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Backyard Bill

Lina Plioplyte    New York

Where did you grow up?
In Vilnius, Lithuania

Where do you live?
I lived in a few places in the American West, but I found home in Brooklyn.

Your star sign?

I’m a first day of Virgo, but I like to call myself Leo. I feel more like Leo.

Who is your style icon?
Right now, maybe Axl Rose-Grace Jones-Daphne Guinness hybrid.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?
I make videos right now ( I would love to make Videos when I grow up.

So I was going to call this post The Wannabe Leo but that felt a bit Mean Girl.

Going off the pics here, is Lina an actual Virgo?  Or could she be born “on the first day of Virgo” but maybe the Sun was actually still in Leo. If she were born before 6am, she could have Leo Rising and the Sun could STILL be in Leo.

One thing is tres clear; she is trying extremely hard to vibe Leo. Leopardskin hatboxes, purple suede boots, a feather quill pen, dinky little violets (did you know that in the olden days, to give someone violets as a gift meant “you are vulgar”?), platinum blonde statement hair, the fuqing fox stole & well you guys figure it out for me.

Is she secretly an actual Leo?

An alien trying to morph into Leo?

A Virgo in denial?  Her site is meticulous, v.Virgo & observational.

A bullshitting Aquarius – purple? Axl Rose as a role model, style icon whatever?

All her style icons are Fixed Signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo – she craves the definitive nature of the Fixed Signs?

Thoughts please

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113 thoughts on “Striving To Be Leo

  1. no way. bless her heart…doesn’t come naturally. a leo may try too hard, (well …not really), but whatever they do, it comes naturally. you hit the proverbial nail on the head – she craves…..

  2. My vote is she is virgo. Sorry petal, but you just ain’t got the growl and the prrrrrr of a Leo, just the bright colours and the fur. But what a great look! And she looks too calm to be a fire sign, too contented with the meticulous order-keeping to let loose and wind up in a hotel swimming pool , fully decked out it glam party getup, sipping a vodka martini at 2am.

    • “but you just ain’t got the growl and the prrrrrr of a Leo”

      That’s what’s missing; that well known Leonic purr. She actually looks more like she’d be at home in a nun’s habit etc. to me. All serene.

  3. She defies astro sign. Love her courageous bold use of colour.

    I got in trouble for calling in to work defiant yesterday.

    Some peoples made me mad and instead of taking deep breaths, I stormed out and called later saying, “I won’t be in for my shift tomorrow, (all of three hours), I’m just not coming in.”

    Amazed at how they can try to make you feel small and then when you stick up for yourself they try and make you feel small again.

    “It’s just not done here, blah blah, it will go in your file,” and then what ? Made my apologies and then apologized to myself for letting stuff get to me.
    On my day off however, I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years.

    It’s my Leo Sun and my Aries planets and my tired of my bullshit.

    • Lucy, My Aries mum walked out of work on Wednesday at lunchtime, she came face to face with the perpetrator on the street, coming back from his lunch.

      He asked ”oh whats wrong, why are you leavingearly”, (she said she struggled to bite her tongue) and came out with ‘someone has been incredbily rude and disrespectful to me for most of the morning, constantly on my case and i”ve had enough, I’m going home” he asked ”who was it, tell me” and she looked him square in the eyes and said ”You!” …

      There’s something in the air that wont let fire sign take crap .. love it, Good on you Lucy for showing self respect! xx

    • See post below, but double Leo Mom walked out of a job one time. She had high standards…The bosses were dumping on her, coming in from lunch late and drunk, she didn’t have proper working environment…She went out for a walk to get some air…

      She never went back! She called proper (housing loan) authorities as business was not being run “by the book”. That was very important to her Virgoness…

      She said “enough was enough”.

