What Sign Is Holly Golightly?

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I love Breakfast At Tiffany’s – the BOOK way-way more than the movie.  What sign do you think Holly Golightly is?

Here is a blurb & extract to help, if you haven’t read the book. I’m thinking definitely a Mutable…Gemini?  Truman Capote was Libra and he was mad-keen for the Gemini Marilyn Monroe to play Holly. And the “it’s a cage” wistfulness – gotta be Gem, Sagg or Pisces…Yes?

“It’s New York in the 1940s, where the martinis flow from cocktail-hour to breakfast at Tiffany’s. And nice girls don’t, except, of course, Holly Golightly. Pursued by Mafia gangsters and playboy millionaires, Holly is a fragile eyeful of tawny hair and turned-up nose, a heart-breaker, a perplexer, a traveller, a tease. She is irrepressibly ‘top banana in the shock department’, and one of the shining flowers of American fiction.”


“…Afterwards, avoiding the zoo (Holly said she couldn’t bear to see anything in a cage), we giggled, ran, sang along the paths towards the old wooden boathouse, now gone. Leaves floated on the lake; on the shore, a park-man was fanning a bonfire of them, and the smoke, rising like Indian signals was the only smudge on the quivering air. Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring; which is how I felt sitting with Holly on the railings of the boathouse porch. I thought of the future, and spoke of the past. Because Holly wanted to know about my childhood. She talked of her own, too; but it was elusive, nameless, placeless, an impressionistic recital, though the impression received was contrary to what one expected, for she gave an almost voluptuous account of swimming and summer, Christmas trees, pretty cousins, and parties: in short, happy in a way that she was not, and never, certainly, the background of a child who had run away.

Or, I asked, wasn’t it true that she’d been out on her own since she was fourteen? She rubbed her nose. ‘That’s true. The other isn’t. But really, darling, you made such a tragedy out of your childhood I didn’t feel I should compete.’

She hopped off the railing. ‘Anyway, it reminds me: I ought to send Fred some peanut butter.’ The rest of the afternoon we were east and west worming out of reluctant grocers cans of peanut butter, a wartime scarcity; dark came before we’d rounded up a half-dozen jars, the last at a delicatessen on Third Avenue. It was near the antique shop with the palace of a bird cage in its window, so I took her there to see it, and she enjoyed the point, its fantasy: ‘But still, it’s a cage.’…”

Holly Golightly Asleep with her cat

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52 thoughts on “What Sign Is Holly Golightly?

  1. I’ll go with Pisces. Sounds very much like a Pisces friend of mine, especially with the part about the elusive childhood. I remember her telling me things about her childhood in sort of vague dreamy detail, all of which sounded delightful…but that I think masked some issues with abuse. I still don’t know the whole story and I’ve known her over 10 years. She has always had an interest in birds and has had a few as pets, but they have all been rescues and she advocates against capturing wild birds for captive breeding purposes.

    Audrey Hepburn is a Taurus, but her Moon is in Pisces.

  2. Sagg with moon Pisces and venus in Cappy….”$50 for the powder room” she was well aware of status and power but she couldnt fight true love..

    Def has merc in Leo lol…

  3. I AM Holly Golightly right now…So, I’m gonna go with Aqua Sun, Pisces Asc and Aries moon w/ Sag Venus and Aries Mars…Yup..That’s her..

  4. I’m going with Pisces or Aries since she brings up that “blue meanies” business. I’ve heard there are more bipolar people born during Winter and early spring than any other time of the year.

        • Lots of speculation. Some people think the mommas have less sun (assuming northern hemisphere) or less access to quality food (in days before 24 hr super markets)…but who knows?

          • Hmm..one of my dad’s sisters is bi-polar. I’ll find out her astro. My sister used to be friends with a girl who was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar too. She had always been an eccentric, but amazingly talented self taught artist. In her case it was a death in the family that triggered her manic episodes. She was hospitalized and then spent 3 months in intensive therapy. Trying to find a combination of drug and psycho therapy that works for her has been a real struggle, and unfortunately she alienated a lot of her friends along the way.

          • Y o F,
            Studies have found that starvation-famine & very high
            stress levels whilst in the womb,is one of the causes
            of schzitophrenia, don’t know about bi-polar tho’.

      • People born in winter months tend to, over all, be more prone to various illnesses… The reason is lack of Vitamin D, which you would get from sun exposure. Vitamin D benefits over all health and mood. It’s also why more people get sick in the winter AND why darker skinned people tend to have more illness than lighter skinned people… the darker the skin pigmentation, the longer the individual has to be in direct full sun exposure to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

  5. I reckon Gemini, Sagg rising and Aqua moon – (to quote from Mystic’s Luna Luxe Astro Confidential) “lack of neediness” , and something about seeming transparent but really not at all”.. plus she had an emamel lions claw bath with a side sawn off as a couch (in the movie).

