Is Henry Rollins Plutonic Or Uranian?

Here is Henry Rollins, quoted in Vanity Fair, sounding super-Aquarius – which he is (Sun and Moon)…

He is also Pluto-North Node exact in early Virgo.

So what do you think his Rising Sign is?

Don’t say Scorpio – he has the intensity but does not look plausibly vampire enough.

He’s got an EXACT &  v.brilliant Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (the Christ conjunction, seriously, some say that was the “bright star” being sought by the three wise men…though it’s not so rare after all) in Capricorn; i reckon he either has THAT rising or maybe the Pluto-Virgo-North Node.


“I show up for almost anything thrown at me,” Rollins says, his receptivity and work ethic keeping him on the restless move, avoiding rust and stagnation. Between rent-paying stints, he’s a solitary traveler (you can always tell Americans overseas, he says—they clump together, forming a slow-moving huddle), his backpack stuffed with camera, laptop, peanut butter, and protein bars. His lone-wolf status enables him to explore the world along the fringes—“That’s where you get revelations, epiphanies.” Having turned 50 this February (which in punk years makes him a sequoia), Rollins will be performing at birthday bashes in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles, and creeping out ophidiophobes in a National Geographic Wild special on snakes and the freaks who dig ’em. Which should not be interpreted as a “value judgment”—as the gospel of Henry teaches, we are all freaks, in our own freaky way.

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He’s a Taurus rising for sure. I have a friend who is a Taurus sun and rising and they look exactly alike with the square face, flared nostrils and heavy brow ridge. Taurus is ruled by Venus which also explains his interest in music and the arts.

Brittany Mitchell

Taurus Rising makes would make since to me because of his profound sexy jaw.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

been skimming through his poetry lately, then watched a couple of interviews with him. he is totally uranian! way opinionated, has his own code of ethics that he takes very seriously, into humanitarian things but writes about solipsism.


gemini rising


looked it up


super intense and fidgety

Messy Leo

Well then, he must be a Virgo rising, with the Pluto/NN

Pluto Puppy

“… He is also Pluto-North Node exact in early Virgo.”

That being/meaning the search for— Purity (of soul).

The location and aspects to his Mars and Pluto will reveal more of ‘how’ he searches his soul.

Pluto Puppy

… and I also believe that his psychological self-assertions are not very sophisticated or grounded at all. Very rough and tumble, “fuck with me if you dare” reckless type energy (verbiage). Again… known through his music.

Pluto Puppy

Even the jacket he is wearing in the photo is “military” looking. Very Mars-ish.

Pluto Puppy

Henry Rollins. Look at the chin. The Venusian dimple. So Venus rules Libra and Taurus. His face isn’t shaped like a gentle Libra.

I will say that Henry is a late Aries Rising: Aggression and initiations of assertion in his psyche, found through ‘the meanings’ with which he speaks of his quirky/odd Aquarian reality.

If people would feel the tone or core motivation in his music, they would “know” the aggression (Mars/Aries) he feels right at home with.


I saw him do his spoken word stuff a few years ago and it reminded me of earnest student union debates – rather cliched and humourless and full of assumptions about what his audience would/should think. I’d been expecting something more unpredictable and explosive.


love the comment above ‘scorps don’t have to frown to look intense’. I def. agree. I heard Henry years ago open for Jane’s Addiction, and what a juxtaposition lol. Henry was screaming and so freakin’ intense I thought his red-faced bulging-veined head might pop off. Saw his ‘warrior gene’ in action. Maybe 0 degree Mars on his 5th/6th..? Late Cap rising, has the bones in above pic, and he’s def. solid earth vibe…

Hathor's Horns

He does have a bullish look about him for sure but his being a bit of a “lone wolf travelling the edges of the world kinda makes me think Sagittarius…


I think he got the short end of the virgo stick. The spartan, self deprivating lifestyle, the obsessive writing, the need to self-educate, etc.


Now I feel bad about saying that anyone got the proverbial short end of a stick. He seems to be hyper virgo, but from some perspectives, it would seem to be harmful. People seem to choose those kinds of lifestyles when they feel a lot of pity towards people that don’t have it all, or resentful of those that do. The pitying, worried-about-humanity thing is very virgoan.


