Mega-Bats: Come Rebuild Your Memory…


Rachel De Joode

The Moon in Gemini boofed up by Jupiter In fuq-off Aries whilst Uranus hovers at the edge of the Zodiac?

Things could be a bit bats at the mo and until Saturday…But bats in a good way.

In fact, it should be completely fine…exciting even. A meet-cute, awesome dialogue with confidantes, genius, tranquility…

…So long as you did your time in the Dead Dreams Laboratory.

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71 thoughts on “Mega-Bats: Come Rebuild Your Memory…

  1. I just had a meet cute! I think! I was having a coffee and then decided to pop into a trendyish bar for one drink. (friday arvo).
    A group of very nice men invited me to join them and we had a rollickingly good time. I left after about 45 mins, but they invited me to lunch next Friday. It was fun!

  2. Had a scary dream two nights ago. Was in this house, back graden patio area, and a gigantic tidal wave was coming , i mean it was huge, like the ones you see in the movies..was trying to escape, the water came up to my knees then i woke up..

    Update on Toro…He has taken back moving in together and has made it quite clear that work is his priority now. i dont know how i feel anymore with this Taurus..? You dont do that..

    Dropped the lil Aries off to his dads and went home, bottle shop, wine, beer and me, myself and I. The first time since we started dating that we have spent a weekend apart.. I know my priorities, yes I do. Winetime 😉

    • Don’t worry Sassy. Just practice healthy detachment and let him and yourself have some space. Try to use it as a positive. In my (considerable) experience with Taurus I can say that they don’t make big changes very quickly; maybe it all got too big too quick for him and he needs some breathing space to regather and ground himself?

      It can be a shock when we realise that a vision we thought was shared is actually very different for each person… but… you can still have a wonderful and workable relationship without having to live under the same roof. Try not to apply too many rules or expectations. Also, sometimes work does have to take priority in order that commitments are met and financial resources are available to do other things. Taureans, espec men, have a lot of self-worth tied up in their work, i.e. its more than ‘just a job’ to them. I’m trying to be supportive with practical advice here. Have a lovely weekend x

      • Thanks for the advice Nat. Ja, think he got a bit scared (he told me last two gfs he had, he moved in with them straight away and because they didnt work out he wants to wait..Fair enough) BUT why ASK ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!! and with a moon in Cappy he is all about work.!! Just didnt like the fact that he asked me to move in with him, then takes it back…and he says im too emotional, well fuq sorry, im not a stable, solid Taurean.. First relationship with a Toro and they can be bullies!!! They are quite simple, so he doesnt understand why i worry and have these constant waves of emotions that go in and out. Soz I love Toros, so no offence to the other Taureans on this blog.

        Hope you have a great weekend

        • Well actually I’d beg to differ about this so called “taurean stability”. Truculent, stuck in their ways and selfish more like it. My Toro ex pulled exactly the same stunt – almost demanding we move in together, making all the plans and the grand statements – then freaking out when I agreed and started putting in the action. I think he was more enamoured with the idea of power shopping around Ikea for cool couches and little aromatic candle thingies, than the actual “sharing life with another human being” bit. Then he managed to turn it around on me because I was being too “emotional” (i.e excited) by the idea and that it was me pressuring him into it. WTF?

          • Wow, that is exactly the same situation! These Taurean men just sound awful. Really.

        • I am with prowln on this one. I spent months corresponding with a Toro (long story) with increasing levels of depth and planning for the future but when it came to being in the same room together it was all “me me me” and how it was all so terribly difficult and disrupting to his stability. In the end, the nostalgia (not even the fact) of a past relationship was preferable to change and the possibility of a better life ahead. FO Toros – you’re never getting near my heart again.

          They’re not a FIXED sign for nothing. Beware.

          (That said, I know some lovely Haute Toro ladies)

        • OH my fuqing god…That is exactly what he has been doing. They are quite the sweet talkers, charmers, only when it suits them.
          We had a talk last nite and I said there a power struggles happening between us (he said he is used to running the show with every other woman he has been with) and what he calls me ” turbo, surpent, tassie devil” becasue Im not the type of woman to be told what to do or be told how things are in a relationship…

          I have had drunken proposals, talkings about that Im his future wife, la di da, and now, nothing zilch…blah, blah, blah….only since happened since i have gone back to uni?! and my son loves him so much.. grrrr

          No wonder his ex gfs just left him. The first one, for four years he came home and everything was gone. The second one they bought a house together, signed all docos etc and she left, before they even moved into the place?!!