  6. Yes, I agree Gem, but there’s something awfully Pisces about her. Gem’s wouldn’t have been as… gullible? And the thing with the cat? The Geminis I know aren’t fond of them. Also, Pisces always have troubled family past. Always. They’re usually quite removed from it, and you really never would have guessed.

    • I’m with you Barista. I’m Gem with Aqua rising and love cats, had horror of being tied down but secretly wanted to be and hate things in cages. Had lots of safe “pretend” boyfriends like Fred while shagging useless superats and was always on the run. Watching that movie was freaky for me at one point. Haven’t read the book though. Marilyn would’ve fit the bill with her little girl lost vibe though it’s hard to imagine anyone but Audrey in that role now..

  7. I’m going with Pisces with Mercury Aquarius. Can’t guess the moon, maybe Scorpio since her feelings and childhood are off limits. That and the lack of concern doing things ‘nice girls’ don’t do.

  8. I always thought she was a Scorp! Don’t know why – maybe she is delicate and vampy too in her black dress. She also holds things in and explodes a bit. Mind you Cancerians love little animals too..

    My Piscean Pa said he felt this movie should have been filmed with Holly as an ethereal young gay man as women as he didn’t find the character believable as a woman.

  9. I want to say gemini but she lives in a cloud so I am going with Pisces. Damsel
    With some Leo for tiffany’s diamond obsession and aqua venus? non comital paid dates?

    • I completely concur – Pisces Sun with Leo Rising and Venus in Aquarius….

      Which just so happens to be my signature.

      And exactly why I got married at 20 “because I’d never been married before”.
      Have a morbid fear of accumulating anything and like to travel light.

    • Nah…she’s one of us through and through. She’s not a cloud-dweller – she seems fey but she always watches which side her bread’s buttered on. She knows how to manipulate but kindly to get what she wants – she’s aware of her butterfly effect, she’s always looking but at heart there’s a sadness, an awareness that she’s never going to find what she’s looking for because it possibly doesn’t exist. She’s a Gemini with a lot of Sadge in her makeup. I can’t see any Aqua at all. She’s not at all detached.

      I’m talking about the book Holly Golightly. The film was a different deal. Capote was very unhappy with the choice off Audrey Hepburn and always maintained that she had derailed the character. I can see why he wanted Marilyn.

  10. I like the book better than the movie. But I don’t know if I like Holly. She is far too silly and rash to be an Aquarian. Could you imagine an Aqua sleeping with a grimy ex husband cause they feel sorry for them?

    I don’t know how many call girls are Aqua’s, good ones anyway – I think we would be crap at it. Holly seemed pretty Ok with it. My Sag moon tells me that Holly has a lot of Sag in there somewhere … I really hope she is the girl in the sculpture that the bar tender talks about in the beginning of the book – that would be cool

    • I didn’t like Holly when I read the book, but may now have to read it again to remind myself why. I know I was surprised by the ‘lack of neediness’ description above, as that didn’t match my vague recollection.

  11. I think Gemini Rising, with a Pisces Sun/Moon? Reckon Neptune and Venus must be massively involved too.
    Holly’s a mutable alright, but she’s so full of contradictions. She’s always doing things that she knows she feels wrong about, but her only reaction to this is to flee. Classic mutable reaction.

  12. Wow, as usual there’s a serendipitous blog post. I was just about to go online and order the print from Breakfast at Tiffany’s at allposters when i looked at your blog, Mystic. Forgot how much i love Capote’s voice in the novel, how much i identified with Golightly. I’m a Pisces sun gem rising and the thing about the cat and making light of awful situations someone in the comments said is right…also when it came to the crunch she couldn’t have been aqua moon, she didn’t manage to detach completely…also the drinking, the mean reds, the sense of adventure / dressing up and fanasising to get over it, that’s very piscean.
    And many pisceans i know like to live without furniture (for the challenge!) when they move somewhere new!

  13. Now I am distracted thinking about Marilyn Monroe being a Gemini! Was it you Mystic who once said that Gemini’s are never sexy but are determined and this is how they get their partners? Because ever since then I have noticed who is Gemini and noted in each of them that whether or not they were “attractive” I couldn’t see them as “sexy”. But Marilyn defies that completely! How bizarre.
    Yes, I can see Holly Golightly as being a Gemini, they can be very glamorous/down to earth, business/romantic all at once.

  14. I’m definitely calling Gemini on this one.
    One of my best friends is a Gemini sun and moon, and reminds me of Ms. Golightly quite a bit.

  15. Gemini sprang up immediately. Sociable, voluble and upwardly mobile and capricious. Picses rising or moon perhaps given the ethereal nature of her desires and falling for love ultimately. unlike a Sagg.

  16. Sagittarius!!! In the book, when “Fred” is describing Holly, he mentions her love of Horoscopes/Astrology Charts (which he finds in her garbage can along with Melba toast boxes and cartons of cottage cheese). I believe he also mentions her being born in December. She could just as easily be a Capricorn, but with Mercury and/or Venus in Sagittarius.

