The Apex Of Aries

She is a Libra. He is an Aries.

She hates the crumpled-yick-dishrag look of the “shirt.” ย She hates the stylists guts. She’s thinking how long can Aries glare intensely into a mirror checking out his own biceps already?

Answer: Indefinitely. ย Amazing biceps are the apex of being an Aries man. It makes up for – they feel – their lack of empathy…

Which they see as a sideline of hysteria.

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40 thoughts on “The Apex Of Aries

  1. Sure his last name is not “Fast Bender” instead of “Fassbender?” Just looked at his chart. Can you believe Mystic that he has Mars square Neptune? Ha, just looked on a whim!

    • Ha, I’m now obsessed with checking everyone I know for a hard Mars-Neptune aspect!

  2. lol too true – shirt would be worst nightmare, I like it but couldn’t wear

    tick re aries biceps & self-worship whilst passing a mirror …..

    • Fishbender’s beady eyes, thin lips & slutsville glare come across with notable degree of insincerity – reading comments below maybe his moon & rising make him appear less Aries ….. the one’s I know ‘do it, not prove it’ …. vs ‘try too hard’

  3. I was about to make some really disgusting joke to do with Fessbendover and the hilt of the sword but mars neptune? He’s probably just wondering who stole his bucket bong or whether his nostrils are twitching too hard.

  4. I heard an Astrologer friend of mine comment once that ”A Libran is an Aries with velvet gloves” .. hmmm.

      • Ooo. This is very good. I love my Libra friends (and Mom). But this fits like a glove.

        And the Librans I’m not so fond of, this cloaked Aries thing rings so true.

        • Oh- I sooo have to object.

          I would say “with the power of an Aries” in that glove, but no, no, no.

          I mean by this, that Librans can be lethal, and powerful and warriers etc…but they are no way Arian…..
          Arians ARE clunky, uncouth power. If we can’t clout you over the head with it, it ain’t ….

          Oh you get my point.
          I say that with Mom, sis and wayyyy to many libran co-workers.

    • Or Mystic’s comment that a Libra is just an Aries who has been to charm school, my fav quote ever.

      • this is good, too! There’s something very determined and aggressive about Libra, but its so charmingly done!

          • Libra, the only sign with an inanimate object as it’s symbol. Not animal, not even human….Libran.

  5. ::whispers::Michael you might think that’s very funny but your manparts are furling this idiotic shirt behind me like a flag, not to mention I am starving, well all right I am burning ethanol from the appletini and I’ve noticed a rather plasticine odor emanating from my person since I switched from eating newspaper to styrofoam with cherry cough syrup. Can’t smell it? Darling, you can’t smell anything and I know why, and if you promise to help me stab that woman over there…good christ she’s got a dog in a bag, it’s so 2005 darling, *truly* revolting, those little button eyes, yipping like mad, it’s like a hammer between the eyes, have you got Vicodin on you? Now promise you’ll stab it through it’s tiny black little heart as soon as…what’s his name? Yes, Vlad, I can never remember these people, as soon as he comes round with the b12 shots for the fencing scenes…

  6. Oh god yes, the Aries biceps thing. Sadly it DOES initially make up for lack of sensitivity/empathy/maturity in the books of a lot of women (especially if compounded by great height, and the veil of maturity provided by say, a Cap asc, or if said woman has previously been attacked/violated once or more and is subconsciously looking for a Neanderthal who will protect her), and I include moi here (in the list of women who have been so-blighted by said delusion, at least over last 12 years).
    Hmmm…it’s even worse if you are female with Aries moon. You dig em even more, because they have the muscle, and you just KNOW that your very slender if very well toned and trained chops really would not come out of a really serious fight with a really really big bloke very well….because you’ve stood your ground and gotten seriously damaged before in such a situation. Let’s face it, what Aries moon gal has the time to become BOTH martial master who can beat 20 year old male neanderthal AND BE searingly independent financially, particularly if she is middle-aged….?

  7. All the Moon in Aries people I know are completely hysterical. They really need emotional versions of biceps..

    • hello, andy???? just how many moon in aries people do you know well? Personally, I as an Aries moon at nearly 50 years old, am the rock – the positive rock – of everyone I know’s fuqing Gibraltar…and have emotional biceps quite capable of calmly and perserveringly dealing with pretty much any crap that comes my way….except, perhaps, knocking out a huge bloke who takes me unawares…and I have a sista who is 55 with same moon who has a pretty impressive record on same score….

      • Ha ha!! I am sooo glad to hear it! Gives me hope for both parents and best friend. Soz to insult your moon, really do like you mob, firecracking and forgiving at best!

        • at best sounds wrong, I mean haute Aries is generally awesomely fun.. Ai yaa. Lesson, besmirch ye not the moon of others!

