The End Of The Uranus In Pisces Era Starts Now


Michael Whelan

If you have not already, now might be a good time to bid a BIG and proper farewell to the era that went from March 2003 till now.

Yes, that was Uranus in Pisces and it ain’t back for another 84 years.

Yes Uranus did peek into Aries last year – from late May until early August – so that was a prequel of the next Uranian Era.

What decisive situation in mid-2010 made it clear to you that the Uranus in Pisces era was done with?

And, more interestingly, what new beginning occurred then? Because THAT is about to ape in-a-good-way as Uranus gets into Aries next week.

This is electrifying astro so don’t waste time on the naff crap and may i suggest doing your Uranus-in-Pisces era (2003 until mid-2010/now) mourning/processing/perspective gleaning in the next few days…before the New Moon?

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92 thoughts on “The End Of The Uranus In Pisces Era Starts Now

  1. I started my permanent position in February 2003 and resigned, more like coerced, from that position June 2010. Pisces is my 9th and the job was teaching.

    How freakish is this stuff?? ??

  2. Mid 2010 i fell head over heels in LOVE. in 2003 I had such a painful experience I kinda decided I was never going to let anyone get close to me ever again.
    so i was single until mr pisces swept me up with understanding, acceptance and affection I didn’t know was possible.
    farewell to a very hard, lonely, painful period of my life.
    I’m ready for some happiness

  3. I have had an awakening since mid 2010 due to a meant to be love . It sent me to hell but now I’m back.I’ve learnt not to revert to my old patterns of Kataka neediness and move forward and ever upwards with the lessons i learnt all by myself..

  4. I feel like I have emerged out of that ocean, my lungs are still filled with salt water and all the piscean gunk i have been so patientlly swallowing fot the past seven years, so I am coughing my lungs out now:), symbolically I have had the worst flu ever (i never get flus or colds) for the past two weeks – I call it the (Uranus) Ascension flu πŸ˜‰

    Capricorn rising/Cancer Sun

    • Lol, that’s a great image of Uranus in Pisces, sodden lungs and all. Now I think of it, I think the image of Uranus in Pisces for me is one of those underwater snakes, or an electric eel! Shock and pain, fertility and magic.

      Good luck with your flu. I am finding acupuncture and herbs are helping me through my cold quite magically at the moment (ie 3 days instead of three weeks!).

  5. Feels like past 7-8 years has been long, slow, descent into madness. I gradually began to question everything i was – my job, my relationships, my very being. culminated in 2007 with me finally getting diagnosed with depression, leaving only my second job after 16 years, which led to enormous turmoil in every part of my life – forced to change jobs another 2 times, an affair, trying to come to terms with the psychological demons that had haunted me for so long. looking back, mid last year gave me a hint of the way out, and it seems like within the past couple of weeks everything has finally become clear – i can see daylight, and the way ahead is on a calm sea.

  6. I’ve just realised too that in 2003 we were in the UK, trying to make a go of it for Bryan’s family and it didn’t work out, we were out of the loop after being away so long. When I nearly carked it from heatstroke in late 2009, we decided to return to the UK for “family reasons”. We are waiting until I get my age pension in 2012. These last stages of Uranus in Pisces, though, we’ve decided to live our life for us and no-one else. So hopefully next year we’re going to move to North Cyprus as we’re both gypsies. Love the weather, lifestyle, less commercialised than South Cyprus, great to be able to pop over to Turkey for a few days on the ferry. And I’m going to sell my grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings. I was going to pass them on to my step-daughter and her family, but realised the grand-kids don’t give a shit. So I want to pass them on to someone for good luck as my grandparents had a long, happy marriage and I’ve had a long, happy relationship. Things, as such, don’t matter the way they did when I was younger and I know my grandmother’s close to me in spirit, so that’s all that counts these days.

    • She’s probably thinking that’s why she had them in the first place, LA – you know for extra security just in case. And is likely happy for the fact it’s allowing you to forge a safe future.

      I hope they go to someone who will love them.

