The Bast Beat

Ubasti - Bast - Cat Goddess

“my cats” by Charles Bukowski

I know. I know.
they are limited, have different
needs and

but I watch and learn from them.
I like the little they know,
which is so

they complain but never
they walk with a surprising dignity.
they sleep with a direct simplicity that
humans just can’t

their eyes are more
beautiful than our eyes.
and they can sleep 20 hours
a day
hesitation or

when I am feeling
all I have to do is
watch my cats
and my

I study these

they are my

Oddly enough, Charles Bukowski was a multiple Leo – Sun-Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter in Leo and he had asteroid Bast (the Cat Goddess) exact conjunct his Moon in Virgo. I LOVE that.



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64 thoughts on “The Bast Beat

  1. As a Leo and in Chinese astro – Tiger with Tiger Ascendent, was v. curious as to where Bast might be. It is conjunct Lilith opposite my sun. The out-cast alley-cat within forcing me to discover it’s true identity? Dunno, but it seems potent.

  2. I have bast conj. my sun in virgo (its Ubasti on astrodient, right?) and… cats did play an unusually strong role in my life, strangely enough.

  3. I’ve gotta check out where ive got bast in my chart. I have an odd relationship with cats, I explained to a friend the other day I thought it was paternal more than maternal. But if getting up twice during sleep is what mothers do for babies it is prob more maternal. I feel so miffed some times like right now when I get woken at 4am for my pussycat to go outside and its now nearly an hour later and I’ve got up again to let her in, fed her, and given flea treatment because I swear I was being bitten by something – just to tip over the happiness scales. Oh gosh I’m going looking on astrodienst when I would prefer to be asleep.

    • Bast in Leo in the tenth house only aspect trine chiron in the sixth. Ah have just done a quick analysis but my fingers can’t keep up with my head.

      • PG , hmmmm, Ubasti in Leo, I would think the cats are right at home in your life, whether u choose them to be or not. 😉 just a thought. And perhaps the chiron connection could feel a bit much in your home all the time, sometimes. Like a housemate or family member who pushes buttons easily but sometimes soothes old aches. Maybe?
        I just discovered ubasti is right on my ascendent in pisces, within one degree. Could explain why I identify so readily with any and every feline I come across.

  4. I’ve got Bast Rising, if Rising is anywhere in the 1st house. Not sure that I look feline, with my blue grey Scorpio eyes, but my body language is often feline. I lounge and sprawl effortlessly, I stretch and yawn dramatically and when bare foot or in socks I naturally walk on the balls of my feet, as if in prowling stealth mode.

    • I think to be truly rising it must be 3 – 5 degrees, but a larger orb not quite. Pity – otherwise I could make a claim to Venus Rising – meow!

  5. OH MY. looked up BAst in my chart. conjunct my ascendant in the first house. So feline. I read MM’s link to Catty Astro. She asks…Oh and I am especially interested in anyone with Bast Rising (or Sekhmet) who officially looks feline. Or prowls the streets on Full Moons, looking for trouble…
    oh dear, so me. Have been known to roam. good grief.
    have had up 5 adult cats before and a litter of kittens.(country living though). Three right now.

  6. Goddess of Cats, Bast is exact conj my Moon too, and I note transiting Bast is conj my Venus/NN today. Weirdly my new Aqua crush who has Bast conj his Aqua Desc, has just told me how much he loves my eyes (feline).

    • He has a photo of my eyes – close up! for his phone. I am under a spell here, love his embrace, sexy biceps, chest and abs… totally divine. And yet, yet, I am thinking about the full moon, his recent split with his bride, a childhood sweetheart, together for almost 30 years! Only 9 months apart and I am his first post marriage fascination/love (lookout rebound). We have compatible charts in opposites just like our suns: Leo/Aqua. Venus/Mars (Gem/Aqua) compatibility plus outer planets conj as both born same year, My Sun conj his Asc and his Moon conj my Asc. Feeling like i’m a bit lost inspace – helloooo dr who. Help ? Sweatpea, anyone????

  7. I’ve never looked up Bast in my chart before, but I am very much a cat person myself. What might it mean to have Bast in the 1st house in Capricorn, trine Chiron and Saturn? Sekhmet is the other feline goddess I’ve always loved reading about. I remember reading a prayer to her in a witchy type spell book I had as a teen and reciting it to myself at moments when I needed courage and a boost of inner strength. I’ve got her in Sagittarius, conjunct Neptune in the 12th house and square Saturn.

  8. 😯

    My Virgo girl cat is writhing all over me lately, Dr Aqua says she has fallen in love with me… 😯 … She looks at me lovingly from afar and races over to me and collapses on the floor at my feet. I am loving all the affection from this beautiful girl!

