Even The Astro Is Bi

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Michelle Williams Interview Magazine

Williams actually sounds super-Virgoan in the interview: “I still have a hard time giving up on the day and admitting exhaustion.”

But my point is that the current astro is a bit bi.

The Dark Moon is ennui central. Who is NOT craving something approaching a sensual and re-nourishing slumber, complete with chamomile tea, lavender and the lot?  It’s modest, quiet and slightly tremulous.

BUT the now-building Mars-Jupiter Conjunction in action Aries is all guts, chutzpah and ‘holy fuq man why not have some really GRANDIOSE expectations?’

It’s all about getting into an UPWARD SPIRAL.  To do: FLAUNT it.

So it’s conflicted, obviously.

Inez & Vinoodh

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82 thoughts on “Even The Astro Is Bi

  1. Ok… I am just going to get this out of my system. Cos it’s a little weird.

  2. oooo Kate is beautiful but was that fergie in behind the queen in a hideous pink hat that looks like a viking helmet

  3. I think I have the exact same shoes as in pic! But don’t wear with ankle socks… Don’t like socks, in general (but that was an actual post, I think…socks, that is)

    My days and weeks lately are simply wild. I work like a dog and run all over the place, but somehow I’m kinda, sorta okay. Off for a break this weekend, though. First in I can’t remember how long. whew.

  4. Learning a lot about staying centered and being in my own energy or should say getting lots of practical practice.

    Seems like mostly everyone around me is unspooling in varying degrees and trying to drag me into their drama, get sympathy or just be around me, hang in my vibe, or do psychic vampire push-my-buttons-schtick.

    Look, must suspend overly kindness, compassion thing right now. Yes I did just come back from the New Age retreat.

    I’m sending this out telepathically so those of you will understand or not or just for myself but I have really been trying for a lifetime to just get this far and now I just need to have some fun. K ?

  5. I was confused by the strange vibes i was getting..but not anymore…this was the latest in a long line of gestures that crossed boundaries…this person is my next door neighbor..its not like I invited this crap

  6. Michelle Williams… Always so miserable and mournful looking. Crack a smile love! Actually on second thoughts don’t, it’s worse. Seriously up there with Nicole Kidman for irritating actresses. Marilyn must be turning.. Sorry had to get that out.

    • Have to agree in the sense that I do not fancy those little girl dresses. Can you imagine Aries me in one? lol… Not that you can imagine really other than the archetype but read the article & she actually does laugh, joke and such but she does come across so serious.

      She has Sun, Jupiter, Moon in Virgo but then comes along Saturn in Virgo too (conjunct Mn & Mercury). That’s some huge Virgoness.

      • Want to come back and say (or qualify) that:

        “I still have a hard time giving up on the day and admitting exhaustion.”

        Is about her Virgoness I think but also Saturn…and her seemingly seriousness.

        I understand as have Saturn square Sun and Merc so want to give the poor girl a break (and because I love our Virgo, Saturnrox 😉 ) xx

        • Am sure she is divine to know as a friend! I’m just astounded at her being cast for Marilyn. Her stony little pout is just not the fluid sauciness of MM. And I can’t help freaking out at how depressing she is, I mean Mercury rules Virgo, what gives?

          Ha ha, no, I can’t imagine you in a baby doll dress Sweetie!

        • awww… thanks Sweetpea XO to you as well..! Will post more later, am out pulling up weeds, cutting off dead clematis ya know earthgirrl stuff 🙂 the neighbors have put the kabosh on my dandies, want to come over and spray them because they will spread to their yard. 🙁 Am sending vibes to all the critters to go hide somewhere. Don’t want to refuse the neighbors because I need their help from time to time. Durn lawn nazis. On another note, best of luck to you Sweets on your lottery day. I couldn’t even win tic-tac-toe against a chicken ! LOL 😀 Squares to Leo ya know !

  7. Caught up on all my sleep last night from Saturday night all night casino binge.

    So did an Aries thing , then a Virgo (sleep last night) and now back to balance.

    Lots of work…that “play you pay” thing…

  8. a stupid chick i work with thinks women should give up wanting to be equal and just do what they’re meant to do which is be nurturing and soft and have babies and now whenever i see her with a glass of water i want to slip her some contraceptives so she doesn’t make more stupid people.

      • o i was worried afterwards i might’ve offended all the motherships which was not the intention but OMG nurturing and soft is an actual quote – a deeply disturbing actual quote. how’s your lotteries?

        • Yeah, like you can’t be more than just nurturing and soft?

          Trans Mars on the PofF did not go lottery wise but will try when trans Aries Venus exact PofF shortly (12 degrees). This will not come around again for a year so must give it a go…

        • I am not offended, but I don’t get why “nurturing and soft” is “disturbing.” It truly is more of the province of women to be more nurturing. This is something to be embraced, not vilified. It also doesn’t mean that women cannot also be intelligent, strategic, or other “non-soft” qualities, or that women are lesser. To deny there are differences between men and women is to totally close one’s eyes to the world. I find it perpetuates the hate of women because it’s always framed in terms of why aren’t women treated like men, as if that’s the ideal, instead of celebrating the magic that women possess by virtue of their womanhood.

