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My beautiful Scorpio Intern found this image someplace and i love it.

It’s make me think of a stupid astrology book i once read that said Leos have the most amazing eyes that can stun at 20 paces, are truly the windows to the soul, shines brighter than Venus herself, never age, are extremely seductive Β etc etc but she basically slagged off the eyes of every other Sun sign. Β She said, for example, that Pisceans have close set bulging eyes like a frog, those of Taureans are often bloodshot, that Aries have close set eyes and a monobrow, that Scorpios are too heavy lidded to not look sinister…

So this raises three points:

(1) Do you notice any particular different eyes to go with different signs?

(2) What do you think of those Sun Signs books with a bias?

(3) Ever since Neptune went into Pisces, i have become interested in eyes again Β – enhancing them with make-up, ensuring they are shiny and clear, googling fancy eyedrops and thinking about them as – yes – the window to the soul. Is this just me?

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105 thoughts on “Eyes Of The Zodiac

  1. 1. Aries have fairly close together eyes, Cancers sloping and sad even when not, Capricorns narrow theirs when displeased, I can spot a Scorpio at ten paces by the eye – kind of sarcastic and knowing, Pisces a little watery looking (in a nice way not an infected type way), Taurus too busy looking at the brooding brow to think of anything, Gemini a tendency to brown eyes even when blonde or redheaded, Aqua kind of wide and a little startled like Bambi, Leo almond shaped with not much lid, most Librans I know have very bright eyes, blue or green kind of sharp and sparkly, nothing comes to mind off the top of my head for Virgo + Sag…

    2. Utter crap, the only purely Sun Sign book I trust is good old Linda G.

    3. Weird but yes, I’ve been even more obsessed with my eyebrows (Aries?) and bought a whole new range of eye shadows then spent ages on You Tube learning how to apply it properly, also got new glasses recently so working out how that works with the whole make up/glasses thing.

    • That’s a nice summary Charley. Libra and Aqua are bright and sparkly (even the moon sign). Gemini eyes dart from here to there always interested in the next thing. Naughty. Cancer soft and wicked. Pisces open. Aries has heroic staring into the distance eyes. Clear.

      Can’t agree on Linda G. Just found her too naff. Liz Greene’s ‘Star Signs for Lovers’ changed my life.

    • I enjoy this very much, though I don’t know if we should be looking at this as solely relying on our Sun Sign (as opposed to our Ascendent, which is how the world perceives us, or our Moon Sign, which is who we are emotionally and beneath it all). That being said, some Sun Signs definitely have special physical trait commonalities that are hard to ignore.

      I love the Linda Goodman reference. I think she has made all of us Aries people hyper-aware of our eyebrows. I think your comments about that are so right-on and funny.

      I know the Piscean trait of watery, liquid eyes is pretty accurate most of the time. Scorpio’s eyes have a piercing quality, though I’ve seen this in the dark and the light form. Brown or blue, they get straight to the point (even if the conversation is calm and calculated).

      Great post! Lots of fun!

  2. Awww I really like that pic too, some of those eyes are very enchanting (pisces, llibra, leo and aqua more so) Virgos are currently srutinising something unchecked over yonder. Sag isn’t reallylistening to you but is contemplating next fab move. Gemini is calculating an appropriate vector to the bar. Scorpio, well you can almost see the veil of mystique blowing in front of that one. They are all very beautiful and full of depth.

    Yes I am really into eyes at the moment. I am feeling quite weathered at he moment with everything going on but my eyes are shining brighter than ever.

    Thanks I will enjoy using this over hte next few outings fun!

  3. Great find Scorpio intern! All of those eyes are beautiful!

    I can’t really tell someones sign from their eyes… But I love it when Mystic says Gems have shifty eyes… 😯
    I often have people say I have mischievous eyes and that I’m up to something, which is true, I’m always up to something… 😯 😯
    Today, someone was telling me how blue my eyes were and like the colour of a reef. 😯
    Noticing peoples eyes a lot more lately, nothing negative just noticing the kindness, it is really nice.

  4. Definitely for me the eyes play a very important part in “picking” someone’s sun etc.

    Would have to agree with Charlie’s assessments, but I find that the Asc can really effect the eyes too.