I don’t think you should feel bad about suggesting virgos or peeps with it strong in their charts have a tendancy towards humanitarian acts or roles – it’s true. The kind of intensity you’re referring to is also very plutonic tho and the deprivation thing is tres saturnine so I think he has a mega combo and not just the kids happy meal with free toy. And he does have pluto conjunct the north node so he’s definitely manifesting the haute energy of his destiny. Even if his mode of delivery isn’t palatable to all. He reaches people that others… Read more »


I’ve slept on it and I’m sticking with Virgo haha after all this is the face of a man with Sun/Moon/Asc in Virgo.

Tres bullish non? Also my sister is an Aqua Sun/Virgo Asc she frowns all the time and has very flared nostrils (in a model hot way though). Something just doesn’t gel with the Taurus vibe for Henry, he’s too cerebral.


He always vibed very Virgoan to me, and am surprised that he’s Aquarius.. (!)
Definitely going for the Pluto/NN/Asc combo.
There’s something pure about the way he comes across on stage, very sensitive, and he also seems self-conscious, very very body-aware (Virgo to the max, imo).
PLUS his eyes are classic Virgo: where the lid is practically non-existent when their eyes are open, and despite tattoos, muscles, there’s something very “old fashioned good-boy” about his face, a la Montgomery Clift (who happens to have an early Virgo Asc).


That eyelid thing is a Virgo trait? I defntly have that myself, but agree with those up top that he vibes Toro.

unpredictable pisces

I don’t know about plutonic. But even as I write that I think, “well…maybe” He does have that slightly square sort of feel (I mean, this is henry rollins, everything is relative OK). I used to listen to his music quite a bit. Uranian more so because he is quite happy to revolt against the rubbish in society, speak out, without the subtle power/threat?/darkness? that plutonic-ness might impart. If he was taurus rising, his aqua might rule his 10th house which could support the uranian / revolutionary theory. would also suit the physical solidity that he seems to have. that’s… Read more »


No, I don’t think dogging’s taken off here, Damons, thank goodness, it’s a pretty gross idea, even more gross when you think of how damned cold it is in the UK during winter (and during summer, lol)


If he has pluto north node in virgo and he’s 50 doesn’t that mean uranus would also be in very early virgo maybe first few degrees in his chart? Fascinating he’s a power virgo, my friend from another life, Uber Virgo Skater Punk was a subculture writer and a knower and possessor of the most insane things – he once lent me his box of ancient recordings of jack kerouac doing spoken word around america so brave of him and so mercurial to even have them – he became friends with and then worked for HR. There was a sparky… Read more »

venus a-go-go



Where is Matthew Minerva when you need him?!


LOL I love that MM’s sparkle still shines in the archives. So fresh and joyful.

Water Pig

It’s been ages since we’ve heard from MM…

venus a-go-go

I met him (and took a couple of photos of him) when he came into the staiton a couple of weeks ago. He was Genuinely Lovely. Never seen someone so frickin fresh as a daisy after a flight from LA I myself had only had 5 hours sleep after going to a gigthe night before, then one workplace, and nipping in to catch a glimpse in my lunch break and going back. We had a photo taken together I seriously look like hell, and he looks majestic. It’s least it was a happy sort of hell;) He was so small…… Read more »

Water Pig

I actually don’t know who Henry Rollins is… However, he’s got the taurus neck, eyes and eyebrows. Obviously there is a capricorn influence, too. Clearly loves his biceps (I looked at other pics to be sure) though so I understand why people think Aries. Does he have venus in Aries? His Mercury placement might be pisces but i’m not sure where he was born. Does he have capricorn moon? That could be where that shift of focus comes in- cap’s can ignore and switch off when they need to get the job done, can’t they? Or at least they are… Read more »

Water Pig

Is that chin very capricorn? He has a dimple in his chin. It’s not an aries chin. I’m so fascinated with facial features and astro because I once had a lady ask me if I was a Leo- she was delighted to find out that I was Leo rising. Since then, I have often tried to guess people’s rising signs but I never tell people that. Once I couldn’t decide between Capricorn or Cancer rising. I know they are very different but this person looked like both. Does anyone know of any good references to this topic of rising signs… Read more »

Water Pig

I mean they moved on the diagonal as well as left to right which made me think cancer.


re ’92, Damons, it may be relevent if you remember what happened,
if anything, last time it was closer to earth for you maybe?
Maybe it’s all that a Full Moon in Virgo is but just a bit more so?


the change comes from within damons the moon just triggers or tweaks what we’re already vibing if you look at your moon and venus or 4th, 5th and 7th houses on your chart and see what’s transiting them now you might be able to work out how you can adjust things in your life to make your wish come true. The power’s in your hands. The supermoon might help boost things. Who can tell. Good luck.


