Black Moon Versus White Moon

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Wilfred Satty

Lilith is your Dark Moon & Diana is your White Moon.

By Diana I mean your “Moon” as you’d see it in any astro chart.

You can clock your Lilith by hitting the Extended Options in Astrodienst.

Well, that’s the easiest way.

You know what, you may as well say the Moon is Eve and then we have the Black Moon Lilith as Adam’s first wife.

Do you repress your Lilith in favor of your Diana/Eve?

If you are a gay woman/hetero guy, do you have any sort of a fun Madonna-Whore complex that resonates with both your Moons?

Is Lilith your dirty little secret self? Or do you need to rehab your ACTUAL Moon because you’ve over-done the Lilith trip?

Any ideas for balancing them both out?

I’ve got Moon in Libra/9th House and Lilith in the 12th/Capricorn.

I’m still working through my thoughts on this…but Pluto is bearing down on my Lilith so it’s better to do slow/deep rather than quick/glib. Yes?

Lilith is currently in Pisces so Fish-Peeps, are you channelling Bitch Goddess energy or WHAT?


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87 thoughts on “Black Moon Versus White Moon

  1. I have ‘ True Lilith’ 23.45′ R in Leo, 6th house.
    Leo also rules my Moon or ‘Eve’ at 2.49′ in the 5th house.

    I read that there are four ‘Lilith’s in astrology ; that only the asteroid is an actual body.
    I read once that Black Moon Lilith and the other two, four inall are just conceptual points in the chart.
    Is ‘dark moon lilith’ the concept of the moon’s unlit side during it’s time in your chart ?

  2. Way back when, Lilith was in Pisces and MM asked the fish-peeps if they felt it. Well, I have natal Lilith in Pisces second house, while Luna is in Capricorn upon my ascendant exactly opposing Venus.

    All my life I have been insisting, I am not a Fish-peep, I am not! But materialistic Cappy-face is never able to get rich or famous or effective, and hates all the soppy wet Cancer Venus smooshums of the romances that go out of my control.

    Now Neptune is coming ever closer to this second house where fish-Lilith waits. It’s going to change me forever. I will go mad, which will make me famous?

  3. Suddenly, as the time to visit friends becomes imminent, i want to text and say i cannot come to your party as i am called to stay home and honour the Bitch-Goddess Lilith.

    Or is it better to just take her with me? πŸ˜‰

  4. I have moon in Scorpio, in first house conjunct my ascendant, and both True and Mean Lilith are also in Scorpio, but in the 2nd house…feel things pretty intensely, though others might not notice

  5. Please help me interpret….Lilith 17 degrees Aries and North Node 16 degrees Aries. Both in 10th house.
    Moon in Cancer. Sun Virgo, Venus Scorpio.
    Does this indicate that my Lilith is the route to my success?

  6. a leonine luna nero vs a libran luna blanca ‘- actually, that libran moon is buried in the 12th house – I hang onto the leo elements of my chart for dear life – jupiter and lilith – keeping the wild oscillations discreet behind the lion’s poise

  7. I identify a lot more with the lilith since it’s right on my asc; I have total presence. Also have Saturn/Ur/Nep in 4th house, so I have plenty of moon energy going on most of the time. feeling pretty balanced.

  8. I have Moon conjunct Lilith in Virgo/8th hosue so they kind of go hand in hand. Lets just say I’m mean if I have to be, but not by nature. It is a witchy placement, and I don’t mind that.

  9. Lilith in Libra in the 5th house conjunct Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Libra. So my idea of a good time is what … being creative, erratic and unconventional?? Well duhhh … I actually read up on the placement:

    “Let’s say that you go to a party and there’s twenty people in the room. Nineteen of them have regular office jobs and the twentieth is an alien from a UFO. Guess which one you would want to get involved with?”

    Well I mean who WOULDN’T want to get involved with an alien from a UFO?? Surely it stands to reason they would be far more interesting than some doofus working an office job.

    Then it goes on to say that I’m basically a nutbag (unstable, erratic, unpredictable, unusual attitudes towards relationships) … which we all know, so nothing new here.