      As Aries, at 18, I too walked out on a waitress job. I know when I’m being taken…so….”good-bye”. Find another chump…

    • well done lucy!

      have walked out of 2 jobs in the last 15 months there is no reason to put up with abuse!!

      am not enjoying the lack of income, but have seriously grokked that it’s ok to say “stuff you it’s not ok to treat me this way” weird for someone who thought they’d die if they couldn’t support themselves and weirder to watch the response in the faces of the management peeps that i wasn’t doing what they expected/wanted v empowering

    • Hmm – I have a very low Leo in my team currently, who is projecting all her shit at me. During the week she got rev’d by our manager, and she came out of the meeting and said, verbatim: A*** is angry at you. I responded with, until he calls me himself and tells me that, no he’s not. Shocked her to hell that I wasn’t buying into that. I met with A*** yesterday, and raised it with him. Told him she has been unprofessional for weeks in her behaviour, and that I was formally complaining. Thankfully he backed me, and assured me that as far as he is concerned I am doing brilliantly, as evidenced by my mid year review a couple of weeks ago.
      Her low Leo came face to face with my Aries Asc/Leo Mars. Don’t fuq with me, and don’t tell blatant lies. I’m a Scorp. I can SMELL a lie.
      So Lucy – back yourself. Lifes too short for that

  4. Very contrived. Too neat, not messy enough. Something very “tight” about her. Nope, not a Leo.

    • I agree. The sheep’s clothing isn’t covering up the tense undercurrent. Maybe she just craves an excuse for a bloodcurdling temper.

      • ~excuse for a bloodcurdling temper~

        Leo Mom had Mars square Uranus…

        Oh goodness, now you made me giggle…

        • heh mine has Moon & Mars square Pluto and other tensions.
          She’s 72 and still wants to eat her children’s faces.

          It is good that you can laugh about it and I’m glad I was able to give you a giggle.

          • haha, I can assure that at the time things were not very funny!!

            Mom’s passing will be one year this coming Spring Equinox here in the upper hemisphere…. I would give alot just to talk to her one more time, like we did everyday. In so many ways, she really was my best friend.

            The night she died, after work that day I’d been to the market and done a grocery shop for both of us. It was hot and I was exhausted and getting everything in the house would be a pain.

            Driving home I gave things some thought and thought about how I would not take my foul mood out on mother when I walked thru the door.

            Can’t tell you how glad I am that I did not do that. It was like a final lesson because then she was gone.


            • Its a sad day of course I do hope you’ll be doing something positive on the anniversary of her death in order to celebrate her life as well as yours. I push to have annual get-togethers for certain special people who have passed on from our circle. A new personal ritual would be an idea you might also consider to mark her anniversary. Treat yourself well just as she’d want you to be.

    • I agree. But, she is such a doll though. Virgoian stillness and calm. The Virgin vs the Lion.

  5. I’ve known more than a few Virgos with very quirky, colorful style. I say she’s a wannabe–and I don’t mean that in a cruel way. She’s young; she’s probably still figuring herself out. She also doesn’t really have that Leonine look.

    I’ve known so many people in denial of their signs, and I just don’t get it. Own your you-ness, whatever it is! We have good things to bring to the table.

    • That’s just what I was thinking T. When you look at the whole ‘blueprint’ of your astro it all fits together and there are amazing and not so amazing things about each sign. It does take time to ‘own your you-ness’ and I know as i’ve grown up I am slowly starting to ‘get’ the aqua moon. I’ve always hated it because someone who treated me very badly, when I was growing up, has an aqua sun, libra moon. I love what you said about ‘we have good things to bring to the table’.

      • I have an Aqua moon too and really enjoy having it. I’m glad that you’re coming to terms with yours! Aqua moon often gets a bad rap, and the sign in general for being so “detached,” but don’t you have fun being quirky and unconventional? Well, I do. 😀

        • What’s bad about an Aqua moon? My Leo ex had it…I think his Leoness balanced out the potential coldness.

          • I don’t think an Aqua moon is bad at all (and I’m also a Leo sun like your ex), but when I’ve read about it some people really like to play up the detachment and coldness. Sure, an Aqua anything can be aloof and detached when it suits them, but Aqua is also the sign of humanitarianism. We aren’t as cold as everyone thinks!