  7. Love reading all your stories everyone!

    2003 – 2005 SaggEx cheated on my, breakup long and messy, was a thread away from disintegrated! Would go for days without eating and had bones poking out everywhere. Such drama. Then I moved back to the town of my birth.
    2005 – 2010 Lived under a desk in my parent’s flat. Studied hypno, rebuilding a shadow of a life. Lost my bro, moved into a friend’s house. I couldn’t see my way out of the rabbit hole. Spiral of debt and loss that seemed endless. Dated the man who would become GemHub. We discovered along with our exciting new relationship we were going to be parents. Baby, married, oops! I did it again. Ta-dah, fast forward to present day. Bliss.

    It was like my life skipped a groove and began on a different track. I am glad it is over as I am still consolidating. More change coming and I want my head on straight!

    Been thinking about some things I was naive about with SaggEx and kind of feeling a bit sad for him. I think some really bad shit happened to him and I didn’t link the dots at the time.

    • You DO have your head on straight, andie..just likely it’s catching up with the rest of you. What a triumphant story and if you can feel sad for the bastard who almost broke you, then you have won by all counts.

      Don’t blame yourself for wot you feel you didn’t see. If we “saw” everything right away, we may never choose to love. A little blindness always seems to be a necessary component in faith.

      • Shucks, FA, thanks for commenting! I read your story with deep interest tho I didn’t comment as so many were saying what I felt. So intense, you must be a powerful woman!

        Well, SaggEx didn’t tell me his experiences in an Egyptian jail but he never quite looked or acted the same after. I just wasn’t very switched on, was I? To me it explains why he decided to explore bisexuality in the midst of our breakup, it was like he wanted to own a situation he hadn’t been in control of or something. I get it now, but I was so busy being heart broken then…sad.

        With Neptune and the Moon virtually conjunct trining Venus I rather think I am capable of blindness in affairs of the heart. Faith is a choice you make again and again I think.

  8. Uranus in Pisces, you taught me acceptance. Last year I learned to put myself first, because the “ideals” I invested in were crap. It’s time to wake up and drink deep black coffee and watch the sun rise. It’s like a hearty massage for my Aries Mars

  9. 2003 was the start of when it all went to hell …. 2004-2006 where the worst years of my life (to date), especially 06. I’m pretty sure I went clinically insane and it took some time to errr … get less nuts. I guess I was swamped with back to back Saturn and Pluto transits and whilst Saturn can be a real hard-ass, Pluto is just vicious. Things improved from late 07 onwards, but very, very, very, very, tediously slow. Kinda two steps forward, one step back. It’s actually been pretty feral and I don’t care to think about it too much to be honest …

    Positives: I suppose I’m stronger. Much stronger actually and more able to stand in my truth. Rather than hang on and on (crab like) to associations that aren’t good for me out of past nostalgia, I’m quicker to see when something is really quite toxic and walk out. Fast. Have let go of a tonne of old beliefs that were not serving me well.

    I think to celebrate the new era I shall try to give up smoking again. Well Aries is the “can do” sign of the zodiac? Might channel that stubborn optimism.

    • oh…I relate. Been going through back to back saturn and pluto transits this last year. HARD and CRAZY. I can’t take anymore and am devastated, but pulling myself up by my boot straps. I’m a crab too, so I also get the holding on. I mourn too long. Good luck quiting smoking.

      • feel for you and if it helps at all, what I discovered was that it isn’t intended to “kill you”, tho’ damn it feels that way at times. Saturn, being all about structure, shows if your personal “life” foundations are strong and functional. If not then will show up in stuff like poor health, moving houses a lot, finding it hard to “settle”. With Saturn I always go back to basics: eating right, sleeping right, not getting too caught up in Neptunian activities, paying the bills .. you know doing right out there in the world so I’m plugged into that good “flow”. Pluto on the other hand address psychological foundations, especially the unconscious mind. Total pain in the ass but yeah, this is where all manner of stuff gets dredged up from the unconscious and/or someone rocks up to act as a mirror – ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But in the end it’s all about you. I’d invest in quality therapy, or else some other type of supportive activity where you can honestly express what’s going on and get clear, unprojected feedback.

        • good advice….thanks. Last year had transiting saturn conjunct natal pluto….ouch. One of the worst experiences of my life. Just recently had 3 pluto transits at the same time. Fun stuff.