    Dunno how this fits with Lilith which is sextile Sagg moon in the 7th? Guess it means I really will be a cat lady with a house full of newspapers and a weird teaspoon collection …. none of this suits my Cancer Sun/Venus ya know! *humff*

  10. Hmmm…I’d definitely say I have a black moon/white moon dichotomy going on….Lilith in Scorpio (How do I tell which house) compared to Moon in Virgo/8th house.
    Lilith is definitely my dirty side that doesn’t come out that often….usually with love/sex, I vibe more “pure” and high-minded/idealistic, I’d say.

  11. My Moon is in Aqua, conjunct my Ascendant, directly opposed my Lilith in Leo, which is conjunct Mars/Mercury. What an uncomfortable back and forth between two extremely different universes. It’s amazing such energies can exist in one form. I’ve found no middle ground between these two, I’m either in one or the other.

  12. Lilith 5 degrees aqua and natal moon 25 degrees aqua- both in 7th house. Lilith sextiles uranus in sag 4th house. Since they are in the same sign and house it’s hard to differentiate between their energies. I once read something about Lilith in aqua meaning you misunderstand the way friends or people perceive you or that you might consider relationships as friendships. I sometimes have no idea how people perceive me. I also know that when i’ve trusted friends and they have lied or betrayed my trust the friendship is over in an instant with people feeling quite shocked that I won’t take their crap anymore.

  13. hmmm

    lilith in gemini in the 2nd house
    moon in aqua in the 10th house

    well, they are in a nice air trine, and it must be linked to my career/earning potential/self worth… I’ve never thought of this before but my career in academia is often writing on feminist theory etc- so working the communication aspect of lilith (in gem) is earning me money! and i certainly emphasize always the need to be financially independent…

    as for moon in aqua in the 10th- it’s always been my cool intellectualising saving grace to all the jungle-glam (mystic’s phrase) hard fire/water squares in my chart.

  14. Lilith conjunct pluto, both conjunct virgo asc. both forming a grand earth trine in fire houses with mars on the 5th and saturn on the 9th. Sun in taurus (9th) and leo moon, on the verge of the 12th. Adding this venus in aries in the 8th opp uranus. Mercury on the 8th. I think that explains why i relate much more with lilith than with Diana. But mars in capricorn fortunately saves my my reputation. Most of the times, i mean. LOL.

  15. Lilith in Leo in the 12th house
    Moon in Aqua in the 5th house
    Venus also in Leo

    Hmm. Something about all this makes me think I really do have performance aspects to my persona, and secretly need an audience??

  16. Lillith in Aries YAY! A fire sign for once in the 8th. I’ve been working it in secret. Moon Kataka in the 12th, which is what I’ve always leaned towards for ages now.

    Moon to lure, Lillith for the fun bits.

  17. There are so many feminine moon energies of the feminine to explore, wonder how many significant masculine asteroids there are or the gals supposed to be more intuitive and therefore ‘cosmically attuned?’

    I found that the book by Delphine Jay, ‘Interpreting Lilith,’ is confrontingly accurate in describing my Sag 11th house Lilith.

    Always liked the idea of Scorpio/8th house Dark Moon, but I hope that having White Moon Diana in Scorpio makes for a more more balanced swan. Both Diana and Selene add to my 10th and 12th house stelliums.. A lot hard aspects with the lot of them though. Overall, I think it their combinations in my chart are a bit ungrounded in reality perhaps.

  18. I have lilith in late Toro (~26) trining moon in late cap (~29). Lilith is also conjunct Jupiter and she’s in my 11th. Maybe that’s why I love my femo-revolutionary friends who’d lob a few molotov cocktails into the window of some woman-crushing regime as soon as talk about it πŸ˜€

    I don’t feel like I have some madonna/whore complex. I like inconsistency and contradiction in thinking and ideas, because that’s where the interesting stuff happens, but not when it comes to slagging off an entire gender just because someone is a prejudiced f*ck . See, gets my blood boiling! better keep working πŸ˜‰ I am getting better at having very very rational arguments with people to show them precisely where they are being idiots in this regard…

  19. Lilith in Kataka/ 1st house, Moon in Aries /10th house. Lilith really is my moon goddess through and through – plus I was born on the Balsamic phase of the moon so the dark/crone archetype has always called to me. She is certainly secretive while my Aries moon just bombasts everyone with her immediacy. Perhaps that’s where my haus-frau bossy boots nature comes from?

