A Brand New Hope

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Steven Klein Vogue Paris –

So these ladies are treating Neptune in Pisces/Uranus with immense respect: green veggies, grog, pucci and indigo turbans already.

Notice how ever since Neptune went into Pisces on Monday, old dreams and fantasies have lost their resonance.

But the news ones…genius!

Think also of how the entire era from 1998 onward can now be seen as just that; a distinct era.

Yes of course there are other phases ongoing – always – in astrology. Those of Pluto & Uranus leap to mind.

But Neptune defines our dreams and deepest spiritual longings, the things – or people – we fantasize about when listening to music, lost in reverie, wistful or drunk, lol.

And i guarantee that the old fantasies have lost resonance all of a sudden. If not, you’re either amazingly Neptune-resistant or in too much of a funk from Mercury Retro merde to notice yet.

The brill thing about all this is that for some of us, it’s a like an old bad spell has been broken. Who would have thought that nebulous Neptune could be SUCH a good heartbreak cure.

Shake off any residue from the now broken enchantment, Be In The Now and be ready to cast your own fresh spells.

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70 thoughts on “A Brand New Hope

  1. Merc retro funk well and truly, almost messaging someone from the past I really shouldn’t, crying over a lost lover WTF? Do not want this thanks, new era please and sharpish. Love the pic.

    • Oh and thank eff for this post reminding me just in the nick of time what can happen during a Merc Retro with the whole nostalgia love stuff/exes, almost did something stupido, thank you MM.

      • It definitely feels like nostalgia retro. Coming face-to-face with all the things that didn’t work in the past. Release it so you can be free I say. 🙂 Although it’s much easier said than done (trying it myself). xx

      • Holy shizz, YES! I have been stupid for WEEKS now, pining over lost ex who I finally REALLY separated from only 6 weeks ago after a dragged out, open-ended seeming break-up….only to realize he was over it yonks ago, moving on, and MOST nastily….ALREADY fully dating someone who I’ve apparently met before while I’ve been too shellshocked and heartbroken to really even look at other men.

        Until last weekend that is….heeheehee!

        But yes, truth is all out now, as of TODAY and I couldn’t be less interested/more disgusted by this douchenozzle now. UGH!!!

  2. definitely seeing a change in my pisces guy.

    i’ve got neptune conjuncting my merc in pisces and sextile venus in cap so i hope that i finally get over my fears in showing my more intimate creative side to the world.

  3. Re: “the old fantasies have lost resonance all of a sudden” — yes, and I’m grateful. Moving along.

  4. Judging by my complete inability to type accurately today, I think I must be in the mercury retro funk. Am not yet feeling this new Neptune vibe.

    • Good example Godlfleece. She looks a bit like a mermaid with, tribute to Aries, fiery hair. Very pisces colours!

  5. am a wee bit miffed that i got the poo brown gravatar thingie am seriously coveting the blue and pink and the purple and orange ones. am considering actually making one of those my gravatar for real. own it.

      • totally have seen one of his invaders so high up there must’ve been a ladder & it looks like mosaic – crafted. i like the other guy whose name eludes me who does the alphabets and care bears – love the alphabets beautiful old school screenprinting techniques

  6. I am feeling like a massive new cycle is imminent – and old cycles are totally ending. But yes, feeling a bit in limbo waiting for something to happen….ready for newness – it is all beckoning, but nothing is happening yet. So an Aries without direction & vision and a plan to implement is a lost little chickadee. Think my lesson right now is surrender to the moment and something will reveal itself soon!

  7. has anyone else noticed that gadaffi looks like he’s made of chocolate – and no I’m not being un-pc i mean his garb looks like it’s been sculpted out of chocolate. milk chocolate.

    and also wtf is up with the leaks in japan toxifying the fishies? they don’t just hang in the same hood for life you know? why don’t they hurry the fuq up and fix that shit?

    AND has anyone else had a problem at the supermarket with a checkout chick who takes a disliking to you and makes it impossible for you to ever get through without some kind of rub-down/anal probe? My arch nemesis was so bad I used to work out her shifts and get on in there at 2am just so she wouldn’t be around to “serve” me. Such a mole. Just because I quoted the legislation that allows me to refuse a bag search if she doesn’t actually have reason to suspect me of stealing at her one day. From then on. Every time.

    and yes neptune – free flowing visions galore + a nebulous tinge to everything and i don’t even remember what I’ve given up it’s so gone

    • He makes me think of a wax man, beginning to melt and run just a bit. Gravity has been most unkind.