    That said, the intensity of a scorpio’s eyes sets them apart from every other sign. I’ve also found that scorps tend to have intense green eyes; to name four, my sister and three good scorps mates all have insanely green eyes, and all their eyes change colour according to mood. Vivid, bright green or even gold-tinged when angry, and sea-green, almost blue when calm and happy.

    • Funny that, ’cause I’m a Scorp rising and I have green eyes. But they certainly don’t change color and I’ve never seen anyone else whose eyes change color, haha.

      I’m a Leo Sun and my eyes are also almond shaped, like Charlie pointed out. Never been one to believe in physical appearance according to astro, but this is all fun and interesting anyhow…

      • Here’s another – my b/f is a Scorp with sea green eyes – people never fail to comment on them. I think that’s what got me in – he gave me a come hither look with those eyes and though I told everybody I was immune – I got sucked right in!!

        • Someone I know is a Scorpio and they have bluey-green eyes – really vibrant. πŸ˜€ I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s like with most Scorps I know.

          • I’m acorpio and my eyes are so dark u can’t tell the different between my Iris and my pupil

      • I’m a Leo and mine are almond shaped and green but also change colors depending on mood and lighting

  5. That’s so funny, I was just reading “Living Now” online and was overwhelmed by the eyeballs in their cover story about iridology! It says your personality and creativity are evident in your iris – now off to the mirror!


    • Cool, like the holographic principle — everything is reflected.

  6. The reason gemini’s have shifty eyes?!

    We see everything but 1) our other twin tells us it isnt true (so we look away but look back to make sure we really saw it) AND 2) we don’t want people to know we know …. because then we may get anchored to something and can’t fly away… 3) we are literally looking to fly = shifty eyes…

    Normality for us disconcerting to some πŸ™‚

  7. Ack! I have been really fixated on my eyes this week – mostly in terms of clarity. Am definitely investing in some Clear Eyes drops in the next few days to make the whites whiter, and cutting out processed foods which should help brighten them up too. I love eye makeup – very rarely leave the house without at least a sweeping of eyeliner on the top lid. For me, my ultimate look is the 60s style heavily-lined lids.

    • I love eye liner too and have noticed it is making a comeback to the day time. I must have a little black mascara, brightens my whole face and draws away from the bits I prefer not to be noticed.

      • I am obsessed with Eye liner at the mo!! I must have every colour imaginable.

  8. Lots of people lack objectivity when they write about other signs. It’s not surprising to me, just pathetic and unprofessional. but i’m a Libra and we’re all about what is fair.

    So I’ve noticed more for rising signs than sun signs re: eye stuff: here goes:

    Aries: Piercing eyes like Scorpio but better brows. Usually strong and arched for both sexes. While they do not complain like Libra, Pisces, and Scorp about light sensitive eyes, they get migraines triggered by light a lot. Like Saggo, they like convenience and like lasik.

    Taurus: (still collecting info.)….not enough data.

    Gemini: Delicate brows, usually wears a lot of eye makeup like Pisces. They look intelligent and bright. Sometimes look devious! πŸ™‚ Like Libra, can have light coloured eyes. Green eyes very common when light eyes can occur. Often very proud to wear spectacles (more than one pair) instead of contact lenses.
    But when they wear contacts, they like different colours and use them as eye bling.

    Cancer: Large lids and eyes turn down at outer corners. Very pretty soulful eyes like Pisces. Tendency to bloodshotness and that sanpaku look!

    Leo: (I’ve actually not noticed a bunch.) But when you look at them they seem vibrant and commanding. Usually does not need vision correction unless born into family that has bad eyes. Prefers contacts to spectacles.

    Virgo: Usually great brows on this one. Whites of eyes are often clear and bright unless they are “junk food” type Virgo.

    Libra: Usually delicate brows. Symmetrical eyes. If ethnicity allows, light coloured eyes. Eyes sensitive to bright sunlight or harsh chemicals.

    Scorpio: usually thin almost asian mono-lids even if Caucasian or deep set. Many males have that neanderthal looking forehead that sticks out making the eyes look even more recessed. Many times born with bushy out of control eyebrows but many like to pluck thin if female. Also the other extreme is possible…”mona lisa” eyebrows. Penetrating gaze. Prone to dark eye circles like Capricorn. Eyes sensitive to light like Pisces and Libra.
    Like Gemini can be proud to wear spectacles.

