotics – typing sideways …. oh well another 1200 words to knock out prior to sun down – better get back to it!! 🙂

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

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Luscious Leo

I think it has something to do with Saturn alignments – especially Saturn/ Sun/Sun squares and oppositions. Campbell’s suggestion about transforming the difficult energy arising from such aspects is a great suggestion.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Lexi I always change the loo paper if low – maybe more courtesy thank OCD? then again if one is correcting the way to bog roll has been loaded by 3rd party that’s another thing lol …

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

my answer at the end of the page was Sposed to go HERE …URGH feeling crud sure dont suit me …

*my mosh pit in Virgo’s in the 6th – how bout you Feelers?*

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

my mosh pit in Virgo’s in the 6th – how bout you Feelers?

Mystics Scorpio Intern

I forced myself to get over childhood slight OCD stuff. Took a deep breath at age 13 and shuffled up the coloured pencils that were maintained in the order of the rainbow lol. No planets in Virgo (9th), I’d put it down to all the Scorpio in my chart, especially Mercury tightly conjunct Pluto in Scorp for the obsessing on subtleties.

Looked after a toddler with OCD (yes, it’s possible) — needed the patience of a saint!!


Had the same problem with posts over the weekend so I ended up with multiple posts & feeling a complete pillock!


P.S. The comment about ritual is really interesting , I love ritual but have to have variety and spontaniety in my rituals – very drawn to chaos magic.


Hey! Virgo rising and not OCD . Took me years to become tidy, to be honest I like order better than chaos but i’m still working on it. Recently I have hired a house cleaner and coming home to all my shoes neatly arranged and in pairs and my books aligned and my fridge scrubbed is a bit of a shock to the system. He maybe OCD?? I have a perfectionist streak that I can turn on if I need to. I need this for work as I work in IT quality assurance and need to be thorough and pay… Read more »

Panda Girl

I’m a Sagg and do the to-do list thing but they’re *always* ridiculously optimistic and long compared to the time frame I’m setting them for. I don’t think it counts as OCD, more being aware of what I need to do at some point?


urgh. MERC-RX. Yes FF and Nat, the above was in response to you two…


I know two people in particular who literally need a new phone every month, it astounds my Virgoan sensibilities. Although I must confess, ran from the office the other day, to go to an event, jumped in a cab and realised I didn’t have my wallet (had dropped a magazine ontop of it hence couldn’t see it on my desk). Had to get a friend inside to come down and pay for the cab. It strangely unhinged me, I never forget such things so I was shaken, as if I was just beginning to sense the first signs of dementia… Read more »


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Angie lane

Also, how do you change your avatar, I cannot bear this unseemly potato person appearing near my name.


FF, you are correct. Changed avatar to this red rose (a Mr Lincoln from my garden) in honour of New Moon in Aries. I try to change my flower avatars with the season or with important astological events.

Angie lane

I’m a Taurus to Gemini cuspy with both a Virgo moon and a Virgo rising. I am also an artist. It feels to me like bombs exploding and then picking up and examining every single piece. But, it works for me. I like to do obsessive very detailed work.


Is that why i never lose things? Hadn’t thought about it before but i’ve never lost a phone or wallet etc and can’t fathom how peeps do, some regularly, including my Aquagirl. My Virgo rising boy otoh never loses things, is totally onto his schedule and organised – he puts me to shame.


yep same here – 2 posts in reply to Lexicorn’s zealous righting of wrongs above and both appearing in another place. And bloody wordpress edting my commentary by telling me I have already said that!!!! I’ll say it as many times as I want thanks. Don’t question my art!!!!


Love your new flower avatar nat 🙂 Speshly for New Moon/New Era?


civic duty 😆


Me too Lex!

Comments weirding out on me all over the place or not appearing then reappearing later 🙁 This is in reply to Lexicorn re loo rolls if it turns up somewhere randomly.




eep Merc Rx !


My baby nephew is a Virgo and I can already see thoughtfulness and attention to detail in his mannerisms.

Maybe when he’s older, he’ll help his parents de-clutter the house but I’m hoping they will have taken care of it by then and let him find himself in art/music, after school science classes.

I have three Virgo planets and can get a little OCD myself but have gotten good at catching it. ( Save for stove, flat iron, candles check. )

I’ll try to vibe more Saggo cause I think it will make me happier.


can’t you just see the straight-jacketed Virgo lunging their body against the wall, scrubbing with elbow and shoulder to remove the filthy flaw.


That was for Lex, the web gremlins must have moved it. 😯


Being an OCD Virgo in a padded cell would be torture, especially if bound in a straight jacket. Imagine finding a little imperfection in the padding, a smudge of dirt or tiny tear in the stitching and not having your hands free to try and fix it!


Alllllso i have no Virgo, it’s actually intercepted in the 8th house. But my parents are both Virgo suns with cancer moons. My dad is a pretty OCD, not actually but you know, typical Virgo OCD. I had a bit of it when i was very young, 7 or 8, counting finger touches and things like that. 8th house – inherited from my father. Fascinating!

Actually my south node is in Virgo, i forgot… But it hardly counts cause i have sun conjunct NNode so the whole nodal thing is a breeze for me this lifetime!


I looked up Rafael Nadal’s chart today and saw he had Virgo MC and laughed. He has all these OCD things he does with his stuff on court during a match – stacking his sweaty shirts just right, taking even sips out of his various water bottles and then minutely adjusting their position next to his chair, adjusting his extra rackets so they sit just right…. And when he’s playing, watch for the compulsive hair-behind-the-ears tuck and the wedgie pick, lol. I imagine he’s like that in all/most aspects of his career but not in his personal life. He also… Read more »


Cancerian peeps get the OCD too in my experience, but it cannot be denied that EVERY VIRGO EVERY WHERE has a little piece of OCD nagging inside of them. Try have a feckin’ Stellium including Moon and Ascendant in Virgo. I sometimes wonder how I’ve not been committed to a padded cell. But then again, I have NEVER lost a phone, wallet, keys, passport, EVER. And so true, the Sagittarius + Risings I know seem to loose one of the above on a weekly basis. So maybe the slight increase in anxiety is worth it in the long run.


I have Virgo Moon and Sagg Rising, so I’m torn between the two. My own personal space is never that tidy and I only go on a cleaning binge maybe once a season. They do for some reason seem to strike at odd times. If I start cleaning out the closet at 11pm I might stay up all night until it gets done, instead of doing it for an hour then going to sleep at a normal hour and finishing it the next day. Messes in other people’s houses or other people’s messes though tend to bother me more. I… Read more »


I am a sun Cancer with Uranus/Pluto in Virgo. I am very dogmatic with concerns of health and wellness. If it wasn’t for my Aries moon I would probably never leave the house.

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