He Points The Way To The Gates Of The Sun

Rune enscribed ancient stone tablet

At Bolligen Jung created a monument out of stone to express what the Tower means to me. On one side, Jung carved in Latin In remembrance of his seventy-fifth birthday, C. G. Jung made and placed this here as a thanks offering in the year 1950. On the side shown in this photograph, Jung created a mandala centered on Telesphorus, the Greek demi-god of healing, surrounded by a Greek inscription, part of which says,

“This is Telesphorus, who roams through the dark regions of this cosmos and glows like a star out of the depths. He points the way to the gates of the sun and to the land of dreams….”

So it’s a guy God but isn’t he wearing the Venus symbol?  I think Mandala creating is awesome.  Do any of you arty peeps have any Mandala creation tips? I mean, do you start in the centre with your key image and then work outwards? Is there a convention to follow, for best results.

Actually, i just noticed, he’s got Jupiter on the left, Mars on the bottom, Venus on the right and Saturn on top with the Sun and Moon on the outside.

Telesphorus sounds Jovial…as in Jupiterian…Anyone know more about him?

Jung was amazing. A Leo. Fancy being a famous-in-your-lifetime shrink/scientist with the guts to openly explore Tarot, Astrology, the I-Ching and other subjects as he did so fearlessly and with SUCH flair.

Health Goddess Hygeia

Gustav Klimt

The Greek Goddess of Healing is Hygiea – asteroid Number Ten, if you want to look her up in your chart.   And yes, hence the word hygiene.

Florence Nightingale – the pioneering nurse and healer – had Hygiea conjunct her Venus – ruler of her Sun and Moon in Taurus. Who says asteroid astrology is flimsy?  Nightingale (she made peeps wash their hands, revolutionized nursing) was also one of those destined-to-alter-society Pluto-Conjunct North Node types.  And she had about 100 cats.

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Happy day! I have something in my 11th house, something in Taurus too (yes, I know apart from their house ruler).
Blessed Hygeia you sextile Venus and are squared trial-by-fire style to my Sun in Leo. Plus you square Lilith and Pallas!

Identity as a healer, ick. Nurture automatically in a healing fashion though. The darkly glamorous defiant / business woman isn’t harmonious with the Healer for me. Is there a way to make these characters one healthy type?

aqua lion

What a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday, that is something I should start doing. MANDALA TIPS: THIS IS FUN I’ve done a few art workshops where we do this one as “group projects”. You need really big sheets of paper and boards (at least as big – wide as yourself). 1. Each person paints their sheet of paper – base colour – however they want. (To music, much easier). 2. Then after this is dry, trace some circles on in pencil (concentrically) as a guide for the rest of the mandala. You don’t need heaps, they are more as… Read more »


mmm Mandalas and Margaritas – am liking that 🙂


is *fabulous* ~ great idea, thanks for sharing it with us too


A psychologist told me at a workshop that the healer archetype is represented in only a small part of the population (6%) or so.

With so much of the world needing so much healing you would think it much more. Maybe that will change with time. My hopes are for self healing, that people will have more compassion for themselves and in turn for others.

When I heal myself I can be there for others. Within boundaries of course.


Perhaps the ‘venus’ symbol is a bloated Ankh???
Hygiea for me is in Taurus square Pluto


‘Man & his Symbols’ is the Jung book most read in 1980, (when i did 2 years of reading) Is a great reference book. Have page 159 of the Red Book as my screensaver. Yes, & it’s a mandala. A circle within a diamond within a square. Beautiful colours. You can download some of the images from Red Book. Also have a large poster of the 12 major mandalas, again gorgeous colours. Above the images it says: ‘Mandalas are symbolic representations of the pyschic process which interlinks humans & the universe. In meditation & in visualisation they assist the potential… Read more »


Love the stuff in Jung’s Red Book and would love to buy it but just too expensive for my budget. But gotta differ on the definition of a “true mandala”. I think just the act of working within a circle to create art is the essence of a mandala and not whether it’s perfectly symmetrical. I think these days there is so much spiritual movement into the new, that old rules and regulations simply dissolve and fade away. People are creating their own smorgasbord of spirituality and it includes mandalas.


Huh, my Hygiea is exactly conjunct my Uranus in Sagg in the 9th house.

I don’t know much about Jung, but it seems like his stuff might be right up my alley. I should check it out.

year of the fox

Hygeia conjunct Neptune and Ascendant. woo.. I guess i look like a nurse/doctor. @[email protected] I guess that fits. 🙂

That picture of Hygeia rocks! love it!