    • She’s still young and experimenting. Maybe a Leo transit has influenced her?

    • Of course, Leos can pull off OTT, Leos look a bit more natural doing it thou.. yes a bit too uptight..

      • I know what you mean Sassy. I agree she doesn’t seem relaxed about it. It’s sad that she has a dead fox as an accessory- I feel upset about that…

  6. Her expression is reserved, subdued almost demure, despite the bold colors and fashion forward style. It doesn’t have that sunburst of Leo confidence or even a hint of a Cheshire cat-like grin. And Axl Rose as a style icon? The only thing that comes to mind is skin tight leather pants, bandanas and sleeveless t-shirts. Surely she could find better people to emulate?

  7. She likes making videos but her website is very organised so I’m going with Venus in Leo and probably Leo rising but Virgo Sun.

    You say her icons are fixed signs. I have Leo asc, taurus sun and aqua moon and I don’t get her style at all.

    Perhaps she has a hard aspect in her chart that makes her not like/ want to rebel against the qualities of Virgo. Perhaps people she doesn’t like admire Virgo traits and so she shies away from that. Perhaps she actually has a capricorn moon and she thinks that in order to be successful she HAS to vibe leo and that leo traits will ensure longevity in the media or enable her to pursue what she really wants to be doing- making videos.

  8. I have a friend who is born first days of virgo, she claims to be an overdue leo, fair enough (who wouldnt want to be leo?) All my virgo friends are quite eccentric characters so this Lina seems very virgo to me :)

  9. Definitely, definitely an anally retentive Virgo who’s meticulously researched what a Leo should be. Look at her face….. a Leo in front of a camera for a this is all about me shoot that hasn’t got a tongue poked out, a growl, a hand running through the hair….. I mean, only a Virgo would sit there pretending to work, or stand there with a smile.

    It’s. Just. Too. Neat. As another reader said. Especially the hair, if we have to go down the hair route….

    Sign envy.

    I used to have sign envy, when I first started learning. A bit of sign confusion too. then I learnt about the wonders of rising signs and moon signs and houses and….. ahhhh, it all makes sense. I feel complete.

    Wonder what the rest of her chart is… because she’s not deceiving many people into thinking she is a Leo in any way.

  10. My Mum/Mom, was (as I’ve mentioned here a gazillion times) a double Sun-Mn Leo with a Virgo heap of MC/Neptune conjunct/Mercury/Venus trine Uranus in Taurus.

    No, she never did furs nor sought to stand out in a loud way. Yes she would tell you what for with a Sagg Asc and Jupiter in 1st, but she was always understated elegance. Like many others here have said, it came naturally.

    To be regal comes natural. I also saw it with the Pisces Sun/Leo Moon-Mars ex.

    Maddening, but one does grok it subliminally and ultimately, respect it (even if Aries does have to kick their ass once in awhile 😉 :)

  11. As a Leo myself, definitely NO. I honestly can’t fathom these people who want to be signs other than what they really are. Seriously? I’m so supremely proud (naturally) of being a Lion that this kind of thing really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Could it possibly be a Virgo thing? I’ve read so many times that they’re critical, not only of others (and this I’ve experienced personally at the hand of a few Virgos) but of themselves. Maybe this girl is just overly critical of herself and this is the result… Funnily enough, now that I’m thinking about it, I know a Virgo who’s in denial. She doesn’t believe she’s a Virgo either but I doubt she thinks of herself as a Leo.

    Anyway, my verdict is that this one is really a Virgo, and that her attitude is too try-hard and very uncool.

  12. She knows that she’s “a first day of Virgo”. That statement alone is too Virgoan of her to be Leo.

  13. She doesn’t seem like a Leo at all (or a Virgo!). She looks like a combo of Aquarius/Neptune/Cancer.

    I don’t think much of her style. Maybe she’ll develop her style more as she ages.

    There’s something just wrong with her outfit. Unfortunately, it does feel contrived and like an overreach. The hat and hair definitely do not work. A Leo would NEVER wear that hat!!!