  9. My cat has been apart from me, in Sydney, for several months now and may be in need of a new home if I can’t find a place for both of us. 🙁

    His stand-in mum has gone travelling and the rest of the house don’t want him there cos they’re not interested….. I don’t want to think they’re just too narcissistic to appreciate a cat for longer than 2 seconds it takes to pose for a Facebook pic with him….whatevs.

    Please if anyone knows of a kind and cat-loving person who would take in a very domesticated, affectionate cat with loads of personality, 5 ys young, lemme know.

  10. Cartoons and comic strips are our usual form of honoring the Cat—they can capture the attitude and ‘where- it’s -at’ at the moment, because it’s done so simply.
    The poem is wonderful, thank you for putting it up!

  11. I have always adored my feline friends, am at a loss without their constant reeminder to: stretch, play, be absolutely gorgeous always, sleep, eat, be selfish!

    My feline friends are: Lestat, Pan, Raziel and Jasper and I could just gobble them up!!!!

  12. I picked up Henry miller’s tropic of cancer today at the library and remembered I wanted to read it and tropic of capricorn, some narcisstic tendency of mine w my nnode in cap and snode in cancer, but also he was anais ninn’s lover. I think the reason I mention this is that I flicked through and read a couple of sentences and put it back on the shelf for another time. the raw brutal darkness exposed similar to bukowski, forgive me if I’m wrong there, not an expert in any case on either authors, but know the stomach and psychic space needed to ‘go there’.

    I find it unnerving observing my cat for too long, she’s very old and odd and while meditating on mortality is good for Zen health, I’d prefer the sensuous languishing and purring in pleasure cat observations. I love her, she has taken to sleeping with me every night and following me around recently and she did purr at me the other night. but I can never be sure.

    • PG , yes, elder cats can do some odd things, but I am sure she appreciates you. Can’t be easy for a feline of any age to experience such a rainy year.

      I love the way older cats still sunsoak and squint with exquisite and prolonged delight. Come to think of it , quite a few older humans do too. 🙂

  13. Oooh I’d love to see that!! Doom is awesome, he’s a Capricorn haha oh jeez.

    Oh and thank you, I am so in the mood for some Tom Robbins, was just wondering what to read next.

    • i started reading villa incognito about a month ago and it vanished! i *never* lose things. i guess part of me was in more of a hurry to read cutrone’s book ( which is awesome and thx to mystic for the tip).

  14. this is the second time he’s popped up for me this week. i use his stuff to balance out the tom robbins books.

    mf doom is touring oz and he apparently uses some of bukowski’s work in the intro to one of his tracks, or so a younger, cooler guy I met on a course told me… i know bukowski’s stuff pretty well but have no idea about mf doom.

    i’m not even going to attempt to describe how much i love my cat. especially lately while both of us have put on the jupiter belly.

  15. i can’t believe he has no air in his chart but gemini ruling both the 2nd and third houses makes sense and mercury and neptune straddling the 4th and 5th = crazy luck from writing about drinking and gambling with jupiter the sun and venus in the 5th as well that’s some stellium with uranus opposing venus, jupiter and saturn. He lived and breathed his astro. Which planet rules post offices?

    • and you know I’d never thought of him as a cat man – he’s one of those men who love/hates women and settles down with cats instead.

  16. i had never thought to look at the synastry of my chart with that of writers i love before but no wonder i love his words – all of them, even the most vile – we have total headfuq synastry. i wonder if synastry with the maker or artist is what makes people like certain kinds of art.

    • I was thinking this exact thing this morning. i did this with Patti Smith yesterday as I have just been completely opened by lyrics and writing. She has her asc exact my venus/neptune and her venus conjunct my sun/merc her sun trine my mars/nn. then I looked up robert mappelthorpe lol

      • I do it all the time and it absolutely works out like that for me with musicians, writers, artists. In fact this is probably one of my most favourite things to do astro wise.

        Last summer I was reading The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing, was horribly relating to the character and then Lessing gave the gift of all gifts, a birthday for her, 10th of Nov like me. I looked up the year and date she gave and the astro was so like mine it gave me chills.

        • god i wonder if the character was based on someone doris knew or if she chose a date and made the character fit the astro of the day…

          • I’d love to know, Doris is a Libra born 22nd of Oct so it’s likely she had Scorpios in her life! Rimbaud and I also shared some astro Mercury, Venus + Mars spooky, ‘I was born on the day Arthur Rimbaud died’ sounds like something Patti would write.