Thanks, Mystic. I’m studying some Jung books right now, I’m reading “The Undiscovered Self” and an anthology. I’ve had a hard time even locating good Jung reading material.

It seems like a lot more of the mystical side of Jung is coming out lately, e.g. publication of the Red Book. It seems like Jung’s “secrets” are finally being revealed in detail, and he is not so far ahead of our time, even if he was ahead of his own time.

Mystics Scorpio Intern

Join a Jung Society! Fascinating presentations and great for bouncing your thoughts off others who just GET IT 🙂


You know, I was just thinking about that. I saw an online lecture offered by a Jung Society branch, but it was too expensive, I can’t afford it. So I just went to the library and checked out something for free. Alas, an extensive search shows no Jung Society groups anywhere near me. Maybe some group will expand their online materials, like that lecture.

Mystics Scorpio Intern

No good! The lecture meetings might be more affordable if you become a member? Aprntly his late work is by far the best as it’s much more removed from his earlier scholarly influences.


I think the Merc Retro shadow phase is getting to you, MM. That’s Mercury on Telesphorus’ tabard there. Except the placement makes it looks like a Venus glyph hanging on a necklace/chain.

Hygeia at 1+ Aries. I fight for classroom inclusion for kids with autism.

Mystics Scorpio Intern

Totally, it’s beautiful to see how empathetically neuro-typicals can embrace these kids but it does depend on where they are on the spectrum. So long as the inclusion is conducive to classroom learning. I’ve seen some NTs really look out for the special ed kids even when its just mixing in the playground that’s the only realistic option of inclusion. Do you have a a child/work with ASD? I think they’re in touch with something where not! They have cool energies or something — love being around them.


Whoa! You are talking my language, woman! (Or one of my languages…) Yep, you get it. Yes, I have a child with ASD. High functioning, very. More asperger-y, multi-conjunct Aquarian with Gemmy Moon. She and MM’s Aqua kitty share the same name. 🙂 Daughter has Aries Mars in 6th. Very defensive with her peers right now, so it’s difficult for them to get the warm fuzzies for her some days. And all that Aqua, well, that’s just another challenge! I would say my kid is in touch with something we’re not. Won’t go as far as label her an “Indigo… Read more »

Mystics Scorpio Intern

Absolutely on the same wavelength!! It’s really nice to know I’m not alone in my ways of perceiving this, especially from a parent/ex-teacher. TOTALLY agree with your statement. I’m inclined to view the ‘autism epidemic’ as a reflection of society’s lacking, perhaps their purpose being to wake us up to ourselves. My observation has been that these kids effectively ‘force’ or shake-up the most detached parents to consciousness and connecting with themselves and therefore, hopefully, the world around them. It’s like they teach you to communicate and understand from an intuitive/heart level. I couldn’t resist looking up the chart of… Read more »


My youngest nephew has autism…and i agree with the comment re getting parents to interact – has had that effect on all the family. Life is just so different with Kieran in it! He sees life in really different ways – so funny and uninhibted at times, so withdrawn at others. But he teaches you to take people as you find them, and for that i love him very much.
He’s rainman-ish with maths, and we’ve already identified his middle brother Boo as the ‘tom cruise’ character.

Mystics Scorpio Intern

Aww, sweet.. Yeah, when they’re not dealing with society’s demands there is that sense of inner freedom about them that I find quite mesmerising.

WG & KG, they’re lucky to have such open and understanding adults in their family 🙂

Just the other week I told a grieving parent a lil about my personal perspective in that I believe they’re mature souls that have chosen to experience limitation in this life for the insight and wisdom it brings and of course help us open our eyes. She actually responded well to that.


I’m in US. I’ll link my site for a bit through my name, so you can check out what I’m about. Yes, I’m familiar with “puppy training”. Not into it, but do find the reward system helpful in small doses for specific goals. Daughter also has a magnificent chart, with a couple of clear whopper aspects that tell you she’ll not be ignored –ever. And with her Pluto on my ASC, you can bet she’s forced me to “wake up” to myself! The Woo-woos go a bit nutty around her. 😯 Rumor has it she has a courtly entourage of… Read more »


Oh! And on a final HYGEIA note: have you seen this? It’s called ME Moves, and it’s awesome. I’m getting it for myself. And they have a APP FOR THAT. 🙂


Mystics Scorpio Intern

Oh wow, this is fantastic, aren’t you an inspiration?! Love the beaker idea – very clever. I’ll show your site and MeMoves to some of the therapists and special needs schools I’ve worked with as well as my Holistic Kinesiology college principal who does a lot of work with kids with ASD. Not as involved as used to be due to study commitments but I’m sure your beaker book and your perfectly thought out Top 10 Tips would be well received at the special needs (mainly autism) playgroup I do. Attended a workshop on the UK based Tacpac, they tend… Read more »


Interestingly, Hellen Keller has Moon Quintile Hygeia. awesome.


spelling asteroid stat ! haha
Give it up for Marvin, folks. Mars conjunct Hygeia. LOVE astrology !