          • So hideous. To be so capricious when your son’s emotions are involved is just revolting.

            • yeah – no more free passes! He doesn’t get to make statements like that when you are a mother with a young child to look after. He should be supporting you, not adding to your worries and creating more emotional hassles.

              • Yeah thats what I thought? My Scorp, Crab and Muma side has come out and I feel like i have lost any connection with him!! Myabe a Gem coud handle the flufffings of pre engagemnet and getting married, movings in etc as just talk but I cant do that…And i dont think he gets it…..

                BTW i havent been able to speak to him about everything i feel, because he has been working 12 hrs shifts every day..

          • warning will robinson warning!!!!

            How many times he got all Shania Twain on my ass after a few drinks, yes “We’re definitely gonna get married” … yadda yadda freakin yadda. He even said it once sober – I actually believed that one. Damn.

            If he’s calling you “turbo, serpent, tassie devil” it’s because unconsciously he wants to subdue you. Sure a part of him thinks it’s AWESOME. But I bet huge amounts of money I don’t have that unconsciously it IS a power struggle and he will always make it so because he can’t fuckin’ grow up and evolve.

            I banged my head against the wall for two years before finally giving up (you know how crab claws tend to hang on for like .. life). But eventually I had to say to him “you don’t need a life partner .. you need a pet rock. Now go get effed.”

            Ok I’m probably being totally judgemental, over the top, reactive, a bitch and you know … it’s obvious I hate all men right now … so take that with a grain of salt and use your canny Crab intuition to work out if this is worth trying to work out.

              • Yes. A Low-Toro male wants a pet rock that can give massages and be good in bed.

          • Put briefly I reckon a good Tauro man is very, very good – would kill, die and then some to be with you and look after you. Nothing is too much for these guys if it means you will be happy and safe. Nothing. These are the kind who are worth their (often considerable) weight in gold. I was raised by one of these types, so thought all Tauro guys were the same….. WRONG!!

            Cause when they are bad they are terrible. Immature, self absorbed, , guilt tripping, needy , whiney “everything is bad for me, but awesome for you so fix my problems” (forget they have a better job, bigger house, more money, nicer car, more friends, better social life – life’s just not FAIR to them waaaaaaaa ) – these guys are looking out for number one. Don’t get too sucked in if you have one of this lot – it could take you a long time and big emotional burden to get away from them. (Scorps are a breath of fresh air in comparison. Their kind of nuts I can handle. )

          • Plus just want to add its my Mars-Saturn Scorp that fuqs with him I think. Im not the type of girl he can just push around (maybe in the bedroom, got no complaints there, Those toros are something arnt they?!)

            He is Sun-Mercury-Mars Toro and there aint no pushing there!! Opposites in every sense!!!Ja, Lucy he says things to my son, and he rarely follows thru on them etc, and he does it to me… He really is just a regular Toro who wanst to work, have uncompicated sex, drink, eat and sit, king like, in his arm chair (even at my house) with remote control in hand!!!
            GOd, what have I got myself into..the good side of Toro’s are great, I just cant stand this “Inconsistency” that they THINK they dont have?? Im really fuqing confused?? and Im a crab?!

            • I love taureans. My dad is one.
              Everyone has their shitty bits, their baggage, their projections.
              I know you are using Astro to try to make sense of the situation. But putting him in an ‘inflexible’ box is kinda inflexible maybe?
              Sounds like you have really affected him Sassy.
              I hope it works out alright for you both.

            • I love taureans. My dad is one.
              Everyone has their shitty bits, their baggage, their projections.
              I know you are using Astro to try to make sense of the situation. But putting him in an ‘inflexible’ box is kinda inflexible maybe?
              Sounds like you have really affected him Sassy.
              I hope it works out alright for you both xxo

              • And a personal anecdote (maybe useful). I defn use work as a security blanket. Stuff gets uncertain, I don’t know where I stand, I become ‘busy’.
                My work is all about me, I’m in control, I don’t have to rely on anyone, I know the effort I put in will bring the results I expect, unlike dealings with other people.
                I’m not taurean, but have a crap load of planets there and it rules my 10th. It’s about feeling in control.

              • *pats multiple taurean planet in the 10th house person gently. stays away from the horns. proffers home made tabbouleh & hommous wrap. and a glass of wine. or four.*

              • awww shell my pretty. yes it’s been a high-intensity week non? But kind of behind the scenes, like some friends you know who are fighting (or have become lovers) but you can’t say anything about it for some reason.

                also, thank you for an interesting/ useful insight re 10th house toro life-management….