Henry’s looks in that photo really appeal to me, that dangerous edge, which has got me into mass trouble in the past. Wouldn’t all that travelling around with little luggage not indicate Sagg, PLUS the fatal attraction i have for Sagg men? Today, i met a sophisticated Persian man. He’s been up the road from me for 8 years & always wanted to go inside his Gallerie of collector’s Persian carpets as it’s in a church. He took me on a tour, showed me what he was doing with the altar (magnificent). Saw the most magical ‘Tree of Life’ carpet,… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

keep us posted, pegs 😉


Yes, just make sure he’s no “I’m a dinna jacket” (as Whoopi Goldberg says about fruit loop Ahmadinejad) lol Ohohh, but a Persian carpet tour…sounds lovely. Maybe you can ask him for tea? Or have you not done the alter reno tour yet? Was going to go the the Huntington Library in Pasadena for a tour (have done it before and one of my Gemini daughter’s favorite places). She had invited me for my b-day there. A reservation in the tea house and then to walk the grounds. They have Persian rugs there too. Alas tho, I’ve asked to postpone… Read more »


Oh I can talk some about the charm of Persia, I really can.


Yes, for the most part they (the men) still stand up for a woman when she enters a room! There is a formality that is a bit stuffish for me in the bigger picture but they are a very gracious culture overall. Just the government and some idiot (extremist) religious peeps give it a bad rap. When I visited Persian’s homes was always treated quite queenly. So, I did the same. Can you imagine an Aries serving others with tea and treats on a tray? Well, I did. Past life training and all that 😉 We (Aries) are not above… Read more »

plutonic gem

How off topic is this… Im loving listening to Dolly Parton to warm up my blues! Im sure Im being zapped from the inside out or the outside in, I cant tell anymore. Im suspecting all my air and water in self is not riding the uranus in firey aries very well at all. Im planning on a shift in this energy post big moon.


Sorry, apologies, in advance, this is completely off topic, but I just found this lot on Youtube. I think it’s right up the alley of everyone here, absolutely hilarious, Fascinating Aida, who I’ve never heard of before, but they look a damned sight more cheerful than this guy and they are very funny, particularly as the woman singing about “dogging” looks like a conventional, middle-cass matron:
And if you’re not British and don’t know what “dogging” is at the beginning, you will know at the end 😛

Lucy the Leo

I think Aries, but Taurus is pretty plausible too. Just the forehead, the intensity spell Aries to me.

Taurean Love Expert

Yes, another vote for Aries here – he is fanatical about weight-lifting, too.


I think it was in the late 80’s when he came out, that an aquarian friend working with the promoter told me a story about Henry, and how he didn’t sleep with women when he was on tour, and that he had given the promoters a rave about staying focused etc. The night of the rave he fell in love with a woman in the crowd who was a nurse, with luxurious blonde hair, and well that was pretty much the end of that revelation. Does this revel his rising sign ? Im not sure, but I’ve seen Virgo’s switch… Read more »


GF this could be a clue. I’m veering towards agreeing with Plutonic Gem, that he is gem rising. Also punk isn’t something I associate with an earth sign outlook/ascendant type.


Punk could easily be associated with his Sun in Aquarius…
I vote for Virgo Asc.


A lot of people I know who were into the whole hardcore/post hardcore scene were earth signs. It’s kind of serious, politically driven, rule based music and very male. That American later 80’s side of the punk scene had a very different energy from say the Ramones/NYC scene of the 70’s.

Oh and I could write a book about music/astro as I didn’t really think about much else from the age of 13-my mid 20’s! I was obsessed.


SO erudite charley – the change in focus came I think as a result of the Reagan era backlash against the late 70s mainly left-wing political movements – gay and women’s rights, the rise of the flesh industries, the war against drugs, Iran contra, the irony of having a hollywood movie star leading the country etc. The people who came later in the musical genre were seeing the way the myth of democracy and the land of the free was unfolding and realising freedom was relative – some pigs are more equal than others animal farm type epiphanies. 80s was… Read more »


The world’s forgotten boy, the one who searches, searches and destroys..

plutonic gem

I think he has to have an air rising, Virgo would equal that intense sexy look plus wordsmith, but of course he may very well be gem rising to have so much to say.




I think he is amazing, when Pluto was transiting my sun, and Saturn my Asc, I stuck a sign on my bedroom door that read “what would Henry do?”.

I am guessing Virgo or Cap.