    Saggo: Devious eyes like Gemini but can look ditzy. (sorry, I’m Saggo rising too). A gentle look. Does not like glasses because it gets in the way of adventures sometimes puts up with glasses because they are lazy. They often get lasik.

    Cap: Serious look to eyes. Can have straighter or bushier brows. Prone to dark eye circles, eye bags, wrinkles under eyes. Penetrating gaze like Scorp. Usually does not need glasses unless born into family that has lots of vision problems. I think I see more green eyes with Caps and Geminis.

    Aqua: I suspect best colour combos in this one. Violet eyes and weird both eyes different colour combo possible. Light eyes favoured even when ethnicity does not favour it. :/ Often looks “crazy”. Also prone to severe myopia…coke bottle glasses. Usually prefers contacts to spectacles and likes lasik.

    Pisces: Prettiest eyes for sure in the zodiac. Long freakish eyelashes in both sexes. Likes eye makeup and bling for those that wear makeup. I’m pretty sure eye tattoos were invented by a Pisces.

    —–an eye trend I’m into? Those asian contact lenses! Instead of trying to turn my dark eyes into another lighter colour, They just make the size of the iris bigger and darker. muahahahaha! But I really hate being blind. I want Lasik.

    • Very perceptive list.

      I am Virgo Sun have gray eyes, very white whites and very manicured 50’s brows. I also have Scorpio Asian lids that make my eyes look almond, small some say mischievous!

      • I get so jealous of the Virgo super-white white parts of the eyes. A macrobiotic teacher told me it’s from having a balanced and cleansed digestive system. I have noticed when I fast, my whites get super-white as well but I can’t keep them in that state easily.

    • On Taurus eyes: I think the reason I’ve never noticed anything terribly distinctive about their eyes is because I’m usually distracted by their sensual lips πŸ™‚

      • This could very well be. I uh…spend…more time looking at their other attributes. lol!

    • lots of good observations there. My piscean son has the most incredible long eye lashes and charming blue eyes – that always draw comments. While my scorpio daughter has big bold blue eyes that sus everything out with intensity.
      As an ariean I agree with the eyes and eyebrow thing….just reclaimed the eyeliner and mascara lately too and well – really loving it.

    • You’re right on about the Scorpio eyes (at least for me). Mine are blue-grey with a dark green ring around the outside and very light and migraine sensitive. First thing I do whenever I get a headache is to lay down with a cold wet cloth over my eyes. My sister and mom are both Scorpios as well, and while they have brown eyes theirs are also intense. But they have the fine thin eyebrows, while I got the crazy thick, always in need of grooming and plucking eyebrows. I only wish I had dark thick lashes to go with them. My eyes are big and deep set and wide set too, but I have to use lots of liner to make them stand out. I have to be careful though because if I line the bottom lid it always looks like I have a black eye, instead of that smoky look that everyone else seems to get. I like doing the cat eye flick at the corners though, gives the illusion of having extra lashes too.

      My Pisces friend has the classic big googly fish eyes. They DO bulge and are very round in an anime sort of way, and that’s without make-up! Eye tattoos? *shudder* I’ve seen the pictures, but it always looks like there’s something wrong with the eye, like debris floating around in there that shouldn’t be there. I feel like people would walk up and stare at you, trying to figure it out. That seems like an invasion of privacy, at least to this Scorpio. πŸ˜‰

      • My mum has a scorpio moon and her eyes sound like the same colour but not as big. She has a sag sun. Also gets huge amount of migraines and lies down with cold wet cloth…

        My sister is a gemini, pisces rising and she has more pisces shaped eyes and they are watery but they are hazel. Not quite googly though. My nanna was a scorpio or cancer and she actually had really bulging, round bright blue eyes. They were a nice colour but so alerting that it was off-puting.

      • I suspect the light sensitivity thing is the reason Scorps really like sunglasses a lot! =)

        And yeah I forgot…”round eyes” (not meant in an insulting manner of course) is most def. Pisces followed by Gemini. Truly like cartoon characters!

        • I have the light sensitivity issue too! I wear my sunglasses inside too if there’s bright fluorescent lights.

