So, what has been the biggest-age gap sexual relationship you’ve ever been involved in?

Saying “whose the older person you’ve ever rooted?” seems a bit coarse, no?

And the query is more a la the age gap than actual chronological age.

“He was 120 at the time, I think” is neither here nor there.

Astrologically, the attraction to age-gap relationships is under the sway of Saturn.

Venus-Saturn peeps often end up with such romances…Moon-Saturn too.

(ie; people with strong aspects from Saturn to their Venus or Moon.)

And was it true love or more like a Svengali/Freudian thing?

In my case i was 19, he was older and i had no idea how much so because everyone over 23 was just generically “old” . But i was very Castaneda about it, seeing it as like the beauty of an old tree or a mountain; ageless, timeless and who cares about gnarly bark or strange spots on the hands of a mountain/tree.  And, okay, i was drunk and he was famous.

The encounter ended when his daughter – who was a bit younger than me – attacked me in a rage. Even apart from the broken glass, minor injuries and police involvement, i didn’t want to visit again…But then Venus is a full 12 degrees away from my Saturn. I ain’t calling that a conjunction. No way.

But people who’re happily in big age gap relationships tend to have that strong Saturn involvement.

Your stories?

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149 thoughts on “Chrono-Sex

  1. No Venus or Moon aspects with Saturn.

    I envy those of you who are so flexible about age, but it’s just not in my nature. I generally like guys about 1-5 years younger. (Venus square my Gemini Ascendant – could that have something to do with the preference for younger men? – Something about the youthfulness of Gemini?)

    I can’t be with older guys – even a few years older gives me a father vibe and hits my yuck button in a big way. (I also can’t stand the paternalistic tone I get from men a generation or more older than me – even a hint of that irritates me & turns me ice cold.)

    However, if a guy seems too much like a boy, I feel maternal & that also has an ick factor. I fell madly in love with a 21-year-old guy the year I turned 30 – very much an animus attraction and not something I was looking for – but he acted a lot older than he was.
    (I almost had a fling with a different 20-year-old guy (boy) that same year, but that boy seemed so extremely immature that I felt like I was kissing a child & just couldn’t go through with it.)

  2. Interesting comments and particularly pertinent to me right now. Weird synchronicity again Mystic. I have Venus/Mars/Moon trine Saturn and the only relationship with an “older man” was when I was 20 and he was 24, lasted 4 years. Since then only ever been with younger men. Longest was 17 years with ex-Scorp who is 6 years younger – he has Saturn opp Venus/Neptune conj and Chiron opp his Mars/Uranus/Moon conj. Interesting that his new gf is a Colombian Negro Leo – he has Leo Asc, and i love the fact my kids adore her and she is lovely. My big-love with Cancerian 14 younger was hottest ever connection. I don’t consciously discount relationships with older men, just seem attracted to younger ones for all the reasons peeps stated above.

    • Oh the Cancerian has Saturn conj Venus in Leo in the 7th house and Chiron square his Leo Moon 🙂

  3. me (currently) 48 – aqua saturn square scorpio venus, and sextile aries moon have had on-off 2 year relationship with girl (currently) 26. Not so much ‘mid-life crisis’ as ‘unresolved late-teens, early twenties relationships crisis’

  4. yeah I hope I get myself involved with a way older man….. i’m twenty-five hopefully he cud be 63??

    • I was thinking he looks very German/european engineery on holiday.
      Not my type either

  5. I kept attracting younger guys for ages maximum about 7 years younger (me aged 27 -30, them between 21 and 26). Now I’m seeing a guy 13 years older. The biggest age gap with people I’ve slept with was a guy who was 20 years older. Yikes.

