Conan The Leo


Jason Momoa is a Multiple Conjunct Leo.  He may just be the Ultimate Leo. He is what I like to call a “Performance Leo.”

Not only does he have Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all tight together in Leo AND extreme hotness, he has the following qualifications.

* He was a child star on Baywatch.  This is very Junior Leo.  They are genuinely drawn to the stage and screen as soon as they figure out what it is.

* Momoa has judged Miss Hawaii beauty contests. Leos are natural pageant people.

* He has been a Hair model. Hair modelling is a Leo thing for sure.

* He is an actor, obviously.

* He is the father of two of Lisa Bonet’s children. Note resemblance to her previous partner, Lenny Kravitz. It is as if he a decades younger and more super-humanly version of the dude. Note also that Lisa Bonet IS a Scorpio

* When not acting/modelling/parenting, he relaxes by rock climbing and via Buddhist Studies.

* He is epic.

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Showing off strength and having muscles and a warrior vibe is also very Leo. It’s not just about the hair.

fire lilly

Hooting back at ya owl..he can be my horse man anytime any place..


K Draggo in Game of Thrones — what a hot man!!! Gorgeous gorgeous. All of him in my 7th house.


Surf, Hawaai, dreads, Buddhist studies AND Lisa Bonet???
Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart is memorable. Hot as couple.


Loving Game of Thrones.

Totally personifies why I love Leo men and their ridiculousness, so good.



Was just mesmerized by him in Game of Thrones.


im a huge stargate fan and love the fact that in atlantis Rodney called him Conan way before he actually got cast in the movie 🙂


But is he good in the sack?

That mouth is most delicious!


He’s hot except for his brow. I keep thinking of a botoxed Klingon.


Also in Game of thrones, which is airing now in the US. I love that Lisa Bonet is so much older than he is.


Leo’s typically quite underestimated as being superficial et. bimbo etc
they possess very rare quality of being able to love themselves
and are instructive to the rest of us in that regard
sexually they need to be tackled hard and forcefully taken..

(last bit just opinion, not actually out of the textbooks…)


“sexually they need to be tackled hard and forcefully taken”??
What are you talking about, Humlepilgrim?

P.S. Gosh, … I hope English is not your first language.


I think HumbleP got it right.

Leo Princess

Sorry, but I can’t abide dreadlocks. Otherwise he’s very do-able.


“Can’t abide dreadlocks” … like-wise, but I’ll turn a blind eye in this case!

God, I am so proud he represents our Sun Sign! Hell, yes! Now THAT is a real Leo. All glistening and gorgeous, and stoic/surfer. Quintessential Leo.


As for dreadlocks had to look up Bob Marley to see where his Leo is.

Has Pluto in Leo sextile Uranus. Pluto trine Venus in Aries.

I’d say that speaks individuality hair wise or otherwise….

And a Buffalo Soldier to go (or take away 😉 )


yo,yo,yo 😆


There should be a Bob Marley asteroid. It would govern dreadlocks, folky protest music, and freedom from government.




Eh, he’s probably too full of himself…What about MEEEEEEE???


Honestly tho, the Moon and Mars in Leo was so full of himself that he competed with me. I hadn’t felt the need to compete with him and I’m an Aries.

What the hell is up with THAT, huh? HUH??? 😆

Would have no patience unless he has a tad of humility in there somewhere….off to check the chart…then I’ll know if I can be smitten or not! 🙂


Haven’t looked at his chart but off the cuff think the difference ~might~ be that one has the Leo largesse heart…Sun/Jup/Venus/Merc…while Mars and Moon is about one’s needs and how they will go about getting them fulfilled (egotisically perhaps).

Oh yes, must never generalize too much… 😕


I thought Neptune in pisces was supposed to be some kind of revitalisation of cinema? A remake of conan the barbarian?


That’s right, it is! I don’t think I’ll be going to see the new Conan, just as I’ve never seen the original. There are a few upcoming films that look promising as Neptunian flicks though. One is “Another Earth”, which is supposed to be like 2011’s “Moon”. It’s about a young female MIT astrophysics student and a brilliant composer at the top of his career, whose lives are thrown together when a duplicate planet Earth is discovered. Just the fact that one reviewer said “Another Earth takes indie film audiences to a certain unknown, with its patience and tranquility often… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

He can barbarian me anytime.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

LOL – no alarm bells going off for this Libran …

…. fathered Lisa Bonet’s kids eh? she’s hot!!

year of the fox

This Libra says YUM!

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