  20. Lilith in Pisces/6th house and Moon in Gemini/8th house. Definitely been on some kind of Lilith over-drive in recent weeks … bit too much of the emo, delving into repressed psychic crap and contemplating ways to make some kind of darkly exotic perfume from hellebore and black resin. Or something like that. The pairing of Lilith in Pisces/6th and Diana in Gemini/8th means that despite sometimes being breezy/airy/clean freak/slightly bimbonic, there’s always an undercurrent of ‘throbbing darkness’ – THIS according to my Scorp housemate. Maybe the phrase ‘still waters run deep’ is a less nutty description!

  21. Moon in scorp and Lilith in leo. I can be rude when being ignored coz i want everybody to love me and pat me or i go into a gigantic pout but now i realise I’m a bit watery with the moon in scopr so I can see my easy goingness is a plus. However i can be extremley blunt but in a nice way ( she says purring sweetly but with claws ever ready).

  22. Lilith in leo in the first house. I remember being 11 years old and being non-plussed by being told that when I was older I would be the type of woman where a man who pissed me off would “wake up with his balls in a jar by the side of the bed.” Im quite nice, really, but will deal unmercilessly with beaurocratic or institutional wrangling, and am never, NEVER lost for a comeback if heckled by construction workers etc. I also swear like a sailor when left to my own devices.
    My moon is in Libra in the third house. I am so lilith I should probably rehab my moon. Im going through a bit of ylang-ylang and monoi phase. Does that count?

  23. Lilith conjunct IC and Neptune (both in Scorpio). Because of the chart visual and the way the Lilith conjunction fades into the IC, my symbolic and intuitive read on that is that I have a very deep seated and almost completely hidden Lilith aspect to my personality (probably true). And that I have inherited this part of my nature (also probably true).

    My ex said that if I had ever gone on the show Survivor, I would have won due to my wits

    I’m also highly intuitive about others. I think that when certain other very observant people glimpse my hidden Lilith, they find it unnerving at first because I come across like Doris Day (unintentional, just my face and freckles).

      • People have suggested that! Yet, my intuition seems to have a life of its own so I would feel wary of promising to have it available to others.

        But friends trust my judgment. I’m beginning to

        • If you get this comment, perhaps you could think about doing a course in a field where intuition is highly regarded, ie. healing? That way you’d be able to hone and add to those intuitive skills! Your astro chart will back you up..

  24. mmm lilith in Sagitarius in the 2nd house conjuct ceres and juno, and really probably neptune too, which is in sagitarius but falls into the first house. Im gonna have to do a bit of research about this. But what I find interesting right now is that transiting lilith is conjunct transiting uranus, which is conjuncting my natal moon in pisces, and while this aspect is all over next week, I wonder how lilith has been amping out all the work uranus has done on my natal moon? Mmm food for thought when I have time to check it out further. Any suggestions?

    • well i just noticed (on one of mm’s previous posts) that Cassanova had lilith in sagitarius, and similarily to myself, a scorpio rising, and a mars in pisces…. pffffffffffftttt, thats all the info i got so far…

  25. Lilith in Scorpio in the 12th House, and my Moon in Aqua in the 3rd House. I channel them both depending on my mood and which one I feel will suit me best. Aqua is probably the one I use most, because I like to be logical and detached from emotional situations so as not to get in over my head. But I find that when I get lost inside my head, daydreaming, it’s often the Scorpio at play…

    I guess Aqua is my reality and Scorpio is my fantasy. πŸ˜‰

    • Just realized… Are we talking True Lilith or Mean Lilith? Because my TL is Scorpio but my ML is Sagittarius. I feel like I’m way more in touch with the Scorp than the Sagg, though.

      • The true and mean thing is the moons node. You can add lillith to your chart with the asteroids bit down the bottom of all the options.

  26. Lilith in Pisces on MC. I dont think it is a very good place to have Lilith would much prefer it to be in a fire sign. I think I certainly have repressed rage at authority.

    Just unleashed Lilith today on ex Lib hubby. We have court orders and he is still refusing to take the lil Aries half of the school holidays which he fought for, two years ago. Back to mediation we go.

