Ariean Nation

Yes I am reposting this because IT IS TIME: Uranus is just hours away from being in Aries…Until 2019.

We are ALL Arieans now.

Aries Peeps – please share with us How To Be Aries…I have but a few suggestions.Β  Each tip has to be one sentence only.

Aries Lifestyle Tip One: You do not engage with people who do not show you respect – ever. No negotiations. You just do not engage with them.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Two: Survival of the fittest is not a theory, it is a fact. So don’t come whinging to me about your stupid glands.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Three: Burning bridges is a military strategy, no need to get all precious about it.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Four: Your natural body odour is awesome. Rather than you wasting your precious $$$ and valuable time fuqing around buying stinky pong, people should pay YOU for YOUR endorphin and pheromone reeking natural awesome fragrance of genius excellence.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Five: Never queue. Never go on hold. Never complain. Never explain. Never ever give up. Never take shit.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Six: Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Seven: Most stuff isn’t that complicated. If it is, it is most likely sleazy.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Eight: Defend the weak.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Nine: If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.

And Yours???

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220 thoughts on “Ariean Nation

  1. “Aries Lifestyle Tip 8: Defend The Weak ”

    Does that mean “Motivate the weak to defend themselves?” That sounds like an Aries to me πŸ˜€

    And here, an Aries drummer who looks like the man in the picture explaining why he plays the way he does… “Theres no logical explanation, Its just what I do.”

  2. “Girls just wanna have fun” is Arien tooo. No need to always be all tough guy about it.
    Aries is the innocent fun of being alive…
    “Born to be Alive” is my theme song.

      • captured so finely on Countdown with that fan blowing his hair !!

        • Good call BSA. Was 20 years old when this came out and was not into this type of music at all but fitting and like it now. How fast would one’s legs need to go on the eliptical?

          Sorta hard to go to bed now when I need to disco πŸ™‚ Funny, was just watching Leo Madonna’s “Sorry” video today….disco theme. I like it at the end when they go into the roller skating sequence.

  3. Lifestyle Tip … Always make it known that you are successful (on your own terms) but NEVER share the secret of your success.

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  6. Aries drummer, says it all really…who would you want in your band other than?! aries a recent discovery and love them, wish there were more of them around…

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  8. Oh hilar Mystic. I’d share but now I have to go to bed!!

    So much for a big, bad Aries, eh?

    Lets just say…

    “Get your sleep, you’ll need it” πŸ™‚

  9. Aww I was just thinking about Davidl and Uber today… 😯

    Oh man, I just read tip 9 as: If you train hard you’ll bed hard… I have absolutely no explanation for this error… 😯

      • πŸ˜† And here I was going to mention anal ease in response… 😯 Oops, soz, that was valentine’s day.

        Will gather crudeness now and get arse to bed! x

  10. holy crappola…. love it! i’m aries rising (sagg sun) and feel like i’m finally coming into my own… about freakin time, i say. eternal thanks mystic for helping me in making sense of me!

  11. being an arian I really hope its my time to shine – for me its overdue. Patience is not really an aries trait !! but hey I need it now !!

  12. My Aries moon repulses people sometimes as it seems to be so against my feminine crabbiness. But both cardinal (and my cappy rising – no wonder I start things and never finish them)…. anyway…. I remember thinking last time this was posted “that’s everything I always think and never say, but when I do people just look at me like I’m a completely different person” (except my ex boyfriend who says I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body who’s a sociopathic, violent Mother Teresa —- whatever that means)

    Anyway, my general Ariean lifestyle tip-thing isn’t so much a tip, it is….. well…. it just is.

    “Who are you, again?”

    It’s the: I am the only important person in this room and I didn’t even know you existed but am flattered that you know who I am, but seriously, go away.

  13. sweat + sacrifice = success… this is gonna be my mantra, ive done the sacrifice, fairly comfortable with that, now to sweat!

  14. Nano-Smugness*: An outrageously smug remark tossed off so quickly that you almost don’t notice it.

    * Not to be confused with the Ramzilla Micro-Quip which has a slight sting that can be quickly washed off under cool running water.

  15. His mum is standing there thinking “quit fuqing about with those dumb weights and go harvest the peas already”

  16. “-Survival of the fittest is not a theory, it is a fact. So don’t come whinging to me about your stupid glands.

    -“Never queue. Never go on hold. Never complain. Never explain. Never ever give up. Never take shit.”

    -“Defend the weak.”

    -“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”

    So true.

    And I thought I was a trapped pisces inside arian “body”..Well, well…^^


    More “Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.” should help me with studying in order to enter uni.

    This post is very motivating, no wonder though.

  17. Near future: My new attitude toward debt, sex and those who pay me (?)—I guess I have developed, for the 1st time in my life sorry to say, a “yeah, but what do I get out of this?” attitude. Surprised I didn’t have this before and wonder why I didn’t. It’s like landing on Mars (haha).

    More Long Term: My new attitude toward life, travel, and learning (and defending the weak). — I can see this one the most clearly. Going back for grad degree and after large career and not taking any prisoners.

  18. Punch first, ask questions later….J/K (sort of)

    -Mars conjunct Ceres in Aries

  19. I would add:

    “Never complain; never explain”


    “The harder you work the luckier you get”

  20. Hmmm…Sun in Aries, and Mercury.

    Number One – is way out for me – i’m of the belief that respect needs to be earnt, not demanded.

    Number 4 – can not relate. Have worked with lots of Rams, and have never found them to have an offensivee pong, Men always with smart aftershave, women with sniffable smells.

    I would add, that If you’re not going to say something to someones face, then save it, or let it go. I’m a face sayer…It’s taken a while, but if someone upsets me, they don’t have to guess or wonder what it’s about.. I like the air around me clear, crystal clear.

    Let people know exactly where they stand with you.

    Get to the point !

    Don’t ask me to sign up for monthly donations to your charity unless you can tell me exactly what percentage your company gets, how much the charity gets, and does the charity only get 25% after i have signed up for 12 months !

    I think that Aries get better at looking after people who are unwell as they get older, i was a shocker and it was something that terrified me about having children, but i’ve found i can do it, and it doesn’t hurt or make me cringe !! Wooppee !! There is hope for Rams yet !!

    • Going to add “Actions speak louder than words”.

      If someone gives lousy service in their job, i’m quite upfront about pointing out where they have failed..sometimes it might come out as “And is that you helping?” or “Yes, i can see from the note on the shelf it is out of stock, my question is, when is it coming back in stock?, I’ll wait here so you can find me”.

      .. but i also give praise where praise is due, ie yesterday i spent 5 minutes on the phone to the Manager of our local David Jones Department Store, and told him about what wonderful service and help I got from one of his staff members (Cheryl with the bandaged thumb), who worked for sportscraft but sent me on my way happily with country road gear …

      So adding in Praise where praise is due.

  21. My first Arien thought..” Shut up and kiss me” Don’t ask..I’ll let you know if I don’t want you to again.

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  23. “It’s hard to be humble when you’re this awesome!” and, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I run over your cat with my car while I was backing out to get myself some coffee? I’ll help you buy him when I get back.”