  8. almost on queue. . . gone. . . unfortunately they haven’t yet been replaced, and I’m absolutely lost without a crush or a fantasy.

  9. I see the Libra ex & the mental illness headfuqs as that era. For now that’s all I see. What a comeback lol! Try as I might nothing else seems to materialise from that era, maybe a little more time has to pass.

    It has been a great heartache cure. The music thing, lost in thought thing…

  10. I love the new Neptune in Pisces vibe in the air. It really is a “high”. A different kind though. Like after you’ve been to a Dionysian extravaganza, gotten messed up and finally stepped out at the crack of dawn with totally radical inspiration…

  11. I really can feel this new energy, amazing stuff. I’ve got so much inspirational stuff flowing in and ideas and visions coming in re the book I’m writing, plus diet and exercise changing rapidly. Bought another purple top this morning too 😛

  12. I’m in the retro-funk, I suppose. Had high hopes pinned on Neptune to FINALLY get me over my most recent ex once and for all, but instead I’m still lingering. Also exhausted, overworked, pulled in 8 million directions, and dealing with things going wrong every single day. (Weirdly, though, in mostly good spirits. Go figure…)

  13. Sweetie-daaarlings – isn’t this Pats and Eddy back in the 70s?

    Old crush and once hoped for reunion wishes gone. Even deleted email from him as soon as I’d read it rather than hanging on to all those messages for years. Flick!

    Am working on a new project. My parents, concerned about my financial security as barely self-employed, let me know about a relevant job ad. I cheerfully told them I’m not looking for a job. I have every confidence in the success of my new work venture.

  14. Mystic and Posse, the butcher nearly fainted when i guessed his sun sign today (thanks to the reading of your magnificent blog/daily emails ),

    His clues were ”i had yesterday off, i did the dishes from the night before, trimmed a hedge (that only took 5 minutes) and spent the rest of the day on the couch” to which i said ”Are you Taurean?” .. his jaw dropped, and now he thinks i’m some sort of astro magician.

    Isn’t astrology a hoot ! xx

    • PS… Pisces rising. I have had so much energy, i was still decluttering at 8pm last night. im up around 5.30am and on to ”what if we had to move/leave tomorrow…what would we keep “”mode”. it’s been invigorating.
      Also little Aqaurian has just started pumping out the language (autism, long speech delay)…
      And re Uranus being an appetite suppressant, bang on the nail (yet again) there too. reminding myself to eat fruit and veg, trying to remember to refuel so as not to burn out.
      Adios Amigo’s and Amigoettes.

      • Me too goldfleece, Neptune just about to cross my Asc and i’m exercising manically, never had a better diet and so full of energy i’m bouncing, just getting stuff done, but that could be all the Aries energy in my 2nd. But i definitely feel lighter, freer and excited about the future. Peeps are noticing, so loving this vibe. And yes to letting the past go – things i’ve struggled with forever are just disappearing from my life…very neptunian natural high.

    • Yes! Goldfleece that’s how I feel when I guess someone’s sign. I sometimes spend a good portion of my day considering other people’s rising/sun signs. I love how you included ‘the clues’ :lol:. I’m a taurean and sometimes I can be like that 😀 I love it when people ask about astrology. More often than not people go ‘oh yeah that sounds like me/whoever’… I’ve recently been looking at the astro for my dog and thinking about other dogs I know and what I think their signs are. My dog is a true sagittarian/pisces moon.

      Lately though i’ve been going through when I move ‘what will I take’ as you said below.

      Thats great news about you little aquarian- what a huge achievement for him/her and your family!

      Fruit & veg- yes i’ve been trying to have those. I just don’t feel like eating and I am a taurus.

  15. Since Monday I have had new eyes. Seismic vision. It’s like seeing what is solid and what is a shonk.
    The upside , I can see things like which new barista is just bluffing their way through before parting with cash and expectation so I can truly enjoy daily Discretionary spending.
    The downside , I am seeing way more despair and suffering behind thin veils than I really want to see. Although this could be helpful for avoiding trouble in work and romance.

    Also noticed that Colours are totally coming alive , especially emerald green. Feels a bit like “now I KNOW we’re not in Kansas anymore”

    Pisces rising and Neptune on MC.