    • Good for you, Sassy! Lil’Aries will always remember how his mom fought for him, even if he doesn’t understand the details, and it will make him strong.

    • Lilith in Pisces must be super sexy! Very charming and naughty. I think we all have a repressed rage at authority, it’s totally de la mode. πŸ˜‰

      • I meant to add that Ex Lib is ensuring that your little one will be a strong man by being such a loser, though it sure hurts you I am sure. Bet you are fab mum.

    • Thanks Inchy and Andro, it is heart-breaking, infuriating, sad, a well of feelings. Correction- Lilith is not on my MC, that is Circe, its on my Pallas in 10th house.

      Was thinking that Andro, he will learn a lot from his Papa… Just dont have the strength to fight it anymore, feel like its not worth it. Have a feeling he will be drifting away regardless of court orders.. Its time to say good bye..

  27. I have Lilith in Leo-8th house, square my Scorpio Sun.
    My Moon is in Virgo-7th house conjunct Saturn and square Mars.

    Not sure what to make of that, but I think I’m on better footing with the Moon in Virgo.

  28. Moon in Pisces in 8th, Lillith in Aries in 9th.
    But Lillith is exact on my Sun/Moon midpoint – so the key to balancing my identity and emotions is to philosophise my emotions but in a direct and demanding kind of way?
    Given my moon is square neptune, and my sun is conjunct mercury and sextile saturn/mars/asc – it actually does kind of work that idea – being high minded and demanding of what I deserve emotionally – as a way forward
    Lillith also loosely conjunct eros and chiron – so a bit of healing and creative bliss may come from that?

  29. Have been looking into Lilith lately, I find I have her placed in the 8th house, in Scorpio. I’m in the school of overdoing the Lilith trip prior to my Saturn return, all danger and trouble and well rather dark i spose !

    Then after 4 years of going being single, and making a mental list of what i would like to see in the next man that comes along, (down to the nitty gritty details of – must be able to change washer on tap to stop dripping) and asking my passed over Leo Grandfather to please send someone with theses qualities, it seems I went over to the light side and came more into my Gemini moon…

    If the Piscean husband knew half of what i got up to, i’m sure he’d pass out! I relate to Lilith in 8th house parts i have read about how we are said to be private, and hardly ever let anyone in, and then only give away little pieces of our past. .. i like that, i dont feel there is anything wrong with that at all….it makes me feel safe.

  30. Haha Cap Moon & Lillith in Aqua… I appear quite conservative & in love with rules but I make my own rules & I don’t actually care what most people think of me?

  31. hmmm

    Lilith in Leo 4th house – trining Pluto and Neptune and square to uranus.
    moon in cancer 3rd house – square my natal sun in aries and in million other apects to long to mention here.

    I do like men with big curly hair! Drama queen?!
    other than that I have no idea what this means?

    • on further research, for those people with similar placement…

      Lilith in Leo
      loves admiration, being ‘different’ and special, standing out from the crowd. Artistic and personal freedom cannot be curtailed. Strong individualistic streak.

      channeled high into community or artistic projects can be excellent at drawing acolytes and followers to a cause.
      channeled low into ego can cause destruction and pain to children, relationships and basically become selfish.

      lilith in 4th house
      Home, children and the family. Issues with feeling insecure in childhood and difficult relationships with parents. Eager to please others and be liked, so as to feel comfortable.

      family dependence is incredibly exaggerated. Until this one finally relates himself to some impersonal or outside interest that will stimulate his objectivity, he can react to family with sudden petulance, hostility or defeatism for what seems to have no apparent provocation. Ordinarily they can be the sweetest or the quietest of children, but may remain unusually immature into adulthood until forced, by their sheer frustration of feeling emotionally rejected, to concentrate on other areas of themselves & develop an impersonality that protects them from their naive expectations.

      and particularly relevant this…
      He claimed to have felt a deeper ‘family’ feeling among his peers because of the detachment he could more easily maintain in an environment that had no personal ties, or in one that was geared to a studio or bohemian style of life; creative release; spiritual development; or a service.