    • My “lasik perfect vision” has been with me now for 13 years! The best investment I ever made. One tip .. don’t leave your run too late, the sooner you have it done the better. When you are 40 and can afford it .. it does not seem to last as long. I had mine done at 29. Now 42 and still have better than 20/20 vision! I was -4.95 and -5.75 ( that = not seeing much more than a pink blur when I held my hand in front of my face, I can read subtitles and number plates AND Menu’s and newspapers!

    • What a lovely list! – and spot on, esp Scorpio & Cancer descriptions. Very true for this Gem with Leo rising, as I prefer contact lenses (born into a family with bad vision, also have moon sq. neptune & have read this fogs eyesight too). Favourite compliment: ‘your eyes are like mood rings’ – they are green but very changeable!

  9. I don’t know about sun signs*, but can vouch that Pisces rising gives you the wateriest freaking eyes ever. It’s embarrassing; people always ask me why I’m crying. Good thing they’re pretty! πŸ˜€

    *Although yes, we Scorps tend to do the Burning Laser Death Stare, even when we’re not aware of it. And I know a lot of Aquas with pale blue, almost glassy-looking eyes.

    • I know! Like sometimes I actually make myself conscious to not be too penetrating. And dark circles, check πŸ™

      I tend to notice Cancer eyes as being most distinctive.

      • The dark circles are the worst! I have very pale skin, too, so they look extra purple. I’ve yet to find a concealer that can tame them, so I try to pretend they make me look moody and mysterious instead of plain ol’ haggard.

        • Same here, made worse by them being deep set so there is always a shadow. I’ve tried all sorts of concealer combos to make them brighter. Currently a pale lavender cream concealer and a stick of pearly gold glitter in the inner corner has helped to chase away the shadows.

      • Scorpio here and I have been accused of giving the “evil eye” when all I was doing was watching and listening. The most distinct eyes other than our sign is Aries. I know many of them who have sort of bulging eyes.

        BTW I find those kind of astrology books you mention so annoying. Scorpios are always made out to be evil sec maniacs. How boooring.

        • I’ve had a lot of guys think I was hitting on them just because I happened to be facing their way. That’s always fun!

          Of course, when I actually DO want to hit on someone, it’s quick and easy. No pick-up lines required!

          • Lol! The poor devils. Not to be too intrusive re the dark circles but I was told once that they might be indicative to some sort of food allergy.

            • I’ve heard that too, but I eat like a rabbit even though I have an iron stomach. My skin is just so pale it’s almost translucent. My veins and stuff are visible too.

                • Could be wheat. Or dairy or even soy. Hard to tell. I’ve always wished for translucent looking skin. Must be lovely.

                  • Don’t eat any of the above πŸ™‚

                    Sometimes it does look nice! I wash my face with raw honey and moisturize with avocado oil (haha, I sound like such a hippy) and when I’m feeling good, I get pretty glow and don’t mind being so pale.

                    (Moon exact on my ascendant, and my appearance is significantly affected by my mood. It’s weird, but a good excuse to try extra-hard to stay positive.)

            • yes i’ve heard : food allergy, weak kidney qi, or not enough vitamin C. I notice my dark eye circles become apparent when I suffer seasonal allergy or am on my cycle.

        • I get it too. I have offended people without any words and left wondering what happened.
          I was told by an astrologer to be more friendly to overcome my intense Scorponic energy it was to a fault and would off put any female friends.

      • It’s not that good as a concealer, but you can get it for about $30 these days. It’s more of a highlighter than a concealer IMO. This sounds weird, but the Designer Brands concealer is actually really good! I bought it in a crisis once.

        • lucy lion that sounds like my concealer too – which I’ve only used a few times and it just sits there now waiting to be thrown out – it makes the things I’m concealing seem like they glow instead – it’s not a good look.

  10. 1) Scorpio eyes are glistening when contented and flaming when disgruntled. As far as windows to the soul go scorpions where their hearts between their lids. And they know it. They will selectively look you in the eye or avert their eyes according to their needs. I would describe those eyes as soft but strong and tranquil or simmering .

    —- drugfuqqed eyes I have seen three times on perfectly sober, straight pisceans. Freakish.
    Off with the poppies .