          • yeah, I had this Saturn Pluto transit in last couple of years, plus multiple Saturn transits. Somehow survived (though cannot remember much from fog of mid-last-year).

            the advice to take care of oneself with Saturn is good.

            with pluto, not sure. agree it’s all about “you” or the person in the chart having to face demons, as it were. oy

  10. So, leading up to and during the brief time Uranus was in Aries in the summer of 2010, I fell for someone and they for me and it was like some kind of dream (corny, but whatever). Then it abruptly ended in July and was pretty devastating. I’m an Aries. Does this mean that that painful episode is a preview of what Uranus in Aries is supposed to be like?

    • I certainly hope it will be better, because that was pretty shitty. I don’t think my astro geekiness can objectively look at this one, so tell me what you think.

  11. Mid 2010 was generally pretty awesome in a lot of ways, especially how I felt about myself. Fired up and ready for anything. I’m looking forward to some more of that, hopefully! Even though I think it will bring new challenges.

    Saying farewell to 2003-now era won’t be hard, so over it, done with, goodbye Uranus in Pisces.

  12. In 2003 I was married. In the same year my father in law died. (transiting uranus hit my natal Saturn) In 2005 I quit my job of 9 years, moved 2000 miles back to the city of my birth, lived with my mother for a period of time (god bless me) and started a new career. In 2008 when natal mars pluto and uranus oppossed transiting uranus and my ascendent .I had a major health crisis, spent 3 weeks in a hospital and lost my ability to have children. I also bought a house in 2008. Next year transiting Pluto hits my sun……..

  13. Wow.

    2003 – mid 2010 was the ongoing, long-drawn-out death throes of a long-term relationship with Pisces Ex that I now realise I should have terminated in March 2003 instead of moving to a new country with him.

    Mid 2010 it was abruptly broken off by him. A good thing in retrospect although a sit of a shock to me at the time.

    I feel like I’ve just recently woken up (circa Aug 2010) from being totally under his influence in my approach to life. Since mid 2010 I have felt all at sea, not sure what to do in any aspect of my life, trying new things and then abruptly terminating them, getting really off-course from what I thought I wanted.

    I’m still really unsure what I want but I need to figure it out. Like, I have no idea what I want in almost any area of my life.

    Like some of the other peeps who have posted here I’m turning 40 this year so it’s about time I got myself sorted out.

    Uranus in Aries sounds like a welcome relief. I for one would welcome that sort of decisive, forward momentum and energy in my life.


  14. Mid 2003 I fell into a job that was a waste of my skills and frustrating as hell. Have had the last 7 years of “push shit up hill” kind of jobs where I wanted OUT and wanted to live a quieter and more peaceful life- and possibly avoid my own strength and the fear of starting something totally new. Last May I walked into a contract job that was oversold, was pointless and powerless and I had a major realisation that I was as good as every other bi-artch in the place and I was underselling myself -but stupidlystuck it out trying to be the good girl and fulfil my promise to them.
    Three weeks ago after many months of frustration fuqed up loyalty tug of wars, a shitty commute, a lonely home and a life I was feeling miserable about, I up and decided to a) quit, b)move state, c) take on a new career, d) tell them to fuq themselves.
    Since then everything I’ve tried to do has been touched by universal support and ease.
    Wow. Lovin the end of that 7 years. Don’t fancy another one, and don’t think I’ll be around in plus 80 more!

  15. Sorry if this is a really dumb question but is the picture her looking back at a path that is now submerged? Because uranus is leaving pisces? or is it a watery path ahead?

    Plum – me fuqing too. Oh it’s not my opposite sign but otherwise YES and i have a divorce along with the painful affair. Here is to the new you babe! There seem 2 be quite a few of us on here who’ve had some hard years in love but found ourselves.

    now to find someone who likes the new us? Is that the idea?

    • same situation for me, Plum and LS

      godawful. felt like stuff was “happening to me,” like in a natural disaster

      did find myself, somehow. very happy about that. worth its weight in gold.

      ready for change and “the new,” and people who like the new us

  16. Uranus in Pisces – my opposite sign – all about (non) relationships. First a long, wrong and ultimately painful affair, then getting over it – one of the hardest things I’ve done – then finally, from late 2009 through 2010, becoming me again and opening the door to the new. I’m ready to cross the threshold.