    • But I feel her pain as when I discovered that my August birthday was considered Virgo and not Leo (the sign I had always id’d with). When one first reads about “Virgo” and Virgo traits, it’s depressing. All I had as a reference was a Linda Goodman book. I wanted to throw it across the room I hated the Virgo description so much. So I empathize with her desire to resist Virgo.

      Although I think the traditional ways of describing Virgos are stupid and biased. They sound like descriptions written by people who had chips on their shoulders about Virgos in their lives. Much the same way I struggle to stay positive about Geminis, given that the ex is one and my deadbeat dad. But I have a daughter who is a Gem and I see all her brilliance and mastery of logic and the words. She’s scary, really. And she’s hilarious and has a huge heart (at times). Definitely a twin nature. So I can understand how individuals, only human after all, can sit down to write a definitive book on Sun signs and struggle to do justice to one twelfth of the planet when they reach the sign of their ex!!!:) Or a frienemy. Or a domineering mother, or whatever. Then pple like this colorful girl in photo read “Virgo” and say, “Nope, I’m really a Leo.”

      • Yes, bias astro!! Hahah… There was some talk on here about Linda Goodman, think she was an Aries, she wrote a great desciption of them…

        Same as Athena Starwoman, she is a Cancer and wrote great things about Cancerians..

        Yes we are all bias in some way or another…

        • Yep, she is an Aries. Most of my initial astro knowledge came from reading Linda Goodman’s books when I was a teenager. I love her writing style, but a lot of the descriptions are also based around out-dated societal perceptions. Scorpios are capable of being more than just power hungry minxes who use sex to climb the corporate ladder these days!

          • I read her books as a teenager also! Her Love Signs book was very cute.
            She wrote some later books that were totally bizarre…she had some recommended diet of like all red foods and shining a red light on your belly to “live forever.”
            Then I hear she died young-ish and heartbroken over the disappearance of a child or something? Does anyone know her full story?

  14. I did some searching and discovered her birthday to be August 24th 1985. Wouldn’t that make her a 2nd day Virgo? If this is right it gives her a Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo. Maybe she acts and communicates as though she were a Leo then.

  15. one of my sisters has the same dilemma, leo or virgo? I think she is virgo now, she is an accountant! But I think for years she also preferred to be leo, wild party girl, because virgo was so “boring”, Im not saying that, thats what she said. POst saturn-return, virgo is not boring, possibly enviable for us late starters, who are still figuring how to add up the deficit column in our budgets. I dont care, i’d prefer to be a virgo, those lionesses can be a damn handful of ego, and in compassion the other day I thought, oh how hard to have to deal with that much ego. ha!

    • Haha.. methinks that sister o’ yours confuses boundless energy to accomplish things well-done with haughty leo confidence and , ok, perhaps more than a dollop of bombast. Do you remember my story about how when I first was getting into astrology I thought I was aries rising. I already had a red coupe and thought I would make it faster and more me by sticking a tile mosiac of a ram on the bonnet. Everyone asked me “why?” and I proudly rambled on about my Aries approach to life and astro yadda yadda…. Months later and a healthy collection of red tee-shirts later I had my chart done properly and discover Pisces rising am I.
      How embarrassment. But perhaps the vaguery leading to the mistaken identity is truly fishy anyhow. Am ALWAYS arriving to places at the wrong time, wrong door, wrong name, wrong style.
      Did I have Aries envy? Perhaps a little.

      • It’s funny, I had a Cap ex who I just DID NOT get on with. Possessive, controlling, no fire at all! So I would rant at length about how much I hated Caps. Until I discovered I was Cap rising….
        Now have a Leo rising Cap son! Embrace the Cap.

  16. Show me what she sleeps in and i’ll give you Leo. Or not.

    Hating hating hating hating hating the stupid fox stole. Stupid her for wearing it. Poor darling dead fox. Hate hate hate ironic retro granny style shit.

    Hair. Yes. Eighties but she is so young, she’s allowed.