  17. Sagittarius!!! In the book, when “Fred” is describing Holly, he mentions her love of Horoscopes/Astrology Charts (which he finds in her garbage can along with Melba toast boxes and cartons of cottage cheese). I believe he also mentions her being born in December. She could just as easily be a Capricorn, but with Mercury and/or Venus in Sagittarius…

  18. I always thought she was very Gemini. Talky and flighty smart as a whip. But Truman Capote met miss Coco Chanel in the 20’s and there are alot of parallels- Skinny, chic, cropped hair. The tendency to spill intimate details to strangers, to make up stories. Chanel was basically a paid mistress in her younger days. She made up romantic stories about her being the underage lover of boy Capel (false, she was in her 20’s) and running away from the police. She also shared her apartment with Capel’s wife after he died in an accident??? Amazing volte-faces were her thing. She was a Leo.

  19. I’ve watched this movie many many times.
    I’ve cried numerous times. Why?
    Cancer Sun
    Aqua Moon
    Leo Rising
    Aqua Mars
    Cancer Venus
    and as sentimental as this girl is, yet, social and flighty…well, I can see Pisces in her after reading the posts, but, I can also see a conflicted chart. Such as mine…and that is why I cried, as she reminded me of me.

    Gemini would have found a rich man with all their double talk and kniving (M. Monroe had several) if she really wanted too…I cant see a Gem. girl playing this part. NO. Or a Sag. …no, I see Aquarius in there… Leo Rising, A. Hepburn may have had no furniture, but she dressed fabulously. !!

    I would say she was an Aqua. Sun with a Cancer Moon. It’s like she wanted to be in a relationship…but didnt want the commitment (aqua)…she was looking for a rich guy to take care of her (security, kind of a Cancer thing).

  20. Hey! Im a gemini myself. the other day I was trying to describe to a date how I felt about deep feelings, that generally I was just kidding myself into feeling them, like make believe or something. not getting understood, it hit me that Holly was the perfect example. Holly really is somehow intense on the emotional side, but lets remember she’s a phony, although a real one. that’s how I feel. Its all very Gemini!

  21. Gemini sun no doubt.

    Taurus moon….dressing in fine things and having breakfast at Tiffany’s…

    trying to find stability with a volatile gemini stability….comfort through window shopping (Gemini sun Taurus moon)

    Scorpio rising….the shades (in the movie) which Scorpio rising doesn’t have an awesome pair of shades?

  22. I’d say Sag. They do things just to do them and experience them. They can seem so close yet so far at the exact same time because they know how to be charming and generally appear interested in your life. They want to explore the world and their very nature disallows them to ever truly desire a stable life because to them that is being “put in a cage.” It’s because of that, that Sags never have a clue on what their future holds and never have a clue on what they really want.

    I am a Sag btw.

  23. Hello darlings! I am definitely a Gemini. Charismatic, competitive, and ruled by thought over feeling. I need freedom above anything else and get bored very very easily. I don’t belong to any one place, and love adventure. Remember when I almost took that flight to Brazil without that jerk Jose? I didn’t need him to go to South America! I also am a knowledge seeker, so I enjoy reading books and learning new languages and cultures, and facts, who the richest men are, etc. I know a little bit about all sorts of things, but not really too much on any one subject. I hate routine, which is why the way I pay my rent suits me just fine! And you know I love to entertain others, host parties, and be a flirt. Of course, there is my other less desirable twin, who is manipulative, competitive, airy, and horribly disorganized. I can never find my shoe. I forget about Sing-Sing on Thursdays. I don’t know people on a deeper level. And I can never seem to keep the money I make. It just gets spent somehow, somewhere. Finances are not my strong suit. But being outgoing is! And God forbid you ever see me be emotional, it’s all because I have a lot of skeletons in the closet….

    If you are still unsure…

    I’m definitely NOT a Pisces: Although deep down I am terribly emotional and irresponsible, and kinda musical, I am not a water sign. I am not ruled by Feeling (yuck!). But I have feelings (all Geminis do, darling). I’m just too detached to let them control my choices. I wouldn’t marry a man because I have feelings for him. At least not at first. I try not to let my emotions get in the way of my Thought and Logic. I’m also too outgoing and talkative. Pisces are quiet…except for when they are emotional. Then they’re annoying!

    I’m not a Sag: Paul once told me he’s a Sag. That’s why we get along so well. He understands my need to be free, maybe even better than I do, and he gets emotional before I do. He’s also very blunt with me when he has something to say. He’s also very intuitive. We get along quite well. He’s also quite patient. You all may be on to something with my own Sag elements. Maybe I have a Sag moon or something? Maybe it’s my rising sign. I can see where people get that Sag vibe. I’m just not ruled by intuition and lack the organization to be a born Sag. I also flirt and talk a lot.

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