      • hey darling ms how’s tricks? Bizarrely & synchronicitously I did it with verlaine and rimbaut ( when i was studying the revolution in France and then ended up on a huge patti smith tangent and discovered her song ghost dance is about the effect of christianity on the culture and shamanic lives of first nation americans and then had to go hunt Easter down on vinyl so I could lie on my bed with the speakers pointing at me and luxuriate in her dirging whilst reading hopi prophecies that came true not long after when the BP oil rig blew up. Profound.

        • should be rimbaud – i spelled it wrong in my essay too and lost a mark for it clearly some people never learn 😆

        • see end of previous post. I am good. my guides have been throwing music at me to open my heart and tell a story of a girl i used to know who wasn’t afraid of trial by fire… infact it made her

          • I wonder what Rimbaud + Patti have synastry wise, after all most of her career is based on a profound love of his work.

            She’s the best, watching her live for the first time was as close to a religious experience as I ever hope to get! Truly a performer on all levels, people were dancing, crying, swaying, hysterical plus she is probably the only person my Libran stellium will tolerate spitting ha.

              • I know, it’s hard for me to deal with too as I’m not able to cope with that in any usual circumstances but somehow it just works. You know? She’s spitting her words literally and then sometimes she just spits on the stage! Seeing her was honestly life changing though. I’ve been a fan since I was about 12 and my parents fell in love to Horses, in fact I was probably conceived to it.

                I get told I look like her all the time but I think it’s just the hair!

                  • Sadly they provided rather too much info about my conception, gross.

                    Obviously it still sounds amazing now but imagine hearing it then, nothing comparable, my mum said they were hypnotised. Then probably did some hypnotic interpretative dancing!

          • Charley, MS and Whatevs … one of the best conversation threads ever!! I think it’s the writing as (as in, how) you speak, text/voice connected, as you speak of, a new openness … bloody great : )

            • hey firey how are you? Yeah I’ve noticed with some people there is an ease and flow of conversation with the textual communication that you somehow can’t swing with others yet it’s not due to any reason you can put your finger on – it’s probably down to synastry too i guess.

              • a heart level synastry … nice!!

                i just noted mm’s twitter re north nodes … have just returned from a first birthday party where my relationship past was pinging all over the shop – overlaps and parallells – my internal dialogue to some of the assembled cast was something like this: o, last time i saw you i was house-sitting your house and my ex and i reunited there, that was the last time i saw him. O, and You are (another) ex’s ex-girlfriend, I remember feeling really happy for him when I heard of you. O, and You, you’re about to go to my most recent ex’s house to write music and you were the one who introduced us and o, why you’re there can you please tell him that … o never mind.

                i gotta put the kettle on. that was too much.

                • It’s weird you should say that re nodal stuff I have transitting saturn on south node in the 4th right now. I don’t live where I’m from and I’ve been thinking for the last week I wonder what kinds of sudden past/present/future collisions will occur when I resettle in my homelands? What kind of bizarre dinner party or similar hell I will inevitably face when men from my past are seated with me opposite and just out of hearing… Something akin to an exhibition I once walked into and froze at the door of because all of the portraits were of men I’d had relationships with except for the one who was gay but had coincidentally shared my bed platonically. I was suspecting saturn on my south node was making me have those “I wonder what will be…” thoughts. Sort of like imagining your funeral only with the added potential of indigestion or wine stains. This week has felt all about the past and future colliding. The air has been dense with it. Thank goodness the resettlement is at least a decade away. I feel like this time is all about me – if I fortify now I’ll be able to deal with parochial small pond mentality with aplomb later. It must have been so strange for you – anything from the past you desire a revisit to? Or it was a good way to realise you’ve moved on?

                  • o that portrait exhibition story is incredible! I think you won’t even have to try to fortify in preparation for your return … if it is your intention to make graceful wise return, so it shall be. Time and the concurrent unrolling of everyone else’s story seems to see to that …

                    Of the birthday party, it was a an excellent occurrence to realise that the closure is there, happy poignancy. Of the last ex though, I could still feel that urge for ‘clarity’, desire to ‘know’ – dimly but still there. Keep thinking of Nat’s recent wise fantastic paragraph on a recent post about keeping check of such brain tricks. Sorry, I am waffling on and not making anysense!

                    another weird thing is none of these ex’s know each other at all …

  17. Love this. A neighbours cat came and visited me this afternoon as I was hanging out the washing. As I’m in a new place the feline was kinda checking me out to see if I was friendly. Hope they visit again 🙂

    • My first Leo boyfriend introduced me to him when I was about 16, he’s such a Leo but that Mars + NN in Scorpio makes sense, as does the Toro rising most likely giving a Scorpio 7th house. Something very Scorpionic about his attitude and work.

  18. Charles has got it all worked out, I love my two lay-abouts. Or is that envy of their seraphic life? Spooky was reading about Bast this afternoon.

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