    W.t.f are the things next to the leopardskin pillbox? I mean hat box?

    Maracas? That space age jetsons chair does not fit with the little yellow table and i bet she only got that wall done yellow when she heard she was going to be featured.

    But i love her style icons!

    • wait, what do leos sleep in??? I’m rising Leo and sleep in form-fitting long cotton gowns. they look like maxi dresses.

      now I must know what leos sleep in!

      • I’m a progressed Leo rising with Uranus conjunct. Oh dear, I slept nearly naked the other night and then wondered about an earthquake… 😯

        Other than that, I’m a slob at bedtime dress wise but do my facial regime and brush my teeth :mrgreen:

      • Ooh, that would be a good post idea. What aspect would rule your sleep wear preferences? Would it be a Moon sign decision? I’m a Virgo Moon and mostly sleep in comfy stuff, though being a Scorpio I do have some “special occasion” black lacey things stuffed in the back of the drawers. But I’m also a Sagg Rising. I’m guessing Saggs would sleep naked, au naturel. 😉

      • This Leo prefers to sleep in just my underwear, curled up underneath the massive duvet cover (and with a blanket on top of that) for the winter. Once summer rolls around I’ll kick off the sheets and sprawl across my bed. Must make use of all that space that’s just for me!

      • I sleep in comfy things, most preferably anything belonging to the man I am sleeping with. Deeply unsexy. But my boobs aren’t big enough to look good in a negligee style arrangement. When, oh when can I get surgery?

  17. i absoluetly lovvvve her style!! looks very high fashion. but most definitely a leo-virgo cuspian. but she is such a virgo in many ways. she’s so gorgeous!!

  18. Ex libs gf is a Leo (3 Aug) but with heaps of Virgo (ah yes I know, I looked up her astro deets, jeeez)….Just realised that she looks like this girl. Very tiny frame, short hair and she wears fedoras all the time. So maybe she is a Leo?? A confused one at that….. Leos dont bloody need dead foxes or brand names to look good…

  19. She could be a Leo Rising. But she looks like a typical Virgo fashion addict. Don’t they all go through this phase before they go to design school?

    • Yeah that’s what I thought, very cat like. I’m going with Virgo though.

  20. Ladies, ladies, ladies.
    Cast your eyes back to when you were her age and how hard some of you tried different skins before arriving at the perfection that you are today.
    A lion cub looks clumsy before growing into the handsome beast it is destined to be.
    Let us not judge the gorgeous cub for she is not yet a threat to us all.

  21. I think she sounds like a tool, to be honest. And she looks like one too. She’s trying way too hard. The boots are the only redeeming feature and she just doesn’t rock them at all – they look like they want to run away and be worn by somebody more worthy. (Yes I’m an Aqua…)

    As for the fox around the neck…. makes my F*CK!NG blood BOIL!!!!! This kind of crap makes me VERY ANGRY indeed.

  22. Not even close to being a Leo. Too fake all over. Sorry to be harsh but that’s how I see it.

  23. No, she’s not a Leo.

    -Her purple hat, purple shoes and fur.. – everything but not natural. Leos are defined more naturally and don’t pretty much experiment with clothes and also..they like to define themselves by rising themselves through many ways. As long as they are praised it’s fine. She…*sigh*..I won’t go further..Mystic typed it all.

    -Look at her desk – that’s not a desk of one Leo.

    -I can’t help it but, look at the fur she’s holding aruond her neck! It’s HORRID! You CAN’T do anything that tragic to such a combination of clothes (the blue, the purple colour)

    For anyone who’s reading my silly comment: BE YOURSELF, that woman is a picture of a person trying hard not to be true self.

  24. Could have Mercury or Venus in Leo? They travel close to the Sun and are usually the sign before, same as, or sign after your sun sign. That is why sometimes people feel cusp-y, when there really is no such thing as being born on the cusp of a sign.