  32. Lilith is in the 10th in Virgo, Moon in the 7th in Gemini. They do tend to work well together – maybe because they’re both ruled by Mercury. A lot of indepence in both relationships and work life. Where I do struggle though is the BALANCE between the 10th house and the 7th; have trouble finding any. One always seems to take precedence. I think this shows up as the square at 1 deg.

    • I also have Lilith in the 10th House in Virgo.
      I run my own record label. I found I am better at being in charge then an underling.
      If I am unhappy I tend to be hypercritical. When happy extremely focused, organized and efficient.
      How has your Lilith manifested?
      Curious to know since you have similar natal placement.

      • WOW your own record label. My Virgo 10th house and Gemini Sun curiosity wants to know everything – how you got started, why music etc etc. πŸ™‚ Do you have any planets in your 5th house? Btw – what degree Scorp rising are you? I’m Sag rising 19 deg and yet our chart is very simlar. You do sound like me regarding the happy/unhappy tendencies. If I’m not happy with things they need to change pronto. I just can’t abide unhappiness. It’s the problem solving side of me I guess – very Virgo. I find Lilith manifests in the more political side of work – I’m very independent, always on the outside I guess you could say. I see how things are working – or not working – from a big picture viewpoint and yet I see the detail too and where things could be better there. If the dynamic is too dodgy say or too corrupt I high tail it out of there. I guess you could say it manifests as having extremely high standards. Which can be a blessing and a curse.

  33. My Moon and Lilith are conjunct in Aries in the 1st house. It goes without saying I have pretty direct emotional responses to things.

  34. lilith in libra/10th plum (~0.5degree) opposite moon in aries/4th. Not sure what it all means, so cant say if i relate or not.

    • Although, now that i think about it, can relate to serious conflict between my ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides. for most of my life, kept the ‘dark’ side pretty much under lock and key, but seems to have busted out of the cage the past couple of years and ‘taken over the asylum’. Only now just managing to restore some kind of balance.

  35. 😯

    Having Lilith in the 7th house I definitely feel the pull towards that area when it comes to relationships. I don’t see it necessarily as a negative or positive thing possibly because my Gemini Moon balances it out. I feel that my Gemini Moon is much stronger than Lilith… 😯

    Lilith in Libra 7th house & Gemini Moon in the 3rd house

    Pisces Rising


    • Yep. Lilith 7th house. Conjunct my DSC! In Gemini. Exact trine to my Aqua Venus. So not suited to regular married life. Oh, boy.

      I can totally disappear from a relationship via books, i’net, whatever passing new subject gets me. Have always done this, since childhood.

      If you like me, don’t be predictable or traditional. Or a non-reader. I must respect your brain.

      Diana/Moon is Aries. And let me win, or think I’ve won. At least once in a while.

      • Me too Gemini Lilith in 7th house! Mine’s too far from the descendant, though. I absolutely agree with “I must respect your brain”, esp since I also have Mars in Gemini, so verbal rapport is important to me. I mean, a good-looking buckfuddy is ok, but for more than that, yeah, gotta respect his brain and have a good and compatible mental rapport.

        Gem Lilith square Pisces moon.

  36. White Moon in Scorpio/6th House (trining Mercury and Jupiter)
    Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius/8th House (trining Asc and Pluto)

    Hm, I think my White Moon is a healing moon that informs my Mercury on how to communicate and my Jupiter on what to expand towards.

    My Black Moon is out there in there, informing my identity (ie, what a bitch!) and my Pluto on what I fear and feel powerfully dark about.

    But given my White Moon is quite plutonic/watery and my Pluto housed Black Moon is quite Uranian/airy I guess the meeting ground is very Plutonic. But maybe with that air it is communication through Plutonic themes?

    Borrowed this Plutonic image from MM in honour of Pluto. I have Pluto conjunct my IC in the 4th squaring Venus. He is a major player in my chart.

  37. Lilith in Libra natally.

    I flipped over what I deemed as injustice many times. Now, I don’t know, Lilith in Pisces or else but for me as a Pisces-rising: My mind is more focused. Perhaps it is simply a side effect of self-actualization.

  38. Lilith in Gemini in the 2nd house
    Diana in Libra in the 7th house

    I embrace them both. Lilith is a bargain-hunter extraordinaire and has a good mind for money. Her efforts allow Diana to surround herself and her mate with beauty.

