Striving To Be Leo

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Backyard Bill

Lina Plioplyte    New York

Where did you grow up?
In Vilnius, Lithuania

Where do you live?
I lived in a few places in the American West, but I found home in Brooklyn.

Your star sign?

I’m a first day of Virgo, but I like to call myself Leo. I feel more like Leo.

Who is your style icon?
Right now, maybe Axl Rose-Grace Jones-Daphne Guinness hybrid.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
I make videos right now ( I would love to make Videos when I grow up.

So I was going to call this post The Wannabe Leo but that felt a bit Mean Girl.

Going off the pics here, is Lina an actual Virgo?  Or could she be born “on the first day of Virgo” but maybe the Sun was actually still in Leo. If she were born before 6am, she could have Leo Rising and the Sun could STILL be in Leo.

One thing is tres clear; she is trying extremely hard to vibe Leo. Leopardskin hatboxes, purple suede boots, a feather quill pen, dinky little violets (did you know that in the olden days, to give someone violets as a gift meant “you are vulgar”?), platinum blonde statement hair, the fuqing fox stole & well you guys figure it out for me.

Is she secretly an actual Leo?

An alien trying to morph into Leo?

A Virgo in denial?  Her site is meticulous, v.Virgo & observational.

A bullshitting Aquarius – purple? Axl Rose as a role model, style icon whatever?

All her style icons are Fixed Signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo – she craves the definitive nature of the Fixed Signs?

Thoughts please

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113 thoughts on “Striving To Be Leo

  1. i am leo rising and leo sun, with aries moon… i am kind of calm with lots of frustrated ambition, does this make sense?

  2. She’s a total Virgo. I mean, come on, a MATCHING hat and shoes?

    What- you’re a Leo because you have bleached hair and wear a dog around your neck?

    Leo is about grace, not matching bulky clothes.