    (Hopefully I got all that info right)

  25. No way is she a Leo. There is no mirror or self portrait in that office. Her poses are very Virgo but there is a heavy dose of something else going on in her. The whole bright colour mash, variety of communication methods lying about and stuff political correctness, I’m wearing roadkill without guilt, screams Gemini Asc to me. Would explain the split personality thing too.

  26. Dunno about her sign but she seems culturally influenced – eastern european, from a place so cold that fur would be viewed differently – life’s different in siberia. It’s vintage so she’s not supporting the fur industry of now per se but I think another way of looking at it is she’s in some way honouring the life that ceased long before she was born – fur is obviously not something you want to be encouraging as a growth industry but there are many many garments from the past that do already exist – I find it disrespectful that the lives that have already been lost are shunned – if people can still wear them and be warm without having to get on out and purchase some new thing made from petroleum derived fibres, cotton that is such a drain on natural resources or the wool industry that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions then I’m all for the wearing of vintage fur – the labour has already been put into the making, there’s no dyes with toxic metal by-products and the fossil fuels have already been burned in the manufacture – to my mind it’s bigger than just the “fur” issue, although personally I find the fox macabre and it wouldn’t be my choice of garb I don’t have a problem when other people wear it. It’s not for everyone but waste not want not. Re-use, Recycle etc. She has that sparse really bright cold colour kind of edginess that eastern european women seem to go for. Love the site of her friend if you click through – with the mature women looking elegant and sassy. NICE. Her environs vibe virgo to me and the vintage thing is like respect for the people and things that have gone before us – maybe she has strong capricorn tendances in her chart?

  27. Not a Leo. Despite all the pieces that might denote her as such it seems all too controlled and Virgoesque. Which is so not a bad thing but here it just screams try hard.

    It has raised some questions that I have been pondering lately re fashion etc. 1. which house in the chart rules our fashion tastes? 2. What are the denoters of our appearance re the ascendant? In other words are there specific ways you can tell someone’s asc by their appearance? This questions reminds me of Mystic’s comment about how all Scorp asc people can look like vampires. 😮

    • The Empress, I reckon the first and tenth house denote fashion tastes. About how we wish to be seen although the moon and venus also might become involved in the refinement of tastes, likes and dislikes.

      Some rising signs are harder to nail than others. I have confused taurean ascii with cap asc a get times, but that could be a symptom of living in Sydney where wearing black is the code.

      I play the rising sign guessing game a lot and I start with the elements, do they appear firey, etheric, earthy or fluid? Then, look for sign clue features, then check it with that sign’s mode eg cardinal, fixed or mutable.

      A small wager can be a rewarding addition to this game 😉

  28. First post. And I’m sorry it’s such a downer. But that outfit and those rooms cannot belong to a Leo! I seriously feel depressed just looking at them.

    The outfit has clashing colours, clashing textures (velvet boots/straw hat.. what season is she in??), and I can’t even talk about the fox :(

    The rooms look like every object has been laid out with such contrived placement, and there is nothing sumptuous or luxurious where a Leo could recline and look amazing when people walk in. She’s so uncomfortable she’s even forgotten she’s actually right handed! Ugh.

    And is that a tin of Moxie tampons next to the vase of violets!??

    • LOL!!!!! I didn’t know they were tampons but come ON surely a virgo would never have visible sanitary anything?

      yes leos have sofas. Leos think it is divine to recline. Like mae west. How do you know she is right handed though?

      • Agreed! Kind of gross. I don’t even like saying the word: san-i-tary.

        I thought she was right handed because her desk is set up that way, with the mouse on the right, but she is leaning over awkwardly to use it with her left hand?? Weird. Leo would use things like props to look suave haha

    • Well spotted! And EWWW! It’s not like her desk is even that messy, it’s like she’s DISPLAYING the tin or something! Put them in the drawer you freak.

  29. I’m saying virgo because she has matching colour accessories despite the wideness in style of trend items she is going for. a Leo in that style would make more of a statement about the clash as personal expression and not do something as proper as colour matching shoes and hat. Virgo is accessories obsessed no?