  17. well, it suddenly occurred to me that uranus in pisces would have been rubbing against my fifth house and well, yes … 2003 – 2010 saw separation from son’s father and then it was like I did the textbook on relationships 101, chapter by chapter, thoroughly.

    Mid 2010 – separation from such a horror unhealthy relationship – deary me – poor twisted up well meaning peeps we were … end of an era of trying to resolve guilt on original separation. But all good now. Which is probably my venus/mars/merc all in aries getting ready to get up to mischief. Shit. I have five planets in Aries all in 6th house. Bloody hell.

  18. Mourning it?? I’m glad to see the arse end of it. They were the light at the end of the tunnel years but the light was but a pin prick so the tunnel ended up being soooooo freaking long. But it served me well, no longer do I feel battle weary from all that stuff I had to go through. Last year for that tiny, or so it seemed, time I felt 22 again you know that invincible feeling. Look out!

  19. yep… mid 2010 was the birthing of a deeper layer of realisation that I have been dependent on my friends for companionship. That the expectations that I had of those friendships, meant that I was disappointed when those expectations were not fulfilled. Partly this is about more self love, self respect, self fulfillment, and being free from dependence. Partly also it has culminated now by this time this year, in really looking deeply at how and why I have nurtured these co-dependent friendships in my life. Its not all bad, but it did hurt bad to realise it, and to realise after all the letting go I had done, that I still was in the trap of codependence. I am so grateful now for the realisation, as the confronting reality actually gives me so much peace and freedom and love. It is also to me about authenticity. About being able to care more what I think of others than what I think they think of me. Its also about putting my needs first, which has been such a full on lesson for me as the eldest daughter of five children, I always put everyonelses needs first, Ive been undoing that consciously for a decade.

    This lesson from mid-2010 (hopefully) sets me up for the next era in my life, of uranus in aries. I was studying from 2004 to 2010, living very frugally and soberly. I have been single since 2001 and suspect that the period from 2003 – 2010 was when I really processed very deeply relationship stuff. I was committed for 3-4 years of that time in caring for my aging and eventually dying grandfather – one of the greatest honours of my life so far. My aries falls within my sixth house, and I am super glad that uranus is getting off conjuncting my moon (lilith is also there i realised recently) where it has been causing all these problems with my female friends (and 99% of my friends are females). Chiron is in my sixth house, but at a late degree or at least not an early one, cant remember. It is all about getting work for me now, Im hoping that uranus in aries pulls that off for me, and that I get a lot more jiggy about having a life after the last decade.

  20. Lots of things have changed in my life since 2003, and some other things haven’t. It’s difficult to attribute things to Uranus in Pisces, particularly given that the things that are not dramatically different could be broadly enscapulated into 7th and 8th house issues, which is Pisces (along with my moon). Yes a few random financial windfalls, a few random emotional shocks brought on by others, but I’m at a bit of a loss at what to take from that. Saturn and Neptune have been screwing with me big time in there as well. I think I feel their influence more.

  21. Yesterday I ended a friendship that began in 2003- the truth came out and I was shocked but it was over in 5 minutes and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    Mid 2010- nothing happened. I was aware of Uranus into Aries (thanks to Mystic) at the time but I didn’t feel a single any different, there was no change and there was nothing significant about that time. I do look forward to next week though. I hope that I get more courage from Uranus in Aries.

  22. This really resonates with me. Work and life pressures end in a big horrible mess in May. I completely broke down, quit my job and was given another job in the same organisation, but by August even this was no longer a solution. Out of nowhere I found a new job, in a new sector, in a new town. I should have done it years ago. it is like I have been given a second chance and feel like a completely different person. I also feel like things are just going to get bigger and better.

  23. uranus in pisces….almost all of pisces is in my 7th house of relationships. My marriage went through ups and downs ultimately ending in a breakup when transiting uranus conjuncted my natal dark moon Lillith in the 7th. July 2010…bought a house in my own name. By then Uranus was in my 8th house….I bought my house by the ocean from a friend who was dying of cancer. He passed away a month after closing. Thanks marco!