Love this !!


Agree, Virgo or Cap. There’s a certain precision.

Little Joey

Never been a fan – personally, I think he has misogynistic tendencies and for this Aqua that’s a no no. I love that he tries that “crazy stare” thing every chance he gets….. posturing in the extreme. (Not huge on Black Flag either….)

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

can’t bear him either!! seems to get his mug in every indy skate surf music whatever doco ….. he’d go to an opening of a car door if cameras were there!




He’s got a big tattoo of a sun on his back with the words “Search and Destroy”. Despite the fire sign symbolism that sounds fairly plutonian to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a Scorpio influence lurking about his chart somewhere.


Also I want more info on this Christlike conjunction of Jupiter + Saturn, I have that and tbh I’ve found it to be a bore. Like whooses of Jupiter optimism constantly stomped on by Saturn. Drives me nuts, mine is almost exact in Libra.




Me to Charley but mine’s a Jupiter/Saturn square. Jupiter has great ideas & enthusiasm and Saturn says “you can’t do that!!!” bloody annoying. Haven’t found the balance yet.


Defs think it’s an Earth Rising sign!

He is awesome : )


I’m going out on a limb and saying Virgo. Something about his upright intensity, brooding and manic stage presence reminds me of triple (mega stelium) Virgo Nick Cave. I know so many dark side intense Virgo’s btw, way more than Scorpio’s with the drug probs or extreme abstinence, although always with wry humour. Can be kind of outspokenly critical which is very Virgo. Plus when he wears clothes he’s always very groomed, tight, clean looking t-shirts, pressed slacks, shiny shoes kind of a uniform.


Whoa there with the bad punctuation. Soz, it’s 3.22am and I’m awake being battered with moon juice.


Yeah being so articulate and funny makes me suspect Virgo too. Also, Scorpios don’t need to frown to look intense. Just my experience 🙂


yes, he is a word nerd and very passionate about exacting social reform. Though I would have said aries just on memory without reading anything more. known lots of virgo rising punks and they are the anarchist playwright type.


cap or Aries even. Remember the man had a mega dedication to his body when he was in black flag. But he does have that taurean no-neck thing going on…


mmm yes, mighty handsome. Agree with you Indigofish, Cap determination but definitely got the Aries bolsh. Years ago in the 80s I was at a party in L.A. and members of Black Flag were there. I was in the kitchen and a bad fight broke out. Henry had taken a beer bottle and smashed it into another guys face and I swear there was a blood burst that splashed us all. I remember grabbing a whole roll of paper towels and applying to the guys nose. It was awful and I was ummm very baked! That’s all I really remember.… Read more »


Taurus is my choice look at the nostrils and the hair line–recedes on both sides to allow for the horns!!


ditto Taurus, look at the nostrils flaring raaahhh


I saw him live a few years ago–he was fantastic. So hilarious, and super articulate. I think Cap rising is a good guess. He comes across as very professional and serious, despite his good sense of humor, in person.

(I’ve known plenty of peeps with Scorp rising who don’t look the slightest bit vampiric. I didn’t know that was supposed to be a thing.)


He looks a bit like a Taurus friend of mine, the same heavy brow and flared nostrils seem rather bullish to me. Though I could see him as an Aries rising too. There’s a lot of crazy energy and aggressive physicality to the way he moves and performs on stage.


Taurus was going to be my second guess, and also because of the nostrils!

Earthy Child

Hahaha! The nose thats what most websites describe how a Taurus looks like. His nostrils are flary, so I think he’s a Taurus Rising, and he’s got those bovine like eyes.


Ditto…quite the handsome bull, if you ask me.


Funny even before I read yours and T’s I was going to say Taurus too. Once I was standing behind him in line to buy groceries and all her bought was all things carb: pasta bowls, bags of popcorn and ice tea (think of the sugar in it). That strikes me as something Taurean’s would eat for some reason.


I need to proofread better. Sorry 🙂


awesome spy info ! 🙂


And I forgot one last telling detail: he drives a late model Subaru station wagon in sea foam green. Maybe not a a Taurus but definitely an earth sign.


Now that’s some super Scorpio spy intel! lol Sea foam green….what if he’s really a Pisces Rising? He does write poetry, it would be funny if underneath all that rage and anger is a sensitive little fish. 😉


I was not stalking 😉 Honest!


I think Leo rising…
He is Plutonian and definetly not Uranian….he has promonent Pluto …Maybe Sun inconjunct Pluto?

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