          • I agree with what you say except the way the comment by the person sounded was excluding the other things.

            I love being my femaleness and I have been a mother of two, nurturing and soft amongst also very independent, hard working, physical, smart, etc.

            It’s not disturbing to me at all and I didn’t say it was! 🙂

    • I have been getting a strong tattoo urge this week. I get them often (urges only have one tattoo) but my Libran indiscisive and pickiness ruins the spontaneous vibe. But I think this new wave of Aries energy has given me the go – Yah!! Tattoo and a haircut and I shall be reborn, possibly some shoes too.

  9. Oh dear… I had no idea that such small gestures could be so easily misconstrued! haha Really must be careful with what I say/do from now on – I wouldn’t want to leave a trail of confused straight women in my wake ;]

  10. So timely..my female neighbor gave me flowers out of the blue yesterday basically outing herself and hinting on a crush on me..I am straight and never had such an overt romantic gesture from a woman before

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catharsis

      A romantic purge? Either of your own emotions in relation to someone else. Actual lovers? Your expectations on the romance?

      You are going to have a romantic clean up. Maybe even clarification (but I wouldn’t put all your fortune on it right now). That’s, ultimately a good thing. Whether its a ‘good vibe’, I am not sure.
      Does this help?

      • yes thank you vgg… y wouldn’t put all my fortune in it right now? i hope it’s a good vibe….i just want to be loved amazingly vgg…after all these years of hardship i just want love

        thank you vgg

        • Re: Your fortune. It’s not quite all systems go yet. It’s more a time for internal reflection. And that can lead to a fantastic vibe. Nothing quite like a little balance and having your head sorted to make this run along smoothly.
          This is going to sound really corny, but the most important person to love you amazingly is yourself.
          Annnnnnnd…. that is about as much wisdom as I can muster this evening.

          • thank you vgg…did not get to read immediately your reply…my pisces man came to see me 🙂 sending you good vibes vgg

  11. Just a quick update to all of you who have been so supportive re: ex taking my beautiful babes etc.

    I found and appointed an amazing Lawyer today who’s part bulldog, specialises in Family Law, Custody Disputes and advocating for women’s rights. Am still missing my children sooo much that my skin is actually aching for contact – especially from my Virgo son. My Cappy daughter has said she no longer wants to live with me but everyone is saying I need to take into account she’s only 14…. hmmm not sure bout that one.

    So – onwards onwards. Am seriously knackered but am finding it hard to sleep and I’m supposed to be going to a pre-booked speed dating thing tomorrow night but I think I conserve my energy…..

  12. Work is rolling in, am making decisions that have been on the shelf, including reuniting with my ^..^ and the only thing that stands out for me as disharmony between darkmoon/ piscean vibe and the aries vibe is getting a wedgie from gathering momentum on the streets in the lazy ladies wardrobe.

  13. I hate these latest astro vibes. Have been there done that with empty grandiose expectations that went nowhere not going there again. keeping serene and tres aqua cool to survive this week. head down bum up at work is gonna keep me sane and away from men that do my head in. Currently 3 on the back bunrer and they can stay there. All ex’s of course. Ha!

  14. Just in from hours of work on one print, deep in the work – heavenly. Visual art was always something I resisted. I dabbled. Now prep for first showing.

    But, retreat upstairs for chai, and to note – that it has taken housesitting a libran’s home to remind me how to Take, and Enjoy a Bath. Every available surface of said bath holds candles and bath salts and beautiful objects. It has been years, a decade, since I have relaxed into that space. I forgot how to create an entertaining, yet restful atmosphere

  15. me too jxsta…i just wanna be loved amazingly…these past two years of my life was so demanding physically and mentally like im being tossed north east south west…now i just want to be loved amazingly…

  16. delilah, you brought a tear to my eye describing that you’re ‘choking from heartache’…. heartache sucks. at the moment, i’m choking from being ‘love-sick’ with guy who is the lust of my life. he ticks so many boxes yet, in contradiction, crosses so many boxes. and so i ache with love for him and the reality is that i’ll never have him (yep, he’s married). but in the meantime, any moments we get to share together are wonderful …. heartache. love-sick. it all sucks…. i just wanna be loved amazingly…. sigh 🙂

  17. im a cap and it says in weekly horoscope of mm midweeks is cathartic for romance…what does that mean? eversince lent like my lovelife is dissolving…i really miss my pisces man…any enlightenment? do we vibe good next week? please help…almost choking from heartache

    • Oh sorry to hear you are suffering… cathartic in my definition is like all encompassing time of transformation. but sometimes its not all encompassing, but still has enough effect in its catharsis. Maybe look it up also. I would say brace yourself and expect the universe to support you. keep your feet on the earth and eat from her harvest feel the elements and as per mm daily, be extraordinarily selfish, only think about yourself. positive self-ish… loving yourself all the way, and don’t think about anyone else…. that should put you in good stead for coming catharsis.