  24. 2003 to mid-2010? Goodness, that WAS the era of my Personal Inferno, when things started burning concentrically from the outside in. Not at all unlike Inanna’s journey..Uranus in Pisces for me:
    Ex husband got criminally & civilly sued, helped him lawyers, money, the lot, then ended the marriage
    Ended the affair with the Adulterous Toro
    Moved homes
    Lost my brother
    Met Le Sewer & it nearly destroyed me (Le Sewer) when I discovered he was a craven still-married bigamist sex addict secret bisexual
    Got into huge debt due to him
    Fled to another country due to heart break and promptly got trapped in a building during a coup de etat
    Almost lost my job
    Lost my front tooth & had oral surgery
    My car, laptop & ipod all died within months of each other
    Then my mother died
    Got sick thru it all

    Gleaned: Every gritty piece of secret fear I’d ever lived with got exposed and I had to deal with it. I learned that I endure and indeed with grace and style, that every fear and suffering has an antidote and it usually has something to do with love, particularly self-love, that there is power in all of us even when we’re almost flimsy to nothing from circumstances, and that I am the thing that makes MY world go round. And that loved ones and good friends are a MUST for a full life.

    The Mid-2010 Uranus in Aries visit:
    Fulfilled Nemesis Urges on Le Sewer managing to forewarn 8 of his other victims via brilliantly carried out revenge plot. Strangely enough everyone I ran this by told me not to do it, but applauded me heartily when I did.
    So..respect for Limbic Wisdom.
    Got a grip on the debt finally
    More recognition at work
    Regained health & sanity
    Met & dated the Double Libra literally 3 days after I took my power back from Le Sewer which then led to a summer of healing in stages
    Finally decided I would not apologize for being a Justified Bitch, EVER & that it is never wrong to kick ass when required.

    Best of all, now when I have something good, I savor the fuq out of it. I try to pace it and take my time. I will never forget the pain of that period, but I will not recall it on replay to torture myself. While I recognize my part in it, as well as the dark unspoken things I’ve inherited that may have lead me to it, I don’t take responsibility for all of it. It wouldn’t be reasonable to.

    The past does not own me, rather I own it. I’d like to think that while tears may still be shed occasionally, it’s in service of nourishing a future. Even one I sometimes can’t completely see, and that is perfectly alright.

      • Hmm, my IC is in Sagg in the 4th house too.. funny you say that FF, as I always refer to that period as my “Burning down the House” era…

        • Well you know what the experts say about the angles FA and i share the mutable angles with you babe but exact opp. Only slight fear is that Pluto is opp natal Moon in Kataka forever (hahaha when is a Pluto transit only “slightly” fearful – clearly I am in denial. i love your Burning Down the House reference and now can’t get that song out of my mind. I have told you this before – my Leoboy has Virgo rising and Aries Moon – i do relate to you LA πŸ™‚

          • Pluto Transits are never half way are they..but no point in fretting your fluid self. It’s surgical, so you go half insane but it gets the grit out. The good news is you look fab through all the shite.

            Always a bonus for Leo Venus yes? haha

    • Fanks beautiful peeps.. and it ain’t over yet. Having last dregs of illness from the period, but am so GRATEFUL it is soon all to be over.

      The oddest bit was that I never felt like I fully owned myself before that. Such a huge ransom to pay, but there ain’t no price you can put on self possession.

      • Love that comment “there ain’t no price you can put on self possession” – that about sums up the positive of my Uranus through Pisces (1st house) transit like no other. Merci fallen angel πŸ™‚

  25. Wow….in March 2003 I moved into a super-fabulous 2-story flat in one of the coolest neighborhoods in my city after getting out of crap, psycho relationship with very effed-up, codependent man. I was starting my new life and very happy about it.
    Proceeded to go a bit nuts with the single life, party party party, then lost a job and proceeded to party myself right into illness a couple years later.
    Also started dating the man who would be my NEXT codependent (but also much better suited to me and healthier) boyfriend for the next 5 years.
    This all came to a head/started to break apart in mid-2010.
    Now I’m single again, have a whole new career, but haven’t quite reached the happiness with it that I desire. Seeking to REALLY break out an old work paradigm and finally have the courage to work for myself.
    First I just need to heal this little old broken heart and work through some deep issues.
    Still…feeling more and more optimistic about the future, yay! I think the Gentian flower essence is helping.