  39. My Moon and Lilith are conjunct, but the Moon is in Pisces (2 degrees) in my first house and Lilith is in Aquarius (26 degrees) in my 12th house. They’re both conjunct my Ascendant (also 2 Pisces), too. So…I keep my darker, weirder side hidden, but it still shines through? Or something?

    Hmm. I’m going to have to ponder this one.

    • And your darker side is a little more freaky, and a little more out there…

      Aqua is a pretty bright, light sign tho, I can see why that’d be confusing…

    • Pisces and Virgo are opposite each other so this may create tension between these two. However from this a balance can be reached I’d look at which house they are in. Is your Lilith in the 5th and Moon in the 11th? This could mean that you are strong willed when it comes to kids/creativity yet your moon is fulfilled through friendships and community for example. Love that your name is Diana as well πŸ™‚

      • My apologies but I just realized my error… my Lilith is in Aquarius?! I am sure that makes a huge difference, yes??? I need to have my chart done to answer your question, but you are correct (not surprised)… I am nothing if not strong willed… ; )

    • I have Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising.
      Lilith is in Virgo in 10th House
      Moon in Pisces in 4th House
      We are almost opposites!
      Let me how this Lilith in Pisces is vibing for you.

  40. Lilith in the 8th House Cancer, sitting right next to my Mars in Leo, also in the 8th House. I think together the overpower my Aries Moon in the 4th House. Ugh, BUT… my North Node?True Node (whatever) is in Aries, 4th House too. But then Jupiter is there in Aries too – some good luck perhaps?

    • I didn’t see this until I wrote below.
      A conjunct in the bloody 12th. Admittedly to win on the all dark power front with the Scorpio deliciousness… but I kinda digging on the Iron fist in the velvet glove thing.
      Maybe- don’t fuq with my womanhood. I am your equal.
      It could also explain that when i am knocked for 6, my brain goes loopy.
      Or something:)

      • I have my moon in Pisces, and that means Lilith is hanging out with Diana, right?


        I guess, they are prolly eyeing each other warily, cause Diana maybe nice, but she ain’t stupid. Or maybe she ain’t. Maybe she’s the sister with all the advantages, and sunlight, and a teeny bit arrogant and supressive.
        Lilith is alll….alleycat like….saying y’know- we are together, we are hanging…but you don’t know what I’m gonna ya….do ya…..

        • oooo… I just had a thought…..
          My natal Lilith is in Capricorn….. as transiting Lilith appraoches Pisces, I’ve been vibing more and more via intuition, that I should be getting more and more into the business side of what I do….
          Business? Cappy?
          via intuition? Pisces?
          If only I’d realized earlier! I could have dicovered who I really am by drinking binges and other Piscean pursuits…

  41. My Lilith is conjunct Moon in 7th house Leo – they are both intercepted – guess that makes them inseparable, i am a bitch if i have to be and the nicest, kindest soul – it throws people a bit of πŸ˜‰

      • Another moon/Lilith in Leo, not sure if it’s conjunct, though. Lilith in the 6th and Moon in the 7th. Haven’t put much thought into how they’d play out against one another – maybe conflict between my emotions regarding relationships and work?

  42. well….lilith in pisces now…that explains alot. Pisces is in my 7th house. My relationship with my soulmate maybe ending right now…so many questions and thoughts. My last bitch rampage was too much for him. So sad, but then I think….I had a reason, didn’t I? All this 7th house energy and chiron and mars conjunct descendant. Know what I want, hope I can have it with him, but if not, I will be mourning like a crazy woman.
    Natally I have black lilith in Aquarius in my 6th house. Moon is in leo in the 12th. They aren’t in orb for opposition. I channel both in extremes….must find balance.

  43. I embrace Lilith more than Diana, Scorpio and Pisces respectively. Non-aspected, but get along well, look after each other, etc. My Pisces asc-Mars trines my Lilith, so you can see why Scoripo Lilith is strong with me.

  44. ooooo….Lilith (in Pisces) is exactly opposite my Sun. My “Eve” moon is in Aries. I am certainly a bit of both. Yep. Certainly a bit of both. And this week/month/year has been about both of them for sure.

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