    • Pisces rising, similar emotions..Neptune is on 8/9 cusp.

      Feeling grounded but out-of-this world at the same time.

      Suddenly I started cutting through lies and fluff but also touching to a point which for now is difficult to describe with words.

  16. Getting an ulcer just looking at all that alcohol. It just seems an effort drinking these days. My elbow needs greasing and my stomach needs re-lining.

    Heard that smoking is back in fashion? That seems very Neptune in Pisces to me.
    My great Uncle was into turbans, but he was a magician..

  17. Too funny. I just “stumbled” upon an ex on Twitter this afternoon. We broke up quite badly I might add in 1999 but the live-in relationship was over back in ’98. (We only stayed together because of the cat. True!) I have been feeling lately as if I’m going backwards, having a hard time getting forward momentum. But at the same time it does feel like it’s a new era….. As for those 2 in the pic? Get them a steak asap!

    • didn’t mean for that to sound insensitive. I am having same step back go forwards feeling. think its just asking us to recognize what really needs to be shed to go forward. sounds mega cliche but I have been having that sense of ‘oh god’ about all the emotional things I must shed to be . well I don’t know clean? to go forward but thats prob virgo mars talking. I think of it like the aeon in Thoth deck. pre phoenix babe. Merc sends me dark places sometimes but you pull up serious roots. tis the scorpio way xx

  18. Neptune’s squaring my sun at the mo (maybe that’s why I feel at such a standstill). Everything has ended and yet the new beginnings aren’t…well…beginning. Lots of focus on the home though – am in decorating mode which is where Neptune is transiting.

    Feel a bit lost re the casting of new spells. Not sure what I want to manifest anymore. Being in the now = stillness (which I’m not enjoying). *ponders if Merc retro is funking with me*

  19. I love the vege isle get up. I do miss those days, swan in trashed from whatever time in “this old thing”. What do you mean I can’t smoke next to broccoli???
    Despite Neptune being I guess a big player in my chart and like all the virgo crew, its about to opposition the lot, its on my mars but I am feeling utterly practical and strangely obedient, and asexual…

  20. thank fully the ex of mine who popped up the day after mercury went retrograde actually reminded me of why i should not be with him WHILE he was trying to get into my pants.

    I was thinking l was going to ignore everything mystic said in my consult and the d.m and the scopes etc etc and just DO it for the attention, the sex and he’s hot etc WHEN Mr Ex said to me “you’re still so hot but i remember you when you were 23, god you were beautiful then.” and i sobered up, took his hands out of my pants and thought ‘i can do better.’ i can actually get a man who thinks i am a catch NOW not some shop soiled version of 23 year old me.

    And i have become wiser and funnier with age where as he is just more into whining.

    oh and i see the spycam has now been installed on my supermarket trolly.

  21. Maybe I need to get the beer in too. This post is spot on. The astro weirding but love fun feeling of le weekend has slipped away like it was never here. And I am over, as over can be, broken promises, and of projection of stuff on me.
    And yes, casting oh so fresh, and somewhat wild spells.

  22. Love the picture! It’s a bit like how I lived before I had children and moved to the incredibly conservative district I now live in.

    • OMG what do you prefer? (excluding the kids?!) desire to go back occassional? uber conserv sounds killer

      Im very much MMs pics of how to control a pisces (Antique Art to Shaz Stone breakfast juicing a deep red)

      Taurus/P rising

      • Desire to go back quite often!!!!

        Conservatism does something to my psyche and I end up offending people half on purpose because they are so haughty with superiority that I just have do something to bust up their aura.

        But I have to admit, there were times during the above phase that it got a bit meaningless and boring. I mean – how much can you remember of days that were only a repeat of yesterday, even if it was party after party after party…..

  23. Oi, this mercury retrograde is hitting me hard or something. (leo sun, sagg moon/acs)
    I am SO out of it. Sooo tried and lazy, I don’t feel like doing anything, let alone my college homework. I have to force myself to do anything.

  24. Wow! I feel EXACTLY like this and didn’t make the connection. Object of lust/crush – it’s like it all clicked suddenly (yesterday) and I could not be LESS interested now. And wonder what on earth I was thinking??? Obviously made worse by Neptune having taken up residence in my 7th.
    Feels great, actually!

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