  26. At around the beginning I (noisely) gave up on some love I (misguidedly) believed to be ‘oneish’. Somewhere around the end I find myself more quietly (i think) giving up on another one (I think). I am not sure whether there has been any progression in there, except that I am more sure of my taste.
    And I’ve been educating myself.
    And that’s what I was doing in may to aug last year as well. So I am not sure I see the difference.

  27. 2 things happened, one effected the other.

    I started my higher education (at the time not doing what I am doing now) OMG and this is my final year at uni! I am so excited I think I slightly peed in my pants.

    As I started the degree thing my relationship life ENDED, yes I have had flings along the way, some even obsessive, but in no way serious/ long term.

    I can see this new era will not be so black and white, I can see the merging of colours. πŸ˜€

  28. can’t remember wtf i was doing mid last year other than that it was most likely something awesome. giving up permanent work for contracting? it’s been a totally rad year since march last year and i have felt things really ramping up since just before xmas.

    just read the daily scopes: It’s not a normal Dark Moon for you guys. It is the prequel to soon-to-begin greatness.

    I am not sure I can cope with any more greatness. I’ve gone from zero to 5 million in 12 months (not dollars – just happiness on a rating out of 10). Gonna need counselling to cope with it if it gets any better. Sounds like boasting, I know, but i had a generally shit life for a few decades and suddenly it’s just ON in a very, very good way.

  29. Mid-2010? Sweet FA. Actually the whole of last year was a flat one for me, felt unmotivated and listless, really weird. We’ve decided to nix the TV this week except for two programmes we really like, am clearing out and revivifying my workspace, increased creativity here I come. Just revamped my website too, looks brighter and more energetic. I rather think I’m already tuning into this Uranus in Aries lark and it’s pretty damned good. Bugger off Aries in Pisces, get thee behind me. πŸ˜€

  30. Not sure what it has to do with Pisces in Uranus, but May 2010 is when my grandmother died. It hit me hard because I was overseas studying abroad in Australia and while I knew that she was very sick, I thought she would hang on until I got back to the states. My sister emailed me the day before she passed to say that her health was getting worse. I sent flowers to her that same day, hoping they would get to her in time. The next day my mom called to say that she had passed that morning and while everyone was there at her house, standing around not sure what to do and the paramedics having just left…they get a knock on the door. It was my flowers! They got there a few hours too late for my grandmother to see them, but they had been her favorite (pink roses) and my mom said that it cheered everyone else up and made them smile.

    Oh, and my grandmother was a Pisces. πŸ™‚

  31. Left my husband in 2003 and packed up my 3 (then very small) kids and moved back to australia from Europe. Has been a massive learning curve and growth period since then, but felt like I found myself again. Lovelife also been crap!- but all good lessons. Now about to embark on new project been thinking about for past 4 years and just met very lovely man, who I actually, finally felt ready to meet – am excited see what happens next! Bring it ON!!!!!!!!

  32. I am looking forward to Uranus moving into Aries. For the next couple of years, it will be tangoing with my Chiron in the 12th house and I find that I am ever so ready to dance!

  33. I don’t remember what happened in mid-2010 (there was the third family death in less than two and a half years, and everything went hazy for a while) but the majority of my adolescence and growing-up time was spent in Uranus in Pisces. A lot of “oh god, won’t anyone love me ever?” moments throughout those years, and the slow learning process of how to heal from sexual trauma during childhood that flavored my dating life.

    I wonder what the next phase of my life will be?

  34. Ooh, I think this is good news for me. I had an uncharacteristic burst of energy and focus and started a major project in mid 2010, which has since stalled. I’ve been sort of drifting along in an uncertain haze since 2003, and I’m eager for that to stop.

    • I relate, T!

      I’m hoping for some momentum and clarity and vision (quite literally as I had my eye laser surgery last week and my eyes are just starting to settle from utter blurry haze to vaguely clear. Hopefully I get the all-good diagnosis from the Dr at my check-up tomorrow.)