    Aries with sagg rising

  6. I usually win this game but it looks like I’m not even in the running. I did some calculations and even surprised myself.
    I wheedled chart data out of my creepy stalky Virgo ex-gf (which was tricky since I’m not speaking to her) and unless she’s lying about her age (again) she is 16 years older than me. You’d think it was 50 years, the way she complained. She’d say things like “When you’re 50, I’ll be 66!” I’d tell her that I’m not too concerned about 25 years from now, I’m 24 and you’re 40 so get on that bed, honey, and I’ll show you what that’s all about NOW. Well, now she’s 68 and I just got a drunk-email from her an hour ago.
    I thought that was a personal best, then I calculated the age difference with my recent crazy alcoholic Virgo ex-gf, she is 17 years younger than me.

  7. He was 31 and I was 17 and had no idea what I was doing other than that I was streets ahead in maturity!! Most recent ex was 4 years younger than me at 42. He treated me like I was a child…abusive, manipulative, lyar and cheat…he used to balk at folk being sexual after 50. Since I gave him the flick, and now at the age of 47, I constantly hear from my adult kids friends..MILF, MILF, MILF..age is a number, life is a state of mind.

  8. saturn trine moon (also conj sun in 12th, then mars conj venus & pluto next door in 1st). 32yrs. have been romancing ppl one to two decades older for a decade. i’ve a child with one 17 yrs my senior.

    the largest gap was about 30 yrs. i’m more bewildered by my so rarely being attracted to ppl my own age than to my predilection for older men/women.

  9. I’m 38 and have huge crush lust on someone 60. I love his stories and the fact that we have the same taste in music. He just seems so literate and experienced. I don’t think it’s a father thing. I thinkni just adore who he is. Before that the biggest gap was 6 years – bit we acted like children anyway.

  10. I an a female Sagg with 6 fire signs, 3 air signs and Sagg venus trine saturn. I have never dated anyone that was not at least 5 years younger than me. My largest age diff was 18 years. My current love is a man who is 13 years younger. We were together for 7 years and then parted in 7/1994. He returned to my life in 2/2010. It has been a very up and down year with us, many hurdles in our way. I hope that by the end of April this will be resolved one way or the other. There seems to be a great deal of karma around this relationship. We just can’t seem to let it go.

  11. my early dealings were with caps around my age or older and married, then had a fling with a triple cap 20 years older which made me finally realize i like the wealth of experiences but not the cap inflexibility.
    now i’m in a long term with a pisces/aries type who’s actually teaching me to loosen up.
    he’s 31 and i’m 21.

    my saturn aspects are just merc conjunct saturn trine ascendant, however that probably explains my famous cap-dar

    sag sun/gem moon/taurus ascendant

  12. Venus trine Saturn (0 degree orb) and I would definitely date someone 20 + years older than my 28. The thing is, not only do I find older men very attractive (only if they’re in good condition, of course), but I would never want to be with a guy who looked younger/prettier than me. Bad for the self-esteem.

    • You are so right!!! Currently 28 co-habitating with a wonderful 47 year old. We’ve been together for two years and are still going strong. I think the older the younger person is the better.

  13. Found best people outside of age not necessarily conscious of any personal magnetism, if anything free of this, but such a vital force in lifting many spirits at one time, maybe the limitation is for others who are bound by an awareness of time, bear circumstantial and social obstacles, think mostly capricorn/saturn and aquarius/uranus arrangement…

  14. My Saturn is *on* my mean node – like, one degree off – and I dated a guy who was twenty years older for five years (18-23) until I wised up. I still can’t believe I thought I was so mature.

  15. I have Saturn Quincunx Uranus. Not sure what that means.

    Venus- Scorpio
    Saturn- Taurus

  16. guilty as charged

    venus square saturn orb 2 degrees
    moon sextile saturn orb 1 degree

    I was 16 going on 17…
    he was 32 going on 100…

    doing the dirty with father time…

    don’t tell the cops…. eeeek

  17. moon in leo (5th house) trine saturn in jupiter (9th house)….venus in capricorn (10th house)…… i am just about exclusively attracted to men atleast 6 years older than me, but the biggest age difference so far was 16 years. 24 and 40.