  18. Yah. Madly excited about new blog. Ideas fizzing away. writing like a mad thing, but keep pulling The Hermit. *sigh*

    Last time I ignored The Universe, She broke my leg – that was 7 years ago. She broke it 7 years before that as well….

    Sounds like unless I gaffa tape the kids to the wall & go on a retreat She’s gunna do it again. Eeep.

    • Yup, that happened to me. As I was falling, I knew I’d done myself some damage, shattered bone in lower right leg and smashed right ankle. And as I was falling, I remembered that loud voice in my ear repeating “Don’t do that, don’t do that” and knew EXACTLY why I’d fallen. Haven’t ignored the Universe since!

    • You naughty, you 🙂

      Is a weenie a muskle? 😆

      In need of going to bed and setting the alarm as will be watching the wedding this morning. Bought some hummus and whole wheat organic crackers for my 3:00 a.m party snack.

      • Not certain, but I sure took care in using the term “weenie” after I talked on a crystal site of a “weenie little rose quartz” which provoked much hilarity on the site among readers and puzzlement from me until I worked out why everyone thought it was funny 😛 Here it just means “tiny” or “small”.

  19. I am meant to be resting… still have the tail end of a nasty cold.
    So my ‘relaxing’ was going to yoga in the morning then making a Pear, almond and Fig jam flan, repotting and replanting out my herb garden, then cleaning out my kitchen and my fridge.
    Which would be fine, but I pulled the cake out of the oven and then walked out the door to work. And I will be here until midnight.
    I am not even remotely tired, though. Hungry. Really hungry.
    I smell like flan.

  20. Ya think? I just got hit up by three actually viable prospects on my back up dating site, I have either gotten exponentially attractive or someone’s just secretly sold my chastity on ebay. Venus in Aries indeed.

    And yes, bi. As in Bipolar. Horned as hell but so RELIEVED I can succumb to my bed all alone, free to indulge in thoughts of work, health and yes, rather unflattering sleep postures. It’s like finally looking at someone and going, “You’re cute,” then thinking, “but seriously how much time will you take?”.

    Ah, the crossroads.

    • ah bless, so well put, FA.
      I feel like I am re-discovering myself in solitude after divorce and happily finding I like study, creativity and soon gardening. Yes, I like my path.
      Mystic, so glad you posted this…I was thinking to myself recently ‘why do I have such a hard time giving up the ghost?’
      This Virgo stellium gal was horizontal sick for so long during a weird Neptune transit a few years back, I just don’t like to lie down anymore.
      It gets to the point where I just have to fall over. Can’t buy beg or borrow sleep during all this Aries similar to when all the stuff was in Scorp twanging my Neptooner there.

    • Auuuw fanks awesome peeps. Methinks Venus in Aries lights the fire within for starters, so when you can’t beat the lava flow then by Phoenix, stir it!

      Was just thinking about this push-pull energy of this Martian energy when I realized isn’t that what battle is actually like?? Lots of waiting around, drawing lines on the sand, flexing muscles till suddenly a skirmish! Then it’s all systems go.

      I can’t complain though as it seems to be finally waking men up from their stupor. Was in a silly fender bender Tuesday so driving round a mini with a sunroof and got ogled by a trucker through it. Not the window. The roof.

      Ladies (and I apply that term to any who would qualify for the persuasion), surely it’s much better to have the men back on the aggress rather than lolling about using equality as an excuse not to call, yes? Viagra sales must be thumping..

  21. how interesting. My botox lady told me today that she is bisexual and i think it was a hint. am dragging self out through wet weather to an EVENT with total fuq off hair and make-up even though i should probably be hospitalized on courgette juice and have all my credit cards cut up.

    • while i dont doubt your pulling attractiveness from what we hear here tls… i have to say that when a woman says she is bisexual or lesbian it does not necessarily mean she is intersted in the person she is saying it too… just saying…

      Im sure you will be fabulous tonight have a great time!!!

  22. Everyone I know!!! ZOMG! And this is totally my plan. In exactly 1 hour, I am going to shut shoppe, make a massive urn of tea, and retreat to my darkened boudoir, turn on the salt lamp, put in Sense and Sensibility, and snooze, then I will get up, eat something easy, then return to boudoir, drink more tea and sleep. Whilst asleep I will have a precognitive dream about the man who is going to fulfill all my needs! Awesome…..

  23. I’m so over this conflict of energy and I am in exactly the same position as the girl in the top photo, but imagining and wishing I was more doing the work of the bottom photo. Aries in the sixth house so its fuqing w my health and work… I just want lavender and chammomile and a good eight hours sleep. I’m not doing anything except vitamin c and aspirin.

    • I’ve got Aries in my 6th House too and it’s been a wild ride. I also have Jupiter transiting the 6th so, I hope to a speedy recovery.
      I hope you feel better soon too.

      What plant or sign governs bones, teeth, infections and bad med reactions?
      I have a natal Pisces Moon and Neptune in my 1st House which I blame for the intolerance to pain meds.

      • Saturn is bones and teeth, Mars infections and inflammations- bad meds is def Neptune/ Pisces afflicted somewhere…


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