      Mid-10 was when I last saw my crush (Mr Pisces), my bf and I broke up and my bro and I had a huge falling out. I’ve been living in his house since about 2002/3 while he’s in the US so maybe my living situation will change? Eep!! I can’t afford anything drastic like that to happen – but maybe I have to just accept it.

      Uranus is smack bang in the middle of my 6th.

  35. I had a wonderful tarot and girly dark moon luncheon with my Fire-Crab pal today. I told her I’m grateful for this Uranus moving on because since about 2004, my love life has sucked ass. I was also moving my residence about every 6 months to a year. I’m so sick of moving. I don’t know where I’m going, but it’s got to be better than what I’ve experienced between 2005-2008. I can feel my luck turning around. Nothing got worse in 2009. Things got better in 2010. In mid-2010, I was enjoying my short lived love life that is currently no longer here. Even though I put the Toro behind me, I can say I’m better off now than where I was pre-2010. So that’s how I feel today, at peace.

    But my poor Fire-Crab (Saggo rising and Aries Moon) friend , she’s got it better than me in so many ways, but she’s still mooning over her long lost Gem guy who ditched her for a blonde bimbo who is like 10 years younger. :/ The worst part is that she’s got this Aqua guy who is totally in love with her and she’s all moved in with him. I urged her to just let go of Gem guy in her mind and heart. I just realized she met him in March 2003.

    If things are going to be like mid-2010, then let the good times roll!

      • Hmm, does this mean there is a possibility I I’ll stop meeting ambitious, mommy needing losermen? Lol….

        Pisces moon, Aquarius Venus and Aquarian Mom…..

        I’m holding out hope for you, too Prowl’n….

        • Well we can only but wait and see BlackStar! … and btw can I borrow some of your Arian optimism??

          I think the world is full of mommy needing losermen … trick is to find the ones that have good relationships with their mum – seems to make a HUGE difference in their psyche. πŸ˜‰

          • Oh, totally you can. I drive myself insane with the stuff.
            *Passes over mouthpiece of what looks like a huge orange and yellow handblown glass water bong*

            Inhale deeply!!

            Sounds practical to me, PC. Sift through what you see for something of a little more value than the others….Hey you never know- what might surprise you. In a good way, I mean…lol

  36. mid 2010

    my ex cheated on me
    my mum died
    my best friend and I went our separate ways

    the end of draining codependent relationships really

    very painful at the time

    I now glimpse a new era

  37. I definately had the mid 2010 thing – I finally realised what a loser my ex was and let go. I let go and have not gone back . I did meet a new man soon after which was good at first but I must say I am now questioning that. Am Aries with taurus rising – leo moon. Is anyone else in same sit. ??

    • Hey Belladonna – wow, I am Aries, taurus rising and leo moon too….never met one before. I am questioning EVERYTHING at the moment and feeling very narcissistic and somewhat juvenile compared to my normal self.

      • Hey mountaingirl do u mind if I ask what is your birthdate? I feel like I need to let go again and am feeling very sorry for the man I’m with as he is quite a good perosn but when I look into the future it does’nt seem right. How about you ??

        • Hey belladonna 5/4/71 what about you?
          well I have been with same guy for long long time, but being all flirty with another guy lately and feeling like I need something more exciting to happen!

          • So u r 40 this year and i wil b 50 . Yes I am a bit bored also – just feel I need to set myself free and open all doors to see what wil happen but jeez I’m a bit scared.

            • I’m hearing you sister….needing the fancy free feeling big time!
              I guess we just have to trust this process for what it will bring. I have big transits happening with both Saturn conjunct Uranus and Saturn opposite Sun until later year – shaking things up big time.
              A few nice trine transits too though.

    • Me too….meet my husband and married him in early 2003 and divorced him in May 2010. No looking back….I also met a new man soon after….an Aries with a Taurus moon. Im Toro with piscies rising….and we mad for each other….so far so good!

  38. So, I spent my entire adolescence (13yo-20) under the influence of Uranus in Pisces? The May-August Aries thing doesn’t count in the slightest bit since that was my summer break from uni. …Should I be expecting a bit of a wake-up call? Then again, Aries isn’t exactly, um, very mature…

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