Ha, Rox, had quite a few girlfriends become pregnant to that
song when it first came out.
And Barry White who was inevitabley played as the party was
winding down, so much so it became a cliche.
‘UhOh, he’s put on Marvin, he thinks i’m going to screw him’!


LoL ! I hear that, sexy men, crooners both. Marvin had the most beautiful smile too…so much soul pouring out~ Love it !
I have my personal panty remover songs, but shhh… secret !

Water Pig

I have hygiea at 23 degrees libra conjunct Pluto (3rd) (which is then conjunct saturn at 0 scorpio) and is part of the air trine with moon (aqua in 7th) and venus conjunct NN (gemini in 11th). I know washing my hands has been part of my work in the past when i’ve done placements in community health or hospital. I’ve recently learned more about and have had healing done but cannot do it myself. I also think that trine with hygiea to moon and venus has manifested in friendships and relationships where my sole purpose was to help someone… Read more »


Hygiea in the 10th, 1 degree away from an exact conjunction to my Sagg MC (Uranus also conjuncts MC), and is sextile my Aqua moon.

I’ve studied Jung since I was 16 but I’ve never seen this monument before! Very intriguing! Thank you for posting it, Mystic!

I would think you would start from the center when you draw a mandala, anytime you move in rather than branch out you create out of restrictions.


I have Hygiea exact conjunction to my Sun, in Virgo, in the first house. (Sun 10.00, Hygiea 10.22) Interestingly I’m not so prone to germ fears at all, but I have had strange boughts of hypochrondria when I was sure there were a million things wrong with me. I have always had some natural healing ability, which I learnt to channel years ago with teacher. When I think about it, I’m pretty sure the hypochondria came when this energy wasn’t being channelled properly, turning inward. And with this all in Virgo in the first house, I guess its not such… Read more »

Mystics Scorpio Intern

It seems the stone represents the aspects of Jung’s inner self as a whole. Like the stone tower he created, it is made up of four parts radiating from an inner part. These can be seen as the various planes of consciousness with the Buddhic nature as the core/higher self. Mercury being depicted at the centre signifies the communicator between the inner and outer worlds. Deep healing bridges these worlds. Jung held much appreciation for the ‘spirit’ of stones and this one found its way to him! Have been told stones are reknowned to do this… I like this from… Read more »


Jung is one of my heroes.



I have the Greek Goddess of Healing – Hygiea – conjunct Chiron in Taurus 2nd house…



get thee to a nursery!


I teach mandala art, very often in line with Full and New Moons. I get people to shut their eyes, centre themselves in their heart, then imagine that rainbow-colours are pouring out of their heart and streaming through their Third Eye (between eyebrows) down their arms and out of their fingers. And then they go for the lives, any which way they are drawn. No rules. No regulations. Whatever you feel drawn to create. And everyone I’ve taught creates the most beautiful images and they know exactly what they mean. I’m not claiming credit, by the way, just that we… Read more »


Ooh, another goddess to add to my 1st house in Capricorn! I have Juno, Vesta and Ceres in there as well. Health, hearth and kitchen witchery all going hand in hand! 😀


That was always my favourite Klimt picture. I loved her so much from that painting, that before I got to the end of your post, my first response was “Pffttt. Typical. Jung picked the boy demi-god of healing. Why not Hygiea?”. I have three different health care professions under my belt. I honestly dont know if you’d say Im good at it (you’d have to ask my patients), but I have a certain aptitude for the study. Chiron in taurus in the tenth making a grand earth trine with venus in cap in the 6th and saturn in virgo in… Read more »


oh that is so cool, there is so much in that. It is funny when I do a mandala, I turn it as I do it so that it never has an absolute way it is supposed to sit. This needs orientation to it and it says alot about it – I love it. I have been into mandalas for ages, mosaic mandalas are fun for those who don’t like to paint or draw. I have been working on a few lately to combat my miserable vibe I am emanating, it really helps shift your focus and energy. You don’t… Read more »

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