  30. Looks like a Virgo to me. Everything just right. And I agree on the colour matching thing Ms. VIRGO.

    Also she would know she was a Virgo. I sense that she has been told her actual sign after a life time of thinking/wishing she was a Leo. Liz Greene is right – Virgos and Scorpios get a bum rap….and Leos…

  31. well……… she’s got that hair thing happening, but…… the hat and shoes are a little too matching… so I’m going with Wannabe Leo (or even Leo Try Hard). I’m an early Virgo and have Merc in Leo, so sound like one but guess what??? I’m not! Poor little Virgos, just hate to admit to it. No one likes Virgos, no one thinks they are interesting, so who can blame this poor little thing for claiming Leo rights???

  32. Does not approve of the dead fox.


    I’m going to guess Virgo. All the Leos I know have an ease to them when it comes to style.

  33. As a longtime fan of Leo energy myself, I understand the longing. Whether she’s a Leo or a Virgo, I like that she’s aspiring & creating herself.

    I think who we crave to be says something real about who we are – but it’s a signpost along the way rather than the final destination.

    • In the second pix, had she tilted her head/chin up a bit, the light would not have fallen so unflatteringly and caught the cheekbones instead. A REAL Leo would have tilted the head up and known all about such nuances! :)

    • Wot I said – hate that ironic granny look!!!!!! When you are young and extremely gorgeous DO it. As i have said before here, there is a brief window of time – it is before the first Uranus square thing at aged 21 – see post about How You Dressed When You Were Bad – and you can wear what you want.

      Honey if you can do a snakeskin mini skirt without looking like you are deranged from your last divorce, desperate or a mental home escapee DO it. Fuq the fox stole old bat from pre feminist era stupid bitch look.

      I met a really good looking woman the other day who was 75. Seriously impressed. Yoga, ocean swims a lot, very very individuated. Really cool, fun and inspirational. Wish i had asked her sign. And she did that thing, starts with F. Not wot you might think. It’s like a bodywork.

  34. Oh and Mystic, as far as Merc going retro and you thinking this one might be a doozey…I concur as my internet has been up and down for a week now and I’m so over it!!

    • Jjust checked. Mercury going retrograde just a couple of days before my birthday and already shuttin’ me down.

      Okay, I’ll be quiet now 😉

  35. I don’t think being contrived rules out leo, esp where the look is concerned…but voting virgo

  36. Not Leo. No way. Too coy. Too self-aware. Fur, straw and purple all at once. And a metal file cabinet. Just no.

    • Agreed but what material should a filing cabinet be made from? Or are you thinking an actual filing cabinet in and of itself is too retro, no matter wot your sign?

  37. Mystic has often said that you should dress for your ascendant, so I have not much idea if it is Leo or not, but I do know it is horrifyingly hideous. Off to place some cucumber slices on my eyelids to help soothe my seared retina.

  38. i’m reading lots of virgo comments here, but i have to say i’ve never met a virgo wanking about trying to be anything they’re not – they just are… and leo’s do not mind a bit of matching groomed-upness either, they’re not all wild and dishevelled awaiting ravishing.

  39. Hello there!
    Thank you for all comments on me! Here are some more details, so you can get it all figured out:
    My sun is in Virgo, my moon is in Pisces, my rising is Aquarius.
    I have Virgo in Mercury AND in Venus, and Leo gets only Mars.

    So there you have it. I’ve been on this Leo-wishing for about a decade, but I’ve been more comfortable in Virgo skin in the last few months, since I got all my chart done and figured there’s more to the sign than just a Sun sign.

    And yes, I am a LEFTY. Those cabinets are my boyfriend’s. That fox is my mom’s and I am very happy that it keeps me warm as it kept her warm.

  40. i am leo rising and leo sun, with aries moon… i am kind of calm with lots of frustrated ambition, does this make sense?

  41. She’s a total Virgo. I mean, come on, a MATCHING hat and shoes?

    What- you’re a Leo because you have bleached hair and wear a dog around your neck?

    Leo is about grace, not matching bulky clothes.