    I get that fishies or risings have slightly bug-eyes. But they are usually big, like a child looking for play opportunities eyes.

    My eyes, on videos I have seen of myself, do a lot of darting about, and eyebrow raising. I definately don’t have calm, reassuring eyes, at least when I am talking. Since I noticed this I try to look at something when talking to people but I find they just turn around to see what my eyes are focussing on. Lol. “Be still , my shifty eyes” is like asking the heart to be still. πŸ˜‰

  11. I like this picture. I have to say that when I was casually browsing the eyes, I “recognized” mine and looked and it was Leo. But I’m a Leo Rising.

    These drawings are so expressive! A lot of thought went into this.

    • Oh, and I still have issues (being a Virgo! and Mercury in Libra) with most books and stereotypes of the signs. I think most descriptions are unfair or out of balance—whether toward the good or toward the bad.

      I like this site because people can define themselves and beg to differ with any stereotypes and complain when their sign is dissed.

      But I also like that I can rail (perhaps unfairly, but perhaps not) against my ex Gem who is also rising Cancer. It’s just fun to see the pattern recognition when pple here offer up their personal observations and it resonates with my experience. Prefer this exchange to a static and limited description.

    • People often look more like their rising sign than their sun sign. And I might add especially Leos πŸ™‚ because of their majestic PRESENCE.

  12. Before reading this post I booked in for a lash tint and the beautician said ” oh, you were here just very recently having that done” . True. Indeed, am paying more attention to my eyes also. Booked earlier this time just to be sure. Was even thinking lastnight of retroing my hairstyle to a quiff so I could show off my eyes. But, nah, they dance to much. Need a curtain fringe.

  13. I’ve noticed that Taurus often have sanpaku eyes, where the white is showing prominently under the iris making it look as if they are always looking up.

    My dad is a Taurus and he has it, I am Taurus rising and moon and I do as well.

    Examples are Elvis, Robert Pattinson from Twilight, that Audrina girl from the Hills.

    Run a google image search, you’ll see what I mean. It actually is very cow-like, lol.

  14. Looks like that Aries eye is nearly crossed eyed with rage 😈

    Mine are actually more like the Sagg there..

  15. A lot of Cap people I know has small eyes and scorps usually has bulging eyes

  16. A lot of people comment I have lovely eyes which is a bit of a surprise, they’re blue. I always use eye makeup, have done all my life. Shadow (currently sparkly purple); eyeliner (soft black but also just got a sparkly purple eyeliner); black mascara; and eyebrow colour due to non-existent eyebrows, bane of my life. I love Napoleon Perdis eye makeup, and had a wonderful session with one of their artists. Great fun but I couldn’t be bothered spending all that time fixing up blemises, etc. Quick and easy for me, and I don’t touch-up or think about it for the rest of the day.The Cancer eyes look just like those of my Cancer eyes and my Leo husband’s eyes are brown and always smiling. But I just don’t go with what signs have what eyes, to me people’s eyes speak of what’s within them, and that’s the most important part. I looked into one guy’s eyes and it was like looking at the can of worms in his head, couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

  17. Makes me think of Princess Di crab eyes, slightly downcast with just a peep up at the outside world.

  18. My eyes look Virgo. Some guys I know with strong Neptune have really luminous large eyes.

  19. I love it when I think i’ve spotted a cancerian. Sometimes their eyes do look like moons, other times the colour of their eyes can look like blue jelly- I know that sounds weird but it’s the word that came to mind at the time. Maybe it was more that they make you turn to jelly when you see them. Very lovely though. I always wanted blue eyes when I was little and always love blue eyed boys.

    Nevermind, I got boring big dark brown eyes. I am a taurean with leo rising. The shape of the leo and taurus eyes above are very similar and similar to my eyes. I do not have strong taurus eye brows, though. I do have taurus eye lashes. Sometimes when I talk to people I feel uncomfortable about my eyes and look away. Also, because my eyes are quite dark when i’m worried or upset it looks ten times worse than it really is.

    • Brown eyes are stunning imo! My eyes are typical of my pisces asc, with the lashes and shape, but super blue, so I look startled sometimes!

      Always wanted brown eyes. I think they look more mysterious and sexy lol. Guess the grass is always greener.