            • Darlin’, it’s the fact that you are a walking, talking woman with an opinion or two and a life of her own that fuqs with him. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

              Stay and enjoy the ride if you care to, but do what you can to secure your OWN stability for you and your son, and protect yourself emotionally however you can.

              For me, the ultimate clincher (and release) was the realisation that someone who had so little self-awareness (demonstrated by an abrupt about-turn on our plans for the future) was a serious danger to my emotional wellbeing.

              Look after YOU, Sassy!

            • Aww, Sassy, that’s just rotten. Every little new phase or new bump in a relationship shapes the story further, and I know you didn’t want for the story to feature having the rug pulled out from under you like that. It must be heart-wrenching to now know that Mr. Toro is capable of that. (By the way, didn’t you say Aquarius is prominent in his chart somehow? Did something trigger that Aqua fear of losing his individuality?). Hoping you find some calm and clarity to look at the story and find a way to keep writing it in a way to give comfort to the both of you. And I know you want to shelter Lil’ Aries from the hurt, but it is all part of life. The valuable lessons he will learn are not from witnessing a fairy tale, but from watching how you balance putting forth effort to support love vs. not continuing with the effort when it is not reciprocated. Big hugs. x

              • That is a beautifully measured approach Inchy – thank you.

                Hope you’re feeling strong and clear today Sassy.

    • Sassy – that dream about the tidal wave might have been predictive because reports are coming in of a 10M high tidal wave sweeping northern Japan after an 8.8 (or thereabouts) earthquake off the coast. Horrible scenes.

      • Interesting that you say that Lib Aqua, I usually always have water, tidal wave dreams, maybe because Im so full of water in my chart, BUT i only have them when i feel out of control in my life..

        It very unnerving that this tsunami hit Japan today ..

  3. I ditched some dreams, including one I really didn’t think I’d get the courage to. But of course that involved another person, and I am yet unsure if there will be any kind of funeral.
    Trying not to grieve in public is about the best I think I can do at present.

  4. HOLY F ARE YOU GUYS SEEING WHAT’S HAPPENING IN JAPAN RIGHT NOW. Uranus hovering on zero Aries indeed!! Live images of tsunami so scary. Baristagem… Awaiting your informed commentary… Gulp.

    • Oh dear.
      Although the footage I’m watching the buildings seem to have held up ok.
      Oh, except the burning refinery.
      Is japan on the same plate boundary as nz?

    • wooah … you know I had a gut feeling something like this was gonna happen but I thought San Fran/LA more likely … dear me this is turning out to be one helluva year and it’s only March.

    • Yes, just been watching footage on the TV, terrible disaster. That tsunami was just hard to comprehend. What awful, awful devastation! And all those poor people affected by the earthquake and tsunamis one after the other. Huge sympathies to the Japanese people.

    • It’s just too much! The idea of uranus at zero Aries being a ‘reset button’ never seemed so clear. But global community, global care echoes with me as the theme of days ahead… Crossing all digits for the peeps in the firing line.

  5. Trusting that action on current dreams will be the electric chair for dying ones. And any zombies that linger will leave because there is too much sweat, colour and movement for them to handle.

    Jupiter in aries and it coincides with strange new foods. Have taken up eating nutri-grain and drinking energy drinks. Both of which I previously avoided with a passion. Coincidence ?

  6. Hmmm I think Uranus changing signs is very much been felt!!!

    Shell and K-Gem – No NZ is not on the plate boundary as Japan. NZ has the subduction of the Australian and Pacific plates but Japan has the Pacific, Phillipine and the Eurasian plates subducting.

    Either way it is not looking good…thoughts are with all of those in Japan.

    • Thanks for the technical information Sara. I cannot believe the footage of the first tsunami wave moving through the landscape in northeast Japan. So hard to comprehend the scale. Frightening. And so many difficult months and years ahead for the survivors to rebuild. Blessings to all those affected x

      • No worries!
        So awful watching the live feed of the tsunami approaching the coast and seeing the cars trying to flee!!! Awful!
        I’m in NZ and the country has hardly come to terms with what happened in Christchurch, now this. Hope everyone gets behind Japan, like they did here.

  7. Wow, am watching tsunami coverage, Hawaii is being evacuated, 53 countries are under watch list and coverage from Japan is simply unbelievable – Neptune sitting at last degree of Aqua – Uranus ruler, and Uranus is last degree of Pisces – Neptune ruling.