  8. Doesn’t mean we don’t once in a while secretly crave a man who might be able to knock out said bloke who is bigger/stonger than us and up to no good….

  9. having been burned by two aries peeps i ask do they actually feel any empathy? Dont start me on the biceps in still getting over them. Not him them lol

  10. This picture makes me laugh so much! Thank you for posting it!

    And yes that shit is the pits!!!

  11. I’m sorry but I’d so do him, he has an Irish accent for crying out loud but obvs a do and run like the wind kind of scenario. Bloody Aries.

  12. Wow, every time there’s an Aries post I’m amazed at the negative depictions of Aries men (even though there is some grudging appreciation and love for who we are). Have any of you ever had a good relationship with an Ariean?

    • Yes!!! Two good friends are Aries! They are hilarious and devoted over long periods of time and distance. I love them both. They do get ticked off and irritated easily, but they move on quickly. I think that meshes with my Leo sensibility (roar then get on with it).

      Actually, I can think of a male friend who is Aries. And the same thing applies. He has empathy, but he cannot stick around too, too long to console. Lots of nervous energy and ambition. But I would say he has empathy, for sure.

    • I was surprised at the negativity too! I absolutely love Aries. Love love love. Haven’t actually dated one so maybe I’ll change my mind then, but I’ve had plenty of crushes on Aries. A good friend of mine is an Aries and yes, she does have empathy. She also has a Scorp moon. Very powerful personality. Love ‘er to bits.

      But I’m a Leo and I always seem to adore my fellow fire signs. Other Leos included!

      • Thanks bluesky and catsmeow. I think us Aries folk are very good people, but I’m a bit biased ๐Ÿ™‚ . I know many of us have empathy! I also like my fellow fire signs, maybe a bit too much as they can all burn you badly. Still haven’t dated a Leo girl though……

        • Ther’s lots of smashing of diff signs on this blog……but generally it’s intended all in good fun.

          Definitely Aries are supremely sensitive aussi. Possibly Aries men (I don’t know any) aren’t known for their emo support because they are *too* sensitive?
          Meybee they have uber sensitive spots…hmmm?

          I know my Dad gets bothered by emotions because he can’t stand to see me upset.

          He’s Virgo, Leo moon, dinno his rising.

          • There’s definitely some truth to Arieans being very sensitive. I think Mystic has alluded to it a few times and I’ve read about it at other places. I can tell you, being an Aries male, that despite our brash exterior, there’s definitely a highly sensitive core. I can’t stand to see people I care about be upset either. I think our somewhat hidden sensitivity is what makes people think we’re intense.

            • Hmmm. interesting.

              Well, I always try to blame being sensitive on my Pisces moon.

              But I always say Aries are more about the joy of being alive, than gung- ho war starters…

              Obv, I’m biased.

    • Yes and no. Yes because I still count him as the love of my life and think there is something amazing about him, no because he broke my heart about 8 times but that was less to do with the Aries stuff and more his low Piscean elements.

      Aries men are probably my favourite to be honest, they never find me intimidating which is nice or get offended by my impatience and I respect the outspoken bluntness plus we always have a pretty far out sexual connection. I have Aries rising though, it’s energy I know how to handle.

      • I’m sorry that he put you through that, Charley. I’ve felt a similar way for a while now but with a different fire sign. I don’t know much about low Piscean elements despite having dated one for years. What are the attributes of low Pisceans?

      • That is what I like about Aries too. Being triple Fixed, I can be very outspoken. Sometimes to a point of aggressiveness (even if I don’t realize it). I’ve offended many a sign in my day, but Aries is the one that actually RESPECTS my no holds barred attitude. Other signs will think I need to keep my mouth shut/be more cautious, but Aries cheers me on with a big ol’ FUQ YEAH.

  13. The Libra/Aries/charm school thing is the best. I’m all about Aries, but THAT man up there is seriously sleazy.

  14. Aries men shouldn’t be generalised, they all differ as every being. But I do know one Aries male who has been driving me crazy for years (not in every way though). Recently he tried to make a move, but I didn’t want to rush – *poof* – off he goes. Any relation that we had ended. That’s not all though, he then made another stupid move aside-directed.. You get the picture anway.
    Plus, not all of Arians I know have a body of an athlete or a body-builder. Sorry for this, Mystic, but I had to add that.

    Libra female?
    I know one that is everything but not neat and romantic as libran females are often considered to be. =)
    She’s the only libra female that I know well.

    Libra male – finally something I can discuss about – might actually give a vision of an Aries who went to charming school. Though through a charming school fully decorated with a nice park outside which lasted for a long, long period, especially when it comes to aesthetic values, even if he grows a beard, or lets his hair grow..At least from my experience, what I’ve seen and heard from them.