      • Ha ha. That’s true the grass is always greener. I guess they’re not that boring and as i’ve gotten older i’ve grown to like them more- that goes for all things though e.g. my aqua moon I understand more and you do accept yourself more as you get older- hopefully.

        My sister is pisces rising (and moon), too. My sister has a gemini sun and I think she is a mix of the pisces and gemini examples above but in terms of shape and lashes she is more pisces. She has hazel eyes.

        I understand what you mean about a startled appearance. My sister is not so much like that but my scorpio nanna was like that. I never knew her rising sign though. I know other people who have beautiful blue eyes that sound like yours and the startling part is the twinkle in their eyes and also I think it’s a reaction to people being stunned by the colour, shape, brightness, and beauty of the eyes. When you have large eyes, or very bright eyes or attentive eyes, often when you speak to people they can not always attend to what you’re saying. I find this so interesting because eye contact is such a big part of communication.

        I just hope my eyes look more warm and kind than scared or worried- which can happen. In a lot of my baby photos I look quite worried. Looking back at the examples I think the shape of my eyes is more taurus but the iris is more leo.

        Thanks for sharing VirgoAqua- is that aqua moon, too? I have a friend who is a virgo with aqua moon.

  20. I thought i nailed a theory that Pisceans, after spending time at sea, come home with the most incredibly clear white and blue eyes. I have known 3.

    That was until the blue eyed Toro yachtsmen moved in next door (and his beautifully sharp witted but quiet Aqua wife, oh and their delightfully chatty Sag girl), he spends quite a bit of time sailing and his eyes are always so much clearer upon return. So maybe rather than a sign thing it’s a sea/neptuney thing ?

    My sister the gem/pisces rising/sag moon has very similiar to the libran shape and colour, depending on what she’s wearing her eyes come across as either green, brown, greeny blue even or a blend of 3 .. or should i say fusion ? (just kidding im so over that word).

    Reckon i’ve go the piscean shape, but a steel blue colour. pisces rising.

    As for sunsign books, i think it’s like everything else in life isn’t it ? you take out of it what feels right and true, and the rest .. pfft.

    I don’t know what the general feeling of jonathan crainer (the astrologer) is , but i came across an article he wrote about how he would like to see all sun signs abolished. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to say (seeings though that’s paying his wages), he went on to say there are much more important things to look at than just your sun.

    As i have been learning everyday from here !!

    • Hello πŸ™‚ I have to say, what you said at the beginning about your theory of the pisces, after they’ve visited the sea..That caught me so much…I’m a pisces through and through, I feel it deep in my heart; I live quite far from the sea, and I ache for it, always…the very rare times I get to go there, my boyfriend says I seem to go into some sort of trance, and I can’t explain it! I seem to feel drawn to it, and whilst I’m there and I bask in its beauty, I feel at utter peace, like its’ taken me away! Huh..after what you’ve said, it really must be a pisces thing, not just me!
      Out of curiosity, what sign are you? I’d love to see your eyes… πŸ™‚

      These are mine πŸ™‚ http://s1254.photobucket.com/user/mollypop94/media/meme_zpsbc5e328d.jpg.html Peace!

  21. WHOA! the libra eye fits me to a T. Same color and everything! I find all of these pretty accurate.

  22. Interestingly, I hadn’t made the connection, but I’ve been having serious eye trouble ever since the Neptune shift. I’ve never had an allergy in my life, and this week I developed one in my eyes: they were sore, watery, and I had such blurry vision I couldn’t see to drive or read or, really, do much of anything. (Thanks to modern antihistamines, I’m now loads better.)

    Maybe my messed up vision is a symptom of my difficulty switching into a new gear, or something.

    As a Libra sun, I do have eyes that are fairly sensitive to light in general. They’re blue, but an oceany dark blue rather than bright or light blue. My sister the Capricorn got the amazing cornflower blue eyes in the family.