  8. So long as you did your time in the Dead Dreams Laboratory….

    just as well seeing as those things processed there are rearing their heads again…

    same same but different

    processed, evolved and different

    uranus in aries is soooo strongly on its way

  9. I just know I would have a lovely ‘meet-cute’ if I ever left the house.

    Bed-bound for three days post food-poisoning episode has left me feeling uncharacteristically bitchy, negative and sorry for myself. It’s really messing with the ‘made of sunshine’ thing I’ve been trying out (and which, amazingly, has been working!).

  10. Oh this is terrible, tragic and I don’t want to think about the massive energy this incident involves (50 atomic bombs)… I feel really stupid about what I said on the other post about the Arian wave being a relief, that was weird synchronicity… Deepest sympathies to our world family, xx.

  11. Weird, I was actually looking to next week’s Full Moon (which is a SuperMoon) to bring tsunami action somewhere in the world. But this is too early, and, yes, seems more in synch with Uranus at the last microscopic hair of Pisces. But then what will happen with the SuperMoon, happening just 8 days from now? I’m concerned.

  12. I went to the health food store last night to get some young coconuts and stuff for vegan smoothies. Cute guy was flirting with me and trying to sell product. I suspect he is gay but it was nice to get non-threatening attention.

  13. I have had a series of meet cutes all week, but that’s the Uranus opposite my Venus transit that I know y’all want me to shut up about 🙂

    I want to know why they are almost all Indian. Even the banker I had a meeting with yesterday was Indian.

  14. I keep just telling myself to remember who I am.
    In my head I say, “just remember who you really are and everything will be fine.”

    Came back from a trip to Canadian West where I used to live and filled up on the magnetic, energetic chi but my battery feels drained after being home for a few weeks.

    Remembering who I am also prompts me to keep figuring out who I am.
    Staying grounded, centered kinda difficult lately. Hoping Uranus in Aries will help this Leo out.

  15. Love to see MM comments on the tsunami. I guess it is the biggest Earthquake in Japan’s history.

    • well it’s tall end of Uranus in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune. One last kick from Neptune?

  16. Woke to the Tusnami after falling to sleep very early L.A. time last night. The Earth is definitely waking up. Some of the most powerful devas on earth (around Bali area) have been sleeping until now…Interesting as this increases more and more. But it’s also about humanities resistance.

    Never the less, went to my storage space after work to drop some things off. Someone had broken into my space (cut the lock) and stolen my massage table. Looks like they ransacked the rest, containers turned about. Nothing major otherwise but no time to see what they might have taken outta some boxes. Nothing was terribly valuable to anyone other than Mother and me.

    What is strange tho is that I had just this morning thought about a dragon candle I had in storage (about 16″ long) given to me many, years ago by a (double cappo) Kung Fu Master. It ended up a very powerful gift, metaphysically. Later, back when, the dragon also had ended up giving me warnings about things. Like when someone lied to me and their eyes shifted towards the dragon…I knew in that second….

    Will be curious to see if they took that. Came home this afternoon and one of the pix in the living room had fallen off the wall onto the floor even tho there was no apparent reason why. Just everything, from the car wash being down to the “still out to lunch” at the storage and having to wait and then being broken into…Then the pix…So much so fuqin askew…I’m telling you, something is going on.

    Uranus perhaps? And I’m an Aries. Who said it is going to be a particular cake walk for us? Perhaps we just reelin’ towards the future whether we want to or not…

    Have not felt so guided in a long while however…So okay. Hey, gonna go see Rango with the grandaughter and then have dinner with the Kataka daughter afterwards.

    Like Charlie, I have my goddessess also 🙂 x

    • That’s funny timing isn’t it. That dragon sounds like a really interesting piece, do let us know what happens. But what a shame Sweetpea! I hope that your storage space has not had anything meaningful taken from it. Xx. Feeling guided is wonderful.

    • sweetie I hope your mum’s ashes are all in one piece and still there and glad your time is being spent with some quality peeps x

    • I’ve heared Rango is not so much for the kiddies, but hey, I guess being your granddaughter she’s seen n heard it all already… 🙂 x
      so sorry to hear you were robbed Sweets, sending good vibes your way today!

    • Thanks guys. And no Andromeda, have not had time to see if they have taken Mother!! 🙂

      But what a shocker for them, eh?

  17. yes went to the a dead dreams Lab. For me its located in a wonderful spa in Mullumbimby. I slothed that DD, i sweated it, I steamed, I saturated it. I cried tears of sweat in the sauna, I purged it more than ever before determined to let the fantasy go…