Occult Harem Of The Zodiac

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Yana Moskaluk

I featured two of Yana Moskaluk’s beautiful horoscope pix in Meet Me On The Equinox and now here is the whole Zodiac. No bigger pix unfortunately.

Love how Capricorn has her Mer-Goat tail and Aqua has stars all around: The Star is the Aquarius Tarot card. But which sign is it with the Uzi machine gun? Is that Virgo in the test tube?  And does Leo have her foot in her crown?

Do you like how your Sun Sign is depicted?  Thoughts?

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47 thoughts on “Occult Harem Of The Zodiac

  1. I’m trying to figure out why Pisces is curled up in a ball and not the one with the mermaid tail? I know Capricorn has its stories of having the mer-goat tail but it’s not adding up. Nice artwork though.

  2. I really don’t get why Scorpio and Cancer look the way they do — I’m really having a tough time believing the second from the right on the top row is Cancer and not Scorpio lol ’cause those are definitely the build for scorpions in the bg — though for all I know, there is a type of crab out there that looks similar…

    Personally, as a double Virgo, I really don’t like the depiction of Virgo. I don’t know if theres any reason for my disliking beyond she is strikes me as the most boring one out of all of them, visually. Now the Gemini girl on the other hand…. <3

  3. I was going to say why is Scorpio the only one with her boobs out. Although on closer inspection others do too like Taurus.

  4. I like them a lot, Gemini is ok but, how do you please the chameleons with just the one portrait?
    Pisces and Kataka exquisitely gorgeous. Leo’ got the gait that says it all. I thought the cammo with the gun was sagg too.

  5. Love how gemini and aqua look. Especially gemini.

    Not that satisfied with my sign, but whatever, the woman knows how to paint.

  6. Libra looks ugly. Why does my sign always get gyped being all sideways standing on a weird portaledge? I can’t decide if I like Aqua or Cap best, but they look awesome!

      • And I think…I think..that Virgo is standing on broken glass. Hard to tell, but it looks like her stripper heel is making a statement by shattering her good girl image maybe? I also got the feeling that she could be masquerading as a pageant contestant. I think there must be a lot of Virgo pageant contestants out there, considering that (like the fashion world) it’s such a detailed, perfection-demanding industry. Plus all the charity work and community service-related duties they get involved in.

          • True, her outfit would make more sense for a Leo I would think, but the other girl with the crown…the much BIGGER crown has a mane-like hoodie with little cat ears poking out. True Leos I don’t think would be into that, as it would flatten their lovely manes and create terrible static and hoodie hair. 😉

  7. It certainly took me a while to figure virgo out. On reflection, I do like the colour red, couldn’t have stood an earthy colour…too obvious. The crown ? Maybe it symbolises the rule of logic in us lot…she’s sexy, and I love her feck-me shoes. Not that I can wear them anymore…but hey, I used ta, and I like to think I still could if I wanted…

    • I guessed the top right as Virgo because she’s all dressed so prim and proper. I don’t understand the crown though …

      The shoes – remember our purity is but an illusion we like to pretend to give off 😉

  8. Yes! Love! A stripper-ish (but fashionable) platform heel, a fabulously slutty frock, a discreet crown…what’s not to love! Would wear this to get milk & the papers in the morning if I could.

  9. Those “test tubes” are actually scales. It’s Libra. I found out on Yana’s deviant art page, here http://ya-na.deviantart.com/gallery/26511214#/d15jwmf

    You can get bigger view of the pictures there too, by clicking the image.

    The one to the far right top corner is Virgo, in big bold red which makes no sense to me… I think Miss red and blue-tailed Scorpio should switch looks.

    Can’t say I like the way she drew Aries and Taurus. Taurus knows better than to ride a bull. Just saying.

    • I was going to say the same thing. And if you look close, you can see an arrow at the foot of the Saggo Uzi girl, so that’s the big clue here. I like the tail and the backless look for the Scorp, but the tiny cowboy hat doesn’t seem to fit. Despite the Virgo being in bold red and stripper heels she still looks very uptight, like maybe she’s trying TOO hard.

      • I’ve always said about Scorpios – they look good in ANY hat and ANY sunglasses. Always. No matter what. Basically any clothing that can double as a disguise, they look brilliant in…. But agree, the little cowboy hat is naff.
        My interp of Virgo is a Sassy Debutante, a la foxy Virgin.

        Love this woman’s style for the most part tho!

        • omg, Yes! I can always spot the Scorpios because they’re the ones who are not only wearing hats/sunglasses when they don’t really need them (sunglasses indoors, etc.), but when they manage to pull it off naturally. And, yah, look sexy while doing so.

      • doh! i should read more of peeps comments b4 i respond blame my ariesness! bad today

        soz step and lauren (and any others i haven’t realised i’ve dossed)!

  10. Process of elimination–is the machine gun girl Saggo? Uzi instead of bow?

    I like these, but I don’t understand why Scorpio’s wearing a tiny cowboy hat.

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