  23. OH MY GOSH i have been OBSESSING over eyes, too!!!! really!!! i’ve been thinking about how some people have extremely expressive eyes that just show you exactly how they are feeling at that moment, whether they realize it or not, while other people’s eyes don’t show anything at all. some eyes are pool-like (like pisces/aquarious rising i guess?) while other people’s eyes completely penetrate you with every glance.

    i’m a huge fan of eye makeup in general, and i love to mix different eyeliners together– preferably navy blue and brown, above the lid and below the eye.

    but yes, so funny b/c this is seriously a topic i’ve been deeply considering very recently

  24. wow – this post blew me out a bit cause just today i was thinking about eyes and how they are what we see with and take in so much on the visual level – and i was thinking about how it would be if we could see with another part of our body too, say the hip, and would that be another kind of seeing. yes, yes, it;s been one of those weeks. but mystic, this post was a bit wow-ish when you mention neptune into pisces and eyes and here i am thinking these weird thoughts about eyes.

  25. and a bit of digression from the topic. if there are any of you out there who are hobart /tassie living or visiting – Plant Power at the botanical gardens has its last night tomorrow night and it is the most beautiful and amazing light and sound show. dreamlike, so, so, so beautiful. please go and see it if you can.

    • Lol Bgem, that’s my Leoboy’s favourite tune to do on Singstar – but his eyes are more like the Virgo’s in the pic, very very deep blue (without the eye makeup of course). He’s Virgo rising.

      My Aquagirl has huge opal coloured wide-spaced eyes to go with her huge smile (when she feels like it) – inherited her Dad’s colour. Very expressive and much commented on eyes. And she has Scorp rising and can do death stare but involves more than her eyes – her whole face changes with death stare – it just clouds over, unexplainable.

  26. My eyes are definitely Cancerian….big, watery, and revealing way too much at times. That’s why I wear sunglasses (that, and I’m very sensitive to light..haha). Though I’ve also been told my stare is ‘freaky’, ‘X-Rayish’, ‘piercing’. A bit contradictory…no.

    But based on that sketch above, my eyes look most like the Gemini sketch. The shape is exactly the same, only the color of mine range from black to brown depending on the lighting.

    And aren’t Sanpaku eyes a sign of serious instability? Thanks guys. :p

    Cancer Sun/Virgo moon/Cap Asc.

    • I’m pretty stable, though I may come off as a flake (Neptune first house)…. but if you want to see weird sanpaku eyes…… mine aren’t just sanpaku they are completely asymmetrical! My left iris floats about 2mm higher than the right!

  27. i just love how libra is pictured with hazel/green eyes/ uncertain light color (ok, maybe biased, just because my eyes are that way)
    other than that, i noticed leo eyes are usually round and golden brown or at least a have golden sparkle/ pisces have watery eyes and some of them look like they cry/ gemini eyes look very vivid/ aquarians blink very rarely and have perfected the art of the icy gaze, as opposed to the intense scorpio stare

  28. Also, off topic, but I just discovered that Martin Armstrong has been released from prison!! This is wonderful news, I am so happy for him and his family as Gem Hub and I are a bit of fan the free newsletters he published while in prison.
    You can read them here if it tickles your fancy:

    Basically he was indicted in 1999 on charges of defrauding Japanese investors (apparently not true). He was in jail for SEVEN years for contempt of court? His imprisonment is one of the longest under a contempt of court order WITHOUT a trial. He got another five years for pleading guilty so he could get charged and eventually go home – so 11 years he total…

    He is a total genius and was a millionaire by 15, he also exposed the corruption of the manipulated markets and when he refused to play ball the boys at Goldman Sachs got involved and thus he was imprisoned, it’s a really interesting example of corruption at work, both in the court system and the banking system.

    His own website has been put on forced hold whilst he is under house arrest serving out the rest of his term.

  29. I’m inclined to believe what people are saying about the rising sign. I definitely don’t have the ridiculous down-syndrome eyes of that Cancer example. My eyes looks much closer to the Cappy. Gots tem high cheekbones too, I do.

  30. I’m a Libra and my eyes are pretty dang close to the color on the chart. Sometimes it’s frustrating because people are always like “What color are your eyes? Blue green? Blue gray? Grey green?” and they never can decide.

  31. Hmmm… I’m cancerian and my eyes are the complete opposite of the picture- very upturned at the outside corners and blue.

  32. I`m an aries girl and i have libra and aries eyes mixed. My eyes are very big and a dark brown that looks black and i have super long eyelashes that are black.